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Ppl I can’t even. A few days ago I saw some “Victoria” edits and thought oh well I don’t have anything else to do, why not watch a new show?

And why, good ppl of tumblr, does no one put a warning up on their edits? Something that goes like this:

Warning! Don’t watch this show. You will madly fall in love with Rufus Sewell, again, and then ladycrush on Jenna Coleman and before Episode One is over you will ship them to death and back and read fanfic up to 2 o'clovk in the morning.

This is bad. Really bad. I get shivers when I think about this show. damn. I wasn’t asking for this!!!

Sewell and Coleman have such a chemistry that it’s wonderful and heartbreaking to watch. Some of these scenes. Gah. Is it necessary for her to look at him like he hung the moon? like rlly? Is it really necessary to have him watch fucking Albert rip his shirt open and shove his carefully selected Gardenias inside of his shirt? Do I have to watch them swoon and being idiots and getting pulled to eachother like magnets?

I laughed. I grinned like a lunatic. I cheered them on. I groaned when they were being fucktards. I cried my f#cking eyes out when they said their stupid goodbyes. I haven’t found the will to continue after Ep. 5 because I AM SO NOT OKAY.

yeah, just take my heart and stomp right over it, whydontyou?

This was one fast descent into hell. but well, the fanfic is great here.

me? i am going to re-watch the first five episodes now. seems like i am a masochist.

all of the vicbourne folks with their bittersweet edits: it’s your fault. i hate you. no, not really. i love you. incredible folks here, all of you.


woke up to find out my housemate is a cool guy in a cool band? i just thought he was that guy who plays counterstrike in his underwear


The Wedding Party cast attends the 2010 Melbourne International Film Festival

First and second photos: Isabel Lucas, Essie Davis, Nikita Leigh-Pritchard (whom you may recognize from playing Millie Wilton in “Blood at the Wheel” in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries)

Third photo: Geoff Paine, Nikita Leigh-Pritchard, Essie Davis, and Heather Mitchell (who played Madame Fleuri in “Murder à la Mode”)