party like a man

i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.
Star Trek Character Ages

Over the past few days my sister and I have been doing very important research; we looked up the ages of all of the Star Trek characters. Quite possibly one of the most nerdy things I have spent my time doing, but, the results are quite interesting in some cases. So here you go tumblr.

*note: all of these ages were calculated using either birth years found on memory alpha or memory beta, so they may not be 100% correct, but I tried to be as accurate as possible.*

——At the start of their time on the series—–


Data-26 (based on activation date)
Beverley Crusher-40
Wesley Crusher-16

Dax (symbiont)- 351(born in 2018!!! Guys that is pretty soon)
Odo- 32 (based on date he was first found)
Quark- unknown (no recorded DOB)

The Doctor-0 (Activation date)
7 of 9-21 (however she spent time in a Borg maturation chamber)

Porthos-Unknown, but at least 2 years old

Go forth with the newfound knowledge you have gained! 

So I just randomly did a search for slbp on google (yes I do that sometimes) and fell on this.

Look at this.



I never saw it before, after playing since slbp launch. I feel so satisfied, like this is the real ending of Inu’s main story pals.

Brian is sharpening his favorite blade when Danny comes in and throws himself dramatically onto the opposite end of the couch. He’s not wearing pants, Brian notes. Just a revealing blue kimono and a dreadful pair of socks. Somehow the atrocity that is his wardrobe doesn’t do much to detract from how handsome he is. Not that Brian means to notice. It’s just- Danny’s clearly just woken up so his curls are all over the place, his cheeks are pink, and there’s stubble dusting his jawline, and it’s these little things that only Brian ever gets to see that really do it for him. Danny would never go out like this but around Brian he’s happy to just be. Brian isn’t sure if that means anything but he’d like to think it does.

Danny sighs a few times, casts a few pitiful glances in Brian’s direction, but Brian refuses to give in and acknowledge him until finally Danny kicks his legs out and huffs, “It’s my birthday.”

Brian stops sharpening his sword. He looks at Danny and waits.

“Did you forget?” Danny asks, blunt as ever.

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Krafti showing off his sabraging skills - lit af 👌

anonymous asked:

So i noticed that yousaid that saizo's love story should be like a slow burn but what does a slow burn mean?

A slow burn in a romance is essentially just a term that refers to how love develops between two people over a (particularly long) period of time. It’s the exact opposite of a love at first sight–the characters involved go through a long ass journey to get to the end product of their relationship. Think some Jane Austen type shit here lmFAO.

I feel like Saizo needs this “slow burn” because he’s so averse to emotional intimacy. Jumping into infatuation or trying to experiment with his feelings isn’t going to do anything because he’s shown time and time again that he’d rather run away from his problems than confront them head on and never tells MC when something is wrong. It doesn’t help that in his main story, it really did feel like he did just that–jumped into a relationship with the MC without thinking of the things that are actually needed in a fulfilling relationship. 

You’ll see that he goes through many events talking of how he thinks he is undeserving of her, or how he knows he cannot give her the life she wants or deserves. And when he comes to that train of thought, he just… runs away. They’ll kiss and laugh and things are fine and dandy until something gets serious and he never lets himself be around for that. MC has told him tens of hundreds of times that she trusts him, that she’s not afraid of him, that she wants to be with him, and he still, somehow, does not have the ability to let her have that. I think part of this definitely had to do with the fact that he really wasn’t ready to be apart of this relationship they have, and as a result, has been forced to face many things he personally finds very frightening. But there’s only so much MC can do to try and convince him otherwise, and at what point is it even fair that it seems like she’s putting forth much more effort to keep him around than vice versa?

So when I say that Saizo needs a slow burn, I mean that I don’t think his is a love that can easily be obtained within the short time we have in his main story. He has a lot of demons, personal issues, and hurdles to face before he’s even close to being ready for love. He genuinely sees himself as inhuman, a monster in his own words, and I don’t think that’s something that can just be healed with a couple “I love you’s”. Saizo needs a lot of time, patience, and genuine honesty so he can learn how to give that much back to his partner–and most importantly he needs understanding from someone who wholeheartedly has his trust. And that is going to take a long ass time.

BNHA Pizza Delivery AU

- Delivers pizza to both heroes and villains alike bc hey money is money. It’s an unspoken rule among villains that pizza dilevery guys are treated fairly.

- Once delivered pizzas to both Class 1A and the Villain Alliance on the same night. Almost mixed up their orders, but one called for extra peppers.

- Upon delivering to the Villain Alliance shouting was heard. Someone was telling Shigaraki to turn down his music.

- A sharp dressed man with mist surrounding him answered the door. He was “trying” to be civil but the shouting in the background was clearly ticking him off.

- He forked over the money and was about to close the door when someone ran past snatching the pizzas. The black mist guy hissed “Dabi” under his breath and closed the door.

- Class 1A’s dormitory was a bit rowdy that night. Music could also be heard from outside. It sounded like they were having a party.

- A tall, skeleton of a man answered the door. His height was imposing, but he looked like the wind would blow him over if it was strong enough. The man was friendly, making small talk and explaining the party was just something the kids thought would be fun.

- He handed over the money for the pizzas when a student shouted “THE PIZZAS ARE HERE!” Other shouts of excitement filled the air. “Hurry up All Might! I’m starving!”

- A blonde boy appeared next to All Might. “You better have my order right!” “Now, now young Bakugou I’m sure they did.” He set a hand atop the boy’s shoulders. Bakugou took the pizzas from All Might and returned to the party.

- All Might asked if they would like to join the party, but they politely declined. All Might made sure to give them a big tip.

pros of fy faen:

  • chris’s helloooo boooys 
  • pure dancing and laughing
  • mikeal looking cute as fuck
  • noora being sus of vilde  
  • sana’s mom saying she trusts her and not being mad
  • yousef noticing sana wasn’t having a good time 

cons of fy faen:

BTS Reaction: You shared a bed with another man

Anonymous said:

Hey ~ BTS reaction when you slept in the same bed than another man at a party ? Like just because of the lack of bed and didn’t do anything with him. Thanks ^-^

Thanks for the request! I’m sorry it took so long, but  I hope you like it :)

*gifs are not mine, unless I say so*

Y/F/N= Your friend’s name


Jin came home from the studio early in the morning, and he wanted to suprise you with breakfast in bed. He made your favorite breakfast, and took it to your room. When he opened the door, he saw you were still sleeping… with another man. He dropped the plate that was in his hands, which cause you to wake up. You looked at Jin while his ears started to turn red with anger.

“Jin, it’s not what it looks like. He was too drunk to drive home so I let him stay here an-” You tried to explain but he cut you off.

“But did you have to share a bed with him? No! He could have slept on the couch! I swear to god if he touched you-”

“Jin, calm down. Your yelling isn’t helping my headache.” You told him as you got up. The other man was still passed out on the bed. Apparently still affected by alcohol. 

“Well whose fault is that? You did that to yourself.” Jin scolded you. You gave him a glare, and he started to feel bad.

“Ugh, sorry Y/N. You are just too nice to people sometimes.”  He said as he pulled you into a hug.

“You should really clean up your mess.” You laughed a little, motionng to the plate.

Originally posted by jungkookiescookies

(him after you told him to clean up his mess)


Yoongi probably got drunk at the party aswell. He ended up falling asleep on the couch. You were one of the only ones that stayed sober, and you felt bad for your male friend because he couldn’t drive home. You offered him to sleep in your bed because there was no waking Yoongi up to get off of the couch. Once he is passed out, espically when drunk, he gets rude if you wake him up. You couldn’t sleep because Yoongi wasn’t at your side, your friend was. So you laid next to your friends and just stayed up on your phone. 

It was 6am, and you were still awake. Yoongi finally woke up, and realized he was on the couch. He got up off of the couch and clutched his head from his headache.  He stumbled to your room, and saw you were still awake.

“What the f- why is he in our bed?” Yoongi’s voice startled you and caused you to jump. He stared you down as he waited for an answer.

“I was going to have him sleep on the couch, but I didn’t want to wake you up.” You explained. 

“Well he can sleep on the floor.” He said rudely and pulled him off of the bed.

“Yoongi, what the fuck- see this is why  I didn’t wake you up. You get rude an-” You started to talk.

“Shh. Go to sleep.” He said while pulled you into his arms to cuddle. You were about to protest, but he already drifted back off to sleep.

Originally posted by jeonbase


Hoseok was coming back home from tour, and all he could think about was cuddling you and finally getting a good sleep. He knew you were having a party, so he figured you were already tired and fell asleep already. When he got home, he quickly took a shower and then went to your bedroom. He saw the other man in the bed, and he saw you nearly hanging off the edge of the bed. You didn’t want to sleep close to the other man and you wanted to keep your distance. Hoseok knew you were too nice to make him sleep on the couch or floor, so he didn’t get mad. Although, he did feel a little jealous. Hoseok the the space between you and the man, so he laid between you guys and pulled you into his arms. The sudden contact woke you up, and you though your friend was trying to cuddle. So you quickly got up and started to scold him.

“Y/F/N I told you to stay on your side! I don’t see you anymore than a friend! I have a boyfriend already! Please don’t-”

“Y/N” Hoseok calmly said your name, “it’s me.”

You looked at him and started to feel embarrassed for your little meltdown.

“Oh sorry.” You said awkwardly.

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Rap Monster: WARNING: Kind of smutty?

Namjoon has been in the studio all day, and all he could think about was you. He has been craving you all day, and he couldn’t wait to get home to fulfill his needs. He knew you were having a party, so he was hoping you wouldn’t get drunk. He always felt like he was taking  advantage of you when you were drunk, so he would make himself wait until you sobered up. When he got home he called for you.

“Baby!  I’m home!”

But you were asleep, and you didn’t know your male friend has crawled into bed with you. You were fast asleep as Y/F/N wrapped his around your waist. Namjoon walked into your bedroom and saw this. He felt angry inside, but he tried to stay calm on the outside. He walked over to your bed and grabed Y/F/N’s arm and pulled him off of you. 

“I don’t know you the fuck you think you are, but you need to back off of my girlfriend. She’s drunk, isn’t she? Just because she’s clueless at the moment, doesn’t mean you have any right to sleep with you. Now call a cab, and go home.” Namjoon yelled. His yelling woke you up and you just looked at him.

“Baby, did he do anything to you?” He asked you after he got Y/F/N to leave. 

“I don’t know. I was asleep. I don’t think so though.” You reasured him. He noticed that you weren’t complaining about a hangover like you usually do, and smirked.

“You’re sober? Thank god, I’ve been waiting for you all day.”

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

(him noticing that you aren’t drunk)


Jimin was practing the choreography for Bangtan’s new song, so he was excited to go home. He was hoping to watch a movie and cuddle with you. He didn’t know you were having a party, well it wasn’t really a party. It was just a few friends you invited over. It was really late and your friend, who is like a brother to you, was to tired to drive home. So, you let him share a bed with you. Jimin came home and went to your bedroom. As soon as he saw you sleeping next to another guy, he would grow furious. The rest of Bangtan had already said he gets scary when he’s mad, so be prepared for that. 

“Y/N what the fuck! I come home expecitng to have a peacful night with you, but instead I see you with another man!” He yelled, waking you both up.

“Jimin, he’s just my friend.” You said while rubbing you eyes.

“Bullshit! How come I never met this friend? Huh?”

“Because you’re never home!” You yelled back, starting to get angry.

“Uh, I think I got enough sleep to drive now. Bye.” Y/F/N said awkwardly as he left. You and Jimin would fight a little longer, but he would realize he was overreacting and apologize.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

(the face he made before he started to yell)


He and the rest of Bangtan got back to the dorms late because of a fanmeet. While they were away you invited a few friends over so you weren’t bored. They were all friends that Taehyung knew aswell. It was getting really late and you were tired. You let your male friend stay the night because he had trouble driving in the dark. You and him shared a bed, but you told him to keep his distance. Tae and the rest of the boys got home, and they were tild aswell. Tae saw you sleeping with Y/F/N. but he noticed that your weren’t that comfortable sharing your bed with him. So he gently picked you up bridal style and took you Jimin’s room. Jimin knew what Tae’s plan was, so he scooted over. Tae laid you on the other side of Jimin’s bed, and he laid in the middle of you both. He knew you were ok sharing a bed with him and Jimin because Jimin treats you like a little sister.

Originally posted by taehanstic-baby

(him noticing you’re not comfortable)


Jungkook was busy with interviews all day, so he was going to be home late. You were bored, so you invited a few friends over to watch movies and play games. After a while, it started to really late and a few of your friends had already left. One of your friends had passed on your bed. You were really tired so you decided to sleep next to him anyway. Jungkook finally got home from his busy day, and he just want to cuddle up next to you. He walk into your room and saw you sleeping with another man. He didn’t want to wake you up, so he slept on the couch. He planned to confront you in the morning.

When you woke up, you walked into the living room to see Jungkook on the couch. He glared at you and shook his head.

“Why were you sleeping with someone other than me, your boyfriend?” He asked and raised his eyebrows at you. You laughed at him in respose. Apparentley your for got to introduce him to Jungkook.

“Why are you laughing? This isn’t funny” He asked.

“Jungkook, Y/F/N is gay, trust me he didn’t do anything.”

“Oh..” He would laugh a little, and feel embarrassed.

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I’ve been thinking about how some bantering between Stephen Strange and Tony Stark would go. I hope they do that in the next movie and I imagine it would be hilarious. I am interested in how you think it would go. -Requested by @punken316

“… So.”


The tension in the air was almost tangible. Maybe it was a bad idea to convince your new friend Stephen Strange to meet your good friend Tony Stark. But Stephen was a sorcerer, and could be a potential valuable member to the Avengers. After all, he already saved the world once. The only problem was getting past the awkward first-meeting stage.

Tony cleared his throat after a long, uncomfortable moment of silence. “… So you’re friends with (y/n), I see.”

Stephen kept his gaze even, like he was trying to stare into Tony’s soul. “Yes, that’s right.”

“That’s… cool.” Tony shifted in his chair. “And… how long did you say you knew each other for again?”

“A month.” 

“That’s… nice.” Tony turned to you. “And you trust this guy that you’ve met for a month, right?”

You nodded your head, “With my life. Stephen’s a good guy, Tony. You can trust me on that.”

“Mm.” He studied the sorcerer with contempt. It was all-too obvious that he didn’t like the guy. “So Stephen, tell me about yourself. (Y/n) mentioned you were a magician. Do you do, like, party tricks or something?”

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anonymous asked:

Aloha 🙃 Keith and Lance for 10. or 4. Please?

Mwa hahaha YES an ask

Okay so I went with ten here we go on this half-finished log flume ride.

“Please don’t make me socialize.” Keith’s voice was muffled by the pillow he had hidden his face in.

“Come on, Keith, we just kicked the Galra out of an entire solar system.  If there was ever a time to celebrate, it’s now.” Lance tried to lean farther into the door, or somehow make it audible.  Anything to make Keith look up and see how cool he was being.

“Coran’s just going to get drunk again.  I still have nightmares.”

Lance burst into a fit of laughter and wondered how much nunvill it took to get a six-foot tall human teenager tipsy.  When he didn’t stop laughing his ass off in a matter of seconds, Keith finally peered out from behind his pillow.

“Are you drunk?”

“What?” Lance tried to get his hysteria under control and failed abysmally. “Drunk? No, of course not.  What do you take me for?”

“An idiot who thinks that just because he’s in space no one cares what he does.”

“Well of course no one ca-a-ares,” Lance sing-songed. “The rest of you have got better things to do.”

Well quiznak, thought Lance. There’s no way this ends well.

Keith dropped the pillow to his lap and stared at Lance with his eyebrows knit together.  He started tapping his fingers against his thigh, and the part of Lance’s brain that was still capable of 100% rational thought (it was a very small part) recognized his ‘worried’ tell.

“Better things to do?”


“Yeah, man.  Like party! Come on!” Lance tried to roll off the door frame in some suave fashion and was utterly unsuccessful for two reasons.

Reason number one: The nunvill was evil and had robbed him of his balance.

Reason number two: Keith grabbed his sleeve and dragged him back to his bed to sit him down.

“That’s not what you meant, is it.”

“The heck man, of course it is.” Lance pulled his arm back and Keith let go reluctantly.  He looked pained.

“Lance, I have literally nothing better to do.” Lance tried to pinch his leg sneakily. “I care whether or not you get drunk off your ass.  I’m sitting here in my room because that party is loud as fuck, and you’re sitting here because you’re being an idiot.

“A silly, loveable idiot.”

What the cheese.

“Who I often want to hug and/or kiss if given the chance and your consent.”

Lance felt his cheeks heat up and he stole the pillow from Keith’s knees to try and hide it.

“Uh, I’m sorry.  Was this a bad idea? Is this awkward? I can get you back to your room if you want.”

They sat in an undecided silence for what felt like a very long time.

Lance took advantage of this to make up his mind.  His only half-functioning mind.

Option A was to pretend to pass out and get an excuse to go to bed, but that was right out.  That would be terribly embarrassing.

Option B was to yell “I’m bi and I love you too!” at the top of his lungs, which didn’t seem like such a bad idea really.

Option C was to kiss the mullet right there and then see was happened.

Oh what the hell.

Lance snapped his head up from his pillow, reached for Keith’s face with his hand and kissed him.  Very sloppily.

It turned out nunvill and romance didn’t really mix.

EXO Reaction when they catch their GF hiding their presents for a special occasion

So I’m posting this one today because I haven’t posted anything this week. Xoxo
I fail so much at this, always end up ruining the surprise xD Xo, Ara~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Pretends he didn’t see anything* “Oh jagi! What a surprise! You got me all these things… I’m so happy I want to see what they are already” *He actually just wants to open them and use/play with them because he already know what they are*


*Confession time* “I actually saw the presents my baobei-santa got me and I don’t know how to tell her. Maybe I won’t… but it’s like when someone sings you happy birthday… you never know what face to make”


*Stares at you like this* “You got me so many things for Valentine jagi… it’s only natural I want to give you something too.. if you know what I mean ;)))))))))”


*Upset because  he saw the presents and wanted it to be a surprise*


“So I saw that you got me a little surprise over there jagi… but what you don’t know is that Santa has a bigger one for you!” *He kinda likes roleplaying xD*


*Surprises you from behind as you hide them in the closet* “What you got there jagi? Presents? You didn’t have to babe… I only need you for my birthday”


*Goes for something bigger and makes you a surprise party* “Thought only you could prepare surprises jagiya?”


*Feels like the man* “I have such and awesome girlfriend! And she bought me what I wanted… boys are going to be so jealous!”


*Pouting the whole week* “Why did I open that closet… why did I see all those wrapped presents…. now I’m more curious… I want to see what they are…. They are my presents anyways!”


*Doesn’t even know what he’s opening* “This  is… this is the knives set I wanted… is this for me? Jagi is this for me?”


*Really confused* “Baobei I wanted to ask you something… why are there so many presents hidden in the closet? It’s not Christmas yet…”


*Really touched* “No one has ever done this much for me… my jagi is the best”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Bad Girlfriend

Words: 1.9k

Summary: Based on the song “Bad Girlfriend” by Theory of a Deadman. Dean is concerned that you are not behaving like a good girlfriend; but maybe Castiel likes you that way.

Warnings: Sassy Cas, smut (male receiving oral sex, vaginal fingering, grace!kink, dom!cas, a hint of voyeurism if you squint)

A/N: I heard the song and thought about how Castiel might not be the outwardly jealous and possessive angel some fics make him out to be. Please let me know if you’d like to be added to my master tag list and feedback is always welcome.

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Finally finished some older doodles I had made of these guys! So here ya go, more doodles of the Hyperion dorks! (Many of these were inspired by this song)