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god learning healing word/mass healing word are bonus actions literally is going to change my entire play style im not joking part of why i rarely use buffs even though they would make things easier overall in battle is bc a LOT of the time my mind is distracted by the fact that one round into the fight someone is down and i try to never wait w healing them bc of the risks that come with that so this means now i can heal, then cast something like beacon of hope/aid/death ward or attack and heal and it honest to god is going to give me the chance to be more versatile in battle

MBTI Types When They’re Not Thriving OR Surviving

Scl(any sort of stress/sadness)

INTJ: Super withdrawn, swings between gratification and wanting happiness, and unhealthy single-mindedness. Existential angst. Needs people’s support but rejects company. Bottles up issues and then it bursts out.

ENTJ: Prone to attack others, often over the very issues they’re insecure about. Becomes a workaholic and ignores feelings of deep dissatisfaction, or stops giving a crap about anything. 

INFJ: Despairs of all things, just can’t see The Point of it. Goes through days mechanically, without purpose. Resists all help, considering it to be probing. Can’t get anything done. 

ENFJ: Laughs a bit too loudly and smiles a bit too widely. Escapes to private places, but feels lost. Tells their problems to someone close to them, but doesn’t accept any advice.

INFP: Isolate, isolate isolate. Sees the negative in everything and can’t see others’ love/affection for them. Loses their ‘purpose’ and drive, can’t find meaning in anything. Idealizes what they can’t have. Perpetual self-pity-party. 

ENFP: Super excitable, overdoes everything. Cannot focus at all, and their own emotions/reactions are out of their control. Breaks down sobbing. Unwilling to actually move forward. 

ISFP: Mull around in their own feelings, hates the world around them, because it’s failed them. Spiraling moodiness, “what ifs,” “should’ve done this,” but no one will ever see that. They themselves won’t admit it.

ESFP: Unusually critical, closed-minded, and overly concerned with matters of appearance over substance. Terrible sense of logic, yet argumentative all the same. Delves into the physical world in order to escape their mental one. 

ISTJ: Scattered mind, unable to think coherently. Becomes judgmental and passive-aggressive. Super pessimistic, takes on a me vs. the world mentality.

ESTJ: Intensely prickly, will take offense at anything but prefers to strike first and strike hard. If you hit a nerve, they’ll cut you out of their lives (for the time being). Tries to act happy and in control, but actually really moody. 

ISFJ: Withdrawn, tries to please everyone but is really passive-aggressive about it. Takes on a martyr complex. Refuses help while throwing a pity party because “no one cares about them.” 

ESFJ: Seeks control of people and surroundings, bossy and irritable. Might manipulate others into feeling bad, too. Denies that they’re the problem. 

INTP: Makes a lot of jokes about how things aren’t okay, but aggressively resists anyone’s sincere attention. Turns flat and emotionless, takes compartmentalizing to an unhealthy extreme. 

ENTP: Scatterbrained, cannot focus. Swings between extremes of emotions, but makes a point to show a falsely sanguine face to people. Feels like they’re crumbling from the inside. 

ISTP: Compulsive and reckless. Has a “screw this” attitude and pushes away actual problems. May or may not confide in people, but too down to take any advice. 

ESTP: Use bravado and ‘self-confidence’ to mask their insecurities. Get a rush from attention, whether it’s positive or negative, and thus seek it out. Obsessive mentality, particularly concerning negative outcomes.


Happy 5th Birthday Stickyfrogs! 😊🎉🎈🐸🐸🐸🐸🎁🎊😊
The Stickyfrogs have had a wonderful party today to celebrate their 5th Birthday!
Everyone had an exciting party hat!
They got a special giant frog card from the small frogs!
And Barry gave them a rock on behalf of the Pobblebonks!
The Stickyfrogs had a wonderful time and finished off the day with some Birthday treaties!

Grown up birthday parties are so dull and boring like no I don’t wanna go to a bar late at night and drink and dance in a place full of strangers, I want to spend an afternoon having a nice picnic in your garden with our other friends, I want to pick flowers while we tell each other small secrets, I want to go on swings and roll in the grass, I want to eat candies and watch the sunset sitting somewhere quiet. That’s my kind of party.


chapter 4 is probably gonna come a little later than expected, just a heads up! i’m still working on the mini comic (abt halfway thru) and after that’s done chap 4 will start. 

my hand just started aching quite a bit after drawing uhh nonstop for weeks on end jfkdlf (I HAVE A LOT TO DO) and there’s a few illustration pieces i need to finish on a deadline, so those will get priority… mini comic will be on hold for a little while so my useless excuse for a hand can heal i guess. thanks 4 understandin

The Lampmen

The Lampmen

Honestly, I’m not sure what we should call em. As far as the gentry are concerned they’re pretty innocuous. Not dangerous at all really, in fact they’re downright friendly, but they’re uh…

They’re odd, and I call them the Lampmen. They seem to like the name well enough. At the very least, I’ve not had anything bad happen to me so I guess it’s cool.

So The Lampmen. What are they? How do I know them on sight, and what to do?

Like…Ok. You ever walk somewhere dark on the green or the campus streets? Somewhere just off the beaten path, somewhere where the gentle green light of the lamps don’t reach? So You know, doing something unfathomably stupid?

Well ok, seriously don’t do that. But if you do happen to do it, you’ll probably see these guys. Tall, not unusually mind, but they’re puffy. Like…They look like they’re wearing one of those big warm sweater jackets and one of those heavy rain coats. You know the ones that look like you could dive into a pool and walk out dry? One of those deals, with sweats, and a pulled up hood.

Kind of moth like really.


But anyway, you see these puffy looking dudes and they’ll just walk with you. It’s nothing fancy, and it ain’t threatening despite what you normally find in the off beaten dark spots, they just…Walk with ya. Chat a bit. Real light talk, what’re your classes, how ya doing, you hear what happened to those nice ladies on the corner? That sort of chattery.

Well, I say they walk with you but you walk with them. Don’t know how it happens, but inevitably you just sort of end up following them down the twisting streets and past a few odd cafes and eventually you find yourself back on the campus streets next to a streetlamp.

And then they’ll just stand there staring at the light til you’re out of sight. Like…Ok I know it’s kind of dumb but I thanked one because you know…Did me a solid. He(?) just sort of cooed at me and kept staring at the light and…That was it.

I’ve had this happen to me like ten times, because I am an idiot, and nothing seemed to happen to me.

I did however start seeing them everywhere. Like, I didn’t notice it before but they’re all around the street lamps when it gets dark.

Not all of the lamps.

Enough of them though.

So that’s neat but otherwise just one more thing on the campus. Here’s the thing though. You know those…Campus Parties. You know the big end of the year ones that tend to spring up right around finals.

Those ones.

Well I was out one night-Again I know it’s incredibly stupid- and well I very nearly got caught up in one. Would have been an interesting time to be sure but as I had only a pinch of salt and definitely nowhere near enough iron to rate anywhere near safe I figured I was going to have to hope I came back soon enough and in one piece.


I could do what I actually did, which was make the dumb mistake that would only of course get them all kinds riled up and fucking bolt like a rabbit off the beaten path and.

Look you can stop, I know exactly how stupid that was. I’d like to see you handle it when a party bus was headed your way laden to the gills with excitable gentlefolk.

And of course, I got lost. And of course, that really didn’t stop them. But bed made and panic high I just kept running until I didn’t.

I started to walk.

And next to me, of course, is one of these puffy dudes just chilling, ambling with me, chatting away about nothin. And after a while, I end up at a lamp, he’s staring at it transfixed, and I can see the sun rising and no party bus in sight.

I am almost certain they saved me. Gave a quick thanks, he cooed and…

Well that’s The Lampmen. I still don’t know what’s up.


funny story

in high school i truly wasn’t ever really interested in the party scene and drinking in general. so I was never really invited to many parties because they’d assume I wouldn’t go. keep in mind, i never knew what actually happened at these parties except the typical stereotype of what a high school party was depicted like in movies. well one day, an acquaintance of mine invited me to, in her own words: “a birthday thing at my place.” so I’m like oh my gosh this is my first real party!!! i’m extremely excited and i spend all day getting an outfit and picking the perfect gift for her. that night, i came dressed in heels and a brand new dress, hair curled with her present perfectly wrapped with a bow in my arms. i burst threw her front lawn gate when I realize …….
there’s no table for the gifts. there’s no tables of food or long tables for others to sit in. i just see everyone in the senior class wearing the normal clothes from earlier that school day, drinking coronas, all stopping to look at me.
it’s not an actually birthday “party”. it’s a kick back. 

i overly dressed … and brought a wrapped gift …. to a kickback……..

to this day, people still laugh when bringing it up and when they see me on the street. i still think it’s the most embarrassing/annoyingly innocent thing I’ve ever done.

off limits | 02 (m)

pairing: kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings: smut, dirty talk, dom! Jin 
words: 7,520
summary: you’ve been lusting after your brother’s best friend for a while now, ever since you met him at a house party, flirting it up a storm as you failed to realise who the other was. That was months ago now and things are still awkward, but you can’t ignore the sexual tension that’s simmers between the two of you…and it keeps getting worse…

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a/n: if you squint, you can see the beginnings of a plot haha!

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‘They say when a bird flies into your house through one window and out another it’s a portent of death.’

John’s trip in the aftermath of Paul’s moped accident in late December 1965. Fear not, this is not a death fic.

fic by Savageandwise (@darkspaceknight​)

Shout out to Richonne for making fandom fun for me again. Shout out to Richonne for assuring me that not every relationship on the television or in other media has to be chock full of melodrama to be compelling. Shout out to Richonne for just being awesome and them and I cannot wait for their episode. 7x12 is THEIRS and they’ve more than earned it.
“I’ve Made a Mistake” Ch. 1

The college AU that nobody asked for but that @tokugawalady and I created and love anyway. This is and will be an Ieyasu x MC fic. 

I hope you enjoy!

“You can’t be serious.” Toramatsu hissed, picking up another pair of ruined pants. “You. Cannot. Be. Serious.” He shook his head, almost unable to process what happened.

All of his clothes, from the clean clothes he laid on the floor last night to his pile of dirty laundry, they all had holes in them. Not just holes, they had been chewed to shreds.

He looked up, finally noticing that his door was cracked just slightly. Hadn’t he closed it before he had gone to sleep? A trickle of anxiety flowed through his veins, he had a feeling he knew what had happened.

Cautiously he stepped over to the door, opening it and coming face to face with the clothes-ruining culprit. His eyes widened. No, there was no way.

No. Way.

Toramatsu groaned, slamming the door behind him, a strangled yell leaving his mouth.

“That’s it! This is the last straw Tokugawa. I’m moving out!” He started pulling out his suitcases, not even bothering to throw away his laundry.  

He didn’t even have any clothes to wear to class.

“I’m getting evicted.” MC grimaced, thrusting the letter into Inuchiyo’s face. “For real this time.”

“For real this time?” He snatched the paper from her hand, taking a moment to read over it.

“Yeah, I am.” MC collapsed into the seat next to him, massaging her temples. “What am I going to do?”

“You were late on your payments again?”

“No!” She hissed, taking the paper back. “It’s the Manager! He’s a creep. I turned him down. Now I don’t have anywhere to live.” She looked exasperated. “Are we on the same page now?”

“Well what are you going to do? I already told you I’d take care of that creep but you wouldn’t let me.”

“Jeez, I don’t know, find a new place to live? Drop out and move back home? Move in to the campus library, maybe? I’m here all day anyway.” MC dropped her head onto the desk.

“You can stay with me?” Inuchiyo offered, patting her back.

“You, Hideyoshi, Mitsunari, and Hanbei in your two-bedroom apartment? No offense but I think I like the library idea better.” MC laughed, shaking her head. “I do appreciate it though.” She glanced at her phone, eyes widening.

“We’re going to be late for class!”

“Where do you think you’re going?” The familiar cheerfully cold voice chilled Toramatsu to the bone.

“I wasn’t joking, I’m moving out.” Toramatsu glanced around, hoping to look anywhere but the eyes of his roommates.

“You forgot to water the plants.” Ieyasu continued, trailing his hand over the leaves of one of the many pieces of his ‘special’ indoor garden.

“I don’t think missing one day is going to kill your profits, Tokugawa.” Toramatsu tried to ignore his line of thought. “Seriously, I’m packed, I found another place to stay. I’m gone.”

“All over little Ichigo?” Ieyasu sounded amused, pointing at the little demon, the floppy eared rabbit that single-handedly put him in pajamas.

“The thing isn’t a rabbit, it is a demon.” Toramatsu stepped back as the bunny hopped closer, wary of its sharp teeth. That little beast was barely a pet, it was just as threatening as a fierce guard dog. Over his almost six months living here, he had seen it send three separate people to the ER.

He wasn’t going to become a statistic.

“Harsh words, I seem to remember that you were the one who said you’d ‘cook her in a stew.’”

“I wasn’t even talking to you! I was on the phone and in my room!.” Toramatsu pulled the front door open. “This is just part of the problem, the tip a very very deep iceberg.”

“Of course, if you break the lease like this, I will have to pursue legal action.” Ieyasu shrugged, noting how Toramatsu froze at his words. “But, I’m a generous person, as you know.” He was smiling again, in that way that seemed to make the room 20 degrees colder, a smirk in his voice. “So if you can find someone to take your place in the next few hours, then I won’t say anything about you being such a dismal roommate and I won’t contact my attorney”


“Hey, Toramatsu!” MC shouted, jogging up to him in the hallway outside of their lecture hall. “Are you okay?” She looked concerned, but he really didn’t have time. He had to find a replacement.

“What? No I’m fine.” He replied, a flustered tone to his voice. “Do I not look fine?”

“You’re in pajamas.” She countered. “I’ve never seen you on this campus in the entirety of the three years I’ve been taking classes with you in anything less than your Sunday best.”

“Oh…yeah. About that. I’m moving out of my apartment, so this is all…I had?” He gestured to his pajama ensemble, a blush on his face.

“You’re moving out?” MC seemed to perk up at that. “I am too! Well, I’m being evicted, so that is less exciting but-“

“Evicted?” Toramatsu turned to her, wide eyed.  Oh no, he shouldn’t do what he was about to do, but…but, he needed to. He needed to get out of there. “Do you need a place to stay?”

“Y-Yeah.” MC gasped, stopping in her tracks. “Do you have a place? I mean, is your old place available?”

“You can take my place.” Toramatsu was yanking out a notepad, scrawling his address and information down. “I am having to move out because of extenuating circumstances, so my roommate needs someone to move in, ASAP.” He thrust the paper at her. “Be there at 6 pm tonight and I guarantee you’ll have a place to live.”

“W-Wait a second, will he mind living with a woman? How much is the rent?”

“Cheaper than your place for sure, and no, I don’t think Ieyasu cares.”

Ieyasu, MC recognized that name, Tokugawa Ieyasu. He was a senior, pre-pharm. His reputation was…less than pleasant.

She didn’t really have a choice now did she?

“Okay. Yeah I’ll be there.”

“Thank you so much!” Toramatsu seemed so relieved.

Shit, MC thought to herself, I have made a huge mistake.

Six on the dot and MC stood outside of the apartment, a nervous sort of energy making her tense.

Everything was fine. She was good roommate material. No strange quirks, no demanding habits.

And she was sure…sure he was not a bad person. Couldn’t be! After all, Toramatsu hadn’t told her anything too awful, other than the rumors she had already heard.

And those were just rumors…right?

She knocked on the door, rocking on her heels, and when it swung open, she couldn’t help but jump back in alarm.

And there he was.

The infamous Tokugawa Ieyasu.

The words were stolen from her throat as she glanced him over, even his molten copper eyes that make her shiver from the look in them were…stunning.

No this was a bad idea.

“So you’re the unfortunate woman who agreed to take Toramatsu’s place?” His smile never faltered from his face, and never ever met his eyes. He backed away from the door, allowing MC to walk in behind him.

“Welcome to my apartment.”

MC looked around, an incredulous look growing on her face.

His house was filled with…Marijuana plants?

Oh shit.

Well, it was too late, wasn’t it?

She took a breath, steeling herself.

She was going to live here whether she liked it or not, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.