party banters are so cute

Sten is a big softie who likes kittens!
  • Leliana: I saw what you were doing back there.
  • Sten: Oh?
  • Leliana: Don't play innocent with me.
  • Sten: What are you talking about?
  • Leliana: You. Playing with that kitten.
  • Sten: ...There was no kitten.
  • Leliana: Sten, I saw you. You dangling a piece of twine for it.
  • Sten: I was helping it train.
  • Leliana: You're a big softie!
  • Sten: We will never speak of this again.
  • Leliana: Softie!

started playing zestiria and it took me a whole five seconds to adopt a new fav

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Confession: I hope the companions make remarks about the Inquisitor and their LI in conversations or party banters. Like teasing or silly things. It’d be so cute. Companions giving advice, especially with the LI being a different race than the Inquisitor(like Mordin in ME2, that was amazing). I just want our followers making embarrassing comments about our romance.