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My headcanon for Amanda and Farah’s wedding includes Todd and Dirk Gently standing on one side of the altar in matching best man tuxedos, staring nervously at the Rowdy 3 on the other side of the altar who are the most enthusiastic bridesmaids ever.

They manage to keep themselves in check until Amanda throws the bouquet. Then it’s every man for himself (none of them want to get married but they’re a competitive gang, Vogel ends up victorious but only after he breaks the bridal table by launching himself off it).

One thing I’m beyond excited for in Dirk Gently season two is the idea of Amanda rescuing the Rowdy 3.

I mean, it’s obviously going to be a team effort (and I’m still convinced that Riggins is going to play a huge role in breaking the Blackwing subjects out). But I trust Max Landis enough now that I can’t ever imagine any of the characters going oh no, I’ve been rescued by a girl, what a catastrope.

The Rowdy 3 would be fucking stoked that Amanda was able to pull this off. Martin would be so proud of their tiny angry vigilante champion.

I’m not even joking, I will be disappointed if we don’t have a cell door being blasted off its hinges and Amanda leaping through the burning wreckage in her leather jacket with a baseball bat and r e v e n g e in her eyes. This is her family and she will fight the entire fucking CIA if that’s what it takes to keep them safe.


So apparently this is a thing today? Anyway I’m Martha, I’m 15, British and dghda has kind of changed my life, it’s the best TV show I’ve ever seen and… I’m in love. This fandom is the loveliest I’ve been a part of and I’m so happy I found it ^-^
Ft. 2 photos taken by other people when I wasn’t expecting it and a Christmas jumper worn in April (I do that sometimes I love jumpers)…

ok but honestly a high school reunion is a perfect place for Waverly to come out. High school was hard for Waverly, being liked for a lot of what she wasn’t, was just pretending to be, and being disliked for something she feels so strongly about (being an Earp), was an exhausting balance for her. A lot of emphasis has been placed on Waverly feeling so suffocated by the people around her, but still fighting for their acceptance. A lot of that probably really intensified in high school, which is so intense anyway. When she started dating Champ, or maybe other boys before him, when cliques cemented, when pressure really builds, she shaped her identity around the people around her.

Keeping in mind that we don’t really know what’s going to happen yet, but with minimal clarity on whatever episode this is and what happens before it, Waverly kissing Nicole in front of everyone at that reunion is really brave – she’s really brave. She wants to be herself finally and she feels confident enough that being herself means being open about her sexuality and relationship, even if that doesn’t yield the most positive reactions from her peers. Honestly, we don’t know how well anyone in town will take it, and neither does Waverly. But she does it anyway and I’m proud <3

additional headcanons under the cut, btw because I could write fic but I don’t want to

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you know that gif of the chick patting her friend who's crying with a broom? that's jet.

party, lying facedown on the floor sobbing: god hates me and i dont even believe in god oh my shitting hell i think im going nuts for real ive killed so many people my brain is frying in my skull
jet, gently stroking party’s back with a swiffer wetjet: there,,,, there

Happy Birthday to Me - part 4 of 4 - Jonsa

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY @qinaliel !!


The kiddy table wasn’t so bad, Jon mused as his attention was pulled between his two new companions - a 5 year old with cute little wire framed glasses named Oliver, and a 6 year old girl with frizzy red hair called Alice. There were a couple of moody looking teens at the table too, who were busy projecting their bored-as-hell-and-not-interested-in-anything state of being whilst being glued to their phones. “What colour should the girl’s hair be Jon”? Alice asks, her happy wide green eyes perusing the selection of crayons for her colouring as she absentmindedly pulled at the elastic from her pointy party hat, letting it gently snap back under her chin.

“I’ve always thought red hair was very pretty” Jon smiled at the young redhead.

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[ the bar ]

pairing; seventeen mingyu x reader

genre; fluff, drinking

synopsis; going to a club alone as a lady probably wasn’t a very good idea. a complete stranger whom you had no interest in tried hitting on you, but mingyu saved you by playing as your ‘boyfriend’, before taking you to his place since you didn’t want to go home.

word count;1146 words 

✎a/n; ok my imagination kinda stretched for this one HAHA it wasn’t planned to end like this but hope ya’ll enjoy it !! 

please send in requests if you have any, i’m open for any genres ;) i have a couple of requests in my inbox and i (hopefully) can answer them by this weekend! i may not be able to due to my upcoming dance performances + mid-years, but i’ll try my best! //hinthint the requests are all on wonwoo wow HAHA

I stepped into the club in my high stilettos and dark outfit, trying to calm my nerves. It wasn’t my first time in the bar, but it was my first time alone in one. It was past 11pm now, and I wanted to come here to drink since I had been having an especially bad week. 

My friends would probably probe a lot about my problems which I did not want to talk about, so I had decided to come alone. 

I made my way through the crowd, brushing past their sweaty bodies as they grind to the music, unaware of my presence and not making way for me. I didn’t mind though; because I knew that I was like them whenever I partied hard. I gently pushed her way through, and got to the bar. The bartender easily recognized me, and I gave him a wide smile.

“Hey, Sky,” I greeted chirpily, sitting down on the bar stool right in front of him. 

“Hey,” he greeted back, grinning as he picked up glasses from the counter underneath. “The usual?”

I nodded, and he poured four shots of tequila, pushing them to me.

“Make that six,” I told him as I downed the first shot. Sky gave me a small look of disapproval, but poured another shot anyway, pushing it to the group of 3. 

“Bad day?” he asked, and I sighed. 

“More like bad month.”

Sky chuckled a little. “It’ll tide over soon.”

That’s what I liked about Sky. He never pried into things. He doesn’t pity people either. He just tries to give them mini moral support with a sentence of two. 

I smiled as my hand reached out for the next shot, my fingers playing with the shot glass for a while before pouring the liquid down my throat. The original bitter taste faded and a tinge of sweetness lingered in my mouth.

Sky went on to serve the other customers, and I rested my chin onto my hand as I continued reaching for the shots. I continuously ordered more alcohol, and I started feeling lightheaded soon. I knew I was getting tipsy. 

I’m suddenly aware of a presence beside me, and I sat up groggily, turning to my left.

“Hello there,” the male beside me greeted, prepping his elbow onto the table as he sat facing me.

I gave him a short glance, uninterested. “Hi.” 

“You alone?” he questioned. 

“Yes, and I would like to remain alone, if you don’t mind,” I answered as politely as I could, with a tinge of sarcasm, my voice muffled.

The man chuckled. “Why not join me? Makes everything more fun,” he urged. 


“I believe you’re not trying to hit on her, buddy,” a strangely familiar voice hissed from behind. Or maybe it wasn’t familiar. Maybe I was just too unaware of whatever was happening around me.

I didn’t bother to turn around, because every move I took made the world around me spin. I crossed my arms on the counter top and buried my head into them, breathing heavily as my ears picked up the conversation between the two males.

“So what if I am?” 

I felt the man beside me stand up from his seat, walking closer to the other party.

“I’m her boyfriend, so you’d better watch yourself,” the second party divulged in a low tone. Boyfriend? I have a boyfriend? Last time I checked, no, I didn’t.

I never moved, but hazy thoughts ran through my mind. 

I heard the man who was beside me scoff, snarling and spouting profanities before leaving. He was obviously intimidated.

The seat beside me was taken again, and I guessed that it was my play-boyfriend. Whoever that was. I still hadn’t put his ‘strangely-familiar’ voice to anyone I knew.

“Hey, Y/N,” he whispered, as if I was sleeping and he was trying to wake me up. 

I hummed, fidgeting a little before forcing myself to open my eyes to look at him. My blurred vision focused on his intent eyes, staring right at me.


He smiled lightly. “Hey.” 

The corners of my lips turned up at their slightest, before I buried my head back into my arms. Everything wasn’t stable. The chair beneath me felt like it was riding on waves. My head felt like it was forcefully shaking from side to side.  

“You alright?” Mingyu asked.

“Mhm,” I slurred. “Absolutely.” 

Mingyu was my best friend. For the longest time. And as if we had some sort of telepathic connection, he was literally always there when I need him. Even when I think I don’t. We were so incredibly close, we could be called a couple. We snuggle together and do all those things couples do, but we weren’t one.

I snapped my head up, my eyes catching sight of the empty glasses in front of me. 

“One more!” I hooted, my index finger shooting up. A bartender came to me, frowning the moment he saw my state.

Mingyu shakes his head towards the bartender, and the bartender nods before walking away. 

“Hey!” I exclaimed, turning to Mingyu.

“You’re drunk, Y/N,” Mingyu stated. “Let’s get you back home, okay?”

I scoffed. “Drunk? I’m far from that.” 

Mingyu stood up and grabbed my arm gently, pulling me up from my seat. My already weak self got off the chair, and Mingyu practically put me onto his back. I didn’t fight back — I just rested my head onto his shoulder, my arms hanging loosely around his neck. Mingyu carried me out of the bar, and brought me to somewhere that I recognized as the carpark.

He placed me inside the car, at the passenger’s seat, and I vaguely felt him buckling me in before heading behind the wheel and starting to drive.

“Don’t bring me home,” I mumbled, my mind starting to shut down. “I don’t want to go home.”

I could almost feel Mingyu frown deeply, but he understood. “I’ll take you to my place.” 

I mumbled a few words of approval, before letting my head rest on the car door, my eyelids fluttering shut.

“Why would you even be drinking there alone?” Mingyu said softly, as if it was a question he didn’t expect an answer for. I answered anyway.

“Because I was upset,” I mumbled simply without opening my eyes.

There was a moment of silence. 

“Go to sleep, Y/N,” Mingyu told me, and I did.

I was jostled awake when he carried me out of the car and took me into his house, briefly telling his parents about what happened before bringing me to the room. He placed me down on the bed and lay down beside me, and I snuggled into his chest as he started stroking my hair.

I fell back into dreamland at his soothing gesture. 

“You asleep?” I remember hearing him say, but I didn’t know if it was in my dream or not. I, who was already three quarters-asleep, didn’t respond. 

Mingyu sighed, his chest heaving. “I love you so much… If only you knew.” 

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My boyfriend just forgot it was my birthday. I'm curious if the paladins forgot their s/o's birthday, what shenanigans would follow?

The most ridiculous shenanigans and guilt, and regret and lots of apologies. expect a burnt cake baked by takashi “cannot bake to save his life” shirogane I’m also sorry your bf forgot your birthday anon! Happy belated birthday !! He better make it up to you !! ~ Mod Lyra

Shiro - 

Feels absolutely terrible if he missed his s/o’s birthday. He’d do what he can to make it up to s/o, apologizes right out that he forgot and doesn’t make any excuses as to why he forgot. He knows he didn’t mean to forget but must’ve and he’s sorry for it. Suggests that they can go on a date to a place that’s their favorite or somewhere they’ve always wanted to go. Even tries his hand at baking something for them like an apology cake, but it doesn’t exactly turn out to be the best thing in the world (it’s burnt and dry as hell and Shiro kind of ends up throwing it away and they both agree on something store bought would be fine, he still feels a bit bad, but his s/o says they probably couldn’t have made a better cake, it’s okay Shiro). Still, Shiro tries his hardest to make it up to his s/o and make them happy, even if all they wanted to do was curl up and watch terrible movies, he’d do it. Shiro gets kisses at the end of the day for spending his time making it up to his s/o and they really appreciate it.

Lance - 

Lance apologizes over 500 times, his s/o is sure, they’ve counted. But the boy is sorry, he’s marked down in his calendar 3 times and circled it, put reminders on his phone because his s/o’s birthday is a big deal. It’s one of the only days of he year he can spoil his bondmate with affection (as if he doesn’t do it already, multiple times), but now he just has even more of an excuse. Lance is truly sorry and probably even tries to organize a party, go gets cake and gets a gift like he truly wants to make it up to them that he forgot. Please don’t be mad at him. He probably continues to apologize to his s/o until they take him by the hand and tell him that it’s okay if he forgot and that they appreciate all what he’s doing, he doesn’t have to throw a party, gently kisses his cheek and says that they are just fine with spending the day with him. Lance’s heart is in his throat, but still expect him to spoil his s/o until the day is over.

Keith -

Honestly and truly forgets his s/o’s birthday and it’s honestly not his fault. He didn’t have a lot of friends growing up, nor did he really celebrate is own birthday after a point. He’s never really seen it as such a big deal (you age, like you do everyday what’s the big d e al). He won’t really notice until his s/o says something about it, but he apologizes and says that if they want, they can go and buy some cake, or go out someplace to eat. If they do go out someplace to eat, he’s absolutely floored when the staff comes out and gives cake to his s/o, and they begin to sing and clap and Keith honestly wants to die. He’s never really experienced something like this before, doesn’t know where to stare and it’s so awkward for him, what does he do - his face probably ends up being rather red by the end of it because of the sheer embarrassment. Says he won’t forget his s/o’s birthday again and says he’d rather stay home and celebrate it.

Hunk -

Feels incredibly guilty he forgot his s/o’s birthday. Hunk bakes them a cake because what makes someone feel better than with a good birthday cake? He apologizes with the cake in hand partially in bribe for forgiveness but also he feels that he’d look more sincere with the fact he has something to show for it (and it’s the best cake in the world, it can’t even compete with his s/o’s mothers cake, and they might cry because it’s so good, and Hunk might freak a little bit because why are they crying !? Is it really that bad ??!!). The rest of the day is dedicated to what Hunk’s so wants to do, he will willingly be dragged anywhere, he wants to do whatever he can to show that he’s sorry. Maybe even ride a wild roller coaster motion sickness be dammed. Even tho he gets sick and after he’s all cleaned up, gets a smooch on the cheek and apologize because now his s/o is sorry because they thought he was over it. Will walk home hand and hand with his s/o, feeling warm that they forgave him, and also please write down that recipe for them. Hunk suggests they can bake a cake together next time. 

Pidge - 

Forgot her s/o’s birthday because she was too busy making a small robot and feels rather bad about it, when she sees that they’re genuinely upset. Pidge really isn’t sure what to do so maybe would enlist help from Hunk and maybe make a cupcake or a small form of cake for her s/o. Would present the cupcake to her s/o with the robot and the robot relays an, “I’m sorry” message to them. Pidge actually coming out to say to them that she is sorry for forgetting, she has a lot on her mind but wouldn’t purposely forget to hurt them. She kind of spent all day making a robot, check out her neat new friend. Her s/o is quick to forgive and they spend the day talking and working on robots and not being awkward about it. Her s/o is rather chill about it and says it’s really not a big deal especially if this awesome robot is the product. Would also suggest some stuff and they can work on it together to make it even better.

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✎ ?

1. Josuke’s first time meeting Kakyoin was at Holly’s house for a holiday party that Jotaro invited them both to. Josuke had just started his duty as a police officer that year.

2. Their first meeting was brief and quickly drowned out by the excitement of the party. Not much conversation was had the first time.

3. No body told Josuke that Kakyoin was a vampire, so he was under the impression that Kakyoin was still a teenager for the longest time.

4. Josuke nearly threw a fit when Kakyoin was invited out to a bar after the party (whom gently declined anyways).

5. One time while visiting Morioh on business, Kakyoin was mistaken for a youth out past curfew by Josuke, whom almost took him in to custody. Upon closer inspection, he finally recognized him. (It was dark, give the guy a break.)

6. On a separate holiday gathering at Holly’s house, and after being a little more acquainted with Kakyoin, the subject of family came up. Josuke questioned Jotaro, asking why Kakyoin was always spending the holidays with the Joestar/Kujo family if his parents lived in the same area. Jotaro simply replied saying that they hated the Joestars, and left it at that.

7. Josuke stumbled upon Kakyoin’s missing persons report from 1989 by accident while working on a case.

8. Eventually Josuke investigated more and found the official record stating Kakyoin as deceased.

9. The last two events happened while Kakyoin was in Morioh. Josuke was now suspicious of him being a danger, and confronted him.Things almost got a bit out of hand until Jotaro showed up and broke them apart. After explanations were given, Josuke excepted the facts, but felt cheated for being kept in the dark all these years. (Pouty face)

10. Kakyoin is Josuke’s main point of contact at the SPW for stand info and bizzarre facts concerning the supernatural sciences. They mostly communicate through email since they live in different countries. 


"Twister" or "How Marinette's butt gave away her identity"

Rating: General Audiences
Additional Tags: Identity Reveal, precious kids playing twister, damn mari your butt
Summary: Never once in her life had she thought about the possibility that her butt would out her. In her imagination, it was her eyes, her hair or her voice but not her butt.

Read on AO3 or right here:

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By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: sexy teasing ;)

Summary: Bucky wants to stay in, you want to go to a party. 

A/n:  A very special thank you to my Sister Wives @firewolfkelly and  @after-avenging-hours for the inspiration. 

You slid your heels onto your feet, then turn to Bucky.  You were heading out to another Stark party.  Since Bucky and Tony had made amends you received a lot more invitations.   Walking over to your vanity you pick out two necklaces and hold them up peering in the mirror to make your choice.

Bucky sat on the bed waiting for you to be done with a slight grin.  Since T’Challa had restored his mind, he was more carefree and relaxed than ever before.  You glance at him through the mirror.  You knew you were lucky.  Most guys wouldn’t sit for twenty minutes just watching you get ready.  When it came to you however, Bucky had the patience of a saint.

“Which one do you like sweetie?”  turning to face Bucky you show him the two holding them both against your chest.

He lets out a hum, considering both before choosing the one he had given you for your birthday.  Taking the silver necklace with the tiny star shaped pendant from you, he motions for you to turn so he can put it on you.

After securing the clasp, he lets his finger trace from the base of your neck and out to your shoulder.  Giving a little shiver, you turn back to face him.   All thoughts of getting ready had left your mind.   Placing a hand behind his neck you pull him towards you placing a soft but urgent kiss to his lips.  Wrapping his hands around your waist, Bucky pulls you to him, adding more pressure to the kiss.

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au where the reader and josh are at a party and they’re playing 7 minutes in heaven and they get picked.

“Hey I know! Let’s play 7 minutes in heaven.” Some random guy shouted earning cheers from all of the other party goers. Great. I gently shake my head at the situation, expecting no one to see, except when I look up I spot Josh looking at me and smiling. I grin back as he walks over to me. “Not a fan?” he asks, nudging me gently. “Not a fan.” I agree. “I’m not really a fan of any party games.” I admit, looking down. “Hey, you don’t have to play if you don’t want. I’ll sit out with you.” He offers. Sweet as ever. “No, no I don’t want to ruin the fun, come on lets play. I’m sure neither of us will get picked.” I say, taking Josh’s hand as I often do and lead him to where to group of people who are playing are. I’ve known Josh for about 2 years now, and we’ve become close. However, there’s never been any romantic relation between either of us. Tyler always jokingly teases us whenever we hug or hold hands but we both just laugh and brush it off. At this moment I can’t help but think about what would happen if we did get paired up. We’d probably just stand in there for 7 minutes doing nothing. Not like he’d want to. “Right, so this is how its going to work. We’ll have all the girls sitting in a circle and one of the guys will spin the bottle in the middle. Whoever it lands on is his partner. Okay, lets play.” Some blonde guy said. I followed the other girls’ lead as they all sat in a circle, I slotted in between a blonde and a brunette. Josh was second in line and I looked at the blonde next to me and then back at him and wiggled my eyebrows. Josh instantly pulled a face and shook his head no, making me laugh. The first guy steps up and spins the bottle and as it slows it looks like its about to land on me, but thankfully lands on the brunette next to me. I let out a sigh of relief as the brunnette giggles as she gets up and follows the blonde into the small closet. Someone starts the timer and we all sit in silence. After a minute or so we all hear a thump and a very loud moan come from the closet. The whole group erupts into laughter while Josh and I look at each other grinning and shaking our heads. The 7 minutes is quickly up and someone goes and knocks on the door to tell them that their time is up. About 30 seconds later they both stumble out. The brunette girl’s hair is slightly messed up, her shirt is on inside out and she has a dark hickey on her neck. The blonde guys hair is also messy but he however doesn’t have a hickey. “Sounded like you two had fun in there!” someone shouts causing everyone else to cheer in agreement. The brunette blushes while the blonde smirks at his friends and they both sit down. “Next!” someone says as Josh walks to the bottle. I look up and smile at him, looking at the blonde girl and wiggling my eyebrows again and he smiles shakes his head as he spins the bottle. These next few seconds seem to go in slow motion. The bottle spins and spins and causes my head to spin as it lands on none other than me. Shit. I furrow my brow and Josh and I look at each other at the same time, our mouths hanging slightly open. “Off you go then!” someone yells snapping us both out if it. Josh apologetically offers me his hand and I take it, as we head to the closet. As we enter, I close the door behind us and then turn to face Josh “I’m sorry, you could have got with someone that you actually liked but now you’re stuck with m-” I’m cut off by Josh planting his soft lips on mine. I don’t kiss back for a moment as I’m to overcome by surprise but then I kiss him back, locking my hands behind his neck. He pulls away with his eyes still closed and opens them, and I see that they’re full of lust. “Y/N, I’ve liked you for a year now and this was my chance to finally tell you.” Josh says in a low voice, his eyes asking me to say something. “Josh.” I breathe. “I like you too.” I say. Josh smirks and kisses me again, this time the kiss filled with lust and passion, as he gently pushes me against the wall. I tangle my fingers into his hair and gently tug as he hums gently in pleasure making me smile. His hands grip my waist slowly wandering down to my ass as he lightly squeezes it causing my heart rate to increase. I moan quietly into his mouth as he runs his hands up my shirt and over my lace bra. He begins to trail kisses down my neck sucking and biting gently on my collar bone as I muffle my moan remembering how loud the last couple were. He lifts my shirt over my head and does the same with his own. We connect our lips again as I roam his torso with my hands feeling each defined muscle. He lightly pats my thighs signalling for me to jump up, so I do, locking my ankles behind him while my legs cling tightly around his waist. I rake my hands through his pink hair as he moves down to my neck again, licking and sucking slightly making me yet again muffle my moan. Our lips part for about 5 seconds as he slowly places me down, not breaking eye contact. He then kisses me again, his hands gliding up my back as he quickly unhooks my bra. As it falls to the ground I quickly cover my chest. Josh looks at me concerned. “Whats up?” He asks, cupping my face in his hands. “I don’t know. You might think I’m ugly or something.” I reply, looking at my feet. “I could never find you ugly, Y/N” He says reassuringly and I smile as I kiss him again, completely forgetting about my insecurities and putting my arms again around his neck causing our bare chests to press together. I begin to feel something hard against my leg and I smile and bite my lip as I pull away, and look at Josh. His eyes are asking me what I’m doing, but just as he opens his mouth to ask, I kiss his neck gently and move my hand down to softly palm him through his jeans. He throws his head back and lets out a low growl like sound. “Fuck, Y/N he groans and I smile while still kissing his neck. His hand finds its way to one of my breasts and begins to squeeze it. My lips vibrate as I moan against his neck causing him to moan more. Just as I’m about to unbuckle his belt there are three loud knocks at the door. “Times up!” The guy from before yells and Josh curses under his breath. I smile as I put my bra back on. “Disappointed?” I tease, pulling my shirt back over my head, the right way around. “Next time, y/n, next time” He replies, straightening out his shirt. “Next time huh?” I smirk as he puts his toned arms around my waist from behind. “Well that is if you’ll be my girlfriend.” He breathes into my neck and I turn around to face him. “Of course I will.” I smile, planting a soft kiss on his lips before we leave the closet.


I hope you guys enjoyed this I wrote it on the spot so you guys could have a peek at what my writing is like! But I will be writing another soon as I’ve had a request as you may have already seen (thank you for that by the way!!).

But anyway, until next time!


Getting married to Ben Solo would involve
  • Him proposing nervously, standing right in front of you and tensely running his fingers through his long black hair
  • Him having a lot of say in your wedding arrangements
  • Him planning stuff 24/7, so you have to convince him to come to bed
  • Him also wanting to plan your dress, entrance, etc.
  • Him basically being a control freak
  • Catching one of his rare smiles when you finally walk down the aisle
  • Him trying to stay strong during the ceremony, but still not being able to hold back a single tear while you say „I do“
  • Leia crying out of happiness, while Han stays serious, still secretly being thankful for you making Ben happy
  • Him keeping the ceremony as classy as possible, just to surprise you as he suddenly lifts you up when you walk out
  • Seeing him the happiest he had been in months at the afterparty
  • you two cutting the huge pie together, but him still sneakily dipping a finger in, so you jokingly slap his face while laughing
  • Him not thinking about the dark in him for once
  • You two having your wedding dance to „The Ghost Of You“ by MCR, not realising or thinking about the lyrics
  • Him carrying you over the doorstep once more after the party, before bedding you gently, looking into your eyes and smiling lovingly

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Requested by @whatshernamemaria

Your other requests will be done as well, don’t worry ;) That was fun, I hope you like it.

Rejection: Version 2

A/N: This is not a part 2 of Rejection…it’s just a different version for the scenario that was requested.

A warm hand gently brushed the loose strands of hair from my face causing me to stir in my sleep. The sound of soft whispers and the smell of fresh brewed coffee pulled me further out of my sleep. Refusing to oblige with the intruders wishes I snuggled under the blankets more.

“Wake up!” Going for the more aggressive approach the blankets were ripped off of me and a strong hand smacked my butt.

“No.” I whined failing on my bed. The intruder softly chuckled and laid down next to me pulling me into his arms.

“But it’s your birthday.” He rested his chin on top of my head and hugged me close. I snuggled into his warm embrace wishing that this moment would never end. The smell of his cologne danced over my nose as I breathed him in.

“So, I just wanna stay in bed all day.”

“I have so many things planned today.” He groaned.

“I don’t care.” His hand slid down to my butt and smacked it again. “Jay!” I exclaimed pushing myself off of his chest.

“You have thirty minutes to get ready and then we’re leaving.” He slid off my bed and left my room. I collapsed back onto my bed releasing a deep sigh.

“Why do you do that?” I mumbled to myself. He always touched me so casually as if it meant nothing to him. Pushing myself off the bed and getting ready for whatever adventure he had planned, I thought about our relationship.

To others we looked like a couple, but to him we were just friends…best friends. To me…he was the person I loved the most. Keeping that secret was painful, but losing him would be worse.

“Ready?” His gentle eyes met mine as he removed the coffee cup from his plump lips.

“Mh.” I walked over to him taking the cup from his hands. Placing it to my own lips, I smiled thinking of how his lips once touched this spot as well. Jay’s hand slid to the back of my waist and pulled me in between his legs.

“Happy birthday.” He said once again before leaning in and kissing my cheek.

“You already said that.” I struggled to remove myself from his hold.

“Yeah, but it’s a special day.” Not being able to break free from him, he ran his hand up my back and rubbed it affectionately.

“Are we ready to go?” I embarrassedly broke free this time and placed the cup down.

“Mh.” He picked up a piece of muffin from his plate and placed it to my lips. Following his orders I opened my mouth enough for him to give me the piece of muffin. His fingers gently grazed my lips as I accepted the bite. His finger immediately met his lips as he licked the crumbs from his fingers. “What?” He asked noticing me staring at him in disbelief.

“No-nothing.” I rushed to the door and slipped on my sneakers. He chuckled following along and reached for my hand leading me out the door.

Even though I protested leaving, I always enjoyed my birthday with him. He had made a point to plan surprises for me every year, some big and some small. Though, all were just as important. My favorite birthday was when he had made dinner for me at my apartment. He struggled in the kitchen, but tried his best to make my favorite pasta. It wasn’t the best, but because he tried so hard I ate it.

“Pick anything you want.” Jay led me into an expensive looking clothing store.

“What?” I looked around the store mentally pricing everything in sight.

“Pick a dress, matching shoes, a purse if you like,” he picked up a few purses showing me my options, “or anything else that would complete an outfit.”

“No, thank you.” I looked at the price of one of the bags and headed for the door.

“You can’t show up at your surprise party in jeans.” Jay gently grabbed my wrist and guided me further into the store.

“Surprise party,” I chuckled, “It’s not really a surprise if you tell me about it.”

“Everyone knows about their surprise party.” Jay removed a few dresses from the rack and held them up to me.

“I can just wear something from home.” I pushed his dress choices away from me.

“We don’t have time to go back to your place. Besides…it’s a birthday gift.” Jay circled around the store looking for dresses that suited me.

“Jay.” I whined following behind. He turned placing his hand on my lower back again and kissed my forehead.

“I want you to feel special, so please pick something.”

Doing as he asked I started browsing through the racks. The prices always caught my eyes and I couldn’t bring myself to pick up anything. My hands ruffled through another rack when I found the perfect dress for me. I pulled it out and held it up staring at it against my body. The color suited me, which just happened to be his favorite color. I looked at the price tag and shuddered. Before Jay could see me I placed the dress back on the rack.

“I don’t see anything. Nothing here is really my style.”

“That’s fine,” he looked disappointed, “I gotta make a quick phone call, so I’ll meet you back at the car.” I nodded leaving him behind.  

Jay was always a generous person, sometimes too generous. I always advised him to spend the money on himself and his family, but he always said his close friends are like family. That was always his excuse to spoil me. My past birthdays never consisted of a shopping spree, especially an expensive one. I liked the drives to the beach, hanging out at the local arcade, or even just chilling at my place.

I looked in the rearview mirror seeing Jay walking up to the car. He opened the trunk and closed it again before entering the driver’s side and started the car. The music that was blaring on our drive here was immediately turned off as he sighed deeply and drove off. The tension was building up and making me uncomfortable.

“Did something happen?” I cautiously asked.

“No, why?” He tilted his head to the side and ran his hand through his hair.

“You just seem upset. And I know you said you had a phone call to make so…” Jay sighed heavily and pulled the car over. “Is everything okay?” He turned the engine off and laid his head on the steering wheel and stared at me intently. I followed his lead and laid my head on the dashboard to be in his line of vision.

“You know you look really good in blue.”


“The dress.”


“You obviously liked it. I saw the way your eyes lit up when you held it.”

“Did you see the price? It wasn’t worth it.”

“Seeing your eyes light up like that is worth it,” he placed his hand on my cheek and smiled, “And if wearing that dress is going to make you feel special tonight…then it’s worth it.”

“Fine, okay,” I sighed giving in to his smile, “I’ll get the dress.” He smirked and sat up starting the car up again.

“It’s fine. I already got it—“


“And shoes—“

“You only said a dress!”

“And a purse.”

“Park Jaebeom!”

“And a necklace.”

“You don’t even know my sizes!”

“Trust me,” he looked me up and down, “I know your sizes.”

Jay drove off and continued to tease me about the dress. I couldn’t lie; I was slightly…no I was really happy. He made me really happy.

Looking in the mirror of the nightclub’s bathroom, I smiled at my reflection impressed with the shoes and accessories he picked. I couldn’t wait to show him how I looked and entered the dance floor.

“Happy Birthday!” Jay and the others shouted as I joined them in the VIP section. He greeted me with a glass of champagne and kissed my cheek. “You look amazing.” He shouted in my ear over the music.

“Thank you!” I tried not to blush while downing my drink. He smiled as he watched my every move.

“Drink as much as you want. I’ll take care of you.”

I did as he suggested and drank. How can one resist birthday shots with their friends? Hoody, though she was sometimes distant, danced with me on dance floor. The rest of AOMG hooted and howled as she showed off her moves. A hand slid from behind my waist and pulled me close. I would recognize that tattooed hand anywhere. I smiled continuing to dance against his body as his movements followed along with mine. Hoody smiled mischievously and left us alone on the dance floor. I turned facing him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Thank you.”

“You keep saying that.” He chuckled.

“Because I mean it. You’re such a great person and you have a beautiful heart.”

“You’re drunk.”

“Only a little, but I mean it.” He smiled grabbing my hand and led me to the bar for a drink. He grabbed a small napkin and carefully wiped the sweat from my face trying not to smear my makeup. Jay had always been so thoughtful and took care of me so well. That’s when I realized it was impossible not to fall in love with him. The bartender delivered his beer and my cocktail.

I stood on my tippy toes and reached my lips to his.

“Whoa, what are you doing?” He chuckled pushed me away keeping his distance.


“Its fine, it’s just…weird.” He brought his beer to his lips while I processed what he said.

“Why?” My voice came out a pained whispered.

“Hm?” He brought his attention toward me again.

“Why is it weird?”

“Because we’re friends.”

“Yeah, but you send me those signals.”

“Signals,” he let out a chuckle, “what signals?” Jay was rather confused but waited for my answer.

“The touching, the kissing, you smacking my ass…I mean there’s so many. Even today with buy me this dress.” I too, was suddenly very confused.

“What?! I do those things because we’re friends. Because I’m comfortable with you. There’s no special meaning behind anything. Sometimes a touch is just a touch.” His voice was stern while he tried to clear up the misunderstanding.


“I’m not interested in you that way,” he tried to reach for my hand in an effort to comfort me, “I’m sorry.” I move my hand to my side keeping a distance.

“No, it’s fine. I get it.” My eyes began to burn from the tear forming in my eyes. I turned quickly to hide my face and escape this disaster.

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t really feel like celebrating anymore.”

“It’s your birthday.”

“Yeah and it’s probably one of the worst birthdays I’ve had.” I turned showing him my face and the tears that streamed down my cheeks. “I fell in love with my best friend and I was stupid enough to think he felt the same.” He set his beer down trying to reach for me, but I backed away from him.

“If you don’t want to celebrate, let me drive you—“

“Don’t do that!”

“Do what?”

“Be so nice to me. It only confuses me more.” I stormed off, but he followed close behind.

“Please…can we just pretend like nothing happened?” Jay caught up to me and stood in front of me blocking my path.

“You want me to pretend like I didn’t tell you I was in love with you?” I clinched at my chest trying to stop the pain in my heart.

“It’s just…you’re really important to me and I really care about our friendship.”

“I can’t be your friend anymore!” I shoved past him and didn’t look back.

The following morning I woke up in a haze and my head pounding. I couldn’t tell if my head hurt from all the crying or from all the alcohol I consumed the night before. What I did know is that I was rejected. Needing time and space, I forced myself to get out of bed and started to make changes. My door code was the main change. He was free to enter and leave as he pleased, but not anymore. Jay would have to knock like any other person. Checking my phone I had multiple texts…mostly from Jay and several missed phones…all from Jay.

I responded to all his texts with a simple one: LEAVE ME ALONE.

Jay did as I asked. He no longer randomly showed up nor did he call at odd hours. He didn’t send me random snapchats or comment on my instagram pictures. He left me alone.

I searched in my fridge for something to munch on when a soft knock from my door startled me. I peaked at the clock checking the time.


“Hey.” He whispered softly unsure of his presence being welcomed. In his hands was a big pink pastry box that he held carefully.

“What’re you doing her—“

“You never got to blow out your birthday candles…so I thought why not buy you a cake.” Jay seemed nervous, which was a first for him.

“My birthday was 3 months ago…so?” I started to shut the door, but he blocked it with his foot.

“Please…” I almost rejected his request again until I saw his eyes. They were like mine that night, the night I revealed myself to him. Opening the door wider for him to enter, he kicked off his shoes and went to my kitchen. I sat on the kitchen counter watching him fumble in his pockets for the candles and some matches. He turned the lights out before lighting the candles and turned towards me. The cake’s dim lighting glowed on his hesitant face as he walked towards me. “Close your eyes and make a wish.”

Doing as he said I closed my eyes, but didn’t wish. I had nothing to wish for anymore. Opening my eyes again and looking at the cake I stopped.

I love you, was written in blue frosting. Immediately I looked to him for answers.

“What is this?” My eyes blurred.

“I miss you,” his voice cracked, “I miss you so much. And I’m an idiot, because you were there in front of me this whole time and I was too stupid to see it. These past few months have been so hard, because all I wanted to do was see you and talk to you and just be with you. I’m sorry that it took me so long to realize it, but I love you.”

I smiled blowing out the handles and leaned in to kiss his lips. He chuckled resting his forehead against mine as our hearts began to heal.

Request: Best friends?

Request: Imagine being Juice’s best friend since you guys were little, you have been through everything with Juice.Leaving Queen’s with him, Him being a prospect for the Son’s, the issues that come with being in the club. You’re starting to gain feelings and you’re starting to fall in love with him. You tell him and he’s kinda confused about it so you explain to him about these feelings that you have, how long it’s been since you’ve had these feelings. 

Hi everyone,

Yeah, I said that this storyline was kinda personal and it is, but I tried to make this impersonal. I also said it would be a 2 part imagine, but I thought one was good. Well, the end is kinda sentimental, sappy…whatever, but I thought it would be something cute and their own, you know, like a best friends thing. Ok, I’m rambling…

Enjoy! Love you!

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There was a new kid living next door. It was a boy and he hadn’t talked to anyone yet. You left your house, almost late for school and saw him walking in the same direction. You ran a little and saw him jump, surprised by you.

“Hi kid”, you smiled. You were the little troublemaker of the block, always talking to everybody. “Why are you going to school alone?”

“I…I don’t have any fr…friends”, he stuttered. He was cute and seemed to be a good person. You put a hand on his shoulder, making him stop.

“What is your name?”, you asked.

“Juan”, he said, suspicious. You grabbed his hand and shook it.

“Nice to meet you Juan. I’m Y/n”, you smiled. “There you go. Now I know you and you know me. We are friends.”

You started to walk again, but only took a few steps before notice him still standing in the middle of the sidewalk. You turned around, holding your bag.

“Hey Lonely Boy!”, you called him. Juan looked at you, his eyes wide. “Let’s go friend, we are late for school!”

He smiled and walked towards you. He had a goofy and bright smile, that made you do the same as you walked together to school talking, as you know each other for years.


You were best friends and it was obvious that you two would get in trouble during your teenage years. You got drunk and detained together. You crashed parties and cried together. You left Queens together.

That place had nothing for you, both wanting to leave town after High School graduation. Your plan was to move to California and you two got into a car and drove to Los Angeles.

Life wasn’t easy. Juan was only getting temporary jobs and you were struggling to find a place between the tattoo artists. Juan was looking for jobs when he found this add about an automotive shop in a little town called Charming. It seemed to be a good job and a small town, so, with nothing to lose, you packed and left LA.


He got the job at Teller-Morrow Automotive, where most of the mechanics were members of the Sons of Anarchy MC. You could see how his eyes were wide and sparkling when he saw the bikes. Juice had grew up without a father and that brotherhood seemed to be just what he needed. You two were getting closer to the club and you had already tattooed one of the members.

That opened a few doors for you and soon you had your own tattoo studio, with an apartment above were you two were living together. However, it didn’t took long for Juice to moved out. He got a Samcro Prospect kutte and a dorm at the clubhouse, leaving you alone.

Since you became friends, you always had this feeling that you had to take care of him somehow. Juice was a sensitive guy, brave, but with a big heart that could drag him into really bad moments. He didn’t know his father and after you left Queens, you only had each other. You realized that when you arrived in LA and you were seeing him in a different way. He wasn’t only your friend anymore, you wanted more, you wanted him.

He being a Prospect wasn’t helping. He was fresh meat, croweaters were around him all the time and though you hadn’t seen him with any of them, that made you jealous. It didn’t took long for Gemma to notice. It was another party going on and you were feeling bored, sat by the bar with your beer in hand. She took the place next to you, smoking and looking at the crowd there.

“He is working really hard”, she said, looking at Juice who was playing pool with his brothers, a blond croweater with her hands on his shoulders. “You must be proud”

“Yes, I’m Gem”, you said, trying to smile and taking another swig of your beer when you failed. “Juan deserve it”

“It doesn’t look that way sweetie”, she narrowed her eyes. “If you want to be a good old lady, you must show to that bitches, right now, what are capable of”

“Old lady?”, you raised an eyebrow. “Who said I want that Gem? Show that bitches what exactly?”

“I’m pretty sure you want that… With him”, she motioned in Juice’s direction. “Show them who he belong to”

“Thing is… He doesn’t belong to me”, you finished your beer and asked for another, walking outside to smoke.


Juice saw you left the bar after talk with Gemma for a while and you were carrying another beer, your third, which was unusual. He noticed you were different lately; actually, you had been changing since he got the Prospect kutte. He finished the pool game and went to the bathroom. When he got back you had taken his place at the table, playing with Bobby, Chibs and Tig. He knew you were getting drunk and decided to watch you close. You were ready to make your final move, but slipped in your own shoes. He didn’t let you fall, he was there to pick you up and carry you to his dorm

“Enough sweetheart”, he said, walking away from the party. He gently laid you down on his bed, removing your hair away from your face.

“Thanks Lonely Boy”, you mumbled in your drunk haze. “You are pretty nice for a douchebag”

“Douchebad?”, he said surprised. “That is new! I thought I was your friend!”

You grinned, closing your eyes and  dozing off already. Juice smiled, kissed your forehead and turned around to find some place to crash. He stopped at the door when he heard your voice again.

“Yeah…friends…it sucks to be that these days”


The sun was sneaking through the blinds, you noticed the light and refused to open your eyes. You felt the horrible taste in your mouth and tried to sit, just to fall back in bed when the world made a complete turn.

“Morning sleepy head”, you heard a well-know voice close to you. You opened your eyes and saw Juice sat next to you in bed. It seemed he just had got out of the shower and he has his damn kutte on.

“Shit!”, you cursed, running your fingers through your hair. “I fell like shit!”

“Yeah, that is right”, he laughed and put a cup of coffee in your hands. “Here, drink this to feel better”

You sat on the bed and enjoyed the smell of coffee. You took little sips from the cup as Juice looked at you, a worried expression on his face.

“Did I do something stupid?”, you asked, taking another sip. “Cause you are looking at me like I had…I don’t know…Punched? Killed? F… OH MY GOD! FUCKED SOMEONE! Did I do that? Who?”

“You didn’t do anything bad”, he laughed and patted your legs. “You just said something strange”

You felt like there were millions of ice cubs in your stomach, you swallowed and stared at him. Juice was looking to you as he spoke.

“I took care of you and then you said I was nice for a douche bag”, he laughed, but he was looking sad. “That was a first, Troublemaker…I thought I was your friend”

“You are”, you smiled, relieved that you dirty mouth had been the problem and not your heart. “I’m sorry”

“Yeah, that was not what you said”, his smile faded away and you held your breath. What did you say? “You said it sucked to be my friend these days”

“Drunk talking?”, you shrugged, knowing pretty well that he could see the lie in your eyes. That was the bad thing about being friends with someone for too long. He could read you, sometimes better than yourself.

“Y/n, did I do something wrong?”, he asked. God, he seemed pretty sad and that was breaking your heart.

“No! No, you didn’t do anything wrong!”, you put the cup on the nightstand and leaned forward to rest your hand on his cheek.

“So what is happening?”, he asked, putting his hand over yours. “You have been strange lately…Actually, since I got my kutte you seem to be distant. You can always talk to me, I’m your friend…”

“That is the problem!”, you lost it, ripped the band-aid right away. He looked at you, confused. “I’m JUST you friend and…I wish I was more”

You pressed your lips together, looking at him. You were feeling the tears in your eyes and hated them.

“You were always so sweet and I can’t believe how much we faced together”, you closed your eyes for a second, trying not to cry. “When we left Queens I thought it would be you and me against the world, but I didn’t think about what that meant…I only have you now and I realized that in LA, I guess it was when I started to feel this”

You put the blankets aside and your feet on the floor. You rested your arms on your knees and hide your face between your hands.

“I love you Juan, I always have, but now I want you too, I want more of you and… I’m jealous of every single girl in this clubhouse that gets your attention”, you sighed and finally looked back to him. “I see you embracing this new life and I feel like I’m not a part of this”

You looked at the floor, waiting for him to say something. His silence was killing you and before you could get up to leave, he came closer and pulled you to his lap.

“I’m nothing without you Troublemaker”, he whispered. “I was lonely before you. I was always your partner in crime, but JUST your friend. I hated every single guy in school and in the streets that made you laugh”

He softly held you chin, making you look at him. “You were always so brave, but I know you need someone. You hate being alone, just like me. You were always a part of my life. I moved to be with you, I’m in this life to protect you and make you proud; you are a part of this”

He traced your low lip with his thumb and you felt it through your entire body. He slowly laid you down on bed, hovering of you as you looked at him, mouth ajar.

“I only care about one girl in this clubhouse”, he whispered, running his fingers through your hair. “I always loved her, I always wanted her…I love you Y/n”

His lips were against yours, a soft, sweet and long wanted kiss. You held his neck, not waiting him to be an inch away from you. Juice moaned against your lips and forced himself to pulled back. He held your hand, the palms touching each other’s, then you tangled your fingers together.

“You and me…”, he said.

“Against the world…”, you said.

“Together, forever”, you both said.

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