party fowls


Repost and fill in the answers you most associate your character with to each question.

1. ANIMAL: Penguin ( but duh ) also vultures!   
2. COLOR(S): Purple, blue, red, black, white. 
3. MONTH: December 
4. SONG: There is too many but you can look at my Oswald playlist for some. It needs updating but ye! 
5. NUMBER: 6
6. DAY OR NIGHT: Night
7. PLANT: Roses or Lillies
8. SMELL: Wet dog smell, old cologne, something vaguely fishy, pressed linen. 
9. GEMSTONE: Rubies or diamonds. 
10. SEASON: Winter
11. PLACE: Rainy city streets, frozen tundra, ocean, inside of a bar. 
12. FOOD: Any seafood. 
13. ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Cancer ( Bc he is one and it couldn’t be more fitting )
14. ELEMENT(S): Water/ice 
15. DRINK: Red wine. 

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Conformist    ☆☆☆★☆☆☆☆      Rebel
Naive            ☆☆☆☆★☆☆☆      Cynical
Indecisive     ☆☆☆☆★☆☆☆      Inflexible
Selfish          ☆☆☆☆★☆☆☆      Self-sacrificing
Apathetic      ☆☆☆☆☆★☆☆      Emotional
Fearful          ☆☆☆★☆☆☆☆      Reckless
Childish        ☆☆☆★☆☆☆☆      Humorless
Dependent   ☆☆★☆☆☆☆☆      Loner
Passive        ☆☆☆☆★☆☆☆      Aggressive

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Before I release my tearjerking-make-you-hug-your-mama-and-sob-like-a-baby theory about Snowdrake, let’s reveal a little biological science about him.
One of the battles flavor texts says something like “Snowdrake realizes his own name is a pun and starts freaking out”. Now you probably got the first part, it’s a pun on snowflake duh, but the second part may not be familiar to some of you. drake doesn’t just mean like a dragon, it’s the name for a male duck. It’s an arctic duck that is based on the personality of someone who makes annoying bad jokes, Aka a party foul ( fowl).
Now that thats out of the way, let’s look at that beautiful coloration, now Anser me this, what coloration do they have? As we can see by Chilldrake and Snowdrake’s dad,the species comes in greens and blues, which is common in ducks due to the blue green iridescence from the structure of their feathers. Ducks have lots of diversity, with many species having males with impressive ridiculous crests and eyes that can be vibrant and surrounded by markings, in this case Chilldrake has shades, Snowdrake’s father has glasses, and Snowdrake has eye makeup.
I think that’s makeup, maybe it’s black eyes from all the times someone threw something and he didn’t duck. Okay that’s the last pun, these jokes are starting to quack me up…it’s possible I may have a problem.

loopyskulls  asked:

I keep seeing the characters labeled with two names like Elliot and War and Pieces and I'm getting a little confused with all the names could you maybe list them all???

All characters have the ‘pun name’ they’re based off of which also serves as their general theme. They also have a shorter actual name to go by, both are equally viable! You can find a list of all the characters names on the info page, but I’ll go ahead and re-list them here for you too : )

♦ Elowen- ‘Bear Hands’ (bare hands)
♦ Elliot- ‘War and Pieces’ (war and peace)
♦ Orion- ‘Midknight’ (midnight)
♦ Ray- ‘Rays Hell’ (raise hell)
♦ Kevin- ‘Party Fowl’ (party foul)
♦ Belle- ‘Slay Bell’ (sleigh bell)
♦ Bit- ‘Little Bit’ (Bit is a robot, it’s a pun on computer bits)

anonymous asked:

So does each character have 2 names? (Midknight/Orion, Slay bells/Belle, Party Fowl/Bill, etc.) and why? (Not a criticism, just curious :p

One is more like a title and the other their actual name, it really just happened because saying ‘war and pieces’ 20 times in a conversation gets really tedious so he became Elliot and the rest followed after lol. 

owlistic said: I saw that Midknight is using sign language in your animation and it made me really excited! Is he deaf? :) 
Anonymous said: is midknight deaf?

He is both mute and deaf. I’m going to do my best to accurately portray sign language but if I ever make any mistakes please let me know!

Rest of the questions under a cut.

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spaceweather2015  asked:

Yo! I'm really interested in trying to draw your characters, but I can't exactly find suitable references of them. If you could link me to some that I may have missed, or find the time to draw it out, that would be awesome! (I love all your work, and I can't wait to see the game when it's finished.)

Thank you! We’re currently focusing on working out the story, character personalities and building a quick demo of the game itself. I won’t be releasing full character sheets until the designs are settled upon (everything up to this point is still just a first draft of characters, and three of the characters haven’t even been drawn yet because they aren’t relevant to making the demo) For now any art in this tag is all we have online so far.

cheerful-otaku said: Is there a possibility that there would be a contest that would require the fans of No Mercy to design a character that could potentially be played?

We’ve seriously considered this actually, it’s a good possibility! That probably wouldn’t happen until later this year though.

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anonymous asked:

Just out of curiosity. Can Elliott and Party fowls ship name be Party War or War Party?

I think War Party sounds good? Go for it haha

Anonymous said: who is the smollest of them all

As of now, Elliot (war and pieces) is actually the shortest. But that’s hard to tell when they’re all stylized. I’ll work out official heights and such after all characters are designed and we can start hashing out details. 

Current priority is getting a rough demo working so we can start planning and testing game mechanics.