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Wip Community Lot

Don’t normally do buildings this color and will probably change it (some shade of blue). Sorta been looking at a ton of New Orleans pictures and purple is everywhere. Anyways, nothing is decorated in the back. Figure that out later when I build the other lot behind it. Still don’t know specifically what all these buildings are going to be except maybe the bristro-esque part. 

300 reasons to subscribe to danisnotonfire

(phil version)

1.       He managed to befriend his idol

2.       He travelled alone to meet someone 4.5 years older than him, who he had only spoken to online

3.       He’s #relatable

4.       He walked around in public with an actual gimp

5.       He dressed up in bubble wrap and jumped out of a tree (rip captain stress relief)

6.       His hair is always perfect but he still messes with it all the time

7.       The Internet Support Group

8.       He understands the torture of spoilers

9.       #NicerInternet

10.   “You are an independent mind in this universe that can do everything and anything you have ever dreamed of.” – Dan Howell

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