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🎉✨ HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 🌟🎉  I didn’t find any party hat accessories, so I made a simple one. The textures are very basic and I recommend recolouring for your own preferred designs. (I would have made it earlier but I just didn’t think of it until it was already almost midnight, many hours ago CET, lol.) 

Categorised as earrings (custom thumbnail), because I think goofy glasses go well with party hats, so earrings had to be sacrificed. (I didn’t clone a hat because AFAIK that would crop off half the sim’s hair. These use the hat texture space though. If anyone knows better about the cropped hair, teach me so I can make a hat version later!) 

☆♦ Download: ♦☆ 

Low-poly. Should be basegame compatible and is for adults/etc (not kids). Let me know if there are any problems, and see my ToU here


I just finished my 16th hat earlier today. It took me nearly two months!!! I didn’t want to leave out any of the details of Hatter’s fabulous costume, so I decided to make the front of the hat the top of his outfit, and the back his pants. It’s a bit crowded, but then again, so is his costume! Definitely more a hat for display rather than wear. I’m very proud of it, but there are still a few little things I’d want to try and improve if I make it again.

“So, remind me again why we’re looking for a couple’s Halloween costume?”

The store is absolutely packed, everyone in the state of Connecticut at this one store, probably, desperately searching for something that isn’t a total wash just five days before the holiday.

Louis sighs, still rifling through a bin of costumes, sorted extremely poorly. “Because.”

“Wow. That’s helpful.” Harry goes back to searching through another rack of tacky costumes, each one seemingly worse than the previous.

“I aim to please.” He holds up a set of ketchup and mustard costumes, immediately making a face and tossing them back into the bin. “None of these are good enough. Wait.” He digs through the pile and eagerly holds up a set of clown costumes. “Yeah?”

“Piss off.”

Louis laughs. “Firm no, got it.”

“Okay, but good enough for what?”

“For us.”

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[AU: Finn has the hots for Rae but he thinks she’s too good for him

also, this is my first ever fic so i hope it’s not too horrible! This will be multichapter and I was thinking of calling it To Wish Impossible Things or TWIT for short :) i have only read a handful of mmfd fics so i’m not sure if anyone already named theirs that but i hope not]

other parts can be found here

(part 1/?????)

Finn liked her a lot. His affection had grown so much over the last year since they’d met. He was too afraid to tell her though, he always knew Rae wass too good for him, and now she was with him. He hated seeing the way Craig made her laugh and he cringed every time he saw them touch, but no one noticed, except his best mate, Archie. Archie leaned in to speak into Finn’s ear “Stop staring mate, you’re being obvious” Finn rolled his eyes but then turned to Archie, sadness drawn across his expression. Archie gave FInn a sympathetic look and then spoke up for everyone to hear “So gang, I have an empty this Friday-” but Archie was interrupted by an outburst from Chop “OI! Sounds like it’s time for another sexy party then, Archibald!” “I don’t know about a sexy party, Chop, but I was going to ask you lot to come round, yeah” Finn began to worry. He wondered if he could handle being around Rae and Craig at a party. So far he’d only had to deal with seeing them at college and every now and then at the pub. What if he had to witness them going off together. Finn’s mind was racing and he decided he needed to go home and get some sleep.

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