party on my yacht

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If I met you in real life... dude bro I hope you like hot chocolate/tea or blankets because I am ALWAYS willing to share mine. We can watch shitty amvs and laugh over memes all day

Same here! I love all warm drinks :) and glad I’m not the only one who indulges in amvs haha

Also me and my mutuals are totally having a party on a yacht in about 2025 once I’m a bestselling millionaire author and I’ll be paying for all your tickets so stay tuned for that haha it’ll be the experience of a lifetime. Burgers, fireworks, Canada. All the good stuff!

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  • Cave Johnson: Hello employees, Cave Johnson here. *hiccup* I want you all to know I just chugged two gallons of eggnog and I feel great! Also the break room is completely out of egg nog. Also you all have the rest of the year off! Also good news, now that we have all the assembly lines set up, we'll be cutting 50% of our workforce! Why is that good news you ask? Because each and *hic* every one of you has the chance to retain your job through Aperture's new employee retention brawl. Everybody still conscious by tomorrow morning will not have their contract terminated! Merry Christmas and a happy *disgustingly loud burp* new year everybody, if you need me I'll be partying on my land yacht!
Kyrie Irving

Sooooo, this dude throws a “No Black Girls Allowed” yacht party. Like really my dude? He actually thought this was a good idea. And, of course, black men on Twitter have been agreeing with him all day. I don’t know if everyone is being deliberately obtuse or what but this is an issue for many reasons. It hurts me to my core to see some Black men jump at every chance to throw Black women under the bus. That shit is so weak. And, it’s 2016, people have got to do better.