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We sell this expensive party box at my store where you get a little bit of ice cream and toppings of your choice for a party. A lady wanted to get one the other day and tried to use a promotional coupon that says you could use it ON THE NEXT ONE YOU BUY, so of course since it's so expensive she decided not to get it when I told her she couldn't use it. Now I'm worried she's going to leave a bad review and I get so paranoid. I feel like I should have just given it to her since she's a regular

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I remember back in 2006 NASCAR probably experienced it's best red flag moment ever during the Sharpie Mini 300 at Bristol Motor Speedway when the race was brought to a halt by a snowstorm! The cars may have been stopped during that red flag, but that didn't stop the drivers, teams, and fans from having fun. Snowball fights broke out between all parties, one team built a snowman in their pit box, and even the PA guy got into it by playing Christmas music over the loudspeakers.

Christmas music, omg. Priceless.

And I’ve actually wondered about that! ‘Cause like… honestly I feel like it’s a miracle more races aren’t postponed/shortened due to weather conditions, since the season spans so many uh… seasons and the race locations are in a lot of places that have pretty variable weather!!

One time my mom and I went to a dirt race in KS and the entire evening there was a lightning storm just kind of. Hanging out. Immediately adjacent the track. The sky was black and the clouds were tumultuous and it being Kansas, there was a crapton of lightning going off all over the place. But it wasn’t DIRECTLY over the track so the officials were just like, “YEAH IT’S FAR ENOUGH AWAY, WE’RE GOOD. GO GO GO!” And after every event it’d get colder and windier and more ominous and they’d just be like “…Yeah! Still okay! The lightning is just far enough away lol. Let’s see how much we can get away with.”

I always remember this one dude who was eating nachos in the middle of all this, even though we were all getting sandblasted by the dirt the storm was flinging around. XD Extra nutrients, I guess?

Immediately after the last event it started pouring right on top of us. But it did wait! A VERY KIND STORM.

Horror RPGs in a Nutshell
  • The Witch's House: Oh look, the dresser killed you. And the clock. And the tadpole. And the book. And the fountain. And the knife flying out of nowhere. And breathing.
  • Mad Father: I know Father killed several innocents, and tortured them in the process, and turned puppies into soup, and bombed an orphanage, and leaked spoilers, and stole all the Yu-Gi-Oh cards in Target, and put the soda into the microwave... But he's a good person!
  • Misao: ...Yeah, I don't care that my classmates are dead. They were assholes. This place isn't even scar- OH GOD IT'S A PHONE
  • Mario - The Music Box: *Luigi waving a cross at Mario's head* OUT OF THIS HOUSE! OUT OF THIS HOUSE! Spirits begone from this house!
  • The Crooked Man: I need to find this guy... Even though I could've just asked who he was. Instead I'll just travel across the country and reflect on my miserable life... And blindly follow addresses on vague notes.
  • The Sandman: Dude, I am TRIPPING right now. And my classmates are assholes again.
  • The Boogieman: Killing innocent people by the dozens and gaslighting the survivors? Ha, what a dweeb.
  • Paranoiac: *insert generic Scooby Doo running montage music here*
  • Corpse Party: Everyone you love is going to suffer, die, then suffer some more. Forever. And it's all your fault. But hey at least this girl is gay
The Rope of Destiny

The party, with the help of a bunch of foreign soldiers, has just downed a large and rather terrifying creature we know only as “the night spirit” which has been giving us trouble for a while. When the night spirit finally passed out on the ground, it transformed into a young girl. After much debate about what to do, we agree to tie her up and wait to see what happens. Our very uncharismatic monk, who is both a thief and a hoarder and oddly has higher sleight of hand than our rogue, offers to do the tying, but refuses to use her own rope (see: hoarder).

Monk: I don’t have any rope.

Paladin: I’m literally looking at your rope. It’s strapped to the outside of your pack.

Monk: … this rope is special rope. It has a specific fate. Today is not the day this rope is to be used.

DM: Roll deception.

Monk: *nat20*

Party: WTF?!?!

DM: That totally works. Everyone around you believes that rope has a preordained destiny.

Fighter: *squinting at monk* Can I roll insight on that?

DM: Sure.

Fighter: *nat1* … goddammit.

Party: *erupts into laughter*

DM: You are completely and utterly suckered, you sad sack of shit. You genuinely believe this rope is powerful. You don’t know how powerful, or what its powers are, but you now covet it.

Rogue: I try to steal the rope.

DM: Fine. You’ve opened Pandora’s box with this shit.

Rogue: *nat1*

Party: *gasping for breath between bouts of laughter*

DM: You move to swipe the rope, but slip and wind up genuflecting before it.

Party: *has to briefly break to compose ourselves after all this absurdity*

Paladin: *looks somewhat disturbed by everything that has transpired* … here, just. Use my rope. (ooc) If you roll another nat1, I’m out.

Monk: Thank you! ^^ Alright, now I tie up the kid.

DM: Roll sleight of hand.

Monk: *nat1*

DM: (without missing a beat) You tie yourself to the child. You wear her like a backpack.

Paladin: *walks out*

Shades of Minjoon

Hoi and welcome back! Today I have Namjoon and the guy he calls “mochi sexy” Chim. Minjoon - Namjoon and Jimin

What Bangtan think they do :

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What soft shippers think they do :

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What hard shippers think they do :

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What meme lovers think they do :

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What Minjoon think they do :

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What Minjoon actually do :

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From Jimin :

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From Namjoon :

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Cuddly much? ^^ :

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You’d find endless moments when Jimin throws himself on Namjoon’s side giggling and trust me its the cutest thing ever! Love them lots! till next time ^^

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Fun fact: before knowing Kageyama’s name I called him potato head.

Batboys X Reader- Welcome To The Family

“He got another one?”

Dick and Jason stared at your dirty and small figure sitting at the dining room table, eating your food as if it were your last meal.  Bruce had informed everyone that he had taken you off from the streets when he found you at a crime scene.  You were hidden behind a couple boxes when a criminal decided to mug someone in the same alley.  The sounds of the victim struggling woke you up from your nap, making you leave your current home at the time.  There was a woman that was attempting to push a man’s knife away from her neck.  You quickly grabbed an old pipe you kept with you and stood up, quietly approaching the man until you were directly behind him.  You rose the pipe and bashed it on his head, causing him to drop the knife and collapse on the ground.  You hit him again for good measure and kicked away the knife.  The woman you saved stared at you, trying to process what you had just done.

“He’s still alive,” you muttered and kicked the man, receiving a groan from him.

“Thank you,” she stuttered out and hugged you.

You sighed at the warmth she provided, but had to let go, “Can you call the police?  I don’t want to be here without help if he wakes up again.”

She nodded and pulled out her cell phone out of her battered purse.  A few minutes later, a shadow enveloped you and the woman.  You turned around, the pipe still in your grip, to find the Batman looking at you and the woman.  He walked past you and the woman, grabbed the man, and placed some type of handcuffs on him.  Once he was finished with the criminal, he turned around and faced you and the woman.  

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One Rule | stripper!jennie | M

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Summary: “You have one rule, no touching allowed.”

Word Count: 9,951

When your friend had told you to let loose, you figured she meant for you to take a week off of work, go outside and soak up Vitamin D, maybe have one more drink than you usually did at the bar.

You did not, however, think that she meant anything remotely close to a strip club.

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