party eye makeup


Smoked Out Winged Liner

This week I filmed a tutorial featuring a winged liner that has been smoked out.

Ordinarily, the smoke would be on top of the liner but I took inspiration from the recent ‘reversed winged liner’ that Kim Kardashian has been seen sporting, which extends out straight from the lower lash line, and I put my own spin on it by extending the smoke all the way out to the tip of the liner as well as lining the top lash line.
This results in a clean crisp finish on top, and a smoky sultry finish to the bottom.

As you can see from the two images above, you can pair this eye makeup with a Red glossy lip and straight hair, or, you can change it up with a nude lip and bouncy curly hair!

Two contrasting finishes with just one eye look.

The tutorial for this makeup will be up on my channel Sunday, 1pm GMT. Click here to the subscribe to my YouTube for free;

TIME TO PARTY - models: Sam Rollinson & Hoyeon Jung - photographer: Marcus Ohlsson - fashion editor: Charles Varennes - hair: Martin Cullen - makeup: Fredrik Stambro - Vogue Japan February 2017

UNDERGROUND - model: Amanda Wellsh - photographer: An Le - stylist: Paulo Macedo - hair: Nabil Harlow - makeup: Maya Alleaume - producer: Victoria Pavon - Vogue Portugal January 2017