party with pinkie

Deja vu, anyone?

Hey Star, how does it feel, tasting your own… wait a minute, did Pinkie just popped a speech bubble?

New achievement unlock: my first piece of the Mane Six, ever! It took too long… Rarity is by far the hardest pony I’ve ever drawn : P

Sorry for the delay: life keeps getting busier every week. Hopefully it will get better in July. 


Interesting things i saw at the stores today, first up the pony stuff,we have some ice pop with pinkie pie on the wrapper, next i found this easter egg toy that comes with a princess twilight sparkle figure inside, then we have a easter basket full of my little pony art supplys, then some mlp candys includeing charater lollipops and finally heart containers filled with what i suppose is tart candys.

Next we have some simpsons products i found. I mentioned before that when i went to toys r us that that they used to have a huge section and now they only have the dolls of the writers and Halloween dolls, well here they are, aslo i found this simpsons comic, i wouldve bought it but i didnt have enough money. Finally i found these new mini rick and morty vinyl pop figures, i still havent found those new simpsons figuresthat include grimey though. Hope you enjoyed this edition of simpsonscomichumor’s findings. @mlp-merch@gemslostdebris @gems-art-junk@flutter-butters @mlpfim2004@tgslanyon @ms-neens

Parties can be a little overwhelming, sometimes, but Pinkie always makes sure there are plenty of soft places to curl up and little things to stim with, so all of her friends can have a good time.