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Bad Things- Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: Just glimpses in to Jughead and Reader’s relationship. Heavily based off of the song “Bad Things” by Camila Cabello and Machine gun Kelly because I’m a total slut for that bop

Warnings: SIN SIN SIN SIN SO MUCH SIN IM A SINNER, Swearing, implied smut, actual descriptive smut like guys this is kinda intense.


(Disclaimer: If you are uncomfortable with Jughead Jones smut then Do.Not.Read. This is literal actual smut intended for the Riverdale Tv Show version of Jughead Jones portrayed by Cole Sprouse, as all my other fics are. If you are offended or do not like this kind of stuff, then just keep scrolling. This is requested by my followers and I won’t deny it or not do it simply because a few other people don’t like it.)


“Am I outta my head, am I outta my mind? If you only knew the bad things I like.”

It was the little things about him that always had me craving him. The veins along his wrists, when his jaw was clenched. The little hints of curls that poked out of his gray beanie, almost as if they were begging to see the light of day. The frame of his body was probably my favorite part. I had never been attracted to buff men, particularly guys like my friend Archie Andrews. He was a whole different story though. He was tall and lean, almost comparing to the body of a track runner, but his body was still toned in all of the right places, and he was certainly strong enough to carry me up my stairs to my bedroom. Jughead Jones made me think the most sinful things, and I couldn’t ever stop. I’m just lucky that the feeling is mutual.

“Y/n?Did you just hear a thing I said?” My best friend Veronica looked at me expectantly, her eyebrows raised and looking frustrated with me. Truthfully, I hadn’t heard a thing she said. I was too busy focusing my attention on something more…interesting.

Jughead Jones had started out as a friend. That’s how they all did, right? We had four classes together, and mutual friends, so of course, we grew incredibly close over time.Eventually, it became something more The boy stared back at me, his blue eyes piercing through mine and in to my head, almost reading my thoughts. I saw as he mouthed a simple word “tonight” and I gave him a slight nod, biting my lip in response.

“Sorry V, she’s too focused on her loverboy.” Archie taunted me, passing by us and to his friend, knocking shoulders with him. Jughead blushed slightly, not moving from his position on the lockers, his arms crossed over him. I could fix that.

I strutted over, my hips moving a little more than they usually do. Jughead uncrossed his arms and they immediately went to my waist once I reached him, pulling me in to his body that was still against the lockers. I leaned up, pressing my lips to his quickly before the bell rang. I broke apart from my boyfriend, my hand sliding down his shirt slowly. I pulled away, winking at him before strutting off. I didn’t even have to turn around to know his eyes were on me, watching my every step.

“No matter what you say, no matter what you do, I only wanna do bad things to you.”

Jughead and I had been together for a good six months before we got in to our first fight. He always had his nose shoved in to his laptop, and I got no attention from him anymore, and I was angry. I had waited a while for him to notice, and he never did, so I took matters in to my own hands.

My boyfriend sat at a stool in my kitchen, his hands in his hair and his laptop in front of him, His beanie long forgotten on the counter. If I wasn’t so pissed at him, I might have offered to release some of that tension, but I wasn’t in a giving mood that day. I slammed the laptop shut, my eyes glaring at him. Jughead looked up at me with a confused look.

“Forsythe, do you remember why I invited you over?” I asked him, my eyebrow cocked while I waited to his answer. His mouth opened slightly, trying to string together something and drawing up a blank. I scoffed, shaking my head and walking away.

“Baby, wait-” Jughead hopped off the stool, following me out of the room.

“Jughead, I asked you to come over because I wanted to spend time with you!! Not so I could watch you on your laptop the whole time! I just want some of you to myself!is that too much?”

“You know how important this novel is to me, y/n-”

“ I know that! But I should be more important!” I shouted. I didn’t care if I sounded selfish. I was pissed.

“ Of course you’re more important! What kind of question is that?!” Jughead looked at me like I was ridiculous and I shook my head.

“Really? Because sometimes it feels like you would choose that book over me if it came down to it.” I crossed my arms, my foot tapping against the hardwood floor. Jughead’s face fell, and the anger on his face was replaced with a sad look.

“That is not true, that is not true at all, I would always choose you.” Jughead closed the gap between us, his arms wrapping around my waist. I pushed him away slightly, my hands on his chest.

“Prove it.” I spoke bravely, my tone of voice becoming different.

Everything happened relatively quickly from there.Jughead’s hands went around my back, lifting me so my legs were wrapped around his waist, and his fingers wrapping around the backs of my thighs. His mouth was on mine and I felt my back hit the wall. Jughead’s lips went to my neck, sucking harshly at the skin until purple bruises adorned it. My hands went to his sweater, almost ripping the fabric just to get it off of him.

“ My room,” I panted, my hands tangled in Jughead’s hair while he sucked harshly at the collarbone peeking out of my tank top. He adjusted my body that was wrapped around his before making his way to the stairs, carrying me up them. I felt my back hit my mattress and Jughead was on top of me, his legs on either side of my waist and his hands already under my shirt. His had already been tossed over a chair in my room.

I flipped us over so I was on top,grinding my lower body in to his. Jughead let out a low groan, his head tilting upwards at the contact. My hands made quick work unbuckling his belt, pulling it off of him quickly and unbuttoning his jeans. Jughead looked at me impressed.

“No matter how many times you do that, I’m still pretty shocked at your skillwork.” Jughead’s arms went behind his head, a smirk now on his face.

“Don’t get too comfortable.” I taunted, my hands going behind my back.

I unclasped my bra, tossing it across my room somewhere. Jughead sat up quickly, his mouth already on my chest, littering my body with hickeys. He flipped us over again so he was in control, and pressed open mouth kisses down my stomach to my hips, his fingers curling under my sweatpants and dragging the waistband down and off of me. My breath hitched in my throat when I felt his lips on my thigh, leaving light little kisses up them until his mouth was over the fabric of my underwear. My back arched off the mattress at the feeling, my fingers gripping the sheets until my knuckles turned white. Jughead hooked two of his digits in to the side of my underwear, pulling them slowly down my thighs.

“Jug… Jug please.” I begged, not really in the mood to take things slow. Jughead pulled the fabric down the rest of my legs, and they went flinging in an unknown direction of the bedroom.Jughead’s head dipped down, and I was breathing intensely, my hands going to his hair and tangling in to the strands, gripping tightly.

“We’re both wild, and the nights young, and you’re my drug.”

Parties weren’t Jughead’s thing, but Cheryl was in fact now a part of our gang, and it was only fair to at least make an appearance. So, on Saturday night, I was getting dressed and ready to go to her party. I wore a simple blue dress a gold belt with a bow around my waist, and some black ankle boots. Veronica and Betty laid on my bed, chatting amongst the two of them while I finished my makeup. I was finishing my lipstick when Archie and Jughead walked in to my door, both of them surprisingly having smiles on their faces.

Jughead made his way towards me immediately, pressing a kiss to my temple and standing behind me, his arms wrapping loosely around my shoulders. I looked at him through my vanity mirror, blowing a kiss at him, and he blushed and rolled his eyes.

“Are you almost ready y/n?” Betty sighed exasperatedly. She say up from the bed, smoothing out her romper, and Veronica wrapped her an arm around her waist, leaning her head against her girlfriends shoulder

“Oh, Bets, let the poor girl take her time. It’s always classier to be fashionably late.” Veronica pressed a kiss to the shell of Betty’s ear and her face went red.


We arrived on time to the party and everyone split up, Betty and Veronica dancing, Archie talking to Valerie, and my back to Jughead’s chest as we sunk in to a corner of the room, to have some privacy. His arms were around my waist, holding my tightly to his body while he pressed kisses to my neck, whispering incredibly sinful things about what he would be doing to me right this minute had we not been at Cheryl’s house.

I know that Jughead would have rather been at my house tonight, cuddled in to each other on my couch watching a movie, or just talking and being in each other’s presence, or even trying out some of the things he had been whispering to me. I felt a little sympathetic for him, but I knew just the way to cheer him up.

I turned around, my hands slipping in to his, and I pulled him towards the middle of the room. An upbeat song was playing and everybody was dancing and jumping around. Jughead huffed, not wanting to go, but I knew he wouldn’t resist if I tried hard enough.

I finally got him to the middle of the room, my hands lacing with his, my back pressed against his chest as my hips swayed back and forth to the music. I could feel Jughead was tense, so I gave him a little incentive by pushing my lower body in to his slightly, and I heard his breath shudder a bit before he was moving his body against mine and his lips were on my neck.

“we should go back to your place."Jughead whispered, his lips brushing against my skin. I tilted my neck so he could have easier access, taking his hands in mine and running them down the sides of my body. With the way his body was moving against mine, and all the things he had been sharing with me earlier, it would be an understatement to say I was worked up. I grabbed his hand again, weaving through the crowds and shouting a goodbye to Betty and Veronica before starting the trek to my house. Jughead and I walked hand in hand, slowing down every once in a while to kiss each other.

"When we get home, you’re in for it.”

“Oh, I know.”

“And you keep me in with those hips, while my teeth sink in those lips, while your body’s giving me life, and you suffocate in my kiss.”

Fuck, Forsythe.” I hissed, my nails digging in to his back. My hips moved slowly down on to his length, my fingers moving up his back and in to his hair. His hands were wrapped around my body, his lips biting harshly at my shoulder. When I felt my body adjust to him, I rose my hips before sinking back down on to him again.Jughead captured my lips with his, his teeth biting gently in to my bottom lip. We lazily kissed as I moved up and down slowly, my walls tightening around him slightly. Jughead held me as close to his body as he could, our chests pressed together.

I was on cloud 9 every time I was intimate with Jug. Everything about him was breath taking, and he was so beautiful when he was like this: his lips slightly parted, his curly hair matted down and sticking to his forehead, and his body shining from the warmth of our bodies colliding.

I started to move my hips a little faster, grinding down on to Jughead’s hips. Jughead buried his face in to the crook of my neck, and his arms wrapped around me even tighter, if that was possible. I used whatever energy I had left to move my hips faster, bringing Jughead and I both to the edge. I could feel the warmth in the pit of my stomach, warning me that I was close.

“F-fuck, Forsythe,I-”

“I know, baby.” Jughead began to meet his hips with mine on every thrust, one arm unwrapping from around my body to press the pad of his finger to my clit. I gasped at the sensation, my nails scratching against his back harder.

“Shit, shit, I-I’m-” I cut myself off, not having enough breath to finish my sentence. I felt my stomach tighten and then I was cumming on Jughead’s dick, a quiet moan escaping my lips. I kept thrusting against him, riding out my high while he chases his, soon I was being hit with overstimulation, but I powered through it, bouncing against Jughead as fast as I could.

“Fuck, fuck, shit, I’m gonna-” strings of curse words escaped Jughead’s lips as he flipped us over, pounding in to me as hard as he could. His lips went around on of my nipples, sucking harshly, and his fingers rubbed quickly and forcefully against my clit, drawing out another orgasm from me.

Before I knew it, I was cumming again, this time Jughead following as he came inside me. Jughead’s body collapsed on top of mine, not before pulling out of me slowly. My hands tangled themselves in his hair and his arms went back around my body, his head laying against my chest. I could feel his heart race against my own beating heart, and I looked down at my beautiful boyfriend, as I smiled.He was all mine.

“The way we love, is so unique, and when we touch, I’m shivering.”

I woke up to the light shining from my bedroom window, the rays of sun peeking through my curtains and casting rays of light along the sleeping bodies of Jughead and I. The night before had been our one year anniversary, and he “spent the night”, Which resulted in to this morning, the both of us naked in my bed. Jughead was already awake, his fingers tracing along my arms.Goosebumps ran along my skin at the feeling of his touch, leaning up to give him a kiss.

“Good morning, sunshine.” Jughead mumbled against my lips. I giggled as his fingers went to my sides, tickling me the slightest bit.

“Good morning, handsome.” I smiled down at him, my eyes practically in the shapes of hearts. I loved this boy to death. He was the most perfect thing I had ever found in this world.

“How are you feeling?” He asked me, his fingers stopping so his arms could wrap around my back. He pulled our bodies tighter together.

“I’m great.” I told him, leaning down to press a kiss to the tip of his nose. Jughead’s face scrunched up slightly and I giggle again, my hands cupping his cheeks.

“I love you, so much. So, so, soso much.” I started pressing kisses all over his face and I felt it scrunch up again before catching my lips with his. Jughead wasn’t a super affectionate person in public, so I loved these moments I had with him, hidden away under my covers, where it was just the two of us.

“And no one has to get it, just you and me.”

“I swear to god, you two are the most sickeningly cute couple… In god knows what!” Veronica threw her hands up dramatically before slamming them down on to the table at the booth. She looked at the two of us, who sat across from each other. Jughead and I didn’t break our eye contact, still looking at each other and smiling brightly.

“Come on, V.It’s cute. They’re cute.” Betty defended, sitting across from her girlfriend.

“ I know, but look at them! All they do is stare at each other like its the morning after their first time.“ Veronica scoffed before pausing for a second. Her mouth opened in shock before she whispered loudly.

"You guys fucked!” Jughead and I broke apart at that, looking at Veronica with wide eyes. I was about to shake my head when Jughead interrupted.

“We’ve been fucking, V. Catch up.” Ronnie and Betty’s mouth fell open simultaneously at the confidence in Jughead’s voice.He leaned back in the booth and turned his attention back to me, cheekily winking at me. My cheeks grew hot as I looked back at my best friends, mouths still open in shock.

“You guys, you, you’re-” Ronnie stammered, looking back and forth at each other. Jughead and I started laughing at Ronnie’s reaction, and she sputtered.

“I don’t get your relationship. I seriously don’t.” Ronnie slumped in her seat, her chin resting in the palm of her hand.

“Cheer up, V. It’s y/n and Jughead. Nobody gets it except them.” Jughead and I had already tuned out Betty though, our attention going back to each other. Nobody had to understand our relationship, because it wasn’t theirs. It was ours, And it was perfect.

Watch Me Babygirl [pt.4]

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Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

Warnings: slight language

Jungkook was one of the only things on your mind for days. He’d kissed you… and then run off. At the end of the game he’d simply smirked at you, sending a wink your way before slinging an arm around Jimin and laughing as Jimin gloated about their victory.

You sighed, pushing your books into your locker. It was Friday and all you wanted to do was call Taehyung and have him bring snacks over to your house for a movie night.

You pushed your locker closed and jumped back at the figure that had been standing behind the door, blocked from your view.

“What the hell! Jungkook you can’t do shit like that,” you said, placing a hand over your heart as you looked at him.

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Drunken Disaster - Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Reader.

Originally posted by alwaysbeu

Lydia was having a party tonight and you decided to skip out on it. You’d been to all of her parties before and you just weren’t feeling up to this one.

You were lying on your bed doing the reading for English when your phone went off. You picked it up and read the name on your screen. Stiles.

“Hey, what’s up?” You asked as you sat up, the bed squeaking underneath you.

“Heeeeeyyy, Y/N!” He yelled and you pulled the phone from your ear, cringing.

“Stiles, it’s after midnight.” You mutter, trying not to wake anyone else in the house.

“I know! I just think you’re pretty and I thought I’d call to tell you.” You blush at his remark. “Oh! And I need a ride, Scott went home and I can’t drive because you know….” He lowers his voice to a loud whisper. “I’m drunk.”

You roll your eyes and stick a bookmark in your assignment before slipping on your shoes. “I’m on my way.” You grab your keys and head for the front door. “Stiles, go wait outside for me.” You say as you get in your car.

“Okay! Thanks, Y/N! I love you!”

“I love you too, idiot.” You chuckle and hang up.

You pull up to the party and scan the front yard. No Stiles. You call him and he doesn’t answer. You look down at yourself and what you’re wearing and sigh. A tank top, athletic shorts, and converse. You shrug and pull the keys out of the ignition and head inside, scanning every room for the dark-headed boy. You spot him going upstairs and you run after him.

“Stiles!” You yell and he turns to look at you.

He waves and runs upstairs like a small child. Great. You run after him, chasing him into a bedroom.

“Mieczyslaw Stilinski.“ You say authoritatively. You put your hands on your hips and give him a look.

“What?” He says innocently before grinning. “I’m sorry, I just want you to party with me!” He dances his way over to you, making you laugh. He grabs your hands and pulls you to him, moving his hips against yours.

“Stiles.” You warn. “I have to get you home.”

“No, I can’t go home.” He pouts and gives you puppy dog eyes.

“Then you’ll sleep at my house.” You say and grab his hand tightly you pull him downstairs and out of the house. You help him into the car and get in on your side.

“Stiles put your seatbelt on.” You say as you put the car into gear. He buckles up and you head home.

“Y/N.” Stiles says quietly.

“Yeah?” You turn to look at him, pulling up to a red light.

“You’re a good friend.” He smiles and looks at you, putting his hand on top of yours on the steering wheel.

You return the smile and take off when the light turns green.

“Thanks, Stiles.” You look at his hand on top of yours.

“We’re here.” You say and you both get out, you leading him inside. “Be quiet.” You whisper and he nods.

You leave him in your room and you go to get him some water. When you return he’s knocked out on your bed.

“Stiles.” You whisper, shaking his arm. He grunts in response.

“You need to change.” You say, sitting beside him on the bed.

He groans and sits up, taking his shirt off. You take it from him and you grab some clothes from his drawer in your dresser. You take his shoes off of him and he takes his pants off, lying back down.

“Stiles…” You sigh. “You have to get dressed. I’m not sleeping with you half naked.” You look at him, his eyes already shut and you shake your head. You are going to sleep with him half naked.

You wake up the next morning and you roll over to see Stiles watching you.

“What?” You sit up and look at him. You reach over him and grab the water and an aspirin before handing them both to him.

He takes them and continues looking at you. “Did we…” He points between the both of you.

You laugh and nod. “Yeah.”

His eyes widen and he bites his lip. “Awesome.”

You smack his arm and shake your head. “I’m just kidding! I brought you home and you knocked out.”

“Oh.” He laughs and takes the pill.

“To be fair you did call me pretty.” You say as he rubs his temples.

He grins and looks at you. “A drunk man always tells the truth.”

Blue Kisses.

Originally posted by beatriceindre

Pairing: Hoseok / Reader.

Genre: Fluff, angst, some non-con at the beginning

Summary: “But you do know that I care right?” he whispered against the skin of your cheek, his thumb brushing heat over your bottom lip, making your lips part to accommodate his digit.

Word count: 12, 821

Note: Oh my god, this is easily the longest thing I’ve written so far, seems appropriate that Hobi would do it ;). Happy Valentine’s day everyone! I hope you’re not alone as me cri. Btw, kudos to the lovely @2-1stcenturygirl who proof read this and hyped me up :) Anyway I hope you enjoy! :^D  )

After standing alone in a unfamiliar living room for the last half hour, you were officially ready to kill Jung. It was no secret that you hated frat parties, favouring curling up in your second - hand (hey, it was cheap), worn chair with one of your favourite books or watching reruns to staying out late with drunk students. You could be quite shy around those you didn’t know, and hated being forced to down bitter tasting beer while drunk classmates would pull you into their sweaty embraces. Also, due to your dislike of alcohol, you were often the only sober person in the house, having to deal with your classmates drunk antics. You would never forget that on the rare occasion that you went to a party, the boy who sat next to you in Art History had pinned you to a wall and tried to shove his tongue down your throat. Obviously he was too drunk to aim and ended up with a mouthful of hair rather than your lips, but it was enough to put you off parties even more than before. You hadn’t been able to look at him the next day, awkwardly nodding when he had apologised. However you did try to enjoy yourself on the weekends, earning it after the gruelling week. Sometimes you would invite some of your friends to your tiny dorm room provided by the school to go on a movie marathon. There had been a slight mix up with the rooms at the collage, meaning you didn’t have a roommate, and the school hadn’t assigned you one yet. However after a disastrous week, chock full of meetings and assignments due in, you were ready to get a pizza, hide in a mountain of blankets and fall asleep in front of the season finale of the crown. However when Jung had arrived at your door in the early evening, and almost broke down your door with her violent knocking, your plans had been thrown to the wind.

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Forbidden pt.2 (M)

This scenario contains mature and sexual themes. You have been warned! 

Part 1 ~

Originally posted by chimneytaels

You were starting to regret saying yes to Yoongi. What were you thinking? What good would come out of this? A night of passion, lust and relieving that pent up stress and sexual frustration you’ve had. Your conclusion was to go looking sexy as fuck and have a fun night. 

Yoongi offered to pick you up, but you thought it was best if your parents didn’t see him. It was obvious that your father did not approve of Yoongi for his outer appearance, but if he knew his reputation your father would definitely not let you anywhere near Yoongi. For you, Yoongi was intriguing. 

You wore your little black dress that hugged to your body in all the right places, a velvet black choker and heels to match. Your hair and make-up was done to perfection. You deserved to dress up and have a good time, you worked hard all year. You tried to seek past your parents for them not to see what you’re wearing, as they would find fault with it somehow. 

“Is that dress not a little too short, sweetie?” Your father points out making your mom giggle and slap his shoulder. 

“Oh, leave her you big grump! She is only going to have that body a little longer before it starts to sag.” You frown in annoyance, but your dad slaps her face and smirks. 

“You’re still as beautiful, as the first day we met….” He trailed off whispering something in her ear making her giggle and blush. 

”Gross! I might stay in Lily’s tonight, so don’t wait up.” You yell as you rush out of the house. 

When you get to the party its in full swing. As you walked through the front door of the house party the hazy smoke hit you. People with red solo cups in their hands, people conversing, people dancing. You looked around, Yoongi was not in sight. You decide to go get a drink first. There was only two people in the kitchen, a couple face eating one another. You look at the variety of drinks there is, going for a rum and coke. You turn when your finished mixing your drink, to come face to face with Yoongi’s smirking face. 

“You actual came, babe.” His hands slide up to your waist, bringing you flush against his chest. 

“I told you I’d come. I’m here.” You state taking a gulp from your solo cup. He grabs the cup out of your hands finishing it and throwing the cup behind you. His jaw line was so visible as he drunk from your cup. He was really a beautiful man. You just wanted to trace the outline on his tattoos on his neck. 

“You’re so sexy, every guy here tonight had their eyes on you, but you’re mine.” He was so close, his eyes flickering from your lips to your eyes. You thought he was going to kiss you as he leaned down your ear. “How about we get out of here, this parties shit and I think we can have more fun on our own.” His breath tickled your neck, he planted a soft kiss on the skin below your ear. 

He grabbed your hand and pulled you through the buzzed party to get out. The air was a lot colder outside, yet refreshing from the hot sticky atmosphere in the house. You run your hands over your bare arms to heat them up. Yoongi sees you shivering. 

“Here.” He takes his leather jacket off and sets over your shoulders. You put your arms through it and hug it to your body. “It looks so much better on you, baby. But I think it would lot great if you had nothing on underneath.” He was so blunt, but you giggle nonetheless. Yoongi leads you to a motor bike, handing you a helmet. You laugh. 

“That’s funny, wheres your car.” 

“This is it, babe.” Yoongi chuckles, putting the helmet on your head and clicking it in place. 

“Hah, no seriously.” You still think hes joking, he smirks and gets on his motor cycle. “Yoongi I-I can’t get on that.” You attempt to take the helmet off, but can’t. Yoongi gets off the bike, putting his fingers under your chin to make your eyes focus on his. 

“Babe, nothing is going to happen to you when your with me, okay. Trust me, I wont let anything happen to you. Do you trust me?” Looking into his chocolate brown eyes, they were so intoxicating. 

“I trust you.” You say in almost a whisper, he gives you a gummy grin. 

“Great.” He lifts you up an puts you on the back of his motorcycle, climbing on as well. “Hold on tight, baby.” You hesitantly put your arms on his hips, not holding tight. He interlaces his fingers with your moving your hands, so you were giving him a back hug. His musky sent, husky deep voice was making you feel safe. He starts the motorcycle, raving it up and then speed off up the street. He was zooming through traffic, the wind blowing your hair. 

It was an oddly freeing experience. Being with a man whom was so troublesome and ‘dangerous’ made you feel safe and content. But you didn’t know why he had this effect on you. He pulls up at a town house. He gets off and the helps you. He takes the helmet off your head, you try to fix your hair, muttering ‘stupid fucking helmet’ under your breath, making Yoongi chuckle. 

“Come on.” He takes your hand and walks up to the house taking out his keys and opening the door. Yoongi leads you up stairs, to what you make out as his bed room. Its not what you expected. He has guitars hanging on the wall, a piano in the corner and surprisingly the room is clean. Your hand grazed the piano. 

“Do you play?” You asked, looking over your shoulder at Yoongi, who was leaning against his dresser watching you, his hands in his pockets. 

“I do, I play lots of instruments. My aim in life is to get out of this town and make music. Real music, not that shit they play at house parties. After we graduate next month, I’m gone.” You were in awe of Yoongi he had a plan, he had a desire, something he was so passionate about. If you had the chance, even the guts to leave this town you would. 

“That’s really cool. Can you play something for me?” You were itching to hear him play something. He smirks, pushing himself off the dresser, he strides over to you. He sits down on the bench, you take the space beside him. 

“What do you want me to play?” He looks at you with a playful look in his eyes. 

“Anything.” You smile back him. He hods and starts to play a song, its not one you have ever heard before. The melody is beautiful, you can’t stop staring at him. You could see the passion in the way he played. It was amazing. He finished playing. “What song was that?” 

“It was a Yoongi original.” He smiled a gummy smile. You both just sit in silence staring at one another. Yoongi leans in and connects your lips, his hands cup your face. Its soft and light at first, but then it turns into passion, lust and need. Your hands going into Yoongi’s hair, pulling on the strands. He abruptly stands up taking your hand in his and backing you towards his bed. He lifts up his shirt, throwing it on the floor, showing off his lean yet muscular milky torso. He pushes is jacket off your shoulders and lets it fall on the floor. He swiftly turns you around, unzipping your dress and pushing it off your body. His hands smooth over your ass, before smacking it. 

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful.” He grunts against your ear, his teeth pulling on the lobe. You moan softly, as he starts to suck and nip on your neck, marking you as his. You turn back to him and unbutton his pants and push them down along with his boxers. “Someones eager.” Yoongi smirks. 

“Yeah… so lets get on with it.” Yoongi chuckles and pushes you back on the bed. Yoongi kicks off his shoes and his boxers and jeans, joining you on the bed. He hovers over you, he starts to kiss down your neck. You arch your back into him from his touch, he takes advantage of this, reaching behind your back to unclasp your bra. He throws your undergarments behind him, leaning down to kiss your breasts, nipping and sucking on the soft skin. His hand moves down south into your lace panties. He rubs your clit in fast circles, moving his fingers up and down your slit. 

“Fuck, Yoongi just fuck me already!” You yell, just wanting to feel him inside you already. 

“With pleasure, baby.” He smirks leaning up his erect cock at your entrance, he pushes into you slowly, letting you adjust to his size. 

“Fuck, you’re so big” You moan out, bucking your hips into his to assure him you were ready. He takes control and starts to thrust into you, slow at first but he then gets harder. His hands roam up your body before hes lacing his fingers together with yours, his forehead against yours. 

“Open your eyes, baby. I want to be looking into your eyes when I fuck you.” You do as he requests and open your eyes, only to be staring right into his lust filled eyes. Yoongi was breath taking and no one could deny that. That’s why he probably had countless girls in this bed, he probably played that song every time, insuring him a night of hard fucking. But you didn’t care about that, it was just you and him tonight. Tomorrow Yoongi would act like you didn’t exist, as you would do the same to him. 

“Fuck.” You scream his name out as you cum. You love how good Yoongi made you feel. 

“You feel amazing baby.” He pulls out of you, pumping himself a few times before he comes all over your stomach. He hums in satisfaction, getting off the bed getting a towel and cleaning you off. He puts a t-shirt over your head and puts shorts on himself. He gets back into bed with you and pulls you close, kissing your neck as you fall asleep. 

You wake up the next morning in a haze, you can smell sex and Yoongi. You turn in his embrace, he was fast asleep. You knew Yoongi would probably want you gone before he woke up, so you get up trying to find your clothes around the room. You don’t notice Yoongi staring at you till you turn to find your panties. 

“Jesus, you scared the shit out of me!” You put a hand to your chest, calming your heart. He chuckled. 

“What are you doing up?” He turns to look at the clock that reads 6:09. “Its six in the morning, come back to bed.” He states, opening the covers for you to join him again. You do as he says and get back in bed with him, he cuddles into you. 

“I thought you don’t liking people staying. Don’t you always leave during the night, why do you want me to stay?” You ask curious of his answer. 

“No ones ever been in my room before, you’re the first one.” 

I’m actually rather happy with this. I hope you all enjoyed. Thank you so much for reading! If you would like a part 3, message me. 

-Admin Abe x

Naughty Classy Party - Luhan

Group: EXO
Member: Luhan
Type: Smut
Warning: sexual content!

There it was, wrapped up in a red, satin bow. It was not too big, yet not really small either. You touched it and bit your lip. It was all so…unexpected.

You already shook the box several times to guess what was inside it but it didn’t really make any sound. You glimpsed at your bed, where you found it, and noticed you overlooked a little paper. It must’ve come with the box. You grabbed it and unfolded the little letter.

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[bad boy neighbor au]

genre: fluffy and a lil bit of smut?

words: 3k

plot: when two party obsessed boys move into a usually quiet neighborhood, trouble is bound to happen

It was suppose to be quiet where you lived, the only noises being birds chirping from the tree branches and the wind slapping unlocked gates back and forth.

It use to be easy to fall asleep.

All it took was the simple switch of a light, your body covered by a thick puffy blanket while watery moonlight spun through the window. Often times you would plug in your music and let the swift beat of whatever song was playing lull you to sleep, your eyelids growing heavier with each verse.

It was the beginning of summer when you noticed the signature moving van pull up to the curb of the house beside yours. You were sitting on the top step of your porch, curious eyes peaking over the faded white paint. Nobody had moved into the pretty light blue house after the previous owners left, they were quiet, just like the rest of the neighbourhood.

It only took a few seconds after the arrival of the van for a dark blue pick-up truck to speed around the corner, music blaring and engine spitting a horrid gurgling noise. The owner of the truck pulled up a little way down from the van, the vehicle almost crossing over your curb.

Your grape soda almost got snagged in your throat when the machine ceased and two eye candies stepped out. They had the typical bad boy look, dark jeans with rips over the thighs, loose black t-shirts hanging from their broad shoulders. The duo screamed trouble though you kept clinging to the thought they would be mellow, quiet neighbours like everyone else.

Your eyes didn’t know who to focus on as they chuckled between themselves and you were sure it wasn’t just the summer heat that was making your body feel as though it were on fire.

The amount of time that had passed wasn’t in your brain anymore as you watched the pair from inside, chin resting on the palm of your hand. You followed their continuous movements from the van to the house, back and forth, over and over. This would have to be the time your parents decided to start vacationing. What if they came over and introduced themselves, they were the ones to handle the responsibility of opening the door.

Eventually the moving van pulled away and the sun started to set, a warm peachy glow casting over every house.

Days ticked by and the two boys remained quiet, they even fixed the awful gurgling noise to their pick-up. You were relived at best. It was the evening you watched the boy with coffee brown hair set his garbage can in place for the next day that you realized, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

It was 7am when you heard a solid knock on your door. Your eyes were boring straight into the clock set up on the dresser as a sinking feeling pooled into your stomach, what could anyone possibly want this early? After tearing yourself away from the heavenly warmth of your bed, you stumbled into the washroom to quickly splash some fresh water on your face.

On your way to the door you continued to pat the towel against your neck and cheeks, expecting it to be the elderly lady from down the street who wouldn’t stop delivering you her strawberries. As you opened the door and felt the first few rays of warmth spread over your face, you came eye to eye with one of the boys from the blue house, his beauty right up close for you to see.

You forced back the choke rising in your throat as the boy held out a single empty measuring cup, a tiny grin on his plush looking lips.

“I’m sorry to bother you at this ungodly hour, but do you happen to have a cup of sugar? I need it for the brownies I’m making.” His voice was incredibly smooth and soothing, like a drizzle of honey down a sore throat.

“B-brownies?” You stuttered, realizing you were in the presence of someone who looked like a prince while you took on the appearance of a beggar. His hand lifted up to press back his slick yet soft blonde hair, the dark colours he was wearing a nice contrast against his creamy skin.

“Yes, brownies. Do you have no sugar?”

“No, I do,” you suddenly jumbled out, eyes glued to the floor, “I’ll be a second.”

After taking his empty measuring cup you tried to keep a normal pace down the hall that led to the kitchen. The minute you were out of sight, a large breath was escaping your chest and you used the fluffy towel in your hand to wipe away the invisible sweat on your forehead.

You tossed the towel onto the kitchen table and took a scoop of sugar from one of your cupboards, a steady breath traveling into your lungs before you returned to your neighbour. His hands were placed behind his back while he stared rather innocently at the houses that dotted behind him.

“Here’s your sugar.” You smiled, skin tingling when his fingers brushed with yours as he took back the scoop.

“Sorry if I woke you up, by the way my name is Jun and if you saw another gawky tall looking dude, that’s my friend Mingyu.”

“Ah,” you replied while bobbing your head, “I noticed you two moving in a few days ago. Oh yeah and my name is, Y/N. You didn’t wake me up either, I couldn’t sleep.”

Jun chuckled lightly, his dark glossy eyes almost shimmering like fairy dust. As he began taking a few steps down your porch, he turned back to wave goodbye, flashing his pearly rows of teeth.

“Thanks again, Y/N. It was nice to finally meet you.”

You ushered a final, you too, as Jun padded away, heart in your chest still beating recklessly. At the start they seemed like the complete opposite of what you were expecting, just another pair of quiet cliche neighbours who asked for cups of sugar and woke up early to go buy bagels at the cafe.

But all good things must come to an end.

A frustrated cry was muffled by a pillow being slapped over your face, eyes scrunched shut and teeth gnawing into your lower lip. It was too late for you to have to deal with these two, again. Music was flowing like wildfire from the house beside yours, bass making the curtains jitter and the tiny antiques in your dresser rattle slightly.

Are you serious? You screamed inside your head as a piercing shout was heard from outside your window. Never being this irritated before, you scrambled out of bed and shoved open the glass, your eyes catching sight of an intoxicated group of strangers squirting each other with water guns.

It was the second party this week that had kept you up, not counting the ones that had taken place before it. You supposed lecturing a hung over Mingyu the next morning wasn’t a great way to get the idea of possibly not having one at all through his thick skull.

Also something else that really ticked you off, Jun borrowing sugar to not make just an ordinary batch of brownies but goddamn weed brownies. What a guy.

How could these two trouble makers move to a usually quiet, peaceful place and turn it into a hotspot for parties that had strings of toilet paper and random couch cushions everywhere. You had never bothered stopping them in the middle of the party but tonight, that thought was awfully tempting.

After tugging on a jacket and a pair of worn out sneakers, you stomped outside with steam practically shooting out your ears. People were yelling at you the minute you stepped onto Jun and Mingyu’s rather unkept lawn, their water guns at point as they slurred their words together.

You prayed everyone here had a designated driver or were staying if they were too drunk to drive. Someone had already passed out on the bench next to the house entrance, at least three beer cans crushed at their feet. The music was forcing your senses completely awake, the awful bass shaking your core as you whipped the door open.

The immediate stench of marijuana wafted up your nose and stung your throat, a cough already rattling your chest as you tried your best to spot one of the two idiots through the clumps of people. Like any other party that kept the whole neighbourhood awake, people were locked together in every corner, red solo cups strewn all over the floor while strobe lights cast rainbows of colour over every surface.

It didn’t take you long to find Mingyu on the sofa, a girl grinding heavily into his lap while his lips remained attached to her neck. By the other purple marks dotting her skin, it looked like it had been going on for awhile and had no means of stopping.

Suddenly fingers were curling around your shoulder and as you flung around out of surprise, you came face to face with Jun, a smug look painted on his sharp features.

“Y/N,” Jun pouted, “you decided to show up.” His fingers fell from your shoulder as he smirked, a red cup against his lips as he took a sip of whatever was left inside.

Though he was quite close to you, it was difficult to hear his delicate voice over the continuous melody shaking the house. He wouldn’t tear his eyes away from you, your skin flushing hot in the centre of chaos. Tucking some hair away from your face, you spoke rather loudly back to him, your sizzling anger unforgotten.

“I only showed up to tell you to shut up!” You tried to out speak the music, Jun watching in amusement as he took another sip of his drink. “For the love of God, please shut this party down or at least make everything much quieter! I haven’t gotten a wink of sleep in what feels like forever because of you two!”

Jun’s head titled back as he chugged the rest of his drink, adams apple bobbing up and down until it seemed like he swallowed every last drop. Then he tossed the red solo cup into a trash bin in the corner, his eyes never leaving yours.

“It’s summer, Y/N! It’s the time to throw parties and I’m sorry but you’re going to have to deal with it.” His devilish little grin that followed had your hairs standing on end. Prince Jun might not need any sleep but you certainly did.

“Listen here you little-,”

A pair of girls stumbling around in oversized heels clipped into you, your body suddenly colliding with Jun’s, his back shoved to the wall while you felt yourself grimace. Before you could turn to give them a piece of your mind, you realized your hands were splayed over Jun’s chest, your fingertips brushing against the muscle underneath.

“Why so eager, baby?” Jun teased, his tongue darting out to wet his lips. Though he had been surrounded by nothing but alcohol and marijuana, he managed to smell like fresh mint, your mouth almost watering.

Before you could be tricked into anything, you remembered why you came over in the first place.

“Listen Jun,” you began while stepping away from him, trying to deny how satisfying it felt to have his muscles under your fingertips, “please just-,”

“Hey, Jun!”

You were yet again cut off, but this time by Mingyu. The same girl that was fixed on his lap was leaning into his side, arms caged around him while her eyes slipped between you and Jun. Mingyu punched his friends arm, a sneaky smile tugging on his lips.

“Guess I’m not the only one getting some action tonight.” He teased though neither you or Jun looked impressed.

“Fucking forget it.” You cursed while weaselling away from the trio. The only thing on your mind was to get out of that chaotic house. You trudged off the front porch, not caring that some intoxicated girl just sprayed you with her water gun.

After slamming the door shut, you angrily kicked off your shoes and tore off your jacket. You rushed back to your room and flopped on the bed, eyes sealed shut and earphones plugged in until your will to sleep took over and you felt the bass from next door fade away.

It was 12:02pm when you groggily awoke the next morning, your past bitterness from the night still lingering. You glanced out the window to surprisingly see the light blue house restored to its proper condition.

No steamers of toilet paper strewn across the grass or over the porch, no couch cushions or plastic cups left anywhere. It was more clean than usual and that had your radar beginning to spike.

You made yourself a cup of coffee and walked onto the porch, a breeze stifling through the air that carried the smell of sweet grass and tree bark. The neighbourhood was back to its usual state, the party next door seeming like it never happened.

You continued with your normal routine that carried on throughout the day, enjoying the chirping of the birds that perched outside your windows and the breeze that rippled through the house.

The best part, Jun and Mingyu’s house was as quiet as the never ending void of space, you would never know they were there.

In fact it was almost unsettling. At least 3 days had passed and no party, no cars parked up and down the street, no loud bass thumping from every corner, no cups or toilet paper in heaps across the lawn. You were almost worried something terrible had happened, they were never this quiet.

But that night, at around 11pm your worst nightmare ensued. After stepping out of the shower and dressing into your pyjamas, you were ready to get a glass of water and go to sleep. That is until music started to blare, shouts started to echo and in about 15 minutes the street was crammed with cars.

You ran to the window and peered outside, Jun and Mingyu’s house like a beacon in the middle of a starless sky. It was too good to be true, your bad boy neighbours couldn’t stay quiet forever.

Why had no one else complained, why had no one else done anything?

Simply because no one was use to dealing with things like this, and while you could have called the cops and spoiled everything, the two would still find a loop hole. People like them always did.

As you prepared to collapse on your bed and stare at the ceiling with your earbuds in until the noise went away, a loud knock was sounding at the door. You questioned leaving whoever it was to knock away, but instead you found yourself undoing the lock and swinging the door open, eyes hollow and shoulders slouching.


You didn’t bother finishing your greeting when you were faced with Jun, a gummy smile on his lips while he stood outside your door. He was dressed in a hoodie and sweats, his silky blonde hair that was always slickly styled now covering his forehead.

“Just a quick notice,” he commenced, his hands clapping together, “Mingyu and I are throwing another party in about an hour or so, don’t be surprised if it starts getting loud and shit. Also do you have any sugar?”

You stood still and glared at him, his little smile still painting his lips. With a voice as dull as cement, you scorched daggers into his skin while muttering,

“The party already started asshole.”

Jun ran his fingers across his fluffy fringe, clearly oblivious to your, I’m about to shut the door in your face, attitude. As much as you wanted to do that right now, you were selfish and couldn’t deny the fact he was just as alluring as he was obnoxious.

“I’m just joking, Y/N, relax.” Then he was reaching to the banister of the porch, pulling out a measuring cup full of sugar that you hadn’t seen before. The blaring music and shouts only intensified from next door as Jun put his hand out, the sugar right in front of you.

“You were so nice lending some to me when I first came here, I’m repaying you.” Hesitantly, you took the cup of sugar and placed it on the table next to you, your eyes never leaving the tall and cocky boy on your porch.

“Aren’t you such a prince,” you mocked, “you’d be even more of one if you could get that mess next door to quiet down.”

Jun chuckled softly, the sound striking you right where it shouldn’t. You wanted to slam the door shut, you wanted to scream at him until he was forced to quiet down the party but you couldn’t.

You couldn’t because getting to stare at his blissfully handsome face and listen to his honey smooth voice try to crack jokes was distracting you from the noise, he was making you feel not so lonely in a neighbourhood where everyone kept to themselves, the only interactions being out of pity and shame.

You didn’t realize how empty your face must have turned, you were practically thinking your deepest thoughts right in front of someone who couldn’t keep any of this thoughts to himself.

“Earth to Y/N, you look kinda spaced out.”

Then you felt a sudden jolt in your bones, a deep fire ignited that had you cupping your hand around the back of Jun’s neck, fingers brushing against the soft strands of platinum as you connected your lips with his.

He was only shocked for a second, his hands immediately gripping your hips like steel while you desperately craved more of his plush lips, nipping and sucking until Jun shoved you inside, foot kicking the door shut so he could swiftly slam you against it.

“You aren’t going back to your precious party?” You sneered as Jun’s fingertips lightly brushed against the smooth skin under your shirt, lust pooling in his eyes.

“Not unless you want me to.” He cooed sweetly into your ear. Though you knew he was acting soft as a joke, your body still flared when he pressed a kiss to the side of your head, his fingers gliding over the hem of your shorts.

“Fuck no.” You whined in response, the last thing you wanted was for him to leave.

You felt him smirk against your lips as a gasp forced its way past your throat, his hands wandering down to squeeze the flesh of your bottom while you instinctively jumped upwards, legs latching around his waist so he could attack your neck with wet kisses.

“Jun, please.” You breathed when he sucked at the juncture between your shoulder and neck, tingles shooting through you like electricity. He pushed his hips against you rather aggressively, a low growl rising from his throat.

“What made you suddenly want me, huh?” His hot breath fanned against your skin while he continued to slowly grind his hips against yours, fingers tapping along the heated flesh of your thighs.

“Please, fuck, I don’t know. Just do what you want with me.” You gasped as he delivered a particularly hard thrust against your core, tears almost pricking your eyes with how much you wanted him. Jun suddenly stopped, a whine cracking from your chest as he dropped you back on your feet.

Bringing a hand up to cup the side of your cheek, he looked directly into your eyes, lust brewing like a potion in their depths.

“Y\N, are you sure you want this?” Jun asked softly, his thumb stroking your cheek for a moment while you gnawed on your lower lip. Secretly you screamed at his affectionate side, but you couldn’t stand not having him against you.

You couldn’t stand the wait, your fingers threading through his silky hair while your lips pressed to his ear, “Yes I’m sure, I don’t want to wait anymore though.”

Jun smiled, his voice thick with lust as he ran his hand down your stomach,

“I’ll do you real good, baby. Don’t you worry.”

Clear | Josh Dun |

A\N: Sorry, I haven"t proofread this yet, so know that there probably will be typos etc!

Plot: omg hello so would you be able to write an imagine with josh about how you have really bad anxiety and you just come home every night for a few weeks really drunk and he tries to help you??

Imagine: Josh Dun x Y/N
Words: 1.320
Warnings: Alcohol, anxiety


Last time you checked the clock, which was a long time ago by now, it said 11 PM. After that you’d lost not only track of the passing hours, but also yourself. Your mind had starter buzzing some time ago, which meant: GET OUT OF HERE!

But your feelings gotten the best of you. Your mind was a blur, and the feeling of anxiety made your senseless and vulnerable to anyone or anything around you.

It had all started earlier that night, when you and your best friend Josh had fought. You’d told him about the party you’d been invited to.


“Sorry, I can’t hang tonight,J,” you passed around your room, phone in hand, while waiting for him to respond. “I- uh have plans.”

You knew very well, how Josh felt about you and parties. He didn’t like it. Josh wasn’t an ass, but just overprotective, because he knew about me and my anxiety attacks. We had those in common.

“You sound like someone who’s up to no good. Mind sharing?”

I sighed. Busted.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just Jenna throwing a little party tonight.”

A sigh travelled it’s way into my ear.

“You know what I think about those… You can’t handle them, Y/N… You get anxious, panic and then in an attempt to blend in and comfort yourself; You drink your brains out. It has happened before, and it could totally happen again.”

“I know, but I can’t just stay at home and do nothing forever, Josh!”

“I agree, but you could go with me to the movies instead! That way you get to leave the house, without getting hurt.”

I felt myself getting annoyed with his statements. He might be my best friend, but right then, he was just acting like my dad or something.

“Oh stop it! I can’t stand you, when you’re like this!”

“Excuse me?”

I could easily tell that he was confused, shocked even.

“Don’t act like you don’t want me to go with you instead of attending Jenna’s party.”

“I’m not… What’s your point here?”

“You’re just pissed, because I’m gonna spend time with other people.”

Silence. I had to check that neither of us had hung up. Nope. Still on.

“I can’t believe you. You make me sick right now, Y/N.”

Hearing those words coming from him really hit me. Hard. My chest suddenly felt tight, and it was like someone had placed tons of bricks on my shoulder.

“I can’t do this. If you can’t realize that I’m only trying to look out for you and your wellbeing, then there’s no good reason for me to stick around. Bye, Y/N.”

Beep, beep, beep.

I looked at my phone and saw that the call had indeed been ended. The sadness from hurting and doubting my best friend was so strong, that it took over and turned into mad anger. So much that my brain twisted the whole situation, instead of letting me come back to my senses. For some reason I was persuaded: I was going out tonight, and not even Josh was gonna hold me back.


I should’ve listened to him. Why am I so stupid? What time is it? I can’t even remember how many drinks I’ve had by now. I was fumbling around the crowded room, when suddenly a blonde walked up to me.

“Hey, Y/N. You okay?”


“Yeahhhhhhh, turtally fine. Have we met?” My words were as clear as my vision.

“Eh- It’s me. Jenna?”

“Oh, nice to meet you, Jenny. I have a friend with that exact same name.” I paused in my drunkness. “I think?”

Without giving it a second thought, I felt my body, which was out of my control, push past the blonde and continue further into the crowd. Everything was so loud, and the lights and colors all mixed in some annoying kind of blurred rainbow. Make. It. Stop.

By then I must’ve reached some kind of dance floor, because people started crowding around me and I felt my the air get thicker. So thick that I felt it get stuck in my throat, making it impossible for it to get to my head.

“Oh man.”

My already heavy breathing hitched. I needed to get out of hear. Sweat formed on my forehead, but I wasn’t sure if it was caused by the heat or my body freaking out. All I knew was that I needed air. Fresh air. Now!

I stumbled all around the room for what seemed like forever, not being offered any help, before I reached a door. I didn’t know where it’d lead me, but I stopped thinking twice about 3 drinks ago. I opened the door, while holding onto what felt like my last breath, when I suddenly fell through the door and was hit by not only what seemed to be the sidewalk, but also the cool air of the night. Or morning… Whatever time it was. So I just laid there for a while, breathing heavily, trying to even out my breathing. That’s when I started crying, for what I thought was no reason.

“I need hrome,” I choked out.

And with that mindset, I got off the ground and started walking. I didn’t really know where my almost blown out brain was making me go, but I trusted it. Don’t ask me why. You’d think people would stop and help, when they saw a crying girl stumbling through the streets, but no one did…

After a walk that seemed to last forever, even though I don’t seem to remember much of it, I finally found myself standing in front of a door. My brain automatically made me knock, not even knowing who lived behind it.

I knocked and knocked and knocked. No one. So I let my tired legs crumble under me, as the tears spilled on my red cheeks and I surrendered to the weakness of my body. I felt myself falling asleep against the cold door. That was until it suddenly disappeared and I fell against two, soft poles.


I heard a warm voice. It felt like home, which made my cry. Again.

I suddenly felt two arms wrap around me, and my body was now resting against someone instead of something. The firm chest felt familiar.


“Yeah, it’s Joshy,” His chuckling lips were pressed to the top of my head.

“How come I’m hrere and not there?” I pointed at nothing, before my arm fell back against my body. It was too weak.

Sigh. “I really don’t know, but I’m glad you are.” Silence fell over us, as I felt his strong arms hug me closer, before he started stroking mine. “God, you’re so stupid, Y/N… And God I love you anyways.”

I was still crying, but his kind words made me cry even harder.

“I lurv you too, Jish.”

“Uhumm… You better, because you’re coming inside with me.”

“Cool,” I croaked out tiredly.

Next thing I knew, he lifted my limp body and carried me inside, where he placed me in his warm bed. Then he left.

“Nooooo,” I cried out. “Come back, I’m so sryyyyyyy. I won’t party evr again.”

“Don’t you worry your little, drunk head too much. I was just grabbing you a clean shirt.”

I felt him take off my sweaty shirt, before sliding a fresh, soft one on me, before pulling off my uncomfortably tight skirt.

“There you go. Feel better?” He hovered over me, and his beautiful, brown eyes seemed to be the first clear image that night. I nodded, which made him send me that stupid smile of his.

“Good. Now sleep. See you tomorrow for a rough round of hangovers,” he chuckled before placing the covers over my body and dumping his body next to mine. Even when my brain was nowhere near clear, he still seemed to be. I loved clear.

Adorable: Part 2

Request: I loved that imagine with the younger reader who had a crush on stiles! Could you like make a part two where things get a little heated between them, but then the pack interrupts and teases them but stiles doesn’t care because he has the best girlfriend in the world and the reader is just super embarrassed and stays close to him? Thank you!!!  
Part 1


Ever since Stiles and you began dating a few months ago you felt a little embarrassed because of your age and lack of experience. Now you weren’t a virgin, but you had only done it once so you had little experience to speak off. Knowing that he had definitely had sex more than a few times only made your feelings of inadequacy worse. For a while you had been planning on surprising Stiles, but you didn’t quite know when to do it.

But tonight as you watched Stiles score to winning goal that would take the Beacon High lacrosse team to state you never thought he looked hotter, covered in sweat, glowing under the lights on the field surrounded by his team mates. Finally, you knew you were going to try something tonight.

After finally getting out of you daydream you rushed down to the field and ran into your boyfriends arms, to which he spun you around. Finally setting you on the ground, you put your hands on his face and pulled him in for a kiss, a long one at that.

“Hey y/n, why don’t I go to the locker room and shower, then I’ll meet you back by the jeep and we can finish this kiss there,” Stiles whispered into your ear after ending the kiss.

After agreeing, you split up, you to the parking lot and him to the building. You went to lean on the jeep waiting for Stiles to finish up. While waiting, one of the seniors on the lacrosse team passed by, with a group of some other kids.

“Hey y/n, you’re gonna bring that star player of ours to the party tonight, right?” he asked.

“I think we might just chill at home, but have fun at the party!” you responded.

As soon as they left, Stiles reached you. “What was that about babe?”

“Just some guy inviting us to a party tonight,” you said, while stepping closer to Stiles and whispering as seductively as you could in his ear. “But I told him that you and I were going to go back to your place… so you could relax.”

With that you turned around and climbed inside the jeep, waiting for Stiles as he gathered himself before following you inside.

The ride to the house was silent, filled with what seemed like anticipation, from Stiles and you, just wanting to get inside. Thankfully upon arriving you notice that Stiles dad was not home. Stiles went around and opened your door, grabbing your hand and almost pulling you into the house. Once inside, you didn’t have a chance to even get your bearing before Stiles had you up against the front door.

“You know, you looked so pretty up in the stands tonight,” Stiles started off slowly, looking into your eyes, while pushing your hair out of your face.

You always loved how sweet he was whenever you would doing anything, but right now you just really wanted to kiss him.


“Yeah y/n?”

“Just kiss me.”

With that he pressed his lips to yours. You deepened it, by putting your hands behind his neck and pulling him in.  When pulling away to breath for a second, Stiles motioned for you to jump. He then carried you over to the couch in his living room, laying you down softly.  Stiles slowly laid on top of you, still keeping himself from squishing you. Your hands went to his face, almost instinctively and brought it down to yours, connecting yourself to him via you lips. You began to pull on his shirt, to which he broke to kiss to pull it off, revealing he toned chest. He then went to yours and pulled it off also leaving you in your bra.

 Just as you were going to start kissing again, his front door was opened. There appeared the rest of the pack, all looking slightly shocked to see what happened. Stiles quickly grabbed a blanket that was rest on the couch to cover you up.  Your cheeks became flush quickly, as you tried to hide your face into Stiles chest.

“Awe, aren’t they just so cute,” Lydia started to tease, with the rest of the pack joining in.

Stiles smiled looking down at you, still trying to disappear into his arms. He smiled while saying so only you could hear, “Yes, you definitely are very cute, actually adorable.”


I hope the reader who requested this likes it! 

My Masterlist

Over Again: Party Blurb

This was a collab with the amazingly talented goddess @irish-nlessing. I am incredibly fortunate to be able to call her my friend. 

Chapter 9 will be coming very soon! Thank you so much for your patience!

To read the rest of Over Again, please check out my masterlist here!

Sophomore Year

The “Screw Your Sister” was a Chi Gamma Pi tradition. Every year, participating girls agreed to be set up by one of their sisters. It was a bit of a gamble though.  If you crossed a sister the wrong way, she could pair you with a completely undesirable match.  It wouldn’t be such a problem, were it not for the one tiny catch of the “Screw Your Sister” event.  Each sister was to remain handcuffed to her date for the entire night.

Leslie and Parker linked arms as they made their way to the bar that had been rented out for the party. Parker knew who her date was going to be. Jenny, as Social Chair, may have rigged the voting in her favor. She drew Parker and Parker drew Leslie. It was an easy decision for Jenny. She sent Niall an email immediately letting him know where to show up and what to do.

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” Leslie groaned, stalling outside of the door. “Please tell me I’m going to like my date. I know you drew my name.”

“You know him,” Parker answered hesitantly. She gave her friend a nervous smile. “I think you two would be an amazing couple if you gave it a chance.”

Leslie’s big brown eyes widened. She pulled away, turning back towards the car. “Nope, no way.”

“Come on, you know you have a crush on Louis.”

“He drives me crazy. You’ve seen us together, Parks. He always picks on me.”

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Frat Boy (Part 10)

Originally posted by spnjensenlove02

Summary: Dean and reader attend a football game where they remember some untried things from their weekend away…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Tags: @dancingalone21 @daydreamingintheimpala @pulgapelayo18@perpetualabsurdity  @jessiedangerous @charliebradbury1104 @squirels-angels-and-moose @imma-fcking–nerd

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader

Word Count: 3,581

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: A little bit of cocky Dean for ya…

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“Kiss Me”

“Kiss Me”

Fandom: The Sidemen

People: Harry x Reader, Simon, Tobi

Summary: You’ve never had a new year’s kiss before and Harry decides to change that.

Requested: No

Warnings: Swearing

You weren’t someone who particularly enjoyed attending parties, and neither were you extremely social. You had met the sidemen when you were hired to do a photo-shoot for them and had been friends with them ever since. Ever since the first time you had met him, you had felt an attraction towards a particular blonde boy, and although he would often seem to be flirting with you, you took it only to be banter.

It was currently the last day of the year; the last day before 2016, and you had planned to spend it just as you had spent all the years before; snuggled in bed with food and Netflix. However your plans were soon disrupted. It was already 8 pm and you had been getting things ready, when your phone rang


“Yo, Y/N!”

“Oh, hey, Simon. What’s up?” you questioned holding the phone between your ear and your shoulder as you worked on your bed

“Are you free tonight? We’re having a new year’s party at the house and wanted to invite you to come as well”

“Oh…” you trailed off, a bit surprised at his words, “Well, I was really just going to spend it at home…”

“NO no no no, there is no way you’re spending New Year’s alone” His tone was determined and you groaned softly, knowing the stubborn boy wouldn’t leave you alone until you agreed. “You’re coming to the party whether you like it or not”

“Siiiimoonnn” you whined softly trying to persuade him

“Nope. I’m not taking no for an answer. Tobi can pick you on his way here. You have an hour, Y/N, get ready” and just like that he hung up. You groaned in frustration, annoyed at having your plans ruined.

After a few minutes of thinking you eventually changed into a plain black dress, one of the very few dresses you had. It was full-sleeved and hugged your body in all the right places, stopping mid-thigh. You paired it with a pair of your favorite black, heeled boots before setting out to do your hair and makeup.

By the time 9 o clock rolled around you were completely dressed and ready, makeup and hair done as well as you could manage. And five minutes later you got a message from Tobi telling you he was outside. Taking a few breaths to calm yourself you made your way outside and into his car, greeting him with a hug before he drove off.

Eventually the two of you arrived at the sidemen house, the party having already begun. Regaining your composure you walked alongside Tobi towards the door, only to have it opened by a grinning Simon. He pulled you into a hug and a small laugh escaped your lips

“I almost expected you wouldn’t come”

“Well, you didn’t give me much of a choice, did you?” you spoke as you pulled away and felt his eyes scan our outfit

“You definitely clean up nicely” he spoke, finally meeting your eyes again and a blush crept onto your cheeks as you playfully punched him on the shoulder

“Shut up” you mumbled softly, before Simon walked off leaving you to navigate your way around the mass amounts of people on your own. Eventually you made your way towards the kitchen, greeted by a definitely drunk JJ and Ethan, laughing their ass’s off.

It was nearing half past eleven and you had yet to have something interesting happen. You had drunk a bit, not enough to get you tipsy, and had danced for a while with Simon as well; however, you were currently standing in the corner of the living room, observing the people, when you noticed a familiar figure heading your way. It brought a small smile to your face as you hadn’t seen Harry the whole night.

“Hey” he spoke as he came to a stop in front of you, taking a few seconds to look you top to bottom.

“Hi, Harry” your reply was soft, hands clasped together behind your back as nervousness bubbled inside of you. Harry came to stand next to you, leaning on the wall behind you

“You look nice….” he trailed off, and you could swear you saw his cheeks reddening. A small giggle escaped you as you thanked him, removing your eyes from his face and staring at your feet instead. Silence lapsed between the two of you for a few minutes before you turned towards him

“How come you aren’t dancing?” you questioned

“I could ask you the same thing”

“Parties aren’t really my thing” you shrugged at the small smirk on his lips

“I just don’t feel like it” you accepted his answer, not wanting to be nosy. A few more minutes of silence followed

“Hey, Y/N?” you turned to look at the boy once more, eyes sparkling with curiosity,


“Have you ever had a new year’s kiss?”

“Nope, never” your reply was simple, though you couldn’t comprehend why it shocked the boy standing next to you. He pushed off the wall, standing in front of you with an eyebrow raised

“Really?” you only shrugged in response, staring at your feet as you heard the countdown begin. People in the background all counting down towards the new year



Harry stepped closer, placing a finger under your chin to make you meet his eyes


You looked up at him curiously as he closed the space between the two of you.


Butterflies erupted in your stomach as you gazed into his clear green eyes.



“Well, let us change that, then”

Your breath shortened and soon his lips were pressed against yours as cheers erupted all around you. His lips were soft, and you could feel your previously thundering heart calm down. He pulled away after a few seconds, looking flustered and a small laugh escaped your lips at his state.

“So, I think now would be a good time as any to tell you I like you?” the words fell out of his mouth, as he stepped back a bit, rubbing the back of his neck nervously, as he avoided looking at you. This time it was you who stepped closer,

“And I suppose now would be a great time to say I like you too?” you questioned softly, giggling at the surprised look on his face


“Yes, really, now shut up and kiss me” you muttered, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and pressing your lips against his. His arms instantly wrapped around your waist as he pulled you closer to him, kissing you back.



Derek Hale fluffy smut!!!!! Enjoy!

Derek hake fluffy imagine!
You start your period while at a friends backyard picnic and Derek comforts you and you end up playing truth or dare back at Dereks place.

You and Derek are headed over to Scotts house for an end of the school year party Mrs. McCall is having. You pack up and head over to Dereks where you get ready, as he lives closer to Scott then you do so it made sense. Derek wore black jeans and a black shirt, the usual. You didn’t mind though, you liked his look. You decided to wear a light blue and grey striped romper you had just purchased. “I like that” he says coming out of the bathroom watching you put earrings in. You smile “yeah I just got it, so I thought tonight would be the perfect time to wear it” you add and he nods sitting down to put his shoes on. “You don’t think it look weird in the bust area, like with the buttons kind of opening?” You ask walking over toward him and he looks up, and sees you have your breast right in front of him to look at the buttons. He coughs for a second, surprised at his few when he looked up “oh, um, no no it doesn’t look weird, I think it’s fine” he says and you pull the straps to make a little more room. “There that’s better” you say and he nods.
Once you are both ready you get in the passenger side and drive over to Scott’s. “Mrs. McCall!” You say getting out of the parked car running to her, giving her a hug, and her giving one back. “It’s been a little while, so happy to see you again” she says to you as you both pull away, Derek making his was up the driveway. “Things have been so crazy lately, glad it’s all calmed down” you say, regarding the werewolf business that’s been going on. She nods “me too honey, me too” she said and by then Derek had met back up with you “okay well I’ll see you later, we are going to find everyone” you say smile and she nods giving Derek a hug and following back behind you.
You find the gang and all hangout and eat and talk. Just enjoying the time together as normal teenagers and not dealing with all the drama.
It’s later now, the sun has set and you are sitting on Dereks lap around the fire. “I’ll be right back, I’m going to the bathroom” you say leaning back to whisper in his ear. He nods giving you a quick kiss on the cheek as you pull away and stand up. As you are walking Derek notices something on the back of your romper. He had been smelling blood all night and it then dawned on him that your period had come a few days earlier then normal and you weren’t prepared. He excused himself and walks inside to find the bathroom you were in “hey babe” he says sweetly “Derek” you say nervous and slightly annoyed. “I stated my period, it’s early I wasn’t prepared, it’s all over my romper” you say getting flustered, “I know I could spell blood all night and I wasn’t sure where it was coming from, then when you got up I saw and realized” he says about to say more “please go tell Melissa and ask her if I can have something” you say frantic and without hesitation he responds okay and you hear him leave. A minute later you hear a knock on the door “it’s me” you hear Derek say. “Okay I’ll crack the door and just hand it to me” “okay” he says. You sit up and unlock the door opening it just a bit and he hands you a pad and a pair of underwear and you shut the door “do you want me to wait here or go back out so it doesn’t look weird?” He asks and you think for a second “it’s fine, I don’t care if it looks weird, just wait” you answer.
You quickly change your underwear, which you are very mad about, you had worn Dereks favorite pair for later tonight and now they were reunited. You were mad for a second before you got over it and cleaned up. You wadded up the pair and threw them away in a trash bag from the party, trying to stuff then down a bit so nobody would find or see bloody underwear in the bag. You walk out of the bathroom and Derek looks up fast from the other side of the hallway “everything good?” He asks and you nod “I guess, I’ll just tie my sweater around my waist to cover up the spot on my romper and buy a new pair of white lace cheeky underwear” you say and Derek stops for a second giving you a look “you mean you were wearing my favorite pair?” He says and you nod “yeah that’s why I’m so mad, I just threw them away” you say and he nods. “They were expensive, like I saved money to buy them in a set and there’s no saving them after that” you say frustrated and Derek can tell. “We can go out and I’ll buy you a brand new set and you can break it in a week from now” he says giving you a hug and kissing your forehead. You laugh a bit “what?” He says laughing too, confused “well first off, that’s really sweet that you’ll buy me another outfit, second I know you just want to see me try on a bunch of bras and underwear for you” and he laughs, blushing a bit “I am going to enjoy that, yes” he says and you smile kissing him. You pull away “but also, I’m just thankful for you and you just treat me so well and you are standing here ready to go home and cuddle when you know if my period wouldn’t have come early you would have been getting some serious pleasure tonight” you say looking up at him “now we both have to wait a week, I was really, we’ll still am, looking forward to going home and, well you know” you say trailing off still annoyed. “It’s okay” he says shaking you a bit “oh well, you got your period early, all that means is you’ll be off it sooner, this happens once a month, if I really really need to please myself I can handle it, I’ll be fine, besides it just means more chilled time together” he says and you kiss him and he kisses you back holding your face. “I’m sorry, you are right, I’m just upset cause I ruined your favorite pair and I was really looking forward to tonight and now I’m going to get emotional and I’m just” you finish, unsure what else you had to say. “Come on let’s go home, I’ll just tell everybody you don’t feel well, which I know you don’t because of your period, and we can cozy up, hangout, and I’ll give you some back rubs” he say pulling you in kissing you, picking you up a bit. You pull away and give him a quick kiss again and nodding, holding his hand.
You both walk out, you thank Scotts mom, giving her a hug and letting her know why you guys are heading out early. You say your goodbyes to the gang and head out. You pull into the parking lot and make you way up to Dereks loft. You both walk in and head to the bedroom to change and get comfy. “Can I wear your black, ripped pajama shirt?” You ask turning to look at him, unbuttoning your romper. “Of course you can” he says walking to his dresser and picking it out, handing it to you. You finish undressing putting the shirt in with a pair of boyshorts. Derek puts on a pair of boxers and another black shirt of his. He walks over to you and you both walk out to the living room area “you know, after the white set, this is my favorite outfit of yours, I can’t get enough of you in my clothes ” he says taking your hand spinning you around to get a full 360 view. You laugh, blushing a bit. He smiles, pulling you in and picking you up taking you to the couch and sitting down with you in his lap. You move around until you are straddling him, wrapping your arms around his neck. He moves his arms to your back and goes under your shirt giving your back soft massages. “I have a request” you say looking at him and he nods, as he continues roam and rubbing your lower body. “What is it?” He asks and you smile “can we have play like a truth or dare kind of thing? But you know just us?” You ask moving your arms down and rubbing up and down his torso, feeling his muscles and just enjoying touching him, and moving under his shirt. “Yeah, you want to?” He says and you nod eagerly “I do”. He smiles and pulls you in kissing you, pulling away kissing all over your face making you laugh. “Okay okay” you say trying to catch your breath from all the laughing. Derek finally stops laughing as well, “okay who’s first?” He says as you crawl off him to sit cross cross next to him, both of you facing each other on the couch “I’ll go first” you say “like I’ll ask you first” you add, making sure you were clear. Derek nods. “Okay, truth or dare?” You say sitting back getting comfy smiling at Derek . “I guess I’ll go with dare” he says hesitating a bit, looking at you nervous “might as well start off with a bang” he adds and you sit up a bit “uuum” you say thinking of what you want him to do “okay, I dare you to strip for me” you say smiling real big at him and he laughs while getting off the couch “you are not easing in one bit are you babe?” He says still laughing and you let out little laugh, blushing a bit “I know, I’m just really in the mood and since I’m not down for period sex, I really really need this” you say and leans over kissing you “it’s okay, I don’t mind, normally you are putting on a show for me, I think it’s about time we reverse the role” he says kissing you again quickly, before moving away from the couch a bit to get some space.
He slowly begins to take his shirt off and do some moves, making you laugh, he continues taking his shirt off leaving him in just his tight boxers, a sight you aren’t mad about. He spins around and pulls down the back of his boxers revealing his white butt, due to the fact it never sees the sun and you laugh, but because it’s cute, seeing his pale little butt. “Don’t laugh at my white ass” he says pulling them up so you can’t see and you smile “I think it’s cute, I don’t know i like it” you say shrugging and he smiles at you “well I’m glad because it’s never going to change” he says and you nod “no worries, I won’t make any request for you to tan naked” you say joking with him and he nods “well thank you so much”. He contained and slowly pulls his boxers off leaving him entirely naked. He does a spin for you and you clap before he takes a bow and puts his clothes back on. “I have one sexy boyfriend” you say as he sits back down on the couch, making him smile “my white, hairy ass and all” he says making a comment on his appearance and you give him a smile “yeah your white and hairy ass, I like that too” you say reassuring him, you have nothing to worry about" you say, getting up a bit to give him a kiss.
“Okay, now for you” he says sitting back with a smile on his face. “Truth” you say before he even asks you which one. “Okay, let me see” he says thinking for a second. After a few seconds he comes up with one “did you ever think about me while masturbating before we started dating?” He asks and you blush a bit “Derek” you say embarrassed a bit. He smiles, leaning in kissing you, reassuring you it’s okay and a safe environment. You take a breathe “um yeah I did, the first time I met you I couldn’t stop thinking about you and after talking a few times I may have after that” you say looking at him again blushing more, biting your lip a bit. A huge smile comes across his face, one of satisfaction, “stop smiling like that” you say annoyed giving him a playful hit in the arm “I’m sorry” he says still laughing a bit, he takes a breathe “it’s okay, I did after the first time we met” he says and you look up, for some reason surprised “you were that into me after just the first time?” You ask surprised. He laughs “yeah, why are you acting so surprised?” He asks confused and you shrug “I don’t know, I just never though or think of myself being that attractive” you say look at him and he nods “well, you are and I knew after that first meeting I had to get to know you” he says and you smile making an embarrassed face as you have never been good with receiving complements “okay, truth or dare” you say changing the subject not wanting to be the center of attention anymore. “Fine, I’ll just compliment you next question” he says knowing why you changed the subject so fast and you roll your eyes. “Truth or dare?” You say again and he smiles “truth”. You sit up a bit “okay, how do feel about me basically never wearing a bra?” And you watch his face think for a second “yeah, I don’t care, it’s you body so you can do what you want and I mean on my end it makes it way easier to get to your breast when we come home and do stuff” he says and you laugh “so you don’t mind my nips are out for the world?” You say, asking another question and he shakes his head no “I’m part of that world that gets to see your nips too so I’m not complaining” he says and you smile leaning up kissing him, he kisses back. He pulls away and you make a sad face “we aren’t done yet” he says and you smile sitting back. “Okay your turn” he says and you think “I guess I’ll go dare” you say, kind of nervous. “I would dare you to give me a lap dance but I won’t do that to you right now, maybe next week” he says giving you a small shove with his foot, and you shake you head “yeah well see about that, maybe if you are really really lucky” you answer and he smiles “okay your real dare is to open the window and flash the city” he says and your eyes go wide “what part?” You say and he shrugs “I guess butt or boobs I don’t really care” he says and you give him a small push getting up off the couch and walking to the wall of windows in his loft and pushing one open “I can’t believe I’m doing this” you say stepping up and turning around facing Derek and pulling your shirts down flashing your butt to the world. As soon as you do Derek starts laughing and he stands up and walks over to you, you pull your shorts up fast and close the window, by then Derek is wrapping his arms around you and picking you up, he spins you around and kisses you on the lips. You hear a few honks, unsure if they are because of what you had just done but you didn’t want to know, nor did you care. “Look at you! I wasn’t sure if you would do it!” He says and you smile “I wasn’t sure either but I mean you did just strip naked for me so i figured I would do this, how bad could it be, nobody down there knows it’s us up here” you say and he kisses you again not coming up for air as he walks you back over to the couch.
He sets you down and you finally break away. You continue playing the game for awhile and finding more things out about each other and doing more stupid dares. It gets to be about 1am and you finally have worn down and need to go to sleep. “Derek, I think I’m ready for bed” you say have sleeping already and he laughs a bit “come on” he say standing up and taking your hand and you take it standing up, following him to the bedroom. You both finish cleaning up and hop in bed. You love Dereks bed and never get tired of staying at his. “I love staying at your place” you say as you get under the covers and scoot closer to Derek. “I’m glad you do because I love when you stay here, I don’t like when you go home” he says and you smile. “I don’t either, after sleeping with you I hate sleeping by myself” and he kisses you, “sorry, I had too” he says and you lean back up kissing him again, without saying anything. You both kiss, allowing his tongue to do what it wants, you like when he’s in control anyways. He starts to move his hand up your side reaching your breast and massaging them, you let out a moan, living how it feels when he touches you, also knowing how desperate for his touch you are right now. “Derek” you say pulling away “sorry” he says breathless kissing you quickly. You smile leaning your head into his chest “it’s okay, I just don’t want you to get turned on and I don’t want to get more turned on and not do anything about it” you say and he nods “I know, my bad, I got carried away, you just look so amazing in my clothes in my bed” he says shaking his head and you kiss him “sorry I look so good” you say and he laughs “okay, I think it’s time for bed” he says and you laugh kissing him again. You turn around so your back is against his chest. “Derek?” You say quietly, tired, not wanting to exert to much energy “what?” He says sleepy sounding “is me sleeping with my butt against you a good idea, I can feel you” you say and he moves his hand from your side to his pants “I was hoping you wouldn’t notice, but it’s fine, I’ll be good, I’ll just you know, deal with it tomorrow.” He says and you nod “I just didn’t want to make it worse on you” you add “no it’s fine I just readjusted, don’t worry” he says and you nod. You both end up falling asleep in each others arms.

Hope you liked it!!!! I enjoyed writing it! For some reason always really get in a writing mood when I’m on my period, hence the story line!
But if you want a continuation, like the next week and you are off your period let me know! I’m thinking about doing it!

Yeah... No. ~all boys~

Y/B/N means your boys name. :)

I was walking home with my grocerys ready to watch some Netflix.

“Damn babygirl. What that mouth do?” I hear yelled from across the street. Typically they tell you keep your head down and walk faster. I’m not typical.

“Tell everyone about how small your dick is” I tell back waving. Boys just don’t learn. I constantly tell them, I don’t wanna cuff. They all think they can change my mind in “just one night”. Pfft yeah right.

I walk up the stairs to my apartment passing the group of guys that live across from me.

“Hey. Y/N. I heard you yell at those creeps. You’re pretty funny.” Said Y/B/N. Him and his friends are always hitting on me. But I will admit they’re parties are hella fun.

“Thanks. Can’t have random pervs at my doorstep” I say continuing to my door.

“Hey wait up.” He say jogging up to me. “How about you and me at 7. I’ll pick you up and take you out. ” he says smirking.

“Yeah… No. ” I said shaking my head. Why would would I want to go on a date with a fuckboi. I’ve seen him at parties. I see the girls that leave that apartment. It’s disgusting I’ll be damned if I be that.

“What? Why not?” He said shocked and hurt.

“Because I said no. I see the girls that walk out of your apartment. Youre a straight fuckboy. And as I’ve said before. I don’t cuff. I’m not going to wast either of our time. Have a good night.“ I say slipping into my apartment. He was cute, no doubt about that but, did I want to get involved. The more I think about he more my answer becomes yes.

*A few days later*

I walked out of my front door locking it. I took a look around expecting to see the boys. To my dismay I didn’t. It’s was Friday so I knew someone was having a party. I’d been to every single one of their houses(via invite to these famous parties). I took the elevator to the ground floor. I was on my way to the mall. I was going to take my car today because I live fairly far from the mall. As I step out side I see all the boys sitting on the steps.

Now was my chance. I took a seat right next to Jack.

“Hey Y/B/N. What’s up?” I say smirking in his direction.

“Oh um. Nothing. Just chilling. I guess. You?” He says.

“I was thinking. Who’s house is the party at tonight?” I say looking around at all of them. Sammy raises his hand.

“Cool. I’ll see ya there.” I stand up and bend down to Y/B/N ear. “Come alone”. I stand up and get ready for the party.

They don’t call me Tease for nothing.

The party was lit and it just started. Sammy told me his friend was DJing this party. Dillion I think his name was. He was good.

I poured me a drink and looked around the crowd. I didn’t see Y/B/N. Then I felt someone out there arm around my waist.

“Wanna dance.” it was him. I smiled and nodded.

We got to the dance floor and I started grinding on him. I took a few more sips of my drink, knowing I was going to need it for what I was about to do next. I turned around so me and Y/B/N were chest to chest. I wrapped my arms around his neck and put my lips close to his ear.

“I bet I look real good in this dress? Huh? Did you know I wore it just for you.” I say looking in his eyes. There were as dark as a midnight sky and to be honest they excited me. He leaned in to try and kiss me.

“Oh no honey. Not yet. You can touch me later. ” I then walked back to the kitchen to get myself another drink and calm down. It was kinda mean. Leaving him there on the dance floor all by himself. I just prayed other girls didn’t come up to him.

I got lost in my thoughts when I felt a breath on my neck.

“Did you think that shit was funny?” Y/B/N said pressing me against him. All I could do was let out a whimper.

“Yeah. Didn’t think so. Now come on. We’re going home.” He said grabbing my hand.

“But I don’t want to.” I say. I look over and see one of my friends walk in. “I wanna stay here with Danny.” I say hugging Danny. I look up at Y/B/N. He just took my wrist and dragged me out he door.

“no more teasing tonight” he said kissing me while pulling into his car.

What the fuck is that. I open one of my eyes and see the fucking sun coming into my room. Wait. This isn’t my room. I look over and see Y/B laying asleep. He looked peaceful and content. I quietly cursed myself for sleeping with him. My headache was killing me. I got up and quietly tip-toed around looking for my clothes. It proved harder because his furniture was in the weirdest places. Then it hit me. We fucked everywhere in here. On literally everything. I smiled to myself but hit my hip on his dresser. If that didn’t wake him up I’m sure the grunts of pain and cussing did.

“Y/N?” He said sitting up rubbing his eyes. “What are you doing. Just come back to bed. We’ll go get breakfast later once this raging hangover stops.

I sigh. It was never supposed to be like this. But I was too hungover to care. I threw on one of his shirts from his floor and crawled back in bed. As soon as I got under the covers he pulled me into him.

Maybe I could get used to this.

A/N: sorry this took so long to make. This is my first imagine on tumblr. I have some stuff in wattpad.

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Told You So

a/n: it’s been forever since I’ve posted something but I figured I’d post this before I head to bed. :)

“She’s the one.” Liam said, pacing the porch as he tried to explain himself, “I’m in love with her, Y/N. I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship, but it’s over…”

“Alright.” I said, quickly wiping away the hurt look on my face and replacing it with a look of indifference. Being broken up with a couple days before prom was bad enough, but crying in front of them and letting them see how hurt you were was a line I refused to cross.

“Alright?” Liam questioned, stopping in his pace and turning towards me, “That’s all you have to say?”

I shrugged a bit and crossed my arms, leaning back against the front porch doorframe, “Well, yeah. If you want to leave then I’m not going to stop you. I’m not the begging type, you know that. I don’t know what you wanted me to say, Liam.”

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yatsuhara-mizuka-almira  asked:

What if the lord is get jealous because the MC pay too much attention to their children?

Nobunaga - *asked maid to take care of their children* *MC is dumbfounded* “You.. I feel lonely.. Don’t you think we should have our private time right now? I miss to touch you…” *trace his fingers over MC face* *smirks*

Mitsuhide - *gives candy to his children* *asked them to leave* “MC.. You ignore me lately. You should give your attention to me too. I need you right now…..”

Yukimura - *telling the children that Saizo bought donuts from the shop* *his children run from the room to get Saizo* *pinned MC to the wall* “MC, I… I’ve wanted to spend time with you.. I miss you. Uhm-um, I want to do it. Can I?” *blushes*

Saizo - *looking at her and their children* “Children, don’t spend your time too much with your mother. I need your mother for our private time.” *the children ask him* “Hmm, private time? What is private time?” “You see. Private time is when me and your mothe- Hmpph!” *mc cover his mouth quickly* “Saizo, please don’t teach them the weird things.” X’D 

Masamune - “Children, all of you sleep with Uncle Kojiro tonight.” “Huh, but why father. I want to sleep with mother tonight..” *he’s thinking the best answer* “Because I want to do something with your mother tonight. Only two of us.” *blushes while looking at MC.* X’D

Kojuro - “MC. I think we should send our children to my uncle’s house.” “Hmm. Why?” “Because I want to spend time with you. Maybe we should start it from tonight.” *smile seductively* XD

Inuchiyo - “You. Choose. Me or our children.” “Our children.” *pinned MC to the wall* *whispering to her ear* “Then, should I prove that you are wrong? This tonight?” XD

Haha. Lowkey laughing at myself while writing this. Thanks for the question.

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Gratuitous Drinking and Surprising Benefits

For Jily Week. The prompt was Modern AU. This can also be found on AO3.

Lily loved drinking, and she loved parties. She was good at capturing the attention of the entire room with a single smile, and she knew it. She absolutely hated two things about parties, though: being Marlene’s wingman, and the Marauders.

She had known Marlene for two years; since she left the boarding school she had been lucky to get a scholarship to. Unfortunately, she had known the Marauders for far, far longer, and had hated them since the day she met them.

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anonymous asked:

"we meet at a club and my boyfriend is treating me like shit and you rescue me" Au with baz the one coming to Simons rescue and they are completely adorable and baz is a gentleman and maybe if you are willing, some emotional smut. Love your writing!!!

Another anon prompt ask, so I can’t do a blog rate, but I can tell you’re a very cool 10/10 person :) This didn’t go into a totally smutty direction (like at all) sorry about that. But I think the emotion is definitely there. Hope you enjoy!


He looked like an idiot. Simon watched his boyfriend grinding on random people with disdain. It was a train wreck; Gareth was obviously drunk and was taking it out on everyone in the club. Simon wanted to break up with him, knew he needed to, but didn’t want to hurt him. It wasn’t like Gareth was a complete prat all the time; sometimes he was a funny boyfriend. But nights like these made Simon think twice about their relationship.
If he was to be honest with himself, Simon knew that a certain dark haired vampire had more than anything else to do with his current relationship blues. Baz, his best friend, was always on his mind. It wasn’t fair to Gareth; then again Gareth’s stupidity wasn’t fair to Simon.
“If he keeps thrusting, his belt buckle might just set off a magical fire bomb.”
Simon turned and looked at the person who had been haunting his thoughts for weeks.
“Luckily he left it at his house. He’s wearing a Normal belt.”
Baz’s nose scrunched up.
“I don’t see why you put up with him.”
Simon shrugged.
“It makes him happy and I guess I don’t mind that much.”
Baz rolled his eyes.
“That doesn’t sound like a relationship.”
“Well, it’s safe, which is enough for me.”
Gareth stumbled over, his arms around a girl, and almost tripped into Simon.
“Hey Si, meet Jenny, isn’t she cool?”
Simon smiled politely.
She leaned into Simon’s ear uncomfortably close.
“Your boy says we could make tonight a real party…if you’re down.”
Simon looked down into her brown eyes, confused.
“He says you dated a girl before, and I’d love to try something new.”
Gareth’s eyes were excited.
Simon frowned.
“I’m sorry but no I’m not interested.”
Gareth pouted.
“But Si, she’s never had a threesome, it’s not fair to her!”
Simon glared at him.
“Not fair to her? Or to you?”
That sobered Gareth’s expression a bit.
“Whatever, I’m going home with her tonight, with or without you.”
Simon glanced at Baz, who was glaring furiously at Gareth.
“Consider me without. In fact consider me without permanently. I’m done.”
Gareth frowned.
“Are you breaking up with me?”
Simon nodded.
Gareth laughed. “So I can’t leave with her but you can moon at him all the time?”
Simon’s stomach dropped.
“Goodbye Gareth,” Baz spoke, a threat in his tone.
For a moment Gareth looked as if he might say more, but the girl caught his attention by putting her hand on his chest. She glanced up at Simon, sympathy in her eyes, and mouthed sorry. Simon watched them slowly leave the club.
Simon gathered his jacket.
“I better go. Sorry you had to see that Baz.”
Baz’s hand reached out to grab his arm lightly.
“Wait…why are you leaving so fast?”
Simon shook his head.
“I just need to leave.”
“Are you okay?”
Simon looked at Baz’s chin, avoiding his eyes.
“I’ve been wanting to do that for months, trust me I’m not upset over Gareth.”
Baz’s arm didn’t drop.
“But you’re not okay.”
Simon opened his mouth and then shut it. He shook his head minutely and walked away. He was aware of Baz following him out, aware of every footstep. Simon stepped out into the cool night air and took a deep breath.
“Simon what the hell is going on?”
“It’s really not a big deal Baz.”
Baz shook his head, looking confused.
“Was it about what Gareth said?”
Simon froze.
“Simon we both know you haven’t cheated on him, not with me at least.”
“I don’t think that’s exactly what he means Baz.”
“Well then what?”
Simon looked up, finally making eye contact again.
“I think he is under the impression that I wanted to cheat on him.”
Baz’s expression became searching.
“With you Baz.”
Baz took a step closer.
“Was he right?”
“Does it matter?”
Baz nodded.
Another step closer.
“Do you like me Simon?”
Baz was right in front of Simon, with only an inch of space between them.
Baz kissed him, sweeter than anybody else had ever kissed him before. Simon forgot about assholes with ridiculous magical belt buckles. He forgot about nice girls with sympathetic eyes. He forgot all about people who didn’t matter walking away. All Simon could think about was how happy he was to be in Baz’s arms.

rainbowxbaby  asked:

reaction to you coming home from a party seriously hyped up and like how they'd deal with it (that's what I'm like rn omg)

ThaNk you for the request!! it’s been a while so I hope this is up to standard!!


Jinhwan: “Oi, can you calm down for at least ten seconds…” He whined, firmly placing his hands on your shoulder in an attempt to prevent your bouncing body from buzzing around the room even more. “Jeez, y/n… It’s so late.” Jinhwan’s tone was similar to that of a cranky mom’s, waking up to her baby crying. “Do you want food, will that calm you down? Please stop.. It’s nearly 2am.”

Yunhyeong: He pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead, smiling warmly down at you. “Y/n, I’m glad you had a good time. You look even more beautiful than when you left.” He brushed a hand through your hair, gently tangling his fingers in it. “It’s nice that you’re so excited! Tell me all about the party.” Yunhyeong wrapped his arm around your waist, leading you to the couch - excited to hear about your night.

Bobby: (Obviously he went with you.) His eyes formed into thin lines as he smiled at you, walking through the door of the house. “We’re soooooarin’, fllllyiiiiing~” Both of you sang out loudly, unbelievably hyped from the party. There was something about you being excited that made Bobby excited, which made you even more excited. You knew for sure that tonight you would be lacking a lot of sleep.

Hanbin: “I can’t believe you went out without me!” He complained instantly as he watched you walk through the door. You weren’t drunk, but rather tipsy off of happiness. “You’re so happy.. Has anyone else touched you?!” He panicked, quickly scurrying over to you and moved the hair away from your neck to check for any marks. “I’m glad you had a good time,” he mumbled, burying his face into your clean neck out of relief. “But never forget you’re mine.”

Donghyuk: His eyes narrowed as he watched you practically fall through the door. He ran over to your aid, keeping you up. “Y/n, I said be home by 12.. It’s 3am.” He whispered softly, keeping you up right. “You must be so tired, let’s get you to bed.” He’d waited up all night for you, sick of worry. Words couldn’t express how relieved he was to see you, let alone seeing you so hyped. Donghyuk helped you to the bedroom, settling you down to rest. “I’ll sleep downstairs tonight, make sure to get a good sleep.”

Junhoe: A smirk immediately etched it’s way onto his face as he watched you walk through the door. You almost seemed high, you were so hyper and excitable. “Good time~?” He purred, making his way closer to you. You gave him a small nod, wrapping your arms around his neck. You let out a soft gasp as you felt him nibble gently at your ear. “The party doesn’t have to end there, y/n.”

Chanwoo: He already had a glass of cold water prepared for you as you entered the house. “Y/n!!!” He cheered, hurrying over to you with the drink. “You must be so thirsty. Please look after yourself and drink!” He whispered, holding out the glass to you. “You had a good time, right? Go and rest, let’s talk all about it tomorrow.”