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I swear I don’t want to keep reaming Microsoft here but it just baffles me how Microsoft allowed themselves to get put into this position. I legitimately don’t think any company, even Nintendo, has ever been in this bad a position before, in terms of software.

With Scalebound’s cancellation and with rumors of Crackdown 3 going just as poorly and being on the chopping block next, Microsoft is now in a far worse position than just ‘having no games’. Especially when you consider the fact that the decision to cancel Phantom Dust was made before Phantum Dust was shown at E3 2014. Meaning, they knew full well that game was never coming out when they showed the trailer.

Microsoft now has the problem of, even if they announce a game, nobody has any reason to believe that game is real, or is actually coming out. That Phantom Dust trailer was a LIE. They LIED ON STAGE AT E3.

Seriously, this gen Microsoft has canceled tons of games and even more have been delayed over 3 years from announcement (and many of those are reported to be suffering feature creep.)

Obviously Halo, Gears and Forza, when announced, will actually come out. But everything else? It’s looking real, real bad. Microsoft has no real first party titles, seems resistant to buying first party titles outside of timed exclusives (and honestly they’ll probably stop those soon, too. They haven’t really helped XBox One’s sales so there’s no reason to contribute funding to the games.) and doesn’t even seem interested in cultivating a strong series of original IPs owned primarily by themselves.

Like… Sony has a fairly large library of first party titles and IPs, and seems at least semi-willing to trot them out, if only to please their vocal fans. Just this gen Sony brought back Gravity Rush and Crash (even though they don’t totally own Crash anymore). Most of their Major IPs have already appeared on PS4 or have been announced for it, like Uncharted, The Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank, God of War, Little Big Planet and Killzone. They seem willing to consistently try to produce new IPs even if they don’t always land, like Tearaway and Knack and Until Dawn. They also fund David Cage, but let’s not hold that against them.

Microsoft? If it isn’t Halo, Forza or Gears they seem content to let it fuck off and die. They seem adamantly opposed to even making tepid, half-hearted demonstrations towards any customers other than the people who play those games. For fuck’s sake, they own ALL OF RARE’S IPS and the only one they even bothered to dredge up was KI. KI was SUCCESSFUL, mind you, and that still didn’t put a wild idea if Microsoft’s head to try reviving more. 

I’m not saying FULL RETAIL BATTLETOADS GAME!! but the fact that Microsoft didn’t even throw a low budget downloadable title at any of these franchises doesn’t really make one hopeful they plan to do anything with them. Ever.

My point isn’t SONY DA BEST GET REKT MICROSOFT it’s that I don’t even know what the fuck Microsoft is doing. They’re now in the position of not only having no games, you can’t trust them when they actually announce a game.

And that is dire.

Late to the party, but IP addresses have been ruled not to be personal identifiable information, as there is very little actual information to be gained from it. (I’ve posted about this before.)

Posting a person’s IP address, though perhaps a little questionable, is not doxxing, as the closest you’ll get to personal information with an IP address is a very, very general area of residence. (Which may contain hundreds, if not thousands of other residents/internet users.)

Considering there are often many users in the same IP range, it’s bullshit to claim you’re being doxxed if someone posts your IP.

Some old IT knowledge for you kids.


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