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stumphurley asked:

((sends u more bc i can do that)) more long suffering jet what does my poor son have to deal with all the fuckign time

Okay so you know the end of Lord of the Flies where that guy shows up and is like “wtf r u kiddos doin”

Jet is like that guy

except the kids tie him to a tree and continue their rampage

  • But literally Ghoul and Party bicker over everything. I mean it’s not always big fights but it sure as hell is annoying.
  • Or like Party’s one of those leader types with that sort of contagious energy and sometimes he’ll start doing something questionable and the other two follow suit and Jet doesn’t act fast enough to stop them 
  • Kobra usually is the easiest to deal with because he really does respect Jet but sometimes his brother’s influence is really just questionable
  • they do not
  • wipe their feet
  • on the door mat
  • and the parties oh lawdy lawd the parties. all these darn kids come from all over the friggin desert and drink and dance and make a huge mess of things and then they all leave and the diner crew all passes out, so guess who has to clean it all up? Yep. Jet. 
My nephew is really awesome

He’s graduating from college this Saturday. His party is on Sunday.

On Saturday my daughters’ have their 5k, and on Sunday my oldest has an awards ceremony for her gifted and talented program. She’s one of the giftedess and talentedess of the gifted and talented….

Nephew and I have been texted, “I can get tickets for you.” “Prob not on Saturday.” “Party is on Sunday.” “Darn we can’t make it….” He’s worked hella hard and had some massive upheaval over the past 5 years. He deserves a party. Family is hugely important, but we just can’t make it.

His reply?

“It’s OK. Let’s get together soon and celebrate my graduation AND Ri’s award.”

and he means it.

DARN IT!!! PARTY IS OVER! My post from only all few days ago got me into a whole lot of dietary trouble. Mom heard Gabriela is giving me doggie treats and I never told Gabee I am not allowed to indulge in these delicious delicacies. Cat got out of the bag!!! And so did the rice cakes *SIGH* (at Pine Island Soccer Fields)

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Be Breakfast Pretty


Be Breakfast-Pretty

A guide to at-home facials and skin-friendly processes

After a stressful day, take some time to relax. Put on some scented candles, put your feet up and tune up Norah Jones on your stereo. Take deep breaths as if they’re the last ones you have. Stress is already the second strongest killer in the medical field. Stress can lead to a lot of complications later on. So while it’s early, learn to combat stress by feeling good and keeping beautiful.

If you know how to cook, you might consider the kitchen “the heart of your home”. However, if you’re the kind of person who is always outside, it’s safe to say your heart is not really in your home. Maybe you’re out partying, socializing and (darn!) working. That’s not so hard to imagine if your home is usually connected with clutter and some work. Change that image! Start prettifying in your home and make it your own Beauty Mecca.

Here are some at-home skin-spoiling masks and creams to help you maintain that youthful glow.


The egg is composed of two parts: the egg white and the egg yolk. You’re lucky both can be used as facial masks raw!

First, let’s tackle the egg white. Separate carefully the egg white from the yolk after you’ve broken the egg shell. Next, beat the egg white until it’s foamy. Spread it all over your face in a circular motion. Avoid touching your eyes during the process. Wait until the egg white hardens on your face. You will feel a tightening of your skin after 15-20 minutes. After that, wash the egg white off your face and pat your skin dry.

Also, if you have oily skin, it is advised that you add a few drops of lemon juice into the egg white mixture. It will help minimize the oil on your face. However, if your skin is oily, do not add lemon juice. It will only irritate your skin.

Next, let’s tackle the egg yolk. The egg yolk is actually very high in Vitamin A. It helps in the “healing” of your blemishes. Just apply the yolk to your face in the same manner that you applied the egg white. Wait for 30 minutes for it to dry. Wash with warm water and pat your skin dry.

Though it may smell a bit, many experts actually swear by this technique. Eggs are better off as skin spoilers than food. At least you don’t get fat when you spread it on your face!


Experts advise using oatmeal for trouble-prone or acne-prone skin. This breakfast wonder is actually famous for its gentle exfoliating features. First, clean your face with water and facial wash. Never use soap as they are not designed for the skin on the face. Next, wash your face with warm water and follow it up with hot compresses (using a washcloth). Moisten pinches of oatmeal until it looks like paste and use it to scrub your face. Again, avoid the area around your eyes. Wash off with cool water to close pores.

You may also use the oatmeal as a facial mask. Just repeat the process mentioned in the preceding paragraph but instead of washing the oatmeal paste away, let it stay on your face until it dries.

You are highly encouraged to use natural ingredients in taking care of your skin. Remember that our skin is like a sponge. It absorbs everything that we put in it. In this case, if you are confident about the things that you put on your skin, then everything will go just right.

There have been countless positive feedbacks about these home-made masks. Try them! Breakfast will mean a lot more than a morning meal to you now!