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anonymous asked:

can i request a ten, taeyong, and haechan neighbour au?? hehe i really love your writing a lot < 3

ten’s birthday is next week, so here’s a kind of early gift to all you ten stans!!
and of course, taeyong and haechan stans~(´・` )♡
find mark + jaehyun (here)


  • definitely,,,,,, loud
  • he throws parties on the weekends and practices guitar on the weekdays while also getting REALLY R E A L L Y into nba 2k17,,,,,,
  • especially if johnny comes over like the two of them cannot shuttup and neighbors always have to go over and be like “quiet down” and johnny apologizes while ten just sneers and is like “YEAH JOHNNY WHY ARE YOU SO LOUD” and johnny is like “i swear once this door is closed-”
  • but he’s FUN,,,,,like there is not denying that he’s an entertaining, amusing, and great person like why else would his apartment be basically filled to the brim with people who he probably doesn’t even know all that well
  • yeah the snacks,,,,,but also like?? ten makes great jokes, he’s good at making everyone feel comfortable, and his dancing: a+
  • he’s the whole package,,,,,,,,,even though his place is a mess monday morning and he has to practically beg taeyong and jaehyun to come over and help him clean
  • and he once tried to ask hansol and hansol was like “you brought this on yourself lolololol” and the proceeded to hang up on him whenever ten tried to call him back (real friends are like this tbh)
  • speaking of which ten has ,,,,, like no idea how to keep his things organized,,,,,,,,because he has so much stuff like every time he leaves his house he’s wearing a brand new outfit 
  • and everyone is like bro you spend way too much money on clothes,,,,,why do you need so much and ten is like Firstly: it’s fashion you Wouldn’t Get It,,,,,,,,secondly someone stole some of my pants from my last party ok leave it alone
  • but his apartment itself is pretty cool, like somehow he got mark to ask renjun to come over and paint on his wall and it turned out really cool and ten’s the type to have fancy stuff for no reason like did you really need to buy a lamp that looks like a chandelier and ten is like yeah i did bye
  • cute lil secret: he keeps letters from his parents back in thailand in a shoebox in his locked closet so it’s safe because it’s the one thing he refuses to lose,,,,,,,,,,,
  • but you know ten if not because you have to listen to the music he blasts at each of his parties and him yell at his friends when they play games but also,,,,,,,,,on multiple occasions
  • ten has come to you for help
  • with many,,,,,,,,,,different,,,,,,,,thing
  • one of the most common is he always ends up needing a place to crash for the night because someone else fell asleep in his bed,,,,,,and his couch,,,,,,,,and on his floor. then there was the time he woke up with his head in a bowl of uneaten ramen and the noodles had gotten stuck in his ear piercings and you had to get them out while ten cried about how gross that was,,,,,and of course the most famous: ten gets tipsy and Emotional and you,,,,,,,well
  • you listen to him
  • mind you in the morning when he’s all better ten is just like “hEY thanks for letting me cry and ,,,,,,,,, stuff let’s never talk about this again!!!!”
  • and you feel bad because ,,,,,,,lmao you’re just his neighbor who also knows his deepest insecurities and fears and it’s like????? you never have the heart to get mad at him for knocking on your door at 2 am
  • but also,,,,,,you like then ten that is open with his feelings. the ten that cuddles into your arm face first and mumbles that you’re so sweet to him, so kind
  • but when ten,,,,,,is being his loud, fun self he’s not exactly that person
  • until you end up being the one in need of help,,,,,knocking on ten’s door at some odd hour and he opens it, shocked to see you and you’re like
  • “where is your alcohol stash,,,,,,,,give it it to me” and ten slows you down by catching you around the waist and he’s like “are you o-?” and you’re like NOPE IM NOT ,,,,,,give me,,,,,,,,,the,,,,,,,,drinks 
  • but ten isn’t letting you go and he’s like “sit down, tell me whats up” and you grumble that it doesn’t matter, trying to hide behind your hair a bit so he can’t see that you had been crying 
  • but ten just shakes his head and he’s like “c’mon,,,,,i know you listen to me when i come sobbing over to you,,,,,,tell me what it is”
  • and you’re like “ten,,,,,,,,,,,do you even see me as a friend? or am i just the closest person near you when you have to complain?” 
  • and it’s quiet and ten kind of looks at you, but then he gently pokes the center of your forehead and he’s like “of course you’re my friend,,,,,,to be honest,,,,,,,ive always thought of you as more than that. to me,,,,like i want,,,,,,,want you to be more than a friend but,,,,,,,i know you don’t feel that way so i just wanted to be close to you,,,,,,,,”
  • and for the first time you’re hearing ten stutter over his words (when he’s not drunk) and you’re like “wait wait wait stop”
  • and you put your finger to his lips and he’s like ??? and you’re like
  • “you want me to be more than your friend?” and ten is like ,,,,,,,, “how,,,,,,,,,well,,,,,,let me say it like this it’s hard not to fall for the person who pulled ramen out of my earrings for me.”
  • and you’re blinking a bit, completely forgetting the thing that made you upset because wait. is ten confessing??????
  • and you’re like “so you like me?” and he’s like “yes, i like you. i thought bothering you all the time made that obvious”
  • and you’re like aljfkddkskre it didnt,,,,,,and ten is like “huh, did you also not hear when johnny screamed ‘GO CONFESS TO THE PERSON NEXT DOOR THAT YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH THEM YOU IDIOT’???”
  • and you’re like holy shit no i missed that too
  • and ten is like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,how


  • the model neighbor 
  • as in he looks like an actual model, and is also super clean and quiet and ??? just very overly polite like he just wants people to like him ya know?????
  • he’s barely home because he’s always over at his friends houses doing their chores because they never want to,,,,,,like when taeyong explained that you have to change your bedsheets at least every three weeks ten dam near had a heart attack because he was like “ive been sleeping on just my mattress for the past 7 months” and taeyong was like HOW ARE YOU A PERSON
  • taeyong loves cute stationary, and cute mugs, and owns an apron with little kitten embroidered on the side and those hanging plants that he decorated his bedroom with and idk he’s got like,,,,,,a clock that looks like a sunflower
  • like taeyong,,,,,,,,is just a boy who loves things that make his apartment more adorable and clean
  • owns every cleaning product imaginable and dedicated a whole closet to them
  • the type to have labels on all his cupboards and shelves and you open his refrigerator and everything is labeled it’s like,,,,,,how does he have the damn nerve to do this
  • also: uses coasters for his drink because he gets anxious about drinks spilling onto his rug
  • but yeah other than that,,,,he’s kinda awkward around most people,,,,but he does his best to smile and come off sweet
  • and you’ve seen him,,,,,,lugging home like three different brands of detergent and a new mop every week and you’re like huh so he’s super,,,,,,like,,,,,,,into cleaning
  • which you’re like is fine but you,,,,,after only recently moving in,,,,hasn’t even unpacked half your things yet and everytime your friends from your original hometown call you’re like (—: im an adult. my apartment is nice and sparkly and im doing fine
  • (this is a lie. you’ve been living off fast-food and half your stuff is still in boxes)
  • which is why when your best friend says she’ll be visiting tomorrow you’re like HOLD UP
  • and you know just the person to go a solicit help from. taeyong
  • and when you knock on his door he’s like surprised because you two have never held a solid conversation
  • and he is like “oh hello, i know we’ve never properly-”
  • and you’re like “you have 309458 mops right. you got a duster,,,,,,thing,,,,,,,,right”
  • and he’s like “feather duster?” and you’re like YEAH THAT,,,,,,,listen i need help now
  • and when you explain that you (being the lazy person we ALL are) didn’t unpack or clean or do anything and your friend is coming tomorrow and you don’t want to look like a Failure of an Adult in front of her,,,,,,,well taeyong kind of looks at you and is like 
  • “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fine ill get the swivel sweeper”
  • and you guys spend like 7 hours getting your things unpacked and taeyong is really good at like????? decorating and he’s like “OH i have the peRFECT thing”
  • and he runs over to his place and comes back holding this cute like paper weight in the shape of like a giraffe and he puts it on your desk and you’re like “,,,,,,,,,,what is that” and he’s like “are you really an adult?”
  • but he helps you a lot and it’s kind of fun, he has like,,,,,,,,a really nice laugh you made a pun about like cleaning and he almost fell over laughing it was really,,,,,,,,,,cute
  • and once you’re done you’re like how should i thank you
  • and he’s like “it’s fine, you don’t have to!!”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,but i should but he’s like really no it’s nothing
  • but even after he leaves,,,,,,you’re like this is mean he worked so hard for me
  • and it bugs you, even after you friend comes over and is like WOW this place is so clean im impressed
  • that you end up going out and buying one of those cute little home humidifiers and you’re like “this seems taeyong-ish”
  • and you knock on his door again and he’s like “oh!!! do you need to borrow my mo-” and you’re like “here!!!!!! it’s a small gift,,,,,,but i thought you might like it,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and he looks down at the bag and he gets super duper red and he’s like “i,,,,,,,,i can’t accept this,,,,,,,it’s too much,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like ashofvd you spent SIX HOURS cleaning my house for me pleASE 
  • and finally you manage to get taeyong to take the gift and you’re like “anyway,,,,,,,,,,seriously thank you”
  • and taeyong kind of hesitates but he’s like
  • “do you,,,,,,,,,,,,wanna come inside,,,,,,,,,i don’t usually let people over but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like huh oh sure!!! and ok his house looks like a palace there isn’t any dirt anywhere
  • and when he makes you a cup of tea there’s like little cute bears on the mug and you’re looking at the cup and at taeyong’s beautiful face and you
  • can’t help but giggle and he’s going red again like,,,,,,,am i funny?? are you laughing at me??
  • and you’re like “no no no you’re just so,,,,,,,,,,much cuter than i expected!!”
  • and taeyong damn near falls over,,,,,,,you called him CUTE?!?!?! and you’re like “i didn’t think someone so chic would be into little cute animals” and taeyong is like im not,,,,,,chic,,,,,,,,plus animals are so,,,,,adorable right
  • and you’re like omg taeyong you i should have gotten you a big stuffed bear and he’s like aGHDSd no,,,,,,i love what you got me don’t worry about it
  • and he’s so cute getting nervous and staring at his lap,,,,,,,you can’t help but wanna lean over and like kiss his face but you don’t 
  • even though tbh taeyong is like,,,,,,,,,i wouldn’t mind being kissed by them,,,,,,,,like in his head LOL


  • thought he was old enough to be totally fine living alone. and he is,,,,,,,except he goes over to everyones house for his meals and got mark’s netflix password so he didn’t have to pay for it himself
  • how many times has yuta lent him his nintendo ds? like 32424234
  • jaehyun is convinced haechan took his ricecooker,,,,,,,,,but he has no way to prove it except that haechan was like “nooo hyung i got this at the mall on sale i promise!!!!” and jaehyun is like “then where did mine disappear to?” and haechan is like thats your problem,,,,so,,,,,,
  • but it’s ok because everyone adores him because if he wants something all he has to do is be a cute kid and bam! he gets it
  • and although he’s a little trickster, and sometimes his hyungs fall into his traps. he shows that he cares for them too
  • and especially for his friends that are younger, like when chenle and jisung come over to hangout haechan will literally be like “if you stay past 10. you have to sleepover. im not letting you go out in the dark.”
  • and he knows how taeyong hates messes so he brought coasters just for him and he always has snacks that he knows mark likes 
  • like YES he can be a bit of ,,,,,,,,,,, a devil but he’s a sweetheart too
  • his apartment isn’t full of too many toys or anything he actually has a pretty mature taste
  • and if anything he just really likes having a space for him to write and think clearly because to me, haechan is really creative and so he’d like a big desk with post-its and books full of ideas,,,,he just comes off that way
  • but he’d have some like cute joke stuff like a really bad photo of johnny framed and on his bookshelf or something LOL
  • also idk why,,,,,,but haechan seems like he’d have a dog,,,,,like a corgi,,,,,or a beagle,,,,,,,,, 
  • anyway you’re really close with haechan because you love love love teasing doyoung and mark and jaehyun 
  • you guys kind of bonded over pulling harmless pranks together 
  • and so for ten’s upcoming birthday you and him decided to make cookies but to fill some up with hot sauce or wasabi just to see ten run around the room arms flailing 
  • but as you know,,,,,,doing anything with haechan can’t be a calm and clean process
  • halfway through you try to feed him some vanilla extract saying it’s melted white chocolate and he tries to get some icing on the side of your face
  • but it’s all fun and games like,,,,,,,you love being in each others company because you guys never get sick of being silly
  • until someone (probably haechan) ends up spilling some of the eggs on the floor and neither of you notice
  • until you slip on your way to the oven and go tumbling backwards
  • and you’re like haechan!!!!!! look out!!!!!
  • but he’s like throwing down the flour he’s holding to outstretch his arms and catch you
  • but it just ends up with both of you on the floor, covered in the eggs and sugar and flour
  • and you’re leaning against haechan whose hit his arm on the counter coming down
  • and you’re like “are you ok????” and haechan is like “no i think im bleeding”
  • and he puts his hand up and you see some red and you’re like HAECHAN oh my god im so sO SOrry let me get a bandage omg do you not have any here let me rip some off this tissue -
  • and then out of nowhere he starts to laugh and you’re like ??????? and he’s like “it’s just some red icing, im fine!!!”
  • and you sit there on the floor, and frown and you’re like “you scared me!!!!! i thought you were hurt,,,,if i had hurt you i don’t know what i-”
  • and haechan can see the sadness in your eyes and automatically his smile falls
  • and he’s like “im sorry, it was a dumb joke why are you so worried about me anyway, you know im indestructible!”
  • and you know he’s playing around but you still take his wrist and turn his arm to make sure he isn’t hiding that he might be really hurt
  • and you’re like “im glad you’re ok,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and haechan looks at you, still holding his arm and he’s like
  • “wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,did you get all worried about me like that because maybe,,,,,,,”
  • and you look up wide eyes and you’re like “UH”
  • and haechan is like snapping his fingers like “YOU LIKE ME?”
  • and you’re ike UHHHHHH WHAT SHUT UP NO WAY
  • but haechan is like mimicking your voice and he’s like “you scared me!!!” but then he reaches out and pulls you toward him into a hug
  • and he’s like “seriously, you could have just told me because i like you too!!!!!!”
  • and you’re like haECHAN don’t be playing some kind of joke on me-
  • and he’s like “this isn’t a joke, i promise, for real this time.”
  • and you can’t help but blush and be like “we’re covered in eggs let’s not hug-” but haechan just pushes you closer because like c’mon he totally would 

anonymous asked:

Hi hi scenario where jimin is your boss and likes you since you starded working for him. He gets jealous and angry when he sees his worker flirt with you and take his anger at you. (You think he hates you but sometimes he is really nice to you the sweet side him makes you like him) at late night work you two fight it drives you to quit but he doesnt want to let you go and things leds you to sex (kinky, heated and with a lot of dirty talk) later he confesses to you... LOL sorry to detailed

Office Wars:

With an indignant growled your hands balled up at your desk seeing the large file that was just dropped down by your boss’s assistant. You clicked your tongue nodding your head, slowly trying to get your anger down and under your belt. But Jimin always did something that would seem to piss you off whenever you came into work. It made no sense it was like he fucked with you on purpose because he knew that he could get under your skin and cause a reaction out of you.  You pressed your feet into the ground one into the other your hands drumming against your leg as you made your way towards his office. Knocking harshly on the door, listening to his receptionist shout “he’s busy” well too fucking bad! Storming in you saw Jimin there his hands pressed down on the desk in a general meeting. All his fellow company heads sitting down looking at you, and their looks were anything less than intrigued. You had on a simple dress that was skin tight and curved up your body but the ends flared out in a wave motion, the dark soft blue dress bringing out your eyes. Your heels were thigh high boots that you just had to wear on this cold day (and you knew that Jimin would be looking) but seeing him right now you regretted all of it.

“Miss Y/N.” Jimin said sternly after getting over his shock of seeing you and of course you looked breathtaking like always but today you had gone overboard with him always bursting through his doors as if you owned the place, it was time to put you in line.

“I’m.. Sorry I can come back.” You muttered quietly as you tried to back up.

“No. You wanted to come in and interrupt us. Please tell me what was so important that you would interrupt a director board meeting.” The way Jimin said those words made your skin crawl. And looking at him, the black suit and white shirt with a black tie looking good on him. His light brown locks falling into his eyes and a golden earing shined from where he stood. He was so sexy, his thighs looking firm and taut in those slacks. Swallowing you sighed not wanting to do this in front of all his friends, all the fire in your system down and dead now. Hesitantly you opened your mouth holding up your file.

“This is too much work on top of everything else, I can’t finish this tonight.” You were going to keep going but one of the men started laughing, looking up at you he tilted his head.

“Did you really come interrupt the head of your company to tell him you couldn’t do his work? Didn’t know you let your workers run so.. Wild here Jimin.” The male with dark brown hair stated, a goofy deep laugh from his throat as he watched Jimin whose ears flared up.

“Excuse me?” You asked steadying your feet because that was over the line. “Wild?! Did you call me wild?”

“I said all of his employees and I certainly didn’t stutter but it warms my heart to know you can hear. Now if you will excuse us grown men are talking.” He called himself dismissing you, and your eyes opened wide a few dry laughs from your throat as you took a step forward the heat from your anger radiating off your body.

“Grown man?? You sound like a fucking child who just lost minutes at recess. How about you watch your mouth and don’t tell me what to do because you’re not my fucking boss and even if you were which you would never be I would never-“

“Y/N!” Jimin shouted your name harshly. The fire in his eyes told you that it would be in your best interest to keep quiet. “Right now, you are acting like a child and I am very disappointed in you, either do the work or pack up and don’t come back.” Jimin warned causing you to slowly back away from him and storm off in a heat of emotions. And ever since that day a week ago, you had never stepped foot in his office again or even bothered to say shit when you were tired and overworked.

“Don’t feel to stressed Y/N I have to do the same work that you do and I know together we will get through it.” A cute nerdy co-worker told you, his hand on your shoulder as he tried to comfort you and soon he was hugging you close around the waist, his hands tightly gripping onto your hips. Jimin saw all of this and he became more upset at you and the guy touching you, to the point where he had his assistant drop a massive stack of files onto your desk. Seeing the stack, your mind went blank. You couldn’t go into his office and demand he talk it out with you, it would only end in you possibly getting embarrassed by someone again. Sighing softly, you leaned back in your chair waiting for the day to end.

Chuckling lightly with your feet propped on your desk you made sure that you were not doing a fucking thing during work. Playing on your cellphone watching the images pop up on your screen as you dashed the little cookies across the flat surface sighing in contentment. Once the last person from the job packed up their shit and was leaving, you grabbed the files and shut down everything at your desk walking towards Jimin’s office because you knew he stayed late on the weekdays so he could go party on the weekends. Meaning his assistant was gone as well. Hearing slight grunts and groans you pushed open the door of his office seeing Jimin hunched over his paper work, annoyance in his rigid position. He had taken off his suit jacket leaving him in just a white shirt that had the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, his tie loosened a bit, and from what you could see it looked as if he had on gray pants and a belt.

“Unless you’re here to say you have finished my work I told you that you could go home Ms. Jieun.” He called his office assistant name making you smile as you slammed the door and walked up to his desk, slamming the large files on it. Some papers scattered everywhere and Jimin’s facial expression was priceless. Eyes raised behind his clear oval glasses, and mouth hanging open at the fact that the papers were getting disorganized.

“I’m not Jieun, but I am quitting so have a nice night and you know fuck you.” You smiled sweetly turning on your heels walking towards the door.

“Such a spoiled brat.” Jimin spat through clenched teeth, his eyes roaming over your curved figure, eyes going to your ass waiting for you to halt in your tracks and when you did he kept going. “What can’t get your co-worker to drool over you and do your work so now you quit you little baby girl?” He asked in a teasing small voice mocking you. Turning around on your heels you felt your anger rise more with that man.

“Fuck you, besides it’s not my fault he’s a real man.” You tried to hit below the belt.

“Baby anyone can be a real man to a spoiled brat like you. Your problem is you don’t know your place. And you aren’t quitting you’re going to come clean up these fucking papers and finish your work. Either right now or early in the morning.” Jimin stated with a shrug of his shoulders. Feeling extra smart with him, your hands crossed behind your back as you walked forward towards him. Leaning over his desk with a crooked smile you looked him in his eyes.

“Make me.” You said teasingly. In a flash your head was being brought down to the stack of papers on the male’s desk. Jimin smirked getting up as he held you in place walking around you slowly and keeping you there he leaned over you pulling your head back by your hair, his hand going down to slap your ass through your thin tight pink skirt, His hand gripped at the hems pushing it up over your plump ass.

“Gladly.” He stated as he positioned himself behind you, his eyes taking in your body greedily from head to toe.

“Y-you can’t do this!” You shouted to him and he started slapping your ass again causing you to wince and squirm under him.

“Aww does it hurt?” He tsked softly ripping at your panties pulling them from your body. He spread your legs wider looking down at your pussy his hand moving to grip and pull your ass cheek apart from the other groaning as he saw your body exposed to him. “I can do whatever the fuck I want because I’m the boss here and you’re the girl who is going to learn her place, and how to stop walking around acting as if you own the business and not me.”

You were going to retort, but Jimin even pulled away from you loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt, if you wanted to leave you would’ve did so then, you didn’t know if he would have caught you or let you go but you choose to stay here and take this from him. And he couldn’t help but feel the pride swell up in his body. Jimin let his shirt hang open, taking off his belt he sat it beside your head pushing your body to rest against the files. “Be a good girl and I won’t have to use that.” He said to you leaning down to lick a stipe up your ass cheek. He reached his hands around your body, gripping at the front of your button up shirt he ripped it open letting the buttons pop from the places that they were intact landing in different areas of his room. He leaned down to lick down your neck slowly burying his face in your neck, he slowly rocked his hips against yours moaning against your skin.

“You don’t know how long, I have waited to feel your body under mine. And I know you do this to me on purpose, swaying your hips and interrupting me because you know I’ll look at this body and want to devour everything including this cute little pussy.” Jimin reached a hand down to slap at your pussy causing your hips to jolt, a groan passing through your lips as he pulled back to look at you. Gripping at his tie he kissed your lips, his mouth moving against yours to distract you as he got the tie around your neck, pulling it back he made your body arch as he got on his knees, he pulled the tie down hard enough to bit into your skin and cut off your breathing slowly. He got between your legs his face pressing against your plump ass cheeks as his tongue made quick work of coating your pussy lips with his spit. He licked up and down slowly playing with your slit until he was pushing his tongue on the inside licking against your clit slowly, moaning at how good you seemed to taste already. He stopped seeing your hands reach for the tie, you were trying to fight it a bit, especially since he was trying to tame you. Jimin with a frown pushed himself back up, grabbing at his belt he grabbed at your hands pressing them against your lower back and tightening his belt around your wrist even looping it in ways you didn’t know possible. He tried again, lifting your body back while each hand held an end of the tie and smiling proudly he went back to his work licking up and down your folds diving his tongue in to tease at your entrance.

“Well look at whose excited.” He snickered at how wet you were, spreading your legs wider, he pushed his tongue inside of your pussy moaning as he thrust it in and out slowly, his tongue swirling and coating your pink insides with his salvia. He moaned as he let his face press against your ass, his tongue pushing as deep as it could, thrusting and twisting so that he could find your spot. He curved it after sometime, not giving you more until he felt a slow push of your hips backwards. Looking up at you and focusing on your body he could see how your head was rolling back your mouth dropping open as strangled cries left your parted lips. He wanted more, curving his tongue and speeding it up making it vibrate on the inside of your pussy. He could feel your essence start to trail down his chin and drop onto his pants but he didn’t care he enjoyed the sound of your wet pussy as he tongue fucked you, how your breast hardened up inside of your black lace bra begging for his attention.

You were embarrassed by the fact that you were turned on already, how it felt to have him pressing his pink muscle inside of your tight pussy. Your hips were too busy following their own accord pushing back against his face, you could feel yourself become a little light headed but it only added to your excitement, your hands clasping together as you tried not to use much strength, his tongue seemed to find your spot giving a particular sharp jerk of your hips. Your body betraying you but your mind reminding you how he was your boss and this was against company policy. Damn that right now, you didn’t care you just wanted Jimin.

“Please.” You choked out hoarsely not entirely sure he heard you but he must have known you wanted something, because soon you were being slammed down on the desk, two of his fingers plunging inside of you as he loosened the tie a little bit looking down at you.

“What was that my good girl?” He teased brushing his fingers against your bundle of nerves, your pussy tightened around his fingers as you let out a cry of pleasure, his eyes searching yours as his long digits pushed and pulled in and out of you.

“Please fuck me!” You cried out, wanting to touch him, your bound hands gripping at the hems of his shirt.

“Hmm, I don’t know you haven’t been a good girl.” Jimin admitted with a frown pulling his fingers back and sucking on them.

“JIMIN PLEASE.” You growled out watching him make lewd sloppy slurping actions as he cleaned off his fingers, his eyes seemed to glow with mischief as the tips of his bangs fell into them.

“Get on your knees and prove you can be a good girl then I will.” He stated. Rolling your eyes, you almost didn’t do it until you saw him move to get his stuff. Scurrying to your feet you moved to get on your knees and you crawled over to him slowly, the carpet biting into your knees, as your boots rolled down your legs. Jimin walked the rest of the way, watching you and petting your head, he moved back to unzip his pants slowly, biting his lips as he undid his button letting his slacks drop and then his boxers. “I’ve waited on your tongue so long. I can’t wait to see those pretty lips stretched around my cock.” Jimin pulled down his boxers, his shaft lightly hitting you in the face. Your mouth watered as you saw the size and you couldn’t lie it made you a bit wetter seeing how big he was. Your tongue darted out after you took a moment to yourself, licking up the bottom of his shaft towards the tip. Jimin groaned lowly already throwing his head back, and despite hating him sometimes him letting you know he did feel you after fighting you so long made you want to do more and please him, your way of apologizing for being the brat that you sometimes were. Your tongue rolled against the tip of his shaft, your teeth nibbling on the mushroom feeling his cock twitch and the precum paint your lips. Licking it up your mouth parted as you sunk your mouth forward onto his shaft. He groaned gripping at the strands of your hair but he let you control it. Your eyes watered slowly as you forced yourself to take all of him in, pulling back to breathe and get your mouth wet you sunk back forward burying him into your wet canvas, your tongue rolling and licking side to side on the underside of his cock. Finding his veins your let your tongue play with them and trace the little paths while your mouth stretched around him, Jimin was a trembling mess trying to not rut his hips forward. But what did it for him, was when you grazed your teeth ever so gently across his shaft. A tremble pulled from his body that became littered with goosebumps. He tightened his grip on your hair, holding your head in place he started to slam his cock into your mouth making sure that he could feel the back of your throat brushing against his tip as he face fucked you. His balls slapped against your chin gathering the spit that formed there and dripped onto the floor, your eyes were becoming blurred with wetness, the outline of him not becoming apparent until you blinked away some of the wetness. Your eyes stare at him wanting to burn the image in your brain of how good he looked with his head down back and stomach tightening those define muscles popping out and the lines of his abs hardening with every clench of his stomach. How he called out your name in a husked voice dripping with lust wasn’t anything less than arousing and your pussy was creating a puddle on the floor itself. You were choking for him, the burn became more as you gagged a bit but willed yourself to hold it down, the sounds only adding to Jimin’s throbbing erection. He felt close, too close. Pulling back from you he slapped your face twice on the left cheek, gripping at your cheeks to squish them together causing you to moan.

“You dirty fucking girl do you see what you do to me? You got to fix this now, I’m too hard. And I’m needy for you. But at least it will be the real thing and not my hand getting me off. “Jimin admitted picking you up by your hair. He moved to quickly push you to the desk on your stomach first. His hands spreading your legs wide.

“A-aren’t you going to move the papers?!” You asked him as he ground his hips against yours his shaft becoming extra coated by your juices as your hips impatiently pushed back against his.

“No.” He said simply looking you in the eyes. “You get to clean it up after I fuck you.” Grinning in victory he slammed himself inside of you, his hands undoing the belt he grabbed at your hips steadying himself to bury himself balls deep inside of your walls. He made sure you took every inch, the warm wet walls causing a loud groan of pleasure to ripple from his parted lips. How his face twisted in pleasure as he slammed into you. Some of the paper files started to slide off the desk, in the manila folder and falling on the floor scattering faintly. Jimin didn’t care it made him fuck you harder to see how many files he could ruin while he ruined you in the process. His hand came up starting to slap at each of your ass cheeks, watching as your hips rolled from the slaps and took him deeper it seemed the slick smooth walls wrapping around him. He gripped your hips tighter, holding onto the skirt so that he could slam into your harder the smacking sound of your hips colliding bouncing off the walls and his hands pulled the fabric up some, watching your ass bounce against his shaft. Jimin grabbed at one of your hands spreading your ass cheeks wide with his free hand he pressed your middle finger against your asshole. “Fuck your pretty little asshole, I can’t double penetrate you properly so I want you to do it for me.” He commanded.

Before you could enter your finger inside of you he brought your hand up to his mouth sucking on two of your fingers coating them with his spit and keeping his eye contact with you before letting them go. Your skin burned slightly from becoming flustered by you found your puckered star pressing your slim middle finger inside of your tight asshole. Groaning slightly, you pushed it as deep as you could, moving it in and out slowly as he grabbed at both of your ass cheeks spreading them wide to watch you. “Look at how greedy that whole is too. How you just take my cock so well and your finger? You’re such a little slut that just likes to get filled, aren’t you?” When you didn’t answer Jimin slowed down moving agonizingly slow. “I asked a question.” He commanded wanting you to answer.

“Yes- yes Jimin! I’m a dirty slut alright now fuck me like it!” That was all he needed to hear. Pulling out of you he turned you onto your back, slamming you down to scatter more papers. You gave him a dark look and for the first time that day you saw a sheepish smile appear on his lips as he spread your legs back wide wrapping them around his chest. He leaned over you latching your mouth on his as he pushed back into you rocking his hips forward. Slowly fucking you until he built up speed, he continued to abuse your pussy winding his hips forward and making sure that his hips didn’t disconnect from yours too long. His tongue slipped into your mouth drinking up your cries of pleasure as your tongues tangled together. Your free hand moved to grip at his locks pulling them as you desperately tried to control the kiss which you had to submit too as he switched his hips to swirl and slam against your spot using that against you. It was like he was trying to shove his tongue down your throat, tracing it over every inch in your mouth until spit seemed to drip from your lips again he pulled back going for your breast. He pulled your bra down with one hand freeing your hardened nipples his mouth latched onto the skin taking his time sucking each one of them with his tongue lapping at the skin flicking up and down. He bit harshly on your nipples causing your head to roll back as his hand went down to your clit. He started a process of rubbing your clit in a fast circle with his index finger, only to stop and tap against the throbbing bud. Your hips pushed back against his and Jimin loving the fight you gave picked you up off the desk.

He moved you pulling out of you so that he could sit down and situate himself. Your hand moved from your tight asshole and you pouted slightly at the loss. He gripped at your hips once he was ready helping you slide down onto his stiff cock that penetrated you even deeper from this angle. You tried to push from him. Planting your hands on his lower stomach so that you could move and ride him but Jimin wasn’t having that knocking your hands from under you Jimin made sure that you were laying back against him. His hand reached around to rub at your clit as his hips snapped up. You cried out, body shaking on top of him. “Look at me.” Jimin urged biting on the inside of your arm.

You did as told, your hands gripping onto his hair. Your eyes searched him as he rubbed your clit harder with two fingers this time his hips slamming up against yours to press against your spot.

“Hnng~ ah-ah Jimin! Fuck Jimin!” Your voice and words were falling you, a mix of made up words leaving your lips until you couldn’t do anything else but moan for him. Trying to signal you were close but your head kept rolling back. Jimin smirked speeding up his ministrations on your body drinking in the sight of you now loosing yourself on top of him. As your orgasm got closer he paused his dick inside of you just rubbing your clit. Sure enough your hips raised off of him your orgasm sweeping through you and cum sliding from your body as he worked on your clit. He moaned seeing your essence shoot from your pussy slamming upwards to enter you again he made quick shallow thrusts into you, he could feel his own cock throbbing but he sought to get you off again, feeling the familiar clench of your walls around his cock. He had you cumming again in no time, almost breaking the chair as he let out a growl. He pushed you forward back on the desk gripping your hips to keep abusing your sweet spot the overstimulation had you grabbing back at him but he only gripped at your hand to hold it with his.

“In or out?” He asked short of breath his eyes rolling as he throbbed inside.

“In! In please Jimin give me your cum. I want your cum. I’m your dirty little slut I want to feel all of you just like in my fantasies!” You blurted out in the heat of the moment. Jimin gasped the news was too much for him and he came spilling his seed deep inside of your pussy. His hips jerked forward bruising your ass until he felt his cum leaving his system, slowing down his hips he leaned over you kissing up your arm slowly until he was kissing your temple, your sweaty baby hairs resting against your head as you gave him a lazy look.

Jimin scooped you up gently sitting back down with you in his lap, his fingertips rubbing at your sides as he gave a goof crooked smile.

“So.. You think about me. Like a lot lot right?” Hearing the boyish giggle from his lips had you rolling your eyes as you pushed at his shoulders, feeling the blissful silence be ruined.

“Go away you fucked up a perfect moment!” You complained but you were secretly happy to see this side of him once again, the side you loved so much.

“Well I don’t think we are getting anymore work done tonight, so how about I take you back home and you show me how I do it in your fantasies?” He asked kissing on your neck and you hummed smiling sweetly.

“They also include breakfast in bed and baths with Mr. Park.” You grinned kissing his lips.

“Always?” He asked in a shock tone peering at you through his bangs.

“Nope. That fantasy just started a few minutes ago.” You teased him shrugging your shoulders. Wrapping his arms tightly around you he stood up slowly sighing as he pulled out of you helping you get undressed.

“Like I said, spoiled princess but I would rather have you be mine… Are you?” He asked once again as you were walking to his door with him.

“I will agree to some terms and conditions.” You admitted smiling widely as you grabbed his hand leaning into his side.

“Well good because we don’t get to talk about these terms and conditions until your pretty ass is bent over picking up my papers and then maybe I’ll bend you over my desk, but all in due time little one. For right now I have a few of my own fantasies to live out including an elevator quickie.” He admitted picking you up and carrying you towards the elevator at the end of the hall, leaving the ruined office for someone else to deal with because he was not letting you leave his bed the next morning.

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Prompt alert: Lucifer getting used to flying again and ends up taking Chloe for a flight

“Wait,” Ella says. “Are you serious? He has wings? Wingy-wings?”

“Yeah.” Chloe rubs the bridge of her nose. “I know I sound a little cracked, but… I kind of figured that you were the only person I could talk to who might get it.”

“Aw, man. That is so sweet. But.” Ella is not going to be distracted. “He has, you know – ” She does an improvised Funky Chicken in the middle of the forensics lab. “Can he fly? Because I’m sorry, that would be awesome.”

Chloe eyes her narrowly. “You’re taking this surprisingly well.”

“Why not?” Ella shrugs. “I’ve always known there was something different about him. Weird. I mean, not weird – well, yes, weird, a lot weird, but more than just that. Him being an angel, I can’t say I’m all that shocked, you know? It’s not like it’s something that I think can’t happen. I believe in a book where it happens a lot. Hey, has he announced anything? Like the two of you are meant to be and having a miracle baby?”

Chloe’s look turns cold. “No.”

“Darn.” Ella sighs. “Anyway. Wow. I have so many questions. I’m not gonna ask them, because  he’ll do that thing where he spooks and runs away like a startled turtle. If turtles ran, but you know what I mean. Is he here?”

“Yeah. In the break room.” At the other woman’s look of barely restrained curiosity, Chloe sighs and decides that since the cat, or rather the angel, is out of the bag, they might as well at least allow Ella a chance to peek. Not that Lucifer is going to be strutting around the station with his wings (or any other part of him, hopefully) hanging out, but still. “Fine. Come on.”

They leave Ella’s lab and start down the corridor to the break room. Just before they enter, however, they hear a familiar voice complaining, “Lucifer, did you eat my pudding again?”

“I did not.”

“It was right there!” Trust Dan’s dessert-related tribulations to be ongoing. “Look, I might not mind letting you have it if you asked, but you can’t just grab it and – ”

“Fine, if it’s that big of a deal, I’ll just fly down to the corner store and act as your personal messenger angel, shall I? More of Gabby’s gig than mine, but if you insist – ”

“Lucifer, can you not say crazy shit for two seconds and just – how’d you fly, anyway – ”

“Oh for goodness’ sake, Daniel! WITH THESE!”

There is a rush of air, a whoosh, a sudden light that does not come from the dismal fluorescents, and papers swirl off down the hall in a miniature cyclone. Chloe stops, stares, and then rushes forward, Ella on her heels, to wrench the door open and find Dan flattened across the far wall looking as if he is about to have a heart attack. This is understandable, due to the fact that Lucifer is standing with wings unfolded, bursting from the back of his usual smart suit jacket, tips almost touching the workplace safety poster on one wall and the coffee machine on the other. At the sight of her, he folds them tidily against his shoulders and smiles brightly. “Ah! Detective!”

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How Exo Members are Portayed in a Fanfic
  • Lay: The dumbest fuck on the planet. Doesn't even remember his own name.
  • Baekhyun: A kawaii pervert who sticks to Chanyeol like super glue.
  • Chanyeol: Surprisingly sexy and not portrayed as dumb. Has a party of fangirls following him around most of the time in a school.
  • Chen: Trolling 24/7.
  • Suho: Rich mama who owns a mansion and throws frat parties on weekdays.
  • Tao: Sass queen wearing Gucci.
  • Sehun: A cocky and lazy and bastard. The only thing he does well is aegyo, aegyo, and girls.
  • Kai: The sex god; the kingka; the manwhore.
  • Kyungsoo: Doe-eyed, cute-faced Satan
  • Xiumin: The forgotten side character. He's not important. The writer will include him on the first few chapters then eventually forget there was someone called Xiumin in Exo.

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I was going through your posts... The "recs" as I like to call them (also can't remember what they're called) go from #277, then jump straight to 656...or something like that... I was wondering if my phone is acting weird or something?)

No, your phone’s good; that’s just my own weird labeling-system. If I could re-do it, I’d probably just put everything into the “Marks and Rec: Misc” label, but that’s hindsight for ya. 

On the weekends, I do movie quotes, and that’s a different series than the weekdays. They’re “Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party,” and they have their own numbering. 

Just to make things even more confusing, the original concept of just Parks and Rec quotes also has it’s own numbering. It’s super-ridiculous, lol.

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Teen Wolf Storytime

I can’t believe I forgot about this. 

So about a year and a half ago, I was managing this restaurant, right? Not a chain or fine dining place, either- just an independently owned (albeit popular) seafood restaurant on the corner of my beach town. 

One weekday night, a party of like 5 guys walk in. And all the girls at my host stand (that are anywhere from 16-25), start flipping out. I ask them what the commotion is, and they tell me that one of the men in this party looks EXACTLY like a guy from their favorite show, Teen Wolf, but they can’t tell if it’s him or not, and they’re too embarrassed to go ask. 

Hearing of the show, but never actually having watched it, and seeing them literally hyperventilate, I asked why they were so nervous. And they said it was because the man played the Dad of this actor they were obsessed with, Dylan O’Brien. 

So to make them happy, I went over and asked him if he was an actor on Teen Wolf ( I was the manager, I could do those things). And sure enough, it was Linden Ashby, aka Sheriff Stilinski. 

He was literally the nicest guy ever, and we talked for like a good thirty minutes. I bought his meal and in return he took photos with all the girls and gave them his autograph, plus answered a plethora of never ending questions about what it was like to work with Dylan O’Brien. And trust me, there were a lot of those questions. 

I thought he was great but forgot about it shortly after. Now it’s a year and a half later, Teen Wolf is one of my absolute favorite shows, Dylan O’Brien is one of my favorite actors and Jeff Davis is someone I look up to as a writing mentor. 

How painfully ironic, the way things happen sometimes, right? I’m glad I fully believe in “everything happens for a reason”, or that unlucky timing might seriously get to me.
Premier's Schedule Empty For Nearly 4 Months A Year: B.C. NDP Analysis
The premier’s office declined to comment, stating that all media requests had to go through the B.C. Liberal party during campaign time. The B.C. Liberals did not immediately respond to HuffPost Canada’s request for comment.

Christy Clark had nothing on her schedule for an average total of 15 weeks every year during her second term as Liberal B.C. premier, an analysis by the rival B.C. NDP claims.

Clark’s agenda was empty about 76 weekdays per year, the party said. And when she did attend meetings and make appearances, her days were 6.7 hours long on average.

The B.C. NDP obtained the premier’s schedules through a Freedom of Information request. They were released ahead of the May 9 provincial election next week.

“In three and a half years, Clark only put in 265 full working days of 8 hours or more,” said a B.C. NDP press releases. “In that time, a typical British Columbian working full time would have put in more than 800.”

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05. collateral damage

Genre: Smut/Slight angst.

Content: Kim Seokjin. It wasn’t until you started working for bangtan that you realized jealousy will stop at nothing to get what it wants.

Request: Jin smut about anything.

Word Count: 3,230

You hated Kim Seokjin.

He was fake, pretentious, and crude. To this day, it still ate away at your dignity how you never saw through his intricately fabricated facade when you first met him. Back then, you were a budding, foolish teenager pouring out your gratuities and feelings for a mere concept, a love rooted in the figment of your imagination at a fan signing. It was as if it was yesterday when he held your hand and smiled back with his gleaming, conscientious gaze; however, you had seen enough since then to know that his eyes were only glossy from drinking too much the night before, and that his sharp sense of attentiveness was only for spotting out pretty girls wearing low-cut tops. You almost hated yourself more than him for falling for his petty act in the first place. Almost. In your mind, nothing could possibly top the sickly sweet tone he used to talk to fans, the polite and mature character he would transform into whenever there was a camera nearby, and the fact that he had his own mini cooking series when the only dishes he could actually do were the ones left in the sink after each meal. 

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last day of school

this one was requested… hope you enjoy it!!


there was something mysterious about c/n, something i could never figure out. he’d be a little flirty, then not talk to me whatsoever. we may or may not have hooked up a time or two at parties or concerts, but those didn’t count as anything. he’d stare at me making faces to make me laugh in class, then wouldn’t even acknowledge me in the halls. it’s not my fault that his beautiful face has made me like him. his personality, even if he’s a chotch at times, is great, too. so even if i have to watch and enjoy from the outside, it’ll still be nice to see him.

“foff, c/n!” i laugh, falling into my chair in class, “you know i hate when people taser me!”
he gives me a smirk.
“stahhhhhp!” i giggle, then smack his butt as he tries to run away. i laugh when he trips over a backpack on the ground and falls straight down. his face is priceless: tomato red and wide eyes. however, when he starts to laugh at himself, i remember why he’s so great.

we go through the class, shifting in our seats as we’re ready to head out for summer. i glance over at c/n and he puts his elbows on the table, chin on hands, and sighs, then starts laughing. i guess he finds himself funny, because apparently i’m not the only one who gets a kick out of it. i check the clock to see that there’s 20 minutes left of the day, and twirl my pencil in my fingers when i feel something hit my arm. i look over to c/n who shrugs, mouthing “wasn’t me!”

the bell rings and i grab my backpack from the ground, slinging it around to my back. i give a few people hugs, thank the teacher, and then head out the door, seeing c/n leaning against the lockers opposite of the door.
he looks up from his phone and smiles, walking towards me.
“you know what i’m happy for, y/n?” c/n asks.
“what’s that.”
“that it’s summer.”
“no way, me too!” i say sarcastically.
“but guess what else.” he continues.
“hmmm…. parties on weekdays?” i suggest.
“that’s a given, y/n. but something else.”
“i dunno, tell me!” i laugh.
he stops a second and looks at me.
“being with you…” he smiles.
i stop walking.
“haha very funny.”
“no!” he laughs, “no i actually really like being around you!”
“oh, well… thanks man!” i smile, a blush forming. he opens his mouth to talk but i stop him.
“shhhh.” i whisper, putting my fingers to his lips. “i feel the same way. i don’t have anything for the rest of the day, sooo…”
“what a coincidence,” he smirks, “neither do i.”
“then why don’t we do nothing together.” i suggest.
“my family’s actually going out of town so you can come over.”
“alrighty then.” i wink.
“oh wait, y/n, my car’s in the shop…” c/n starts.
i laugh. “well i can drive, but my car is shit. well it actually drives pretty well, it just looks trap.”
“looks trap?” he says, raising an eyebrow.
“you’ll see. it’s from like 2003 and used to be my dad’s and then my sister’s so yeah. but it smells nice, don’t worry.”

we walk to my car and get in.
“it smells like girl.” he states.
“well i’m a girl so that makes sense.”
“i’m not complaining though.” he smiles.
“k, what music?” i ask, handing him the aux cord, “you choose.”

when broccoli comes blaring out i laugh as he attempts to rap.

we get to his house and he walks to the kitchen.

“so why aren’t you going with your family?” i ask.
“i cannot stand my family.” he says, looking at me sincerely.
“i feel ya.”
“at least they finally trusted me to not trash the house because they know that i actually don’t have people over.”
“you’re like the person who would throw a party.”
“y/n! don’t side with them!” he laughs.
“oh, my bad, it’s not like you-”
“stop right there. you do the same.” he says with a giggle.
i shrug.
“well today there isn’t going to be much of a party…” he says, “wouldn’t want anyone walking in on us.”
“and with ‘walking in on us’ what are you implying?” i wink.
he gets closer to me and cups my face in his hands, pulling our lips together. his hands trail down to my bum and he whispers,
he carries us to the nearest room with a couch and sits down with me on his lap. i run my fingers through his gorgeous head of hair and breathe in, smiling at what i can now call mine. as his hands travel throughout my body, an idea pops into my head.
i change the direction of my mouth to move down to his jaw when he tips my chin up with just two fingers.
“me first.” he says, his fingers unzipping my pants and sliding them down, off my legs. he kisses the top of each thigh, moving in until he reaches my core. i tangle my fingers in his hair, arching my back as he continues to send me into pure bliss.
“c/n.” i whisper.
he looks up at me with a kiss and hums, “hmm?”
he continues until the knot in my lower abdomen grows and blooms, creating a sensation of perfection. as i come back to reality, i feel gentle kisses up my stomach and to my neck.
“now it’s my turn.” i wink, and travel down his body, unbuttoning his flannel and unzipping his pants. as i slip down his boxer briefs, i take him in my hand and begin to pump slowly. my lips meet his tip and suck lightly, adding more suction with every second. i release with a pop and he moans. i smile, taking more of him into my mouth and swirling my tongue around.
within minutes, i hear,
“y/n i’m coming.”
i smirk and suck more, hollowing out my cheeks until i feel him fill my mouth. i swallow, climbing back up to his mouth.
“you didn’t have to,” he whispers, panting slightly.
“a spitter is a quitter…” i giggle, and kiss his left side jaw, making my way back to his lips. with my legs straddling his abdomen, he strips me of my shirt, leaving us completely nude.

after hours, we’re back in clothes, laying on the same couch, watching a horror film.
i feel his eyes watching me rather than the screen and turn to him.
“watch the movie!” i whisper-laugh.
“you’re better though!” he whisper-laughs back.
“shut up, i’m literally wearing your clothes.”
“well you look amazing in anything.” he smirks.
i roll my eyes and turn back to the tv. with my arms wrapped around his hips and my head on his lap, i smile.

probably… definitely the start of the best summer yet.


sorry for the cheesy ending lol, it’s kinda cute tho so it’s gucci haha

Temporary Fix-Part 3

Fratboy/Friends With Benefits Luke Imagine

Summary: In order to stay away from you like his frat brothers want he is going to have to break you. But staying away might be harder than he ever could have imagined. Though perhaps the only person who ever believed in him can’t believe any more.

A/N: I decided to split what was going to be this whole thing into two separate parts, so the smut will all be in the next part (sorry) so request for it if you want it sooner! However get ready for a roller coaster of emotion in this one omg. Thanks to everyone who requested for this part. I’m sorry it took longer than planned, but I put a lot of time and effort into this so I hope you like it! Happy reading:)

Approx. 3.3k words

|Part One| |Part Two|


“I just don’t understand.” You sighed, a glass of red wine in your hand as you confessed your feelings to your roommate. “I woke up and he was gone with no explanation and he hasn’t been answering my calls ever since. He even ditched the classes we have together. It was all going so well and I blew it.” You huffed taking a sip of your drink as Lola looked at you with empathy.

“Well you did scream that you loved him during climax. That could have done it.” Lola chuckled and you shot her a glare. “What can you do Y/N, men are rats. He took what he wanted and now he’s trying to ditch you.”

“That’s the thing though! I was so sure we were genuinely clicking. I mean we haven’t been apart and then suddenly this…it’s just weird and I’m not buying it.”

“Hun, he’s Luke Hemmings. Did you really think he would be the one?”

You stared into the glass filled with hypnotic burgundy liquid, your eyebrows knit into a hard line as you thought. “He made me feel like he could’ve been.” You finally spoke, tears invading the back of your eyes.

Lola sighed, taking a swig from her own drink before speaking. “I wasn’t going to tell you this because I really think you need to get over this asshole, but if you feel so strongly about him then I might as well help you out.”

“Okay?” You looked at her inquisitively as she pulled her phone out and began scrolling. She held the phone out to you where Calum Hood’s twitter page was open. He was in the same fraternity as Luke and had tweeted a picture of him and Luke with their arms around each other, holding beers in one hand and a ping pong ball in the other captioned:

@calumhood: anyone who plays me and @lukehemmings in beer pong is going down. #champsofthehouse

“They’re having a party tonight?” You asked, hurt that Luke was out partying without bothering to ask if you wanted to come, or at the very least return one of your many messages.

“Yeah. And Calum DM’d me about an hour ago asking if I wanted to come. Of course I said no because you, me, and Leonardo DiCaprio are having a night in.” She started, but noticing the hopefulness in your eyes she reconsidered. “But maybe we should go out instead and show these boys what they’re missing.” She laughed and you giggled, throwing your arms around her in gratitude. “I know the perfect outfit for you. You’ll look so hot, Luke won’t be able to look at anyone ever again.”


The party was the same as usual. Today’s top hits remixed into something almost unrecognisable blared from the speakers as sweaty bodies moved through the large rooms. This time, Lola didn’t leave your side as the two of you searched for Luke. She had picked out a cute black cocktail dress for you, accented with red to match your crimson shoes and lips. You looked amazing, and you could tell that there were a few eyes on you tonight. Suddenly, Lola gasped and pulled you through the crowd, her grip on your arm like iron.

“Calum!” She waved to the dark skinned boy, clad in a gray muscle shirt and black snapback.

“Lola, hey.” He gave her a small hug before his gaze landed on you, his whole posture stiffening, as if you were the last person on the planet he expected to see here tonight.

“Y/N, what are you doing here.” He spoke, his voice carrying a worried edge that proved your theory.

“I’m here with Lola. Not with Luke, if that wasn’t obvious.” You scoffed. “Where is he anyway?”

“He, uh, he’s not feeling to good. I think the alcohol was getting to his-”

“Hey Cal!” Michael Clifford, another fraternity brother, interrupted as he bounded down the staircase holding the hand of a beautiful dark skinned girl. “Tell Luke to get out of his room, I need to use it next!” He smirked, throwing his arm around his pick of the night.

“Not feeling well huh?” You raised your eyebrows as Calum gave Michael a ‘shut the fuck up’ stare. “I guess I’ll go check on him then.” You moved passed the two boys, but Calum followed you, stumbling over his words as he tried to distract you from searching for Luke. You only rolled your eye as you made your way into Luke’s room, turning the handle and entering the dimly lit room.

The first thing you say was long brown hair cascading down a nude back that bounced up and down. Second, your eyes fell on the broad blonde boy beneath her who looked like he was having the time of his life. His hands were on her waist, guiding her hips, the same way he had done the first time you hooked up here in this very room.

“Luke?” You meant for your voice to sound strong, but it came out as barely a whisper. But it was enough to catch Luke’s attention, his dilated blue eyes meeting yours and widening as he realized he’d been caught.

“Y/N, I, uh, I can-”

“Let me guess, you can explain? Yeah so can I.” You whispered, your voice hardening with every syllable. You couldn’t bare to be in the same room as him right now, so you turned on your heel and ran out of the room, holding back the tears that you knew were coming.

Luke slid out from underneath the brunette girl, quickly sliding on some sweatpants and chasing after you, ignoring the girl’s whining protests.

“Y/N! Y/N wait!” He called, pushing people out of the way as he ran after you. He caught up with you at the top of the stairs, grabbing your wrist and turning you around. Your face was streaked with mascara and his heart broke as he took in your crumbled state.

“What! What could you possibly have to say!?” You yelled, not caring who heard you.

“It wasn’t like that!”

“Bullshit, it was exactly like that!” You hissed, yanking your hand from his grip. “You’re exactly like that. You’re exactly the douchebag, asshole, frat guy I knew you were.” You paused, wiping a stray tear from your cheek as he stared at you, his face void of any emotion as you yelled at him. “You’re pathetic Luke and I can’t believe I ever let myself give you the time of day.”

Luke could feel every eye on him as you yelled at him, but the set of eyes that were particularly burning into him was that of the fraternity president. He stared at him with a look that screamed “finish it” and so with a heavy heart, Luke spoke the words that he knew would condemn him to life without you.

“But baby, it was only temporary. You were nothing special.”

A small gasp left your mouth at his words and Luke swore he could feel his heart breaking.

“I don’t ever want to see you again.” You seethed and in one swift movement, Lola had wrapped her arm around you and was pulling you out of the hellish fraternity house.

Luke watched in agony as you left, driven away by his pride and cowardice, the only girl he had ever had any sort of real feelings for. Jesse dapped him on the back. “Good work mate. Couldn’t have done it better myself.” He said with a sly smirk.

“Whatever man.” Luke shrugged his shoulder away before snatching up his hoodie and walking away, out the back door of the house and into the cold night air, snagging a bottle of bourbon fem the countertop on his way out. He needed to clear his head and right now a long, lonely walk with a large bottle was the only thing that would help him forget your tear stained face. You were the one and he had thrown it away for a group of dudes that smelled like pizza and beer. As Luke walked around the deserted campus, he couldn’t help but think he had just made a huge mistake.


In the days that followed, life seemed to go on as it had before Luke had ever entered your life. You spent your friday nights studying and watching old reruns of your favorite shows instead of out at the biggest parties on campus. On weekdays you walked to and from class, displaying little energy in between. Luke rarely showed up to class and when he did you made sure to stay as far away from him as possible. Although, his very presence in the same room as you had your heart aching and your mind racing as you tried your best to ignore him. Honestly, you didn’t know why you were still so beat up about the whole thing. The two of you hadn’t even been officially together, so it’s not like he had really cheated on you. But to you, it felt like he had. He had betrayed your trust and even if you weren’t official, you were something. He was an almost. An almost something, you thought. And you two had almost worked until he had thrown it all away. Maybe that was his plan all along. Perhaps you really had meant nothing to him. Perhaps you really were meant to be temporary. Still, your heart hurt over him and there was nothing you could do to change that. It was the worst though, when he would flirt with the other girls in the class. It stung a little that he did it so obviously right in front of you. It reminded you too much of that fateful night in the fraternity house when you had seen him with that other girl. But you tried your best not to let it get to you. You had to accept that whatever it was you had had with him was now over and it was time for you to focus your attention elsewhere.

It was quite rainy out when you left your dorm room to walk to your literature class and unfortunately this was one of the other classes you had with Luke, meaning you had to put on a brave face and risk seeing him today.
He was sitting in his usual seat, two in from the aisle, and had you been on speaking terms, it was the spot you would have sat right next to. But you wanted to position yourself as far away from the blonde frat boy as you could, so you took a seat in the very front row of the classroom. You didn’t want to tempt yourself to even look at him. The seminar was boring today, as your teacher Professor Ramirez lectured on the newest classroom material which just so happened to ironically be Romeo and Juliet. Classic. You were hardly listening to the teacher as he droned on about iambic pentameter and the importance of critical analysis. It wasn’t until you heard the familiar accented voice gracing your ears that you began to pay attention.

“Uh, can you repeat the question?” Luke asked and you almost grinned in delight. Luke didn’t know anything about literature and you couldn’t wait to hear him botch this question in front of the entire class.

“I said, Mr. Hemmings, what element of Romeo and Juliet can we most learn from today?” Professor Ramirez asked again.

“Well.” Luke began. “I think we have plenty to learn from them. They found love and they held onto it, and isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? I mean, love like that doesn’t come around every day and when it does I think you need to grab it and never let it go. In fact, I think what led to their eventual demise was Romeo’s own stupidity. He let his pride get in the way of truly loving the one person who had done everything to be with him. He could have ignored what society told him to do, should have put down his sword and ran back to Juliet but instead he was prideful and he fucked everything up for both of them. The real lesson here is to cherish the people that love you and to put them before yourself. Love is rare and Romeo didn’t deserve Juliet, yet she loved him still. He should have done everything he could to make her happy.” He finished and the classroom was quiet. You couldn’t believe what you had just heard. Could he be talking about you? Or was he playing you once again? Trying to make you fall for him so that he could keep on torturing you? Your heart couldn’t take all the games. You had to get out of here. In one swift move you grabbed your backpack and ran out of them room. You saw Luke struggle to get up as well but you didn’t care, you just kept going. Tears brimmed your eyes as the fresh air hit you. You heard footsteps running behind you, but you didn’t dare look back as you sprinted across the campus.

“Y/N!” You heard Luke calling after you. “Y/N wait!” He caught up to you in a matter of moments, his long legs out running yours. His hand was on your shoulder as he turned you around to face him.

“What!” You screamed in his face, throwing your arms up. “What more could you possibly want from me?!”

“I just need you to hear me out okay?”

“No! I don’t want to hear anything you have to say to me.”

“Goddamnit Y/N will you stop being dramatic for two seconds and listen to what I have to say?” He yelled, silencing you. He ran a hand through his hair, searching for the right way to start explaining, almost as if he hadn’t thought he was going to get this far.

“Okay explain. Explain why you suddenly dropped me out of nowhere and embarrassed me in front of all those people. Explain why you led me on for so long just to turn around and break my heart. Explain why you were with that other girl that night instead of me!  Admit it Luke, you used me. You used me and then ditched me, just like everyone said you would ”

“I did no such thing!” He yelled in protest.

“Then what is it? What could possibly explain what you did?”

“It’s just, it’s complicated okay?”

“You know what else is complicated? Us. You made a mess of me and the stupidest part is that I knew you would! You manipulated me for your own gain and you made me feel like maybe we had a chance. But I guess that’s how life works. Sometimes you give everything to someone who doesn’t even want it. This could never have worked, even if you had wanted it to.” Your voice was weak from yelling and the tears in the corner of your eyes threatened to spill at any moment as you stared at Luke. You expected him to laugh at you like he had that night at the party, but instead he took two steps closer to you, almost closing the gap between you, his sapphire eyes hypnotic as he stared down at you.

“No, you listen to me. I know that I hurt you and I promise there’s a reason I said what I said, as untrue and fucked up as it was. But you have to understand, everyone I’ve ever been close to I’ve managed to detach myself in some horrible way or another and frankly even thinking about the idea of you and me as a couple all I see are problems for us. And not the small, oh he forgot to pick up some milk from the grocery store problems, no. I’m talking about panic in the streets and complete and utter world chaos problems. I’m talking riots and disasters that can’t even begin to be comprehended and let’s be honest we would be setting ourselves up for an avalanche of emotional chaos that neither of us will know how to handle in the slightest and I’m sorry but you know what? I’m in.” He heaved, looking at you with such intensity that you had to look away. “You hear me Y/N? I’m in for all of it. I want you so bad that even beginning to think about being without you makes me crazy. You’re worth all the pandemonium because you know what? I love you. I love you Y/N.” He took your face in his palms as he studied your face and waited for your reaction.

Your head was spinning at his words and even though they were exactly what you wanted you couldn’t get the picture of him with another girl out of your head. Couldn’t stop hearing his voice telling you that you were not special to him. A tear rolled down your cheek as you opened your mouth to speak.

“Please Luke, stop with the games.”

“What?” He rasped, confusion written all over his face.

“I had fun with you Luke, I did.” You started, moving his hands from your cheeks.

“That’s good! We can still have fun.” He tried, sensing your detachment.

“I believed in you Luke. Somehow I believed that you would change for me even after all the shit you’ve done to prove me wrong I still thought we could be different. God, I put myself out there for you! I never go to parties or stay out drinking or sneak guys into my dorm, but guess what? I did all of that for you! And for what? To be tossed aside the moment you sensed danger.” You cried, desperately trying to compose yourself. You would not break down in front of him. Not again.

“No, no, no I didn’t come here to argue with you.”

“No you came to cut and run. I know your type Luke.” You scoffed, turning to walk away but he grabbed your arm and turned you back around to face him.

“Y/N please! I just…I need you to believe in me again.” His voice was desperate. He needed you to stay, needed you to say you’d give him another chance. He couldn’t let you walk away from him again.

“You used me.”

“I didn’t use you, you have to know that. Please you have to believe me!” He begged.

“And why should I? All you’ve done is lie to me and the worst part is that I knew you would and I still allowed myself to be with you. But you know what Luke? You’ve sold your soul so many times no one’s buying anymore. Not even me.”

“That’s bullshit you love me.” His eyes were icy as he stared at you and you wanted so badly to believe him. But this time you had to protect yourself and you couldn’t let yourself get hurt. Not again and not by him.

“How could I love someone I don’t even know?” You whispered, your words stopping his protests. You gave him a sympathetic look as he stared at you, his entire demeanor broken.

“Goodbye Luke.” You spoke with solidarity as you turned from him, walking across the campus and back to your dorm, hiding the tears that freely flowed down your face now. You hadn’t broken in front of him, so why did you still feel like you had just lost everything?


Part Four



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Featuring: V/Taehyung (BTS)
Genre: Angst (kinda)
By: Admin L

A/N: I wrote this after driving home listening to Arctic Monkeys. The title was supposed to be named after the specific song, but I changed it. Feel free to guess which song it is!! :)

‘I was - I don’t know - I was, like, really hoping I’d see you tonight. Really.’ 

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"Can you stop talking about him/her?" with michael :) btw i love your writing

Of course! Thank you!

send me a prompt + a boy!

The most common Wednesday night at the 5 Seconds of Summer household consisted of the boys sitting around, maybe drinking a few beers; usually writing new songs or planning performances and tours. Weekends were for partying, but weekdays were for work. 

Ashton and Calum were sitting on one couch, each holding a beer in hand, writing away at a new bass riff that they had an idea for. Luke was sitting on the floor, fingers plucking at the guitar that sat loosely on his body. Michael was lying upside down off of the end of one of the couches, trying to come up with the next verse in their newest song. 

Each boy had their own way of writing, and usually their different practices would gel together for the final product. They never liked to have ‘professional’ help when they were writing as a foursome; they wanted to have a few songs written just by all four of them. 

They had more than half of the album written, but they still needed three or four for to top it off and send it over to publishing. 

After a few minutes of silence, all four boys were stuck. There were a few ideas, but nothing was sticking. 

Luke let out an exasperated sigh, tossing his guitar to the side. “I have nothing,” he said, standing up and taking his empty beer bottle with him. 

“We need inspiration,” Ashton commented, following Luke into the kitchen. 

“Hey, Mike, why don’t you write something about (y/n)?” Calum suggested skeptically, but relaxed when the other boys agreed with his idea. 

Michael chose to ignore Calum’s comment, not wanting to reopen the wound that you left on his heart. He stayed upside down on the sofa until the blood was rushing to his head, forcing him to lift his full body onto the furniture. 

Ashton pulled Luke aside, whispering an idea to him. “Hey, what if we like…get Michael to open up? We need his help, we need lyrics,”

“Like force him to write about (y/n)? I don’t know, don’t you think that’s kind of wrong?” Luke asked, slightly hesitant at the older boy’s suggestion. 

“It’s worth a shot; I know it’s in there, it just needs to come out,” Ash said, confident in his plan. 

“Man, (y/n) always used to help us write songs. Whenever we had writers block she’d give us ideas or bring us food,” Ashton stated, tapping a finger on the kitchen counter.

“Yeah, I remember that one time when Mikey texted her that we needed help and we ended up writing three new choruses for the new album,” Luke hesitantly agreed with Ashton, adding to his comments.

“I mean, we could try getting food? That’s what (y/n) always did when sh-” Calum started, but was cut off by a loud groan. 

“Can you stop talking about her?” Michael groaned, throwing his hands up over his head. All three other Australians looked like deer in headlights, realizing that their conversation hurt Michael.

“Oh fuck, sorry man,” Luke said, a forgiving look on his face. He didn’t enjoy the idea of forcing Michael to think about her, but it was their last resort. 

“Why are you guys talking about her anyway? We’ve written plenty of songs without her help; we’re perfectly capable of finishing this song,” Michael said, taking in a deep breath to calm down. His wounds were still open, and the boys talking about her wasn’t helping.

It was quiet for the next fifteen minutes, all three boys apologetic towards Michael. They hoped that their plan worked, but only time would tell. Luke was playing random tunes that he was creating and would occasionally hum a few melodies, but other than that, there were no signs of finishing this song. 

Michael was sitting on the couch now, wracking his brain with memories of (y/n) and trying to write a new song. He was mixing the two, trying to create any source of output, but he was only growing more frustrated. He hated that his band mates had to bring her into the conversation.

“I miss her,” Michael finally spoke, tears prickling behind his eyes. Luke and Ashton looked up at each other, confident that their plan had worked. “Fuck,” Michael whispered, aggressively wiping at his eyes to prevent the tears from falling. 

“We know, Michael. And heartbreak sucks, it’s okay to let out your emotions,” Luke stood, walking to place a comforting hand on his friends’ shoulder. He offered a small smile to Michael, but was given nothing in return. 

He held his head in his hands, trying to pull himself together. His brain was flooded with their last kiss, their last fight, their last exchanged words. His wounds were becoming more and more open, fueling the lyrics in his mind. He didn’t want to write about her– or think about her at all; but maybe it would give him closure. 

“I think I have an idea,” Michael finally said, standing to grab a pen and paper, along with an acoustic guitar.

Ashton looked across the room at Luke, who was still visibly guilty, and offered him a small nod. They knew that this is what Michael needed, and what the album needed; he just didn’t know it yet. 


Bellarke Fic Week

Day Five: Surprise Party AU

Bellamy knew it was a bad idea to bring his son to his niece’s surprise eighth birthday party.

He had been on the fence about the whole thing, especially after Octavia mentioned that it would be “princess” themed, but Octavia insisted that Aurelia would want her favorite cousin there. Even if the guest list was exclusively girls from Aurelia’s class, Octavia wouldn’t budge on the matter; family was always there for each other. And since it was also a “dress-up” party, Octavia spent a good chunk of money on an elaborate prince costume for Alexander that he refused to wear.

Alexander showed up to the princess surprise party dressed as Dmitri Mendeleev.

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