party in your pants

He tries to make you jealous (Zach Dempsey)

shit, so i’ve been in love with thirteen reasons why recently. it’s got me hooked. zach dempsey has been one of my crushes on the show, so here’s one based on this prompt. i’d love taking suggestions! ring me up if you have any ideas- or, better yet, drop by my ask if you want me to make any more for you.

prompt: “i like you a lot, so i tried getting you jealous,” ft. zachary dempsey

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“Ah shit, Y/N,” Jess Davis groans as she wiggles into the tight row of cushioned chairs, trying to make her way to the middle of the line next to you. You giggle as the popcorn spills all around her clenched hand and into the laps of everyone nearby. There are whimpers of “Sorry, sorry!” and grunts before she finally lands into the cushioned chair next to you and sighs. “Ah Jesus, I didn’t know that would be so hard.”

"Maybe you should lay off the gummy worms,” You put in, and laugh as she glares at you and hits your arm. Your hand digs in the popcorn and you stuff a handful into your mouth, the satisfying crunch as you chew making you moan. Ah, popcorn. Jess rips open a pack of the gummies and snorts at you. “Maybe save those noises for Dempsey, hon.”

You choke on a kernel as she purses her lips trying not to laugh, her eyes steadying on the previews onscreen. A few snickers make it out either way, and you scowl at her and stuff more handfuls in your mouth.

Zach Dempsey and you, to put it lightly, were not friends. It was difficult to push you into a room together and not expect a night of sour jabs and endless bickering. Everyone at school knew it, and it was something that happened way before you were even freshmen. There was never a time you weren’t at each other’s throats. One time, he’d spilled liquor down the front of your dress at some party and you’d hidden his pants in a bush while he was in the hot tub later that night. Lately it’d been more of a joke between your friends, with Jessica mockingly swooning how romantic you two would be. 

The lights start to dim and you wiggle back into your seat, ready for some good old romcom- and then the Paramount clip cuts into black for a moment, making you groan and try to dodge whoever was blocking your view. You crane your entire body and glare daggers at the idiot who interrupted your film before it even started. You loved your movies, and you were pretty serious about getting the “full movie theatre experience” (which Jess liked to mock). Please, you were paying a good four dollars for a movie you could watch for free online. Your eyes rise up to the back of his head, taking in a mess of straight black hair, broad shoulders and the school’s infamous Letterman jacket hanging on them. You memorized the back of that head. You knew those shoulders.

It was Zach Dempsey. With him were Jason Friar and Justin Foley, all wearing their Lettermans. You felt Jess shift in her seat at the sight of them. Wrapped in Zach’s arm was a smaller girl, snuggled into his shirt and playing with his fingers around her neck. They scooched into the seats almost directly in front of you, with the girl turning her head suddenly and getting the tips of her ponytail in Zach’s mouth. He swats it away, annoyed, but smiles instantly when she turns her head to look at him.

“Oh no,” You moan, making Jess snicker at you. You don’t miss the way her eyes flicker to Foley and turn away. “Just what I needed.”

"Who’s the girl?” Jess wonders, squinting. “Not a cheerleader. That’s Jenny, I think. Or her friend Bryana. I can’t be sure. We have Com with them.”

"Ugh, who cares,” You roll your eyes and try to turn to the movie. As long as they don’t ruin your film. This was some good stuff showing- if you focused enough, maybe you could ignore them. Jess shrugs and follows suit. You take a sip of your cherry cola as Martin Freeman jogs up into the scene.

The movie drifts by, but you find that you don’t enjoy it as much as you would have. Your eyes keep landing on the back of Dempsey’s head- and as much as you hated it, his arm around the girl’s. Your popcorn started tasting sour. You focus on some surfer guy’s abs an hour in but your mind keeps drifting somewhere else. Suddenly, before you can even blink, Zach cranes his neck slowly and looks directly at you, as if he knew you were there the entire time. He catches you looking and his cheeks tinge pink as he whips back around. Jess snickers. “That’s like, the fourth time he’s done that.”

"What?” You blink. Wouldn’t you have noticed? Jess takes a slurp of her drink. “Yeah, didn’t you notice? I mean, he’s had like two bathroom breaks. Both times he’d looked right at you before he took his seat.”

You decide not to say anything and reach out for a gummy worm. You keep watch, but Zach never craned his head again.

The movie ends before you know it, and Jess is a mess. You can’t stop laughing at her state, and after a while she laughs with you and dabs at her tears with paper napkins, but her mascara’s everywhere. “Shit, Y/N, why aren’t you crying with me?” She scowls, and starts hicupping. You try to hide your smile. You find it best not to tell her that you were staring at other things than the movie.

The lights flick back on and the people file out. You grab your empty popcorn buckets and leave, but not before Jess excuses herself to the comfort room to freshen up. You drop the buckets in the trash can near the snacks counter in the lobby and wait for her, waving a hand at Hannah Baker, who was filling up drinks at the soda fountain. Your hand travels to your back pocket and realize your phone is missing, so you run back into the cinema’s swinging doors hoping not to find it lodged in between seats with a wad of chewed up gum.

You find something even more tramautizing. Sitting on Zach Dempsey’s lap was his date, clutching his face with her pale hands and making out with him. He’s fidgeting in his seat, but trying to keep still. You note that his hands are on the cup holders and not on her waist. Your face screws up and you groan in disgust, picking your phone up from floor. “Christ, Dempsey, get a room.”

Zach’s eyes widen and he scrambles up, pushing the girl out of his lap. “Yeah? Well, this was an empty room ‘til you showed up, Y/N.”

You snort, tucking your phone into your back pocket. “You’re a pig, Dempsey.” There are mumbles of "Ooh”’s from Foley as you stalk back to the entrance, where Jess was waiting for you, ready for some milkshakes at Rosie’s. You loop your arm in hers, failing to hear the “Shit, man,” and swears from inside the theatre.


You head into school next Monday with a great start, munching on your bagel as you make it to your locker. You’re wearing an oversized hoodie and high waisted jeans, but it doesn’t stop the jocks from whistling when you pass by. You roll your eyes at them and chew on your bagel as you turn the corner. High school boys were too immature. No wonder you never found the want to date one.

Passing by you in the hallway was Zach Dempsey, crowded with his band of loud friends who are laughing and pushing each other. You meet his eye and he stops, slinging his backpack over his shoulder. You roll your eyes and look away, and you can almost hear him sigh in defeat. Someone slaps him on the shoulder and whistles as you walk by. “Daaamn, Dempsey, you gotta let us share.” You don’t see him shove the guy and stalk off.

The first half of the day passes by like a breeze. By the time fourth period ends, you barely feel like the day has started. You head out for the cafeteria, stacking all your books in your arms and making it through the door, but it wasn’t long before you could hear footsteps running after you. “Hey, wait up, Y/N!”

You turn around and groan, continuing to walk. “Dempsey.” You try not to glance as he jogs up next to you and ruffles his hair, staring at you with this half grin of his you didn’t want to admit you liked.

“Uh, hey.” “Something you need?”

“No, uh, actually, I wanted to talk to you.” He looks at you sheepishly.

“Okay, talk.”

“Um, you look nice today,” He offers, biting his cheek. You stop, staring at him in disgust. “What?” He trails. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding with me.” You shake your head in disbelief and keep walking.

“What’s wrong?” He keeps up. “Seriously, Dempsey, are you hitting on me now?” “And why would that be so terrible?”

“Geez, Dempsey, what is wrong with you?” You deadpan. “You are such an ass, you know that? Do you always treat girls like shit?” You gape at his blank face. “Jenny. From last Saturday. You think it’s OK to throw girls around like that?”

“What? No! I- uh, Jenny and I aren’t serious, if that’s what you’re thinking.” He winces, scratching his neck.

“Yeah, right. Of course not.”

“Look, can I take you out this weekend? To Rosie’s maybe? I’ve wanted to maybe get to be with you out of school. We could go to the movies?” You’re at the cafeteria doors now, but Zach shuts them with his left arm, blocking the way in front of you. You snort. “You can’t be serious.” You watch as his face falls and his mouth twitches.

“What’s so bad about going out with me?”

“God, you are such a jerk, Zach!” You groan, throwing your free hand in exasperation. He winces at the sound of his name being used so hatefully- he’s only ever heard you say Dempsey. He tries to forget about all the times he’s dreamed of his name coming out of your mouth, but decides he hates it when you yell it at him. “You think it’s fun, don’t you? Having no respect for girls whatsoever. You get off buttering them up with kisses and flowers and take them to the movies only to ignore them completely a day or two later. Who, in their right mind, would ever want to go out with someone like you?”

“I only ever wanted to go to that fucking movie theatre because I heard you were going to be there!” His voice rises to a shout. It echoed through the halls, and you wince knowing someone would hear. “You think I wanted to watch that stupid chick flick, with all that shit about high heels and prom? Fuck, I never even liked Jen! Why would I when I’ve always wanted someone else?”

His breath was heavy. Suddenly it was hard to swallow. You try to stand your ground, staring at him. “Nice one. You think it’d be easy for me to believe that, what with your list of conquests and a new girl making out on your desk each week? You must be daft, Zach Dempsey.”

He scowls. “I never wanted them. Never. I just- I just thought that maybe if you saw that everyone wanted me, just maybe you would have wanted me too.” His face softens, and he starts fiddling with his fingers. “Okay, I get it. You could never want me. I know, I just thought I could change that somehow. I’m used to getting my way, you know. Girls flock me, throw themselves at me. I’m used to getting everything I want, but then you’re here, in front of me, and fuck, I’ve never wanted to kiss anything more in my life.”

“Okay,” You say softly, before you can stop yourself. He barely hears it, but his ears perk up. “What’d you say?”

“I said okay,” You clear your throat, and bite your lip to keep yourself from smiling as his lips form into a helpless grin. “Saturday night, Rosie’s?”
“Fuck yes!” He fistbumps the air, then stops as soon as he realises you’re still in front of him. You giggle and hide your face in your hands as he leans forward without thinking, grabbing you by the waist and lifting you in the air. You couldn’t help your cheeks from turning red. Zach Dempsey was adorable. He really was.

“Okay, I’ll see you in Trig?” He asks, palming his phone in his front pocket. He’d have to tell Foley, he was thinking. Man, his best friend would be so proud. His head was rushing when he swooped in and pressed his lips to your flushed cheek. “I can’t wait.”

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pretty dirty pick up lines.

’ you look a lot like my next girlfriend/boyfriend. ’
’ are you a drill sergeant? because you have my privates standing at attention. ’
’ do you mix concrete for a living? because you’re making me hard. ’
’ if you’re feeling down, i can feel you up. ’
’ i’m no weather man, but you can expect more than a few inches tonight. ’
’ i may not go down in history, but i’ll go down on you. ’
’ are you from the ghetto? cause i’m about to ghetto hold of dat ass. ’
’ you know what i like in a girl? my dick. ’
’ are you a doctor? cause you just cured my erectile dysfunction. ’
’ i lost my virginity. can i have yours? ’
’ hey, you wanna do a 68? you go down on me, and i’ll owe you one. ’
’ you can call me cake, cause i’ll go straight to your ass. ’
’ roses are red, violets are fine. if i be the 6, will you be the 9? ’
’ i’m like a firefighter, i find ‘em hot and leave ‘em wet! ’
’ i’m hung like a tic tac. wanna freshen your breath? ’
’ you smell like trash. may i take you out? ’
’ i wanna floss with your pubic hair. ’
’ let’s have a party and invite your pants to come on down. ’
’ you’re so hot, even my pants are falling for you! ’
’ are you spaghetti cause i want you to meat my balls. ’
’ we should play strip poker. you can strip, and I’ll poke you. ’
’ do you like adele? cause i can tell you wanna be rolling in the d. ’
’ do you have a shovel? cause i’m diggin’ that ass! ’
’ damn, are you my new boss, because you just gave me a raise. ’
’ remember my name, because you’ll be screaming it later! ’
’ are you an elevator? cause i wanna go down on you. ’
’ are you a shark? cause i’ve got some swimmers for you to swallow. ’
’ do you work for papa johns? cause you’re a fine pizza ass. ’
’ are you from china? cause i’m china get in your pants. ’
’ why don’t you surprise your roommate and not come home tonight? ’
’ baby there’s a party in my pants and you are invited! ’
’ i’m looking for treasure, can i look around your chest? ’
’ if i flip a coin, what are my chances of getting head? ’
’ would you like a hotdog to go with those buns? ’
’ this may seem corny, but you make me really horny. ’
’ how about you make me the climax of your story? ’
’ that’s a nice set of legs, what time do they open? ’
’ my name is skittles… wanna taste my rainbow? ’
’ you remind me of a crop, because i wanna plow you. ’
  • Goku: Excuse me, Bulma?
  • Bulma: Yes? What is it, Goku?
  • Goku: I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party.
  • Bulma: Excuse me?
  • Goku [struggling]: The... party. With the... with the pants. Party with pants?
  • Bulma: Goku, are you saying that there's a party in your pants and that I'm invited?
  • Goku: That's it!
  • Bulma: Did Master Roshi tell you to say this, Goku?
  • Goku: No...
  • Goku: Yes...
  • Goku: He did.
  • Bulma: Okay. No.
  • Bulma: I don't want to go to a party in your pants.
  • Goku: Very well.
  • Goku [turning]: Yamcha, would you like to go to a party in my pants?
  • Yamcha [bewildered]: N - No Goku.
  • Yuuri: *Cough cough*Look over here.
  • Phichit: Yes? What is it,Yuuri?
  • Yuuri: I would like to extend yo you an invitation to the pants party.
  • Phichit: Excuse me?
  • Yuuri: The party...the pants...pants party?
  • Phichit: Are you saying that there's a party in your pants and that I'm invited.
  • Yuuri: That's it.
  • Phichit: Did Chris tell you to say this?
  • Yuuri: No...YES.

The Kitchens

part iii

Sirius thought being a royal meant having power. He thought having power meant having answers. Academically speaking he supposed this was true. He did have power. In a few more months, he’d have all the power in the world. A kingdom. A nation. Anything available, all answers ready at the snap of his fingers. His whole being would be flooded with his royal blood. It would be all anyone would see. Not that people saw much more anyhow.

Sirius looked down from the doorway, blinking and surprised to find his hand outstretched towards the place where Remus had been a moment before. He opened and closed it a few times, rubbing his thumb and forefinger together. He could use an answer right about now.

But it was useless. Power. Royalty. It was all so utterly useless against… whatever had just happened. He was tempted to try, to search and see if someone could puzzle this one out for him as well. But he wasn’t sure that was possible.

He put his hand down, only now noticing how cool the room had gotten as the sun set. He looked up at the sound of feet above him, frantic feet… pacing? The floorboards groaned under the hesitation and then squeaked and protested when the pacing started up again. Twice they came to the top of the stairs, and twice they retreated once more. He wanted to go up, almost did a few times… But Sirius didn’t know if he was welcome upstairs. He frowned as Remus’ words echoed in his ears.

Of course you can be here. You’re you.

He sat back on the stool, sighing and picking another piece of cake from the crumb ridden plate. The phrase really shouldn’t bother him. It was true after all. He could go any where he pleased. And it was because of who he was. He should be proud of that, that was power, so why wasn’t he? It was maddening, honestly, but he didn’t want Remus to think-

Sirius threw the cake down, rubbing his hands over his face.

He didn’t know what he didn’t want Remus to think. That he would invade any space he chooses just because he can? Yes. But he could so why shouldn’t he?

Sirius stood. He wanted answers. Why shouldn’t he get them?

The stairs practically wailed under his feet and he heard Remus still. He turned into a small, nearly bare bedroom almost immediately as he followed the sound—or lack of. He hoped his reaction didn’t register on his face. The room was sad, and drab, and positively wretched. He didn’t know how Remus lived in here much less slept at night.

“Who said you could come up here?”

Sirius turned his gaze away from Remus’ bedroom and to the boy himself. Remus stood in the center on a small, threadbare rug that could hardly pass for more than an old dishtowel in Sirius’ opinion. His arms were wrapped protectively around himself and he was red from his cheeks to his neck, a dark embarrassed flush that made him look positively endearing and livid at the same moment.

Sirius stepped into the room, carefully avoiding the moldy door frame, “You left without explanation, I came-“

“That doesn’t mean I wanted you to follow.”

Sirius shook his head, mind reeling, “I don’t understand.”

“Oh,” Remus scoffed, “There’s a first.”

Sirius, to his surprise, flooded with hurt rather than anger at the insult. He didn’t want to lash out, not like he usually did. But he wanted it to stop. He took a deep breath through his nose.

“Why, are you so angry?”

“Because-“ Remus gestured wildly at Sirius who looked down at himself, trying to pinpoint something that he could have done. He looked back up, bewildered, when Remus failed to elaborate.

Remus’ cheeks were pink his eyes burning, “You can’t just waltz in everywhere like you own the place!”

“I do own the place!” Sirius burst, confusion slowly giving way to the familiar burning flare of his temper.

“That doesn’t give you the right!”

“I-“ He snapped his mouth shut. His hands were fists at his side. He felt deep, dark shame spread through his chest, snuffing anything else out in its path. His straightened, “I know that.”

He dropped his gaze from Remus’ who was still breathing hard, “I know that.”

Remus turned away too, bracing his hands against the splintering desk on the far wall and not saying a word.

Sirius wanted to take it back. He’d foreseen this reaction and carried it out anyway. Why?


Sirius swallowed.

Remus’ knuckles were white against the wood and he stiffened when Sirius took a step forward so he took two backwards instead, “I apologize.” After the evening they’d spent together, the words felt too formal coming out of his mouth but he continued the tone anyway. He didn’t know how to not set Remus off again. He didn’t want to.

“I overstepped. I was… confused. I didn’t mean-“

“I know.” Sirius was surprised at Remus’ voice. It was shaky and unsure. It was hopeless, “I know you didn’t mean it, you never mean it, but you do it and I… I think its best that you go. Just right now, I-“ Remus turned back around, sighing. Sirius’s fingers dug into his palms at the relief that flooded his chest when Remus looked at him, “I don’t know what to say right now, alright? I’m sorry, you’re sorry, let’s just… leave it at that. This is strange enough as it is.”

Sirius blinked, “I didn’t- what about this is strange?”

Remus let out a small, only half humorous laugh, “Really?”

Sirius shuffled, unsure. He didn’t like not knowing, he didn’t like being unsure. But here he was, with Remus, a boy who seemed to be nothing but unfamiliar territory.

“I- I had a fine time tonight. I don’t see what’s so odd.” He clasped his hands behind his back, then unclasped them, the gesture reminding him too much of his father.

Remus looked at him for a moment more, then shook his head, hands going behind him briefly to untie his plain, canvas apron from around his waist, tossing it onto the bed, “Have you forgotten who we are?”

“Of course not.” And then Sirius slipped a little, “Quite hard to given the state of this room.” He trailed off at the end, biting down hard on his tongue, “I- I didn’t-“

“Yeah, you didn’t mean it, right?” Remus’ stare was colder than Sirius had seen it yet, “You really should go.”

The silence in the room was crushing. Sirius tried to straighten his back, to regain some form of composure… but he couldn’t. Not enough, anyway. And he turned quickly on his heels, thundering back down the stairs and up out of the cool kitchen. He ran and didn’t stop until he was leaning back against the shut door of his room. He gazed around at it, breathing hard.

Everything was perfect.

The pillows were fluffed, the sheets turned down. Not a speck of dust. The finest of silk sheets lay waiting for him, the wood bed frame positively shone. The expensively dyed, woven tapestries on the walls showed riches and wealth.

He gulped down air, nails digging into the wood behind him. He’d let himself believe for a moment. He’d let himself think that maybe, just maybe…

A friend.

But here he was, back where he started. In this spotless room, waiting for a future to be mapped out for him. Waiting and simply passing the time. Is that what he’s trying to do with Remus? Yes. Yes, that’s better. It’s better to think of it like that. Just a way to pass the time. Not a friend. A servant. That’s what he is, that’s what James is, that’s what they all are. And he is a king.

He is a king, and a king rules alone.


Sirius stayed quiet as James dressed him, avoiding his curious glances when any attempt at banter or conversation was more or less ignored.

“Mate, the party won’t be that bad. There will be drinks, look at it that way.”

Sirius nodded, busying himself with undoing and re-doing a tie on his sleeve, “I’m sure.”

He heard James still from where he was hanging up a dress jacket from behind him, then sigh, “Alright…”

Sirius closed his eyes briefly at the guilt that flooded his chest. He didn’t want James to think he was angry with him. He wasn’t really all that angry at all. He was confused, he was hurt. He couldn’t seem to say the right thing anyhow so why say anything at all?

“The pub was fine, by the way,” James voice came after a moment, much more guarded than before, “thanks for asking-”

“I’ll take the green instead, actually.” Sirius cut him off before he could try and start another conversation, a conversation Sirius didn’t think he could finish before slipping up and loosing what little distance he’d been able to put between him and his friend in the half hour James had been in his room. He shrugged off the black vest he was wearing and held it out without eye contact, simply trying to keep James busy.

He could feel James looking at him and finally had to look up as well, not wanting to run the risk of appearing childish. They held each other’s gaze for a second before James took the thin velvet garment, turning back to the closet and swiping the green, “Why the sudden change of heart?”

He was not referring to the jacket.

Sirius allowed James to ease the material over his broad shoulders, straightening it with a tug, “Just… thought it would be better.”

He was not referring to the jacket.

A few beats of silence and then he heard James huff out a breath, “Well then. Okay.” Sirius turned around nodding as James eyed him somewhat too knowingly. Sirius knew he knew something was up. Instead of pressing, however, James just spread his hands then let them drop back to his sides, slapping against his pants, “Right, enjoy your party, feast, ball, whatever it is.”

“Not likely.”

James smirked at the same time Sirius did and there it was. The friendship leaking through the cracks. Sirius cursed himself for letting it, and thanked god that it was there in the first place. He straightened.

“I’ll let you know if I need anything. I assume you won’t be waitering?”

“McGonagall said they had enough so, no.” James pushed his hands into his pockets.

Sirius nodded. McGonagall, head of the downstairs, always on top of things. Sirius had always liked her despite what his mother said about her habits and dress.

“Right, okay.”

James nodded back, and was turning to go when he halted, hand on the door nob, and turned, “Sirius?”

No, no, just leave, James. Sirius chanted at him in his head. He would slip up again. James was all he had and he would slip up again, “Hm?”

James tilted his head a little, “Are you okay?”

Sirius exhaled a shaky breath, closing his eyes. Because of course. James, all he had, his first and only friend, and the only person to ever ask him that, ever. He savored it, he let it melt the walls away. He couldn’t do it. He wasn’t sure he’d even tried properly—wasn’t sure he could try properly, but he couldn’t shut him out. Not James.

“Sirius?” Worry clouded James’ voice now.

Sirius opened his eyes and nodded quickly, “Yes. Yes, fine. Just…” He tok a breath, words coming out with his exhale, exhausted, “you know how I get at these things.”

James nodded slowly, as if weighing it for truthfulness, “Right.” He turned to go but turned once more, “You’d say, wouldn’t you? You’d tell me if it was more?”

Sirius melted a little more. Care and kindness was not something he was experienced with, and he fumbled to handle it each and every time. His conscious screamed a few things that his mind didn’t quite comprehend yet.

I’m so lonely I can barely stand it.

Everything I need is right here. Everything I want is right here and so far.

I’m a king and he’s not.

That last was especially dangerous. He didn’t know what would happen if he let that one come to full comprehension.

“Sure. ‘course.” Sirius bit the inside of his bottom lip, “Of course I would, James. Have a good night, yeah?”

James flashed him an uneasy grin and left fully this time, door shutting softly behind him.

Sirius let out a breath he had been holding. His sheets were silk. His crown was pure gold. His clothes were the finest all around. His cellar was full of riches and coin. His home was a castle. His birthright was a country and a beautiful queen.

And yet, at that moment, he would have traded it all for a bit of plain chocolate cake and the sandy hair and kind smile that went with it. And he didn’t know why. He knew which should be more promising, but he also knew which one actually was.

He left for the party with heavy feet and a conflicted mind.


The party was brilliant and soft. The lanterns shone out against the dusky sky and laughter filled the summer garden. The patterns in the paper placed around the candles cast intricate patterns on the guest’s faces, making them seem to be a part of the flowers that surrounded them. Sirius wished he could enjoy it all more, honestly, he did. He lived for summer evenings. But his mother was cackling at his elbow, his brother sulking at his other, and his father downing scotch after scotch across from him, all while pretentious dukes and nobles and their wives laughed and practically bowed on the spot. Anything to gain favor. Sirius stood, back straight to avoid a glare and nails digging painfully into his neck, but it was all he could do to not slap the lot of them. But he had become fluent in the art of restraint early in his life. For many reasons.

He turned to Regulus, seeking at least some refuge, “Fancy a swim tomorrow?”

Regulus didn’t even look at him, “Not particularly.”

Sirius blinked, staring at his little brother for too long. His mind played images of them only a few years ago, snorting at the table and sneaking off from parties to some mischief. For the life of him, Sirius couldn’t say what had gone wrong. Another question, it seemed, the royal blood did not get him the answer to.

He sighed, turning away, “Right then. Nice of you to let me down lightly.”

Regulus glared sharply at him but turned away again, wordless.


Sirius’ stomach clenched at his mother’s voice—the singsong one she used in company. He flicked the corners of his lips up almost on instinct, turning towards the sound and whoever it was he was meant to greet. He nearly lost the slapped on smile, however, when he saw who that was.

“Sirius, darling, meet Anthea. Anthea Cerberus. You know the family…” His mother muttered the last part in his ear.

Sirius stared at the young girl for a moment. She looked around his age, maybe a few years younger. Her eyes were practically black against the swirling pattern of light that a lantern was slanting across her face, and although Sirius knew it was the lighting darkening the brown irises, it unnerved him. She looked soft and flush, just like the rest of the guests, but her gaze did not. Sirius listed off what he knew in his head. His age, female, introduced to him by his mother who followed the introduction by hissing a reminder of her status in his ear. Sirius gulped down the dread that was rising in his chest.

“Ms. Cerberus-“

“Oh, do call her Anthea, boy!”

Sirius grit his teeth, letting the pleasure he took in the slip up of his mother’s tone into his veins. He took the hand she was presumptuously offering, “Anthea. Pleasure is mine.”

She let out a little laugh, biting on her lip in a way that he was sure was suppose to look sweet, “I’m sure.”

He scoffed ever so softly under his breath, “Are you?”

Sirius flinched at the familiar dig of his mother’s nails onto the flesh where his neck met his shoulder. His back straightened instinctively and his heart picked up. They retreated, and he could feel the sharp sting where the crescent shapes had broken skin.

“Anthea lives just in Akeldama. You know Akeldama.” The queen’s voice was back and strong, dripping with false adoration.

“Oh yes, wonderful hunting.” Sirius had never been hunting in his life and never would if he could help it.

“Quite right!” She fanned herself with the small embroidered fan she held. Two snakes with entertained necks blinked at Sirius from the stitching, “Perhaps one day you can catch me something. Something… big and bloodied.” Her eyes had lit up in a way that made Sirius want to positively run.

“Yes…” He swallowed, keeping the smile up, “Perhaps-“

Sirius broke off, a movement from just beyond the lights catching his eye. He wasn’t even sure how he noticed it until he realized what exactly he was looking at. A face peaking out from between trees. More importantly, a face with a nose that sloped up just a bit at the end and caramel hair.

Sirius blinked a few times, then turned back to Anthea, knowing he had paused for too long to appear normal but attempting to recover anyway, “Yes, absolutely. Perhaps, in the meantime, I can offer you…” He glanced over to the dessert table, “something sweet?”

She giggled, although it didn’t sound like a giggle. It was horribly high pitched and came out through her nose.

“Oh yes, please.”

He left the girl and his mother, who were gushing about his gentlemanly actions, with no plan on returning.

He weaved through the crowds of people towards the long table that was laden to the brim with sweets and cakes and puddings. He nicked a plate and started from one end. He made his way through the table, taking two of every dessert that visibly contained or that he knew to contain any form of chocolate. When he was done, the plate was only just nearing too piled and he looked at it with satisfaction. If anything qualified as a piece offering, this was it. With a last glance towards where he could just see the tops of his mother and Anthea’s heads, he disappeared from under the lights, arcing around the trees, which he knew to ring a small clearing, where he had seen Remus’ face moments earlier.

He walked briskly until he was at the opposite edge of the clearing, fully able to see Remus’ back as he watched the party from the safety of the trees. His hands were pressed to the bark of the one to his left, wrapping around it and letting his temple rest against it. Sirius thought he heard soft humming in time to the music. Sirius took quiet, slow, steps until he was just behind Remus.

He took a deep breath, gathering his courage,

“A fairy’s ring.” Remus jumped out of his skin and Sirius grinned, “That’s what they call this.”

Remus let out a huff that could have been a laugh and turned, “Jesus fucking…”

“It’s suppose to have powers… of some sort.” Sirius interrupted him and pretended to look around at the darkening trees, the lights of the party only just filtering through them, when really he was watching Remus from the corner of his eye. Finally, he shrugged, eyes falling back on Remus fully, “If you believe in that sort of thing.”

Remus stood there quietly, watching Sirius with guarded eyes. When he said nothing, Sirius strode forward the last few steps to see the party as Remus had seen it, from between the trees. He spied his mother with her crown and cape almost instantly. You could not hear her cackle or falseness from here. You could not hear the snide, narrow-minded comments from here. You could not smell the reek of alcohol off his father from here. They all looked so happy from here. He wondered if Remus knew the truth.

“Looks quite lovely, doesn’t it?”

There was a few more beats of silence, until he felt Remus step up beside him, felt the warmth of his skin, “Yes. But you know that.”

His voice was guarded. The coolness stirred something in Sirius, some strange desire to do whatever he could to get rid of it. He thought of Remus in front of the oven that evening after swimming. He had felt so completely alone that day, floating in the center of the lake. But with Remus and his pink cheeks and freckled nose, he’d felt… cured? He didn’t know. Sirius shifted, clearing his throat, “I was making conversation.”

“You struggle with that.”

“With you, yes.” Sirius sighed. Again, he seemed to have stepped wrong.

He felt Remus stiffen beside him, then shift away to lean against the tree again. The heat of his skin had been distracting in a way that Sirius was sure it shouldn’t be, and was even more so now that it had gone.

Sirius tensed at the thought, the sudden want in his chest to regain that contact, and at his fingers tightening around the plate in his hands, he remembered what he was holding. He turned, holding it out wordlessly.

Remus looked down at it, eyes wide and blinking rapidly, then looked at Sirius with the same questioning stare.

“I’m sorry about earlier. I didn’t mean to say…” Sirius hesitated. In reality, he couldn’t really remember what he had said to make Remus leave in the first place, “I meant not offense,” He settled on instead, “and I know you like chocolate, so… think of it as a peace offering. I hear the chocolate cake is divine.”

Remus’ mouth twitched upward at that and he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth, hesitantly taking the plate.

I want to give him more. I want him to look at me like that again.

“I’ve… I’ve never had half of these.”

Sirius blinked, “You make all of these.”

“For you.” Remus laughed, actually laughed, and then caught himself, stuttering, “I mean for the upstairs. I mean- you know, your family.”

Sirius felt knocked askew at the guilt that rushed suddenly through him, “Oh. Well, we can sit. Or- you can sit. If you prefer.”

“No. No, it’s alright.” Remus nearly mumbled it and he dropped quickly to the ground. The light from the party cast soft shadows through the leaves against Remus’ face as he looked up at Sirius. It was better than the patterns of the lanterns and Sirius wished he could capture it somehow, “We can sit.”

He nodded, then sat too, shifting so he was shoulder to shoulder with Remus again, unable to resist feeling the warmth once more.

They sat quietly for the most part, picking at the chocolate, Remus occasionally commenting and Sirius occasionally agreeing. He didn’t take anything unless Remus offered it to him, something that he found took some restraint. He wasn’t use to being denied such trivial things. Eventually Remus scooted until he was turned around, and merely nodded in the direction of the party when Sirius raised an eyebrow. He wanted to watch. Sirius rubbed his cold shoulder softly before catching himself. He could have sworn Remus was watching the gesture, but when he really looked Remus’ eyes had darted away. The lights flickered through the leaves against his face, casting soft patterns. He offered Sirius a round truffle and Sirius took it.

He rolled it between his fingers, coating them in the bitter cocoa dust, “You like watching the dancing.”

“And you can’t cook an egg.” Remus said through a cherry sponge cake, “Anything else we’ve learned about each other?”

Sirius narrowed his eyes slightly, smile playing at his mouth, “Yes.”

“Oh, really?”

Sirius leaned forward, elbows on his knees, “You aren’t afraid to correct me.”

Remus raised an eyebrow, taking the truffle back that Sirius had yet to eat, “You aren’t afraid to insult me.” He popped it into his mouth, “So, you’re basically saying I’m head strong and can’t dance. Anything else?”

Sirius sighed, letting his head fall back against the rough tree bark, looking at Remus threw his eyelashes, eyelids hooded, “Well. I could teach you.”

Remus dropped the sponge cake onto the grass, just missing the plate, “Wh.. Sorry?”

Already Sirius’ chest was warming at the thought. The burning desire to have Remus’ palm against his almost scared him, “I could teach you. To dance. You said you knew of the Summer’s Waltz.”

“Knew of. As in can’t actually do it.” Remus’ neck was flushed with unsureness.

“Yes,” Sirius drew out the word, pushing himself up, dusting his hands off on his pants, and then offering one to Remus, “And I could teach you. As in assist you until you know it.” He added the last part playfully.

Remus just looked up at Sirius, eyes raking up and down his figure and then flicking momentarily down to his own, “I’m not wearing shoes.”

Sirius considered this, then looked down. He glanced up at Remus repeatedly, smirking at the shocked expression on his face as he undid his own boots, letting the grass cool his feet. He held out his hand once more, “Neither am I.”

Remus couldn’t describe that feeling in his chest as he slowly reached out and pressed his fingers around Sirius’. It was delight. It was want. It was dread.

“You’re very persistent.” Remus grumbled.

Sirius pulled Remus up, smiling at the soft noise Remus made with the effort. The smile wavered at just how perfect the weight of Remus’ palm felt in his. He frowned slightly at their hands. He didn’t know why he was so persistent. He didn’t know why he wanted to teach Remus to dance. He looked over his shoulder, at the blurry lights of the party. He knew why he didn’t want to ask Anthea to dance. Because she was rude, and she was ghastly, and she gnawed on her lip in an attempt to be flirtatious. He turned back to Remus, eyes falling on their hands and then his face. Remus looked nervous, and he was biting his lip, but this time it made Sirius’ chest seize up. Sirius let out a breath.

Alliances must be made, Sirius.

He knew he shouldn’t want this. He’d learned… he’d thought he’d learned to control it. He’d flirted with the servant girls, even taken some of them back to his room in an attempt to prove a point, more to himself than others. He’d liked it, being with them, but he hadn’t… enjoyed it. Not exactly.

But he wanted to teach Remus to dance. He wanted to hold his hand.

And he was a prince. Why shouldn’t he have, at least for a moment, what he wants?

He realized he had been standing there far to long only when Remus started to clear his throat and pull away.

“Um. If you’ve changed your mind-“

“No.” Sirius said quickly, “No. No, I haven’t I was just-“ He was caught off guard momentarily as Remus stopped attempting to extract his hand and it settled comfortably back into Sirius’, “I was just planning.”

Remus raised an eyebrow, “Planning?”

Sirius took a step forward, “Of sorts. Now,” Sirius took Remus’ other hand and pressed it gently to the shoulder of his arm not holding Remus’ other hand, “I’ll lead, so you’ll have to be the girl.”

Remus kicked Sirius’ shin and Sirius let out a loud fall of laughter, delighted that the joking side of Remus was back.

“Okay,” he cleared his throat as his laughter died down, “And I have my hand,” he tried to ignore the thrumming of his heart as he pressed his other hand to the small of Remus’ back, “here.” They were so close now that Remus stumbled forward, stepping on Sirius’ bare toes. He flushed but said nothing of it.

“Good?” Sirius said softly, looking down at Remus. He could feel the puffs of his breath against his neck and swallowed.

Remus looked up at him quickly, like he was taking a risk, and then straight again, eyes level with Sirius’ lips, “Good.” He coughed a little, “Next step?”

Sirius smiled, “You make it sound like we’re in the kitchen, cooking something.”

Remus flashed his eyes up again, lingering a little longer this time, and offering a smile of his own. He adjusted his hand and it ended up pressed closer to Sirius’, “Is it really that different?”

Sirius tried not to tighten his grip, “Suppose not, no…”

“So? Steps?”

Sirius jolted a little, “Yes- Yes. Yes, steps. Right.”

It was easier than Sirius had expected. Remus followed carefully and precisely for the most part, having an easier time of it once Sirius told him to step forward whenever he stepped back and vise versa. They laughed a little at small mistakes, but other than that it was only Sirius murmuring soft instructions and counting under his breath, a sound only accompanied by the settling wind in the trees. Sirius savored the way their eyes followed each other, the way only their wrists touched when the spun, and how they came back together nearly seamlessly.

Finally, Sirius lifted their hands up, pressing their fingers together until they were palm against palm, practically nose to nose, the final movement. Remus was looking at him this time, chin having to tilt upwards a little, lips parted.

“Like that?” He could feel Remus’ uneven breathing.

“Yes.” Sirius was sure his was the same. He almost couldn’t focus on the words. Remus’ hand was smooth, with a few working callouses littering the crest of his palm. His eyes were golden in the nearly faded light. “Just like that.”

Just like that. Just like that Sirius felt it in every cell of his body. His heart pumped it through his veins, his mind sparked it through his limbs. He wanted to kiss Remus. He wanted to so badly.

He stepped back, and the want dragged like a hook in his chest, attempting to drag him painfully forward once more.

“Just like that.” Sirius bent to pull his shoes back on, to hide the rapid rising of his chest, the flush on his neck, the panic and need in his eyes.

“Oh.” Sirius could see the way Remus’ now empty hand was opening and closing a few times, stretching the fingers out, “Well. Maybe once more-“

“I should probably get back to the party.” He needed a moment. Just a moment away, to regain his composer.

“Oh.” The hurt in his voice was overpowering, “Right. ‘Course you do.”

Sirius straightened, eyes almost pleading, “Not like that.” Please don’t be angry with me.

Remus turned back around sharply from where Sirius hadn’t realized he’d turned away, “Not like what?” His tone was almost… hopeful.

Sirius had never felt so conflicted in his life. The party lights were no longer beautiful, instead they felt like they were burning into the back of his neck. He wanted to stay here, in the cool, softness of this clearing with Remus. Maybe the so-called powers could trap them there, together.

He rushed forward, closing the few steps between them and took Remus’ hand again, pressing it between his own. If he had to go back to the party, he at least needed this.

“Come to the lake tomorrow. The one on the south grounds. Can you manage? At noon.”

When Remus nodded Sirius felt a wild relief. He very well could have kissed him again.

“Say it back so I know you’ll remember.”

Remus blinked. How on earth could he forget? He said it anyway, “Lake. South grounds. Noon.”

Tomorrow.” Sirius repeated urgently.

“Tomorrow.” Remus repeated once more, standing there until Sirius disappeared into the crowd of royals, hand warm and heart thumping.

anonymous asked:

44 with young!sirius please!!

Sirius Black x Reader
44. “Are you trying to flirt? Because you’re embarrassing yourself.”

Originally posted by nellaey

As Valentine’s Day draws closer, Sirius didn’t stop flirting with you. Well, he was always flirting with you anyway, but in the last few days there wasn’t a single hour when he stopped using one of his terrible pick up line. You were sure the 14th of February will be horrible in his company, and as the day come, you immediately saw you were right.

It was a Friday morning when you were standing in front of the wardrobe, only a big t-shirt and underwear on you when somebody knocked. Without waiting for permission, Sirius and James stepped in the dormitory.

„Those legs are too hot to be legal.” – Sirius said, his eyes wandering on you up and down.

You rolled your eyes, looking at James who shake his head with a grin on his face. „Lily is already downstairs, Prongs.”

„Okay, thanks.” – he already turned around to leave the room, but Sirius was in the same place.

„Maybe I should stay and help you.”

You walked closer, pushing him towards the door. „I think I can take my clothes on by myself, thank you.”

„I meant taking off the rest.” – he said with a smug smile as you slammed the door at him.

The rest of the day passed by you felt like you trapped inside a huge pink cotton candy, topped with strawberry syrup. Couples snogging in every corner, enchanted notes and roses at the corridors in the air, pink parchment flying accross the classrooms with cute poems on it. Even if you thought it’s disgusting, Sirius didn’t spare you and sent you filthy and awkward pick up lines all day. Some of them caused you to rolling your eyes as usual, but some of them made you feel a tingling sensation between your thighs.

By dinner, you were tired, frustrated and angry, and it doesn’t help that Sirius sat very close next to you. The others talked about the tonight’s Valentine’s Party at the Gryffindor common room.

„Will you be there Y/N, won’t you?” – Lily asked as you were too quiet at the whole dinner.

„I don’t think so. Not really in the mood.” – you said, poking your food with your fork.

Sirius turned to you, embracing your shoulders. „Well, there’ll be a party in my pants too, if you’re interested.”

The others let out tired moans and choked giggles, but you started to became seriously angry. „Are you trying to flirt? Because you’re embarassing yourself.”

„Oh, stop being so cruel, love.” – he smirked, placing a hand on your thigh.

That was way to much for today; you jumped up, shouting at him so probably the half of the Great Hall heard you. „Don’t call me love and don’t touch me again! Why can’t you understand I don’t want anything from you?”

„Look, I just…” – he started in a low voice and with an almost scared face, but you cut him off.

„I don’t care! Just do me a favour and leave me alone!” – you yelled, leaving your friends and running up to your dorm room.

A few hours passed, and you were lying on your bed, face buried on the pillow. You didn’t even try to sleep as the music was so loud, and the guilt stung your stomach stronger with every minute. Maybe you were too rough with Sirius… He was a jerk though, but you felt bad as you roared at him in front of the whole school. With a heavy sigh, you crawled out from your bed and went into the bathroom to fix your disheveled hair.

Meanwhile at the common room, Sirius sat on a couch with blank eyes, a goblet in his hand – which was unnecessary, since the whole bottle of firewhisky was in his other hand too. „I fucked up Moony. I really did. Just say it.”

Remus patted his shoulder. „You really fucked up.”

„Thanks for the support.” – he said with a same blank face, taking a sip from the bottle.

Grudgingly though, but you finally dragged yourself to the party, searching for Pads who looked more defeated than ever. You sat next to him as Remus left you alone to speak.

„You’re an ass, you know that?” – you asked while snatched the bottle out from his hand.

He stared the wall, not looking at you. „Yeah, you were quite clear earlier.”

With closed eyes, you tilted your head back. If he’ll start playing the victim now…

„I’m sorry, Y/N. I see I went too far. I won’t do it again.”

His voice was honest and so sad, you almost felt sorry for him. „You know, maybe you should just start being yourself around me and ask me out properly, instead of using those embarassing pick up lines.”

He turned his head to you quickly, his dark eyes brightened. „Wait, that could really work?”

You laughed at his honest surprise. „Well, we won’t know until you try.” – you winked, leaving him to process the information.

Not So Bad // Kim Taehyung


the prompts: you could do a taehyung fluffy/comedy scenario, please? i was thinking something like he goes to the hospital dressed like a clown and the girl get afraid of him and he’ll try to show her that clowns aren’t that bad (the girl will be older sister of one of the patients)

words: 1288

category: fluff

author note: this is a really unique and cute request but clowns are still highkey scary. I made a few small changes I hope you don’t mind; also for the sake of the story your little sister’s name is Tina bc it’s a cute name okay?

- destinee

Originally posted by kpopfordays


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REQUEST: Naughty Student/Teacher (Rikiya’s Smut)

Anonymous said: Can you please do a ASA Rikiya or Shinichi smut where MC role plays as a student?                      

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Fandom: After School Affair
Category: Smut
Character: Rikiya Mononobe
Notes: Riki or Shinichi? Riki or Shinichi? Riki for now

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

You lean over purposely near him when you know it means he can see down your cleavage, “Why are you still wearing that outfit?” He asks with a grin but you pretend not to notice by touching his strong arm and feel the fabric of his shirt under your fingers. He smells divine.

Fluttering your lashes as you gaze up at Rikiya, “I’m too drunk to change.” Resting your head upon his shoulder before crossing your legs and show more of your inner thighs to your handsome colleague. He isn’t entirely sure if you are just drunk or teasing him for fun or seriously trying to seduce him, but there is one thing for sure- the bulge in his pants. “Party is over.” He clears his throat but your lips find their own way to his neck and ear, “Coach Motai says I look sexy in student uniform, what do you think?”

Rikiya isn’t the type who cares too much about rules but he isn’t completely reckless either unless there is a good reason for it. Doing it in school seems awfully exciting and arousing if it is what you both want. “You do look good in it but….”

“But what?”

“I don’t like being teased.”

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Split: A Hoseok Birthday One Shot

Genre: slight angst, fluff, mostly SMUT

Warnings: praise kink, humiliation (kind of not really), dirty talk, cursing

Length: 4,975

A/N: Happy birthday to our hope and actual sunshine, Jung Hoseok! Seriously, don’t read if under 18. I don’t want to call your mom, but I will.

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Call Me Thomas

Originally posted by diggstrash

Requested: By a lovely anon, but the plot was my idea, because I am Trashtm

Pairings: Thomas Jefferson x Soulmate!Reader

Summary: Y/N is horrified to find her heart glowing, litterally, after being introduced to Thomas Jefferson, her close friends’ enemy. But is there more to him than she had been told? And more importantly, did the universe make a mistake?

Warnings: I don’t think that there are any…

Word Count: 1,270

A/N: So, I hope that you guys like this, it’s my first Jefferson fic! Feedback is always appreciated, especially because there are going to be a few parts of this! I know that they don’t interact much in this part, but I promise they definitely will later!!! Hope that you enjoy!! Also, special shoutout to @secretschuylersister for giving me the motivation to write/post this!

“For the last time, Alexander, I don’t want to go.” You refused to look up from your novel to acknowledge the pushiest friend that you had ever made.

“I do hope you remember that you promised Eliza that you would be there.” He said, plucking the book out of your hands and giving you ‘the look’. You groaned, throwing yourself back into your chair. You had promised Eliza that you were going to be at her party, celebrating another one of Alexander’s accomplishments. And she had sent Alexander to retrieve you, knowing that you were going to try and skip it.

Somehow, you had managed to avoid the parties, claiming to be sick, or having some ‘extra work’ to help you father get done. You hadn’t been to one of her parties since Mr. Washington had been made the president, knowing that even though your friends were going to be there, the pricks who didn’t think that others that didn’t agree with you, because not inviting them would be an act of political war.

In fact, you were sure that the last party you attended at the Schuyler’s was the one where Eliza’s heart glowed red after she met Alexander for the first time. and for some reason, Angelica had seemed off for the rest of the night.

Nevertheless, resistance was futile, so you stood from you chair, making you way into your room.

“Where are you going?” You turned to see Alexander confused, for the first time in a long time.

“I don’t suppose you want me to attend your fancy dinner party in my trousers, do you?” You laughed, gesturing to your pants that you chose to wear around the house, solely because they allowed you to climb on the ladders that you needed in order to reach some reclusive document on an impossibly high shelf.

He was blushing. You had somehow managed to make Alexander Hamilton blush. You must have gained access to a very exclusive club after accomplishing something like that.

After changing into a gown that you were sure Peggy would approve of, because she was the one that had picked it out, you gave yourself a once over in the mirror before being ushered out of your house by Alexander. “You know that this color will look lovely on you. And you know that John would agree.” You loved Peggy from the bottom of your heart, but all three of them had been pairing you off for as long as you could remember.

And with Alexander’s new job, came a slew of eligible bachelors that they found to be ‘just perfect for you’. It came from a good place, but eventually even going through the motions with them became exhausting, and you stopped attending any gatherings with even a small chance of a potential suitor being there.

Unfortunately, the walk to Alexander’s didn’t take long, as they lived just down the street from you. Her childhood home was close as well, and you credited it as being one of the many reasons that you all became friends at such a long age, and why you were all still inseparable. They had no way to escape you.

He opened the door to reveal the house’s interior, splendidly decorated, and a sea of people that if you weren’t familiar with most of them, would send your heart into a flurry of distress. Thankfully, the first face to greet you was Peggy, and the smile on her face could have lit up the entire block.

“I’m so happy that you are here!” she squealed, pulling you into a hug. You felt yourself calm down, the feel of Peggy’s familiar arms around you as comforting as you remembered.

“I’m happy that you’re happy.” You laughed into her ear, not wanting to let her go, but knowing that you had to.

“You should be happy too.” She insisted, pulling back from the hug and giving you a knowing look. “I must say, that dress looks fantastic.” She grabbed your hand and twirled you around, her own giggles matching yours.

Without another word she looped her arm around yours and led you into the main room of the party. Couples were dancing, her father was surrounded by some of his friends from the senate and Alexander was laughing along with the rest of your friends. All seemed to be as it should have been, but for some reason, you felt like there was another presence in the room that you weren’t accustomed to.

Peggy noticed immediately. The girl was like a bloodhound when it came to your feelings. She noticed you glancing around the party and knew exactly what you were thinking. “We had to invite all of Mr. Washington’s cabinet.” She nodded to two men that had sequestered themselves into the corner of the room. “The one in gray is Mr. Madison, and the one in purple is Jefferson.”

You didn’t fail to notice the tone of her voice when she pointed out Jefferson, and you knew why. Alexander was constantly complaining about the man who challenged him at every corner. And more often than not, you had a reason to agree with your friend.

“I think that you and Mr. Madison may get along.” Peggy said, moving you towards the both of them. “Jefferson is almost unbearable, but Mr. Madison is very sweet. Besides, you should know everyone if they are going to be at our party.”

Peggy laughed and continued to point out other people as you made your way across the room, but you couldn’t hear her over the blood roaring in your ears. For some reason, you had a bad feeling about meeting this ‘Mr. Jefferson’. Alexander was always complaining about how stuck up he was, and how he wanted nothing but the worst for your country.

You couldn’t help but think that if Mr. Washington wanted him around, then there must have been some merit to his opinion.

“Mr. Jefferson?” Peggy asked as you approached his back. He halted his conversation abruptly and turned to face the two of you, his spine straightening and a smile growing on his face as he took you in. “I don’t believe that you have had the pleasure of meeting our close friend, Y/N Y/L/N. She helps her father run his law firm and simply couldn’t slip away the past few weeks.”

He took your hand in his, placing a delicate kiss to your knuckles before fixing you with a grin, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Jefferson.” You said with a small smile, unsure of what to make of not only the man in front of you, but the warm feeling that you had in your chest.

“I think that you can call me Thomas.” He said, his eyes sparkling in the glow of the red light coming from his chest.

From his chest? You gasped, yanking your hand away from his and frantically glancing down at your own torso. It was glowing bright red. Thomas Jefferson, one of your closest friend’s sworn enemies, was your soulmate. “You have got to be kidding me.” You said under your breath, but loud enough that those around you could still hear. You snatched your hand away from him, getting more furious by the second, your reaction intensified by the grin growing on his on his face.

“Dinner is served,” someone called from the other side of the room, but you were much to preoccupied with your pounding heart and asking the universe if it had made a mistake. Unfortunately, you had never heard of something like that before.

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She's Dirty Dancin' On Me [a Sebastian Smythe smut]

Request: Sebastian smut where the reader ties his hands with his tie and is wearing nothing but his blazer and underwear as she teases and seduces him.

a/n: oh i love my friend for requesting this, love youuuu xxx

How the hell did Sebastian manage to get himself into this one? And how the hell did you restrain his hands with his tie?! The Warber squirms in the sleek brown wood chair, praying nobody will come into the common room. Not a lot of students are here on the weekends; most go home to their families. And thank god, because Sebastian really did not want anyone seeing his dick out on display.

Again, he tugs at the tie, huffing angrily with a snarl. He hates not being in control. The giant oak door creaks open ever so slowly, anxiety bubbling up in the brunette. You slide in, quickly shutting the door behind you. Sebastian’s bright green eyes enlarge when he sees his Dalton blazer on your upper body. Your breasts peek out as you remove your shorts, revealing your thin underwear.

A groan escapes his throat, head bending backwards, eyes still focused on you. He tries pulling his wrists apart, going to throw out a snarky comment, until music erupts from your phone. His eyes squint, hearing the sound of New Kids On The Block’s ‘Dirty Dancing’ begin. “Wasn’t in the mood for dancin’, forget about romancing, ‘cause I already got a lady.” you rap, smirking, slowly strutting towards him. “Wasn’t tryin’ to be flirty, wasn’t feeling dirty, 'til this shorty started runnin’ on me.”

Dipping your fingers in your underwear, his breath hitches, back arching against the chair. His white button down stretches across his chest, becoming almost see through. “With her itty-bitty waist and her pretty pretty face, and the leanest, meanest, baddest, baddest body…” you step out of your underwear, tossing them aside. “Didn’t have no time to waste, she was looking for a test, and she was wanting me to party.” you hum, swinging your legs around his waist.

He bites his lip, panting while he racks his brain for the lyrics. “Oh, it’s so crazy, she’s like Baby, I’m like Swayze,” he smirks, bucking his hips up. “I’m said, oh, and I’m burning up…So, let’s turn it up, I said turn it up now…” he gasps, feeling your pussy sink down on his dick. The muscles in his back moves, arms hugging the chair.

Licking your lips, you let your hands tangle in his growing sleek light brown locks. After you adjust to his size, you harmonize the chorus with him. “She’s dirty dirty dancing, dirty dancing on me. She’s dirty dirty dancing, dirty dancing on me.” You rock your hips on his, moving your upper body as well. “She’s dirty dirty dancing, dirty dancing, dirty dancing on me. She’s dirty dirty dancing, dirty dancing on me.” You start unbuttoning his shirt, causing a moan to bubble inside him.

Following your upper body with his to the rhythm, Sebastian leans into your ear, tugging on it with his teeth lightly. “Now, I ain’t looking for no drama, I don’t want karma 'cause my baby sittin’ in bed at home.” he pouts, bucking his hips up, gasping when cool air hits his exposed chest. “She knows that I be lying and that I be trying to get this shorty with me all alone… Pretty pretty lips and her big 'ol hips, it’s getting hotter when she touches me with her fingertips-” His breath hitches, watching your fingers trace his abs. “And her sexy eyes and those big 'ol thighs…” he says breathlessly, mouth hanging open as you flutter your eyelashes at him. “It’s getting hotter like The Block up in the summertime-”

“Oh, it’s so crazy, she’s like Baby, I’m like Swayze.” you sing, letting the navy Dalton blazer fall off one shoulder, giving him a full show of your breast. He eyes it before smirking, bending his neck and taking your nipple in his mouth. “I’m said, oh, and I’m burning up,” you gasp, bouncing up and down on his dick. “So, let’s turn it up, I said turn it up now.” you purr, tugging on his hair, pulling him back.

Sebastian glares, stomach scrunching in on itself as he yanks on his restraints. “Now, I know that my girl is alone and she’s been blowing me up on my phone,” he echoes, snapping his hips up, smirking at your whimper. “But I can shower when I get back home, 'cause tonight I’m dancing dirty, yeah…” he hums, nibbling on your collarbone while you repeat the bridge.

A shiver runs through you and you groan, “Sebastian….I’m - ugh!” you cry out, feeling his dick twitch. He nods understandingly, hips bucking up once more, chestnut strands of hair falling in front of his green orbs. Withering, you cum at the same time as he does, chanting his name breathlessly.

“Y/N…” Sebastian hisses, panting while coming down from his high. His pale, sweaty chest rising and falling; he stares at you lazily, broad shoulders stretched behind him. “You… look hot in my Dalton blazer, babe.” he smirks, winking at you. “Just… just one question…how’d you get my tie so tight?”

Substitute Teacher

Requested by the lovely @negans-fucking-wife: “Hii I was wondering since negan was a school teacher before the apocalypse do  you think you could do like a dirty one shot about him being a teacher?”

Word Count: 2,162

Warning(s): lots of smut, dirty talk, Negan cussing of course

Tagging: @zombeeegurl @5sos1dsex (if you would like to be tagged in any of my works, just ask!)


Yesterday, your English teacher, for grade 12, left early due to be sick which meant you would probably have monotone, boring, old substitute until your regular teacher would return. You had expected the same thing for today, but when you walked into the small classroom, you found out that you were wrong.

In front of the room stood the most handsome guy you have ever seen, well you were assuming since the only thing you could see at this moment of him was his side profile and his back. This man was like most teachers, and you could just tell that just by the way he was dressed. He was clothed in a simple pair of jeans and a black button down shirt, that was pretty tight. As he would write today’s assignments on the board, his arms would flex, making the button down grab against his arms.

It was when the teacher turned around that you just noticed how handsome he was. The bottom half of his face was covered in a pepper colored beard. You definitely had an eye for guys with a beard. As you eyed his body down, you also took notice that the first button of his shirt was popped open and the same pepper color that covered his beard seemed to also cover his chest hair.

“As you can see, Mrs. Smith won’t be here for today, or for the rest of the week for that matter. While she is out, I will be your sub. You all can call me Negan, nothing else.” The teacher, Negan, had such a deep voice, it was hypothetically making you melt.

Negan had to in his mid-late 40’s, but you weren’t complaining. He looked good for his age.

You were staring at him, trying to figure him out, but he quickly caught you. Negan cleared his throat, catching your attention and making you face flush a bright red. He quietly chuckled, starting on a lecture about Romeo and Juliet.

It was only Monday, and if Negan was going to be here the rest of the week, you sure were going to have a hard time concentrating. He had already taken up most of your thoughts and class had only start 20 minutes.


Usually, by Wednesday, you were wanting to crawl in a hole, but knowing that you got to see Negan again, made you excited. Just in the short amount of 2 days, you had learn a lot about Negan, well, you learned about him along with your classmates.

You had learned that he liked to play ping pong. At his old school, he wasn’t just a English teacher, he also couched their ping pong team. One thing that you had learned about him, maybe a couple of other students had caught onto it too, but, you had learned that when he was frustrated, he would run his fingers through his beard. It was a simple thing, but that simple little thing he did had thoughts running through your mind.

Usually, you were a bit of a shy student, but Negan brought something out of you. You find yourself flirting with him, but not enough for the others to find out, but Negan quickly caught onto the little game you were playing and he decided to play along too.

Some things you would to catch his eye would include, biting the end of your pen and acting oblivious to what you were doing, or even wearing low cut shirts and leaning forward just the slightest bit giving him a little peak. You could tell you were getting to him when he would squirm in his seat, more than likely adjusting himself.

His payback was worse though. Negan would make eye contact and slide his tongue across his lips, wetting them. As his tongue would dart out of his mouth, your thighs would immediately clenching together, trying to help yourself from falling over in the middle of class. Negan made you weak in the knees, literally. He knew what kind of effect he had on you and he loved it. He loved seeing how hard you would try to concentrate on the task at hand, but slowly give up. Negan got a little satisfaction knowing what he did to you and you couldn’t deny that you got satisfaction as well.


Finally, as Friday had came around the corner. You were sick of it. Sick of the game you two were playing with each other. If Negan wasn’t going to do anything about it, you sure as hell would.

As you walked into class, you ignored his greeting and tried your hardest to ignore him. With ignoring him, you did let a little flirtation slip out here and there, but not too much. Just enough for him to know that you couldn’t take it any longer and with today being his last day, you both had to do something about it.

“(Y/N), why don’t you stay after class? You look like you have something on your mind and I wouldn’t want your teacher coming back to school with confused student.” You heard Negan’s voice echo throughout the small classroom along with some ooo’s from your fellow students.

You honestly didn’t know why he had actually called you to stay after class. Did Negan want to talk about the little interactions you two were having? Did he think that they were inappropriate and it was a simple mistake that you thought that he wanted you as well?

With questions swimming around in your head, you didn’t notice the last student leave the class and Negan walking over to the door, locking it.

The locking sound was what slipped you from your thoughts. You were alone with him, finally, and the air in the room felt thick. There was so much tension flying around that it felt as if you couldn’t breathe.

Negan made his way to the front of you, where you were standing, not exactly being able to move. The closer he got to you, the more shallow your breathing was getting. Negan had this pull on you. It was like every move you made was controlled by him.

He crouched down until he was eye level with you, making sure you were listening to him. “Now, I think you and I have something to talk about, right?”

You began to stumble over your words, not knowing how to answer him. “Um, I-I think we do, sir. I mean N-Negan.”

Never have you been so shy in front of someone before. You weren’t even shy with him after all the flirting,  but the glint in Negan’s eye made you question every sentence and every move now. His eyes were filled with lust, you could tell just by how much they had darken from their usual color of light brown.

Negan moved behind you, his body hear radiating onto your back. The heat of his body sending a shiver down your spine. Each movement he made had a different effect on your body, but along with that, each movement also brought the same effect of wetness pooling in your panties.

Suddenly, you felt his soft, yet rough, lips against the nape of your neck. He was trailing kisses up and down, making sure he didn’t miss a spot. You let out a soft moan from his actions, quickly bringing your hand up to your mouth, trying to quiet the moans.

“Now doll, you don’t have to quiet those fucking pretty little sounds falling from your lips.” Negan covered your hand with his, pulling it away from your mouth.

You felt his lips start to kiss at your neck again, this time nibbling just the slightest bit. The small nibbles helping short moans fall from your lips again. You began to feel his hands and the top of your jeans, working to get them undone. As his was slightly struggling, you decided to help.

Negan smirked against your neck, “always a teachers damn pet, aren’t you?”

A laugh couldn’t help but come from your throat, but it was quickly replaced with a gasp as you felt his fingers slide between your panties and skin, finding their way to your clit. Once he began slowly rubbing, rolling your clit between his two fingers is when you became putty in his hands.

It was at this moment that you mentally thanking yourself that you were 19 a couple of days ago when he was getting to know the students. If you were any younger, this wouldn’t be happening anytime soon.

When Negan began pumping his fingers, you moaned loudly. He was so good with his fingers, that you could only imagine how could he was with his cock.

The thought of Negan’s cock made you wetter, making it easier for his fingers to slick back and forth.

“God, you’re so fucking wet. Is this all for me? Hmm?” His fingers pumped fast, making it hard for you to answer, so you just stuck with a stifled moan.

You couldn’t take it anymore, you needed him and quick before a teacher or student walks in, even though school was over. As Negan was still working his fingers, making you weak, you tried your best to strip yourself of your shirt and bra. You didn’t want to waste anymore time.

Once your bra hit the floor, you felt his fingers pull away. You let out a involuntary groan, turning around to look at him.

You were surprised to see him practically naked. The only thing standing between you and his cock was the boxers that he had on that were very tight. Just from the outline, you could tell his cock was big and quite thick. A little precut stain where the head was let you know that he was just as ready as you were.

Deciding that you wanted to give him a little relief, you went to drop to your knees, but he quickly stopped you.

“Let’s save that for another time. Why don’t you bend over that fucking desk for me.” You didn’t have to be told twice before you were already bending over pulling down both your pants and parties.

Behind you, you could hear Negan moan at the sight of you all ready for him. Your wetness dripped down your thigh, it catching the light from all the fluorescent lighting on the ceiling.

Growing impatient, you began to squirm. You needed Negan and he was purposely making you wait and you were growing tired of it.

“Negan, please, just fuck me.” Saying that was all it took for Negan to slam into you from behind. His thrusts quickly becoming hard, but to hard.

Negan’s hands found your hair, pulling it into a makeshift ponytail. The tighter he would pull, the louder you would moan, the roughness bringing you closer to the edge. His hand pulling on your hair brought your body up to the point where your back was pressed against his sweaty chest.

The feeling of his cock inside you absolutely drove your crazy. You craved more and he was giving you everything he had, not wanting to stop. Negan brought his free out around and started rubbing you clit in sync with his thrusts. The faster he would thrust, the faster his fingers would move.

What drove him crazy was the fact that you were moaning his name over and over again. Different pitches over it coming from your mouth.

“Yes, just like that. Saying my fucking name.” Negan began to go even more harder, making you lunge forward a little bit. You obeyed him, moaning his name even more than you already had been.

“Mmm, Negan. Please don’t stop. Don’t stop.” The sound of your voice bringing him closer to the edge as well. Which each thrust he did, the closer the edge seemed to be.

The sounds of moans, grunts, and skin slapping together filled the small classroom. Making this whole situation 10x hotter than it already was.

Finally, Negan thrusted hard one last time, bringing you both orgasms together and bringing a long moan from your lips and a hard grunt fall from his. His thrusts slowed down, letting you both ride it out.

You felt him pull out, leaving you with an empty filling you didn’t want. Trying to stand tall was difficult as your legs were still shaking from all the pleasure had had just given you.

The two of you started to get dressed and as you put on the last piece of clothing, you wondered if you and Negan would ever have an interaction like this again. You didn’t want it to be a one time thing, but then again, you had no idea how to get ahold of him outside of school.

Negan must have been thinking the same thing, because he looked at you, answering you mental question. “Don’t you were your pretty fucking head. I’ll be back, trust me.“

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Who's the Boss?

Party Poison smut ayeeee

Once again, the boys had left you behind in the deserted diner. The radio transmissions bored you, the traffic reports coming in sparse.

Ever since you joined the Killjoys, you were up at the top, leading above Party within a week, knowing your own strength, surviving life in the Zones for months on your own. Now Party decided to kick you down the ladder, constantly leaving you behind, always being the cheekiest motherfucker when they got back, excusing himself by saying he forgot you, always giving a wink as you fumed.

This time, you swore it would be different, you swore you’d stand up for yourself, yet when the 4 strolled in, drenched in sweat, you felt your nerve drop. Your confidence had wiped completely, and you allowed the disheveled men to stroll past you and sit at the counter, wiping sweat off their brow.

“Hey, y/n! Sorry, it was killer out there today.” Jet remarked as he passed by, seeing the dejected look on your face.

You simply watched, the men looking worn out and exhausted, life in the zones getting to them. God, they didn’t even bring back supplies, probably wasting all the gasoline without getting anymore… All because of that dickhead they called a leader.

You felt your body tremble, alive with fire at the thought. You breathed deeply before your eyes locked on your target, lips pursed, arms crossed, looking tough as ever.

“Party. We need to talk. In the other room. Now.” Your voice was smooth and hard like granite, the words creating a dead silence, shortly followed by Ghoul making various whip-cracking noises as Party rolled his eyes and moved from his seat. You roughly shoved him through the door to the back room, glancing back and shaking your head at your companions.

“Yeah?” Party sighed, slumping against the dirty wall, crammed only a few feet from the bare mattresses you kept. In the background you could hear one of the boys find music on the radio, blaring it at a high volume.

“Party, what makes you think you’re so fucking qualified to be a boss? What’s the deal ditching me here when you know damn well that I can survive longer on my own than you could?” Your voice was cold, dropping to a low tone you didn’t know you could achieve.

He licked over his thin, cracked lips and scrunched up the sleeves of his jacket, “Now listen, I know you’re pissed, but get this… I’m in charge.” He stated this so simply, casting a tight-lipped smile your way.

“Party, just because you wear the tightest goddamn pants, doesn’t make you a leader!” Your voice was heated, heart pounding like rapid gunfire, feeling it leap into your throat as Party clutched a strong hand to your neck, fingers curling around your throat.

His voice was quiet and low as he purred like an engine, “Y/n, we both know you’d be well dead without me, so don’t you ever… EVER say that to me again!” He was roaring by the time he finished, his fingers tightening in your skin, nearly choking you out.

Your breathing sped and slowly returned as he let you go, him smiling and winking before moving to get past you.

Unthinking, you shoved him backwards, knocking him down on the bed, moving atop him, pinning him down completely, nearly growling through your bared teeth,

“Don’t you dare ever leave me behind again. I’m the fucking boss now, do you hear me?!”

You barked down at him again, nearly panting, feeling his body suddenly tense up beneath you, springing up and pinning you down beneath him in complete surprise as you squealed.

“Aw Sugar, that’s not how it works.” He practically moaned into you in the most sensual of ways, dipping down to whisper in your ear, lightly running his tongue over the shell, kissing lightly on your neck below.

“I’m in charge, and you listen to me.” He whispered, light as a feather before pressing his body deeply against yours, his lips dragging themselves down your neck before working roughly, teeth moving to tease your sensitive skin every now and then.

“Party, what…? Oh god.” You moaned into his ear as his hips began to rock against yours, the friction between your jeans heating up as Party continued kissing all over your neck.

“Oh, Sugar, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to see you like this.” He growled against your skin, vibrations sending themselves through your skin.

You cocked an eyebrow, seemingly questioning that he actually wanted to see you this way as he pulled his head back, his lips swollen and shiny from the sloppy trail of kisses.

Letting go of one of your arms, you felt his calloused hand glide over your cheek softly, feeling Party hum a soft ‘of course’ into your mouth as he kissed you roughly, holding your head firmly in place, his teeth nearly knocking against yours in the flurry.

You felt your muscles tense up as you rammed your body up against his, flipping him over once more, proud of your handiwork as his bold cherry hair spattered against the bare material.

You saw his eyes darken, the hazel now clouded beyond recognition, a more sinister entity taking its place. You felt Party’s hand slip free in the weak moment of your triumph. A stinging sensation formed across your face as you were moved on your back, wide eyes staring up at the Killjoy, who was now smirking, a hand at the button of your pants.

“Party… Party please…” You whimpered, feeling the button pop open and hearing the slow drag of the zipper as it came undone. His hand then moved back to your arms, clasped above your head.

“You gonna be good for me, Princess?” He breathed, sending a devilish smirk your way. Nodding profusely, you watched greedily as Party stood up, taking off his jacket and excuse for a shirt, tossing the jacket to the side.

“Just in case you get ideas…” He grinned, binding your wrists together with the muscle tee, strained above your head.

Wiggling your hips, you watched eagerly as Party groped at the tight material of your pants, yanking them quickly to your ankles, dragging them off- followed by your underwear, your legs crossing themselves to cover up your most sensitive place in response.

“Oh, Princess, you swore you’d be good.” He smirked, his hands prying your thighs apart, his hair bright like fire between your legs, hot breath teasing you.

“That’s muuuuch better, Sweetheart.” He cooed, hands moving and harshly pinning down your hips at both sides, planting kisses up and down your inner thighs.

You found yourself whimpering in response, completely submitting to every one of Party’s motions, an extremely loud moan somehow slipping from you as his tongue finally met your clit, wiggling back and forth, up and down, pressure building up as you felt your hips attempt to reach up, a failed attempt to gain more pressure.

You felt three of Party’s fingers shoot up inside you as his tongue flicked at your clit, a scream tearing from your body, panting as he worked, cursing his name.

He pulled his mouth away, lips absolutely glossy as he smirked, watching you come undone as he curled his fingers inside of you, one hand still holding down your wild hips, which were grinding themselves down on his fingers as you moaned, hair becoming a mess as you began to sweat a bit, strands clinging to your face. You felt yourself hit your climax shortly after Party again added his tongue to the mix of stimulants, throwing you completely over the edge.

“Oh, Fuck! Party- oh… Shit.” You moaned, your inner walls becoming uncontrollable as he continued to work himself inside you, tongue lapping strategically around his fingers to clean up any and all of your juices.

He surfaced with a completely glistening mouth, lips parted just a bit, the sight nearly bringing you another wave of intense pleasure.

Relishing in the moment, feeling your strength regain, you didn’t notice Party undressing at the foot of the bed until he was completely nude, the lean, muscular build of his body propped up on his elbows atop you.

“Sugar… I think the shirt’s a bit much for the situation at hand, don’t you?” He breathed, leaning down to pepper kisses on your cheeks and neck, smiling into the crook of your neck as he felt you nod a yes.

Resting on his knees, you felt his arms slip around you, pulling you up to a sitting position, feeling him release you from your bonds, his fingers slipping to the hem of your worn tee, rolling it over your head, fingers gliding over the newly exposed skin on your stomach, slipping to the back and reaching to the clasp of your bra, making deep kisses on your neck as he slowly slipped the garment off, gliding the straps down your arms, bruising your skin as he picked the bra up and whipped it away, laying you back down and re-tying his shirt to your wrists.

“Party… Party- we can’t.” You managed to croak out, feeling his teeth dig in your skin, a blushing bruise forming at the surface as he kissed over it.

“Babygirl, that’s not an option at this point.” He chuckled darkly into your soft skin.

“Party, the guys… They’ll-”

“Screw the guys. You’re mine and by the time we’re done here, they’ll know it.” He panted, his possessiveness strangely turning you on.

His teeth were once again nipping at the sensitive skin on your neck, prompting you to release small moans, shuddering under his touches.

“Party, c-c'mon… We can’t-” You squealed the last syllable, releasing a guttural moan as you felt him ram into you, your legs twitching, hips bucking in response, your eyes squeezing shut.

“Honey, don’t hold back, I wanna hear you screaming my name by the time we’re done.” He groaned, moving inside of you slowly. You struggled against the bond of Party’s shirt to your wrists, breathing becoming labored as you could feel him brush past your g-spot.

“Sugar, you’re so fucking tight, so fucking good.” Party purred, the cherry red hair falling into his eyes as he moved, his hips picking up pace, the force growing harder and he left stray kisses on your chest, his mouth roaming on your hot skin.

“Oh, shit…” You moaned softly, sweat beginning to break out on the both of you, feeling him hit harder inside of you, your hips tensing in response, another small curse falling under your breath.

“Louder, Honey.” He grunted, picking up the pace slightly, your hands straining to be free so you could just touch him, rake your nails into him… Instead, you simply let out another soft moan, much to Party’s dissatisfaction.

“I said, louder.” He whispered harshly, balancing himself on one arm as his pace became more intense, his hand connecting with your skin in a hard slap to the face, his fingers moving to your throat once again, the small amount of pressure intensifying your pleasure tenfold.

“Oh…. SHIT!” You cried out, a particularly hard thrust delivering it’s way deep inside of you.

“Who’s the boss, baby?” He whispered cooly, hips snapping into you at a completely mind-blowing pace.

“You-u-u, Party!” You whined, the pressure inside of you becoming nearly unbearable, begging for release.

“WHO IS IT?!” He barked, his hot breath against your skin, the sounds of the squeaky mattress and your skin together overpowering any sounds in the other room by far.

“Oh, fuck… IT’S YOU, PARTY, IT’S YOU!” You yelled out, finally feeling his thrusts angle themselves better to hit your most sensitive spot. You came screaming, swearing Party’s name, knowing the guys would hear as you felt Party pull out quickly after you hit your release, watching him with lustfully glazed eyes as he touched himself, jacking off at a rapid pace before finishing on your lower stomach, the hot sticky liquid nearly feeling the same as your sweat-soaked skin.

Your eyelids fluttered shut after that, completely exhausted from your encounter, laying there for who knows how long, feeling yourself cool down in the dampness of your own sweat beneath you, swallowing hard and mentally adjusting to your situation, your hands still tied as you felt Party at the very front of your neck kissing and licking, leaving multiple hickies before you felt him slip the shirt from your wrists- you too hazy to even move, eyes closed in complete bliss, even when you felt Party clean up the mess he made on your skin.

You could hear the door swing, eyes slowly opening only to realize that Party had left.

Uncaring, you rolled over, bringing your hands down from above your head and getting up, re-dressing and running a few fingers through your hair, waltzing through the doors to see the 4 Killjoys huddled in a circle.

Hearing the squeak of the hinge, they all turned to look at you, taking in the sight of your sweaty hair, a few strands still sticking to your somewhat flushed face. You could see eyes open wide and jaws drop slightly as they took in the sight of you- shirt on inside out, deep purple marks coating your neck.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” You rolled your eyes, striding over to them. “However, if you really want to take a picture, it should be of the real boss here.” You smirked giggling a bit as you sauntered up next to Party, extending a hand.

“You win.”

  • Sawamura: Cough. Look over here.
  • Miyuki: Yes? What is it, Sawamura?
  • Sawamura: I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party.
  • Miyuki: Excuse me?
  • Sawamura: The…party. With the… pants. Pants party?
  • Miyuki: Sawamura, are you saying that there’s a party in your pants and that I’m invited?
  • Sawamura: That’s it.
  • Miyuki: Did Kuramochi tell you to say this?
  • Sawamura: No. Yes. He did.
Okay but imagine

Ian and Mickey getting hot and heavy:

  • Trying to be quiet
  • Taking the liberty to be really loud
  • Satisfying various kinks
  • Experimenting with various toys
  • Trying out different positions
  • In various public places
  • Before work
  • Pulling the other back into bed because no, com'ere
  • When the other is trying to make breakfast, jesus
  • Looking up things to try out
  • Experimenting with dirty talk
  • Finding out that they have no idea what they’re doing with dirty talk and laughing instead
  • Looking up porn and sex based websites for tips on dirty talk
  • Wrestling turning into something more
  • Watching porn together
  • Critiquing porn together
  • Sneaking off during a party
  • One under the dinner table
  • “Take off your pants right now I s2g”
  • Angry sex
  • I love you sex
  • I’m so horny get in me now sex
  • I’m tired but idc let’s do this sex
  • We haven’t done it in like a week sex
  • We’ve done it like three times already give me another half an hour please sex
  • I’m pretending that I don’t want to have sex with you but we both know I really want to sex
  • Playful sex
  • I’m going to tease you until you beg sex
  • Let me just kiss all over your body first sex

Sooo here’s an untitled Billford drabble for @leukaraii as my contribution for the late Secret Santa event held in the Billford Discord chat. Happy late holidays or whatever the occasion is! =^^=

Rated mild M for (very mild) dubcon. Expect dialogue-driven penthouse shenanigans and Bill being meta af.

”And then he said – hold on… He said… I said wait…”

“You’ve been saying that for, like, five minutes already.”

You-u shut up! Time is dead, I killed it… Hey, where’s my punch? Ronnie, someone drank my punch…”

“It was you, Billy. You drank the punch.”

“Liar, liar, pants on fire! Pfft- hahaha! Get it, guys? Her pants are – wait… She’s not wearing pants… That’s… against the dress code. You’re breaking the rules, Py!”

“But Boss, you said there’s no rules.”

“…You’re not wearing pants, Kryptos. You dare come to my party with no pants on and still claim to pledge your all… allieg… allegiance to me? Huh?”

“No offense, but you’re not wearing pants, either.”

“Yeah, I mean, there’s literally no one in this room who’s wearing pants.”

“Everybody stop questioning me! This is my party! My rules! Nobody respects my rules… except this guy… He’s wearing pants, see? He’s a gentleman, like myself! He’s the only one who gets me… C’mere, Fordsy…”

“Ugh, get a room, you two!”

“You know what? I think we will! He’d probably be intimidated by the sight of you pantless savages, anyway. Just me and him, we have a nice talk, catch up, bury the hatchet, shake on it, and we’ll be back to partying in no time! With or without pants – to be honest, I wouldn’t mind either!”

“Room. Now.”

“Sure thing, big guy.”

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