To Teenagers of 2016, 

I feel like the “music” you listen to is frankly bullshit.

The artists have no talent. Their lives have become encompassed by the desire to get rich quick and become the hottest new thing. They create music that “sells”; passionless and pathetic, every song has the same pattern. 

The words are limited to partying, sex, alcohol, drugs and cheating- there is no depth. 

The sounds are distorted by “beatdrops” and electronic fuckery which creates a seizure-like effect. Supposedly the bumping and grinding you see at the clubs all leads to this kinda orgasm explosion.  

In short, the shit that Ryan-i made the kardashians-Seacrest introduces to you on the radio is fucking terrible. And you eat it up like the horny, indoctrinated, conformist kids you are. 

So for those teenagers out there who gag at the sound of the newest Justin Bieber song, want to rip out Taylor Swift’s guitar strings, think 2Chainz should put two chains around his throat etc etc, than below are some examples of GOOD MUSIC. 

Nirvana-(for my grunge bitches out there), Pink Floyd, Oasis-(wonderwall anyone?), Arctic Monkeys- (if you haven’t listened to them, you have to it will change your life i promise you) ,The Kooks, The Strokes, Green Day, Panic! At the Disco, Group Love, Peace (love me some underrated British bands), The 1975 (because this band is fucking great and is actually pretty popular with teens and deserves more recognition)  etc.


A 17 year old girl who is tired of hanging around groups of people who wanna fuck Justin Bieber’s brains out, become BFFS with Selena Gomez and love the beat drop.