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you're so,,,separate from the rest of the whole Hamilton fan base. like, not in a bad way, but everyone else sort of draws fluffy ship art and stuff but here we are. with chud and the gang. you're like the holy ghost of the Hamilton fans.

THIS IS SO FUNNY im going to take this as a compliment i love being the holy ghost

tbh i enjoy fluffy ship art as much as the next guy but weird shit comes much more naturally to me than like.. Couples Poses

and then when i DO draw fluffy stuff i feel like it should always be at least mildly unsettling bc thats kind of how hamilton is in general imo


gif meme - rupert giles + favorite quotes (for anon) 

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hey! im learning spanish rn, and i wanted to ask what some of your favorite colloquialisms are? or what you think are some of the most important ones to know?

Kudos to you!

Weeeell, I can only offer my fave Colombian ones that I use/hear the most and that you should know if you ever want to travel there:

Rumbear: very important to know, basically ‘to party’. These ppl love parties.

De una: (we also mix it up and say ‘de one’ if we’re feeling international lmao), basically an eager assent like absolutely! Pairs well as an answer to ‘do u wanna rumbear’.

Parce/parcero/parcerito: Friend/my dude, pretty much. Parcera/parcerita in fem form.

Mirá ve: (I love this one). Basically ‘look’, literally ‘look see’. The use of ‘ve’ is super common in the Cauca Valley region. Seriously, peeps use it a lot. IT DEFINES US. 

Vaina: Literally ‘sheath’ but used to describe a (usually problematic) thing. ‘No se usar esa vaina’ (’idk how to use that thing’)

Berraco: (love it too). When referring to a person: Angry or brave/courageous (depends on context). When referring to a situation: complicated. My mum is a berraca because she kicks ass.

Chévere/bacano: Cool/awesome.

Guaro/trago: Booze. Very important.

¿Qué más?: How’s it going? Also ¿Q’ubo? Super common and basically means the same thing, like ‘what’s up?’

Fresco/Fresca: dude/gurl, chill. Used when someone is getting all up in your shit. (I’ve personally had a friend flap his hand at me and go ‘Ay, freshhh’, it was hilarious).

(omg there are so many)

Dar papaya: (absolutely love this one), no it’s not ‘give paw-paw fruit, it means to leave yourself open to risks unnecessarily. If you’re walking with your bling out on the street and you get mugged you were ‘Dando papaya’

Parar bolas: (those who know me are aware of my love for balls), but! It actually doesn’t have to do with balls!!! Gasp!! Basically ‘to pay attention’

Por si las moscas: Just in case. I like to use ‘por si las flies’, personally.

I think you can’t go wrong with googling Colombian slang and hit me up if you’re unsure about any of them!

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Oh boy, i'm part of [source] time to head in! *goes to tag* ah nice art! glad im part of this source! *sees a lot of 'dont tag as kin/me* oh, well thats understandable, i mean not everyone is okay with double- *sees no kin tags on posts* uh...okay i mean maybe- *sees no kin stuff on that persons blog* ...i-i - what???


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Replied to some asks ♥ It would be rude if I didn’t ;;v;; Thank you so much for all your kind words and support!!! Sorry – my handwriting ++ doodles is a bit messy && all over the place ;;o;;

Three types of party ppl
  • Saeran: The party don't start til I walk out.
  • Vanderwood: The party don't start.

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I REALLY love the tomato story about Jefferson (you know, the one were he ate a raw tomato at a dinner party&ppl flipped out bc they thought it was poisonous)& was wondering 1) is it true & 2) can you share a few more food related stories about the founders? (Like,just 1 or 3 of your favs that are funny off the top of your head)

1) Yes, the story is true. There is even a building named the Tomato House where is supposedly happened. 

2) Alexander Hamilton grew an immense love for beef after dining with his rivals Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Thomas Jefferson introduced ice cream to the United States and James Madison soon became obsessed with it. The saying, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” comes from Benjamin Franklin. 

have some fun solas facts!

  • calls sera “child”, cassandra “seeker”, varric “child of the stone” and “master tethras”, and vivienne “enchanter”
  • discusses magical theory and techniques with dorian
  • has read hard in hightown
  • if bull becomes tal-vashoth, solas and bull play chess in their heads (solas wins)
  • set his coattails on fire once
  • enjoys the frilly little cakes they sell in val royeaux
  • wouldn’t give a straight answer about whether or not he had any spirit friends who were “more than just friends”
  • when he was younger he was “hot blooded and cocky, always ready to fight”
  • plays diamondback better than anyone, blackwall lost all of his clothes to him after teaching him the game

politics confuse me, can someone pls explain why liberalism is disliked so much ? the base idea for liberalism is supposedly ‘equality for all’, so do ppl dislike the radical liberals who take it too far or smth else ? im confused and curious, id love to hear ppls opinions on this.