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Imagine the Squad setting you and Rafael up at the station Christmas Party

(A/N: For the Anon who requested this, hope you don’t mind that I Christmasfied it! Sorry it’s short. Also sorry if this is late. This is either going up at 9:30pm (UK time) or I messed up this whole scheduled post thing and it’s going up while I sit in the bathroom of my friend’s house while I’m at her party. Merry Christmas, guys!) 

Imagine the Squad setting you and Rafael up at the station Christmas Party

“When the wind is blowing and it’s cold outside? Baby, it’s cold, cold outside…” You sang to yourself, as you sat at your desk, finishing paperwork.

“Will you ever get tired of singing that song?” Sonny asked, from his desk across from yours.

“Will you ever get tired of pasta?” You countered, shimming to the tune of the song.

“No,” He chuckled, leaning back in his chair, trying to contain himself.

“Then you have your answer.” You stated, shrugging your shoulders and launching into the next song on your iPod.

“Maybe we should have just hired you instead of DJ for tonight,” Sonny commented, after recovering.

“No, thank you,” You joked, “tonight’s all about my killer dance moves.”

“Killer?” He asked.

“Just wait and see, Dominick.” You said dramatically, moving rhythmically and spinning in your chair.

“Oh, I will,” He confirmed, “Along with everyone else.”

“Who do you mean by everyone?” You questioned.

“You know, Lieu, Rollins, Fin, Barba and not to mention every other officer that works at this station.” He elaborated for you.

“Wait,” You hesitated, serious, “Barba’s coming?”

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Do you have any Justice League Christmas headcanons? I'd prefer some lighter ones because I've been in a sucky mood lately, but whatever works! (I'm also sorry if this is too early in the season, I'm just really looking forward to December ><)

  • the watchtower has seen all kinds of christmas parties. from the whole station being deserted because each hero’s spending time with their families, to only a couple of members sticking around to either get some quiet down time or because there’s hell on earth and they’re monitoring for the rest of the team still on the planet fending off the bad guys. to hal getting completely smashed while every hero family has arrived and barry’s trying to keep him on a leash. unsuccesfully. hal’s now projecting pictures of his naked baby self using his ring. please stop him
  • diana proposed the idea of recording messages in various languages about various holidays (kwanzaa, hanukkah, christmas etc) wishing a happy celebratory time, so every year from december 1st until a week or two after new year’s eve (unless brainiac or darkseid got an itch again), wayne industries funds these short video recordings that play all around the world, on big screens, the radio, tv, internet etc. batman may or may not be smiling in some of them too? (gasp)
  • one year, it somehow happened that two nights before christmas alfred managed to get clark and diana under the same roof with the batfam for dinner and not only was there no crime in gotham that night, jason randomly popped up near diana and started chatting her up. she always replied with a big smile to his wide-eyed questions and by the time everyone left, jason was sure he had fallen in love
  • cue early days justice league mission at the end of december, hal asking arthur if, when he sets up a christmas tree under the sea, all the ornaments keep floating upwards and then trying to get him to sing the little mermaid’s under the sea tune. until arthur randomly mutters it in the middle of a battle and when hal turns around like “DID YOU JUST”, arthur pretends he doesn’t know what he’s talking about
  • barry. hanging special, speed-resistant pompoms at the end of his cowl’s bolts. kids seeing him and going WILD
  • children hospitals buzzing all over the states even two months before the holidays start because they know the justice league will make their yearly rounds and spend some time with them. the first time batman started giving out christmas pouches filled with small toys and presents “endorsed by wayne inc.” one of the kids just hugged him out of the blue because “you’re my present”
  • victor getting tired of his team’s bullshit and playing “last christmas” on repeat 24/7. every cover and edition that’s ever been posted online. several members try to override the console; vic just turns on the volume. half of the heroes want to jump off the station and straight into the empty vacuum of dead cold space, and the other half enjoy the first half being annoyed
  • secret santa. maybe someone arranges it so, maybe (and more likely) it’s hal’s nonexistent luck, but he’s got batman. after careful thinking and meticulous planning, he comes up with an onion on the 25th. just an onion. he actually hands it to him. “family should be with family during the holidays”
  • (bruce actually smiles to him, a full, earnest smile—maybe he finds it legitimately funny—and hal jumps two steps back because a) this shit’s creepy b) he’ll have to spend the next four months with his back against the wall because he can feel the payback coming. you done fucked up again)
  • the team just generally saving christmas day. not necessarily from a big bad, but simply allowing people to get the christmas they want, to be with their families and have fun, even if they just stopped a small bodega robbery. they start clapping and wooing and most of the crowd lets them know their homes are always open to them, to their heroes

We were headed into a warehouse that had 3 guards stationed. Our party was trying to sneak around them, because one of the guards was fairly big.

Cleric: Crap! Okay, I’m going to use the spell I used last time… Do you think they’ll know we’re here?

Rogue: You’re literally SETTING THEM ON FIRE. So yeah, pretty sure they’ll know we’re here


PVRIS Interview at BBC Radio 1 Party Playlist with Annie Mac

Shore Leave // Closed


After what seemed like sweeps of performing patrol sweeps around Alternian space, The crew of the Rhampage was sick and tired of imperial rations and the lame excuses for entertainment they could find on their ship. Therefore, as soon as they received word that they would be able to take a short leave before re-stationing on Gynwopol, the crew was up in arms to find the best party station they could.

This of course led them on a wild goose chase that finally ended as the docked next to the Limewire. A skeleton crew would be left to keep in eye on things that would be switched out every so often with those leaving. It was time to kill time and forget they had jobs.

Specifically for the main officers of the ship, Verbra Ellard, Jackal Mascul, and Kirrin Zavora, this was a chance to blow off a whole lot of steam. Pent up anger from dealing with annoying crew members or ridiculous imperial commands. This was the time to get rid of it.

Verbra followed the sound of music. The pulse of electronic that led him to an open room with a dance floor. As he wasn’t able to smash in anyone’s face, this was where he would rage his war. On the dance floor, against all that dared to challenge the fancy footwork of the violetblood.

Kirrin and Jackal followed behind him. Neither of them would dance, but Kirrin sure as hell was going to get wasted. Jackal didn’t quite enjoy these excursions, but sometimes he got some really good shots and videos of Verbra being stupid. Equating to the gain of blackmail against the captain.

Kirrin gravitated to the bar, with Jackal sticking closely behind.

fuck the word fond
bellamy/clarke, 4617 words

“Like you would know anything about rowdy parties,” he scoffs at her good-naturedly.

“I’ll have you know I was a hoot at all the underground parties,” she replies, in her most prim voice. Nevermind that she went to all of one party in Factory Station and it was just to piss off her mom, mostly. God, she’s the textbook good girl.

He tries to plaster on his best shit-eating grin, but it kind of loses its punch when his face is covered in green goo.

Or, the one where Clarke’s sleep-deprived brain keeps making her think strange things about Bellamy Blake. CODA to 1x08, written for the oneyearofthe100 challenge.

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