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First time playing DND

School event, my Chem teacher is DM'ing. I choose to be a Half-Orc Paladin. Chaotic Good.
Low intelligence, DMTeacher makes fun of me throughout the game as a “Stupid Orc” My mother tries to pick me up early because she doesn’t wanna wait so late into the night, so teacher tries to give me a glorious moment before I go

DM: So all of the sudden, all of the creatures leave the town, and a booming voice is heard “Sar!(my character’s name) You and your group have fought well. If you can defeat me, my forces will leave”

My group gathers in the town, several monsters and boss show up. We square up. Mother keeps trying to get me to leave, I almost die, person in my party discreetly healing me as to not violate the rules of the duel. I think even Bahamut himself helps me out at one point.

Boss is down to 10 HP, I’m down to 3. DM sees no way for me to win. He says “The dragonoid walks up to you and puts his sword by his neck, and suddenly sheathes, walking away. He claims victory, but allows you to live.”

The students nod their heads “good job to-” I interrupt them


Teacher stares at me in disbelief. “…roll for it”

I roll the 20 and the die for a Halberd.

Boss dies instantly.

“While the monsters are scattering to leave and your party cheering in… conflicted victory. You look into the crowd, you see a purple scaly being similar to that of the thing you just killed. It is his son, you have made a mortal ene-”


Roll a 3. Miss

DMTeacher is determined to teach me a lesson.

“Although you stand in victory, you feel your holiness and good graces of the gods leave your being”

I reply “I’m too stupid to understand the morality of the situation”

“Roll for intelligence”

I roll the D20. I roll a 4

“Your stupidity saves you from righteous judgement.”

Blue lawyer in a suit with a red tie… mmm?

I wish Toffee had a chance to give his opinion on the situation (he is a party in the main conflict, after all). I also cannot stop thinking that Moon maybe.. just maybe told Star not all she knew. + On the door in the Tapestry Room the diamond symbol aka Moon’s cheek mark is yellow which can be considered a color of lie btw.

Mercury + Mars

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Aquarius Mercury+ Aries Mars: Strong opinions of the Mercury mesh with the passion, impulse, and boldness of the Mars.

Aquarius Mercury+ Taurus Mars: Stubborn and earthy energies feeding into an unconventional mentality. Has unique, firm stances on issues.

Aquarius Mercury+ Gemini Mars: Energetic and active in a fight against whatever they think is an issue. Wants to be all about communication in conflict and strives for this. 

Aquarius Mercury+ Cancer Mars: Sensitive, powerful energies are masked or sometimes restrained with cool, intellectual communication.

Aquarius Mercury+ Leo Mars: Fights for their right to party. Conflicts usually revolve around self-expression, freedom, or respect.

Aquarius Mercury+ Virgo Mars: Probably won’t see crazy outburst but they do give a mean glare and unexpected verbal smack.

Aquarius Mercury+ Libra Mars: Looks for peace and harmony but finds it hard to accept that others versions of peace may be very different.

Aquarius Mercury+ Scorpio Mars: Temperamental yet aloof in conflict situations. Good communicator but pulls back due to emotional intensity.

Aquarius Mercury+ Sagittarius Mars: “She’s a rebel, she’s a saint. She’s the salt of the earth and she’s dangerous.She’s a rebel, vigilante”.

Aquarius Mercury+ Capricorn Mars: Tries to not let things get to them, but can be cold, calculated, and cruel when faced with intense conflict.

Aquarius Mercury+ Aquarius Mars: Unpredictable but will never let you see them sweat, get red in the face, cry, or grimace.

Aquarius Mercury+ Pisces Mars: Wants to cry but can’t, idealistic towards issues and intellect, believes they fight spiritual battles.

Depending on what Houses these planets are in could make a big difference, keep that in mind.

So I’ve already made a post on different kinds of RPG characters.  Here’s a reference for different kinds of RPG players!

Actors: Actors get really into the RP part of RPGs.  They tend to have detailed backstories, thoroughly analyzed motivations, and a unique set of mannerisms for each character they portray.  They seek out interactions with NPCs or other party members and tend to stay in character a lot.

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On the Dark Side, Actors can become Scene Stealers.  Scene Stealers are attention seekers who tend to lack patience when the spotlight isn’t on them.  They tend to talk over players and often instigate problems, often with the excuse of “What?  I’m just staying true to my character!”

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Power Gamers: These players love optimizing their characters, usually for combat.  They tend to be minmaxers and metagamers who play RPGs like something you can win just as much as a story you can experience.  Powergamers do often possess a great zeal for the tactics and mechanics of the game, and live for the moments they can face overwhelming odds and turn challenge into victory. 

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On the Dark Side, Power Gamers can turn into Munchkins. Munchkins couldn’t care less about the story, the roleplaying or the feelings of their teammates.  They want to win, and win harder then everyone else so they can get as much kills, loot, and XP as possible.  Many munchkins cross the line into cheating, by fudging rolls and trying to use exploits in the mechanics.

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Lorers and Explorers: These players are in it for the story, world building and environment.  They will challenge DMs to come up with richly detailed worlds with lots of in depth history and atmosphere. They also tend to be note takers and cartographers, keeping close track of every bit of information they believe might be valuable.  Most likely member of the group to be “writing a book”.

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This kind of attention to detail can be great, but is also shared by Rules Lawyers.  The rules lawyer has memorized the game’s handbook and will generally interject whenever they see something that contradicts it.  Rules Lawyers can be useful as references for how to handle less common situations in RPGs.  But they also tend to argue with the DMs when they disagree with their decisions, even when the DM is motivated to “break” the rules in order to make the game a better experience for the players.

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Deliberators are motivated to come up with creative or well thought out solutions to problems.  They are often fun and well intentioned, but they do sometimes drag out decisions for too long, agonizing over the pros and cons of each choice.

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On the flip side, Firestarters tend to have very little patience for deliberation and are always looking for the action.  Firestarters have a lot of enthusiasm for RPGs, but tend to cause problems or derail stories when they get bored.

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Party Moms: Thus called because they go out of their way to take care of and help their party members, Party Moms are a valuable part of any gaming team.  Whether it’s making sure there’s always snacks for everyone to enjoy, helping others level their characters or smoothing out player conflicts, Party Moms can be relied on to get it done.

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Party Gamers: Thus called because they’re there to party.  These players may be interested in the game, but they’re just as, if not more interested in hanging out with their friends and/or getting wasted.  Fun to have around, but it may not be a good idea to rely on their character in game too much.

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Bored Gamers: For whatever reason, these players just aren’t really into your game.  Maybe they’re just there for a significant other, maybe they don’t like the system.  It’s not always easy to say.  Can often be found using their personal electronic devices and not really paying attention.

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Newbies: Newbies have little experience with RPGs and sometimes lack confidence.  Their unfamiliarity with the rules is often more than balanced out by their enthusiasm and delight in discovering the joys of the game.

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n00bs, on the other hand, talk a lot of trash, but are generally less experienced and skilled then they claim to be.  These players tend to whine a lot when things don’t go their way.  

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Finally, a type the tumblr crowd should be familiar with, the Shippers.  A shipper is often in it for the role-playing, but mostly when the roleplaying leads to romance.  Table Top RPGs can be a great outlet for those thus inclined, just make sure the other player is okay with it. :)

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Please note that these are my interpretations on these types, and that it’s possible to be multiple or none of them.  What other player types have you encountered?

Neverwinter Hills Monk

So during our latest session, we were in a fight against a group of Ettercaps. Our Druid went into Wild Shape form into a Black Bear. Our Monk had no knowledge that Druid had this ability and had not seen him shift.

So he finally sees this bear.

Monk: I roll to see if I’m frightened by this large bear. *succeeds*

DM: You are not afraid of this bear.

Monk: Okay. In my great courage of not being afraid of this bear, I charge it and double fist it!

*Our party starts laughing as the DM allows it. So our Monk rushes towards the bear, leaps into the air, lands behind our Druid, and makes a kick*

DM: … You hit.

Monk: I stunning strike him!

*At this point, we’re just losing it as our Druid makes the Con save. And fails*

DM: As you feel your Monk friend kick you, you begin to grow numb and fall off the cart.

*our Monk then begins to start cheering as he topples the “bear”. My Hexgunner is stunned by this and the Rogue is pissing himself laughing*

Moral of the story: Always tell the Int 4 Monk if you can shift.

I saw something like this and decided to share my own

Things I love about critical role:

- the way grog and pike talk with each other and the little voices they use

- when scanlan sings and everyone joins in (literally my favorite, especially mid battle when everyone’s stressed and you know it’s exactly the momentary relief they need)

- vax using his crazy stealth to prank vex and grog

- when keyleth or someone who’s trying to Do Good™ looks to pike for support and pike kinda shrugs with a “Well…" because she's part of the shenanigans herself

- taliesin’s "that’ll do"s

- the little gnomes always rolling low initiative and scanlan saying he was preoccupied with his flute playing or some Unimportant Thing

- Matt making kickass NPC voices on the spot

- the side conversations and jokes that happen while someone is talking to Matt

- when you can see them interact and makes faces at each other from different tables

- keyleth when her voice gets soft and high and optimistic

- vex when her voice gets low and sultry and coy

- when vax runs into something without consulting the group and they all collectively face palm/panic

- when a party member does something and Matt’s eyes go wide and he laughs because holy shit he didn’t see that one coming but boy is it marvelous

- "How Do You Want To Do This?” followed by a collective: "WHAAAAA!!!“ and near table flipping

- when keyleth casts a spell and marisha’s shoulders turn and her front hand comes up in a reaching/grasping motion

- percy trying to be all diplomatic and adult and then Taliesin just losing it because grog said something quietly across the room

- when grog says something quietly across the room and ashley’s the only one to hear it but she’s too focused so it doesn’t register for a second but then it does and they just laugh in the corner together

- vex calling everyone darling

- laura getting frazzled and saying "well i’m just gonna shoot it again!” in a really distressed voice and everyone reassuring saying “no no that’s good” and “yeah do that”

- scanlan mentioning his many titles

- the shits

- when they all are legitimately crying because this shit is real

- when grog and scanlan go off together

- lady kima being salty towards scanlan

- pike being in awe of lady kima because that woman is badass

- literally everything about Gilmore

- scanlan trying to leave trinket behind all the time and vex getting worked up and annoyed because he’s helpful scanlan

- when travis wants to say something so bad and you know it’s painful to hold back but he has to because grog wouldn’t say it

- magic poop?

- when somebody is about to do something questionable and they look to everyone else and they are all being like “no don’t do it” meanwhile scanlan and grog are grinning and nodding from behind them

- the fleeting look of panic when Matt has everyone roll initiative

- all of vex’s reactions all the time

- when matt is describing something and somebody asks for clarification and then get excited because he described it just like they saw in the head

- when travis starts dancing

- when vax leans back on the bench to disappear and when laura does the same thing but because she’s laughing too hard

- the fact that I can’t interchange the characters and the players' names because they’re different people to me and the reaction that travis has is completely different to the reaction the grog would’ve had

- when two characters are having their own moment and everyone else is reacting and making faces and trying desperately to not make too much noise

- Ashley rolling for a check and pausing for a second and asking about having advantage or getting a bonus before eventually trailing off and saying “so… I rolled a four.” and everyone laughing because oh my god Ashley is the cutest

- the sun tree and the fact that matt not only does the voice but the whole persona as well

- dagger dagger dagger

- “I would like to rage”

- scanlan lowkey saving the entire party from huge conflicts all the time because he’s so amazing and charismatic and deceitful

- honestly just the entire show it has consumed my life I love it so much

Mermaids and Language

Many aquatic creatures are renowned linguists. Water transmits sound efficiently over massive distances, so chatter builds up and exposure to a huge number of languages is common.

With long lives, a love of gossip, inquisitive personalities, and high levels of intelligence, mermaids are among the most proficient polyglots in the Netherworld.

Mermaids are often hired by sailors and explorers to navigate the sea’s complex and often dangerous barriers in language and culture. This is a risky proposition for rude or combative sailors as the mermaid will always side in favor of the aquatic party in times of conflict (regardless of previous agreement).


Otomate Release Schedule 2015 - 170815

So I’ve been super slack. Excuse me guys :( 


  • 20th - Reine Des Fleurs
  • 27th - Juuzaengi 1+2


  • 17th - Yonohana Spring
  • 25th - Hakuoki Shinkai 


  • 22nd - KK - Wonderful School Life


  • 19th - Bad Apple Wars


(Rest easy wallet…rest easy….) 


  • Diabolik Lovers- Lunatic Parade
  • Brothers Conflict Precious baby - Port (BrilliantxPassion) 
  • etccc

Mostly titles announced at Otomate Party 2015 

anonymous asked:

I know other people have done it before but I was wondering what you think the following seasons of GMW like what the episodes nd lessons would be about or rather how YOU would have done it if it were your show and on a network of your choice and what not sorry I just think it would be interesting to hear your ideas Nd thoughts!

Okay so i gave this a lot of thought and wrote little synopsis’ of each episode. I only wrote 10 for each season tho because 22 episode synopsis’ is ridiculous. My network of choice would be either Netflix or Hulu. Maybe freeform. Let me know what you think! 

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saphael week 2017 |  Day 2: Disney Fairy Tale AU

Cinderella AU feat.:

  • poor musician Simon getting a lucky break
  • Magnus Bane, who is THE party planer, people are clamoring to get his services, he’s just so magical
  • Magnus offers Simon a job at a party for one of his friends
  • Raphael as the ‘prince’ / leader of the clan if you’re going with the vampire thing
  • Simon is human tho
  • Magnus as the Fairy God Father *throws glitter confetti*
  • Raphael and Simon hit it off with their shared love of music
  • Raphael plays piano, the two of them like to play together
  • Magnus comes up with new excuses for them to meet ‘by accident’
  • Raphael is worried Magnus is going too far and it’s gonna blow up in their faces
  • also: Raphael is aroace, obviously
  • his relationship with Simon is totally platonic and Simon is definitely not a pushy jerk
  • Simon teaches Raphael some basics of how to play a guitar and Raphael in turn offers to teach him playing the piano
  • lots of touching and hand holding ensues
  • fluffy times!
By Your Side

Genre: Angst; Modern Royalty!AU

Pairing: Reader X Park Jinyoung

Word Count: Almost 1K

Drabble Game Prompts: It was a compelling and convincing argument and for that reason she chose to ignore it. + “You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.”

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Your idea of a ‘party’ always seemed to conflict with the generally agreed upon definition. Whereas you thought that parties should be sophisticated and elegant gatherings of people over cupcakes, your friends were more inclined to call the activity of grinding on drunk people in a dark, stinky room a party.

Of course, once in a while you were inclined to attend these ‘parties’, if not just to meet new people, then at least to let loose and get smashed every now and then. Yet, somehow, attending a huge frat party on a Thursday evening did not seem like a smart idea. Especially when you knew you had class to deal with tomorrow morning.

Your friend, of course, didn’t listen when you listed the reasons why you refused to attend one her ‘parties’; it was a compelling and convincing argument, and for that reason, she chose to ignore it.

“But,” She protested hotly, eyes wide, “I heard Park Jinyoung’s going to be there!”

“As in, the King?!” You did a double-take, gaping at her, “No way!”

“No, not the King,” She dismissed, making you sigh in relief, “I’m talking about the Prince!”

“Wait, what.” The words left your mouth unbidden, as visages of the Prince flashed through your head, all too perfect to be retained for too long, “No way.”

Yes.” She hissed impatiently, “So will you come along or not?”

“No.” You brushed away those images in your head, unwilling to deal with it, “I don’t want to deal with pompous assholes anyway.”

“Y/N!” Your friend cried in exasperation, “Listen here, you might not care about any of this, but if you knew why I was trying so hard to drag you there, you’d probably come along in a heartbeat.”

“I sincerely doubt it.” You said, tone entirely too sincere to be real, “Please leave.”

“Just come!” She grabbed onto your wrist, eyes pleading, “Just for five minutes, please!”

“Okay, now let go of me!” You responded, annoyance coursing through you, along with a hint of surprise. What was so important that she needed you to go so desperately?

“But I’m not wearing…that.” You added, gesturing at the pieces of fabric lying on the bed, “Not a chance.”

You should have realized, of course, how big a mistake you’d made by agreeing to her demands. The venue was an elaborate mansion that towered almost threateningly over you; as expected, people were stumbling around outside, collapsing into a fit of giggles or sobs, depending on who you were talking about.

You shivered slightly as you began to walk forward, hands coming up to rub at your arms. Despite wearing your warmest dress, the cold still nipped at you, making your teeth chatter lightly. Your friend was also nowhere to be seen, much to your exasperation, and you had just taken out your phone to call her when you felt the velvety drape of cloth over your eyes.

“W-what—” You stuttered, the loss of sight making you panic for a dizzying few seconds, until a voice answered you.

“Please do not panic,” A rough, accented voice spoke, “Prince Jinyoung wishes to speak with you.”


As you took steps in the dark, you were forced to recall times from before, when the two of you had been ignorant and naïve. Those days were long gone, of course; the news of the two of you dating had reached the wrong ears and, carrying out his ‘princely’ duty, Jinyoung gave you up.

You never really forgave him for that, even though some part of you understood.

“Y/N,” You startled when you felt familiar hands take yours, and flashes in your mind brightened the darkness; stories of another time, a tale that was too good to be true, “It’s been so long.”

You already knew he was standing there, even before the blindfold was removed; dark eyes smiling, as always (even when he shattered hearts), pretty pink lips curved into a kittenish smile (so deceiving) and warm hands (to push people away).

“What do you want?” You asked tersely, unwilling to deal with him, “I don’t have time for this.”

Jinyoung looked past you, before sharply nodding at someone behind you—the guard, you realized—who likely escorted you there. You figured it was a signal to get him to leave; a hunch that was proven correct when you heard the receding footsteps. Your gaze didn’t shift from his form, however.

“Look, Y/N,” He sighed, more forlorn than you’d ever seen him before, “I’m sorry.”

“That apology was way too late, Jinyoung,” You snapped, “I mean, Prince Jinyoung.”

His eyes looked pained, and he bit his lip.

“Y/N, you know that I wasn’t trying to deceive you, I just…” He stopped, raking in a deep breath, “I just wanted to fix things.”

“Well, you can’t!” You yelled, anger thrumming through your veins, “You can’t fix anything! You can’t fix me!”

“Please give me another chance!” He pleaded and, to an outsider, the sight would have looked strange; the esteemed prince begging from a commoner?

“No,” You bit out, “You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.”


“Look, even if I hypothetically give you ‘another chance’,” You argued, pushing your hair back, “What are the chances that this won’t fail again?”

“I spoke to my mother about this,” He said earnestly, eyes sincere, and that was the tipping point, “I’ll never leave you again, Y/N.”

“No, you’re lying,” The tears start marking their course, trailing down your cheeks and getting whipped away by the icy wind, “This isn’t real, I thought…I thought you’d never come back!”

“It is,” Warmth surrounded as arms wrapped themselves around you, and you were tugged into a familiar embrace that hurt so good, “I’m here now.”

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Mi-24 Soviet attack helicopter, a dangerous mix of attack aircraft and infantry fighting vehicles. This heavily armed, protected by armor and incredibly tenacious helicopter was a party to many conflicts and has proven himself in them. It was originally developed for the classical war on the European theater of operations, but it later turned out that the Mi-24 is perfectly suited for local conflicts and fight the guerrillas. The Mi-24 helicopter (in the army he was nicknamed “the crocodile”) is a true symbol of the Afghan war.

To reconcile conflicting parties, we must have the ability to understand the suffering of both sides. If we take sides, it is impossible to do the work of reconciliation. And humans want to take sides. That is why the situation gets worse and worse. Are there people who are still available to both sides? They need not do much. They need do only one thing: Go to one side and tell all about the suffering endured by the other side, and go to the other side and tell all about the suffering endured by this side. This is our chance for peace. But how many of us are able to do that?

Thich Nhat Hanh

I was thinking about all this for a while. Since we have all the time till November why not theorize a bit?

After Star vs the Forces of Evil Special there are bunch of unanswered questions:

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Honestly, if it wasn’t for Zig or getting free diamonds I probably wouldn’t even play The Sophomore.

The story has become quite boring. I mean, I still love the gang, but you obviously can’t help but notice that if you don’t spend diamonds (which is my case) the episodes only last a couple of minutes. Moreover being the mom friend is exhausting, it’s like the MC hasn’t evolved at all and don’t even have her own storyline. I know this is a college story so I shouldn’t expect more, but I used to enjoy playing it, and I don’t really anymore. I won’t even talk about how repetitive and predictable it is now. Between football, endless parties, the sorority’s conflicts, and Abbie/Tyler I feel like playing the same episode over and over again. I am not saying it should end, but I wouldn’t mind if it did. I would have preferred if they chose to continue #LoveHacks. That has been said.

Ivar Lothbrok.

23 years old.

Youngest son of Ragnar Lothbrok.

Born into the family bussiness.

Skilled fighter, extremely good strategist and always looking for a fight.

Arrogant, cocky, quick tempered, cold and playboy, rebel and party boy.

Conflicted with himself but lets Vivian see his real personality.

In love with Vivian but doesnt let anyone else knows it until he decides.

Handsome, intelligent, manipulative and cold hearted killer.

Status: Alive

Listen, I love RPG’s. There’s something innately satisfying about that kind of content for me. And there has been a resurgence of wonderful cRPG’s in the last few years and I could not be more ecstatic. Pillars of Eternity, Shadowrun: Hong Kong, Wasteland 2, Tyranny, the list goes on. But nothing has struck me as powerful as the latest entry in the Divinity series.

Now I loved the previous DOS, but it was not without flaws. It was a slog to get through the first hour of that game. The story meanders about, the combat is much too brutal for the first zone, the lauded party/player conflicts were little more than Rock/Paper/Scissors with no applicable skill required, and I could not for the life of me tell you what it was I was actually doing for the majority of that first area. Even with these missteps, I did find the combat engaging, if harsh, the exploration was always rewarding, and the world was constantly providing me with opportunities to circumvent tough obstacles.

Divinity Original Sin 2 takes all of these mistakes and pours its heart and soul into fixing them. Immediately I was hooked into the core plot, no aimless wandering to find a story thread. The writing, while impressive before, is now thoroughly enticing and I look forward to chatting up every character I can come across. Party/Player conflicts have now been implemented into the main plot, side quests, and so many off the cuff moments that I feel attached to every companion and dreaded having to pick who I would leave out. Combat is just as complicated but the brutality of the early game is mitigated with physical and magical armor that mean you’re not getting gibbed in every encounter as soon as they start.

I haven’t even begun to address the oddities of the individual playable races, or the incredibly varied companions and the wonderful way the game handles their introductions and available classes. There’s so much about this game I want to shout its praises from the rooftops. Everything about DOS2 is an improvement over its precursor. If you’ve felt that modern RPG’s have been lacking in recent years you owe it to yourself to sit down and play this game.

Divinity Original Sin 2 is, without a doubt, my game of the year. Everyone else can pack it up and go home.