party final


So the big finale party for the conference is tonight. Like, huge. Maroon 5 is playing.

I…just do not want to go? First of all not my kind of music so there’s no draw there. Second, three full days of classes and sessions and social events, plus a day of travel and social kick-off stuff, is way too much for me, especially since I’m semi-off my meds (Kaiser is being pissy with me again, a friend of my mom’s gave me some of hers since we take the same shit, but her dose is lower and I had a full week off them before I got those). I’m like, digging in the mental couch cushions looking for spare spoon fragments that might’ve fallen in there at some point. I’m so tired and peopled out at this point, I just want to go home.

But no. I’m getting all dolled up to go down and cope for a few hours. Yay.

i feel like i’m in some bad American bogan movie like the hangover or some shite. left for Gold Coast 4 hours ago (live 40 minutes from it) have gone to the city and every northern and southern suburb, changed cars, got a 4 wheel drive, headed to a pokies venue accidentally in search of toilets, are waiting for post people to meet us in a carpark in the middle of nowhere so have all wandered off to a bottelo…. now 2 hours away from coast. We now have easily 60 bottles of alcohol in the car and counting. the rain has ruined my hair and makeup. never going to get to our suite and finally start partying WHAT IS THIS

Flat Colored Commission of Saizo in modern clothing from Samurai Love Ballad Party and the cutie prince, Yoosung from Mystic Messenger for @suzunesays

Thank you so much for commissioning me! <3

For those interested in a commission, here’s a link to it here.

tom_cullen: Thinking of this extraordinary woman on the final day of #OrphanBlack. I have had the honour of watching her take on this ridiculous challenge and not only overcome it but absolutely destroy it beyond any expectation. From running Tats lines for her first audition. To watching in awe as she did her first multi clone scene. Sitting in the audience as she picked up her first award and to go on and win an Emmy. To dancing at the final wrap party with her beloved Orphan Black family. The most humble, hard working, passionate and stupidly talented person I have ever met. Congratulations @tatianamaslany. I’m as proud as a Mum watching her little boy have his first date. I’m as proud as a Dad watching his daughter kick her first date in the nuts when he tried to kiss her. Moral of the story, you’ve nailed it. You absolutely nailed it. In the balls. And the world went “Ouch, that was good”.