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Daryl’s Daughter! Reader x Carl Grimes - Sneaking out the Window

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Summary: In which Y/N has Carl help her sneak out the window to go to Ron’s party together without Daryl finding out. Carl and Y/N end up playing Seven Minutes in Heaven and now things will never be the same between them.

Meanwhile, Daryl goes on a rage looking for his daughter :P

Warnings: Aggressive snogging and Angry Rednecks



“Goo'night, Daddy!” you called out, jogging up to your room and closing the door behind you, but not before you heard your father’s response of “Goo'nigh’, Darlin’!”

You walked over to your wardrobe and pulled out the only dressy article of clothing you owned. It was a strapless black dress with sequins and a black ribbon around the middle. It came to about mid-thigh and your dad would absolutely kill you if he saw what you was wearing. As you applied a small amount of make up and did your hair, you couldn’t help but wonder if this would all be worth it if you got caught in the end. You see, you’ve been living in Alexandria for little over three months now and Ron was hosting a party for all the teenagers in the small community tonight. There would be no adult supervision and, if you had heard him correctly, alcohol. Lots of it.

Obviously, your father would rather willingly feed himself to walkers than see his daughter go to a house full of horny teenaged boys and liquor.

Either way, you were still going to that party, whether he liked it or not. As if your thoughts had been read, a quiet tapping was heard from your window and you rushed over there, moving the curtains aside and opening the glass to none other than Carl Grimes standing beneath you.

“Hey,” he whispered, grinning up at you. You mirrored his expression.

“Hi!” you whispered back. “You ready to catch me?”

“Yeah, just be careful,” he replied. You nodded, quickly switching off your light and beginning to climb out the frame. It was a little difficult, considering the short dress you were wearing and the boy standing right beneath you, but you’re pretty sure he didn’t see anything (thang xD). You were now hanging from the window, holding on with you hands and your feet dangling in the air. “Carl, catch me!” you hissed, pushing yourself off so that you’d fall backwards and your dress wouldn’t ride up. Instead of meeting the cold floor, you felt two strong arms wrap around your waist and plant you on the ground safely. You turned around and high-fived your best friend, adrenaline coursing through your veins.

“We did it!” you squealed, shutting up when Carl hushed you, but smiling afterwards anyways.

“You look beautiful,” he complimented. You blushed and smiled bashfully.

“Thank you, you clean up good, too,” you smiled.

“I’m wearing jeans and a dress shirt,” he laughed. “Come on, we’re already late,” he said, taking your hand and leading you towards Ron’s house.

~Ten Minutes Later~

At first, neither you or Carl remembered what house it was in the dark atmosphere.

Then, you heard the thumping house music and knew exactly where to go.

Inside the house was almost exactly like what you remember seeing in those teen movies like Mean Girls or Clueless. There were fairy lights hanging on walls and wrapped around the stair banisters. Kids who you’ve never even seen before were walking around with red solo cups in their hands and laughing loudly with their friends. The electronic music vibrated under your feet but you didn’t mind one bit; you loved every second of this. You looked at Carl with wide eyes and he smiled the widest you’ve ever seen him smile.

This was gonna be awesome.

“Hey, you guys made it!” Ron approached you both and gave you a friendly hug and slapped hands with Carl. “How could we not? This looks awesome!” Carl said. Enid approached you all.

“Hey, Ron - Whoa, Y/N! Your dad let you come?” she asked, shocked. You shrugged innocently, playing with your hair. “He doesn’t exactly know I’m here,” you said, laughing at her astonished face.

“Don’t take all the credit! I helped you sneak out,” Carl reminded.

“Damn, you two are like Bonnie and Clyde,” Ron joked. “You want anything to drink?” Carl’s eyes grew at the offer. “Hell yeah!”

“Non-alcoholic for me, thanks,” you said. “Daddy’ll know something’s up if he sees me hung over tomorrow mornin’,” you said. As you followed Ron to the drinks table, you couldn’t help but feel overjoyed. Finally. You were finally being a teenager! Not having to watch your back every second or bash walker skulls in - you were at a party. It seemed so unreal.

You were so caught up in your own thoughts that you didn’t hear what Ron and Enid were talking to you and Carl about until your name was mentioned several times. “…What do you think, Y/N? Y/N? Hello, you alive? Y/N!”

“Huh? Oh, hi,” you said sheepishly, laughing with them at your own absent-mindedness.

“Ron was saying, are you guys up for Seven Minutes in Heaven?” Enid asked. You saw Carl cock his head to the side, a habit he’d picked up from his father. “Seven Minutes in Heaven? What’s that?” he asked curiously. Ron and Enid’s mouths dropped open and they looked at you both like you where aliens. “You guys…You’ve never been to a real party, have you?” Ron gasped. You and Carl shook your heads, no. The evil smirks on both of their faces read it all: they were going to have some fun taking away your ignorance to the teenage lifestyle.

Little did you know, as Ron got you your drink, he somehow got your non-alcoholic drink mixed up with an extremely alcoholic one. Oops.

*Exactly one incredibly tipsy hour later*

“Alright, everyone, gather round! We’re playing a game!” Ron yelled, forcing everyone to crowd around him. In his hand was an empty bag and he instructed everyone to put one personal item inside. You thought about it for a moment before taking off your charm bracelet your dad had given to you years ago inside and going back to sit down.

“Right, so one person has to come up and pull an item from this bag! The person who the item belongs to along with the person who chose have to go into that closet-” Ron pointed at a tiny closet that could compete with Harry Potter’s. “and…Well, yeah. Make out.”

You were shocked at the last part; you had to kiss someone you didn’t know? What kind of a game was this? Suddenly, you didn’t want to play anymore. “So who’s going first?” Ron asked flamboyantly.

Absolutely no one volunteered as tribute.

He frowned and scanned the room, his eyes landing on your heated face and he knew exactly who to choose. “Y/N! Come on up here!”

“No thanks,” you said, blushing as everyone looked at you. Suddenly, there was a hard shove in your back and you stumbled towards Ron, turning back to glare at an innocently whistling Enid. Ron shoved the bag under your face, and, knowing there was no way out of this, you stuck your hand in and fished around and pulled out a random object.

It was a yellow sheriff’s star.

*Third Person*

The man burst through the front door of the neighbouring house, startling everyone else in his group.

“Whoa, what’s wrong, Daryl?” Michonne asked with wide eyes.

“Y/N!” he gasped out.

“What about her?” Rick asked.

“She’s gone! She’s not in ‘er room and I dunno where she is!” the redneck went into full panic mode. You were his little girl and he’d be damned if anything happened to you. “Daryl, calm down. We’ll find her,” Maggie said, leading the man to a seat.

“Maybe I can ask Carl, see if he knows anything,” Daryl suggested. Rick shook his head.

“Carl ain’t here,” he said. “He’s gone to Jessie’s son’s party,”

“But then-” suddenly, the realisation hit Daryl in the face like a pile of walker guts. And just like that, his worry was replaced with fury. “Rick, did Y/N say anything bout tha’ party to you?”

“No, why do you…? Oh. Oh,” the realisation had gotten to the sheriff as well, now. He had to admit, he was shocked that such a good girl like you would sneak out. “Wait, did Y/N sneak out with Carl?” Glenn asked, holding back laughter.

“'Course she did. She’s a teenaged girl, after all,” Maggie said.

“I didn’t see her leave!” Daryl said.

“She has a window, doesn’t she?” Michonne said pointedly.

“But…the drop would’ve seriously injured 'er,” Daryl tried.

“She had Carl, didn’t she?” Michonne repeated. Glenn was now currently dying from laughter.

“Go Y/N,” Carol muttered under her breath. Daryl stood up abruptly and began to storm towards the door. “Daryl, where are you going?” Rick asked.

“To get my daughter! There’s probably alcohol there and I’ve seen the way some o’ these little boys are eyein’ up my girl! Ain’t nothing 'appenin’ to 'er!” he shouted, leaving the house in a rage.

“Damn…I hope the poor girl survives her father’s wrath,” Rosita said from Abraham’s lap sympathetically. Tara began to laugh.

“I knew death by walkers was a thing, but death by redneck…BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

*Meanwhile, back at the party*

“Uh….” you had no words. You knew exactly who that star belonged to, but you couldn’t believe it. You had to go in a closet with your best friend and make out with him? It seemed too surreal. “Who does the star belong to?” Ron demanded.

“Um, me,” Carl said, nervousness cracking his voice. Enid made eye contact with Ron and beamed happily. It was no secret that she heavily shipped Y/N and Carl. “What’re you waiting for? Get in the closet!” she stood up and began to tow you toward the small space and the other members of the party started to laugh and cheer in encouragement. “W-wait, guys! I’m not sure this is a good-!” you tried to buy yourself some time, but it was no use. You were shoved in after Carl and he caught you just before you fell. The door slammed shut and locked behind you and you heard Enid’s call of “HAVE FUN!”

You didn’t dare say anything. The atmosphere was so heavily awkward that you could suffocate. Why did you come to this party? You should’ve listened to your gut and stayed home; Carl obviously didn’t  want to kiss you, otherwise he would’ve done something other than stiffly hold you for-

You jumped back at the realisation that you were still in his arms and he scratched the back of his neck. “So…you enjoying the party?” he asked. You nodded quickly, not meeting his blue eyes.

“I’m sorry that you’re stuck here with me,” you said, chuckling nervously. Carl cocked his head to the side. “Why’re you sorry? I don’t mind,” he said. You looked at him in surprise.

“You…don’t?” you said tentatively. He shook his head.

“No. What would make you think I did?” he asked. You looked down, feeling your cheeks heat up.

“Well, it’s just…I would’ve thought that if you wanted to kiss me, you would’ve done it already,” you admitted, but then mentally slapped yourself for your words. Where was all this coming from? You’ve never looked at Carl as more than a friend…An incredibly sexy, funny and compassionate friend. Carl took a brave step closer to you. “I would like to kiss you,” he said confidently. You snapped your head up and all the air left your body. “I…I just don’t know how,” he said sheepishly.

“Aww!” you heard from outside the closet.

“Shut up, Enid!” another voice hissed.

“You’ve never done anything like this, have you?” you said, smiling shyly. “Because I haven’t either. So you don’t need to be embarrassed about anything.”

“Thanks,” Carl grinned. And it was like that, you just found yourself trapped in his gaze. HIs bright eyes seemed to hold your (e/c) irises and he brought one calloused hand up to stroke the side of your face. You gently placed one hand on his shoulder and moves towards him, the look in your eyes and the smile on your lips telling him that it was OK. Slowly, carefully, Carl lowered his soft lips to yours; you did not feel fireworks or see explosions like the romance novels said you would.

Instead you just felt a beautiful warmth spread through you, from your fingertips to your chest. You both moved your lips in synch, fitting together perfectly like a puzzle. Carl backed you into a wall and you wrapped your arms around his neck and his hands now gripped your waist, pressing you closer to him. Your senses went into overload and you felt your heart jump when his tongue brushed your bottom lip. You openly welcomed his tongue with your own and you giggled when you felt his roaming hands slide from your back to your backside; from your backside to the nape of you neck - it’s as if he couldn’t decide where to place his hands. Eventually, his right hand hooked around the back of your thigh and hoisted it up to his hip forcefully. You drew in a sharp breath and Carl moved to your neck, kissing, sucking, biting…you’d definitely have a hickey. As Carl bit down on a certain spot, a loud, high-pitched (and embarrassing) moan left your mouth and you heard cheering outside.

Smiling cockily, Carl moved from your neck and continued to passionately kiss you. You started to rock your hips against his and he was starting to grunt into your mouth, biting back his own moans. “Alright, wrap it up, guys! 30 seconds left!” you heard Ron shout. In those 30 seconds, you and Carl broke away from the heated kiss and hurriedly fixed your clothes, laughing and giggling at each other’s messy states. “Carl, what does this make us now?” you asked, still giddy from the kiss. He took a hold of your hand and squeezed it, smiling lovingly at you.

“Wanna be my girlfriend?” he asked. You laughed happily and leaned up to kiss his cheek.

“Of course,” you said.

The door swung open and you were honestly 100% ready to take on the inappropriate jokes from Ron and Enid, but instead, you felt your stomach churn. Standing at  the entrance was not your friends but instead, your worst fear.

“Daddy?” you squeaked out. He. Looked. Livid. His face was flushed red and his eyes were blazing with anger and betrayal. Shit. He grabbed your upper arm and yanked you out of the closet, doing the same to Carl. “Wha’ the hell do ya think you were doin’ ta my little girl?!” he demanded, shouting in Carl’s face. “Daddy, stop! C'mon, it was just a game!” you tried, but he then rounded onto you.

“I don’t wanna hear anotha word come out of your little lyin’ mouth, you hear me?” he yelled at you, dragging both and Carl out the front door. You held back laughter as you heard Carl shout over his shoulder, “Thanks for the invite, Ron!”

Your dad was gripping your arm so tightly, you thought it was going to bruise. How did he know you were gone? You were sure you locked your bedroom - oh. You didn’t lock your bedroom door. You sighed at your own stupidity and looked at Carl apologetically, but he didn’t look upset at all. Instead, he was grinning from ear to ear and looked as if he was floating on air rather than being dragged along by your pissed father. When he sensed you looking at him, he looked back at you and his smile did not falter. What was he so happy about?

You dad dragged you and Carl into Rick’s home, where the entire group was up and waiting for your arrival. Did he seriously wake everyone up? Everyone had different reactions. While Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, Tara and Rosita where holding back their hysterics, Rick looked absolutely ready to kill his son. Carol looked humoured and Abraham and Eugene were…playing poker.

“Found 'em at the party, jus’ like you said,” Daryl said gruffly. Carl was no longer smiling as he got shoved forwards. “An’ this one was suckin’ face with my daughter!”

You were absolutely mortified. “DADDY!” you shrieked, face sizzling from humiliation. Poor Carl looked like he wanted to melt into the floor.

“Daryl, it wasn’t like that, I swear-!” Carl tried, but shut up immediately when you dad tooka threatening step towards him. “I don’ wanna hear it, boy! First, you get my daughter to sneak out with you. Then, you take advantage of 'er!”

“Daddy! That is not what happened!” you tore your hand from you father’s grip and glared at him. “None of this was Carl’s idea, OK? It was all me! He didn’t even want to go to the party, but I convinced him to help me sneak out! And it was just a kiss!”

“He was eatin’ your face!” your dad yelled. Michonne began to shriek with laughter. “You’re too young for all…This! You don’t need a boyfriend or to go to parties or wear skimpy dresses!”

“But I’m old enough to kill people? To survive in the wilderness? To face death multiple times?” you shot back at him. “You’re always telling me how you want me to be a normal teenaged girl, but when I do stuff teenaged girls do, you flip the heck out! What do you want from me?”

“Daryl, Y/N, I think you both need to calm down,” Rick said. He then turned to Carl. “And you’re in a helluva lotta trouble, Carl.”

“For what?” Carl said, outraged. “You said I could go to the party!”

“I didn’t say you could help Y/N sneak out,” Rick pointed out. “I didn’t say you could drink alcohol,” Carl shrunk back and clamped his lips shut, knowing his dad could smell the drink on his breath. “Go upstairs, now.”

“But Dad-!”

“Now, Carl!”

Sighing dramatically, Carl stropped upstairs, but not before sending you a longing look. Rick turned to your dad. “He’s not gonna go unpunished for this,” he assured him. “Y/N and Carl are both as equally guilty as each other,”

“It was a party!” you growled. Your dad thwacked you in the mouth and roughly grabbed your shoulder, pushing you towards the door. “See ya tomorrow, Rick,” Daryl grunted, slamming the front door behind him.

*****************TIME SKIP BROUGHT TO YOU BY CARL POPPA**********************

After your father bolted you window shut and took the key with him, he sent you to bed without another word. Grumpily, you complied, climbing into bed and glaring at the ceiling. Now not only were you in trouble, but your best friend….boyfriend was too. Just as you thought this, you heard the tapping at your window again. You jumped out of bed and ran to the window to see none other than Carl motherfucking Grimes standing beneath your window again. He signalled for you to come down and you rolled you eyes, putting your converse back on and creeping out the front door this time. Good thing your dad was a deep sleeper.

“You feelin’ suicidal or wha’?” you joked, running up to hug and kiss the brunette boy.

“Your dad sleeping?” he asked. You nodded.

“Good, so’s mine. Everyone else’s gone home.”

“Carl, they said no more parties,” you groaned. Carl raised an eyebrow at you.

“I wasn’t gonna say anything about going back to Ron’s. I was gonna ask if you wanted to come up to me room so we could pick up where we left off during the game…” he winked at you and you bit your lip, loving the sound of the idea.

“What if we get caught?” you asked. Carl shook his head.

“We won’t as long as you don’t wake everyone up with your moaning-”

“Shut up!” you laughed, interlocking your fingers with his as he walked you back to his house. And as you looked at your amazing new boyfriend, you felt your heart speed up.

Yeah. He was so worth getting caught over.

                                                                             ~The End~

With You

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Genre: fluff

Words: 1313

Summary: Daryl comes home to find you asleep on the couch. He thinks about his future–his future, with you. 

Notes: this takes place around the time Daryl gets the job from Aaron! i didn’t really edit this, but i just found it and thought that it was worth to post. i think we could all use some fluffy Daryl, especially after last week’s episode. enjoy. 

*credit to owner of the gif below*

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Abuse part two

Note: I feel a little better about this one guys! I hope you enjoy it!

Warning: physical abuse, mental abuse, angst

part one

Originally posted by intodaryl

A million thoughts rushed through your head as you walked back home. Daryl looked genuinely guilty when he saw you, as if he had regret what he’d done. But you were also not ready to let your guard down. As much as you would like to start fresh with him, you knew that the demon that haunted him was probably still buried deep down inside him.

You entered your house and shut the door behind you, leaning back on it and letting out a deep sigh. You quickly regained your thoughts, telling yourself that you were safe and he had probably changed for the better. You went upstairs to shower and start getting ready for the party tonight, slipping into a short black dress. Damn girl you look good, you thought to yourself, smiling at your reflection in the mirror.

A knock at the door drew your attention away from yourself and you walked downstairs. You opened the front door curiously and smiled when you saw Heath.

“Heath! What are you doing here?” you asked, inviting him in.

“You look great (y/n), wow!” His compliment made you roll your eyes and playfully hit him. “I was gonna accompany you to the party”

“You going over there now?”

“Yeah, a few people are already in there. Better to start drinking early right?” he joked.

You nodded your head and walked with Heath of the party, oblivious of Daryl’s eyes watching you from inside the house the group shared. “I think you should consider coming to this party” Rick spoke, startling Daryl as he ripped his eyes away from you and to Rick. “We need to get to know these people, see what they’re like”

“I might go later on” Daryl mumbled, trying to keep his mind from steering to a darker place. He couldn’t stand to see you being friendly with another man. He brought his mind to Carol and that quickly diffused his anger.

“Great, I’ll see you there” Rick said, walking out of the house with the rest of the group.

It had been a couple hours into the night. You had a few drinks, not enough to get you drunk though, you didn’t want to be vulnerable in a world like this. You spent some time with the new group, all of them seeming like friendly people, maybe this was a good move for Alexandria. Late into the night, you noticed Daryl silently slip into the crowd, not saying anything to anyone as you watched him down drink after drink. You knew what he got like when he was drunk, but to your surprise he was acting calm. He spoke to some people in your group but most of the time he was with his people.

Everyone was drunk now, not to the point of doing stupid shit but you could tell by the slurs in their voices or the way they struggled to walk. You said your goodbyes to both groups and even built up the courage to exchange a few words with Daryl before leaving.

You had no idea of this, but Daryl had been watching you the whole night, fighting with his drunk self to not just follow you home and have his way with you. He needed to feel your body once more, he missed your touch and all reminders of Ed and Carol left his head, leaving him in a dysfunctional state. When you came over to say a few words, all he could do was stare at your lips, and imagine how good they would feel pressed against his. But when you left he sat back in the chair and fought with himself to leave you alone. You had made it clear to him that you wanted nothing more than to just be civil.

As Rick handed him one more drink his mind went fuzzy, forgetting about all the previous pain he had put you through, he forgot about Carol and Ed, and most importantly he forgot about how much he had changed as a person. He worked so hard to overcome his control problem but the alcohol rewired his brain.

Daryl left the party about an hour after you, not saying a word to anyone as he slipped out as silently as he came in, no one noticing as they were so invested in their beverages. Daryl hobbled down the street, squinting his eyes at the different houses until he spotted yours. He rattled the doorknob and was surprised to find the door was unlocked.

“(Y/n)?” his voice echoed through the house and your eyes shot open. You were just dozing off into a deep sleep when you heard the familiar drowsy voice of Daryl. You immediately jumped out of bed and ran downstairs, stopping him just before he could walk any further into your house.

“Daryl get out” you said bluntly, starting to push him towards the door but he slammed it shut before you could get him out.

“I’m in no hurry to leave baby” he replied, his hands starting to grasp at your hips.

“No don’t do this!” you said, trying to keep your voice strong and steady as you pushed his hands away.

“C’mon, it’ll be like the old times” he pleaded, pulling your body closer to him.

In the past, you would give in to his need and let him pleasure himself, but you weren’t weak anymore. You pulled his hands off your body and pushed him away, making him stumble as his back hit the wall. You blinked in shock at what you had done. You were scared about what he would do next, you had never fought back before and you saw something snap in Daryl’s eyes.

He took a step forward and you tried to mumble an apology but he cut you off as the back of his hand connected with your cheek, the sound of skin on skin echoing throughout the room. You clutched your cheek and opened your mouth in pain, a burning sensation spreading throughout your cheek.

Daryl saw you cower to him and images of Ed flashed in his mind as he took a step back and blinked, realising what he had done. “I-I’m sorry (y/n)” he said, reaching a hand towards you but you shook your head at him, tears rolling down your face and cooling your now red cheek.

“Please leave, please” you whispered as you took a step back.

“I didn’t mean it! I wasn’t thinking-”

“I don’t care if you weren’t thinking! I want you to leave!” you shouted, surprising him with how angry you were. You walked forward and turned him around, pushing him towards the door and slamming it in his face. He stood outside your door for a few minutes. Words of self-loathing ran through his mind as he mentally beat himself up over his actions. He cursed himself for allowing himself to get carried away with the drinks, and as he saw people starting to leave the party he quickly walked back to the groups house, not wanting anyone to know about what had just happened. About how he laid his hands on the girl he loved so deeply.

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"Playing with fire."

(Not my gif)

Forbidden can be fun at times, and in the middle of a boring party, Daryl and you find the time to actually have some fun.

Request made by prince-of-edolas: Daryl x Reader are married so one night at a party at a friend’s house, they try to sneak around together and try to have sex with one of the people walk in on them and so they go back to having sex but the reader starts to get very loud, making everyone in the house, hearing them but Daryl starts to get a little bit rough and suddenly the reader tells Daryl that she loves him and that she wants to be with him forever.

Hope you like it!

  • Daryl x Reader
  • Words: 1,534
  • Warning: Smutt (Unprotected sex) Bad words. (I’m sorry if you see grammatical errors)

You rested your elbows against the cold granite table on the kitchen, and sitting on Daryl’s right leg, you saw people moving around the living room in the party in Tara’s house. It felt like years since you attended to a place where there was music, food and people enjoying an environment without walkers. After having fighting against them for so long not to do it now felt weird, almost impossible to believe that you shouldn’t watch your backs at night while you were in Alexandria.

Spencer walked around the hall, smiling at you as a greeting before he disappeared around the corner. Daryl growled under his breath because he never liked that little boy who always smiled at you, and his arm around your waist under your loose sweater tightened around you.

His warm fingers on your belly made you chuckle.

“You didn’t say hi to your best friend.” You teased.

“Funny.” He said in a hoarse voice.

Everyone knew Daryl never felt comfortable around people, his lonely being had only grown accustomed to being with you and with the people he considered his friends, his family, but being there with people he barely knew their names made him feel out of place. You felt bad for him because you knew he enjoy silence. He got used to a difficult life and not a boring one, no matter how safe it was there.

You straightened yourself in your place, looking for his ear before talking in a whisper.

“We can go look for a more private place…” Your hot, sensual breath made him hold you against him.

The alcohol in his body had made him feel a tickle in his crotch since you sat on him, but your words were like an open door to a fun that he could actually enjoy. He looked at you, his blue eyes more intense than ever.

“Come here…” He pulled you face close to him with his fingers on your chin, pressing his lips against yours in a kiss that made him growled. Daryl pushed his tongue in between your parted lips, letting you feel how much he wanted you.

“Hey!” Maggie chuckled from the living room. “Get a room you two!”

You chuckled pulling apart from him, his eyes shining in exiting.

“C’mon.” He made you get on your feet as he got up too.

Daryl held you in front of him as he made you walk out of the room, pretending everything was normal, and you two followed the hall where the light didn’t reach. Part of the house where the party didn’t take place, was the perfect one for you to play for a while. Daryl opened the last door on the hall where the office they didn’t use was. He locked the door behind him, and part of the night light coming in from the window let you see he was taking off his shirt.

“Take your clothes off…” He said.

The alcohol in your body made you shiver, sending a painful but exciting heat in between your legs. You sat in the desk behind you, your naked legs falling from the edge as you looked at him with a playful smile, because see him unfasten his belt was just a hot show. Daryl stopped himself before pulling his pants down, his strong chest raising and falling with each breath.

“I got a dirty picture of ya…” He walked towards you until he stopped in between your legs: his hot and hard hands stroking your skin. “Enjoying ma tongue ‘till I make you cum.” You held your breath when his fingers disappeared under your black skirt, holding softly the fabric of your underwear. “Would ya like that?”

You licked your lips.

“Yeah…” You said in a sigh.

“Yeah?” He asked mockingly, but his fingers pushed down your underwear until they were a piece of cloth in his hands.

Daryl knelt in front you, pushing up your skirt a little to kiss your thigh as he opened your legs. The sensations he was causing in your body made you close your eyes, to just feel his soft lips coming closer to your clit. The angry animal inside him woke up when you moaned biting your lips, sending a painful throbbing to the hardness in his pants. Daryl pulled his tongue out, licking wildly where you were sensitive most, with his arms holding your waist under your knees to keep you close to him. Daryl growled against you, sending a vibration through your body. Your right hand tangled in his hair, watching his face hide in between your legs, like the naughtiest picture in the world.

“Don’t stop…” You moaned with your jaw tight.

“I won’t.” He pulled apart a little bit, teasing you with his tongue.

He sucked hard on you, making you shook against him. Feeling you so needy for him made him feel about to explode, but he stopped himself from lower his hand to his pants to stroke his manhood. Daryl felt you moving against his face, and he knew you were going to cum at any second. He sucked harder on your clit, just to intensify your orgasm when he finally made you cum.  

Your back arched, your leg shook as you breathed through your parted lips. Daryl got up and he sank his tongue in your mouth to let you feel yourself as you held on his arms.

“Tell me how ya want it.” He whispered.

You were in a complete state of lust.


Daryl felt on the edge just to see you that way, so turn on because of him and he made you stood up to turn you around. He pulled your sweater out of your body with your tank top. Daryl pushed you down against the desk where you rested your arms; he pressed himself against your butt as he unhooked your bra, pushing the strips of it as he left wet kisses on your skin. It felt hot, almost impossible to bear as you felt the cold air between your legs, until you heard the sound of the zipper of his pants that made you hold your breath in anticipation.

With one hard push, Daryl sank his length on your opening, and you retained a scream of surprise when you felt him throbbing inside of you.  

“Fuck…” Daryl hissed through clenched teeth. He started moving, softly at the beginning to let you adjust to him. “Yer so wet, sunshine, so fuckin’ tight for me.”

You let out a shaky groan.

“Do it hard, real hard.”

Daryl never felt so primitive, he didn’t even care where he was, all he wanted was to give you more than you asked for. Whether it was for alcohol or the sight of your bare back and your skirt lifted up to your hips, your hair pulled to one side, the profile of your parted lips, for all that and more, Daryl held your hips with hard hands and pumped in and out of you.

“Fuck…” You moaned feeling the tingling inside of you. “Oh, God, yes…”

The sweet sound of your words made him push even harder inside of you, gasping at the sight of him hitting inside of you in the right places over and over.

Far laughter was heard from the other side of the door.

Daryl was too drunk with lust to stop pushing inside you, and when you straightened up, he cover your mouth with his hand. Daryl hid his face against your hair, panting. Then he removed his hand to hold your breast, squeezing it hardly. You lay down on the desk, moaning wildly as the high feeling was taking control of your body, too high to keep you quiet. It was more than you could bear, more than he could handle even if you were in the middle of a party. The sounds you made were taking him to the edge, and Daryl leaned over you, encircling your waist to cover your womanhood with his hand.

He felt the way your walls tightened around his length, making him gasp until he spilled into you with a long push. You cried out as he moved against you to help you both ride your orgasm as long as you could.

It didn’t matter that the guests of the party have listened to both of you.

You gasped as well, leaning your cheek against the wood, feeling his forehead against your back. He leaned against you, with an arm around you, holding you gently against him. The love making was hard and passionate, but beyond all that, Daryl was a gentle husband behind his hard appearance. He left soft kisses on your shoulder, making you feel overwhelming with his way to loving you.

“I love you.” You said out of nowhere and he stopped as if he hadn’t heard you correctly. “I know there may not be a tomorrow, but I want to be with you as long as life gives me the opportunity to do so.”

Daryl was touched, and he wished he could express in words how much he loved you.

“If there is no tomorrow for us… can ya stay with me tonight?”

Daryl Dixon Imagines Masterlist

Promise - You’ve escaped the prison alone. Being close to death you only wish for one thing

Too far gone - You have a fight with Daryl and run away, but he comes after you

The Father’s Heart (Part 1) - You’re pregnant. A few days before the birth Daryl gets injured

The Father’s Heart (Part 2) - the baby arrives.

Out in the woods - Daryl asks you to spend the night in a small cottage 

Summer Heat - it’s a hot summer day and you get to enjoy it with Daryl

A new Life (Part 1) - you think you might be pregnant

A new Life (Part 2) - you’re actually pregnant. Now you have to tell Daryl

The Strength to Survive - you get trapped by walkers and think you’re done for until you realize there’s so much for you to live for

The philosophical View - a story about a glass.

This Day and Never Again (Part 1) - You’ve been seperated from the group after the prison feel, now you meet Joe’s group.

This Day and Never Again (Part 2) - Daryl is with the group, but what looks like a good turn of events turns out to be not

First Snow - Staring at the freshly dug graves you try to remember the names of the dead

You are my World - you’re very close to Daryl, but one day that isn’t enough anymore

One Step Ahead - Carl and you have a prank war. One day you and Daryl decide to prank Carl together

The Day You Survived - you and Maggie are anxiously awaiting the return of your loved ones

Glimmer of Hope (Part 1) - you find a man trapped by walkers and decide to help him

Solitude (Part 2) - Back at the prison you meet with Rick who had been a friend of yours for years

Always With You (Part 3) - You decide to leave the prison after you hear Rick and Daryl arguing about you

Lessons to Learn - You’re a foreigner who doesn speak english. Daryl doesn’t care

If You Leave Me (Part 1) - You’ve been married to Daryl for years and have a son. While trying to survive you discover you’re pregnant again

I won’t leave You (Part 2) - You’ve been married to Daryl for years and have a son. While trying to survive you discover you’re pregnant again

Under my Skin - Daryl brings you to a small tattoo parlor

Back Again - you’re with Rick, Carl and Michonne when you meet the Claimers

For all Eternity - Teenager AU: you and Daryl have been dating for a while. Now you decide to tell your parents

The Treatment (Part 1) - you’ve been secretly dating Daryl in Highshool until you left him for your career. Now you meet again

Starting Over (Part 2) - you’ve been secretly dating Daryl in Highshool until you left him for your career. Now you meet again

Out of the Ashes - Sequel to I won’t leave You - You’re in Alexandria, pregnant. When you go into labour things start to get complicated

Curiosity killed the Cat - you find a cabin surrounded by walkers and decide to look for what had attracted them

Kiss me - you’re a scientist and you have been working on a cure. One day you talk with Abraham who is more than excited about the new. His reaction does not amuse Daryl

Shot - you get injured while on a run. Back at Alexandria Daryl has to tell your son

Nearer - you’ve been close to Daryl, but since you got to Alexandria he started to seperate himself from you

Brother - you’re with Merle and Daryl from the very beginning. One day Daryl finally stands up to his brother

Unravel - you fell in love with Daryl. However you worry that he loves you for the wrong reasons

Sing for Me - you’ve been a singer all your life but since it’s Beth’s thing you barely sing anymore. One night Daryl catches you singing to yourself

Oh Deer - you’re dating Daryl when you meet the group in Atlanta. One day the two of you go hunting together

One last Time - After your break-up you decide to leave the group and go with Abraham and his group

Nearer (Sequel) - After Daryl made clear to Glenn that he better stays away from you, he asks you to join him on a run

By your Side - Daryl finally proposed to you. In an attempt to surprise you he starts planning the wedding ceremony on his own

Still his Brother - Sequel to Brother, you meet with the group in Atlanta

Christmas Carol - Carol had a little christmas party planned and you drag Daryl with you

Rueful Past - When you start to live in Alexandria your past finally catches up with you

Losing You - you’ve escaped the prison with Daryl but he got quite an attitude towards you making you wonder what exactly you did wrong

Your Voice - you stopped talking a while ago. When Daryl and Aaron find you you decide to give it a try again

Ever let the Stars fall Down - you’re stargazing with Daryl

She loves Me (Sequel) - Daryl’s determined to confess, but things always turn out different than expected

Hope - Glenn is your best friend. After he hooks up with Maggie he spends less time with you, so you start looking for company and find it in Daryl

Mr. and Mrs. Dixon - You and Daryl are enjoying a nice day in Alexandria when suddenly Daryl asks you to marry him

Cold - you got shot and left behind. After months had passed you meet Daryl again

Finding You - Daryl finds you tied up and bloody. He has to fight his way through to you

Always Mine - you and Daryl have been close since Atlanta. One night he confronts you about Shane

Narrow Spaces - you and Daryl are out on a run when you get trapped in a small room

One Last Time (Sequel) - you left Daryl to got with Abraham and his group. Now you’re back

Stuff and Things - you’re teasing Rick and later enjoy some time with Daryl

Conquering the stars - you’re outside with Daryl telling him stories about the stars

Related by Blood - your family and ex-boyfriend join the prison family. Daryl’s not too happy about your ex being there.

Truth or Dare - while playing a game of Truth and Dare you’re dared to confess to Daryl.

Grateful - you watch Daryl being with your kids and you’re really proud of what he had become

Monster - after Daryl suddenly left Alexandria you’re going after him and find him in an old store

Mother of Two - you’re a mother of two girls. You get trapped by walkers. When there’s seemigly no way out Daryl comes to your rescue

Dance with Me - you and Daryl have a little game going one. Then one day it’s finally your turn to win and make a wish

Thunder - you’re afraid of thunderstorms. Daryl helps you through a panic attack

Safe Bet - the group bet on you and Daryl getting together. One day Glenn lets you in on the plan trying to convince you to confess to Daryl

Mother’s Heart -you couldn’t imagine a life without Daryl…just as he can’t imagine a life without you. One day he has to face the bitter reality

A Good Night’s Sleep - one night you wake up after a long nap on the couch. After asking Rick and Carol where Daryl might possibly be you find Daryl on the roof of your house

War never changes - you’re married to Daryl. When everything starts he has to leave you behind. Months later you meet again.

I breathe therefore I am - Daryl is seemingly not over Beth’s death yet. He spends a lot of time with you and you develop feelings for him. One day you confront him.

Scream - You’re attacked by Shane. Daryl comes to your rescue.

Tears of Joy - You’re pregnant and decide to announce it to the group. Daryl gets upset thinking you’re embarrassed to admit he’s the father.

Scarred - While on a run you get injured leaving a long scar across your face. After weeks of hiding in your room Daryl tries to talk to you.

Happy Birthday - You’re out on a run with Daryl when he reminds you that it is your Birthday.

Safe and Sound - After you get left behind by Father Gabriel Daryl goes on a rampage to rescue you.

Over - You’re really close to Daryl. One day you decide to confess your love to him. When you arrive to Alexandria your life gets turned upside down again.

Good Enough - You overhear an argument between Shane and Daryl.  When they finally seperate you decide to follow Daryl

One of Us - You’re one of the Saviors. When Daryl sees you for the first time he decides to spare your life and bring you to Alexandria with him.

Breathe - You have asthma but won’t tell the group. One day Daryl finds out.

Lazy Sunday - You spend a lazy Sunday in bed with Daryl.

Not her - When the Wolves attack Daryl is worried about your safety. When he loses you out of sight he’s preparing himself for the worst.

Inseparable - Daryl has a surprise for you. You’re not too happy about being surprised at first but that surprise is absolutely worth it.

Darkness - The group is captured by Negan. In a desperate attempt you try to rescue them by convincing Negan to take your life instead.

Innuendo - Much to Daryl’s annoyance you keep calling him cute. One day he urges you to tell him why you keep doing this.

Not their Problem - Happy Birthday Part Two: After your first kiss you start dating Daryl. After a month of hiding you decide to tell the group.

Fight me - After you’ve been almost injured and almost killed twice Daryl decides that you need a little extra combat training.

Holding on and Letting Go - Rick asks you to deliver a box to Aiden’s house. When you reach it Aiden starts insulting you and even hits you. When you get home to Daryl the pain in your stomach becomes unbearable.

Keep Breathing - Sequel to Breathe - Daryl had been visiting you every evening. One night he comes home late and your conversation does not go as expected.

One of Us: Chapter two - Daryl finally got enough faith in her to let her out of the cell under one condition: She’s not going to leave his side, stay where he can see her. When they walk out of the prison room they meet Denise who asks to join them on a run.

It is You I had Loved - Bethyl Imagine

The Devil’s Daughter - After the attack against the Saviors, Daryl and Glenn find a girl handcuffed to a pipe and decide to take her with them.

Center of his Universe - You’re Rick’s eldest daughter and secretly dating Daryl. When Rick finds out he’s furious.

Love Lost - You’ve been married to Daryl for years and you’ve always considered the two of you happily married. You watch in shock as Daryl gets closer and closer to Carol while slowly getting away from you. One day you don’t come back from a run and Daryl dashes out to find you.

Pieces of You - When arriving at Terminus Daryl finds a few pieces of your most treasured possesions, leading him to the assumption that you’re dead. After months of grieving he stumbles across a familiar figure in the woods.

Angel with a Shotgun - Daryl keeps picking at you. When you save him one day he confesses why he kept bullying you.

Heartbeat - After a fight with Daryl you storm out of the prison and into the woods.

Lost Wings - Ever since you left Terminus and Atlanta Daryl had been acting strange. One day you confront him about it without knowing that the reason he’s acting so strangly is because of what he thinks happened to you at Terminus.

Moonlight - You and Daryl have been seperated when the outbreak hit. Not one day goes by where he doesn’t miss his wife and daughter. One day Maggie and Glenn bring in new people…

Moonlight Sequel - You and Daryl have been seperated when the outbreak hit. Not one day goes by where he doesn’t miss his wife and daughter. When they finally reunite Daryl is overwhelmed.

A Night like This - Daryl overhears you talking to Maggie and Glenn about your feelings for him. Later that night you have an unexpected visitor at your door.

Nights like These - A Night like This Sequel - After you spend the night with Daryl he promises to come back this evening. Coming back from a run with Maggie and Glenn you wait for Daryl to show up.

Of Weakness and Strength - You’re out on a run with Daryl completely lost in thought wondering if you would one day become a fighter like the others.

High as a Bird - You’re Daryl’s younger sister. One day you get injured and get painkillers to ease the pain. When you wake up you don’t feel like yourself. 

Home, sweet Home - Daryl had been injured on a run and he’s not too happy with not being able to do anything himself. However, when you find him under the shower you are finally able to propitiate him.


     Y o u    s h o u l d    b e    d e a d.
          You’re lucky. Don’t forget.  

Daryl Dixon || This Isn’t You (Slight Smut)

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

You were sat looking at yourself in the mirror while Deanna curled your hair. “Aaron and Eric have been wanting to do this meal for some time darling.” You smiled at her in the mirror and played with your fingernails. You weren’t the type of girl to get dressed up in a floral dress and wear makeup but you wanted to make a good impression since you didn’t go to the welcome party everyone had thrown. “Is Daryl meeting you there?” You nodded and looked at the window. Daryl and yourself had been dating since the start of this whole thing and you were hoping your boyfriend would come along like he said he would. “Good, you look amazing.” She said smiling at you. “Thank You, Mrs. Monroe.” She smiled at you before leaving the room for you to change.

Walking down the stairs you saw Spencer looking at you. “You scrub up nice.” That comment earns him an elbow from his mother. “You look nice.” She said helping you down the rest of the stairs and standing you in the doorway. You were wearing a pink floral knee length dress and had some flats on, no one wanted you to try and wear heels. You were about to grab your leather jacket when Spencer took it away from you. “A nice dress should have a nice jacket.” You frowned looking from Spencer to Deanna before slipping into the pink cardigan she was holding out for you. “Thank you.” You said going to the door and shutting it as you left.

You sat at the table waiting for your food when you felt a hand on your thigh, you followed the arm up and saw Daryl giving you a smile. You hadn’t even noticed he had joined you. “Daryl.” You smiled hugging him and giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Glad you made it Daryl, Aaron will be right out with the food.” You sat up straight still wanting to look presentable even though you felt so out of place.

“This food is amazing, thank you, Aaron.” You said with a pleasant smile. “Yeah, it’s great,” Daryl said with a mouthful of food making everyone giggle.

The meal continued smoothly and you were making real conversation with them and even acting as though you were someone else. Daryl seemed to hate it, he could see you were fake-smiling and hated that you were acting like someone you weren’t. If these people were going to accept you they should at least accept the real you and not the one the Monroe’s were making you put on.  Aaron and Eric were starting to clean the table when you offered to help. “Please let me,” They shook their heads. “You’re the guest.” You smiled and watched as they left the room. “Excuse me.” You said pushing yourself away and going outside.

You made sure the door was closed while you were out on the porch and let out a loud burp Carl laughed from across the road and you smiled. “I swear holding that in any longer would have killed me.” He laughed again before heading inside. You were about to do the same when Daryl came out. “What’s this?” He asked looking at you. “What’s what?” You asked looking back at him. “This,” He said touching the dress and cardigan. “Mrs, Monroe thought it would be nice if I looked presentable for them.” He scoffed and leant on the fence around the porch. “So you’re going to act like someone you’re not?” You crossed your arms. “I just wanted them to like me…” He sighed and looked at you. “This isn’t you, the Y/N I know wouldn’t have left the room to burp, she would have broken into a burping competition with me and laughed until she couldn’t breathe. She would have been eating like an animal instead of whatever you were doing in there.” You looked at the floor.

“The Y/N I know would let me do this,” Before you could even question him you were pinned to the wall by your neck and the dress was lifted and his long fingers had made their way to your entrance. He was teasing you by gently rubbing your clit making you squirm in his grip. “Daryl.” You whispered looking at him. “She’s let me finger fuck her so everyone can hear her screaming for me.” You moaned at the simple thought of it and he slid two fingers into you. “Hmm, my dirty girl.” He said before kissing you. He slowly began pumping his fingers slowly in and out of you making you cry out his name. By this point, your head was against the wall and you were a mess. “Daryl fuck, faster please.” You begged needing to reach your high. “As you wish.” He said starting to pump his fingers faster making you gasp and grip onto his arms to steady yourself. “Just like that.” You moaned quietly making sure no one came out of their houses. His thumb was rubbing your clit in circles while you clenched around his fingers, you were close to your release when the door opened.

He jumped away from you and you pulled down your dress looking out at the little village so you wouldn’t face whoever it was. As much as you needed Daryl to continue you knew he was stopping to tease you, if it was any other night he would have continued not caring that someone was now watching or had caught you in the act he’s continued to fuck you senseless until you’re a screaming mess. The thought of that alone sent a tingle down your spine and you looked at Aaron with a smile. “Daryl I need to speak to you,” He said before smiling at you and going back inside. He had no idea what had happened. “I’m gonna fuck you senseless,” Daryl whispered bending you over the fence, grabbing your neck with his hand and pulling it back gently whilst smirking against your ear. “Everyone is going to know just what a dirty girl you are for me.” You moaned as his hardened crotch came into contact with your clothed entrance. “Now go home and wait for me princess.” He said before letting go and going inside. You stood there for a moment astonished by what had just happened before you went down and towards your shared house.


All Grown Up – Part 1

You have been part of Daryl’s group since before Rick. Since then, you have felt something special for the redneck, though you were positive he saw you as the same little girl as he did back then.

Author’s note: excuse any typos! I’m writing this after a little too much to drink and in the middle of a Fallout 4 rage (I have terrible gaming rage). Part 1 of at least 3.

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 1326 Words
  • Warnings: Smoking, drinking, cussing.

Daryl was a horrible drunk. He was mean, inconsiderate, yet very truthful. When he drank, he told it like it was, if not even in the best way, he knew what he meant. And that was the thing about a drunk Daryl Dixon: he remembered everything he said and always tried to make up for it without apologizing.

Since you came along in the group, however, Daryl refrained himself from drinking too much, if at all. He claimed he wanted to be sober to look after you, but you were afraid of what his real problem was.

You weren’t exactly old enough to drink when you first joined the group and afterwards, there was just no need. Anything with alcohol was hard to come by, even in little gas stations the group crossed on the road. It seems everyone had the same thing on their mind once this all went down.

Fast forward to one night in Alexandria. It was a little chilly out for once with a light fog settling in. It was like a veil draping over the town, shielding you from the outside world. None of that mattered, not now, not ever.

It was some time after midnight and the children had gone back home into their beds, hopefully fast asleep so the adults could drink and talk about shit they had no business talking about. That was how Aaron’s parties turned out.

You went to every single one of them; loving the couple more than anything. Aaron and Eric were two of the closest friends you had in Alexandria. Since coming here, they made you, and everyone else, feel at home.

But tonight was different. Tonight was the night you found Daryl at the party. He usually took off the moment he arrived, saying he wanted to be alone in his own house. You always thought it was silly, always wished he would stay and party.

Daryl stayed tonight. He sat at the window and drank his shots, throwing his head back violently with each one before grabbing another.

You would never have the courage to talk to him now. Not while he was fuming in the corner, avoiding all human contact and drinking away his worries. He would soon lash out, scream at someone, break a table, and leave. That was just how Daryl dealt with the pain.

“Want a drink? Water?” Eric asked from the couch. With his injury hardly getting better, he was told to stay off his feet and rest whenever possible. He always complained about being useless, but Aaron found a way to make him happy at home. He planned the events.

You shook your head and reach for the untouched drink in his hand. “I think I prefer something sweeter.” You say, taking a small whiff. It smells like strawberries, something you could handle.

Eric’s eyes grew a couple inches and his jaw opened just enough to make a little sound before be obviously changed his mind and shrugged his shoulders. “If you want, sweetie.” He said, a little unsure.

You press the cup to your lips and throw your head back, just like you saw Daryl do not too long ago.

The liquid hit the back of your throat harshly and went down easy, leaving your throat feeling like you just drank fire.

“Y/N?” Worry laced Eric’s voice. “Sweetie, are you okay?”

“Hell yeah.” You took another drink and tossed your head back, downing half of it in one go. You did feel the rush, your head started to spin as you glanced over at the quiet man sitting on the windowsill. He was pulling a cigarette from his lips and blowing out a puff of smoke with ease. Suddenly you wanted to be that stick.

You made your way over to Daryl as you watched him press the cigarette to his lips once more, this time keeping it there as he rose to his feet and stuck his back to the wall, still trying to stay away from human contact.

“Can I have one?” You smiled. “I’ll grab you another on the next run.”

Daryl turned his attention to you, though you had a suspicion that this was not the first time that night. His eyes landed on yours, then travelled down to your waist, where you were clenching the glass in your hand. His eyebrows shot up in a little bit of surprise.

“First drinkin’ an’ now ya wanna steal my smokes?” He grumbled.

“Is that a problem? This is a party.” You huffed.

Daryl grunted and handed you the stick that had been swinging from his lips as he spoke. “Try it. Ain’t gonna waste one if ya ain’t gonna like it.”

Hesitantly, you took it from him and pressed it to your own lips. As you did so, there was a sudden spark in Daryl’s eyes, like he might have been seeing you for the first time. He was amused.

The first drag choked you. You sputtered, tried to tell him you were going to be okay as you tried once more. The third time was easier, you were inhaling much better, though it still sent you in a fit of coughs that lasted a whole minute.

“Alrigh’. Little girl grew up fast.” Daryl tilted his head back and took one more shot. He licked his lips, drawing your attention to how cracked they were. He lifted his shot glass and the tiniest smirk spread across his lips.

You felt accomplished. Daryl was finally seeing you as something more than just the little girl his group saved all those years ago. “I’ve been grown up for some time, Dixon.”

The smirk fell from his lips and he turned to the bookshelf. He gingerly sat his glass down on the wood and looked down at you. “Didn’t take ya as a party girl.” He growled. You loved the way his gravelly voice gave you goosebumps.

“Didn’t take you as a party goer.” You shot back proudly. You took note that Daryl took two steps closer to you as you spoke.

“You don’t wan’ me.” His southern accent flowed through thicker than ever as he closed in on you. This was a new side of Daryl you hadn’t seen before. “I’m pathetic.”

You shook your head and caress his cheek with your left hand, your right holding onto the cup and cigarette. “Daryl, you are not. Don’t talk like that.” You tried to soothe him.

Daryl snatched your hand and ripped it from his face. “Imma loser, Y/N. Ain’t never gonna be a husband. Or a father! Hell, my own daddy didn’ wanna stay for me.” His voice kept rising with each sentence. You tried to keep him calm before any of the other noticed, but it was too late.

The talking had died down and Rick was now standing at the front of the crowd, ready to pounce if the situation got too much.

You set the stuff in your hand down on the bookshelf and grab Daryl’s cheeks in your fingers, a plan running through your mind. You would kiss him. Men always stopped yelling when the girl kissed them, right?

Daryl grabbed your hands again and shoved you back. You stumbled into the wall, knocking down a photo of Aaron and Eric in the process. It was a beautiful picture, one you always caught yourself staring at when you came inside. Daryl didn’t seem to care. He stepped over the glass and narrowed his eyes at you.

“I can wish for ya all I wan’. Never gonna happen, nope! Nuthin’ I ever want comes true. He lifts his hand, but he had no time to do anything.

Rick was between the two of you in a second, throwing Daryl off guard and caused him to take a few steps back. “That’s enough.” Rick ordered.

Daryl blinked a few times before he grabbed his jacket and walked out of the door.

Christmas Special *requested*(Part 2/2)

Daryl Dixon x Reader


Words: 1,300

“Good mornin’ sleepyhead.” You heard a faint gravely voice say, waking you up. You rubbed the back of your hands against your eyes and yawned, sitting up a little. Daryl was standing in front of you with a tray of food. Consisting of eggs and bacon, with some freshly squeezed orange juice. “What’s this?” You asked gaping at him. “Breakfast in bed. Don’t ya know anythin’?” He said and you just rolled your eyes and smiled at him, biting your bottom lip. He was standing there in a pair of boxers with a white t-shirt, and his hair was in a bit of disarray. You were convinced that there wasn’t a better sight in the world.

He put the tray carefully on top of your lap, and sat down next to you. “Merry Christmas, sweetheart.” He said kissing the side of your neck. “Merry Christmas to you too.” You said giving him a soft kiss. “I can’t believe you did this.” You told him, taking a bight of bacon. “I just wanted to do somethin’ nice.. I dunno..” He answered, shrugging his shoulders. You could tell when he was becoming self conscious, wondering if he had done something you didn’t like. “Well I love it, and I am going to expect this kind of treatment every morning.” You stated. “Yeah, ya wish.” Daryl answered, feeling relief that you had liked what he’d done for you. “Here have some.” You placed a piece of bacon against Daryl’s lips and he took a bight.


“Alright! Which one do you want to open first?” You asked Daryl, taking a seat on the floor next to the tree. Daryl just grunted and shrugged his shoulders. “Fine, here lets start with this one.” You said, handing the package to him. He smirked when he opened it, seeing the pants that he told you he didn’t need. You smiled at his expression and handed him the next gift.  His eyes widened when he tore off the wrapping paper, revealing a brand new crossbow. “Holy shit, where did ya get this?” He asked you, aiming it to check if the barrel was still centered. “A sports shop a few miles away from here.” You told him. “I think It’s the TenPoint Ca-.” “Carbon Xtra Deluxe with ACUdraw.” Daryl finished for you. “Yeah, what you said.” You replied grinning at him, you didn’t know shit about crossbows. “It also has that thingy that holds five arrows, instead of the three yours only allowed.” You told him. “Thingy? Ya mean a quiver?” He asked, chuckling at you. “Uh, I guess.” You replied smirking.

“Do you like it?” You asked. “Yeah it’s great, thank you.” He said leaning forward and giving you a deep kiss. “There’s also something for you in your stocking.” You said giggling. Daryl walked to the fire place, stuck his hand in the stocking and pulled out the motorcycle parts. “Cant believe ya remembered this.” he said in surprise. Daryl never had anytime to do anything for himself, let alone find new items that he needed. He was always thinking of others. “It’ll be nice for you to finally use your bike again. I know how much you miss it.” You told him. “I missed it too. Going on rides together, it’s been a while.” You said smiling and he nodded.

“I got ya somethin’.” Daryl said and you raised your eyebrows. He went over to one of the drawers and pulled out a box wrapped in glittery gold wrapping paper. “Carol wrapped it.” He told you, walking back over to you. He laughed at your eagerness, when you took the box away from him and practically tore it open. “Oh my god, Daryl.. I can’t believe you got me a polaroid camera.” You said, turning it around in your hands to get a good look at it. “Hearin’ ya goin’ on ‘bout it was almost as bad as Mrs. Niedermeyer and her damn pasta maker.” He mentioned, grinning at you. “I love it!” You shouted and threw your arms around his neck and peppered kisses all over his face.


For most of the day you went around Alexandria taking pictures of your family (for all intents and purposes). You got a great one of Rick holding Judith, with Michonne standing next to him on thei front porch. Carl putting his hand in the way so you couldn’t get a clear picture of him. Glenn and Maggie, walking down the street with Santa hats on their heads. Eugene staring blankly at the camera. Rosita sitting on Abrahams lap. And Carol, who was working on cooking for tonight, with Sasha and some other members of the town. Last but certainly not least was Daryl, he was the one you were taking the most pictures of. One of your favorites was him putting on the new parts you had gotten for his bike, kneeling on one knee.

“Come on Daryl I just need one decent one.” You weren’t able to get one of his face because he would always dodge it. “Please, for me.” You looked up at him innocently, swaying back and forth. “Fine.” He sighed and stood next to you. “You have to smile though.” You instructed him. “I ain’t smilin’.” He sternly told you. You ended up telling him a dirty joke that he actually laughed at and snapped the camera with perfect timing, putting your head close to his. “Look at this! It came out so cute.” You said, showing him the picture. He couldn’t believe it, he actually looked happy. He cupped your face in one hand, kissing you softly and you took the opportunity to quickly take another picture of you two kissing. “Fuck, I’m never gonna be safe am I?” Daryl said and you shook your head laughing a little.


“Dance with me?” You asked Daryl. You were at the Christmas party and Daryl was being his usual antisocial self, leaning against the wall. “Nah, I don’t dance.” He said looking at you as if you had grown a second head. “Ok. I’ll admit I’m pushing my luck a little.” You said chuckling. “Rick will you dance with me?” You asked Rick who was standing next to you and Daryl, talking to a couple of people. “Sure.” He said smiling at you and followed you to where everyone was dancing. Daryl just stayed there and watched you laughing and having fun. He noticed you glancing over at him a few times. Daryl wanted to be able to do that kind of stuff with you, but for some reason he just couldn’t. You both were complete opposites of each other, however there was no denying that you belonged together.

“C’mon, stop bein’ such a pussy. Do this for (Y/N).” Daryl mentally scolded himself. He made his way through the crowd to you. “Mind if I cut in?” He asked Rick, who had a surprised look on his face and so did you. Rick bowed to you and you did a little curtsy, laughing at each other. When Rick left Daryl slid his arm around your waist and you placed your hand in his. “Yer gonna be the death of me, ya know that?” He asked you. “You’re actually good at this. Who would have thought?” You said wrapping your arms around his neck. He rolled his eyes and grunted.


When the party started to die down you and Daryl went back home. “So how was your Christmas?” You asked him, pulling him closer to you by his shirt collar. “Best I ever had.” He said leaning his head down for a kiss, but you slid out of his grasp. “Well it’s still technically Christmas and I have one more present for you.” You said winking at him, taking slow steps backwards. Then you hurriedly scrambled up the stairs laughing the whole time, with Daryl following closely behind you.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Have a fun and safe holiday everyone! Please comment, letting me know if you liked it and would like more stories like this in the future! Xoxo


“Did someone call a rescue party of one?”

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Catching Feelings Pt. 2

Request Prompt: Reader is Carl’s girlfriend and out of drunkness, she has sex with Enid and Enid catches feelings. -Anon

Pairing: Enid x Reader

Warning: Smut

Part 1

I walked back to where Carl was and noticed he was a little tense. I tapped his shoulder and he jumped.

“Did I startle you?”, I asked and he chuckled.

“A little.”, he said.

“The great Grimes gets startled. Wow who would’ve ever guessed.”, I joked and he laughed.

“No one.”, he replied.

“What’d bothering you? You’ve been acting weird ever since you talked to Ron.”, I stated and he looked down at the ground.

“You can tell me Carl.”, I urged and he shook his head.

“Carl.”, Maggie called and we turned to see her standing with Ron.

“Come inside for a minute.”, she said and he looked scared.

“Its okay go ahead.”, I told him standing up.

“Where are you going?”, he asked.

“To talk to Glenn for a minute.”, I said and he nodded.

I found him by the gate getting ready to switch out with Sasha.

“Hey Glenn can I talk to you about something?”, I asked as he climbed down the ladder.

“Sure sport. What’s up?”, he asked and I hesitated looking at my feet.

“Come on we’ll go somewhere private.”, he assured before we walked to Carol’s.

We sat on the stairs and he looked at me.

“What’s going on?”, he asked again.

“The party that we had for Daryl. Some things took place that I’m not proud of. And I don’t know how to explain it to a certain someone.”, I told him and he nodded.

“Was it Ron?”, he asked and I shook my head.



“Then who?”

“Enid.”, I replied and he frowned.

“Oh. Did you intend on that happening?”, he asked.

“Not at all. I love Carl and I was drunk when it happened. But.”, I paused.

“But?”, he asked urging me to continue.

“After what happened I can’t stop thinking about her. Its weird because I’m not into girls.”, I said.

“Y/N its okay to feel that way. You don’t want to hurt Carl but you want to stay friends with Enid. Its a difficult situation.”, He told me.

“You have to be honest.”, a voice said from behind us.

I turned to see Carol with a smile on her face. She moved next to me and pulled me close.

“Just tell him the truth. Something tells me he’ll understand.”, she smiled.

“Thanks guys. I’m gonna go tell Enid my plan.”, I said with a smile.

“Good luck.”, Glenn waved as I went on my way.

After telling her what I plan to do she sighed but agreed before looking at my head.

“Want me to finish your hair?”, she asked and I chuckled.

“That’s one way to bury the awkwardness.”, I said and she laughed.

I sat in the chair as she combed through my hair.

“Its so long.”, she joked and I laughed.

She moved in front of me to straighten my part. After finishing my hair I stood up so she could admire her work. I’m an inch or two taller than her so she looked up at me. I blushed as she stood a few inches from my face. She stared at my lips before closing the gap between us. Her arms wrapped around my shoulders as I held her hips. Her tongue traced my lips as her hands rested on my ass.

“Hey Y/N I have to…”, a voice caused us to break apart and I looked at the door to see Carl.

“Carl I..”, I started.

“Can I talk to you?”, he asked walking away.

I frowned before following him to the living room.

“Carl I was going to tell you bit you were busy and-”, I tried to explain but he cut me off.

“Its okay Y/N. Its alright.”, he said and I froze.

“The night of the party after you disappeared I played a few games with Ron and Mickey. Mickey got sick from the alcohol and went home leaving just me and Ron. One thing led to another and we ended up sleeping together.”, he told me and my eyes widened.

I stayed silent causing him to sigh.

“Y/N please say something.”, he pleaded.

“I knew you liked guys.”, I joked and he chuckled in relief.

“Well I knew you had a thing for Enid.”, he retorted.

“I didn’t realize it until we slept together last night.”, I stated and he gasped.

“What? You too?”, he asked and I nodded.

“I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want to hurt you.”, I said.

“I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want to hurt you but it seems you felt the same way.”, he smiled and I sighed as it felt like a heavy weight was lifted.

“I guess so. We can still be friends right?”, I asked and he nodded.

“No way am I losing my closest friend.”, he smiled.

Ron walked in the he door freezing as he spotted me. I walked up to him and he had a serious look on his face as I pointed a finger at him.

“You better take care of him.”, I said and he nodded.

“Is everything okay?”, Enid asked from around the corner.

“Its seems everyone here is for the other team.”, I laughed and she sighed.

“So there’s no trouble?”, she questioned.

“Not at all. Just take care of Y/N for me.”. Carl told her and she nodded.

“Of course.”, she replied.

“Am I missing something?”, Ron asked and we all laughed.

“You have a lot to catch up on my friend.”, I told him.