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Coming soon: TRACK+FEEL II is a cooperative, interactive, glitch-art installation for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The software is controlled through a standard Nintendo controller and a Nintendo Power Pad mat controller. Two players must work together to discover the rules of the “game” as well as its goal. Some players may wish to minimize visual or aural disorder, while others may wish to maximize it. TRACK+FEEL II aims to present glitches and generative chaos as tools of construction rather than destruction. TRACK+FEEL II will have some public showings in the coming months and will also be released as a ROM available for download this summer.

I bought this Barbie camera on eBay. It’s a 110 film camera from the ‘90s, similar to one that I had as a kid. When the camera arrived today, it had a roll of Kodak 110 film inside with 11 photos already taken. I’ve taken the remaining 13 photos tonight, and tomorrow I’ll take it somewhere to get developed. I can’t wait to see what photos have been sitting on this film for decades!