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Just in time for Halloween, here’s Garden Party, an award winning short film by Illogic Creative! It’s absolutely incredible, with so much love and careful attention in each frame- although keep in mind there’s a moment towards the end that may scare some viewers- mind the tags!

Another party of brave animal adventurers has returned to the Battering Ram tavern from their latest adventure: Algaemore the wily druid, Auric the canny alchemist and Cornelia the kind-hearted healer.
The Battering Ram
‘Welcome to the Battering Ram’ video, feat. The Bard

"Maxie, what the fuck are you talking about, toads and frogs are the same thing"

Our rogue’s half-brother heir to the throne, in a thick boston accent, after being corrected that our party fought giant frogs, not toads. He previously was talking nonchalantly and jokingly, but now is dead serious in his tone.

First time playing dnd, with a new group. Party: Half-Orc Barabarian, High Elf Sorcerer (Me), Half Elf Bard, Half Elf Rouge

Party goes straight into a dark cave

DM: two giant frogs emerge from the shadows

Sorcerer: I cast firebolt (Rolls a 2)

DM: a frog bites you and starts chewing

Sorcerer: I scream like a child

Eventually the rest of the party kills the frogs and the sorcerer is at zero on the floor, with two failed death saves.

Rouge: I try to stabilize him with medicine (Rolls nat 1)

DM: you poison him

I die in the first dungeon the first time I play dnd.

Some adventurers are just more popular than others and, very rarely, these a-list dungeoneers and crowd-pleasing heroes will band together to form parties the likes of which have never been seen before in any mortal realm. One such band is that of Slaughterbear the mighty barbarian, Cecile the noble paladin, and Auric the talented alchemist.