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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.12

                                             Part T W E L V E 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: im alive, still! ((thankfully)) here is chapter 12 for yall ! its a bit steamy so, sexual warning (?) i guess. brace yourselves, bc this was something beyond me. hope you guys enjoy ! :] x

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]  

                                                    I M A G I N E 

Tokyo, 23:40 P.M.

“The parties here in Tokyo are amazing!” Taka, the lead singer of One OK Rock, gushed. He, along with his band mates, were touring you guys down Tokyo, the busiest and biggest city in the world (though it still fights that title with the Big Apple). The tall buildings were brightly lit with screens of commercials and Japanese icons. You couldn’t help but become fascinated with it. 

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in honor of Armin's birthday... favorite thing to have on their birthday/favorite kind of cake?

**and Alexy’s*


  • If someone asks what he wants, he will just yell across the house “to stay home”.
  • Always the first to tell Alexy happy birthday.
  • Plays games all morning before Alexy snatches him up.
  • Doesn’t want to leave home for the whole day.
  • Abuses his birthday privileges has an excuse like “Well, it’s my birthday”. 
  • *Still* doesn’t give a crap what he wears out.
  • Always takes advantage of his birthday privileges.
  • Would rather spoil himself than have someone else spoil him.
  • Willfully shops with Alexy, only because it’s their birthday.
  • Hangs out with Alexy for the day even though he’d want have time for himself.
  • Buys Alexy loads of birthday presents, likes spoiling him.
  • Doesn’t care if he’s in charge or not as long as the boy is happy.
  • Spends most of his allowance on video game merchandise and video games.
  • Loves chocolate cake with vanilla batter. It’s like the best of both worlds.
  • Thinks he’s cool as hell lighting up candles with a lighter.
  • Puts Alexy first before himself, regardless of their birthday.
  • Likes a bunch of birthday candles, always blows them out quickly.
  • Thinks that decorations are extra - they’ll only be there for one day of every year.
  • Was probably dragged out of the house by Alexy.
  • Doesn’t want a bunch of gifts ?? he’s not into getting a whole lot of stuff 
  • Stays up all night to enjoy his ‘whole birthday’. 
  • Exhausted after the whole party,, wishes he got more sleep.


  • Always wakes up late but somehow manages to be the first to tell Armin happy birthday.
  • Will honestly find a way to open that locked door, Armin can try all he wants, he’ll find a way.
  • Sleeps very late in the day, likes getting his beauty sleep on the big day.
  • Is in charge of all events and decorations.
  • Wears the best casual clothing he has. Stands out everytime. 
  • Doesn’t really want to hang with his friends ?? Stays with Armin. 
  • Shops for his own presents usually clothes and accessories (hats, sunglasses).
  • Takes funny selfies with Armin, has a picture of them both wearing ‘sexy’ glasses.
  • Likes talking about the memories of their other birthdays bc he’s like that.
  • Tries not to shop for too long so Armin doesn’t get annoyed.
  • Super cautious of what Armin wants to do ?? Wants him to have fun too.
  • For Armin’s sake, he probably took him to some dessert place.
  • Likes being the center of attention, only when Armin’s there too. 
  • Takes a lot of pictures when Armin isn’t looking, likes candid pictures.
  • Takes a picture every year of them on their birthdays. Started when he was in elementary school.
  • Will take any present and any present with open arms.
  • Loves red velvet cake, thinks it’s the best dessert ever.
  • Prefers big cupcakes over cake since it’s like a cake for each person.
  • Buys Armin that one thing he’s wanted that no one else could get.
  • Very awake after the whole party, just energetic. 
  • Ends up staying up with Armin since he can’t sleep.
i’m gunna make a new zodiac. right the fuck here. watch

winter: The Knives

  • november: The Butter Knife

kind, sometimes deceivingly so, as they have a wide variety of uses. have a habit of sometimes being too blunt

  • december- The Kitchen Knife

very skilled, precise, and sharp-witted. can wind up hurting others in their intense focus on their task

  • january- The Literal Sword

competitive and fierce yet imaginative and theatric, they’re good at what they do and bad at what they don’t. not fucking around

spring: The Beverages

  • february- The Milk

very unique and have a love of trying new things and going new places. capable of being very nurturing when necessary. some love the eccentrics born under this sign, while some do not have the tolerance

  • march: The Soda

popular, energetic, no party is complete without them. can sometimes be harsh and excited, too much so for some people

  • april- The Apple Juice

very likable and admired by many. sweet, charitable, and good with children

summer: The Dishes That Contain Tortilla

  • may- The Burrito

chill, relaxed, comfortable in almost any space or situation. friendly, full of ridiculous ideas. have a habit of biting off more than they can chew

  • june- The Taco

the kind of person everybody knows and likes. sociable, good spirited, spices up any occasion, but kind of a huge mess 

  • july- The Tortilla Chips

modest, somewhat low self-esteem, but always convenient and there for you. tendency to be very salty when in a bad mood

autumn: The Cups

  • august- The Wine Glass

beautiful, elegant, and knows it. can be very sensitive and easily upset. held in high esteem by peers

  • september: The Chalice

charismatic, charming, can sometimes be socially intimidating by how cool of a person they seem. actually very socially anxious, a nerd

  • october- The Sippy Cup

tough, durable, resilient. able to keep their cool in rough situations. very childish at times

there did it done i expect daily horoscope blogs by tomorrow and ppl tagging this with their sign thnx xoxoxo

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you do MBTI??? wow that's amazing I love MBTI! Im not sure if this is what you mean but what MBTI do you think each boy is? and (in your opinion you don't have to do this) but which boy would mesh well with someone who is INTJ?

i love mbti stuff omg i’m such a nerd for these things i literally spend most of my free time studying this

S.Coups ; ENFJ

People with this personality type are natural-born leaders and are known to be team players. They’re always there to lend a listening ear to anybody who wants to talk. Often reliable, you can count on ENFJs with almost anything. This is because they absolutely hate letting other people down. However, ENFJs can become too selfless and may forget about their own needs. This may cause some problems with their self-esteem, so they need to have some reassurance in themselves as well. 

Jeonghan ; ISFJ

ISFJs are patient and caring individuals who are ready to help with whatever you need. They are highly supportive and empathetic and are experts at reading other people’s emotions. They use this kind of information to help those in need and are often enthusiastic in doing so. They’re practical and actually know what to do in different situations. Since they’re so used to helping, they often shy away form the spotlight, choosing to work behind the scenes instead. Another thing is that they’re often so worried about other people’s feelings that they often forget that they have their own. 

Joshua ; INFJ

These kinds of people are often very creative and insightful, able to see the connections among things and draw out concepts from them. They appreciate honesty and are always looking for ways to help the people they care about. They are determined and passionate and will go to great lengths to pursue their interests. Because of this, they always need to have a cause and this in turn can easily be their downfall. Routine work can make them feel very restless if they believe that it gets in the way of reaching their goals. 

Jun ; ESTP

Bold and full of energy, ESTPs find joy in pushing boundaries and discovering new things and ideas. They are practical and direct to the point, applying their gained knowledge to good use. Perceptiveness is also a quality that these people have, enabling them to notice the slightest change in their environment. Since ESTPs enjoy living life on the edge, they can come off as brash and insensitive, and very, very risk-prone. They hate being boxed in so defiance often comes as well with their personality.

Hoshi ; ENTP

ENTPs are knowledgeable and are excellent brainstormers. They can often come up with ideas under pressure and are able to stretch their minds. They’re original and refuse to be bound by tradition. Charismatic and energetic, ENTPs are able to capture people through their intriguing ideas. Since their minds are always racing with new concepts, they can find it hard to focus on just one thing. They dislike practical matters which does not include creative flair, and this could often lead to them losing interest in the task at hand. 

Wonwoo ; ISTJ

ISTJs are strong-willed and dutiful, and when combined with their patience and determination, these qualities greatly help them to reach their goals. Promises mean everything to them, so they work extra hard to finish all the tasks appointed to them. They are calm and practical, keeping their feet on the ground to make clear and rational decisions. They go by the saying ‘honesty is the best policy’ so they often hurt other’s feelings with their brutal truthfulness, although unintentionally. Since they strongly believe that only they can carry out a task efficiently, once the time comes that they cannot carry the task out properly, they tend to take responsibility for it and blame themselves. 

Woozi ; INTJ

Individuals who fall under this personality type are masters at strategic thinking. Their curiosity and thirst for knowledge enables them to see things from different perspectives. INTJs rely a lot on their abilities and because of this, they are fiercely independent and decisive. These kinds of people are known to be jacks-of-all-trades since their independence and determination empowers them to do anything they set their minds to. However, they could also become too analytical, choosing to rely on their logic even if the present situation calls for a more emotional approach. This can lead to INTJs being interpreted as cold and standoffish.


ESFPs are known to be the lives of the party. Their bold and energetic aura often draws people to them, making them popular and well-liked. They possess showmanship, and are always ready to entertain. They prefer to focus on real, tangible things and refuse to dwell on the ‘what-ifs’. Their loud and effervescent personality comes with the failure to deal with conflicts. They are unfocused and would often prefer to do things they deem more fun, which is why they are unable to come up with long term plans. 

Mingyu ; ESFJ

These people are loyal and have a very strong sense of duty. They find comfort in making sure that the people close to them are well-cared for, making them masters at practical duties. ESFJs are sensitive and warm, seeking harmony and caring deeply for other people’s feelings. They always seek appreciation and assurance that what they’re doing is important, so if their efforts in making people happy go unnoticed, individuals under this personality type might get a little needy. They can often get a little too selfless, easily overwhelming others who don’t really need their help. 

The8 ; INFP

INFPs are true idealists, seeing the good in every person and situation. They value harmony and often act as the mediator in conflicts. Since they dislike conflict, they try to keep an open mind in order to see things from different angles and perspectives. People under this type are passionate and energetic, giving all their time and effort into the things they’re interested in. With their unending optimism, they often find themselves disappointed over things whenever they don’t work out the way they planned to. They are also impractical and have a hard time concretizing their thoughts.

Seungkwan ; ENTJ

Efficient and straight to the point, ENTJs get right down to business. Their energy and confidence are concentrated on making sure that tasks are carried out properly. They are strong-willed and will stop at nothing to achieve the goal they’ve set their mind into. All these qualities come together to form people who are inspirers and motivators, thus making them highly charismatic. Their confidence can sometimes be too much and their goal-oriented view on life may come off as being too stubborn. They can also be intolerant and arrogant, looking down on others who don’t match up to their abilities.

Vernon ; ISFP 

ISFPs are warm and relaxed, making them very charming individuals. They’re sensitive to other’s feelings and can easily relate to their emotions. Despite being on the shyer side of the spectrum, they can be very passionate when caught up in something exciting and interesting. Creative and artistic, ISFPs are able to show their talents through tangible ways such as through painting a picture or songwriting. These individuals can get fiercely independent, choosing to stray away form rules and traditions. They like to take things as they come and choose to live in the present, and when things get out of control, this can lead to a lot of stress on their part.

Dino ; ENFP

To experience things is an ENFP’s main goal in life. They’re curious and observant, never missing a moment and never hesitating to jump out of their comfort zones. They’re also highly energetic and enthusiastic, often excited over their findings and will share them to anyone who’ll listen. Because of this, they have excellent people skills and are very popular and friendly. Being natural explorers, ENFPs might find it hard to focus. They see the underlying motives in every day life and this can lead to a lot of overthinking. Since they’re always happy to help, they’re often the first ones people approach when they have a problem and it’s easy to see why ENFPs get easily overwhelmed.

*as for the INTJ match, it’s either ENFP or ENTP so that’s Dino and Hoshi!

I love you like soft rain; cool and peaceful and gentle.
I love you like summer sunshine. Slow and warm and deep.
I love you like a library; wise and calm and quiet.
I love you like a party; wild and energetic and exciting.
I love you in the present, I love you in the past and I love you in the future.
I love you with all the world and every galaxy and every word that slips off my tongue.
I love you as I learned to open myself up to be loved.
—  m. d.

@fiercerebekah liked for a thing

he’s been sitting there sulking for the better part of an hour. he doesn’t like the party. he never likes them except for the first couple drinks and then he’s deflated. he’s sitting next to her though. he watched her through the party. a little more energetic than he was. maybe it’d rub off. he looks at her, downing a drink. tries a smile but it falters. “you ever really think about things and realize that none of this matters?” reflective drunk talking. it’s a bad habit at this point.

Seventeen as Greek Gods [Greek Figures]

Warning: Sexy Gifs, Cute Gifs, A lot of me killing you all (sorry not sorry)

Each will include a reason as to why I chose the specific God/Whatever for each guy. 

Scoups / Seungcheol

Zeus: King of Gods (Obviously)

Originally posted by imbangnzelo

Reason: High authority over others, great at almost everything, powerful, noble, loves to laugh out loud, just, wise, prudent, merciful also unpredictable


Poseidon: God of the Sea (I can just see it)

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Reason: Powerful like Zeus, but not as much authority, jealous sometimes, good at keeping composure though, likes to be masculine, can be moody and greedy (when it comes to coups haha)

Woozi / Jihoon

Hades: God of the Underworld (you saw this coming)

Reason: Prefers to stay in one place, wealthy god (Woozi is rich in talent), other gods fear him, cared very much about loyalty, a big bully, stern, unyielding, can show slight mercy

Joshua / Jisoo

Apollo: God of the Sun and Music

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Reason: Musically inclined, healing and herding (tends to bring other members together), very intelligent, radiated grace and beauty

Vernon / Hansol

Morpheus: God of Dreams and Sleep

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 Reason: Protective of family, great at mimicking others (Vernon is just funny when he tries), very relaxed but always busy and happy

Dino / Chan

Pan: God of Shepherding and Living in the Wild

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Reason: Fun-loving and energetic, also moody and prone to temper tantrums (I’m positive he has them now and then I mean he’s a teenage boy) also great friends with Dionysus, loves dancing


Hercules: Strongest Man on Earth (Immortal)

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Reason: Not necessarily a God, but still very important and the strongest man on earth, handsome and described to be very tall as well, charming, kind and brave

The8 / Minghao

Hermes: God of Cunning more or less

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Reason: Messenger of Gods, sneaky (sneaking into your heart and stealing it), good friends with Apollo, also God of diplomacy, travel, also good at language and hospitality (Hermes can do a lot okay and so can The8), athletic as well


Ares: God of War

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Reason: Courageous and ferocious when it comes to war (the stage), also said to have a quick temper (so sassy pants wins out), can be calm and understanding

Dk / Seokmin

Helios: God of the Sun (technically a Titan and plus Dk is sunshine)

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Reason: Known for being powerful, fiery, bright, tireless (literal ray of sunshine in this group hello!) can be too hot sometimes (  ;D  )

Hoshi / Soonyoung

Dionysus: God of Wine and Pleasure (Don’t be a perv)

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Reason: Jokingly called the Noisy God, known for being the life of a party, a big traveler, energetic, faithful, diplomatic, loving


Erebus: God of Darkness

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Reason: …I mean…come one right? Seriously though, pretty emo considering he is associated with the Underworld strongly meaning he is close to the God Hades, ruled over confusion and the void of emptiness (his stare), very important, quiet (Wonwoo never says too much)

Jun / Junhui

Eros: God of Love and Protection, also sexual desire (Just ignore the Sex part…or don’t)

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Reason: Passionate, greasy, very loyal, loves with all his heart, cares deeply about those he is close too, diplomatic, kind

These were all simply what I think and I could be wrong, please don’t hate on me if you disagree (which is completely fine). Also this took a long time to do so again please don’t hate it.

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Much Love-Haru Sunbae

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Ok so when you mention each house as an element as someone who has studied astrology I can confirm the accuracy. Air = intelligent, adaptable, usually not too emotionally invested, creative, bubbly. Water = emotional, manipulative, easily jealous, sentimental. Earth = 'grounded', accepting, patient, reliable, hard-working, caring, big-hearted. Fire = energetic, emotional, 'party-ers'.

Anon, you just answered several questions our followers had.

Posting this for people asking how each house is each element.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

INTJ opinion on other types

As written by an INTJ.

INTJ: Fellow member of the master race, not much to say. Usually will have a strong affinity towards a newly met INTJ or hate them due to their rivaling intellect.

INTP: Level headed, usually very intelligent and rational. Will frequently rival INTJs in sarcasm and humor. Less direct, more abstract and theoretical in discourse and thought. Generally likeable from the Ni dominant standpoint.

INFJ: Somewhat scary; they somehow retained most traits of an INTJ but unlocked the comprehension of these things called ‘feelings.’ Fear them, respect them, they’re pretty conniving and sharp too.

INFP: You guys are pretty cool, usually. You have intriguing artistic pursuits, but can simultaneously somewhat keep pace with the INTx abstractness of life.

ISTJ: The only person known who had time and extra brain-space to memorize Roberts Rules of Order and Oxford’s Book of Verse. Plays by the book too much, doesnt usually have a humorous personality. Usually very book smart.

ISTP: Funny quirky kinda guys. Usually the ones at the party to make an awkward comment in my experience. Amicable, likes harmony and being part of a group, doesn’t want to stand out too much.

ISFJ: Silent Night was written by ISFJs, I’ve never heard one talks above 12 decibels. Usually they lurk in the background and interact with other IxFxs. IDK how to assess because they always hide???

ISFP: You guys can be pretty funny, usually too feelings motivated in your decisions, hard to debate when we only critique feels, but anyway keep on keeping on with your artsy pursuits. Eventually we’ll rule the world and need people to paint pictures and stuff.

ENTJ: LOVE YOU GUYS. The evil power duo is the INTJ and ENTJ, with the extroverted one being the face and charisma of the campaign while we work on the logistics and execution. Fear us for we will out-do you in anything if working together.

ENTP: Tend to be on the more argumentative side, good for when we want a debate, bad when they’re obstinate. Generally will get along with Ni Dom people, intelligent in debates, brings more people skills and broader perspective in expertise, gift of the common NT genes.

ENFJ: A little bit TOO genuine or authentic? Most have struck me as try-hard and people pleasing not to say they’re decisive and usually make good group player who offer substantive and good feedback

ENFP: You guys are actually pretty cool when you’re not too hyper, lots of good fun energy for the limited time that we feel like interacting. Good job pulling us out of our happy comfy zones.

ESTJ: Y'all are too stubborn. Being stubborn is alright if you’re logical about it but for its own sake, annoying. Can be cool if they have intellectual pursuits of mutual interest.

ESTP: I like how blunt you guys are, it’s refreshing. Love the can-do approach to life and getting things done. You guys can be the colonels in the INTJ army when we take over the world.

ESFJ: ESFJs are the mother hens of basically everything, they are good for HR and managing people when I feel incapable of being diplomatic. Generally more gushy feely than I feel comfortable with.

ESFP: Please. Seriously. Calm down. Life isnt a merry go round going at 5000rpm, and you shouldn’t drink coffee in quantities equivalent of filling an oil tanker. Usually the life of the party, very excited, too energetic for our tastes and not good with the abstract discussions that INTJs like.

Signs and their hobbies
  • Aries: Sports, wrestling with friends, "playing", plays competitive games, risky activities, motorcycles, bicycles, war video games, anything outdoors, trying anything once.
  • Taurus: Painting, gardening, eating, lazing about on the warm sand of the beach, anything relaxing and safe. They love to collect antiques or unique clothing items as much as they love staying home and pampering themselves.
  • Gemini: Card games, board games, mind games, crossword puzzles, and writing short stories. Geminis also need to move around because of their nervousness, so they love acrobats, walking and socializing, skating, dancing, racing, learning new languages, learning anything new in general, building things or molding (they love to use their hands), one-to-one sports, listening to upbeat music.
  • Cancer: Staying home, do-it-yourself crafts, knitting, cooking, eating, decorating, fishing, swimming, and spending time with family. Taking care/looking after animals, studying politics or getting involved in them, painting, fixing things.
  • Leo: Taking cat naps, tanning, dressing up, buying new clothes, fixing their hair or experimenting new hairstyles, acting and singing, partying with friends, gambling, energetic activities.
  • Virgo: They do anything that improves themselves, thus, yoga, crossword, chess, mathematical and logical problems, jigsaw, bridge, go game, computer network-based role play, gymnastics and surfing the Internet, all these intellectual sports supply food for your insatiable mental energy. Virgos are motherly earth signs, mainly towards animals, so you may even see them gardening or taking care of stray animals.
  • Libra: Debating (without yelling or anger, or their egos getting bruised), singing, choir, trying anything once (as long as their friend is with them), buying new clothes, watching tv, playing instruments, nything artistic.
  • Scorpio: You are resilient, tenacious, concentrated, and mighty, and you can excel in numerous violent sports requiring strength. Karate, boxing, wrestling, marathon, athletics, diving, archery and shooting, weightlifting, and any sports competition, are suitable for you. Sex, poker, reading mystery books, researching, watching scary movies or detective shows.
  • Sagittarius: Exploring or traveling to new places, learning new languages and foreign cultures, solving problems, anything risk-taking, sky-diving, taking care of animals, studying philosophy, story telling, and playing games that involve luck or chance.
  • Capricorn: Long walks, going to museums and art galleries, improving their home, chess, exercising, hiking, collecting pieces of nature, photography, jogging, anything to do with their knowledge for history, do-it-yourself projects, eating out.
  • Aquarius: They love anything to do with technology. Watching tv, taking pictures, playing video games, talking to their friends online, graphic designs, anything unpredictable, playing an instrument, weird hobbies such as magic tricks, origami or ventriloquism, writing in their journal, listening to electronic or "trippy" music.
  • Pisces: Their imagination has no limits and is inspired the arts. Theater, singing, dancing, listening to music, painting, writing poetry. They also feel comfortable with water, so swimming and diving make them feel comfortable, along with visiting the beach and relaxing by (or in) the ocean. Pisces are scared of nothing, so they love risky adventures such as bungee jumping, hang gliding, or artistic sports such as ice skating. Reading is their favorite. Meditating, yoga, eating, spiritualism, and studying psychology are also their favorites.

Steven’s Graduation Party had went off without a hitch. Granted, he hadn’t actually graduated from anything, but after going with Connie to her graduation party, he’d wanted to have one for himself, just to see what it was like. The only guests were the Crystal Gems, Connie, Greg, and Steven, but according to Connie and Steven, it had still felt just like a normal graduation party.

It had taken a few hours of food and dancing, but both Steven and Connie were now passed out on the couch. Greg had left pretty early on, needing to sleep and wake up early for his car wash. Peridot and Garnet had entered the temple just a few minutes prior, talking about some aspect of Homeworld culture that Peridot was learning to disregard.

That left Pearl and Amethyst as the only ones left still awake. Both of whom were wandering around the room, cleaning up some of the mess from the party.

An upbeat, energetic pop song was still playing over the speakers situated around the main room. As the song reached its end, Amethyst made her way over to the laptop streaming the music, and was about to hit the stop button. However, before she could, Pearl stopped her.

“Wait, Amethyst,” said Pearl. “This next one is my favorite.”

A new song started to play. This one was slower, more majestic. A soulful voice crooned over a lush instrumental track.

“Ugh, really, P, this one’s your favorite?” scoffed Amethyst, rolling her eyes, a smirk playing on her lips. “Sounds about right.” She turned to look at Pearl, and was surprised to see one of the taller gem’s pale hands extended towards her.

“Amethyst, will you dance with me?”

A huge blush exploded onto Amethyst’s face. “Wh-what? I, uh, well… I don’t know. My style of dancing doesn’t really mesh with the song…”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” replied Pearl, smiling warmly.. The extended hand gestured at Amethyst to come to her. “I can help you.”

“Well, uh, sure, P… if you wanna,” muttered Amethyst, her face hot. Reaching forward, she grabbed Pearl’s hand. Immediately, Pearl gently pulled Amethyst close.

“I’ll take the lead,” said Pearl, putting her other hand around Amethyst’s waist. “Just put your feet on mine until you get the pattern and rhythm down, okay?”

“Uh, okay,” replied a flustered and confused Amethyst, doing as she was told.

Then, suddenly, they were dancing. Well, more like Pearl spinning the two of them slowly in time with music, but it still counted. As they continued dancing, Amethyst found herself relaxing. The longer they danced, the more relaxed she became. Something about this felt… right to Amethyst. Slowly, without really thinking about it, she rested her head on Pearl’s chest.

Amethyst sighed. “Ya know, P, this is actually pretty nice.”

“Yes. I think so too,” Pearl said softly.

“I have to ask, though. Why did you wanna dance?” asked Amethyst, closing her eyes.

She felt Pearl shrug. “I just wanted to dance with you.”

“That’s… nice,” said Amethyst, a happy smile tugging at her lips. “Hey, P?”


Amethyst gave Pearl’s hand a squeeze. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Amethyst.” She felt Pearl return the squeeze.

The song playing over the speaker had changed, but neither Pearl nor Amethyst noticed. They were too busy dancing together, feeling more at home doing that than they had in a very long time.


(As requested by @triangle-mother)

Bakit matagal mag CR ang mga babae?

Kapag nag CR ang lalaki: Harap sa cubicle, baba ang zipper, do the deed, pagpag, hugas, harap ng konti sa salamin, labas ng CR. Pero bakit matagaaaaaaaaaaaaaal mag CR ang babae? At ano ang meron sa loob nito na wala sa CR ng lalaki? At dahil dito, nagsagawa ako ng sarili kong pananaliksik.

  1. Ayon sa research, ang kubetang inuupuan nila ay gawa sa 100% pure malambot na sofa. They just sit back and relax na parang walang naghihintay sa labas.
  2. Ang CR ng babae ay isang malaking Conference Room para pag-usapan ang kanilang “mini-landi moments”. Maaari din itong tawaging Chismisan Room. Kaya palagi nilang kailangan ng kasama sa loob.
  3. Nagreretouch. Dahil naniniwala sila na ang mall ay isang malaking runway. At ang lahat ng makakasalubong nila ay mga audience. Kailangang maganda sila.
  4. Kukuha lang ng tissue, kailangan pang igoogle-search ang laman ng masukal nilang bag sa dami ng laman.
  5. Ang pag-upo nila sa kubeta ay parang pagsakay na rin sa spaceship. Ito yung ‘i need space’ na gusto nila.
  6. Ang pag CR ay isang 'me’ time para damhin sa kanilang mga sarili kung gaano sila kaganda at kaespesyal dahil mayroon mga lalaking handang maghintay ng matagal habang nilalamok na sa labas.
  7. Habang umiihi: Edit picture. Delete. Tapos edit ulet. Tapos delete. Edit. Delete. Edit. Delete. Edit. Delete. Edit. Delete. Edit. Delete. Edit. Post.
  8. Ang CR ng girls ay isang mini-photostudio slash pictorial room. Sila ang model at sila na din ang photographer. Moreover, mas legal at katanggap tanggap magselfie sa loob ng CR kesa sa fitting room.
  9. Dahil naniniwala sila sa kasabihang, “If true love waits, ganun din dapat kapag nag CR kami.”
  10. Ang CR nila ay isang secret party house with energetic disco beats and lively music habang nagsesexy dance si Coco Martin. At nagtatagal sila sa loob kapag boring ang mga kadate nila sa labas.
Overwatch described by someone outside the fandom

All this is based solely off of what I’ve seen scrolling through my dash and what I’ve heard from friends. I’ve never played Overwatch or seen any of the animated shorts.

The Plot: …is there a plot? Is this a battlefield or a reality TV show where 20 people all have to live under one roof and get along together?

Soldier 76: dad. Good dad. Is stoic and protective of all his children, even the ones he says are pieces of shitty garbage. Probably watches Oprah and listens to smooth jazz while drinking wine in a recliner. Will never admit to any past or present relationship with Reaper, but everyone suspects that they get more than friendly from time to time.

Mercy: mom. Everyone’s mom. Even dad’s mom. She helps all the kids and is so patient and pretty but she needs coffee to function in the morning or she’s just a demon monster from hell.

Reaper: edge lord and King of darkness (self proclaimed), went to hell one time and decided it was too plush so he came back. If he were a food, he’d be a carrot maybe? KILLER THIGHS LIKE BLAOW!!! He’s secretly just a squish inside though. Likes kittens. I’m about 87% sure he’s also a Brony. Also he’s very very gay… very gay. Super gay. Ten whole gay.

Hanzo: “the thing that is most important in life is honor… and Cowboys. Mmmm… cowboys… btw have you seen my man tiddy and tattoo?”

McCree: “I’m a McCowboy that has come to McKick your ass!! Hey there Hanzo, looking McFINE today…”

Genji: “cat. I’m a kitty cat. And i dance dance dance. And I dance dance dance.” Also has the best ass I’ve ever seen.

Zenyatta: shaped like a friend.

Junkrat: is he adorable or is he super ugly and trashy?? Yes. Pyro mania and explosions. Always going at full speed. Too much energy.

Roadhog: BIG BAB BIG HANDS. Keep him safe. Doesn’t talk much because he’s always singing Broadway musical songs in his head. Trashrat’s only friend.

Tracer: “‘Ello, gov! Fancy a spot of tea in the garden?? It will be lov'ly jov'ly!!” Spunky and positive and might have some ADHD going.

Mei: cutie and sweetie and would be an incredible friend, also a much better ice queen than Elsa. Shy but if you pick on her friends, she will come atchya like cleopatra.

Torbjörn: so is he hated or loved?! Both extremes are everywhere, how does one develop an opinion?!

D.Va: sitting in the basement playing video games all day and hisses loudly when someone opens the door to let in the light, crawls and hides under the chair and bares her gremlin teeth and curses “NERF YOU” while 76 just slowly walks down the stairs to deliver a case of mountain dew and a family sized bag of Doritos to the ungrateful monster. She seizes the offerings, appeased for now as 76 leaves and she returns to her game, grumbling to her online friends that her parents are stupid and lame.

Winston: science monkey.

Zarya: everyone’s big strong tough lesbian mom/crush. Is anyone not in love with her? Legend says that once several bombs were placed on a statue of the Greek gods Ares and Athena… and after they exploded, out from the useless marble debris rose Zarya. Because she is flawless.

Lúcio: apparently doesn’t get enough love from the fandom, but he seems like the kind of guy who wouldn’t even care. He’s just happy to lend a hand when and where he can. Very nice. Very good. Heart of gold. Super fun and energetic at parties. His dreadlocks may possibly have evolved sentience…?

Pharah, Bastion, Widowmaker, Reinhardt, and Symmetra don’t make it onto my dash enough for me to guess anything about them.

“I’m a character performer for kids’ parties and, predictably, I’ve been Elsa for weeks. Anna never gets requested but she’s so much more of a bubbly, personable character, which makes more sense for a party of energetic little ones. I wish customers could see past Elsa’s powers and sparkly dress and give Anna a chance. She’s a freckly, lovable ray of sunshine and I identify with her so much more.”

What I love abt the signs

Aries: honestly just really relaxing to be around overall and just have a chill aura. Nice to play insult w/.

Taurus: Genuinely wants to spend time w/ u and can go from a chill day of napping to extreme mountain biking.

Gemini: Best to joke w/ 100%. Honestly some of the funniest ppl you’ll ever meet. Emotions are ups and downs and its nice if that matches how u feel too.

Cancer: Best to spend a day chilling with honestly, nice to be around and talk about things that bug you. Sweethearts.

Leo: Life of the party omg. So energetic and it spreads to other people, nice to get your mind off stresses.

Virgo: Silly but also practical, spends time alone but also makes time for people they care about. Amazing bakers and huge memes.

Libra: Literally the most sarcastic motherfuckers ever oh my god. I want to fight them but also??

Scorpio: Honestly gives a shit about u and lowkey knows everything about everyone. Nice to have casual conversations with and really nice to touch bc theyre also v soft.

Sagittarius: Recklessly funny. Adventurers at heart and keep up with me.

Capricorn: Just overall confident and smart, v low-key and just spend time to themselves.

Aquarius: Actually super chill. The best to do anything with and will go with the flow and plan changes. Doesn’t care and not annoying at all.

Pisces: Actually extremely sweet and caring. Although they’re not usually the main in the friend group, they’re so sweet and kind and caring that it wouldn’t ever be the same w/o them.
'How I Met Your Dad' cast descriptions | TV Line

Oh boy.

SALLY | She’s vibrant, messy and unpredictable — a “female Peter Pan who has never grown up and has no idea of where she’s going in life.” She’s thinking of calling it quits with her husband of a year, Gavin. She’ll lean on her circle of friends for advice and support through the inevitable divorce. That circle includes…

JULIET | Sally’s sexy, flamboyant, energetic, party-girl BFF. She runs a successful fashion blog. She’s delighted to learn Sally is ending things with the terminally boring Gavin.

DANNY | Sally’s older gay brother, a Type A, overachieving lawyer whom she shares little in common with. They nonetheless share a tight bond, although Sally’s decision to move in with Danny after her split with Gavin promises to test that bond.

TODD | Danny’s warm, outgoing husband and one of Sally’s closest friends from college. Unlike Danny, Todd welcomes Sally into their home.

FRANK | The head of IT for Juliet’s fashion blog. He’s a hot nerd. He has genuine feelings for Sally, but it’s a one-sided flirtation. At least for the moment.

NARRATOR | It’s Sally from the future. She’s reliving the events of her past to her kids.