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Favourite Danger Days lyrics // Pastel colours

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C A L I F O R N I A    2 0 1 9 :

 In the final days of the Helium Wars and shortly after the disappearance of Australia, Better Living Industries unveils Battery City, a shinning utopia free of decisions and emotion and capital of the entire remnants of America.

 A triumph threatened only by a young orphan girl with a terrible secret. Running from the corporation she befriends four freelance anarchists, children born of violence and rock and roll.

 Pursuing them, a man named Korse, Better Living Industries top exterminator, charged with returning these outlaws in one of the four acceptable levels of dead.

 Our heroes tear through the outer zones; Sworn to protect, born to kill. 

The future relies on these four men, known only as The Fabulous Killjoys.