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A Night To Not Remember (Sebastian Stan x reader)

Request: The one where the reader is 18, an actress on Civil War and everyone loves her. She’s wild and crazy. They all went out for a night-out and when she wakes up the next day, she’s got a hangover and has to come to set. The cast tease her, especially Sebastian.

Warning/s: None.

Author’s note: This was inspired in an episode in The Flash (1x12) where Barry and Caitlin went out to a bar to hangout. They were so adorable in that episode that my Snowbarry heart couldn’t take the feels :> This came out more of a friendship thingy than I intended to. But feel free to think of it as romance :) Anyway, I hope you all like it!

Once the final filming of a scene in the movie was a wrap for today, everyone started to pack up. Lots of fight scenes were rehearsed today that it made the cast’s limbs ache faintly. But even so, everyone had a great time as per usual. 

(Y/N) stood up from the ground and walked over to her bag, thanking one of the crew who handed her a water bottle. She immediately gulped it and tied her hair up in a bun. She wiped the sweat off her face and neck using her handkerchief and went to fix her things. 

“Hey, we all should hangout tonight. Have a few drinks, but not that much because we still have work tomorrow. What do you all say?” Robert suggested to the cast. 

Everyone exchanged looks, debating on whether to accept the offer or not. Robert noticed this and sighed and looked at them with a pleading look. “Oh come on. It’ll be fun. It’ll be like a pre-celebration before the whole movie is released. Come on. What do you say?" 

(Y/N) shrugged and raised her hand. "I’m in. I got no plans for tonight. So, why the heck not?” she said, chuckling. 

Robert grinned and motioned her to come over. “Atta, kid. This is why you’re one of my favorite people.” he said and ruffled her hair, much to her dismay. 

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” She grumbled but grinned otherwise. 

Soon everyone decided to accept the offer, except for Scarlett and Tom. Scarlett had baby duties tonight, and Tom had to meet up with his aunt and uncle for dinner. Everyone understood and will tell them how the night played out the next day. 

After Robert gave everyone the address of the bar they will be going to tonight, (Y/N) headed to her apartment to take a nap for a while since it is still two and a half hour from the designated time of their nightout. As soon as her body hit the soft sheets of her bed, she immediately fell asleep. 

She woke up an hour later. She stretched on her bed and let out a yawn. She grabbed her phone from the nightstand and saw that she had two messages from Sebastian. She felt her heart send a flutter when she saw his name on her screen. She’s had developed a crush on the guy when they first met. She was immediately captivated with those blue orbs of his. That was her weakness. Though she never admitted it to him, or to anyone. She hid those feelings very well with her quirky and bubbly persona. 

Chris, Anthony, and Elizabeth once pointed this out to her that they knew about her crush on the Romanian. (Y/N) even tried to deny it, but she knew she was cornered. She had to force the three to not tell the guy by treating them out to this new Gelato shop that opened downtown. 

Curious about what the guy sent her, she opened it and found a video and a meme with a caption. With those two messages, he said “This you” or “This reminded me of you”. (Y/N) playfully scowled at the screen after she watched the video and laughed, typing a reply. 

(Y/N): Hey, it happened one time. Stop bringing it up.

Seb: It won’t go away any time soon, sweetheart ;)

(Y/N) rolled her eyes, but felt her cheeks warm up. She typed in a “Whatever, man :p” before placing her phone down on the nightstand and prepped for a shower. After her shower, she only put on a bra and her underwear, and dried off her hair with a towel. She watched a couple of cartoons that were on TV first before heading back to her room to get dressed. 

She settled on with a simple gray knitted crop top that stopped just above her belly button with a high neck and no sleeves, simple black jeans, a long white cardigan, and black knee high boots. She wore a simple makeup look, and tied her hair up in a ponytail and left a couple of strands out to frame her face nicely. Once she’s comfortable with her look, she grabbed her purse and headed out to meet with the others in the venue. 

There were a few paparazzis around but only a few. They snapped some photos of her walking to the bar and asked some questions, to which she stopped and answered for a while before the paparazzis be on their way and left her. She entered the place and was greeted with the cool temperature inside. There were a few people around minding their own business. A person was singing on stage. She figured that it must be Karaoke night. She made a mental note to ask one of her friends to accompany her in singing. 

“Hey (Y/N), over here!" 

She looked to her right and saw Chris waving for her. She grinned and joined everyone.

"Hey you guys.” She greeted, giving Elizabeth a hug for she was the one who is near (Y/N). 

“Glad you could make it, kid.” Anthony greeted, raising his glass at her. 

(Y/N) smirked. “I don’t turn down parties, dude. It’s not in my nature.” she said and sat on the chair next to Elizabeth and Sebastian. 

“Love your outfit, (Y/N).” Elizabeth complimented. “I can’t recall a time you wore clothes such as these. You were more of a baggy shirt and leggings kind of person, right? This is sexy and leaves a little bit of a mystery. Very nice.” she said, her inner fashionista coming out. She poked the bare skin of (Y/N)’s waist. 

(Y/N) chuckled and slightly swatted her hand away. “Stop it. You know I’m ticklish. Besides, I don’t always dress like a hobo." 

She felt someone at her left poke her side, the way Elizabeth had done earlier. (Y/N) slightly jumped and playfully scowled at Sebastian who looked at her in fake innocence. "Stop it, Sebastian.” she warned. 

Sebastian feigned a mock of shock. “What? I didn’t do anything." 

(Y/N) mocked his words and ordered her drink as Jeremy started a topic to which led to a laughter-filled conversation. As time pass by, everyone decided to try out on the stage. Chris and Anthony were the first ones who made their way and started singing in a slight drunken manner. This earned a lot of laughter coming from everyone in the bar.

When Chris and Anthony returned, (Y/N) downed her fourth glass and asked for a refill. She was already feeling tipsy and the effect of her beverage started to kick in by the third glass. She cleared her throat, grabbing the attention of the others. 

"I can already feel the kick of my drink. I probably won’t remember the next moments that will follow but I don’t care.” She slightly slurred and paused to grab her refilled glass on the table. She raised it up and cheered, “Let’s make this night like our last!" 

The others wolf-whistled and cheered, downing their drinks the same time. 

The sound of a phone ringing woke (Y/N) up. She opened one eye and squinted at the sunlight that is peeking out of the curtain. She blindly looked for her sunglasses on the nightstand, and once she found it, she put it on and yawned, stretching her arms and legs out. She grimaced at the taste of the beverage she drank last night mixed with morning breath. 

When her phone beeped, she grabbed it from the nightstand and checked what the notification was. She had 2 missed calls from Scarlett, 3 messages from Chris. 

Chris: Hey, where are you? Filming is about to start

Chris: Yoohoo, where you at

Chris: Are you dead? I kid, I kid. Where are you?

She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion at the screen right after she read the messages. She then remembered that she had work today. Cursing softly, she glanced at the clock on the wall and it read 11:00 AM. She glanced back down to her screen to see what time Chris had sent the messages. 8:05 AM. 

"Holy fucking shit!” (Y/N) yelled and immediately sat up. But when she did so, her head started to ache really bad. She groaned and clutched her head, leaning back against the headboard of her bed. God, how much did she drink last night? Her head felt like it was throbbing from the rushing pain. 

With the headache, she managed to stand up from her bed. It took her a few seconds to gain her balance. She looked down at herself and saw that she was wearing her pajamas. She couldn’t remember if she had changed into these last night. Though she couldn’t actually recall the events that happened last night. It all came up as swift flashes of blurry images that made her head ache more. 

She saw a note sitting on the end of her bed. She picked it up, curious what is written on it. She was surprised when she recognized Sebastian’s handwriting. 

Hey Summer lovin’ (you’ll know later), 

If you’re wondering why you have this in your bed, it is because I helped you get home safely last night. I won’t spill you some details about what happened, maybe later when you drop by the set. Oooooh, you’re so going to love it hahaha. 

Anyway, you are so going to have a terrible hangover when you wake up. So drink lots of water, a'right? I can’t wait to see your face later hahaha (sorry not sorry). 

But to make up for the teasing there, I’ll order up KFC fun shots for you to eat later. I know it’s your favorite. 

I hope you’ll feel better. 

I’ll see you later :) 

- Sebastian

She felt her cheeks warm up. Sebastian is a real sweetheart. The thought is making her heart flutter even more. But then, she groaned in embarrassment when she realized that he witnessed her in her drunken manner. He was probably the one who helped her change! Oh god, she thought.

She walked inside her bathroom, and shrieked loudly when she saw her reflection on the mirror. Her makeup was smudged all over the place, her hair was sticking up in random places that it looked like a bush, and her eyes were bloodshot with dark circles underneath. 

“What did I do last night?” She muttered, touching her face. 

After taking a nice shower to relieve the tension on her body, she dried her hair and dressed in her casual attires, a simple blue jacket with a black hoodie, ripped jeans, and her converse. She tied her hair up in a bun to make her look presentable, and put on her sunglasses to hide her bloodshot eyes. Then she headed to the set. 

“She is alive!” Anthony announced when (Y/N) entered their line of sight. She flinched at the loudness of his voice. She gripped her coffee cup a little bit tighter as she came closer to the cast. 

“So loud.” (Y/N) said, her voice coming out hoarse. She stopped next to Paul, who rubbed her back comfortingly. 

“We thought you were dead or something when you didn’t show up in your usual time.” Chris joked, earning laughter from everyone. 

(Y/N) slightly scowled, but smirked. “You can’t get rid of me that easily, Evans." 

Sebastian leaned forward and slightly pulled down her sunglasses, and had a surprised and amused look on his face. "Woah, (Y/N). Your eyes are so red." 

"No shit." 

"Listen, (Y/N). Do you remember what happened last night?” Robert asked, pulling out his phone from his pocket. 

(Y/N) raised an eyebrow in confusion, though she looked at him in suspicion. “Well, a little bit. But mostly are blurry images that I’m not even sure if it happened last night or it’s a dream.” she said. “Why?" 

Unbeknownst to her, the others exchanged knowing smirks. 

Robert smirked at her and didn’t answer for a sec. He just tapped his phone two times before letting everyone see what he clicked on. "Oh nothing. But I thought you might wanna see this.” he said. Something tells (Y/N) that she is going to regret it very well whatever the man is going to show her. 

She was right.

It was a video. In it, was an area in the bar they went out to last night. Particularly the stage. Up in the stage, was a drunken (Y/N) laughing her ass off. Video (Y/N) took off the white cardigan she was wearing and held the microphone, still giggling. 

“Mr. Sebastian Staaaaaan! Come on downnnn…. or up….” She slurred, pointing towards something. The camera was turned to the direction of Video Sebastian who was leaning against the counter with a drink on hand, looking very surprised yet amused. “Come up here, with meee!" 

Video Sebastian chuckled and shook his head, no. 

"Ohhhh, come show ‘em what you got. Come on!” Video (Y/N) pouted and pleaded like an adorable puppy. She started to chant his name, convincing other people in the bar to do the same. Everyone started to chant Sebastian’s name. 

“Oh, god….” (Y/N) muttered, covering her mouth as she watched the scene. 

Video Sebastian ran to the stage, joining her. Video (Y/N) started giggling while Video Sebastian looked at her, chuckling. He was muttering something to her that only both of them know. 

“We’re going to tear this place down….” Video (Y/N) said, looking drunkenly serious at everyone – whom only laughed. The beat of a music started playing. 

“Is that Summer Nights?” Scarlett asked, laughing. 

Video (Y/N) started singing the first two lines of the verse rather out of tune, earning chuckles from everyone. Video Sebastian sang the next line nicely, earning a surprised look from Video (Y/N). She recovered and throughout the song, Video (Y/N) danced happily as she sang. Video Sebastian almost missed his turn from laughing. 

“Tell me moooooore!” Video (Y/N) finished, her voice slightly cracking but she didn’t care. Everyone started applauding and cheering and whistling as the two walked down the stage, Video Sebastian helping Video (Y/N) down while she continued giggling and drunkenly spurting words that seemed to amuse the man. 

The video ended there. (Y/N) was dead silent while the others turned to look at her with amusement in their eyes. None of them said a word. (Y/N) inhaled and released it heavily. She looked at all of them with shame and embarrassment. "Well shit.“ she breathed out. 

Everyone laughed and bombarded her with teasing and stuff. She could only stand there, looking like a tomato as she narrowed her eyes at them. Sebastian laughed along them and went to wrap an arm around her shoulder, rubbing her arm comfortingly but did sneak a few teasing remarks at her. Bastard, she thought as she hid her blushing face on his chest.

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