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I just saw a clip from the dbs baseball episode and realised that Goku and Yamcha stand on opposite sides of the batting plate. Looked it up and Goku stands on the side left handers prefer.

Goku is left handed and it’s so minor but so pleasing to me.

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We were playing party quirks and this girl was Jesus. She asked if she was a historical figure and we said yeah so she screamed "I SWEAR TO GOD IF IM HITLER" we also went off on a kid who didn't know who Danny Devito was

Yeah that’s PRETTY historical


When this happened and Ryan didn’t break character.

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The Great Gemini, chapter 1 (Raja x Violet) - TheDane & Polly

AN: Welcome to the roaring 20’s and the life of one Pearl Liaison. Life is hard for a single girl in the big apple, but rumor has it that on West Egg the booze flows free, the sky is the limit, and nothing can stop your dreams.

This is the prolouge/first chapter of a cisgirl/lesbian The Great Gatsby Inspired story from TheDane and Polly, kindly betaed by the darling Veronica. We hope you’ll enjoy the first chapter, and join us on our journey. Header is made by Polly!

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Hi it's the mesothelioma chair tower and various drama jokes anon. I have so many other stories but one of the best was we had so many kids who wanted all star as the grad song and the vote was almost 50/50 so we decided it's the grand march song. Perhaps later I can tell the party quirks stories

allstar is iconic

Yooseven Library AU

Requested by @lurokol

“Hmm how about yoosung and seven meet in a library while picking out the same book? And they haven’t seen each other since the party that mc helped host?”

It wasn’t because he didn’t have enough sleep. It wasn’t because he had been overworked in any way. So why did Yoosung feel so drained? To be fair, it was a slow day in the library. It’s not like being a librarian was the hardest job in the world. Honestly, it was easy. Painfully easy.

Sometimes he wondered if “librarian” was the right term he should use for what he was. Library Assistant? Nah. There was no one to assist. Nothing sounded quite right. He operated the small public library by himself most of the time, and honestly he was all the library needed. Customers left just as fast as they came, and Yoosung tended to every single one.

The library was like a second home to him. He’s been “working” there since he was fourteen, so he pretty much knew the place from the back of his hand. Granted, the library was much more booming before there was Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and all that jazz, but he didn’t blame kids his age for rather being on their phones than hanging out at the library. To be honest, he was on his own phone most of the time, when the library was just too boring, and working at the same quiet, lonely library was literally always too boring, but something about the atmosphere of the place just put him at ease.

On some days he hated the library. On other days he loved it. He wasn’t sure which one he should ultimately decide on, because it was all just a matter of perspective. On one hand, he was nearly eighteen, in this big bad world, and he was working at probably the most boring job any eighteen year old should ever have, but on the other, he lived in what seemed like the smallest, most mediocre town in the world, and he successfully operated a library all by himself.

Yoosung grew quite fond of reading when the days alone in the library really got to him, and in some ways he was thankful for those lonely days. Today was one of them. It was a hot afternoon in the beginning of summer, not to mention, a Sunday, and there had only been a few people come in, one being his mom dropping off his lunch.

He audibly sighed, and sat down his phone. Today just happened to be one of those days when he hated the library. He couldn’t help but think of what other kids his age were doing right now. Of course, he knew what kids in this town were doing; either sports, having sex, or nothing, just like him. Nothing ever really happened in this town.

Memories of that certain trip flooded into his mind. If only he could go back.

He and his family went to New York City for New Years two years ago, and it was by far the most fun he’s had in his life. Everything was so big, eventful, and just different. He somehow snuck his way into a New Years Countdown party organized from some company called the RFA, and had the wildest night ever. Being only sixteen at the time, he did some pretty irresponsible and illegal things that he most certainly didn’t regret doing. He may or may not have had his first shot that night. Or his second.

For Yoosung, that was crazy because it was the only time he had ever been out of this town in his life for something fun. It was also crazy because that night was when he got his first kiss.

And he owed it all to him. At the party, he met someone. A boy. A boy with red hair, the goofiest yellow glasses, and an even goofier smile.

Long story short, because it was midnight, and everyone around them seemed to be sharing a New Year’s kiss- You get the picture.

Yoosung just wished he could do stuff like that everyday; go out to parties, meet people like him, have a little fun every now and then. He couldn’t, though, because he lived in the hell holes of this town.

If only he lived in New York. Parties like that probably happened all the time, and he just missed out on them. Yoosung groaned. He’d live in New York someday. He’d go to parties like that. He’d be getting kisses from guys he didn’t know left and right.

By the time he caught himself thinking about it for the hundredth time, Yoosung decided that he should probably do something more productive, and stop daydreaming. He walked over to the ‘new releases’ section, and noticed someone there. He must’ve been so caught up in daydreaming that he didn’t notice the boy walk in. He didn’t really like seeing kids from school at the library. It was kinda awkward, if you think about it. “Hey. I’m Yoosung, and this is where I spend all my free time.” He awkwardly bowed his head in hopes to avoid any awkward eye contact. Once he was there, awkwardly standing right beside of the kid, he decided to look up. Still avoiding eye contact, his eyes darted to the books until he found the one. Trials Of Apollo. He smiled. He saw it when he was putting it on the shelf for the first time, but he had never actually read it yet himself.

Glad that nobody had taken it yet, he extended a hand, and went to grab it, only to bump into another hand. He looked up to see who the hand belonged to, and memories of the party came flooding back to him.


He was standing by himself at the stairs, eating ice. Maybe coming to this party wasn’t such a great idea. Maybe parties weren’t all they’re hyped up to be.

His thoughts were interrupted by a cute red-head. Scratch that, a hot red-head.

“Hey.” The boy leaned against the hand rail, next to him.

“Uh hi.” Yoosung half-smiled.

“Not to be rude, but aren’t you a little young to be at a party like this?” He quirked an eyebrow.

Yoosung swallowed. Was he that obvious?

“I um- yeah. I’m sixteen…”

The other boy smiled. “Seventeen.” He extended his hand for Yoosung to shake. That meant that the other boy was too young to be here, also.

“What are you drinkin’?” Seven asked, looking into Yoosung’s cup.

“Well, nothing.. I just-”

“You managed to sneak into a 21+ party, and you’re not even drinking?”

“Well, I’ve never drank before, and I don’t think-”

“C'mon. Have some fun. Drink a little. I won’t tell anyone.” He winked.

“I- okay.” Yoosung let his hand be taken by the other boy, and lead into the kitchen.

“Wait,” Yoosung asked, and stopped them, “I never got your name.”

The boy just smiled at him, and continued to lead him to the drinks.


Yoosung instantly drew his hand away, still eyeing the boy.

“Hey, Yoosung.” The boy smiled.

Yoosung’s breath hitched. He remembered him.

“Hey..” he looked to the ground.

“What are you doing here?”

“I work here.”

“You work here? As in, this is your job, and you live somewhere around-”


The boy smiled again. “Well, how about that? I thought summer here was going to be boring.”

Yoosung looked back up at him, frightened. A summer with this kid probably wasn’t the greatest idea. It be fun, yes, but this kid’s idea of fun was kissing strangers at midnight, and sneaking into adult parties.

“Awh. Why that face? Do you not like me?” The read-head put on a fake pouty face.

“I, uh-” Yoosung started, only to be interrupted by the boy, once again.

“You seemed to like me that one night at the party. Remember when it was midnight and we-”

“I don’t remember anything from that night,” Yoosung lied, “I was drunk.”

“I’m calling b.s. You weren’t drunk. I remember.”


“Maybe, but that still doesn’t hide the fact that you,” he pointed at Yoosung, “kissed me.” He pointed back at himself.

“You kissed me.”

“Yeah. After you had done started kissing me.”


Yoosung went to take another shot.

“Woah, take it easy. It’s your first time drinking. You should probably go a little slower.” The mystery boy laughed.

“I’ll be fine~” Yoosung smiled at him.

Something about that was really sweet. This seventeen year old kid who apparently had a history of sneaking into parties like this has stopped him from taking his third shot. He was concerned for Yoosung’s well being. This kid, who knew it better than anyone, stopped him.

The boy grabbed his hand, and made way to the dance floor.

“It’s almost time for the ball drop,” he started, “lets go count down!”

Yoosung trailed behind the kid, trying not to bump into any of the gross, sex-driven 21 year olds grinding on each other, even though the music had stopped.







Yoosung and the boy looked at each other, and started counting with the rest of the house.










It suddenly got a a lot quieter all of the sudden, and Yoosung looked around. Awkward. It seemed as if every single person on the dancefloor was kissing someone.

Trying to find a way to make the situation less awkward, Yoosung decided to hug the boy. That wouldn’t be so bad, would it? Showing the boy some affection, but not full-on kissing him? Yoosung, and the boy separated.

“Thanks.” The boy smiled sweetly.

“I um… no problem…”

Don’t get him wrong, Yoosung did want to kiss the boy, but he wasn’t sure if that’s what the boy wanted. If only there was a sign that the boy wanted to kiss him back.

Slow music started to play, desperately trying to add to the “New Year’s kiss” kind of mood, and that’s when Yoosung got an idea.

“Wanna dance?” He asked, blushing a bit.

The boy nodded. “Sure. Wanna be the boy or the girl? You’re a little bit shorter so, I assume you wanna be the girl?”

Yoosung didn’t think about that. He had never danced with another guy before, only girls. He had always been the boy. What did being the girl feel like? He wasn’t sure if he was comfortable with being the girl.

“I’ve never..” he trailed off, still looking into the red-head’s eyes.

The boy sighed happily, most-likely understanding. He took Yoosung’s arms, and put them on his waist right before putting his hands around Yoosung’s neck. It was a little awkward because he was taller than Yoosung, but only by a few inches, so it wasn’t too unbearable.

That made Yoosung’s heart thump. That whole gesture. The boy understood. Although it was the better choice to have Yoosung dance the female part, he took Yoosung’s feelings into account, and let him dance the male. He may have been a little wild, but this kid was sweet. The blonde’s eyes darted up to look into the taller boy’s, and his stare was met. The other boy’s eyes eyes trailed down to look at Yoosung’s lips, and then back up to his eyes.

‘Now or never’ Yoosung thought. He closed the space in between them, and kissed the other boy softly. It was obvious that the read-head was taken by surprise, but he kissed back only moments later. It only got heated from there when the taller boy’s hands went from around Yoosung’s neck to his cheeks, kissing him more forcefully, and Yoosung pulled his hips closer.

They both weren’t sure how long the kiss went on, but it was nice.


“It’s not like you didn’t obviously hint around that you wanted me to.” Yoosung said, looking away to avoid the eye contact that he oh so hated.

“That’s true. I did want you to kiss me, and if you didn’t, I probably would’ve kissed you myself.”

This made Yoosung blush. He was so flustered at the moment that he couldn’t think of any words to say, so he changed the subject.

“So why are you here?” He asked, looking back up to the boy who had gotten taller since he had seen him last.

“Ah. Funny story, actually. Turns out, my parents caught me sneaking out for another party, and basically found out that I’ve been going to them for years now. My grandma lives here, and I guess it’s my punishment, being away from my friends in this place with nowhere to go, and nothing to do all summer,” he smiled, “guess it isn’t such a punishment now, is it?”

Yoosung blushed again. “You never even gave me your name.”

“Seven. Call me Seven.”

And from that point on, the library got a lot less lonely.

(I really hope you still enjoyed it, although I changed a few things. Thank you sososososo much for the prompt. I loved writing it!)

Disobediently Forgotten

Requested: yes

Summary: Life as the Winchesters’ pet is great, until it isn’t. 

TW: MAJOR ONES Y’ALL. ANGST, DUBCON ISSUES, PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL PUNISHMENT, Thunderstorms and lightening, in other words Bad! Sam and Dean

Tags: @training-wolves @random-fandom-fangirl2112 

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Her favorite set of ears were the copper colored pup ones that flopped over and paired perfectly with her fox tail. She was warm and fluffy in those, exactly the way her masters liked her to be. Really, she was everything her masters wanted her to be but what her masters wanted and what society wanted were different things. 

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Frat Boy Pt. 7 (Pt. 1)

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6

Y’all this wasn’t proofread and it’s shorter than the last update, but…. you’ve all waited long enough :) Massive thank you to everyone for being so patient and I always love hearing your thoughts xx

Your eyes were gross and dry when you opened them, instantly begging to be shut against the world, closed where they wouldn’t have to try and see anything that was this bright.  And you were cold, you realized, head instantly turning around and a frown settling on your face as you took in the empty tent.  Renny’s sleeping bag was still discarded in the corner untouched from when Harry had tossed it and no one was beside you.  Had you been imagining it, then?  His warmth, the sturdiness of his body when he’d held you from your nightmare?  The horrifying dream had been a similar one and it stopped when you’d seen the glint of the knife, again.  Even when you’d thought you’d been awake last night, the Harry parts of your memory still seemed like a dream.  That is, until you heard a deep voice say “fuck off” just beyond the tent.

Perhaps you hadn’t been dreaming then?

You instantly smoothed your hair, desperately trying to untangle any knots and fizziness that had occurred in your tossing and turning, and you slapped your cheeks a bit because Renny’d said something before about how that stimulated blood flow.  Though this was coming from a girl who believed you put Vaseline on eyelashes, so- your hands dropped.

You groaned a bit when you stretched your stiff limbs and with a grimace made the effort to dig through your bag wedged in the corner to throw on a fresh t-shirt.  A little excitement bubbled in you and quickened your actions as you tugged on the fresh white blouse.  Your old shorts were going to have to do, because you weren’t going to risk Harry walking in on you.  You took a step to leave, and stopped.  You listened for a few solid seconds and there wasn’t much movement towards your tent and low accents seemed far enough away…Guess you could change if you were super fast in stripping.  You quickly shimmied out of your shorts and were left in just your knickers when you reached for the jeans in the very back corner.  You huffed as you leaned even farther, the stupid backpack was lodged under the sleeping bag and your head was hitting the side of the tent.  You were too lazy to stay in the hunched-back position, palms hitting the floor as if you were stretching, and you cringed when you felt the burn in the back of your thighs.  You really should’ve gone to yoga with Renny.  But if you just inched your hands a little more-

And that was when you heard the unzip of the tent.


You jumped, head hitting one of the metal rods in the process, and you pulled the flowy blouse down as far as it could go as you whipped around to see a very shocked-

“Zayn!” you squeaked. He blinked hard, twice, still immobile at the entrance, eyes instantly looking anywhere but you.  But his feet were still glued to the floor.

“Shit- sorry,” he spluttered, and he finally turned with a blush, completely flustered.  He even faltered for a moment after turning around before actually leaping away from the entrance with a quick shake of his head. You struck a hand to your face and it dragged down as you cursed yourself for ever believing life would favor you for one freaking second.  You jumped again when a hand pushed its way through the entrance.

“ZAYN! IT’S OCCUPIED!” you screeched, completely incredulous.

“No, I know, don’ worry, jus’ tryin’- tryin’ t’get it-” he zipped the tent shut- “there, good.”  

But it was anything but good.  Your ass had been on full display along with your granny knickers as you were bent over, head to your knees, and he’d seen it all.  More footsteps and cracking brush.

“She in there?” It sounded like an accusation.

The gruff sound made your heart drop to your stomach, but it was fighting to come back up as you realized he was talking about you.  You’d just shimmied into your shorts when the zipper was starting to be tugged at again.

“Doesn’t anybody frickin’, I don’t know, ask to walk in anymore?  I could’ve been completely naked.”

“S’that bad?” His head poked through and the little twinkle in his eye almost made you wish that he had seen you without your shorts.  Almost.  You sank to your knees and his eyes followed.  You ignored the slight smirk that told you he enjoyed the action a little too much.

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Still to this day one of the funniest moments in TV history

Happy Birthday | Peter Maximoff

Originally posted by heavyflovv

TITLE: Happy Birthday
PAIRINGS: Peter Maximoff x Reader
PROMPT: A group of friends in Xavier’s school decides to give a small birthday party for the reader, and Peter gives an unexpected present ;)
WARNINGS: Slight swearing, make out session ;)), fluff. The fluff.
WORDS: 1.556

   Everybody tried their best not to make too much noise. If anyone heard you, specially a teacher or even professor X… You’d be in quite the trouble. It was your birthday, the ‘most waited day of the year’, as Jean had put it, and your friends decided it would be a good idea to do a secret party. It was, indeed, a good idea, you liked it. But… you just… weren’t really in the partying mood.

    You sat by the window, playing with the silver bracelet Jubilee had given you and watching as your friends chatted and laughed, scattered across your bedroom.

    “Shouldn’t the birthday girl be the main star of the party?” Peter quirked an eyebrow as he approached you. You laughed, turning your head to meet his gaze as he sat beside you.

    “This isn’t really a party, you know?” you averted his question. He tilted his head to the side, questioning you. “Well, technically it isn’t.”

    “Are you having fun at least?” he nudged you with his elbow, a smirk forming on his lips. His eyes scanned your face, an inner debate in his mind. You frowned at him, so lost in your little staring contest you neither of you noticed the glances the group was giving at you every now and then. It should have been expected, Jean always went saying about some kind of ‘sexual tension’ between you and Peter. Which, you denied every time. Obviously.

    “What’s with all the questions, Maximoff?” you joked, averting your eyes and looking ahead, everybody turned away instantly.

    “Just making small talk,” Peter chuckled, winking at you. There was something behind his tone, but you couldn’t quite place what. 

    “Oh, really?”


    “No… You’re definitely up to something,” you shook your head, going back to playing with your brand new bracelet. You barely noticed his eager shrug, followed by his leg starting to bounce up and down. Your eyebrows shot up in curiosity, “Fill me in.”

    “Can’t,” he shook his head with a goofy grin.

    “Why not?” for the speedster who was always running and rushing you, Peter was being quite the annoying teaser right now.

    “It’s about your birthday present. You’ll have to wait though,” Peter shrugged. Oh, he was enjoying this way too much for your liking, sensing the glare about to be directed to his direction, he wrapped a lazy arm around your shoulders. “Sorry, (Y/N).”

    There was no feeling on the pit of your stomach as he squeezed you closer. No butterflies, no knots, nope, nothing at all. You just ate too much at dinner, that was it. The only reason you leaned closer too and rested your head on the crook of his neck was because you were tired, and you were friends enough to do that. 

    ‘Denial,’ you heard Jean’s faint voice on the back of your head, awareness of every presence in the room suddenly hitting you.

    ‘Get out of my head, Jean,’ you thought, glaring daggers at her, who stood in the far end of the room, her back turned to you. Her frame shook as she laughed quietly, not wanting to call attention.

    ‘Denial.’ she repeated more forcefully, then turned back to Scott and continued to chat like nothing had happened.

    “I hate you,” you mumbled, meaning it both for Peter and Jean, even though she couldn’t hear you this far away.You felt Peter’s body shift beside you as he laughed.

    “Whatever you say.”

    The faint sound of your name and the hand shaking your shoulder woke you from your slumber. You blinked, Peter stood beside your bed, where you laid beneath the covers.

    “…Peter?” you mumbled, rubbing the sleep off your eyes.

    “Shh,” he put a finger to his lips, indicating you to be quiet. He nodded to your roommate’s bed, where she slept calmly. “Come on.”

    You frowned as he put a hand around your waist, “What happened?”

    “You fell asleep on my shoulder,” he muttered. That’d explain why you had slept with your - suddenly uncomfortable - jeans on. “And I want to give you your gift.”

    As soon as you nodded, his hand around your waist became more firm, and he put the other behind your neck, holding your head. Before you could ask anything he zapped both of you out of the room. In the blink of an eye, both of you were standing in a completely different room. It was badly lit, but you could see it was the Janitor’s closet.

    “What the hell is the present doing in the janitor’s closet?” you couldn’t keep the laugh that escaped your lips. “Do we even have a janitor?”

    “I needed somewhere where no one would want to enter,” he shrugged, nonchalant.

    “Not even the janitor?”

    “If we do have one, then not at two in the morning, no.”

    “Wow, is it that secretive?” you teased him, cocking your head to the side. He smiled, stepping closer to you. Closer. Until you were pinned against the wall, your breath hitched on your throat.

    Peter pulled a strand of hair behind your ear, his fingers brushing against your cheek tenderly, “Happy birthday, (Y/N).” 

    Without any more explanation, Peter lifted a hand to hold your chin up and leaned down, pressing his lips to yours. So soft, so gentle, nothing like you’d imagined a kiss from him would be. The speedy troublemaker, always eager for the rush and thrill. Everything just never fast enough… Now so patient. You were so caught up you almost forgot what was happening. Hands slowly making their way through his chest, you grabbed a handful of his shirt, bringing him closer.

    Everything about that moment, about him, was so overwhelming, you wish you could stop time right then. You stood on your tiptoes, ready to deepen the kiss, just before he pulled away. No, you wanted to say. Instead you let him back away, his body still pinned you against the wall, your hands tightly holding onto his shirt, tousling that spot in the center of his chest. Peter stared at you, probably waiting for a reaction.

    “You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that,” he confessed in a mere whisper. That caught your attention, you stared at him through your lashes. 

    “Really?” you asked breathless. He nodded. God, that boy was going to drive you insane. “Peter…”

    You didn’t finish the sentence. You didn’t have any words in your vocabulary to voice your feelings. There was nothing you could say, to answer his silent questions. So instead of answering, you simply let your hands slide up to the back of his neck and pull him down to meet your face again. You captured his mouth in a passionate kiss. Doing your best to pour all those words into that one kiss.

    Your teeth grazed over his bottom lip as his tongue explored every inch of you mouth. A soft moan left your lips, your fingers entwined on his silver strands of hair while his hands gripped your hips. If it didn’t feel so utterly real, you might have thought it was a dream.

    His hand slid down your thigh, you raised it, locking it around his leg while he caressed it with his thumb. You wished so badly you weren’t wearing jeans of all clothes.

    “(Y/N)…” Peter mumbled between kisses.

    And then the door fluttered open, so fast, both so distracted not even Peter saw it coming. You two pulled apart and turned your heads to see a terrorized Scott standing there on the other end of the door, his jaw absolutely slack. Oh shit.

    As soon as realization dawned the two of you, you let go of it each other, Peter taking a long step back quickly. You opened your mouth in search of an excuse, but Scott beat you to it, “Oh my God- Oh my God! I’m so sorry, I didn’t think- Oh my God, that’s gonna be forever burned in my brain.”

    “Scott… Uhm, what are you doing here?” you stuttered, scratching the back of your neck nervously.

    “I forgot my… Crap, you know what, I’ll just look for it tomorrow- I’m so sorry, dude,” he said, stumbling away from you two, forgetting to shut the door. You remained quiet, listening to his steps as he rushed back into his room. Well, that was embarrassing.

    Peter cleared his throat, “That wasn’t part of the plan, I swear.”

    You shot him a look, snickering and punching his arm playfully. “Shut up,” then added, “Still… It was the best present I could have hoped for.”

    Heat flooded your cheeks, no matter how much you tried to fight it. His lips formed the goofiest of grins at that sight, but he didn’t make any comments, not wanting to ruin the moment.

    “I have to go,” you whispered, so softly, almost like you didn’t want him to hear it. You did wish you could stay. Peter nodded in understanding, taking a step forward. You stood on your tiptoes and and put a hand on his neck, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Goodnight, Peter.”

    “Goodnight, (Y/N),” you pulled away from him, with one last shy smile, you left through the door going to your bedroom. He certainly did make your birthday much better. You hoped he’d make so much more feel better…