party rock mashup

Wrecking Ball Sail
Miley Cyrus & Awolnation

This is the amazing mashup of Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus merged with the instrumental of Sail by Awolnation.I love this mashup mostly because the instrumental of “Sail” is so catchy and powerful, and mix that with Miley’s heartbreaking vocals - it’s an absolute stunner of a mashup! ~ Aliyah

(We do not own this) Original by: The Geecy Project

Lullabies (Split)
All Time Low
Lullabies (Split)

Lullabies by All Time Low 

The left ear is The Party Scene version. The right ear is the Put Up or Shut Up version. 

(I know it isn’t great, it’s basically my first edit and it took me a while to do. any requests for more?)