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Please fire me. I’m a bouncy castle operator and was yelled at today by a parent because I wouldn’t let their 10-year-old 160 lb. kid on the bouncy castle with the 3-year-olds.


So let me get this straight: he’s trying to control what you do, he’s cutting you off from your friends and he’s calling them “leeches & tarts”. All because he just loves you too much.


Domesticated Party Animal

This is how parties
are supposed to be!

Caution tape streamers
to chalk outline
where our feet walk
in an orderly fashion.

Orange pylon drinking cups
for when the only crisis
comes in ping pong balls
and not the wrecking kind.

Complementary bulletproof vests
to complement the guests
and to hide underlying doubts
underneath neon or blacklights.

is how parties
are supposed
to be.

Nothing says celebration
like when danger speaks too loud
to hear it being said.

Prompt #87:  Careful Is My Middle Name

Churchill Was Brilliant And Brave, But Hardly Handsome

In 1899 Winston Churchill was covering the Boer War as a correspondent when he was captured and put in a Pretoria prison. He climbed a wall and set out to flee 300 miles to neutral Portuguese East Africa while the Afrikaners raised the alarm and circulated a rather unflattering description:

Escaped prisoner-of-war Winston Spencer Churchill Englishman 25 years old about 5 foot 8 inches tall medium build walks with a slight stoop. Pale features. Reddish-brown hair almost invisible small moustache. Speaks through his nose and cannot pronounce the letter S. Had last a brown suit on and cannot speak one word of Dutch.

Churchill fled on foot for two days, hid in a coal mine for three, and finally boarded a freight train, where he hid under bales of wool to evade a Boer search party. When he reached safety, publicity of his adventure set him on the path toward a career in government. And during his time as a minister, Churchill fought for prisoner’s rights – including the right to attempt escape.

Updated Masterpost

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bitchblike  asked:

Hope this makes you forget! RFA + V + Saeran first impressions on a Punk!MC? With tattoos, know the drill. But *plot twist* she's very sweet and blushes easily PD: If you want to talk about how you're feeling, feel free to message me

//Omg I love this so muchh, and thank you for being so sweet awe, same for you any anyone, if anyone ever wants to talk I’m here! //

• she first sees you at the door of the party
• she doesn’t know who you are at first but starts looking at the list and realizes- it’s you.
•she honestly is a little shocked at first
• you acted so sweet in the chat but now you’re ??
• so bad ass
• she hasn’t seen a lot of people that look like you, you have tattoo sleeves; an eyebrow piercing, and a nose piercing, but it’s…
•so beautiful
•she believes you look so unique and she lOves IT
• when jaehee greets you, you shy away a little bit, smiling at the ground
•smol bean on the inside bad ass on the outside
•Jaehee doesn’t say anything right away about it, but later on when you two are close she loves telling you every day how much she loves everything about you, and your body.

• this boy is sh00K wheN jaehee shows you in to the part
• and she looks so,,,
• COoL Oh my gOd
• he loves your dyed hair!
• he just imagines the hair dying parties omgomgofmgofmgofmg
•he of course doesn’t say any of this, at the party he runs to you and pulls you into an embrace
•when he kisses you the feeling of your lip piercing brushing up against his lip just excites him
• he’s gonna have fun :;))
•zen first meets you at his apartment, not at the party, so it’s a bit more private than both of them
• when zen opens the door and sees this beautiful woman covered in tattoos, piercings, and has beautiful white dyed hair he can’t help but make a joke
• “dyed your hair for me?”
•*you blush and look down*
• “n o wait I didn’t that’s n-”
•omg you’re shy
• zens thinking “shit omg i embarrassed her so bad”
• “I was just joking MC, you look beautiful. You’re making this a little hard for me” he jokes, welcoming you into his home"
•zen had always wanted to get tattoos together, against jaehee’s suggestion, when everything’s safe again you guys go and get tattoos together

• MC was going to be staying at jumins house a few days before the party for safety yet he doesn’t know what she looks like yet, he imagines her to be elegant and perfect and-
•o there she is
• *he opens his door and sees this small girl, covered in beautiful art*
•she isn’t what he imagined… she’s better
•"hi jumin.,“
•omg her presence is so small
•jumin would never admit it but he’s a little intimidated by her when he opened the door, he had actually never seen someone like that before.
•but oh god does he love it.
•when you get in and start talking to jumin it turns into him staring at you a lot, making you blush but he’s just taking it all in. he’s never felt this way before.

•he knew prior to meeting you, unlike everyone else
• and OH GOD yoUre so H OT
• when he first initially did his check on you he was worried that you’d be causing problems in the rfa you just… seemed like a big personality.
• but omg he was wrong
•you’re a smol baby that needs to be protected
• so precious
• after you two meet it’s just him asking you what made you get all the tattoos, the meaning behind all of them
• “you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on, MC.”
•"even more beautiful than thinking you ran out of chips and realizing you had more”
•"even more than THAT.“


•when v first meets you he can faintly see the black ink on your skin
•V loves art, and photographing and that’s what you are to him
• a beautifully painted canvas
• you’d been so sweet in the chats though he didn’t expect it?
•you hugs him tightly when you first meet him
• he’s hesitant but… he hugs you back so tight.
• you’re so warm and just feel… safe.
•your beautiful exterior is only a bonus,
• ALSO, when you and v start seeing eachother privately you know that he will trace every tattoo on your body
•he loves photographing you so much
•you are his muse

• 👏🏻 YAS 👏🏻 MC 👏🏻
•he of course doesn’t say this,
•he asks so many questions about your tattoos
•bc same
•Saeran has dyed hair; tattoo; no piercings yet though
• S O O N
• where do you get yours?!
• can we go together?!
• he is sOo hAPPY
• you guys recommend hair colors for each other; tattoos, it’s literally saerans heaven

#43 The Gang Leader Part 2 (Harry Styles)


Please tell me if you liked it and talk to me this week, since it’s my last here! I love you guys and thank you for all the love! 

Summary: Harry is the son of the ruling party and Y/N is an exchange student. 



“Alright, I’m bored!” I huffed again and sat up. 

“We have fucked three times today. How are you bored?” The little shit smirked, without even looking at me. I had to agree that he looked too irresistible with his specs on, reading his course book, using his highlighter, just in a snapback. “Stop eyeing me like that,” He laughed. 

“You’ve kept me on a lock down! I get to stare all I want!” I kissed down his cheek. He wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed my forehead. 

“So, it’s been four days already. How long will the place still be off?” I asked. 

Harry sighed, and shut his book, “until he apologizes.” 

“I don’t see how it works. The whole town is on a shutdown because you fought!” 

“I fought!” He raised his voice. 

“He fought! Does it even matter anymore! What did he raise anyway! What did you fight about? Tell me!” I sat on my knees. He had been ignoring this for four days now. I didn’t mention talking to Charlie again because he got quite angry the first round. Getting off the best I followed him out of the room. “Why won’t you tell me?” 

“Why does it even matter? Do I not make you happy here?” He asked. 

“Only you can make about yourself!” I switched the telly on. 

 -the feud is still on between the two parties. For safety, the main town agencies will remain closed until Monday. Here is what the Des Styles has to say about the feud. 

“We Styles men are very sensitive about our women. I agree with what my son did, and we will not forgive until we have an apology made. -” 

“Women? What women? Did he say something about your mom?” I asked Harry. 

He shook his head and opened the knife drawer. I was dating a mafia. He was a mafia in this place. He aimed the knives to the board in front and started his assault. “Then?” 

He didn’t answer. 

I flattened on the sofa, lying on my back and huffed.“I came here to study you know! If I knew this is how things work here, I would have never agreed to stay. I want quality education, and it doesn’t work with two gangs fighting their heads off and declaring a week off to threaten each other endangering everyone’s safety!” Still no response, “Maybe, I should transfer back. I still have a year left, and it makes sense…”I thought to myself. It could be a good option. I’ll be away from Harry though. 

“Is that it, then?” He was suddenly on top of me, a knife still in hand. 
You’re threatening me that you’ll leave?” 

“Harry, the knife.” 

He played with the knife in his hands, and I gulped. Slowly bending down, he touched my forehead with the tip of his knife, sharp going down to my cheek, and then stopping at my neck. “He was talking about you, baby.” He said, his hand on my neck, making me tilt my head back, the knife still at the edge, and he pressed. “He was talking about you, your body, and how you could be his,” I felt his lips on the side of my neck, and felt him bite, marking me with his teeth. The knife went down and tore my tube top. He threw his knife behind him, as it hit the aim on the board, then removed the shreds, off my body. “I don’t like anyone talking about you.” He whispered, his voice husky and going deeper with every word. 

“Harry…” I moaned, feeling one hand press my neck and the other massage my breasts. A couple more wet kisses down my throat, and he stopped. 

“I know, you can’t take another round of me so, don’t push me,” and he got off. He took off his snap back and gave it to me and walked off into the room. I wore it, and it was too big that it exposed both my boobs. 

“This is too big.” 

Classes had resumed again, and my schedule just kept getting busy that now I wished for a break. Harry had constant security around my apartment and area. He was the son of the controller of the entire state. He was practically god’s son, and I knew the other one who wanted that power get angrier day by day. 

“Look who it is,” I knew it was Charlie. He was everywhere these days. Harry kept a watch on him, but till now said nothing. Apparently, he had sent a written apology forced by his father who had his business to take care of. I was kinda disgusted knowing he sexualised me. I thought, he was a decent guy, but he was turning out to be a creep. 

“What do you want?” I asked. 

“For you to leave the town,” He said, flatly. 

“Excuse me?” I confronted him. 

“You wanted me to be direct. Here it is. I know where your grandma lives, and she won’t like my hello. And this is not because I care for you, honey. This is a full fledged warning. Go back to her, or I’ll give you her death to be a reason for you. And then, you’ll have to go back. No guarantor, no loan, no money and let’s face it. You’re just another doll for Harry who fulfils his needs. He won’t care about you anyway,” He smirked. 

“If you know that my leaving won’t affect him, then why lash out at me?” I asked. 

“Because that is what we do, honey. Annoy each other. You’re an annoyance and my next card. Your transfer papers are ready by the way. Start packing. Also, don’t tell him or I’ll kill you first,” He walked off before I could reply. 

I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing. I had ignored all calls from Harry, and it was going to be a full day now. I couldn’t risk it. My grandma was the only one left, and I couldn’t risk her life. Knowing that Charlie would kill her. That is what these people do, they don’t care about ruined families. I had to leave. 

Charlie’s guys delivered the papers to my room, “it’s nice to see you packing,” His guy touched my face, and let his hands roam around my butts, pinching them hard, that I knew it would bruise. I couldn’t stop crying after that. 

A big thud on my door made me drop my books. Another thud and I rushed to the door. “What the fuck!” Harry pushed the door open. 

“What are you doing here? It’s after midnight!” I yelled. He couldn’t be here.

“Why haven’t you picked up my phone calls?” He wrapped his arms around me pulling me to his body and hugging me tightly. “I was so worried, baby” He kissed my cheeks, and I hugged him back. “Wait, what are you doing? You’re packing? Why?” He asked pulling away. 

I couldn’t tell him. He’ll hurt my grandma. I didn’t say anything. 

“Answer me goddamnit!” He yelled. “Why are you doing this to me? Don’t you love me? Honey?” he held my face, as his tears trickled down his cheeks. “Don’t you love me, baby?” 

“Don’t cry please,” I said, kissing him. “I have to go though.” 

“Tell me now,” Harry said, using the command he used when he wanted confessions. “Now love.” he held my face, and I blurted everything. “Please don’t go to him, Harry. He will kill her. I don’t have anyone else. I will be alone. Please,” I cried.

“He will not hurt you or your grandmom,” Harry said kissing my lips. He took his phone out and walked out of my room. My crying didn’t stop until I slept that night. 

“Hey honey, wake up,” Harry kissed my cheek. I sat u straight looking at him. He had a pair of clothes out for me. “We’ve to leave, have a bath later, change and brush quickly.” 

I nodded and got off. Brushing quickly, I came out and changed stepping out of my shorts, “where did you get this bruise from?” Harry held my hips, examining the bruise. I didn’t lie. He nodded and asked me to hurry up. 

We kept driving until we reached an abandoned factory, just outside the city. I didn’t question Harry, but his hands holding mine, and quick kisses placed on them, calmed me down. 

“Get out,” he said. And I did. He parked the car and took out a gun. “Here, pull this, aim and shoot, if required. Don’t be scared,” He kissed me, and tucked the gun inside my jacket. Taking my hand, we walked into the factory. I stopped and gulped when we reached inside. Charlie and his men were tied to the ceiling. They were covered in their blood, as their hands were straight up tied to the ceiling above. 

“Which one touched you?” Harry asked me. I looked at him, gulping. “Don’t be scared, baby.” I looked at their faces and pointed to the guy. One nod and he was cut from the ceiling, as he fell down to the floor. 

“He is my right hand, Harry. We don’t kill family, remember the deal?” Charlie covered in bruises, still smirked. 

“We don’t threaten family either, remember Charlie. But you broke that one. I get a point,” Another nod, and the guy was thrown off the floor and then shot. This was the first time, I had seen someone die, I clutched on to Harry.

“She is not your family, Harry,” Charlie spat. 

“That is where you’re wrong. She is, and so is her family. She is mine, and I don’t like being threatened.” 

I saw Charlie gulp. His eyes finally indicated that he was scared. He had also, broken a pact so, his father couldn’t do anything. “The only reason you will walk out of here is that your father begged, Charlie. I hope you’re proud,” Harry laughed. Another nod and all their hands were cut, and they fell to the ground. Harry took my hand and made me stand in front of him. I stopped breathing. “Apologize Charlie.” 

He didn’t even blink, “I’m sorry Charlie.” 

“Your grandma’s safe. Charlie knows we’ll wipe his family out if he even touches anything related to you,” Harry kissed my forehead and took me out of the factory, his men following behind. 

“So, I don’t have to go?” I asked, kissing his shoulders, as we lay naked on his bed. 

“No, you’re pretty much stuck with me. And, you’ve to know, we Styles’ men are very protective of our family, and we never let go,” His eyes stared into mine, as our lips connected again. 

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NSFW- Ivar’s pet

Ivar catches her gaze from across the room where she stands against a wall, trapped by another man. Her tawny eyes flicker in fear, her gaze drops and then rises to his once again. All of his time with wild animals tells him that she is uncomfortable- he starts forward to protect what is his.
The blond man’s fingers catch the thin chain around her neck, hooking onto the small circular tag.
“Property of Ivar,” he reads. Brown eyes glance over her face, a sneer forming on his lips. Caged in, she can do nothing. Ivar told her not to start a fight, so she won’t. This is the unforseen consequence. “Who the fuck is Ivar?” He growls.
“I am.” Her eyes meet Ivar’s over the blonds’ shoulder and she sags in relief. The Viking does not flinch when her suitor spins to face him, nor when hateful eyes drop to Ivar’s mostly useless legs or the crutches that support him. “Now I suggest you leave her alone.”
The man raises an eyebrow, cuts his eyes between Ivar and his girl. Then he laughs. Full-bodied, the laugh draws the attention of nearby party-goers. Ivar senses his girl tensing, her eyes flaring in anger. He shoots her a warning look and she seethes, hissing out a breath between clenched teeth, one hand coming to rest on her collar. She calms, fingering the tag on the chain, eyes closing briefly and then meeting Ivar’s steady gaze. His anger burns hot enough for both of them, but the cool touch of metal against her skin calms her. She knows that she belongs to him and the collar proves that.
“You?” The man snorts, “a cripple?” He turns to her then, tracing the line of her jaw with a finger. “C'mon beautiful, let me show you a good time. I’m much better than a cripple.” His finger traces her lips and she turns her head away, meeting Ivar’s eyes which are furious. He nods, just slightly, but it it enough. She flashes her teeth and bites the man’s finger, instantly releasing him.
Shocked, he yanks back his hand with a yell, barely seeing her move. She runs the two steps to Ivar and wraps her arms around his chest, tucking her head against his chest and taking in a deep breath of his scent.
“Are you okay?” He asks her, watching the man out of his periphery. She nods, remaining mute.
“Stupid bitch! I bet he’s paying you to fuck him-”

The man is cut off by Ivar’s hand shooting out and catching him in the throat. Growling in anger, the Viking hoists the man into the air and slams him down, his biceps and chest rippling with restrained power. Around them, the partiers fall quiet.
“Never assume anything for you know nothing.” He growls, spitting on the man. Ivar curses him in Old Norse, unable to resist.
His girl touches his arm and he turns to her.
“He’s not worth it,” she says, her voice soft and calming him. In Old Norse, she adds “I am yours and yours alone, Ivar Ragnarsson.”
He cups her cheek and kisses her, allowing her to lead the way out of the party.
Once in the safety of their shared home, Ivar removes her chain collar and replaces it with a thin leather collar. The tag on this one is larger, with runes instead of english.
He meets her bedroom eyes and no longer holds back.
She follows him to the bedroom where he discards the crutches and sits on the edge of the bed. Her fingers work his belt and then his pants, sliding them down his legs until they reach the floor. Kneeling, she looks up at him as she takes his hardening cock in one hand, lightly kissing the tip. He sucks in a breath, one hand pushing her hair out of her face and gathering it in his fist behind her head, allowing his pet to please him. She gives kitten licks along the underside of his cock, sucking at the pronounced veins, slipping him into her mouth. He moans in pleasure as she drags his tip against the roof of her mouth, curses when she takes all of him into her throat.

“That’s it, dove,” he manages, eyes closing as he lays back onto the bed. She follows, crawling closer to him and settling between his legs. As she bobs her head on him, he tugs on her hair, earning a moan that vibrates her mouth around him. Ivar pulls her off of him with a lewd pop, yanks her by the leather collar up his body.
“Tell me what you want, master,” she purrs, easily filling her role as his submissive.
“The knife-” he pants, one hand cupping her rear and squeezing. She kisses him, her mouth tasting of him. A second later, she crawls over to the nightstand and retrieves his dagger, handing it to him.
Ivar rewards her with a kiss.
“On your knees, baby girl.” He says, trailing the blade over her abdomen. She obliges and he sits up behind her, one strong arm wrapping around her waist. Her head tilts back against his shoulder as the knife presses against her delicate throat, tracing down her jugular.
He could easily kill her, the knife reminds, nicking her skin ever so slightly. Ivar nips at the spot, dragging a guttural moan from his plaything. She gasps when his free hand finds her clit, two fingers parting her lips and spreading her slick while his erection presses against her backside.
Even with both hands occupied, his forearms pull her closer to him, reaffirming that he doesn’t need the knife to kill her. Those calloused hands have taken lives before and can take hers as well. The thought sends warmth to her core and he hums against her throat, feeling her muscles tighten.
A finger penetrates her and her back arches, careful to keep her throat away from the sharp blade. She gasps, moans, writhes as he pumps the digit in and out of her, curling and dancing inside of her.
Close to the edge, she cries out.
“Come for me, dove.”


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Senior-year Betty reflects.

She hesitates at the doorway, knowing it’s time to go but unable to resist giving the room one more look around.

It’s amazing how much the Blue & Gold and this space have become so ingrained in her life. There’s some memory attached to every inch of this room: from the burn mark on the table when they’d accidentally started a fire during a junior-year Christmas party to the small dented cabinet in the corner where they hid blankets for deadline slumber parties. 

It’s been her safety net, her escape from family and school stress, her home from home.

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consider: star trek/discworld crossover

- vimes arrests the whole enterprise (the ship itself) for malicious lingering
- spock looks suspiciously like an elf and is upset by discworld logic
- everyone thinks scotty is a weird huge feegle
- kirk tries to put the moves on angua and gets Shut Down

summer seventeen

grab your bag and go!! remember your notebook and your keys and your camera and your swiss army knife cos we’re going places. we were naked all the time. halo sun. finding new fields and forests to explore. picnics with bread and strawberries and mango and peaches. pressing flowers. microwave s’mores every midnight. no sleep! cutting hair with safety scissors. parties at empty houses. sticky hands. girls dancing in circles. seeing fairies sensing ghosts. boys with warm skin and kind smiles. white butterflies. sun dressed and sun dazed. eating wild berries. i’m poison ivy ridden bug bitten and bruised so she makes me potions and sigils. running through field with flowers in her hand. biking everywhere! biking home at dusk right after it rained. biking through the neighborhood with all of them like kids from 80s films. he said he was waiting to be struck by lightning while i run through a storm to avoid it. dancing to love songs and making love on the roof outside my window. disco roller rinks. watching the moon cross the sun. climbing onto the roof of the french school to look at the stars. she sings to me under a shooting star heaven. good luck charms. staying up and sneaking out to fall asleep naked and intwined. goodcrying. she said you’re an angel. we made a deal with the universe and it followed through. i was on time when my stars aligned


Today’s 1.0 lookback - Silencing the Raven:

-After a grueling battle, Nael Deus Darnus’ weapon is knocked from his grasp.  Weakened, he staggers to retrieve it, but between wounds sustained and Dalamud’s overwhelming power, he’s unable to pull it up from where it lodged.  Tainted aether seeps from his hand.  The White Raven senses that his wings have been clipped.

-He turns without a word and reaches for the false moon with one hand, his other hand on his chest in silent tribute… or perhaps a plea. As still as a statue, he falls backward, strikes the ground, and his entire form discorporates.  What remains of his aether streams toward Dalamud to be consumed.

-Without Darnus to sustain them, the Allagan systems which kept Rivenroad afloat shut down, the islands shudder and start crumbling.  But Cid hasn’t gone far.  He swoops in for a heroic rescue of his own, and the adventurer’s party leaps to safety.

-The gun-halberd Bradamante plummets to the land below, unnoticed by the departing heroes, along with the rest of Rivenroad’s structure.