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My headcanon for Amanda and Farah’s wedding includes Todd and Dirk Gently standing on one side of the altar in matching best man tuxedos, staring nervously at the Rowdy 3 on the other side of the altar who are the most enthusiastic bridesmaids ever.

They manage to keep themselves in check until Amanda throws the bouquet. Then it’s every man for himself (none of them want to get married but they’re a competitive gang, Vogel ends up victorious but only after he breaks the bridal table by launching himself off it).

Harrison Osterfield Imagine - Late Night Loving (smut)

request: Can I get an Harrison Osterfield imagine (smut) where it’s the Spider-Man hoco premier after party and there both wasted and they have a one. Igor stand and they don’t see each other for a few months after words and some how they hit it off in the end and start dating or like it ends in pure fluff??

a/n: i guess this is open for a part 2? maybe

word count: 1842

Harrison was a lot of things when he was drunk; he was confident and cocky; he was a terrible dancer and he sung along loudly to the music, even when he didn’t know the words; he was unsteady on his feet and spent most of the night clinging onto the bar so he didn’t fall over - but above all, Harrison was awfully flirty.

Handing you the drink he just bought for you, he moved fractionally closer to you so that his knee brushed yours every now and then. Politely thanking him, you took a sip of your cocktail, maintaining his eye contact as you sucked on the plastic straw.

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Fav h2ovanoss moments #1

Gmod prop hunt - Five nights at vanoss’s:

Evan: “Delirious, Happy birthday.” 

407?: “It’s my birthday… :( “

Evan: *picks up party hat and runs after Del* “Delirious wait..” *catches up to Del*

Basically?: “Put the party hat down!”

Evan: “HOLD ON.. * very softly* “it’s his party hat” *gently puts hat on Del’s head* “There you go!” 

Del: “Oh thank you thank you, this is the best birthday party ever. I never get invited to birthdays.” (but Evan’s still treating it as Del’s party though lol)

Del: “They made a drawing of today, look its beautiful.”

Evan: “Oh yeahhh, look at that. Look there’s.. there’s you cause youre blue..”

Evan: *captions Del or makes graphics for his moments* *Is super giddy and energetic* 

Evan: *Del’s in the locker next to him* “You can join me if you want…join me (in my locker)” *both proceed to playful bant for a while as if this whole video isnt 90% that*

One thing I’m beyond excited for in Dirk Gently season two is the idea of Amanda rescuing the Rowdy 3.

I mean, it’s obviously going to be a team effort (and I’m still convinced that Riggins is going to play a huge role in breaking the Blackwing subjects out). But I trust Max Landis enough now that I can’t ever imagine any of the characters going oh no, I’ve been rescued by a girl, what a catastrope.

The Rowdy 3 would be fucking stoked that Amanda was able to pull this off. Martin would be so proud of their tiny angry vigilante champion.

I’m not even joking, I will be disappointed if we don’t have a cell door being blasted off its hinges and Amanda leaping through the burning wreckage in her leather jacket with a baseball bat and r e v e n g e in her eyes. This is her family and she will fight the entire fucking CIA if that’s what it takes to keep them safe.

my flower - part 1

Pairing: prince! xu minghao x reader

Summary: “A flower for my flower.”

Part: 1/?

“He did it again!”

I look up from the bouquet I was making and quirk an eyebrow at the person making a loud fuss. Prince Minghao lets out a loud groan and plops himself on the chair in front of me. I smirk, knowing very well who he was talking about.

“What did Mingyu do now?”

“He came over earlier today and cheated when we were playing games!”

“How terrible, how could he do such a thing?” I giggle and he huffs, running a hand through his hair. I finish making the bouquet and turn away to put the ribbon on it when he groans again. “I thought you told him to stop cheating?”

“I did, but he found a loophole.”

“He must be learning from prince Jeonghan.”

“That’s not a good thing!”

“I know it’s not.” I giggle and put away the bouquet before turning back to the prince. I grab the little flowers next to me and bring them up to our eye levels. “But you love the both of them too much to complain.”

He groans, knowing I was right. I lean over and remove his crown, placing a small dandelion in its place. Minghao leans towards me, allowing me to place more dandelions in his hair. His frown turns into a smile and a blush creeps onto his cheeks as he stares at me. Then, he smiles widely and giggles.

“Did you pick these this morning?”

“Mm, I thought dandelions would look nice on you.”

“But I look good with any flower?”

“I suppose you’re right,” I laugh.

“Did you finish anything today?” He asks, peeking at the flowers behind me. I shake my head and sigh.

“There were so many requests for bouquets this morning that I haven’t been able to do anything else.”

“I can help set up the shop if you’d like?”

“Only you would get excited over setting up a flower shop.”

“It’s because I get to spend time with you,” Minghao mumbles, walking away to put the flowers in their spots. I turn away, retrieving the flowers and materials I need to make bouquets. “Did you know Seokmin cried the other day?”

“Aw, what about?”

“He got sentimental and started crying.”

“He’s such a sweetheart when it comes to his kingdom.”

“And I’m not?”

“I didn’t say that, you dork.”

“You were implying it.”

“Minghao. You’re my best friend and all, but I’m ready to fight you.”

“Bring it on.” He looks over his shoulder and smirks at me. I shake my head and roll my eyes, smiling. Minghao suddenly places the flowers down next to the big pots before walking up to me. I look at up at him and he smiles. “I almost forgot.”

“Forgot what?”

“A flower for my flower.”

“Intimidating Minghao can be cheesy?” I gasp and laugh when he pouts.

“Fine, then I’ll take it back.”

“Aw come on, I was just teasing. I love it, thank you.”

“I told you when we were young that I’d bring you a flower every time I visited.”

“But then I told you that the royal garden would be flowerless if you did that since you visit everyday.”

“So now it’s just once a week.”

“It’s my favorite day when you bring me one.” I smile.

“Not on other days where you only get me? I’m hurt.”

“I love those days more than anything, you dork.”

“I know. My flower just can’t resist me.”

A bell atop of the door rings and Minghao walks away, allowing me to tend to the customer. A group of giggling girls walk through the door, their eyes widening when they spot the prince. They scurry to the counter, requesting to pick up their bouquets. I was in the midst of getting them while they kept looking back to the prince.

“Are these for the prince?” I ask. They nod, glancing back and forth between Minghao and I. “I’m sure he’ll like them.”

They quickly pay before walking towards the door, making sure to blow kisses at the prince. Minghao watches in amusement when they erupt in fits of giggles from making him smile. Truthfully, he just found their actions to be funny.

“What a ladies’ man.” I tease, placing my chin on my hand atop of the table. He rolls his eyes and smiles.

“There’s going to be more of that at the party tonight, but with them clinging onto me as well.”

“They just can’t resist your charm.”

“Just like you can’t either.”

“What can I say? I’m a sucker for the prince with flowers in his hair.”

His cheeks grow red as he sits down in front of me. I smile, glancing at the flowers in his hair.

“Maybe I should make you a flower crown to wear instead of that gold one.”

“As long as you make one for yourself.”

I smile, handing him some flowers and materials. He grins, instantly sitting up straight and watches until I put the last of them on the table. The two of us sit in silence, making bouquets when a sweaty, tired butler comes running through the door. He’s bent over, trying to catch his breath as Minghao and I look at each other, grinning.

“There you are, prince Minghao.”

“Where else would I be?”

“At the castle where you’re supposed to be,” I say and he rolls his eyes, smiling.

“The king and queen have requested for you to come back to the castle.”

“Ah, already? I wanted to spend more time with my flower before going to the party.” He groans, gently placing the half made bouquet down before standing up. I stand up and bow, resulting in Minghao shaking his head. He gently pushes my back up, having me stand up straight. “You know you don’t have to bow to me, my flower.”

I nod and watch as Minghao leaves with the butler, waving and smiling when he leaves. I shake my head and smile, going back to making bouquets. Not even a few minutes later, the prince comes running back into the shop.

“I convinced him to let me spend more time with you.”

“You did?” I quirk an eyebrow and cross my arms.

“I did, using my charm.”

“So how long do you have until he notices you ran away?”

“About a few minutes,” Minghao says and I laugh, shaking my head.

“Naughty, naughty little prince.”

He takes my hands in his hands and smiles. Our eyes meet and I blush from the way he looks at me. Minghao raises my hand and places a kiss on my knuckles.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, my flower,” He whispers before letting go and walking out of the shop. I scoff, a smile growing on my lips.

“What a charmer.”

Voltron characters as people I've met at theatre parties >>>

 Lance: An actress dressed as a tooth fairy playing beer pong that would lift the ball to her face and flirt with it every single time before throwing it. “I’ve never seen a more beautiful sphere of white plastic. You can do this baby. I believe in you.” And then she would miss the cups by a MILE and dramatically reach out her hand in whatever direction it flew and say “no” and her boyfriend would just reach out and pat her on the back and say encouraging things like “It’s okay.”

Keith: Hilariously enough, tooth fairy girl’s stage manager boyfriend who was still dressed in his stage blacks but had been bribed to into wearing fairy wings so that they would be matchchies. He won them the beer pong game by deadass landing Every. Single. Throw. (It was the most legendary beer pong game I have ever participated in.)(Oh! They actually just got engaged a few months ago!!! ♥)

Shiro: Me, stone sober and waiting for the party to be over so that I can drive everyone home and tuck them into bed. (People that I didn’t know would literally walk around parties and ask for me by first and last name so I could drive them home. I was an infamous DD.)

Hunk: A boy in a cat onesie walking up to everyone at the party, gently cupping their cheeks with his hands, gazing intently into their eyes, and offering them pizza bites. (He was high as a gd kite. Btw, this was NOT a costume party. He just showed up in a cat onesie. Human people are strange and astounding.)

Pidge: A stage hand that was sitting next to me on one of the 5 couches in the room literally writing a history paper in her notes that was due the next day. One of the actors walked up and opened his mouth to hit on her and without even looking up she said something like “Please rethink all of your life choices if you think the pick up line you just googled is going to help you get laid tonight.” THEN SHE LOOKED HIM DEAD IN THE EYE AND GOES “Bye.” And went strait back to writing her paper on her phone notes and he walked away. (It was the most cinematic moment of my life. I’m pretty sure my jaw actually dropped. It was amazing.)


Coran: My Theatre History/Analysis teacher who’s hair made him look like the human equivalent of a sheep with an overgrown coat. He would go off on tangents about the most random history fact, but was genuinely hilarious. Only, sometimes he would say something and then look at us, raise is arms in a “right” gesture and nod like we were supposed to laugh, so the class as a whole would awkwardly chuckled while interally thinking “Was that supposed to be funny? Wtf?? I’m confused???”

Allura:An English foreign exchange student in a Buffy the Vampire Slayer looking, full leather outfit sitting outside smoking like a whole pack of cigarettes while basically holding court with me and 10 other people by telling us her crazy life story. (Her name was Holly and she was probably the most bad ass, nicest person I’ve ever met.)

ok but honestly a high school reunion is a perfect place for Waverly to come out. High school was hard for Waverly, being liked for a lot of what she wasn’t, was just pretending to be, and being disliked for something she feels so strongly about (being an Earp), was an exhausting balance for her. A lot of emphasis has been placed on Waverly feeling so suffocated by the people around her, but still fighting for their acceptance. A lot of that probably really intensified in high school, which is so intense anyway. When she started dating Champ, or maybe other boys before him, when cliques cemented, when pressure really builds, she shaped her identity around the people around her.

Keeping in mind that we don’t really know what’s going to happen yet, but with minimal clarity on whatever episode this is and what happens before it, Waverly kissing Nicole in front of everyone at that reunion is really brave – she’s really brave. She wants to be herself finally and she feels confident enough that being herself means being open about her sexuality and relationship, even if that doesn’t yield the most positive reactions from her peers. Honestly, we don’t know how well anyone in town will take it, and neither does Waverly. But she does it anyway and I’m proud <3

additional headcanons under the cut, btw because I could write fic but I don’t want to

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SYCO debuting a new boyband on July 21st, the day the most important person on their roster is releasing his highly anticipated solo single, is the textbook definition of exhausting your resources where they don’t belong, and only about reason #900 out of thousands for why I don’t think Louis’s deal with HQ is everything it appears to (re: should normally) be. 

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My boyfriend just forgot it was my birthday. I'm curious if the paladins forgot their s/o's birthday, what shenanigans would follow?

The most ridiculous shenanigans and guilt, and regret and lots of apologies. expect a burnt cake baked by takashi “cannot bake to save his life” shirogane I’m also sorry your bf forgot your birthday anon! Happy belated birthday !! He better make it up to you !! ~ Mod Lyra

Shiro - 

Feels absolutely terrible if he missed his s/o’s birthday. He’d do what he can to make it up to s/o, apologizes right out that he forgot and doesn’t make any excuses as to why he forgot. He knows he didn’t mean to forget but must’ve and he’s sorry for it. Suggests that they can go on a date to a place that’s their favorite or somewhere they’ve always wanted to go. Even tries his hand at baking something for them like an apology cake, but it doesn’t exactly turn out to be the best thing in the world (it’s burnt and dry as hell and Shiro kind of ends up throwing it away and they both agree on something store bought would be fine, he still feels a bit bad, but his s/o says they probably couldn’t have made a better cake, it’s okay Shiro). Still, Shiro tries his hardest to make it up to his s/o and make them happy, even if all they wanted to do was curl up and watch terrible movies, he’d do it. Shiro gets kisses at the end of the day for spending his time making it up to his s/o and they really appreciate it.

Lance - 

Lance apologizes over 500 times, his s/o is sure, they’ve counted. But the boy is sorry, he’s marked down in his calendar 3 times and circled it, put reminders on his phone because his s/o’s birthday is a big deal. It’s one of the only days of he year he can spoil his bondmate with affection (as if he doesn’t do it already, multiple times), but now he just has even more of an excuse. Lance is truly sorry and probably even tries to organize a party, go gets cake and gets a gift like he truly wants to make it up to them that he forgot. Please don’t be mad at him. He probably continues to apologize to his s/o until they take him by the hand and tell him that it’s okay if he forgot and that they appreciate all what he’s doing, he doesn’t have to throw a party, gently kisses his cheek and says that they are just fine with spending the day with him. Lance’s heart is in his throat, but still expect him to spoil his s/o until the day is over.

Keith -

Honestly and truly forgets his s/o’s birthday and it’s honestly not his fault. He didn’t have a lot of friends growing up, nor did he really celebrate is own birthday after a point. He’s never really seen it as such a big deal (you age, like you do everyday what’s the big d e al). He won’t really notice until his s/o says something about it, but he apologizes and says that if they want, they can go and buy some cake, or go out someplace to eat. If they do go out someplace to eat, he’s absolutely floored when the staff comes out and gives cake to his s/o, and they begin to sing and clap and Keith honestly wants to die. He’s never really experienced something like this before, doesn’t know where to stare and it’s so awkward for him, what does he do - his face probably ends up being rather red by the end of it because of the sheer embarrassment. Says he won’t forget his s/o’s birthday again and says he’d rather stay home and celebrate it.

Hunk -

Feels incredibly guilty he forgot his s/o’s birthday. Hunk bakes them a cake because what makes someone feel better than with a good birthday cake? He apologizes with the cake in hand partially in bribe for forgiveness but also he feels that he’d look more sincere with the fact he has something to show for it (and it’s the best cake in the world, it can’t even compete with his s/o’s mothers cake, and they might cry because it’s so good, and Hunk might freak a little bit because why are they crying !? Is it really that bad ??!!). The rest of the day is dedicated to what Hunk’s so wants to do, he will willingly be dragged anywhere, he wants to do whatever he can to show that he’s sorry. Maybe even ride a wild roller coaster motion sickness be dammed. Even tho he gets sick and after he’s all cleaned up, gets a smooch on the cheek and apologize because now his s/o is sorry because they thought he was over it. Will walk home hand and hand with his s/o, feeling warm that they forgave him, and also please write down that recipe for them. Hunk suggests they can bake a cake together next time. 

Pidge - 

Forgot her s/o’s birthday because she was too busy making a small robot and feels rather bad about it, when she sees that they’re genuinely upset. Pidge really isn’t sure what to do so maybe would enlist help from Hunk and maybe make a cupcake or a small form of cake for her s/o. Would present the cupcake to her s/o with the robot and the robot relays an, “I’m sorry” message to them. Pidge actually coming out to say to them that she is sorry for forgetting, she has a lot on her mind but wouldn’t purposely forget to hurt them. She kind of spent all day making a robot, check out her neat new friend. Her s/o is quick to forgive and they spend the day talking and working on robots and not being awkward about it. Her s/o is rather chill about it and says it’s really not a big deal especially if this awesome robot is the product. Would also suggest some stuff and they can work on it together to make it even better.

Happy Birthday to Me - part 4 of 4 - Jonsa

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY @qinaliel !!


The kiddy table wasn’t so bad, Jon mused as his attention was pulled between his two new companions - a 5 year old with cute little wire framed glasses named Oliver, and a 6 year old girl with frizzy red hair called Alice. There were a couple of moody looking teens at the table too, who were busy projecting their bored-as-hell-and-not-interested-in-anything state of being whilst being glued to their phones. “What colour should the girl’s hair be Jon”? Alice asks, her happy wide green eyes perusing the selection of crayons for her colouring as she absentmindedly pulled at the elastic from her pointy party hat, letting it gently snap back under her chin.

“I’ve always thought red hair was very pretty” Jon smiled at the young redhead.

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lmaoooo back w#en 1 was a trrroll (noncanon, obv) 1 was so powerrrful and strrrong and now? 1m weak and w#1ny and soft and not#1ng l1ke w#o 1 was. yea#, 1t was all false brrravado to coverrr anx1ety, but s#1t, 1 m1ss 1t. 1 m1ss be1ng scarrry. 1 m1ss t#e feel1ng of scarrr1ng people.

“lmaoooo back when i was a troll (noncanon, obv) i was so powerful and strong and now? im weak and whiny and soft and nothing like who i was. yeah, it was all false bravado to cover anxiety, but shit, i miss it. i miss being scary. i miss the feeling of scaring people. “

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I find people are often thrown when I'm open about my (nerdy) interests and general feelings I think because I don't make a big deal of them or act ashamed or whatever? I just state them like facts. And they don't know what to do with someone who is different to them and feels fine about that. (This is re your manager thinking youre mysterious in case it wasn't clear!)

I feel like I want to make it very clear that my manager is excellent and the “riddle wrapped in an enigma” comment was an observation rather than a criticism.

It’s just been a very interesting experience moving interstate to start a new job because the majority of your friends are also going to be work colleagues, so you’re having lunch with people in the break room and catching up with people on the weekend for board games but you’re always aware that the vast majority of your interactions take place in a professional environment. It’s so different to the last time I moved interstate (for university) and had to start a new social circle.

So I’m usually pretty leery of oversharing in the office (about my family, about my thesis, about my hobbies or “nerdy” interests) and the end result is apparently that I’m enigmatic which… I did not expect.

"Twister" or "How Marinette's butt gave away her identity"

Rating: General Audiences
Additional Tags: Identity Reveal, precious kids playing twister, damn mari your butt
Summary: Never once in her life had she thought about the possibility that her butt would out her. In her imagination, it was her eyes, her hair or her voice but not her butt.

Read on AO3 or right here:

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By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: sexy teasing ;)

Summary: Bucky wants to stay in, you want to go to a party. 

A/n:  A very special thank you to my Sister Wives @firewolfkelly and  @after-avenging-hours for the inspiration. 

You slid your heels onto your feet, then turn to Bucky.  You were heading out to another Stark party.  Since Bucky and Tony had made amends you received a lot more invitations.   Walking over to your vanity you pick out two necklaces and hold them up peering in the mirror to make your choice.

Bucky sat on the bed waiting for you to be done with a slight grin.  Since T’Challa had restored his mind, he was more carefree and relaxed than ever before.  You glance at him through the mirror.  You knew you were lucky.  Most guys wouldn’t sit for twenty minutes just watching you get ready.  When it came to you however, Bucky had the patience of a saint.

“Which one do you like sweetie?”  turning to face Bucky you show him the two holding them both against your chest.

He lets out a hum, considering both before choosing the one he had given you for your birthday.  Taking the silver necklace with the tiny star shaped pendant from you, he motions for you to turn so he can put it on you.

After securing the clasp, he lets his finger trace from the base of your neck and out to your shoulder.  Giving a little shiver, you turn back to face him.   All thoughts of getting ready had left your mind.   Placing a hand behind his neck you pull him towards you placing a soft but urgent kiss to his lips.  Wrapping his hands around your waist, Bucky pulls you to him, adding more pressure to the kiss.

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Tonight I’ve been thinking about poet anecdotes.
The one I’m most fascinated by is Sylvia Plath (I think on some kind of business-y trip) desperately trying to get to Dylan Thomas. She was supposed to get in touch with him professionally, but missed the connection. So she wanted to meet him at a bar he was purportedly at. She went and threw all of the dresses she brought with her off the roof of the hotel. She asked the girl she was rooming with if she could borrow one of her dresses as she had just thrown all of her own off the roof of the building. She missed Dylan Thomas again.

The one about Philip Larkin being sent to bed early without cake at his own seventh birthday party makes me laugh gently. It is bittersweet to me, sad for a lifetime for him.

I have this about Anne Sexton:
1. She used her shoe as a makeshift ashtray, on the ground, slumped against a wall at some poetry convention
2. She returned home early from her honeymoon as she had to take care of the 100 cavities in her mouth
The first one is vivid to me, the second is relatable.

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HElloOOOO there! Keep up the awesome work with your blog! Can I request some cute headcanons for how Yuri P., Leo and Phichit would react on their wedding day :') (like seeing their s/o walk down the aisle, vows, and just cute floofy stuff) Thanksssss!

hello~! thank you so much! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ a big thank you to Pop [ @animeforoneanimeforall ] for translating Phichit’s little phrase at the bottom! Check out their blog, they’re very nice!

【 YURI 】

  • he’s basically in his “vulnerable” mode, all soft and just completely out of it / in awe when he sees you coming down the isle 
  • you’re so beautiful that he does not even think this could be possible, and he’s having trouble comprehending that wow you’re actually marrying him
  • during Yuri’s vows he’s somewhat nervous because he does not want to fuck up but he does them peRFECTLY because he practiced them 
  • needless to say he’s quite happy and gives you one of his handsome, rare happy smiles 
  • when he was told he can kiss you, he did not hesitate. of course, he was blushy but he quickly kissed you, as if he was claiming his property
  • you can hear “encouraging” words from viktor during said kiss

【 LEO 】

  • literally awestruck because you look amazing and he’s just??? wow i’m very lucky to have this??? 
  • he gasps softly at first but quickly smiles afterward, a very warm and handsome smile that is reserved for you and only you
  • he says those vows like a champ because he practiced and takes them very seriously, so good job Leo
  • it’s so obvious that he’s walking on sunshine today because during your vows he’s just smiling a great husbando  who will still send you memes via text
  • the kiss is slow and very nice, passionate, and definitely the kiss everyone wants ( victuuri )
  • once you guys leave to your wedding party he’s just gently grasping your hand the whole time and your first dance is cute and slOW AND NICE JUST WOW SO MUCH CUTE
  • “Te amo ____, y quiero estar contigo para siempre.” ( Credit to my bomb ass spanish skills for this cute phrase ) [ Translation: I love you ____, and I want to be with you forever.” ]


  • he’s !!! so !!! happy !!!! and !!! excited !!!! for !!! your !!!! wedding !!! and !!! to !!!! become !!! your !!!! husband !!!
  • of course, he is serious when he needs to be, but once he sees you walking down the isle he’s so excited and so happy because you’re the most gorgeous person to him and wow
  • he does well with his vows, he’s smiling the whole time but like i said, he’s serious when he needs to be and this is important to him
  • Phichit gives you a gentle and loving kiss when the time to kiss you comes, and he wraps his arm around your waist
  • after the kiss he’s just holding you against his side like yes this now belongs to me thank you very much
  • your first dance is so cute and its so clear that he’s trying his best, the conversation during the dance is pretty smiles, cute giggles, and sweet nothings 
  • “Pom-rak-khun, ____!” ( ผมรักคุณ ) [ Translation: I love you, ____! ]