party re pete

foundcuriosity  asked:

Hello Techmo! My name is Found, pleasure to make your acquaintance. Do you have a favourite creation? Or if that is too hard to choose, the first thing you remember building?

“Well hey there, Found, nice to meet you too! My favorite creation you ask? Probably, by far, Robert. He was a robot I built in the 1980’s, and I had programmed him with the most advanced AI a technomancer could make at that time. I programmed him with all sorts of dance styles, a built in boombox, and I managed to work out a fuel tank for him to be powered on cola; it was awesome.

…I don’t know what happened, he just stopped visiting me one day and all I’d see him on were on those Party Starter commercials. I guess he just got tired of his ‘old man.’”

Regular Show Top 25 Episodes

Here is my ranking list of the 25 best episodes of Regular Show.  It was very difficult to do because there are so many good episodes that I really like. Here we go :) 

25. Catching the Wave

24. Appreciation Day

23. Party re-pete 

22. Hello China

21. Terror Tales of the Park II

20. The Dome Experiment Special

19. Men in Uniform

18. Gamers never say die

17. Eggscellent

16. The Thanksgiving Special

15. Dodge This

14. Karaoke Video

13. Survival Skills

12. Fuzzy Dice

11. The Power

10. Guitar of rock

9. Gold Watch

8. Mordecai and The Rigbys

7. Blind Trust

6. 150 Piece Kit

5. First Day

4. Just Set Up The Chairs

3. Busted Car

2. Meat your Maker

1. Weekend at Benson’s

So, if you are a Regular Show fan and want to do it too, that would be awesome.