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A/N: ‘(Crossover)’ means that both characters from Blue Bloods and SVU appear)

Sonny Carisi 

Imagine the Christmas Shift with Carisi  (Crossover)

Imagine being secretive about why you joined SVU

Imagine Carisi seeing your childhood abuse scars 

Imagine getting shot saving a victim  (Crossover)

Imagine Sonny getting jealous after he thinks you’ve been on a date 

Imagine Sonny finding out that you’re soon to be divorced 

Imagine Carisi being worried about your safety  (Crossover)

Imagine describing to Carisi what you think love is 

Imagine taking pictures with Sonny 

Imagine arguing with Carisi about Italy versus Greece

Imagine relaxing with Sonny after a tough day 

Imagine Sonny asking you out on a date

Imagine admitting your feelings for Sonny 

Imagine Sonny proposing to you

Imagine Sonny comforting you on the anniversary of your Father’s death

Imagine your undercover job taking a toll on your relationship with Sonny 

Imagine Sonny being the person you talk to when waking up from a coma (Crossover)

Imagine Sonny settling an argument between you and your brother Danny (Crossover)

Imagine finding out you’re pregnant and not wanting to tell Sonny (Crossover)

Imagine planning your wedding with Sonny (Crossover)

Imagine cheating on your boyfriend with Sonny 

Imagine your brother Jamie comforting you after getting into a fight with your boyfriend Sonny  (Crossover)

Imagine getting jealous after Sonny reunites with his first love 

Imagine both you and Sonny being in love with each other but neither of you say anything  (Crossover)

Imagine the morning after your first time with Sonny (Crossover)

Imagine having a baby with Sonny Carisi  (Crossover)

Imagine Sonny being your partner at Reagan Family Game Night  (Crossover)

Imagine being in a relationship with Sonny Carisi (Crossover)

Imagine being first time parents with Sonny  (Crossover)

Imagine Sonny defending you after your ex-boyfriend makes a scene at the station

Imagine being Liv’s younger sister and hitting it off with Sonny

Imagine being friends with Sonny since you were kids (Crossover) 

Imagine Sonny blaming you after his girlfriend breaks up with him (Crossover)

Imagine Barba not knowing you are married to Carisi  (Crossover)

Imagine yours and Sonny’s wedding day (Crossover) 

Imagine yours and Sonny’s sons first birthday party  (Crossover) 

Imagine Sonny taking care of you after you get injured (Crossover)

Imagine Sonny blaming Barba after you get hurt because of his death threats

Imagine having to hide your relationship with Sonny while working a case with you brother, Danny (Crossover)

Imagine making up with Sonny after an argument

Imagine being partners with Sonny  (Crossover)

Imagine your boyfriend Sonny and your brother Jamie protecting you from a handsy Detective (Crossover)

Imagine waking up from a coma and seeing your boyfriend, Sonny, and your family, the Reagan again (Crossover)

Imagine your siblings, Danny, Erin, and Jamie, embarrassing you in front your boyfriend Sonny

Imagine your siblings, Danny, Erin and Jamie, embarrassing you in front of your boyfriend Sonny (Crossover) 

Rafael Barba  

Imagine your sister Erin introducing you to your new ADA Rafael Barba  (Crossover)

Imagine having a heated argument with Barba 

Imagine fainting after testifying in court for Barba 

Imagine Rafael listening to you talk about how you are in love with him 

Imagine being in a secret relationship with Barba 

Imagine the pillow-talk between you and Rafael

Imagine being stuck in an elevator with Rafael 

Imagine being Rafael’s Boss

Imagine being a criminal witness in one of Barba’s trials

Imagine finding out why Barba never smiles around you 

Imagine being taken hostage while on the phone to Rafael 

Imagine your ex-boyfriend flirting with you in front of Rafael 

Imagine introducing your boyfriend Rafael Barba to your father Frank Reagan (Crossover)

Imagine Passive Aggressive arguing with Rafael

Imagine being a psychic medium and warning Barba about an attempt on his life

Imagine being Rafael’s boss (Part Two)

Imagine being taken hostage while on the phone to Rafael (Part Two)

Imagine your brother Danny teasing you about the crush you have on Barba (Crossover)

Imagine having to convince your whole family, the Reagans,to let him have your hand in marriage (Crossover)

Imagine arguing with your brothers in front of the whole squad including your boyfriend Rafael about going undercover (Crossover)

Imagine Rafael proposing to you  (Crossover)

Imagine yours and Rafaels wedding day  (Crossover)

Imagine being pregnant with Rafael’s baby   (Crossover)

Imagine Danny walking in on you and Rafael (Crossover)

Imagine Rafael, your boyfriend and your family, the Reagans,finding out you’ve been receiving death threats (Crossover)

Imagine being Rafael’s boss (Part Three)

Imagine being Rafael’s daughter and meeting the squad for the first time after you witness a crime

Imagine taking care of Rafael when he’s sick  

Imagine being Barba’s daughter and a witness at one of his trials

Imagine finding out that Rafael sometimes worries about your age difference  (Crossover)

Imagine getting into an argument with your Dad, Rafael Barba 

Imagine the squad finding out that you and Rafael are dating 

Imagine your boyfriend, Rafael, surprising you on your birthday

Imagine Rafael being in love with you while you are in relationship with Sonny 

Imagine the moments both Sonny and Rafael fell in love with you 

Imagine Rafael telling you he is in love with you while you’re in a relationship with Sonny 

-Rafael Alternative Ending 

-Sonny Alternative Ending 

Imagine Barba finding out Frank Reagan is your Father after thinking you were dating him 

Imagine the Squad trying to set you and Barba up at the station Christmas Party 

Imagine being in the middle of an argument between your husband Rafael and your sister Erin (Crossover)

Imagine Rafael finding out you can speak Spanish (Crossover)

Imagine being Rafael’s tailor

Imagine Rafael being your secret admirer 

Imagine breaking up with Rafael (Crossover)

Imagine always walking home with Rafael after work (Crossover)

THE PEOPLE ERIKA LEFT BEHIND [BarbaxDaughter Mini Series]  

(All Crossovers) 

Part One: Imagine unknowingly meeting your Dad, Rafael Barba, for the first time  

Part Two: Imagine unknowingly bonding with your biological father, Rafael Barba

 Mike Dodds 

Imagine bonding with Dodds over your high-ranking Fathers  (Crossover)

Imagine being Mike’s date to the Policemen’s Ball   (Crossover) 

Imagine arguing with Dodds when he calls you family after you’re attacked (Crossover)

Imagine dealing with life without Mike after his death (Crossover)

Imagine taking care of a baby with Mike  (Crossover)

Imagine getting jealous when you meet Mike’s ex-girlfriend at his high school reunion 

Imagine Mike Proposing to you (Crossover)

Imagine teasing Mike at work 

Imagine Mike accidently telling your family you’re pregnant before telling you  (Crossover)

Imagine realizing that Mike likes you back

Imagine Mike meeting your Dad, Donald Cragen, for the first time 


Imagine being Barba’s daughter and helping him learn some Italian so he can surprise Sonny at their wedding

Imagine being Rafael’s daughter and introducing Sonny as your Dad for the first time 

Imagine your Dads, Rafael and Sonny, getting protective when they find out you’re going on your first date 

Danny Reagan 

Imagine your boyfriend,Danny Reagan, asking your brother, Rafael Barba, for permission to marry you (Crossover) 

Imagine Danny getting stuck in traffic while you’re in labor  (Crossover) 

Jamie Reagan 

Imagine embarrassing yourself in front of Jamie when you first meet

Imagine being Jamie’s girlfriend and going to Reagan family dinner for the first time 

Imagine being Sonny’s sister and eloping with Jamie (Crossover)

Imagine being married to Jamie and getting held gunpoint

Imagine being Sonny’s sister and eloping with Jamie (Part Two)  (Crossover)

Imagine telling your husband,Jamie, that you’re pregnant

Imagine being Sonny’s sister, Jamie’s girlfriend and worrying about how the Reagans will react to you when you first meet them (Crossover)

Imagine being Rafael’s daughter and Jamie asking you out on a date  (Crossover)

Imagine getting into an argument with Jamie and then getting hurt while at work (Crossover)

Imagine Jamie staying by your side while you’re in Hospital (Crossover)

Imagine yours and Jamie’s wedding day (Crossover)

Imagine being in a relationship with Jamie (Crossover)

Imagine being your boyfriend Jamie’s training officer for the day (Crossover) 

Joe Reagan 

Imagine meeting Joe for the first time (Crossover)

Imagine bonding with Joe

Frank Reagan 

Imagine starting a secret relationship with Frank Reagan 

Richard Stabler

Imagine getting into a relationship with your best friend Richard Stabler (Crossover)

Nick Amaro

Imagine having a love/hate relationship with Nick 

Imagine Nick not acting like himself because he thinks you like Sonny

 Blue Bloods 

Imagine Mother’s Day as a Reagan

Imagine Arguing with your Brothers as to who will be the next Police Commissioner

SVU Detective

Imagine getting emotional during an Interrogation 

Fragile Heart

*I was restless on Sunday so I started writing a historical-esque Austen-esque little bit. And here is what I have so far. I might continue it… or I might not. Anyway. 2.6k of something…*

The rain was pouring but Emma Swan was so numb she wasn’t sure she even felt cold. She tugged the strings of her bonnet tighter to her neck as she trudged over the sodden field, her mud soaked skirts becoming heavier and heavier with every step. Finally she reached the shelter of an oak tree, the rain was held back somewhat by its wide green leaves. But she could not appreciate the respite as she struggled to breathe.

Stays too tight, clothes sodden - lord, if she could have stripped down to her shimmy right then she would have. But even for Emma Swan -headstrong and impulsive as she was - that would be a step too far. Instead, she closed her eyes, counted to ten and tried to forget Lieutenant Killian Jones even existed.


“Emma, where have you been?”

She brushed away her mother’s inquiry with a wave of her hand, marching straight to the kitchen where she knew a fire would be blazing. Sure enough it was, a large pot of stew cooking above it. She crouched down and stretched out her numb fingers. The heat radiating from the fireplace was burning hot, making her digits tingle as if they were being pricked by hundreds of tiny pins.

“You’re late back from church.”

It was Granny’s voice, their cook-come-housekeeper who overlooked the few servants they employed. She had been with the family since before Emma had been born and nothing was overlooked by her.

“I decided to walk,” she lied.

Well, it wasn’t a lie. It was merely a half truth. She had walked, but it was not a decision to not take her parent’s carriage home, but more a necessity caused by him.

“Hmmm,” Granny hummed doubtfully, before Emma heard her pulling out a chair. “Come on, you need something warm inside you then to bed before you catch a cold.”

There was little point in arguing. She stood, her skirts clinging to her legs, barely catching the cook’s eye as she sat and let her place a bowl of the stew in front of her with a chunk of bread. Slowly, she ate.

“So how’s that Lieutenant Jones then? And his brother- the Captain? I heard they were at the ball last night.”

Emma swallowed hard. “He is fine,” she lied again, “Fine Granny.”

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Station Nursery Childcare Worker: Titan
“Leave the children in my care. I’ll spin the best childcare with my piano…!”

Real Estate Development Golden General Manager: Orion
“Leave the construction of the Premium Golden Artifact Hotel to me! Titan!”

Public Investor Relations Fairy Manager: Selen
“The ‘Smile 3,900,000,000 Sound Dollars Campaign’ with us is now underway♪ Fufu.”

Service Planning Manager Sei: Argon
“Members, sei~ It’s the start of the golden party inside the station~! Foo!!”

A Reason To Stay

Pairing: John Winchester x Reader
Word count: 2,246 (before lyrics)
Warnings: AU.  Mentions of blood.  
Challenge:  This was written for @sdavid09’s TaleTeller’s Winter Writing Days Challenge. There were three things I had to work into the story.  The first was that it had to be an AU story. I selected Police Officer AU.  Next, it had to be set in winter.  Lastly, the song I picked was “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga

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Imagine the Squad setting you and Rafael up at the station Christmas Party

(A/N: For the Anon who requested this, hope you don’t mind that I Christmasfied it! Sorry it’s short. Also sorry if this is late. This is either going up at 9:30pm (UK time) or I messed up this whole scheduled post thing and it’s going up while I sit in the bathroom of my friend’s house while I’m at her party. Merry Christmas, guys!) 

Imagine the Squad setting you and Rafael up at the station Christmas Party

“When the wind is blowing and it’s cold outside? Baby, it’s cold, cold outside…” You sang to yourself, as you sat at your desk, finishing paperwork.

“Will you ever get tired of singing that song?” Sonny asked, from his desk across from yours.

“Will you ever get tired of pasta?” You countered, shimming to the tune of the song.

“No,” He chuckled, leaning back in his chair, trying to contain himself.

“Then you have your answer.” You stated, shrugging your shoulders and launching into the next song on your iPod.

“Maybe we should have just hired you instead of DJ for tonight,” Sonny commented, after recovering.

“No, thank you,” You joked, “tonight’s all about my killer dance moves.”

“Killer?” He asked.

“Just wait and see, Dominick.” You said dramatically, moving rhythmically and spinning in your chair.

“Oh, I will,” He confirmed, “Along with everyone else.”

“Who do you mean by everyone?” You questioned.

“You know, Lieu, Rollins, Fin, Barba and not to mention every other officer that works at this station.” He elaborated for you.

“Wait,” You hesitated, serious, “Barba’s coming?”

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IRAQ. Basra governorate. Old Basra. May 26, 2003. An Iraqi police clerk fills out a report in the former office of the head of the Republic Party of Basra in one of the old Ba’ath Party Headquarters-turned-police station. As part of the philosophy of the Royal Military Police, the soldiers are teaching Iraqi Policemen to fill out reports for all everything that happens in their jurisdiction, in an effort to eventually pass all responsibility on to the Iraqis. There is rising speculation as to whether the British manner of patrolling Basra has been more successful in governing the city in contrast to the American’s more stand-off-ish approach to governing Baghdad. Unlike the Americans in Baghdad, the British often patrol Basra with no body armour and no helmets, and sometimes go out without their automatic weapons.

Photograph: Lynsey Addario/Getty

Humble Tiny Build Bundle And Party Hard 2 Alpha
Humble Tiny Build Bundle And Party Hard 2 Alpha

For the next two weeks at Humble Bundle fans of tinyBuild’s games will be able to put down some money for charity and pick up a number of their games. The charities featured in this bundle are 1UpOnCancer, Stack-Up, and Action Against Hunger although, as always, charities on the Paypal…

A/N: I know this sounds stupid, but I promise you it get’s better. 

- Let’s be honest as a bat mom you really don’t have time to go out and pamper yourself every week.

- For one you have a lot of social obligations, Wayne enterprises is pretty well known for their philanthropic work, and you have to participate in it often.

- And then you have like ten freaking kids, just yesterday you had to bake an entire tray of muffins for Cass, because she was on her period and she wanted your muffins. And then you had to drive across town to give them to her.

- And then at least once a week you get a call from the school, saying your son skipped school to go play with some neighborhood dogs that are on the other side of the fence. 

- “I’m on my way, thanks for calling Judy.”

- And then Dick calls at least once a week with a really obvious question that most adults should know.

- “Okay so when I do the laundry, should I put the detergent in first or the fabric softener?”

- “Dick, it literally does not matter, as long as you’re putting both of them into the water, before you put your clothes in.”

- And god help you if you actually have a job, outside all of this. 

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