party isnt over


Based on @kanarenee‘s Modern AU with Nobuyuki as a lawyer. - Not exactly with the topic of the fic, just the hc!!-

So, @kata-ru / @kanarenee, I finished, lol (?)

Moder Kojuro based in his awful sweater from LS is here

[Cover Art] Tyler, the Creator - PartyIsntOver | Designed by DJNowGRAPHICS

YouTube censorship is getting out of hand. Youtubers videos are getting demonetized for little things but celebrities will post their music videos that heavily include sexually explicit content and foul language and still get paid. I’m tired.

okay we all act like the whole “no, i am your father” thing with luke and vader was the biggest plot twist of all time but let’s be real, what mindfucked us the most as kids was finding out the magikarp, THE MOST USELESS POKEMON OF ALL TIME, evolved into fucking gyrados, the most op pokemon ever