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By Your Side

Genre: Angst; Modern Royalty!AU

Pairing: Reader X Park Jinyoung

Word Count: Almost 1K

Drabble Game Prompts: It was a compelling and convincing argument and for that reason she chose to ignore it. + “You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.”

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Your idea of a ‘party’ always seemed to conflict with the generally agreed upon definition. Whereas you thought that parties should be sophisticated and elegant gatherings of people over cupcakes, your friends were more inclined to call the activity of grinding on drunk people in a dark, stinky room a party.

Of course, once in a while you were inclined to attend these ‘parties’, if not just to meet new people, then at least to let loose and get smashed every now and then. Yet, somehow, attending a huge frat party on a Thursday evening did not seem like a smart idea. Especially when you knew you had class to deal with tomorrow morning.

Your friend, of course, didn’t listen when you listed the reasons why you refused to attend one her ‘parties’; it was a compelling and convincing argument, and for that reason, she chose to ignore it.

“But,” She protested hotly, eyes wide, “I heard Park Jinyoung’s going to be there!”

“As in, the King?!” You did a double-take, gaping at her, “No way!”

“No, not the King,” She dismissed, making you sigh in relief, “I’m talking about the Prince!”

“Wait, what.” The words left your mouth unbidden, as visages of the Prince flashed through your head, all too perfect to be retained for too long, “No way.”

Yes.” She hissed impatiently, “So will you come along or not?”

“No.” You brushed away those images in your head, unwilling to deal with it, “I don’t want to deal with pompous assholes anyway.”

“Y/N!” Your friend cried in exasperation, “Listen here, you might not care about any of this, but if you knew why I was trying so hard to drag you there, you’d probably come along in a heartbeat.”

“I sincerely doubt it.” You said, tone entirely too sincere to be real, “Please leave.”

“Just come!” She grabbed onto your wrist, eyes pleading, “Just for five minutes, please!”

“Okay, now let go of me!” You responded, annoyance coursing through you, along with a hint of surprise. What was so important that she needed you to go so desperately?

“But I’m not wearing…that.” You added, gesturing at the pieces of fabric lying on the bed, “Not a chance.”

You should have realized, of course, how big a mistake you’d made by agreeing to her demands. The venue was an elaborate mansion that towered almost threateningly over you; as expected, people were stumbling around outside, collapsing into a fit of giggles or sobs, depending on who you were talking about.

You shivered slightly as you began to walk forward, hands coming up to rub at your arms. Despite wearing your warmest dress, the cold still nipped at you, making your teeth chatter lightly. Your friend was also nowhere to be seen, much to your exasperation, and you had just taken out your phone to call her when you felt the velvety drape of cloth over your eyes.

“W-what—” You stuttered, the loss of sight making you panic for a dizzying few seconds, until a voice answered you.

“Please do not panic,” A rough, accented voice spoke, “Prince Jinyoung wishes to speak with you.”


As you took steps in the dark, you were forced to recall times from before, when the two of you had been ignorant and naïve. Those days were long gone, of course; the news of the two of you dating had reached the wrong ears and, carrying out his ‘princely’ duty, Jinyoung gave you up.

You never really forgave him for that, even though some part of you understood.

“Y/N,” You startled when you felt familiar hands take yours, and flashes in your mind brightened the darkness; stories of another time, a tale that was too good to be true, “It’s been so long.”

You already knew he was standing there, even before the blindfold was removed; dark eyes smiling, as always (even when he shattered hearts), pretty pink lips curved into a kittenish smile (so deceiving) and warm hands (to push people away).

“What do you want?” You asked tersely, unwilling to deal with him, “I don’t have time for this.”

Jinyoung looked past you, before sharply nodding at someone behind you—the guard, you realized—who likely escorted you there. You figured it was a signal to get him to leave; a hunch that was proven correct when you heard the receding footsteps. Your gaze didn’t shift from his form, however.

“Look, Y/N,” He sighed, more forlorn than you’d ever seen him before, “I’m sorry.”

“That apology was way too late, Jinyoung,” You snapped, “I mean, Prince Jinyoung.”

His eyes looked pained, and he bit his lip.

“Y/N, you know that I wasn’t trying to deceive you, I just…” He stopped, raking in a deep breath, “I just wanted to fix things.”

“Well, you can’t!” You yelled, anger thrumming through your veins, “You can’t fix anything! You can’t fix me!”

“Please give me another chance!” He pleaded and, to an outsider, the sight would have looked strange; the esteemed prince begging from a commoner?

“No,” You bit out, “You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.”


“Look, even if I hypothetically give you ‘another chance’,” You argued, pushing your hair back, “What are the chances that this won’t fail again?”

“I spoke to my mother about this,” He said earnestly, eyes sincere, and that was the tipping point, “I’ll never leave you again, Y/N.”

“No, you’re lying,” The tears start marking their course, trailing down your cheeks and getting whipped away by the icy wind, “This isn’t real, I thought…I thought you’d never come back!”

“It is,” Warmth surrounded as arms wrapped themselves around you, and you were tugged into a familiar embrace that hurt so good, “I’m here now.”

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I was playing a d&d 3.5 game with two rangers. We often worked as a team, doing everything we could together for double efficiency. One day, we needed to track someone through the woods. So we both rolled for track.

I rolled a 1, my ranger friend rolled a 20.

Because of this, the party was conflicted on what way we were supposed to be going. We rolled to convince the party that one way was better than the other.

I rolled a 20, my ranger friend rolled a 1.

What would have been a three day trip ended up taking over a month.D&D

Guys oh my god guys

You know Baz Luhrmann? The guy responsible for the movies Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby? If you’ve seen both, you’d probably notice the pattern he follows, which is

Enter main character who’s all hopeful and has dreams and shit > enter possible love interest who’s known to the people by something (eg. “The sparkling diamond”, the guy who throws the parties) > enter conflict/s that may pose as reputation or life threat to one, if not both, of the characters > possible love interest dies > moody and bitter main character > tells his story one day to some person via writing a story or a person he directly talks to

But then oh god guys why havent we seen this before



Otomate Release Schedule 2015 - 170815

So I’ve been super slack. Excuse me guys :( 


  • 20th - Reine Des Fleurs
  • 27th - Juuzaengi 1+2


  • 17th - Yonohana Spring
  • 25th - Hakuoki Shinkai 


  • 22nd - KK - Wonderful School Life


  • 19th - Bad Apple Wars


(Rest easy wallet…rest easy….) 


  • Diabolik Lovers- Lunatic Parade
  • Brothers Conflict Precious baby - Port (BrilliantxPassion) 
  • etccc

Mostly titles announced at Otomate Party 2015 

Mermaids and Language

Many aquatic creatures are renowned linguists. Water transmits sound efficiently over massive distances, so chatter builds up and exposure to a huge number of languages is common.

With long lives, a love of gossip, inquisitive personalities, and high levels of intelligence, mermaids are among the most proficient polyglots in the Netherworld.

Mermaids are often hired by sailors and explorers to navigate the sea’s complex and often dangerous barriers in language and culture. This is a risky proposition for rude or combative sailors as the mermaid will always side in favor of the aquatic party in times of conflict (regardless of previous agreement).


Please, for the love of whatever deity you want (I personally suggest the Many-Faced God), if I reblog someone to offer my response, I do it because I would like my own input to be heard instead of it being a wall of one-sided argumentation.

It is not to be perceived as ‘hey this guy is being a twat go send them death threats lol’.

It’s literally just me, replying as a person would, to an instigation that was thrown my way that I felt needed response.

Just because I have a following does not strip me of the right to defend myself from allegations that, for all intents and purposes, are completely fabricated and blown out of proportion when the reality of it all was simply me making an ‘off the top of my head’ boner joke to my friend on the internet.

In short: No witch hunting/bullying/’LOLGODIE’ing, otherwise you’re acting just as bad as the people I don’t want to hang out with.


The cruelest degree of exile is invisibility, being forbidden to tell one’s story for oneself. We, the Palestinian people, are narrated by our enemies, in keeping with their presence and our absence. They label us as it suits them. The weaker party in any conflict is allowed to scream, allowed to complain, allowed to weep, but never allowed to tell his own story. The conflict over the land becomes the conflict over the story and little by little the weak discovers that his enemy will not allow himself to be wronged. The enemy permits him only to be in the wrong, defective, and deserving of pain because he has brought that pain upon himself through his defects and his faults; it is not his enemy’s doing. This is the cruelest form of injustice, and injustice is a form of exile, just as stereotyping is exile and misunderstanding is exile. In this sense, the entire Palestinian people is exiled through the absence of its story. On this visit a few of the writers of the world saw a few of the features of the Palestinian narrative and our exile became a little less acute.
—  Mourid Barghouti, from I Was Born There, I Was Born Here (Walker & Company, 2012)
Masquerade - Drew244, Tiger_with_spots - Life Is Strange (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Story wrote in collaboration with @llamas-dynamite

Chapters: 1/10
Fandom: Life Is Strange (Video Game)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Victoria Chase/Kate Marsh, Maxine “Max” Caulfield/Chloe Price, Taylor Christensen/Courtney Wagner
Characters: Kate Marsh, Victoria Chase (Life is Strange), Maxine “Max” Caulfield, Chloe Price (Life Is Strange), Taylor Christensen, Courtney Wagner, Original Characters
Additional Tags: chasemarsh, pricefield, Christner, Future Fic, University, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Slow Burn, Fluff and Angst, Miscommunication, Self-Hatred, Jealousy, Sexual Tension, Mild Sexual Content, Personal Growth, Minor Original Character(s), thirsty, alcohol use, Minor Drug Use, Bad Decisions, Learning To Communicate, Maturing, girls protecting girls, Partying, Conflict, Implied/Referenced Self-Harm, implied PTSD, Minor Violence

“You want the bad girl.” she insists as she gently scratches my inner thigh. I know she’s goading me but nonetheless there’s a sharp flare of arousal within my lower abdomen.

“Behave and I’ll let you do your worst,” I blurt out.

Her pupils shrink, stunned, before they engorge with restrained lust…


Three years after the destruction of Arcadia Bay, Kate Marsh, now a college student, goes to a masquerade party and finally summons the courage to ask out a gorgeous girl to dance. Unfortunately this woman is not who she expected….


Kate asks the best and the worst woman to dance with her and everything spirals out of control (in the best and the worst way).

The Knights of Remnant (Final Rose)

Of all planets in the galaxy, only a handful can be considered as important as Remnant. Also referred to as Holy Remnant, the birthplace of modern civilisation is a neutral zone that houses some of the most important artefacts and locations in the galaxy. To protect Remnant and ensure that the relics of the past are preserved, the Knights of Remnants were founded by joint treaty, with each of the galaxy’s major factions providing funding, troops, and other support. Since then, they have also taken on additional duties.

The Knights of Remnant have several main objectives:

  • To safeguard Remnant and all sites and objects of historical and cultural importance on the planet
  • To provide neutral ground upon which parties in conflict may negotiate in security
  • To operate Beacon Academy as a place of learning for all those who wish to learn the way of the huntsman or huntress but do not wish to swear fealty to one of the galaxy’s other factions
  • To gather and archive all information about the Grimm and other threats to civilisation for distribution to those who can make good use of it

Entry into the knights is extremely difficult, with candidates being subjected to some of the most gruelling testing and training in the entire galaxy. As a result, the knights are amongst the greatest warriors in the galaxy, capable of fighting even the famed Imperial Berserkers and Glyph Specialists on even footing. 

Traditionally, members of the knights are divided into different classes:

  • Pages
  • Squires
  • Knights
  • Templar

Pages are the newest members of the knights. They are usually children below the age of twelve who have decided to join the knights. They are given exacting training in combat, as well as a thorough education on a wide range of different matters, from science and technology to politics and history.

Squires are members of the knights who are close to completing their training. A squire is usually between the ages of twelve and eighteen. At this point, they are allowed to accompany knights on missions, and they are tasked with adding significant practical experience to go with their extensive training and education. Of course, squires continue to receive training and education during this stage, and they will generally settle on a weapon of choice while still a squire.

Knights are fully-fledged members of the organisation. They form the bulk of the organisation’s forces, and they serve a variety of different roles (e.g., soldier, medic, archaeologist, etc.). There are different levels of knights, and these are equivalent to the ranks used in more typical militaries.

Templar are tasked with commanding and guiding the organisation. They are similar in position to generals or heads of department. They are typically the wisest and most experienced of the knights although talent and ability do allow younger members to achieve the rank of templar, albeit rarely.

At present (during the reign of her Imperial Majesty Averia VII of the Arendelle Empire), the Knights of Remnant are commanded by the twins, Glenda and Oscar of the House of Ozpin. 

Note: the House of Ozpin was founded by Ozpin of Beacon and Glynda Goodwitch. It is rightly considered one of the Heroic (Great) Houses, and it is thus afforded the same honours and distinctions as other Heroic Houses, like the House of Arendelle-Farron and the House of Belladonna-Xiao-Long Schnee.

Got a character who needs motivation? Pick a motivator from this list. Better yet, pick two or more that don’t quite line up. That’s a genuine character flaw right there. That’ll create some conflict.

Like John McClane, motivated by Love for his wife and his Duty as a cop. That added a lot of conflict to his marriage. Now he’s going for one last shot at Redemption. We haven’t even started to factor in the terrorists trying to highjack the Christmas party. Go conflict!

Progressive Conflict Solutions

The company retakes Erebor sometime in summer, there are no orcs, and Gandalf looks to new solutions for old grudges and dusty squabbles. And why not borrow an approach used by Shire fauntlings and tipsy hobbits to forge better relations?

Aka Gandalf forces dwarves, elves, men, and one hobbit to play twister.

“I’d never thought it would come to this,” Bilbo groans as Thorin moves his left hand from green to yellow, which prompts even more of his weight to come and rest diagonally across Bilbo’s lower back. Not too mention that the right side of Bilbo’s hip now digs directly into Thorin’s groin. It’s not exactly comfortable.

But neither is looking down at Legolas’ leg, which passes over Bilbo’s left hand on red, but runs below Bilbo’s right shoulder, the one stretched to reach green.

“It was your suggestion,” Ori reminds him with a pitiful whine, from somewhere beyond Legolas. All Bilbo can see of the poor dwarf is a shaking hand below Legolas’ stomach in his peripheral vision, though it is almost completely hidden by Bain’s arm.

“I didn’t mean it literally,” Bilbo hisses back, but then Kili cheerfully calls out: “Uncle Dain - get your left foot onto red!”, which is followed by a curse, a loud clamor, and more cursing.

“Don’t touch me!” Gloin roars.

“Your face is the closest red I could reach,” Dain snipes back.

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Armed with their billions, NGOs have waded into the world, turning potential revolutionaries into salaried activists, funding artists, intellectuals and filmmakers, gently luring them away from radical confrontation, ushering them in the direction of multi-culturalism, gender, community development—the discourse couched in the language of identity politics and human rights. The transformation of the idea of justice into the industry of human rights has been a conceptual coup in which NGOs and foundations have played a crucial part. The narrow focus of human rights enables an atrocity-based analysis in which the larger picture can be blocked out and both parties in a conflict—say, for example, the Maoists and the Indian government, or the Israeli Army and Hamas—can both be admonished as “human rights violators”. The land-grab by mining corporations in India or the history of the annexation of Palestinian land by the State of Israel then become footnotes with very little bearing on the discourse. This is not to suggest that human rights don’t matter. They do, but they are not a good enough prism through which to view or remotely understand the great injustices in the world we live in.
—  Arundhati Roy, “Capitalism: A Ghost Story”

If someone is cruel or abusive to you, remind yourself always that their behavior is not spurred on by anything you do, but by a problem inside themselves. What they do to you ultimately has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

That is not an excuse for their behavior, nor is it even a call for empathy. Rather, it’s a reminder that you are not at fault, that it’s not something you said/did or didn’t say/do that triggered this reaction in them. The fight is inside them. They are the ones who externalized it. You have no part in it. They are using you as a way to vent out frustration at their own position in life and avoid doing anything about it.

It isn’t your fault. There’s no ‘If only I hadn’t’ or ‘maybe if I tried’ or anything. They are responsible for what they did. They made you the second party in a one-party conflict, and as soon as you realise that, you are within your rights to walk away and refuse to be a part of it – and if it takes you a while to come to that point, that’s not your fault, either. Anyone (including yourself) who faults you for not getting away sooner or for not trying different conflict mediation tactics is wrong.

Conflicting Parties RP

Starter for @lostblondeprincess

Kirito raced down the empty halls of the dungeon, eager to reach the boss room. It was rumored that this boss carried a very special item. He needed some cash to buy a new place, and had been commissioned to collect said item. Though, he didn’t know what it was - just that it was important and he was to collect it by noon. He skidded to a halt when he came to a small gathering of people outside the colossal door of the boss room; it looked like a guild.
 “What’s going on here?” he asked loudly, hoping to draw the attention of the party leader. Maybe he could convince them to let him have a shot at the boss first. Hopefully they wouldn’t recognise him and assume he had no chance at beating the boss, that he would just flee. He certainly didn’t want to get into any scraps with other players.

So I need to vent a bit about D&D right now: my longest-running campaign is having inter-party strife. It’s come on the heels of my first D&D campaign and is with a lot of the same people. One guy is playing a CE psion who is clinically insane and an amnesiac. The rest of the party ranges from N (me) to LG (monk), NG, CN, even one who I think is LE (he’s quieter and has only once acted contrary to party wishes, which was to kill an important NPC when left with the CE character). This guy (N) is also a forceful personality at the table and has a tendency to pull pranks on other players, one in particular (J). Last campaign, they were pretty tame and good for a laugh (tying his characters shoelaces together, for instance).

This game, N plays like a petulant child, and when we do things he doesn’t like, his response is to either psychically thrust a player into the wall or threaten to dominate all of us. This is how he greeted my bf’s character, stumbling out of his crashed spaceship, and he’s new to D&D. N justifies this as acting in character, which he is, but it’s becoming incredibly detrimental to the experience for the rest of us, me and J in particular.

N frequently also throws off missions by killing people who didn’t need to be killed on a whim, often in disturbing ways. (I’m seriously concerned for N’s psyche irl.) The latest example comes when he went on a side mission with the LG monk - they encountered a Good-aligned dragon, leader of the resistance who is trying to contact us. The dragon attacked him, as he is Evil, and his response was to cast Death Wish on the dragon, prompting the monk and hired cleric to leave the room in disgust. He crows about how the dragon crit failed the Will save, and fails to see how this character endangers the campaign and derails the party.

Tensions got high yesterday when N on a whim said he was throwing J’s summoned horse into the sea when I joked about his character riding along while we all slog through the vegetation. J responded to this threat by refusing to heal N. We diffused the situation, the horse remained and N was healed, but there was a black cloud over the rest of the session.

So the moral of the story is that I don’t care how well you’re playing your character, if that character is CE in a largely good-aligned party, you need to fucking grow up and stop ruining the experience for everyone else. I’m hoping we can settle this OOC soon, b/c I don’t think I can wait the two more levels until my Warforged tank is immune to his shenanigans and can wipe the floor with him (though I don’t want to stoop to his level either). Pranks are one thing, but right out PvP is no fun for anyone at the table. It would also be nice if our DM stood up to him, despite being one of the longest-running players at this table. :-|

If this isn’t resolved soon, I’m leaving, which is a shame, b/c the campaign is cool and I love my character in it.