party busters

low rarity servants absolutely worth investing in (this does not mean others are not worth it, these are just the Best™ in my Professional And Unbiased Opinion):


arash - his np kills him on use, but because of that it’s a powerful nuke. since he’s a 1* it’s easy to max his np for obscene amounts of instant damage

mozart - with a powerful party-wide arts buff and a skill that at max level gives guaranteed crit to your entire party, mozart is THE np spam enabler

sasaki - the savour of france. generates a lot of crit stars and as an assassin he’ll draw most of them to himself too so he’ll be dealing a lot more damage than you’d expect from a 1*. raise him to use in ch orelans for the true fgo experience

asterios - his def buff gives him a little more survivability and his strengthen quest skill has the potential to let him obliterate early game enemies with buster crits. he’s also very cute


leonidas - works great with berserkers. has a taunt on both skill and np to draw damage away from them and a party wide buster buff to let them punch harder.

edward teach - has a really powerful party heal if your party is female

hans christian andersen - fantastic support. basically a bootleg merlin in that he can easily apply many layers of hp regeneration on your party, as well as a number of attack and defence buffs. many people use him far into lategame

cursed arm hassan - very bulky for a 2* thanks to protection from the wind giving him 3-hit dodge, and has really high crit generation that’ll boost your party’s overall damage output


disclaimer that I don’t remember which ones were actually available on release lol

caesar - the most reliable out of the 3* sabers. a range of party-wide buffs make him useful for nearly any comp

robin hood - the king of single-target damage. his np deals more damage to poisoned enemies and his own skills have an incredibly high chance to poison, so he’s effectively guaranteed at least 200% more np damage

euryale - if you’re facing a man just send her and the man will be gone soon enough. she’ll save your life once we hit chapter camelot

david - has a party wide dodge and debuff removal on one of his skills which will be a literal lifesaver against aoe noble phantasms

cu chulainn (lancer) - the man. the myth. the legend. lauded everywhere as the toughest and most reliable servant in the game and for good reason. 3 hit dodge with def buff, battle continuation, and a self heal + debuff removal make this man every bit as unkillable as the ulster cycle claims.

jaguar man - she won’t be available until babylon but she’s worth the wait. her combination of skills gives her huge crit damage as well as the ability to survive long enough to possibly pull it off twice.

ushiwakamaru - party-wide np gen buffs are rare and combined with her party atk buff she’s great for any comp

medea - her np recharges her np and she has skills that speed up the process too so she’s great at dealing a lot of burst damage several turns in a row

cu chulainn (caster) - they give him to you for free and you should cherish that gift. like his lancer version he’s got a 3 turn dodge that makes him one of the most durable casters in the game

jing ke - very straightforward in use, and offers more np damage than other assassins because using it damages herself

hassan of serenity - welcome to the fuckzone. deals a metric fuckton of debuffs on np with a significant chance to instakill.

darius - golden rule means that unlike other berserkers he actually has a shot at charging his np without serious help from other servants and battle continuation means he’ll live long enough for it too

So I hypnotized @zircontomoe’s Pippy (who hasn’t been doing much other than complain about his clothes being boring and use the laptop I gave him) to have the Ritual dream…and my Pippy showed up alongside him!

Little Busters! (Game ver.)
Little Busters! (Game ver.)

Little Busters! (Game ver.)


戸山香澄 (Kasumi Toyama) CV: 愛美 (Aimi)

花園たえ (Tae Hanazono) CV: 大塚紗英 (Sae Otsuka)

牛込りみ (Rimi Ushigome) CV: 西本りみ (Rimi Nishimoto)

山吹沙綾 (Saaya Yamabuki) CV: 大橋彩香 (Ayaka Ohashi)

市ヶ谷有咲 (Arisa Ichigaya) CV: 伊藤彩沙 (Ayasa Itou)

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I think the cause of Noct-fucker ASTs is that Noct-sect has 10% more healing magic potency and Aspected Benefic having lower potencies in Diurnal, maybe?

The cause is the recent 3.4 class buff to AST’s Noct sect in general. I’ll admit, I was also excited about that buff, but I also did not find it completely necessary as Noct Sect was fine the way it was. The only true gain from the AST update was the potency increase on certain card abilities. Noct sect has always had a potency increase over Diurnal but the reason Diurnal doesn’t have that same increase is because it’s a regen sect. Your regens+proper use to Synastry actually make up for the lack of potency compared to Nocternal Sect. 

For those of you who don’t understand how regens work and how beneficial they are, it’s a medica over time on top of a medica. Your party get’s dropped to about 50% HP, one Synastry’d Aspected Helios in Diurnal (plus one Helios if there’s another large hit) is enough to bring your party up and top them off without risking overhealing. One regular Aspected Helios accompanied with an already precast Succor from a scholar is enough to keep your party topped and safe. You literally do not need that potency from Nocternal Sect to keep your party alive after group busters. Plus remember you have a neat ability called Collective Unconscious which in and of itself, beats the shit out of Sacred Soil and Asylum as it is both those skills in one (while sacrificing your ability to move).

The potency in Noct sect was placed for the purpose of making our shields useful. Since we don’t have the crit bonus like SCH does, we have a potency bonus in Noct Sect to make our base shields almost just as good. Because Nocternal Sect’s Aspected Benefic cure potency is 250 compared to Scholar’s 300 on Adloquium. It was placed in an effort to match us but still give scholar the edge because they’re the shield masters. 

We don’t want this game to end up like FF11 where only 10 of the 20 jobs available were useful in raid content and people were forced to level classes they didn’t like in order to participate or barred from raid LSs because their main is something unconventional like Beastmaster or Summoner. SE is trying their hardest to make every class useful in content. The Noct Sect buff was an attempt to push AST on the same level as SCH but it fucking backfired because people are stupid and egotistical and don’t know how to cooperate with others.

– Mod Mhi


Happy Birthday! (January 12th)

  • Soichiro Shimoda (Corpse Party) 
  • Kaya Naoe (Little Busters!)
  • Makoto Hanamiya (Kuroko no Basuke)
  • Ichiro Mihara (Angelic Layer)
  • Dr. Hiluluk (One Piece)
  • Schneizel el Britannia (Code Geass) 
  • Cinque (Final Fantasy Type-0)
  • Ramza Beoulve (Final Fantasy Tactics)

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headcanon that buster is afraid of water bc he's really Small™ and when he and the gang have a pool party everyone is like "Why aren't you swimming?" and hes like "uhm,,, haha,, no reason"

oK BUT HIS REACTION WHEN MISS CRAWLY THROWS THE WATER ON HIM?? that would support this headcanon tbh

honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if he developed a fear of water after the incident, like it was so traumatic for him to lose the theater he just… flinches every time water touches him, hence why his reaction at the car wash

…which makes me even prouder of him bc he’s facing his fears like a BOSS

ok angst aside, a pool party at Eddie’s place needs to happen ok

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The most problematic thing about running with a number of RDM's at the moment is the ones who swoop in and raise party members almost instantly after they're killed. Doubly frustrating when you've just popped your cooldowns and wasted the mana by a few milliseconds. Red Mages, please save Verraise as a last resort.

From my perspective as a main SMN since 2.0 and a main healer, I pick up on the raises faster than the healers because I want them to save their MP. Especially in fights in SB where they shouldn’t be wasting their MP when there’s a tank getting knocked around. This particular mindset has been around since 2.0 where priority raise orders used to be SMN > SCH > WHM unless the fight was going through a massive DPS check in which SMN would be removed from that order.

I’ve sort of carried it with me in seeing how stupid the tank and party busters are in the new SB content, so when I’m on SMN I will raise first. When I’m on RDM I will raise first (but after the SMN). When I’m on healer I actually want them to raise first. I’ve been caught multiple times trying to hard cast a raise in O1 right as the Danger Noodle used Charbydis and I should’ve been tossing shields and laying down Earthly Star. Nah son, if the RDM can dual cast a raise for me or a SMN can get to it first, please and thank you. Especially when both the healer’s swiftcasts are down or they’re otherwise pre-occupied/in a Titan Spot.

In addition, this is also the reason have a delay on hitting my raise macro now. To see if someone else does it first.

– Mod Mhi

Best part of the weekend

The birthday party at Dave and Buster’s in Time Square when I had three Bloody Mary’s and the boy and I played Jurassic World together for forty-five minutes and then he had a Minecraft cupcake and Mrs. N had a margarita.