party gently

My headcanon for Amanda and Farah’s wedding includes Todd and Dirk Gently standing on one side of the altar in matching best man tuxedos, staring nervously at the Rowdy 3 on the other side of the altar who are the most enthusiastic bridesmaids ever.

They manage to keep themselves in check until Amanda throws the bouquet. Then it’s every man for himself (none of them want to get married but they’re a competitive gang, Vogel ends up victorious but only after he breaks the bridal table by launching himself off it).

just registered that it looks like Izzie Steele (Deputy Tina) in the background of that Party Todd™ pic and I realized– 

this is wlw and mlm solidarity. Todd and Tina going out to gay bars together is my new aesthetic

Harrison Osterfield Imagine - Late Night Loving (smut)

request: Can I get an Harrison Osterfield imagine (smut) where it’s the Spider-Man hoco premier after party and there both wasted and they have a one. Igor stand and they don’t see each other for a few months after words and some how they hit it off in the end and start dating or like it ends in pure fluff??

a/n: i guess this is open for a part 2? maybe

word count: 1842

masterlist: (x)

Harrison was a lot of things when he was drunk; he was confident and cocky; he was a terrible dancer and he sung along loudly to the music, even when he didn’t know the words; he was unsteady on his feet and spent most of the night clinging onto the bar so he didn’t fall over - but above all, Harrison was awfully flirty.

Handing you the drink he just bought for you, he moved fractionally closer to you so that his knee brushed yours every now and then. Politely thanking him, you took a sip of your cocktail, maintaining his eye contact as you sucked on the plastic straw.

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One thing I’m beyond excited for in Dirk Gently season two is the idea of Amanda rescuing the Rowdy 3.

I mean, it’s obviously going to be a team effort (and I’m still convinced that Riggins is going to play a huge role in breaking the Blackwing subjects out). But I trust Max Landis enough now that I can’t ever imagine any of the characters going oh no, I’ve been rescued by a girl, what a catastrope.

The Rowdy 3 would be fucking stoked that Amanda was able to pull this off. Martin would be so proud of their tiny angry vigilante champion.

I’m not even joking, I will be disappointed if we don’t have a cell door being blasted off its hinges and Amanda leaping through the burning wreckage in her leather jacket with a baseball bat and r e v e n g e in her eyes. This is her family and she will fight the entire fucking CIA if that’s what it takes to keep them safe.

Fav h2ovanoss moments #1

Gmod prop hunt - Five nights at vanoss’s:

Evan: “Delirious, Happy birthday.” 

407?: “It’s my birthday… :( “

Evan: *picks up party hat and runs after Del* “Delirious wait..” *catches up to Del*

Basically?: “Put the party hat down!”

Evan: “HOLD ON.. * very softly* “it’s his party hat” *gently puts hat on Del’s head* “There you go!” 

Del: “Oh thank you thank you, this is the best birthday party ever. I never get invited to birthdays.” (but Evan’s still treating it as Del’s party though lol)

Del: “They made a drawing of today, look its beautiful.”

Evan: “Oh yeahhh, look at that. Look there’s.. there’s you cause youre blue..”

Evan: *captions Del or makes graphics for his moments* *Is super giddy and energetic* 

Evan: *Del’s in the locker next to him* “You can join me if you want…join me (in my locker)” *both proceed to playful bant for a while as if this whole video isnt 90% that*

Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 14/?)


I’m not super proud of it, okay? But I need something to fill in before cool things happen, okay?

Also thank you for all your lovely messages and feedback even when you have to wait ages for next part xx

PS to the people sending requests - you are aware of the fact it’ll take 47281 years for me to post it?

I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror just to see how miserable I look. I took a few deep breaths making sure I’m not crying anymore, cleaned mascara that smudged on my face fixed my hair and left just to walked straight into Montgomery making himself a drink in the kitchen.

“Hey, I was calling you before upstairs”, he said when he spotted me.

“I don’t know why, you clearly were busy”, I said and walked past him.

“Because you called my name while you were opening the door?”.

I stopped.

“So what was it?”, he asked.

“Nothing”, I shrugged. “Not important anymore”.

“But it was important before, so what was it?”, he gently grabbed me by my arm and turned me to see my face. “Were you crying?”

“Sorry Montgomery, I’m going home, I have to find Jeff”, I released my arm and walked outside.

“Why, party hasn’t even started properly yet.”, he said going after me.

“Yes, it has. I’ve been here for two hours but you were too busy to see, Montgomery, and I’m done”.

“I just want to tell you, I didn’t…”

“De la Cruz, that’s my man!”, Bryce interrupted him. “So, how was it upstairs? She any good?”, he asked putting his arm at Montgomery’s shoulder.

“Both of you are disgusting”, I rolled my eyes and walked away.

“Come on, Y/N, you can have some of that too”, Bryce shouted.

I was walking around looking for Jeff and avoiding Montgomery, I was already humiliated enough for one night.

“Hey, I was looking for you everywhere”, I said when I finally found Jeff.

“I was in the house, on the phone”, he explained.

“What’s up?”

“Take me home, please.”

“Why? We barely even came here.”

“We’re here for like two hours and I’m done”, I sighed. “I’m not asking you to leave party for good, I’m asking you to drive me home.”

“Were you crying?”, he asked.

“What?”, I pretended I’m surprised as if I didn’t know what he was talking about.

“You have smuged mascara on your face”, he crossed his arms.


“Maybe. Can you drive me home?”

“Does it have anything to do with Montgomery? I can kick his ass, you know that.”

I laughed a little bit.

“I don’t want you to kick his ass, you’re better than that.“

“What’s up, guys?”, Justin came up and wrapped his arms around me and Jeff.

“What did I tell you about your arm around me?”, I asked.

“I actually want to talk to you”, he said.

“I’ll leave you two. Bro, make her stay at the party”, Jeff patted Justin’s arm and left us.

“You’re going home?”

“I want to but Jeff doesn’t really want to leave party for 20 minutes”, I sighed. “What do you want to talk about?”, I asked. Not about Montgomery, please, I told to myself.

“I had fight with Jess”, he said and I realized that she in fact wasn’t here, “ and Bryce… And my mum and meth Seth are thing again so…”, I saw he wasn’t comfortable talking about that and I already knew where this was going to.

“You want to crash at my place?”

“I can sleep in tree house, please”.

“Don’t be silly. My mum is out of town,y dad is chill, you’ll sleep in home. But I have one condition.”


“You’re leaving party with me and we’re doing it now.”

“Okay, it sucks anyway. Wait, I’ll just take my things”, Justin run inside and I looked around looking for Jeff again, this time to tell him I’m coming home with Justin and that he can stay. He wasn’t anywhere around to be seen so I decided text will be enough.

I went home with Justin, have fun XX

I spotted Foley talking to Montgomery and slowly walking my direction. Please, don’t bring him here, please don’t bring him here, I prayed. Luckily, Montgomery went to the beer pong table and Justin joined me.

We walked in silence, but it was good, comfortable silence as neither of us really felt like talking.

“Dad?”, I asked opening the door when we got to my house.

“Here”, he said from living room.

“Hi, I’m with Justin…”

“Kids today, I have to teach you everything”, he sighed standing up from the couch. “If you bring boy home in the middle of the night, he walks in by window, you don’t tell parents about it”, he joked as he obviously knew Justin was in relationship with Jessica and besides that right after Jeff he was the closest to me out of all boys.

“Damn, Y/N, I knew we were doing something wrong”, Justin joked.

“So umm… Justin had a fight with his mum”, I started, “and her boyfriend… And Jessica, besides her dad is super strict so I thought…”

“He can sleep in guest’s room”, my dad smiled.

“See, I told you”, I looked at Foley with triumphal smile.

“Thank you, Mr Y/L/N”.

I went to the kitchen, took some snacks and went upstairs with Justin. We still didn’t feel like talking so we watched a movie.

“So ummm…”, Justin started in the middle of the movie. “I heard you and Tina had a fight again”.

“We didn’t have a fight”, I rolled my eyes. “After the game I was waiting for Jeff and she left girls’ room, spotted me and started talking her shit again.

“What is her problem with you, really?”

“Really, I don’t know. I wasn’t even aware or her existence until she and Montgomery started going out”, I shrugged. “What did you and Jessica fought about?”

“You and Montgomery”.


“She thinks that there is something going on between you two and that he tells me everything, unlike you, and she got mad I don’t want to tell her what is happening. Not that I know”.

“God, I’m sorry Justin”, I sighed. “I’ll talk to her, I promise”, well I told Sheri everything because she saw us, but never talked about it with Jess and if everyone started getting suspicious, than so did she.

“It’s okay. So… There is something to talk about?”, he asked with a grin.

“No, there is not. I will tell her that nothing is happening. Now shut up, cause I want to finish the movie”.

I lied to him. Again. I was going to tell her everything. And because, well, Jess wasn’t to good with keeping her mouth shut, she would tell Justin sooner or later.

We finished the movie, Justin went to his room, I quickly washed and get to bed. I couldn’t fall asleep because it felt very hot in my room so I opened window and laid in bed again. When I was almost sleeping I heard some weird noise and looked at the window scared.


I sighed with relief.

“Montgomery, what the fuck are you doing?”, I whispered when he got into my room through open window.

“I want to talk”, he said loudly.

“Shhhh”, I covered his mouth.

I much as my dad was okay with Justin sleeping in guest’s room, he wouldn’t be okay with boy coming into my bedroom through window.

“Are you drunk?”, I asked I as smelled alcohol.

“Yes”, he nodded his head.

“What do you want?”, I sighed.

Before he could answer I heard steps outside my room.

“To the closet and keep your mouth shut”, I hissed and closed him in the closet and laid in bed.

Seconds after my dad opened door.

“Sweetie, you’re okay? I heard some noise”, he asked.

“Yeah, it’s good. I stood up to open window, stood on remote and tv started playing”, I pointed at remote that in fact was on the floor very close to my bed.

“Okay, sleep well.”

“Thanks”, I smiled as he closed the door and I could hear he went back to his bedroom.

Quietly I got up from bed and went to the closet.

“What do you want, Montgomery?”, I whispered.

“I needed to see you”.


“I miss you, Y/N”, he said taking some hair of my face.

“What?”, I asked a little bit numb.

“I miss our thing… What we had”, he said pulling me closer and placing his lips on mine.

For a moment I felt vulnerable feeling his kiss, his hands tightened on me and his lips started going down my neck. But then I shook off from first shock and pushed him away.  

“Montgomery, stop”, I said not looking at him. “We’re done”.

Why was he doing it to me… Few days ago he examined Tina’s throat with his tongue in the middle of school hallway and few hours ago he literally fucked a girl at a party.

“I never got my goodbye kiss”, he insisted.

“And you won’t”, I tried to take a step back but he pulled me in.

“You just don’t understand anything”, he mumbled.

“I’m pretty sure I understand everything”, there was nothing to not understand, he came here hoping to get laid.

“You’re pretty, yes, but you don’t understand”.

“Montgomery, leave, please”, I sighed.

“Is that what you really want?”, he asked mumbling, because his drunkenness only let him mumbling.


“Yes”, I said not looking at him.

“Tina would take me back any second, you know?”

“Well, I’m not Tina, you know? Montgomery, go home”, I sighed.

“Whatever”, he chuckled. “So no goodbye kiss?”

“No”, I crossed my arms.

“I’m going to Vermont for Christmas, I might not come back.”

“Bye, see you at Jeff’s New Year’s Eve party”, I gently pushed him to the window.

“See you, babe”, he said walking out.

“Don’t call… Whatever”, I sighed looking at him crawling out of the window, praying he wouldn’t do much noise.

When he got down safely I laid back in bed but couldn’t fall asleep for another few good hours.


“Wake up, wake up!”, Justin stormed into my room at 9 am in the morning.

“Jesus, Foley, do you know what Saturday is for? Sleeping”, I said covering my head with pillow.

“Wake up, your dad is making pancakes”, he said and literally jumped at me.

“Ouch! Get off me”, I pushed him away. “He’s literally making them because you’re here. If it was just me and him there would be cereals, so thanks for being here”, I said getting up.

“We’re eating and we’re going to Jessica”, he ordered. “You’ll talk to her, and me and her will make up”.

“Still, you can’t sleep at her place.”

“My mum called me, meth Seth got away again, so it should be okay for next two weeks.”

We went downstairs, ate breakfast, I quickly changed and did my makeup and we left to Jess’ place.

“You remember about Trixie, right?”, dad asked.

“Yeah, I’ll go straight there”, I said.

We decided I’d walked in Jess’ home alone, Justin would wait a street away and came in after I explain her everything.

“Hi”, she said surprised to see me.

“Hey, I have to talk with you”, I said walking in and going to her room with her.

“What’s happening?”, she asked.

“It’s about me and Montgomery…”


“Okay… That’s a lot”, she said when I finished telling story.

“Yeah… I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, I just wanted to keep it a secret and Sheri knows only because she saw me with him.”

“So you’re telling me Justin doesn’t know about anything?”, Jess asked and I shook my head. “God, I’m so stupid, I have to talk to him”, she said reaching for her phone.

“Actually… He’s somewhere close, he came here with me, I told him to wait outside before I finish.”

“Let’s go see him”, got up and we quickly left the house.

We found Justin, the two of them make up so I decided it was time for me to go.

“Okay guys, I’ll leave you now, I have to go to Trixie”, I said.

“Wait, I can drive you”, Jessica offered.

“No, it’s okay, it’s not that far and a walk will be good for me”, I smiled. “Bye, guys.”

They walked inside and I went away. As I was walking I decided to call Montgomery and be as cold as I can and tell him that he can’t just show up at my place when he’s drunk.

“Hello?”, he answered phone with sleepy, raspy voice.

“What were you thinking, Montgomery? You can’t just walk into my room by the window when you’re drunk”

“And when I’m sober?”

“I’m serious. Honestly, how much did you drink yesterday to show up and my room in the middle of the night to tell me you miss me?”

He didn’t answer for few seconds.

“I just want things between us to be normal again”, he said finally.

“What do you mean by normal?”

“I just miss talking to you, okay?”

I stopped walking and bit my lip.

“Okay, listen… You’re going to Vermont for Christmas, I’m staying here, we won’t see each other, atmosphere will get clear and when we meet at NYE party we’ll act normal. Just like it was before anything happened okay?”

“Okay”, he agreed.

“Look it’s almost like we’re adults”, I laughed.

“Not sure if I like that”, he mumbled and that made me stop walking again. “Okay, I have to get ready for a plane. So I guess it’s time to wish you merry Christmas in advance.”

“Merry Christmas, Monty”, I smiled to the phone.

I hung up and took a deep breath.

“I’m adult, I’m adult, I’m adult”, I mumbled to myself and went to babysit Trixie.


“You’re sad today”, she said after she realized I put zero effort in drawing in colouring book.

“No, I’m just tired, sweetie”, I smiled at her. “I had a tough week, you know”.

“Is it because of your broken wrist?”

“Partly, yes”, I nodded.

“I heard your mum telling that one girl did it on purpose to you.”

“You overheard, Trixie, that’s naughty and you don’t want to get on a naughty list few days before Christmas, do you?”

“Why did she do that?”, she continued and completely ignored what I was saying.

“I don’t know if she did that on purpose, sweet…”

“Your mum said she did and that she got suspended. And that Montgomery took you to the hospital, so maybe he knows if she did”, kid was stubborn. “We can go and ask him!”

“What? How do you even know Montgomery?”

“We saw him on a Halloween, remember?”

“Right, we’re not asking him about anything, understood? Keep drawing”, I told her a little bit surprised that she even remember she met Monty almost two months ago.

Kid was stubborn and smart and that was the worst combination.

“I just…", she said quietly. “I just want to know if someone hurt you intentionally… Because you’re sad cause of that and I never want you to be sad, because I love you very much”.

My heart melted that exact moment.

“Sweetie”, I hugged her. “I love you too, very, very much. But really you don’t have to worry about anything, okay? That girl is not in cheer team anymore so she won’t hurt me or anyone ever again or purpose or not. Okay?”

“Okay”, she nodded her head and started drawing again.

“Sit here, I’ll make myself some coffee”.

I left her in the room and went down to the kitchen. When I was slowly walking back to the room with a mug full of coffee I heard her talking to someone.

“Trixie?”, I asked opening door to her room. And then I saw her. With my phone in her hand. Facetiming Montgomery. “What the heck?”, I put my coffee on the shelf next to door and quickly took my phone. “Trixie, what are you doing?”

“Montgomery explained me everything”, she said with a smile. “He said it’s not really important how did you injured your wrist, it’s important that nothing worst happened and that you’ll be okay in few weeks”.


She cleared her throat looked at me, at my phone and at me again, then I realized facetime with Monty was still on.

“uhh.. Hi”, I took my phone up and left the room. “Sorry about her. She’s just stubborn and needs to know everything. And overhears a lot of things”, I laughed.

“It’s okay”, he smiled. “She loves you and she worries, that’s normal.”

“She’s six, she shouldn’t worry. Anyway, thanks for talking to her”.

“No problem”, he smiled a little bit.

“Bye”, I took one last quick glance at his brown eyes on my phone and ended the call.

“Okay, young lady”, I said when I got back to Trixie’s room. “You can’t do that”.

“I know, but now I don’t have to worry”, she shrugged with smile on her face, drawing in the book like nothing happened.

“What exactly did he tell you?”, I asked.

“I think he likes you a lot”.

“Really? Why do you think so?”, I took my coffee and sat next to her.

“Because he said he worried about you when you fell down. And you worry about someone when you like that person, right?”

“You know, you can also worry people in general, because that’s what good people do”, I tried to drift her away from imagining that Monty likes me a lot.

“I think he likes you a lot. He gave us a lot of candies on Halloween and he missed a game to go to the hospital with you. Dad never misses game on tv for anyone and he loves me and mummy and Montgomery missed game for you…”

“Trixie, things aren’t that simple and obvious in real life”, I interrupted her.

“I don’t think I wanna grow up”, she sighed with tiredness in her voice.

my flower - part 1

Pairing: prince! xu minghao x reader

Summary: “A flower for my flower.”

Part: 1/?

part 2

“He did it again!”

I look up from the bouquet I was making and quirk an eyebrow at the person making a loud fuss. Prince Minghao lets out a loud groan and plops himself on the chair in front of me. I smirk, knowing very well who he was talking about.

“What did Mingyu do now?”

“He came over earlier today and cheated when we were playing games!”

“How terrible, how could he do such a thing?” I giggle and he huffs, running a hand through his hair. I finish making the bouquet and turn away to put the ribbon on it when he groans again. “I thought you told him to stop cheating?”

“I did, but he found a loophole.”

“He must be learning from prince Jeonghan.”

“That’s not a good thing!”

“I know it’s not.” I giggle and put away the bouquet before turning back to the prince. I grab the little flowers next to me and bring them up to our eye levels. “But you love the both of them too much to complain.”

He groans, knowing I was right. I lean over and remove his crown, placing a small dandelion in its place. Minghao leans towards me, allowing me to place more dandelions in his hair. His frown turns into a smile and a blush creeps onto his cheeks as he stares at me. Then, he smiles widely and giggles.

“Did you pick these this morning?”

“Mm, I thought dandelions would look nice on you.”

“But I look good with any flower?”

“I suppose you’re right,” I laugh.

“Did you finish anything today?” He asks, peeking at the flowers behind me. I shake my head and sigh.

“There were so many requests for bouquets this morning that I haven’t been able to do anything else.”

“I can help set up the shop if you’d like?”

“Only you would get excited over setting up a flower shop.”

“It’s because I get to spend time with you,” Minghao mumbles, walking away to put the flowers in their spots. I turn away, retrieving the flowers and materials I need to make bouquets. “Did you know Seokmin cried the other day?”

“Aw, what about?”

“He got sentimental and started crying.”

“He’s such a sweetheart when it comes to his kingdom.”

“And I’m not?”

“I didn’t say that, you dork.”

“You were implying it.”

“Minghao. You’re my best friend and all, but I’m ready to fight you.”

“Bring it on.” He looks over his shoulder and smirks at me. I shake my head and roll my eyes, smiling. Minghao suddenly places the flowers down next to the big pots before walking up to me. I look at up at him and he smiles. “I almost forgot.”

“Forgot what?”

“A flower for my flower.”

“Intimidating Minghao can be cheesy?” I gasp and laugh when he pouts.

“Fine, then I’ll take it back.”

“Aw come on, I was just teasing. I love it, thank you.”

“I told you when we were young that I’d bring you a flower every time I visited.”

“But then I told you that the royal garden would be flowerless if you did that since you visit everyday.”

“So now it’s just once a week.”

“It’s my favorite day when you bring me one.” I smile.

“Not on other days where you only get me? I’m hurt.”

“I love those days more than anything, you dork.”

“I know. My flower just can’t resist me.”

A bell atop of the door rings and Minghao walks away, allowing me to tend to the customer. A group of giggling girls walk through the door, their eyes widening when they spot the prince. They scurry to the counter, requesting to pick up their bouquets. I was in the midst of getting them while they kept looking back to the prince.

“Are these for the prince?” I ask. They nod, glancing back and forth between Minghao and I. “I’m sure he’ll like them.”

They quickly pay before walking towards the door, making sure to blow kisses at the prince. Minghao watches in amusement when they erupt in fits of giggles from making him smile. Truthfully, he just found their actions to be funny.

“What a ladies’ man.” I tease, placing my chin on my hand atop of the table. He rolls his eyes and smiles.

“There’s going to be more of that at the party tonight, but with them clinging onto me as well.”

“They just can’t resist your charm.”

“Just like you can’t either.”

“What can I say? I’m a sucker for the prince with flowers in his hair.”

His cheeks grow red as he sits down in front of me. I smile, glancing at the flowers in his hair.

“Maybe I should make you a flower crown to wear instead of that gold one.”

“As long as you make one for yourself.”

I smile, handing him some flowers and materials. He grins, instantly sitting up straight and watches until I put the last of them on the table. The two of us sit in silence, making bouquets when a sweaty, tired butler comes running through the door. He’s bent over, trying to catch his breath as Minghao and I look at each other, grinning.

“There you are, prince Minghao.”

“Where else would I be?”

“At the castle where you’re supposed to be,” I say and he rolls his eyes, smiling.

“The king and queen have requested for you to come back to the castle.”

“Ah, already? I wanted to spend more time with my flower before going to the party.” He groans, gently placing the half made bouquet down before standing up. I stand up and bow, resulting in Minghao shaking his head. He gently pushes my back up, having me stand up straight. “You know you don’t have to bow to me, my flower.”

I nod and watch as Minghao leaves with the butler, waving and smiling when he leaves. I shake my head and smile, going back to making bouquets. Not even a few minutes later, the prince comes running back into the shop.

“I convinced him to let me spend more time with you.”

“You did?” I quirk an eyebrow and cross my arms.

“I did, using my charm.”

“So how long do you have until he notices you ran away?”

“About a few minutes,” Minghao says and I laugh, shaking my head.

“Naughty, naughty little prince.”

He takes my hands in his hands and smiles. Our eyes meet and I blush from the way he looks at me. Minghao raises my hand and places a kiss on my knuckles.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, my flower,” He whispers before letting go and walking out of the shop. I scoff, a smile growing on my lips.

“What a charmer.”

You’re Cute - Artemi Panarin

Request: None

Word Count: 2,042

Warnings: None

A/N: Late night post but I hope you guys enjoy. Don’t forget to leave any requests you guys have!

This evening Zach, my long time best friend, decided to invite me to the Blue Jackets before season party..or whatever they called it. I guess it was a party they had before the season kicked off. I’ve been to a few games before but i’ve never been to one of their get together or parties because I was always so nervous to meet the rest of his teammates, but he practically begged me to go, so I eventually had to give in.

I wore a comfy sweater and a pair of ripped jeans since Zach insisted it was just casual attire. I was still a little nervous because I never did well with parties, or gatherings in general. I didn’t want to embarrass Zach tonight. Unfortunately though it was to late for me to back out because he was already here. I let out a sigh and smiled once I opened the door to let him inside.

“Hey there Zach!” I said, wrapping my arms around him and enfolding him in a hug.

“Hey Y/N! You look great. Are you ready to go?” He asked me and I quickly grabbed my phone off the counter and nodded.

“Well, a little nervous but I think i’ll survive.” I chuckled dryly as I shut the door behind me and followed him to his car. It was a nice, warm evening out today and it felt nice to finally be out of the house for once. Thankfully I wasn’t swarmed with college work this weekend.

The entire car ride I was silent. The only sounds came from Zach’s radio that was silently playing in the background. I kept my focus on looking out the window, watching the trees pass by as we drove. Zach could sense my nervousness and he gently patted my thigh, giving me a small smile.

“It’s gonna be okay Y/N, I promise they’ll love you.” Zach reassured me as he pulled into a driveway of what I assumed to be the party house. I looked over at him and smiled.

“Thanks Zach, you know how I can be around large crowds of people sometimes.” We both got out of the car and walked up to the front door while Zach knocked. The door opened up wide to reveal a larger guy who I assumed was one of Zach’s teammates. I shyly stood behind him as he walked in and to my surprise it was a pretty small party so far.

“See, nothing to worry about. Everyone’s friendly here.” He told me as he went up to the cooler to grab me a beer, although I politely declined. I followed behind Zach and he introduced me to most of his teammates and their girlfriends/wives. Most of them were kind but I felt overwhelmed by the amount of people that were here now and I needed a breath. I didn’t know where Zach had wondered off to so I decided to slip outside to the backyard for a couple minutes. I always enjoyed being outside. It was just something about it that always calmed my nerves down. I sat down on one of the porch steps and crossed my arms over my chest.

I felt the presence of another person sitting down right next to me after a moment and I turned to my left to see a guy wearing a white t-shirt with a black jacket over it. He didn’t look my way, just continued to stare off into the distance not saying a word. I gently cleared my throat and tapped my fingers on my knee lightly.

“Hey there..” I whispered to the stranger, who was oddly attractive when we locked eyes. I blushed and looked away before he could say anything to me.

“Hello.” He said in a deep accented voice. I was such a sucker for a guy with an accent that’s for sure. I looked back up at him and smiled. He seemed like a normal person to talk to. Not that Zach and his teammates weren’t normal, I just felt this sense of comfort around this man.

“What’re you doing out here? Shouldn’t you be enjoying the party?” I asked him.

“It hard to speak English for long period of time. Need a break to breathe.” He told me. The way he spoke melted my heart and I kind of felt bad for him in a way. He obviously wasn’t perfect with his English yet, but I admired him for being here and trying anyways.

“I guess we’re out here for the same reasons..kind of.” I shrugged, turning my attention back up to the almost sunset.

“You speak other language?” He asked me and I shook my head.

“No, I just get nervous around new people and big crowds. I guess that’s why parties aren’t exactly my cup of tea.” I told him.

“Why be nervous? Pretty girl shouldn’t be nervous.” He told me and I immediately felt my cheeks heat up again. I laughed to myself and looked back over at him. His blue eyes mesmerized me and I couldn’t look away from how gorgeous he looked.

“Well, since were throwing around compliments I must say you have a very cute face.” That was such a stupid thing to say. Why on earth would you say that Y/N

“Thank You….-“

“Y/N.” I told him softly. “My names Y/N.”

“Artemi.” He replied. “Want a drink?” He asked me and I declined.

“I’m not a big alcohol drinker.” I told him. “At least as long as i’m in college. Finishing my last year is my priority right now.”

“No time for boy either?” He asked me shyly and I could see the redness forming along his cheeks. This boy was to adorable.

“Well, I guess it depends on who’s asking.” I told him, gently nudging his arm. “I should probably go back in now. Zach’s probably looking for me.” I told him as I got up and fixed my sweater.

“Stay?” He asked me. I guess staying for a couple more minutes wouldn’t hurt. Zach’s probably to busy catching up with everyone anyways.

“Sure, why not?” I told him, taking a seat next to him. He surprisingly wrapped an arm around my shoulders and I took the opportunity to lay my head down on his shoulder.

“So, Artemi, how long have you played with the Blue Jackets?” I asked while continuing to watch the sun slowly set.

“This my first year. Used to play with Blackhawks. Miss Chicago sometime.” He told me and I slowly shifted myself so that I looked up at him.

“It’s never easy moving to a different team, but I assure you that the guys here are pretty nice, well Zach is of course. He’s my best friend.” I told him. “Where are you from?”

“Russia.” He smiled. “Best country. Love it.” I knew it was a Russian accent. I learned a little bit of Russian in high school and I loved how his face lit up with a smile whenever he brought up his country. I guess the little things made him

“Can you tell me something in Russian?” I asked him and he only laughed.

“Like what?” He asked and I shrugged.

“I don’t know, anything. I wanna see if the Russian language stuck with me or not. I did learn it for two years after all.”

“Я думаю, вы очень красивы, и ваша застенчивость дополняет вашу красоту.” He told me with a smile. I only knew the first part. He just called me beautiful.

“You think i’m beautiful?” I asked him and he nodded.

“Look like you still got it.” He said referring to my knowledge of his Russian language. I just shrugged.

“I guess I do.” I told him. There was silence between the two of us again and all we did was just look into each other’s eyes. It was so hard not to get lost in his beautiful eyes. I didn’t even realize how close we were, especially our lips before the door slid open again.

“Y/N! There you are!” Zach breathed a sigh of relief but then stood frozen when he saw how close me and Artemi were. I immediately jumped back away from him as my cheeks heated up again. This time from embarrassment.

“Oh- h-hey Zach.” I said softly, looking down at my hands. Artemi didn’t say anything either, just looked down as well. I guess this wasn’t a very good first impression on his part to the team.

“What’s happening here?” He asked with a smile as he shut the door and walked closer to us.

“I just needed to get some air, but then I met Artemi and we’ve kinda been talking about random things.” I shrugged. “How’s the party?” I asked him, looking up at him shyly.

“Oh you know, just another party. Nothing special.” He shrugged, sitting down in between us. I groaned and slightly rolled my eyes. Zach always did this to me whenever I met a guy I was interested in. “How’s it going Artemi? Enjoying the party?” He asked him, gently patting his shoulder.

“Zach could you please not do this..” I sighed, shaking my head in embarrassment. I guess this is why I always thought of Zach as my big brother. He had all of the characteristics of a brother whenever I was around a guy or just anyone in general. He could really get on my nerves sometimes.

“Fun party.” Artemi replied softly. “I think I gonna grab a water.” He added before walking back inside. I looked up and watched Artemi leave with a sad expression on my face. Why would Zach ruin that for me.

“Zach what the hell was that for?” I said in a furious manner. “Why do you always ruin every opportunity I have with a guy! We were getting to know each other and I felt like we connected and you just come in here and ruin everything!” I told him before getting up and following Artemi inside, leaving Zach behind. I slightly pushed past different people trying to find where Artemi had gone off to. I was begging to think he probably ended up leaving before I saw him sitting on one of the couches with a water in his hand. I sighed deeply and hesitantly walked up to him.

“Hey..” I said softly, sitting down next to him. “I’m sorry about Zach..he’s always been protective of me. He’s kind of like my big brother.” I chuckled dryly.

“No worry. Glad you’re back now.” He said to me and I smiled.

“I’m glad i’m back too..kinda had to yell at him a little bit. I feel a little bad.” I told him
truthfully. “But I really like talking to you. I like your personality and how you’re not afraid to show who you are.” I told him and then I saw Zach come up to the both of us again and I signed in frustration.

“Y/N, Artemi..please don’t go anywhere. I came here because I owe you guys an apology..especially you Y/N. I’m sorry for trying to get in the middle of you two. I just want what’s best for my best friend.” He said, giving me a small smile and I sighed softly.

“I know you’re just trying to look out for me Zach, but I just met Artemi and all we were doing was just talking. I mean, yeah I think he’s a wonderful guy but you don’t have to worry about him hurting me or anything like that. I know he wouldn’t do something like that.” I told Zach sincerely.

“Your sister very beautiful.” Artemi told him and I couldn’t help but laugh. Zach gave me a confused look and I just whispered that i’d explain it to him later. I gave Artemi a gentle kiss on his cheek and thanked him for his compliment. Zach chuckled and gave me a small thumbs up before joining his friends back in the crowd.

“Be careful you two, I don’t wanna be an uncle this soon.” He jokes and I rolled my eyes at him as he left. Artemi gave me a confused look and I gently placed my lips upon his in a sweet, gentle kiss.

Voltron characters as people I've met at theatre parties >>>

 Lance: An actress dressed as a tooth fairy playing beer pong that would lift the ball to her face and flirt with it every single time before throwing it. “I’ve never seen a more beautiful sphere of white plastic. You can do this baby. I believe in you.” And then she would miss the cups by a MILE and dramatically reach out her hand in whatever direction it flew and say “no” and her boyfriend would just reach out and pat her on the back and say encouraging things like “It’s okay.”

Keith: Hilariously enough, tooth fairy girl’s stage manager boyfriend who was still dressed in his stage blacks but had been bribed to into wearing fairy wings so that they would be matchchies. He won them the beer pong game by deadass landing Every. Single. Throw. (It was the most legendary beer pong game I have ever participated in.)(Oh! They actually just got engaged a few months ago!!! ♥)

Shiro: Me, stone sober and waiting for the party to be over so that I can drive everyone home and tuck them into bed. (People that I didn’t know would literally walk around parties and ask for me by first and last name so I could drive them home. I was an infamous DD.)

Hunk: A boy in a cat onesie walking up to everyone at the party, gently cupping their cheeks with his hands, gazing intently into their eyes, and offering them pizza bites. (He was high as a gd kite. Btw, this was NOT a costume party. He just showed up in a cat onesie. Human people are strange and astounding.)

Pidge: A stage hand that was sitting next to me on one of the 5 couches in the room literally writing a history paper in her notes that was due the next day. One of the actors walked up and opened his mouth to hit on her and without even looking up she said something like “Please rethink all of your life choices if you think the pick up line you just googled is going to help you get laid tonight.” THEN SHE LOOKED HIM DEAD IN THE EYE AND GOES “Bye.” And went strait back to writing her paper on her phone notes and he walked away. (It was the most cinematic moment of my life. I’m pretty sure my jaw actually dropped. It was amazing.)


Coran: My Theatre History/Analysis teacher who’s hair made him look like the human equivalent of a sheep with an overgrown coat. He would go off on tangents about the most random history fact, but was genuinely hilarious. Only, sometimes he would say something and then look at us, raise is arms in a “right” gesture and nod like we were supposed to laugh, so the class as a whole would awkwardly chuckled while interally thinking “Was that supposed to be funny? Wtf?? I’m confused???”

Allura:An English foreign exchange student in a Buffy the Vampire Slayer looking, full leather outfit sitting outside smoking like a whole pack of cigarettes while basically holding court with me and 10 other people by telling us her crazy life story. (Her name was Holly and she was probably the most bad ass, nicest person I’ve ever met.)

ok but honestly a high school reunion is a perfect place for Waverly to come out. High school was hard for Waverly, being liked for a lot of what she wasn’t, was just pretending to be, and being disliked for something she feels so strongly about (being an Earp), was an exhausting balance for her. A lot of emphasis has been placed on Waverly feeling so suffocated by the people around her, but still fighting for their acceptance. A lot of that probably really intensified in high school, which is so intense anyway. When she started dating Champ, or maybe other boys before him, when cliques cemented, when pressure really builds, she shaped her identity around the people around her.

Keeping in mind that we don’t really know what’s going to happen yet, but with minimal clarity on whatever episode this is and what happens before it, Waverly kissing Nicole in front of everyone at that reunion is really brave – she’s really brave. She wants to be herself finally and she feels confident enough that being herself means being open about her sexuality and relationship, even if that doesn’t yield the most positive reactions from her peers. Honestly, we don’t know how well anyone in town will take it, and neither does Waverly. But she does it anyway and I’m proud <3

additional headcanons under the cut, btw because I could write fic but I don’t want to

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Saladin Forge dating headcanons.

@dngrs-untld-hrshps-unnmbrd asked me to weigh in on this (we need to complete the set) so I shall oblige. 

Dating Saladin Forge would include…

- Him lulling you to sleep with that deep, gravelly voice of his (voice kink). 
- Wolf Dog hair over e v e r y t h i n g.
- At a formal gathering, while everyone else shuffles awkwardly in waltz grip, he knows all the steps. He’s old fashioned like that. 
- Cuddling up together on cold days, drinking cocoa, wolves doggos at your feet.
- Knowing that him having Bad Days comes with the territory
- Reassuring him that you stil love him despite the Bad Days, and you’ll ride them out with him.
- Making sure he does’t just hide in the kitchen at parties.
- Gently teasing him when he gets too easily offended at something until you manage to raise a smile out of him.
- Gives you really great pep talks if you’re lacking in confidence (talks about apple seeds a lot though, confusingly). <– Voice kink. 
- You let the wolves doggos on the furniture when he’s not looking.
- He lets wolves  doggos on the furniture when you’re not looking. 
- You rumble eachother eventually and then the wolves doggos have free rein over the furniture. 
- ~*Voice kink*~
- Makes really good tea. Loose leaf, tea pot, strainer. Proper, like.  
- Cheerfully volunteers to shovel snow from the drive, tunelessly whistling as he does so (tunelessly because he can never remember how songs go). 
- He’s intensely loyal and anyone who hurts you will rue the day.
- Always full of stories and he tells them well (Voice. Kink).