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Seraph of the End: the Story of Vampire Michaela, chapter 3 (part 1 out of 4)

We’re delving a little deeper into the history of the Crusades now; crash course on it is included in the text of the novel already, but just in case wiki for the Fifth Crusade Crowley participated in (his participation apparently lasted from 1217 to 1221).

Seraph of the End: the Story of Vampire Michaela by Kagami Takaya

Chapter 3 (part ¼) (volume 1, pages 121-150)
The Crusader Who Lost God

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Transcendence Phase 3 is Here! And The Thrilling Halloween Celebration Continues at Elsword!

By GM Amelia 

Hiya adventurers! Halloween is only just a few days away! Why aren’t you excited yet? The dead will rise from their graves to mingle with the living, and who doesn’t find that exciting? The Halloween celebration continues in Elrios which means you can still beat up some dancing zombie horde, have a thriller night, and party till you drop dead with Dancing King Mike! Just be careful not to turn into one of them, or if that’s your thing then go for it!

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yourbruiise  asked:

Ernst promised himself that he wouldn't drink too much at the party, but that was broken almost as soon as he arrived. He didn't know how much he had drunk but he was at the point where he got very physical very quickly. Climbing onto Elliott's lap, he kissed the other's cheek gently. "You're pretty." The boy mumbled.


Elliott was drunk. Somewhere between piss face drunk and tipsy, and probably a little bit high as well if he was being completely honest. He was a party till you drop kind of person, hangover be damned.

When he got a lapful of Ernst, he was mid-way through a conversation with a even more stoned Dani about zombies and turnips, but his attention went to Ernst quickly. “You’re pretty. You’re really tiny but you’re really pretty. Pretty pretty.”