Double K (@killakor

Preliminary Round 2

Beat by GroovyRoom, verse off ‘Party Animal’ (2015)

Let’s mark this date on our calendars. Our fave has gone to two parties in four days. This is a radical departure from his known behavior pattern. I’m going to speculate that he’s taking a break from his studio work, feeling confident about the success of his album, & on the prowl for new friends w/ benefits or at long last looking for love. What’s your theory? Will he get papped cruising Sunset Strip next? Or will he take someone special to Giorgio Baldi’s? And when will he trim his damned mustache? Shall we start betting pools?


Guys, are we not going to talk about how cute Wander is when he dances actual dance moves? 

I can’t draw regular Wander very well, so I tried drawing negikurikaniko’s Human!Wander, and my god, drawing him was so much fun! These were my favorite poses from the dance competition in Party Animal C:

its four am during summer break and what am i doing? Geeking out binge watching penny dreadful…again since doctor who is no longer on netflix.

Woo crazy summer isn’t it.

i’m a party animal i can admit that.

never done something so exciting in my entire life.

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