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Head over Heels

Honestly, this ep had me shook

The first ep after the winter break and so much has happend that was hinted at before and completely new things were brought up aswell:

•Andi and Jonah: Obviously the tension in their relationship isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It was clear early on that there would be issues between them, but now it is more certain than ever that it is only getting worse..

•Buffy and Marty: It was a long time coming that one of them addresses the ambiguity of their relationship and even though it was obvious that it wouldn’t go over well, it was still hard to see Marty get rejected. I have hope that this isn’t the end yet though

•Cyrus: At first his C plot line seemed innocent enough but then boom, you realize what’s really going on with him and I was shocked. They got very real and I appreciate that so much. The feeling that your future is something intimidating hit close to home and it was beautiful to see that on screen.

Glad to see Andi Mack back!

I can’t believe Stephanie Cordato Patrick accidentally ended up at a sketchy Halloween rave party in an abandoned warehouse without a floor.

I am incredibly interested in how she ended up there, especially considering she said you had to pay some guy on a street corner for a map.

From Con to Con (Part Seven)


Part Six

A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope you have a fantastic one no matter how you’re celebrating! I love you all. :) 

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: drinking, bad body image

Word Count: 6,326

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You balanced the pan of brownies on your left hand as you opened the front door of Rich and Jaci’s home with your right. They were hosting a get-together with friends and you were happy to come and enjoy a day out even if the morning hadn’t started well for you. Since you had returned from your trips, your sleep schedule was off and this morning you did not wake up when your alarm had gone off. This delayed in getting ready for the party and making the brownies that Jaci asked you to make. You were a little frazzled but you were really looking forward to the day and spending it with everyone. 

You would have never made it to the party on time if you hadn’t been staying with Rob. Being gone for almost three weeks in different countries and time zones had really messed you up. Traveling had been fun but it was nice not to worry about being somewhere at a certain time. Between the conventions in Europe, with your personal traveling, and then going to Australia, you were just happy to sleep in the same bed more than a couple nights in a row. Even if that bed happened to be at Rob’s house still and not your own apartment. You were slightly disappointed that you were set to be moving in a few days now that you were back in town. 

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I hate to break it to liberals but in order for “raising awareness” to be useful, you have to follow up by actually doing and committing to things through organization. The Women’s March and the knee protest don’t mean shit because no one’s gonna fucking do anything about the issues being brought up afterwards. You might as well be having a social brownie points party because that’s what all your pacifist “protest” and marches amount to in the end. Also, chances are your oppressors couldn’t give two shits about what they have to say because they’re oppressing you. You can’t beg a racist and sexist system to stop being racist and sexist. You have to take more action than the protest you cheer for through a screen and organise.

The afternoon light was fading fast and it was beginning to get dark, so Algy decided it was high time for refreshments… A crowd of furry and fluffy friends gathered round to watch Algy’s birthday candles burn down, eagerly waiting for the homemade chocolate brownies (with cherries!) and banana splits to be served :)

There’s plenty of cake and ice cream for all, so if you haven’t joined Algy’s party yet, hurry on over to @lovefromalgy - everybody is having a wonderful time!

And for those kind friends who were wondering, it’s not too late to join in, as the party is set to run long into the night :) Just use the lovefromalgy submission form or send Algy a link to a post on your blog.

anonymous asked:

So I was thinking bout Nessie and how she has a working bio systems and I had an idea. Level with me. She can't enjoy pot brownie parties with her college peers cause the buzz don't take, so she decides Fuck it! Imma do SCIENCE! and make this shit work on vamps. It fucking works and she proceeds to introduce a new era of stoner vamps. She refuses to touch Aro. Ever. Cause hell fucking naw is she letting him learn her recipes and get a foothold in her monopoly. Her parents are horrified.

This is the most wonderful ask I have ever received and I 100 percent accept this as canon. Of course, she’d have Emmett’s support with her important scientific endeavors.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a group of vampires trying to find an alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and/or marijuana analog that would affect them. If they ever find a nicotine variant that works on their system, I’d love to study their event related potentials using an electroencephalogram (EEG) cap because I’m a nerd and want to know if it will blunt their P300. Also I want to know what vampire’s brain waves look like in general? It’s clearly a very important study and the Volturi should fund me stat. 

Game of Thrones 706

1) WINTERWEAR WATCH #1: Gendry is wearing a hood! Oh no wait, he’s taken it off to display his beautiful chiselled face. I’m sorry, but the first rule of going north of the Wall is to WEAR A FUCKING HAT.

2) Oh joy, here are Sansa and Arya, continuing their slumber party, making salted caramel brownies together and playlists featuring Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. Oh no, wait, they’re still being stupid and horrible to each other, utterly belying the cleverness they have developed over the course of six seasons. I shall continue to watch these scenes whilst actually imagining them under a duvet watching ‘Love Island,’ because THAT IS BETTER.

3) ‘Gingers are beautiful,’ says Tormund. ‘There’s me, Ron Weasley, Prince Harry, Joan off of Mad Men, Damien Lewis…’ ‘Shut up,’ says Sandor ‘Sad Eyes’ Clegane, not thinking of any beautiful redheads AT ALL, no siree.

4) ‘Dick.’ ‘Cock.’ ‘Dick.’ ‘Penis.’ ‘Love truncheon.’ A new ship! Santormund. Tormdor. Hmm, a bit unwieldy. AS WELL IT WOULD BE. *gazes into space*

5) Go back, Gendry! You have never seen snow and it has taken days to get this far and you’re not even wearing your hood but don’t worry! Miraculously, you’re SIR MO FARAH except in furs!

6) Tyrion to Danaerys: ‘Let’s play Shag, Marry Avoid! Drogo, Jorah, Dahaario, Jon. Oh no wait, that’s too many. You’ll have to be related to one of them.’ Danaerys: ‘Shut uuuupp.’

7) WINTERWEAR WATCH #2: That is the greatest I’m-Riding-My-Dragon-To-North-Of-The-Wall coat that I have ever seen. #savage #onpoint #onfleek

8) Jon to Danaerys: ‘Dany? ‘Naerys? D-Money? D-Bomb?’

9) It’s like a parent getting a WhatsApp message from a drunken teen child in Nottingham at 3am: ‘Dear Dany, I mean Danaerys, sorry, my bad, please can you come pick us up? We’re stuck on a rock surrounded by legions of the dead.’ 

PS There are not just magic flying carpets in Westeros. There are also MYSTERIOUSLY FAST INVISIBLE RAVENS. I mean, wouldn’t it have taken a week to fly to Dragonstone? Wouldn’t the hardy undead-fighting crew have frozen solid?

10) Zombie EVERYTHING. WARGHGHGHGHG (that’s the dragon-version).


Taylor!! These are my two good friends at school, Emma is on the picture with the Look What You Made Me Do song on my iPad, and Maddi is wearing her 1989 navy tour t-shirt! We all love you so much, and can’t wait to go to the Reputation Tour soon. You have no idea how much we talk about you at school, every day at recess we catch up on what happened the previous night, and we love to scream and dance to your songs. We will also have a Reputation album listening party, with 13 cupcakes, brownies and cake, exactly one week after the release, which will be when our exams are over. We love you, very much.
Lucy x

Fic Prompts: Strange Magic Monday

When the first elves began showing up in the borders of the Dark Forest, the goblins suspected that something was amiss in the Light Fields. When the brownies followed not long after, the goblins wondered if the faeries would be next.

Following at his father’s heels, watching with wide-eyed curiosity, the Bog Prince listened to the brownies’ stories of faeries who just wouldn’t listen, who thought themselves so far removed from the other species. He listened to the elves’ warnings of a mad king, of tournaments and taxes and harsh laws.

Then he saw the stubborn determination in the eyes of the elf boy not much younger than himself. “My best friends are stuck in the palace,” the boy said, “And I gotta get them out!”

“Without even knowing how to fight, lad?” Bog’s father asked with an amused look. “Yer not liable to get far. Who are these friends that have ye ready to plan invasion?”

“The princesses,” answered the elf innocently. “And I don’t need to fight by myself as long as Marianne is there.”

The Goblin King drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly. He seemed to be mulling something over in his mind as he stood and left. Bog shifted awkwardly from foot to foot. It seemed pretty straightforward to him! Their enemies had just deprived themselves of allies and even the heirs to the throne were against them. Wasn’t that the perfect time to strike?

“Hey, er,” he said to the elf boy with a painfully awkward attempt at a grin, “If you…if you still wanna invade the faerie kingdom, I know some goblins that could help. We just have to make sure Brutus doesn’t eat anybody. He’s been known to do that.”

Sunny gulped. “O-okay. He won’t try to eat me, will he?”

Bog shrugged. “Nah, I’ll tell him you’re with us. Anyone else want to go to a party?”

Three brownies and a broad shouldered elf raised their hands. Well maybe new neighbors wasn’t such a bad thing after all.


Warning: Smut, Language, (Modern Day Poison Ivy?)

Summary: Pamela gets a special treat for her birthday.

Author’s Note: Hope you enjoy this short imagine. This was requested. ;)

“OW!” I yelped out, clutching my blistering fingertips as the hot, silver tray filled with extra chocolaty double fudge brownies clattered to the floor. 

I cursed at myself underneath my breath as I bent down to retrieve the broken bits of brownie off of the recently polished wooden floor. Okay, okay. I was planning a little surprise for my girlfriend. I knew how Pam didn’t like surprises nor the fact that it was her birthday. But hey, it wouldn’t hurt to try right? For the 2 years we have been together, we never celebrated her birthday. I remember my first attempt at trying to surprise her, it was our 9 month anniversary, and I thought it would be a good idea to throw a surprise party with all our closest friends. And trust me when I say, it did not go well. It ended with Harley getting filthy drunk and taking a wooden bat to one of Pam’s dearest Venus Flytraps. Pam kicked everyone out, slept in the greenhouse that night and gave me the silent treatment for at least 24 hours. Pam was out on her weekly search for more exotic plants and I desperately wanted to do something special for her this year minus the broken plant vases. 

I sighed loudly, tossing the brownie crumbs into the trash bin. No party, no brownies, so what now? Cake! I let out a small squeal nearly running to the flour across the kitchen. I knew how Pamela’s favorite kind was lemon, a trait we both shared. 

35 minutes later, the oven dinged, taking my focus away from the baking show I was watching. I jumped up, grabbing the handle of the oven. Oh shit, right, oven mitts. I slid the fluffy mitts on my small hands, grabbing the cake cautiously out of the oven. Wouldn’t want to drop this. Fumes of lemon filled the room as I placed the freshly baked cake on the table in the middle of the dining room. I pressed my palms together, admiring my baking skills. Pretty good for an amateur. I took my flour covered apron off before the hearing the sound of jiggling keys. I looked down at my black leggings and ratty, old band tee. I rush into our bedroom, throwing off my clothes, rummaging through my drawers finding a red, lacy nightie with a matching mesh bralette and thong along with black red bottoms. She always said red was my color.  

“I’m home!” I hear my partner shout before singing my name. “Is this for me?”

I giggle to myself at the tone of innocence  before walking into the dining room, leaning against the door frame. Her green eyes traveled up the length of my body, seizing at my hardened buds peeking through the thin material. I sashayed over to her, heels clicking against the wood, making sure to put extra sway in my hips. Her eyes smirked with her succulent lips. Her hair was pulled into a messy bun, her reading glasses perched up on her small nose, and her forest green cable knit cardigan draped over shoulders exposing her lovely collarbones and the revealing white v neck she was wearing. I dipped two fingers into the thick layer of icing, holding it up to Pam’s lips. She cocked an eyebrow before hesitatingly wrapping her slender fingers around my wrist, taking my fingers into venomous mouth. She eyed me with her jaded orbs as she swirled her tongue around the tips of my fingers, reminding me of how talented she was with it. 

“My favorite..”  Pam purred. “Taste so good. You have to try this..” 

She swiped a tiny blob of frosting off the cake, gripping my chin with her clean hand before whispering an ‘Open up, doll’, slipping the icing covered finger digit between my swollen lips. My eyes fluttered at the taste of the sweetness of the sugary icing and the salty tang of her skin. She slowly extracted her finger away from my lips before her thumb came up to wipe away the remaining frosting on my bottom lip, tugging at the supple skin. 

“All this for me?” Pam gestured towards the cake and then my scantily clad body.

“But there’s more.” I whispered before dropping down to my knees in front the busty, auburn haired vixen.

“Yeah?” She mockingly gaped.

I wanted to watch her cocky, smug-looked face scrunch up into complete euphoria. I knew how she hated to look vulnerable. Especially in front of me since I found her a bit intimidating. In the bedroom, Pam was always the giving but never receiving. I began to unfasten her dark blue jeans , tugging them pass her shapely hips and down her firm, voluptuous thighs, delighted that she was bared underneath. Oh, how I envied her curves. She kicked the denim off from around her ankles , leaning back, gripping the marble island. I lifted her right leg over my shoulder , pressing wet kisses to the insides of her fair skinned thighs. Whimpers and mewls passed her lips but never a complete moan. I gazed up at her before connecting my tongue with the bundle of nerves between her folds. I watched as her mouth gaped open, non-sarcastically this time, head thrown back, hair sprawled over the kitchen counter. Her green sweater pooled at her wrist as she lifted one hand to lift up her shirt, toying with the pale pink rosebuds peaked on the tops of her breast. I shoved my face more into her cunt , my tongue snaking in out of my shuddering girlfriend. My eyes closed as my nose lingered over her pubic area, small orange curls tickling the tip of my nose, my nostrils inhaling her florescent scent. I peered at her as she arched her back off of the island, as my tongue circled her clit.

“Oh, fuck, you’re gonna make me-”

Her strangled words were cut off by her own climax, once she came down from her high, she pulled my face up to hers , connecting her lips with mine greedily, tasting her juices on my tongue. Suddenly I was pushed back, stumbling, hitting the floor, ass first. Pam hovered over me , as I winced, attempting to lift myself up just to be pushed back down.


“You didn’t think I was just gonna let you make me cum without getting even with you, did you? Tsk, tsk, tsk you naive little daisy.” She cooed before ripping my thin nightie to shreds.

Before I had the chance to protest , she was already tearing through the fabric of thong and bra. Ugh. This was my favorite set I lifted up on my elbows watching as the red-head disappeared between my legs. She licked the pads of her fingertips before dipping them into my soaking heat. I immediately reacted, my back arched , my hands clawing at her messy updo, tugging out the elastic band that tamed her fiery locks. My hips bucked towards her as her digits plunged into my g spot causing every muscle in my to convulse.

“What’s my name, pet? “ She teased, quickening the pace of her fingers.

“Oh, God, Pam.. faster..

The speed of her fingers subsided at the name, I bucked my hips once more trying to get the one thrust that I needed but my hips were soon pushed back down

“What’s my name?..” She urged me on again, a hint of mock hope in her voice

“Pamela..” I choked out her full name, barely audible

“What? I can’t hear you.” She held a hand to her ear.

“Pamela.. Pamela..” I whined, crying out, tears pooling at the brims of my eyes.

She smiled up at me, licking her lips at the torture she was enduring, she continued the starting, fast pace , my head shooting back. The muscles in my stomach convulsed and all I knew were struggled profanities and her first name before I was sent over the edge. Pam proceeded with her assault on my throbbing cunt, lapping up the liquids, licking me clean as I came down from my high. I heaved slightly , the back of my hand coming up to wipe the beads of sweat off my forehead. I gazed at my lover in awe as she strolled back in the kitchen, not realizing that she left, tossing me my fluffy robe and putting on her silk one before handing me a cold glass of water. She ran her long fingers through my tussled curls as I took a sip from my glass.

“So, did you like it?” I asked, hoping for a honest response

“You know how I feel about birthdays, sweets..” My face fell, eyeing the half empty glass. “Buuut, I loved it.” She finished, pinching my right cheek.

I blushed at her flinging my arms widely out in joy , knocking over the vase full of tulips Pamela just got this afternoon, a loud shattering filling the kitchen and then a shriek.