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On this day music history: February 21, 1981 - Prince makes his first appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live performing “Party Up”. Hosted that week by actress Charlene Tilton (“Dallas”), Prince is booked on the show on the recommendation of Eddie Murphy who becomes the breakout star of the show’s new cast. The episode becomes infamous because the expletive “f***” is said twice in the program during the live broadcast. Once by Prince during his performance, and by comedian Charles Rocket in a sketch. Rocket is fired for his infraction, while Prince’s goes largely unnoticed on the original broadcast and subsequent re-broadcasts of the program in syndication.


Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #325

(This is somehow even weirder than most of what I post on this blog. :p ) (Dialogue from The Emperor’s New Groove.)

out of my league

by koutarous

bin wakes up in a stranger’s bed.
the “we were both at this party and you were the designated driver but i was too drunk to give you my address so i woke up in your bed and commented on how you were way out of my league before realizing we didnt sleep together” au that literally no one asked for

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Born on this day: April 27, 1948 - Singer, songwriter and keyboardist Kate Pierson of The B-52’s (born Catherine Elizabeth Pierson in Weehawken, NJ). Happy 69th Birthday, Kate!!