party kuma

so here are some kuma and the magypsies thoughts

Do u ever just think about……. the magypsies, near-immortal beings with no sense of time, raising a little girl

They all want her to be girly at first because they’re all super girly but kuma wants to make mud pies and wear cargo pants and they’re all like UGH??? CARGO PANTS REALLY but they just want her to be happy so it’s fine
all of her parents are wearing these gorgeous outfits and little kuma is wearing cargo pants and a hoodie over a tie dye shirt and a pair of crocs Jesus Christ

She begs them to dye her hair and at first they say no but when Ionia realizes she wants to do it so that she looks more like them Ionia starts dying little streaks in her hair

Nobody really thinks about actively teaching kuma psi they just realize she has it at some point and then Ionia is like BOOT CAMP TIME BABY

The Magypsies are known for their wild parties but when Kuma comes along Alec will show up for a rager and everyone’s sitting around watching blues clues and Alec is like…. What happened to my crazy queer friends and
They’re your sleepy queer friends now Alec

Kuma basically has no rules. Like all of the magypsies are really lax with her and let her get away with shit. Except Ionia, who makes the most concerted effort at being a Parent. Ionia has to be the bad cop. When Kuma is little she fights with Ionia a lot but once she gets older she gets really close to Ionia because she realizes that they really really care about her.

They’ve all looked glamorous and young and basically the same for like however long they’ve been alive but in the process of raising a daughter they all start to look middle aged and they’re all confused like where did these wrinkles come from?? And then kuma starts drawing on the walls again and they’re all like RIGHT THATS WHERE


What an exciting weekend!! Apple had the best weekend ever. Today he partied with his stumpy friends at a waterpark! There was about 25 corgs! He is so funny, when he first gets somewhere, he runs everywhere — boop his nose at everyone to say hi and makes his rounds. Then he’ll find his favorites to hang out with. He found himself a little girlfriend today, they liked each other so much! Her name was Kuma, she was smaller than Apple! He is so spoiled. He has never eaten so many treats in two days!!