party rock

Everybody Wants Some!!
Van Halen
Everybody Wants Some!!

Everybody Wants Some!! by Van Halen - Listening to some of the tunes on Tumblr this morning wasn’t doing it.  Lack of sleep is catching up with me as the week draws to a close.  I could go with a strong cup of black coffee or a cold shower or something else.  But what I really need is a dose of some straight up, loud, dumb party rock.

The best thing about early Van Halen was that they just rocked.  There were no pretensions, no deeper meanings, no aspirations to be some serious musical act.  They just partied hard.  That is basically Everybody Wants Some in a nutshell.  What exactly does “looking for a moonbeam” mean?  Who cares, it just sounds good against that nasty rhythm and Eddie’s gnarly guitar licks.  This is what I need today.


If you don’t think this is comedy gold you’re wrong.