party like project x

Okay naghanap pa talaga ko ng picture sa google. Omyyy. Grabe sobra akong natutuwa sa movie na ‘to. Siguro yung iba sainyo alam na to. Like shit. Tangina napakaganda promise. As in dati ko pa 'to gustong panuorin di lang ako ginaganahan magdownload. Pero grabe ang angas talaga. Eto yung mga gusto ko talagang party na mapuntahan eh. Party like project X. Wooo. Di ako makaget-over. Ang ganda kasi talaga. Okay happy kid here. Ang lupet kasi eh. E true story din kasi 'to. Dami kong alam eh no? Pero totoo true story to. Anyways, panuorin niyo. Hahaha! Ang random ko. Kakatapos ko lang panuorin eh. Sana makapunta ko sa ganitong party. Please please please. Woo! =)))))))))

Screwed You Over- A Sammy Wilk/Nate Maloley Imagine (Requested)


Nash’s house was like a scene out of a Project X party. The vibe was insane, but I loved it, all my friends were there and it felt like a big reunion. I sat on the couch sipping my beer and smoking a joint my now MIA boyfriend Sammy had given me.

It had been almost twenty minutes since he said he was going to use the bathroom and still no sign of him. Part of me was worried, but the other part of me figured he was wandering around or he was catching up with an old friend. I loved Sammy so much, like more than I had ever loved a guy in my life. He made each day more wonderful with just his presence. As I thought about him and how I wanted to just kiss his soft lips, I decided to search the house to find him.

As I walked down one of the hallways in the house, away from the party I began to hear moaning. My initial reaction was that it was Jack and Madison, they had a knack for getting it on at parties.

I continued walking until one of the moans got my attention.

“Mmm Sammy.” Moaned a voice.

My heart stopped. I had no other choice but to open the door, there was no other Sammy at this party so I knew it was my Sammy.

I opened the door to be completely disgusted. Sammy was on top of Stassie, fucking her from behind as she laid on her stomach.

“What the actual fuck?” I screamed as Sammy immediately jumped off of Stassie.

“Babe, I’m so sorry. Please let me explain.” Sammy begged as he covered himself up, putting on a pair of boxers.

“No, you’re only sorry you got caught. I don’t want to ever talk to you again, or this fake slut over here. I actually thought we could’ve been friends.” I spat as Stassie quickly got her clothes on and left the room, not even looking at me.

“Please Y/N let’s talk about this.” Sammy said as he grabbed my arm.

“Don’t you fucking touch me ever again!” I yelled as I stormed out of the room and back to the party, Sammy running after me still only in his boxers.

Once I made it back to the kitchen I went straight to get a beer.

“Y/N please, please don’t end this.” Sammy yelled over the music, causing everyone nearby to stare.

“You ended this when you fucked her.” I said tears flowing down my face.

Jack Johnson and Nate Maloley who were nearby playing beer pong came over to see what was up.

“Yo, what the fuck happened you guys were fine like an hour ago.” Johnson said confused.

“Yeah well that was before he fucked Stassie.” I said as I chugged my can of bud light.

“Sammy why the hell would you do that?” Nate said shaking his head.

“I don’t know what else to say except for that you’re an idiot.” Johnson added.

“Please Y/N just talk to me.” Sammy said as he grabbed my arm again.

“I told you to never touch me.” I yelled breaking free from his grip.

“Dude, just leave its better if you do.” Nate said.

Sammy nodded sadly looking at me for some sort of reaction, which he didn’t get. Instead, I went into the backyard and sat on the patio away from the party inside.

As I sat in the quiet darkness, I heard the sliding door open.

“Sammy, I told you to leave.” I sniffled.

“It’s Nate, I wanted to make sure you were okay.” He said taking a seat next to me.

“Thanks, I’m fine.”

“I know you were in love with Sammy and he fucked you over big time. I’m actually embarrassed to be his best friend at the moment. He didn’t even deserve you, you were always too good for him and more invested in your relationship than he ever was.” Nate said as he lit a joint.

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because you deserve to know the truth, from someone who actually cares about you.” Nate said as he squeezed my hand.

“Since when have you cared about me?”

“Since I knew Sammy didn’t have the same intentions as you did. It wasn’t right, as I watched Sammy secretly fuck you over behind your back I couldn’t help but think that I wanted to be the one to sweep you off your feet.”

“Nate you know Sammy and I broke up not even like ten minutes ago. I can’t just be with you right away. I need time, I need to let myself move on.” I said staring at Nate whose smile never faltered, he continued smiling at me letting his dimples show.

“I completely understand Y/N, and I’ve waited this long for you, a little bit longer couldn’t hurt.” Nate said as he got up, kissed my forehead and rejoined the party, leaving me wanting him more than I ever thought I would.

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No Plec said the story will move away from Elena once the timeline is caught up in the third year. Which makes sense, some people forget Elena has been sleeping for about 2 months now, it not strange that Damon hasn't moved on yet. Once the three years have pasted and especially if the show is renewed for another season they have to have Damon dating again, so Bamon could come into the picture, the cw banned Bamon 4 years ago but with the positive reviews they're getting we might get our OTP now

For real. I literally do not know what I will do with myself if Bamon actually happens. Probably throw a Project X like party. Of course all you Bamonators out there would be invited. May the Bamon be with you!

Omaha Sex Diaries Fanfic (Part 2)

Natalia POV

Once Johnson made his way inside his house, I quickly ran inside mine. They were home, finally, I could picture the scenarios with each of the boys racing through my head. I shook them out as I didn’t want to get too eager. I jumped in bed and called Vicki.

“Guess who’s home?!” I said in a sing song voice.

“No fuckin way, they’re back already? It’s not even June!” Vicki said. Vicki was more into hardcore drugs than anything, so I knew i had nothing to worry about with her stealing away my Omaha boys. If anything the most she would do was try and get them to pop Molly or something.

“Yeah. Just saw Johnson get home, so I assume the others are home too.” I said staring at the ceiling.

“I haven’t heard of any parties, should I throw one tomorrow night? You know they’ll come,they never missed any parties back in high school.” Vicki said.

“Let’s do it, text Big Mike and Swift so they’ll be sure to come.” I said thinking of ways they’d be sure not to miss a party and if two of their best friends from home came they’d go to spend time with them.

“Perfect, I’ll text them now and spread the word. This is gonna be like a project x party.” Vicki said and she wasn’t kidding, all her parties were insane.

“Can’t wait, I feel like we haven’t really partied in forever.” I said now rummaging through my closest debating on what to wear.

“I know it’s been like—” Vicki began as she was interrupted by the sound of my doorbell. Instantly I knew who it was.

“Hey gotta go I think Johnson just rang my doorbell.” I muttered as I headed downstairs.

I opened the door and my suspicions were correct, Jack Johnson stood at my door tanner than usual almost as tan as me, and even more muscular, LA was treating him well.

“Well if if isn’t Jack Johnson!?” I said running my fingers through my long caramel colored hair as Johnson stepped in my house.

“Hey Tal, it’s been awhile.” He said as he gave me a hug, at this point I knew he had been working out his hug was much tighter than I remembered.

“So how’s L.A?” I asked bringing Him up to my room.

“Amazing, you have to come visit. You’d love it, there’s so many smoke shops I swear you’d die.” Johnson said laughing as he sat down on my bed facing me. It felt good to hear his laugh, I didn’t realize how much I missed it until now. He was my closest friend besides Vicki, despite how much we grew apart.

“I missed you J. I’m sorry that we grew apart, but I want to change that.” I said. Johnson nodded and reached for my hand, as I leaned closer.

“I know I’ve missed you too, and as much as I want this. You’ve gotta know I’m not the only one who missed you.” Johnson said as he leaned back the grasp from his hand lifted.

I gave a small nod, knowing exactly who else missed me. Johnson needed to stop feeling so guilty about Gilinsky and grow a pair immediately. I knew I’d find my way around this roadblock sooner or later.

“I respect that, oh and by the way tomorrow Vicki is throwing a rager at her place! You should bring the guys, it’d be a fun time! You know how Vicks parties can get.” I said smiling changing the subject.

“That’s awesome, I’ll definitely be there, Gilinsky too. Nate’s a possibility and um Sammy who knows.” Johnson said.

“He’s still pissed at me for something that happened ages ago? He needs to let that shit go.” I huffed as I stood up and grabbed a couple of beers from my mini fridge, handing one to Johnson.

“Tal it fucked him up. The school was pushing for expulsion, his parents grounded him for like ever and the police got involved. No offense, but he has every right still to be pissed.” Johnson said taking a few sips of the beer.

“Whatever, he’ll get over it eventually.” I said smirking to myself, after I was through with Sammy all he’d be thinking about was me and how I could make him feel so good.

“How’s everything going otherwise? How’s your mom?” Johnson asked.

“She’s good, I don’t know we don’t really talk much, you know how it is.” I said shrugging.

“I still think you should try and open up to her more. She’s your mom, she loves you.” Johnson said staring at me intently.

“I know, I know. Can we just not talk about this anymore? I’d rather not all.” I sat placing my beer down, eyeing Johnson whose eyes immediately widened out of curiosity.

“T-Tal, I can’t do this to Gilinsky. He’s in love with you.” Johnson whispered as I scooted in closer.

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, J.” I whispered in Johnson’s ear, as my lips kissed down his jawline and finally met his lips, which were as soft and sweet as I remembered.

We moved our lips in sync for a few minutes, the kiss deepening as I pushed my tongue into his mouth. Our hands were exploring each others bodies, the feeling unfamiliar but it felt good. This was farther than I ever got with Johnson and I didn’t want to stop. At this point I was straddling him, my hips grinding over his hardening area. As my lips moved to his neck, I felt Johnson push me off as he stood up adjusting himself.

“I can’t do this, right now Natalia. You owe Gilinsky an apology for hurting him like you did.” Johnson said as he began to leave my room, I knew he was pissed as he called me Natalia, which almost no one did.

“You’re shitting me, he knew when he got involved with me what I stood for. He shouldn’t have expected me to change my ways just for him.” I practically shouted as Johnson left my room. I chugged the remaining contents of my beer and prayed that he’d still attend the party tomorrow night.

I heard my phone buzz from the other side of my room, I got up figuring it was Vicki or Johnson. Instead, it was an unknown number.

The text read:

Dearest Natalia,

I’m not quite sure if you know who I am, but I want that to be changed. While you never noticed me in high school, I noticed you. The way your hair fell in your face, the way it reflects in the sunlight. The way your eyes light up when your favorite song comes on, your beautiful smile, all of your nervous ticks and more. You’re one of those girls who is unforgettable, unlike me who can easily be forgotten. I left you a gift on your porch.

I’ll be seeing you soon.

I read the text five times, trying to figure who the fuck this could be. I went downstairs and opened my door to find a bouquet of Daisies, my favorites. I knew this had to be Gilinsky, this boy would not quit. I texted back the unknown number. “Thanks Gilinsky.” Was all I said as I crawled into bed for a much needed sleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I had another text from the mystery person, which read “Nice try, but I’m not Jack.”

Who the fuck was this and why were they so interested in me?