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Favourite Danger Days lyrics // Pastel colours

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C A L I F O R N I A    2 0 1 9 :

 In the final days of the Helium Wars and shortly after the disappearance of Australia, Better Living Industries unveils Battery City, a shinning utopia free of decisions and emotion and capital of the entire remnants of America.

 A triumph threatened only by a young orphan girl with a terrible secret. Running from the corporation she befriends four freelance anarchists, children born of violence and rock and roll.

 Pursuing them, a man named Korse, Better Living Industries top exterminator, charged with returning these outlaws in one of the four acceptable levels of dead.

 Our heroes tear through the outer zones; Sworn to protect, born to kill. 

The future relies on these four men, known only as The Fabulous Killjoys.

The Sound of Killjoys

Party Poison Gerard Way

Kobra Kid Mikey Way

Fun Goul Frank Iero

Jet Star Ray Toro