party repete

Thoughts On The Aventure Time & Regular Show Episodes From Tonight

Regular Show - Party RePete: Epic as usual. Awesome to see the return of Party Pete and see that he was actually a pretty jerky clone of an artistic and smart German guy. Also, I didn’t know Thomas could make such an awesome DJ. Bonus points to JG Quintel and Cartoon Network for that.

And now for the one everyone’s talking about

Adventure Time - Frost & Fire: Well. Where should I begin? First, not really understanding why they just randomly threw Princess Bubblegum in there speaking her random German. I mean it just seems unnecessary. Like you could take that part out and the entire episode would still make complete sense, so there’s that. Secondly, Finn Finn Finn. For shame. I honestly expected more out of him. And don’t give me the excuse of “well he’s still young so he’s bound to make mistakes.” It doesn’t make a difference. The fact of the matter is that he really hurt and willingly tricked somebody who meant a whole bunch to him just for his own gain, and honestly there might not be any coming back from that. I mean, let me ask you this: if someone you really cared about tricked you into fighting with someone they hated constantly just for their own personal “needs”, how would you feel? I would bet everything I have that you’d feel very sore emotionally and have a real hard time trusting them after that. But, all in all, I’m still pullin’ for him and I pray that he can find a way to show FP how wrong he was and show that he really and genuinely feels awful about screwing her over and maybe, just maybe, they might get back together. Heck, we’ve seen it happen on Good Luck Charlie (well those of us who watch that anyway) with Teddy & Spencer, so who knows. Lightning can strike twice. I still ship righteous flame, but after watching this episode, not as much as I used to. Again though, I do hope Finn can pull through and make things right between him and Flames.

So yeah those are my thoughts you guys sooo have a good evening.