party fowls


Before I release my tearjerking-make-you-hug-your-mama-and-sob-like-a-baby theory about Snowdrake, let’s reveal a little biological science about him.
One of the battles flavor texts says something like “Snowdrake realizes his own name is a pun and starts freaking out”. Now you probably got the first part, it’s a pun on snowflake duh, but the second part may not be familiar to some of you. drake doesn’t just mean like a dragon, it’s the name for a male duck. It’s an arctic duck that is based on the personality of someone who makes annoying bad jokes, Aka a party foul ( fowl).
Now that thats out of the way, let’s look at that beautiful coloration, now Anser me this, what coloration do they have? As we can see by Chilldrake and Snowdrake’s dad,the species comes in greens and blues, which is common in ducks due to the blue green iridescence from the structure of their feathers. Ducks have lots of diversity, with many species having males with impressive ridiculous crests and eyes that can be vibrant and surrounded by markings, in this case Chilldrake has shades, Snowdrake’s father has glasses, and Snowdrake has eye makeup.
I think that’s makeup, maybe it’s black eyes from all the times someone threw something and he didn’t duck. Okay that’s the last pun, these jokes are starting to quack me up…it’s possible I may have a problem.