party at the kom!!

what a beautiful day to remember that bellamy loves clarke, raven is going to space again (and not to die this time), roan is alive, monty loves harper, mackson exists, and marcus kane saved abby griffin.

anonymous asked:

can you write a really cheesy trope fic for clexa? like a "cuddle for body heat" or "whoops there's only one bed look we have to share" ??

Oh my god, I live for cheesy trope fics. Why not both?

also this is saved as “disgusting fluff” on my computer.

Winter on the ground was cold.

On the Ark, they’d had a regulated heating and cooling system that left the station relatively the same temperature year round.  It was one of the things Clarke was realizing she’d taken for granted while stuck in space. At least when she got hot, she could just walk to the thermostat in her room and turn it down the few degrees she was allowed, or vice versa; for the most part, the temperature was neither too hot nor too cold.  Living in a tepid hunk of metal did not prepare her for the freezing temperatures, or the icy wind, or the piles of numbing snow on earth.

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Those Interested in Trigedasleng

Hey! It’s me, David, du don fis Trigedasleng op. I just wanted to take a moment to give you a bit of an update. If you saw this blog post I did recently, you’ll know that I’ve hit a bit of a wall and am absolutely flooded at the moment. I get a lot of Trigedasleng asks, and a lot of them are complex, so I haven’t gotten to them. That’s not really news, though (poor fans of High Valyrian are probably saying qogrori imazumbās*), and this is not an apology post (I already did that).

No, what I wanted to say is that though there’s not a lot of Trikru action on Tumblr at the moment (or at least by me), there’s a ton of stuff going on behind the scenes. Season 3 of The 100 is shooting right now, of course, and I’m translating for the show again this season, and the workload is monumental. The upshot of that is the language is growing by leaps and bounds. Almost every word that someone has asked for recently has been coined—and likely will be used in an episode. It’s just getting bigger and bigger.

So while there’s not a lot going on on Tumblr right now, I ask you to be patient. Because believe me, when season 3 rolls around, there’s going to be a big old party here, en ai sou na gon Heda kom em, nami?

That’s it! Please enjoy the rest of your day, and know that even those of us who work on the show are aggressively checking the calendar to see if it’s premiere date yet. (Note: It is not. :( Sadness reigns supreme gon Trigeda.)

*Singular, because the command was given to a collective noun (i.e. the fans of Trigedasleng). I know what I’m doing!