party centerpiece

arranged marriage! sungwoo

summary: in which you’re set up with sungwoo and eventually marry him.

cast: sungwoo; you

genre: romance

word count: 1.31k

requested: yes

a/n: okay so this is kinda arranged marriage? like your parents set you up with the intention of you guys getting married so it counts i guess?

  • ok this takes place when you and ong are in your late 20s
  • the two of you are single as a pringle and your parents just want you to get married 
  • they arrange blind dates and “dinner with the _____” i hopes of you guys finding someone you’re interested in
  • it doesn’t really work bc the people you’re introduced to are just,, not your type
  • you’ve rejected so many second dates because they just don’t interest you
  • sungwoo’s rejected the same if not more people than you
  • honestly your parents are ready to give up on having a son/daughter-in-law
  • but one day, your parents are at the mall when they run into sungwoo’s parents
  • they’re old friends from high school and actually still talk sometimes but not often bc yknow work
  • they complain talk over coffee about how you and sungwoo are single bc you’re not interested in anyone you’ve met so far
  • and then it clicks
  • “hey why don’t we introduce them to each other :DDDD”
  • and that’s how you and sungwoo end up sitting across from each other in your dining room
  • the two of you had met a few times before, but you’ve never spent time together
  • it’s usually just the passing by at the supermarket with your parents and greeting each other
  • and maybe the “oh you’re stuck at this party too?” during the holidays
  • so when the two of you are left alone to talk bc “oh look we ran out of kimchi let’s go to the super market mr. and mrs. ong”
  • it’s awkward at first, but the two of you converse about work and hobbies
  • you learn that the hospital sungwoo works at is a five minute walk away from your company building
  • and he learns that you used to dance in high school and university and he has this smile on his face
  • “hey i used to dance too!”
  • when your parents come back to check on you and sungwoo, they find out that the two of you went out and they’re just like
  • ㄱ ㄱ
  • we did it
  • ah yis
  • the truth is y’all just went to the park downstairs to the park nearby to have a dance battle
  • one dance battle turns into two more which turns into ten more
  • and before you know it
  • you and sungwoo are like best friends
  • your parents ask you “what do you think about sungwoo/y/n hmmm?” and you know that it;s bc they’re trying to set you up
  • it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out
  • plus they talk super loud in their rooms about planning the wedding as soon as you two start dating
  • sungwoo asks you to be his girlfriend around two and a half months of getting to know each other more
  • he also introduces you to his friends from the hospital: jisung, sungwoon, minhyun, jaehwan, and daniel
  • imagine all six of them just standing in their coats, smiling as they talked about a recent gathering 
  • yeah you almost got a nosebleed once bc wow they were such visual filled bunch
  • sungwoo visited your company building once and he vowed to never go back again
  • why?
  • well he got a visitor’s pass and asked the front desk lady where your office was located
  • she jumped bc wow this is the first time such a handsome man came to visit y/n
  • sungwoo just laughed it off and headed over to the elevators
  • but the lady literally messaged the whole company group chat
  • it has 200 ppl btw
  • “omg this handsome doctor is here to see y/n”
  • when he walks through the hallways, everyone is watching him bc hello he’s wear his coat and his stethoscope is in his pocket
  • “Y/N YOUR HOT DOCTOR BOYFRIEND IS HERE TO SEE YOU!” someone shouts from the coffee room
  • somehow someone from the hospital heard about what happened 
  • and they won’t let him live down “HOT DOCTOR BOYFRIEND”
  • you and sungwoo move in together around three months of dating
  • and in a flash, you’re getting married
  • things are a total mess tbvh
  • boxes invitations and your wedding photos are scattered all around your apartment
  • it got so bad you and sungwoo had to bring boxes of party favors and centerpieces to each of your offices and store them at your parent’s house
  • sungwoo even had to dump a box in minhyun’s office next door because he was running out of room in his office
  • dates for wedding preparations are mixed up with meetings for work or outings with friends
  • honestly you and sungwoo just want to call it off and get married at city hall because it’s just so much work
  • there’s a small part of you that wants to not get married to sungwoo
  • the two of you only spent a little more than half a year together and you were going to get married before the year ended
  • “what if he changes after we get married?”
  • “what if i fall in love with someone else?”
  • “what if he falls in love with someone else?”
  • “what if we don’t last?”
  • these question plague your mind constantly
  • sungwoo asks himself these questions too
  • but you two just power through everything and the day comes
  • you and sungwoo get married during the fall in a church
  • most of of the people invited are family members from both sides
  • but sungwoo’s friends from the hospital and your friends from work are there as well
  • the ceremony goes by quickly and so does the reception dinner
  • just hours after the wedding is finished, you and sungwoo are headed towards the airport so you can catch your flight to jeju
  • both of you are tired and the moment you get into the hotel room, you crash onto the bed
  • sungwoo tells you he’s going to go shower first and just just nod and turn on the tv
  • you’re drifting off to sleep when sungwoo comes out of the shower
  • he tries to get you to shower so the two of you can go to sleep
  • but your just so tired and sungwoo’s warm body is not helping keep you awake
  • “babe cmon go take a shower”
  • sungwoo tries to pull you up from bed and get you to stand up, but you just sit there and hug his waist
  • “i’m tired. can’t i just lay in bed?” you murmured
  • sungwoo was going to die because you were so cute
  • “no go shower and then we can cuddle”
  • you look up at him and pout
  • “i just wanna stay in bed sungwoo”
  • he leans down and pecks you on the lips
  • “go shower and we can cuddle after you’re done”
  • you pout again but grab pajamas from your suitcase and head into the bathroom
  • by the time you’re done, sungwoo is asleep on the bed and you just sigh to yourself
  • “what ever happened to cuddling?” you muttered
  • you crawl into bed and turn off the lights
  • out of nowhere, sungwoo’s arms snake around your waist and he pushes himself closer to the headboard with his legs and nuzzles his head into the crook of your neck
  • “y/n, i love you,” he whispers
  • it sends chills down your spines i mean ik it would for me
  • you pull sungwoo’s arms off you and turn around to face him
  • you can see the outline of his body from the lights outside and you can barely see the expression on his face
  • it’s a smile, one that you have on your face when you’re with someone that makes you happy
  • it’s warm and you can feel butterflies in your stomach which is weird because you can’t even see his face clearly
  • you cup sungwoo’s face with one hand and kiss him
  • “i love you too sungwoo”
  • the two of you fall asleep soon after that
  • maybe you and sungwoo were worried for nothing

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