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I’ve been pretty quiet the last couple days. This is me laying low. But this post and all the lovely comments was brought to my attention this morning and I sort of feel the need to defend myself. From shippers. and yes I’m going to be bitter. I think I’m allowed that. 

There’s a couple things I take issue with because, you see, I was in many of your shoes not even a week ago. Pretty innocently shipping with very little to no threats from antis. Antis being mad made me happy because, for the most part, their anger was empty bullshit. It made me want to ship harder. However. What myself, Jess and Lauren have received is not empty, angry anti bullshit. My last name, Lauren’s last name and my place of work were dropped into my inbox by some anonymous person with the CLEAR message that if we continued to ship the way we do, my job was going to be threatened. That is not an empty threat. Realistically, do I think my boss would care that I ship? No. Does it stop me from being absolutely terrified that this random anonymous psycho now knows my last name? Hell fucking no. The minute you know someone’s name, you know their address, their phone number, their family members names, all thanks to google. Lauren has a child with one on the way. She has a family, a life, all of which are now threatened. And why? Because she ships. I don’t wish our last couple days on anyone and certainly I don’t wish it on any other shippers but you know what? I do wonder if any of you would be doing a happy dance that antis are mad if your privacy was suddenly under attack. I also wonder if you’d be as annoyed as I am that other shippers, who I thought had our backs, were now partying and shipping even harder because the antis are mad. I don’t think you’d be super happy if the tables were turned. Their anger is now threatening real people. Lauren, Jess and I are not just blogs. 

So while all of you are so happy that the antis are mad, we are terrified. We’re scared to ship again. I’m scared to take my blog off private. I’m really paranoid. I made a separate locked twitter account so I can ship in peace without the fear of being quite literally stalked and harassed. But quite frankly shipping is the last thing I’m worried about. In my mind, this has nothing to do with “the ship.” This goes way beyond the ship. 

Are there things the three of us, as shippers, could have done differently? Maybe. Depends on who you talk to. Sam doesn’t seem to mind us tweeting him all the time. None of you seemed to mind that we were so active when he was faving our shippery tweets. Personally? I have no regrets on how I ship. I’m not afraid to speak my mind because, for the last 3 years or so, I didn’t think there was going to be any serious consequence. Which is how all of you are living your lives on this ship. Without consequence. Some part of me is really happy for you. I’m glad you can all ship without consequence, without nasty threats being dropped into your inbox (and that’s how it SHOULD be. But it’s not so here we are.) It’s really easy to “ignore” when the threats are not personal. 

The other part of me though is really sad. I’m sad, I’m frustrated as hell, I’m annoyed, I’m angry and I’m resentful. Partly because I can’t ship the way you guys get to and I miss it. I want to be able to. But also because, somehow through no fault of our own, Lauren, Jess and I have big red targets on our backs. Everything we do is screen capped and analyzed and ridiculed. Everything. Don’t believe me? Go take a gander at some of the more well known “anti” blogs. Just yesterday I was having my name smeared all over one of them for something I had no part in or knowledge of. And before this happened, I was able to laugh at it because it was just so ridiculous but suddenly none of it seems super funny to me. So while all of you get to ship and enjoy and have fun, we have to make a choice. We have to make a choice about whether or not we even want to continue with our blogs. Whether or not this ship, which used to be a happy place for all of us, is worth continued threats, continued harassment, continued bullying, continued screen capping etc. Potentially more doxxing. Spoiler alert: it’s 100% not worth that. Because if we decide to leave, antis are not going away. They’ll just choose new targets. 

I’m not looking for pity with this post so please don’t try it. But I am looking for a bit of understanding, a little less “stay strong” and “just ignore and keep shipping” and a LOT less “YAY ANTIS ARE MAD TIME TO PARTYYY!!!!”


Happy Birthday to our dearest tsundere prince, Keithster  Keith! (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

What to do with your summer according to the Marauders Era Kids


  • Watch as many horror movies as possible 
  • Eat as much ice cream as humanly possible 
  • Find a new look that actually makes you feel good 
  • Party. Party harder. Party even harder
  • Re-do your wardrobe 
  • Buy yourself something your really want
  • Go play a sport with your friends 
  • Take a bath


  • Evaluate what your doing with your life 
  • End all crappy relationships 
  • Try cooking something new
  • Eat SO much chocolate  
  • Learn about something you care about 
  • Start planning for Halloween 
  • Say you’re planning for halloween when really you just like making/wearing costumes and leaving creepy stuff around your house 
  • Just go buy yourself that watermellon and hammer and then smash it a


  • Write a letter to someone you care about
  • Remember all the things you love 
  • Bake someone cookie
  • Finally get around to cleaning up your room/house 
  • Fix those little things that have been bothering you
  • Play piano 
  • Talk on the phone for more than three hours at a time 
The Lady of the Lake

b-boop5 submitted: 

My bday is also Sept 2! Bday smut is always a perfect gift! Thank you!

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Mmmmm birthday smut! Happiest of days, @b-boop5!! Your delicious little slice of Everlark perfection was written especially for you by the inimitable @titaniasfics. Enjoy!

The Lady of the Lake

By @titaniasfics

Summary:  The Everdeen family have been the only occupants on Lake Vivian since her grandfather built their home fifty years earlier.  However, fate brings a new neighbor to their shores. How will she adapt to this new situation?

Rated M

So many thanks to @akai-echo, for the inspiration and for prereading. All mistakes are mine.

This is my lake.

I’m exaggerating a little but not much. My family’s small house has been on this lake since my Grandfather, Emmett Everdeen, bought the land for a song and built our house along its shores.  Because it’s a small and obscure mountain lake on the outskirts of a small town, you’d think people would eventually forget that it’s there. And most have - there are only a handful of visitors from town who park at the public boat launch and go out for an afternoon of bass fishing, or the occasional troop of teenagers who will fool around along the lake’s edge, leaving wet footprints and empty beer bottles that are fastidiously cleaned up by me the very next day.  I can’t help but feel a proprietary possession towards the small lake, even though I technically don’t own anything more than the plot of land my family’s house rests on. After all, it’s only ever been the Everdeen’s cottage on Lake Vivian and town folk always treated it as ours.

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James Potter was what you would consider a reckless wizard. He didn’t worry about petty things, nor was he concerned about school so much. He would ace those exams anyway. He didn’t really worry about his messy hair, because his father would high five him whenever he escaped his mother’s grabby hands holding that damned potion. He was an only child, so he didn’t need to worry about feeling less loved than his sibling either. He pranked, he laughed and he cheered.

James Potter took a werewolf under his wing, one his parents were a little hesitant about at first. He befriended a brainwashed pureblood, but James didn’t care about that either. Sirius was fun, just as reckless and smart as he was, and had a good heart. The latter was more important to James than the purity of blood ever could be. He befriended the little, fat kid that was bullied by Slytherins on their first day in class. He was a protecter and if he ever worried, it was for those he loved.

Lily Evans was not a careless girl. She studied hard, but partied even harder every now and then. Not in the way her future husband did. She partied with her friends at home, in their dorm with chocolate and off key singing. Lily was bright, smart and slayed with her sass. Hurricane Lily didn’t leave anyone devastated in her wake, but she left them forever changed. She was the kindest witch but the fiercest warrior when crossed.

Lily Evans did not take prisoners, not in any aspect of her life. When she loved, she loved fiercely. When she was angry, her soul burned and when she laughed, the birds tittered along. She wasn’t resentful, wasn’t good at holding grudges, but she was good at teasing her husband, at pranking their friends. She worried about the war, about the future, but nevertheless she smiled. Because as long as she had her friends, and him there would be a future worth fighting for.

Together they liked defying the odds, together they protected. Before, James was just a fighter. “A bit of a tosser, really,” Lily would joke. Before, they were caring parents, loving friends and brilliant spouses with witty jokes to brighten the darkest days. After, their names were celebrated along with their son’s, who they were forced to leave behind. The Potters had defeated the greatest evil they had ever faced, and in a way Lily and James Potter had destroyed their last enemy as well. For their names would forevermore echo through eternity, and they would never be forgotten.

My personal experience with the signs

Aries: Wild and free, beautiful beautiful heart and lovely person, full of confidence but always seems to be trying to be prove something. Hard to read but i love them I want to take away all their pain!

Taurus: Bit of a fitness freak! I absolutely adore them, I can tell they are hurting deeply and I get really sad thinking about them, they are so lovely and pure and they’re being treated so horribly i want them to break of those chains and be the beautiful individual they are

Gemini:  Loves to dance and be out and about partying, we have been really close since childhood and even if we don’t see each other much when we do it’s just the greatest! so so so lovely and just a perfect human love them with all my heart

Cancer: Can’t think of one except one but from online who I’ve never met! one of my favorite people for ages though we never really talked till recently, absolutely lovely! so very clever and always has something really interesting to say, a true individual with so much spirit and just has a great aura about them and a really mysterious quality to them too, one in a million

Leo: Great great fun! never stop laughing around them. They work hard and party even harder, very spiritual and deep thinking they have lived a really interesting life and always has a great story to tell!

Virgo: Fun loving and lovely! so many memories and so many dance moves, any party or night out we are both usually tearing up the floor with sick moves! We are so similar in nature too but I guess that can be expected since you followed me about like a shadow till you were 12 lol

Libra: You are the virgo’s other half! They have done well, you are a lovely person and your heads screwed on tight, very hard working but down to earth and fun too!

Scorpio: All the Scorpio I know work with me.. all 3 of them! they are all so lazy and also annoying as hell, one of them can be nice(sometimes) and the other one can be funny but also is really prone to mood swings! The other I don’t know too well.

Sagittarius: Such a strange person, can never tell if they are serious or not! Very pessimistic and negative but I still like them from time to time I don’t know why but they do have a certain attraction

Capricorn: The strongest little angel to walk the earth! had the hardest life already and they are so young but my god they are strong, never down, always smiling, so determined and always lovely and innocent, pure soul and one of my favorite people

Aquarius: So strong and caring, very sensitive. Lovely though, never had a bad thing to say about anyone even when they had cause too! 

Pisces: Distant, deceiving and never honest! There was a time when I thought the absolute world of them and at their heart they are a good person I’m sure of it but they bury themselves in lies and are very self-destructive and have a real nasty streak capable of hurting those close to them without any regret

Signs at a party
  • Aries: First one to start drinking, turns the fuck up, can either get aggressive to make people drink or starts a fight, or just aborts mission and heads home because they are hungry
  • Taurus: ALWAYS dressed on point, usually with slightly nicer alcohol, starts the night super in control of themselves, by the end of the night is either sass-queen or flirtation station
  • Gemini: ultimate party-hoe, so much fun and energy, keeps every conversation moving and tends to be the first to initiate drinking games (which they either WIN or absolutely lose)
  • Cancer: usually comes in with Taurus, has a shitload of energy, gets everyone really ruckus, goes home as it is cooling down because they are hungry but ends up making one true bestie for the night, adds everyone on Facebook
  • Leo: The party starts when they walk in, Lord of the Alcohol, always gets free drinks on top of theirs, dressed to absolutely KILL, hair, make up, shoes, omg lookin good. The host of the party to show off their skills
  • Virgo: Tends to show up late, starts the night off drinking slowly, ends up joining Leo and starting a conga line and tries to find something to do the limbo or macarena, "I GOT THIS, NO HOLD MY DRINK I GOT THIS"
  • Libra: Always laughter around them, soft touch, first one to initiate conversation and meets EVERYONE at the party, also somehow knows everyone's first and last name, best friend is usually Cancer for the night
  • Scorpio: susses out every one in the party as they walk in, first one to bring out the hard liquor to make people do shots, has heart to hearts with Pisces, quiet at first, then ridiculously confident at the end, hooked up with someone by the end of the party (at least)
  • Sagittarius: The one to begin the dancing and is usually in control of the music, starts to freestyle rap battle with someone, picks a fight with someone bc they are being a dick and ends up not needing to bc they sass them tf out
  • Capricorn: Gets changed out of work/study clothes during the party to party even harder, hooks up with someone (scorpio probs), charmed their way in to every social circle, makes sure everyone has a drink in their hand at all times
  • Aquarius: shows up late, doesn't give any fucks, gets hella wasted and still looks like a hot mess while doing it, goes between over confident and reclusive, second one to start drinking with aries to start the party
  • Pisces: the one who brings weed, always has two drinks (not just one bc they worry about sobering up too much), magnetic with random spurts of energy and yelling before meandering on over to another group of people to mingle with

Person: All you ever do is crew. Do you even party?

Me: Hell yeah!! Its very exclusive–only about nine people are invited. We get together and get turnt on carbohydrates. Party so hard we all pass out. Then we get together the next day and party even harder on a super fancy and expensive boat with our matching outfits. No one parties like we do.

Person: Boat parties don’t fuckin count

anonymous asked:

It's really annoying that every time he goes out there's a bunch of "worried" anons. I want to assume that most of them are young (not legal for drinking). When I was Louis' age I used to party even harder! And I'm not a celebrity, even if you don't like it, this is part of being "young and stupid". Let him be, he worked his ass for 5 years non stop! He deserves to have as much fun as he wants, and honestly, if I have to deal with a fake baby and a fake gf, I would do it too! that's my opinion

Oh man when I was 16-21 I drank/partied like they wouldn’t make alcohol anymore. 😂

OTRA Cleveland Concert Report

You know the drill. I talk about things as I remember them and have mild breakdowns as I recall all the beautiful things and hopefully am still coherent by the time I finish. So with that, here we go!

(I’m on mobile so I can’t put in a read more, I apologize in advance)

Okay so as I mentioned last night there were three guys in front of me (there was actually a decent number of dudes in my section and they were ALL going so hard, it was so beautiful. But these guys were trying so hard to be cool at the beginning of the concert and almost hiding the fact they were taking pictures and recording with their phones, but they slowly came out of their shells and were singing along to every song and dancing and they went so hard to girl almighty and held their hands up in hearts as they danced to little white lies and were dancing and singing as loud as they could during wmyb and it was so beautiful. I kinda wanted to take one home with me but my husband wouldn’t have appreciate that.

My section was also mostly filled with larries. You remember how I talked about Louis turning his head to look at Harry and then smirk right after he sang, “I have loved you since we were 18”? MY SECTION LOST THEIR SHIT. I heard so many people screaming OH MY GOD or DID YOU SEE THAT??? DID YOU SEE THAT? or WILL HARRY TURN BACK?!?! and it was glorious. I died. Which is why I missed the fact that Louis then decided it was a good idea to kill anyone who survived the first one by turning his entire freaking body to Harry.

Cause. Ya know. The first one wasn’t clear enough.

Oh! Also. After Louis’ solo in Night Changes he gave the most sultry glance to his right while fixing his hair (I think) and I promise that anyone within 2 miles of him immediately came on the spot. His sex appeal is that strong with that gaze. Harry basically fell over dead. I’m serious.

Okay. So I also was able to admire the perfection that are Harry’s legs and the fact that Niall rocked his guitar even while sick and then Liam was my hot teacher spirit animal, but that’s literally almost all I remember of them because Louis was so gorgeous. He cast a spell on me and I was reaffirmed as a Louis girl. My 72nd baptism by fire was complete and beautiful and I feel washed clean.

I made sure to warn the girls on both sides of me that I basically dance and sing and jump until I have no sense of anything during no control and drag me down and I apologized in advance. The girls on my left were super cool with it and we jumped and danced and screamed the songs to each other and it was such a beautiful experience.

Did I mention that Louis’ hair was exquisite? Because it was.

Liam’s vocals were incredible. Like, yeah. I’m constantly floored by him.

Harry once again killed drag me down. His runs caused Louis an instant boner, which is why he started his silly string and water fights with Liam early. He had to distract himself from his husband in order to not come in his pants.

Speaking of, I wanted to make sure everyone knows the reason Louis takes so many wee breaks. Being on stage and not being allowed to acknowledge each other is like a challenge to see what they can do to turn the other on more and Louis keeps needing to go back to readjust and Harry makes those quick trips back to ensure mr limpy is still where he should be. I might be wrong, but I’m not wrong.

Have I mentioned the fact that Louis gave Harry a ridiculous look after his solo in 18? And then turned his entire body towards him? Oh I did. Just don’t forget.

I don’t remember what else I was going to say except it was so much fun to just dance and party even if I was by myself. And I only died four times this time, which is great.

Tonight I am going to my last concert for this tour in Detroit and I’m ready to party even harder so BRING IT ON BOYS! BRING ON THE RAINBOWS!

The Women of Arrow

The following is basically my attempt at analysing some of the female characters of Arrow. The reason for this is that I am a male, aspiring writer, and I have spent a lot of time trying to improve my understanding of female characters in fiction and ultimatively improve my own writing of them. So this is a sort of exercise in understanding how another work of fiction deals with female characters, for good or bad. I’m putting it out because getting some insightful remarks or critique on my analysis and understanding would probably be helpful; and well, if I am going to write all this, might as well share it.

In part 1 I will be trying to analyse the characters as characters; if I mention Oliver and their romantic past, it is solely due to how that past has influenced the character presently. In other words, part 1 is a shipper-free zone. In part 2, however, I will be letting the shipper in me set sail and consider that aspect of the show. That’s not really anything to do with me trying to understand writing or characters, that’s just me speculating. So if you find the idea of me analysing characters boring, but would like to read a little ship analysis, you can jump down to part 2. If shipping makes you gag, don’t go beyond the great seal part 1 (sorry, saw Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade some weeks ago).

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