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All my fave cartoon characters in one room. Marco is the host.

I draw all of them in my style so hope you like it. if you like it, please reblog for motivate me to do more. Also you can find who is not invated to the party.

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My Favorite SnowBarry Moments

Just thought I’d list some of the BEST Barry and Caitlin moments!

1. When Barry woke up from a coma and Caitlin demanded a sample of his urine.

2. When Caitlin said Barry couldn’t handle unraveling Clyde Mardon’s tornado.

3. When Caitlin reprimanded Barry for wanting to use his speed to save others and stop crime.

4. When Caitlin snapped, “Don’t expect me to patch you up every time you break something!” before marching off with her nose in the air.

5. When Caitlin told Barry he’s not the man Ronnie was.

6. When Barry and Caitlin threw a pity party together pining over Iris and Ronnie.

7. When Captain Cold and Heat Wave kidnapped Caitlin and Barry sent Cisco and Joe to save her.

8. When Barry and Caitlin agreed they both live sad, single lives, so Barry decided to go out with Linda.

9. When Barry helped a drunk Caitlin vomit outside a bar.

10. When Caitlin validated rape culture and male entitlement by telling Barry he “deserved a peek” at her goods for being a nice person.

11. When Barry didn’t wanna see any of her goods anyway.

12. When Barry was happy that Caitlin reunited with Ronnie after they separated him and Stein.

13. When Caitlin didn’t believe Barry’s theory that Dr. Wells may have killed his mom.

14. When Caitlin went to interrogate Dr. Wells at his house about Barry’s mom because she still didn’t believe Barry…

15. When Caitlin was sexually harassed by a villain who looked like Barry and appeared so disturbed that she felt awkward being in the presence of real Barry.

16. When Caitlin slapped Barry.

17. When Caitlin married Ronnie in front of Barry.

18. When Caitlin cried on Barry’s shoulder because Ronnie died.

19. When Caitlin started crushing on Jay, a speedster who wasn’t Barry.

20. When Grodd fell in love with Caitlin before Barry did.

21. When Caitlin kissed Jay on Christmas and Barry looked on gleefully.

22. When Caitlin’s Earth-2 doppelgänger and her partner Deathstorm attacked Barry.

23. When Barry forgot about Jesse Wells to protect Earth-2 Iris from Caitlin’s Earth-2 doppelgänger.

24. When Caitlin slyly told Iris she notices the way she looks at Barry.

25. When Caitlin was kidnapped by Hunter and Barry did nothing about it.

26. When Barry got his speed back and still did nothing about it…

27. When Barry lived three months in the Flashpoint timeline without bothering to look for Caitlin.

28. When Barry told Caitlin the team was going to do everything they could to save her and she snarkily replied, “Like how you saved your mom?”

29. When Caitlin stabbed Barry. Finally we got action between them ;)

30. Caitlin: “You know for a hero Flash, you sure let a lot of people around you die?”

31. When Iris had to beg Caitlin to save Barry.

32. When Caitlin toasted to Barry and Iris at their housewarming party.

33. When Barry gave Caitlin a glare colder than ice when she hesitated to freeze Iris’s arm. 

34. Barry: “Too high a temperature and the decay will spread over Iris. Too low and Iris’s nerve endings will freeze.”

     Caitlin: “And I could lose control.”

     Barry: *crickets*

35. When Caitlin was losing control, but Barry couldn’t hear over the sound of the love of his life dying.

Hope you enjoyed my favorite moments! Feel free to add. Barry and Caitlin are so great together!

ladytharen  asked:

I wish you would write a fic where jyn and cassian are separated for the mission but still stay in touch through coded letters, possibly where they aren't together at the start but when they are finally reunited the emotions have become overwhelming. *all* the pining!

Epistolary Jyn/Cassian? Epistolary pining?




Happy New Year! This chapter is now over, but don’t fret because the new one is already in the works! I’m pretty excited about it. GREAT PLANS, THESE. 

Today is also the first year anniversary of this blog! Thanks for sticking around and if you’re new; WELCOME ABOARD! It’s been so fun having this blog and talking and meeting so many people through it. I hope you all have a good year, and a BETTER year if possible <3

Hogwarts Bouncy Castle of Love

Children_of_the_Shadows | Mature | 18,482 words

To many, Sirius in a bouncy castle may spell disaster, but to Remus it is where he has found true love.

Thank you to @nachodiablo for the suggestion! I love works by Children_of_the_Shadows, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t read this one!


“There’s some kind of force field keeping us in, but who would know how to fix it?  Hmm. Maybe someone needs to come out of retirement.“

-”Bill Cipher, “Gravity Falls”