party at the end of the world tour

"So this lich is giving us a guided tour of the most dangerous dungeon in this world?"

[Mild Curse of Strahd spoilers]

So our party is investigating the Amber Temple in Barovia, when our chaotic good (emphasis on the former, as the latter changes at the end of this story) cleric Rokas accidentally discovers a lich who has lost his memories. She fails her roll to know what a lich is.

DM: So yeah, you basically just think this skeleton dude is pretty chill.

Rokas: I’m gonna cast Greater Restoration on the lich

The lich regains his memories and is super grateful to us for helping him, so when we ask about the weird voices we had all heard (which we found were the temples evil spirits reaching out to us), he volunteered to show us all the tombs

DM: you know… I really see no reason why he wouldn’t show you all the treasure, too.

We ended up getting ALL the loot from the temple, and three of the four of us (including the cleric) ended up making deals with the evil spirits. This included our wizard making a deal to become a vampire - he just had to kill someone who revered him and be killed by someone who hated him.

Happy Birthday, Dad

Requested by @awkwardlove18

AN: I hope you enjoy this imagine and thank you for the request! Shoutout to April for this gif lol 

Also, based on the request there were some blanks I had to fill. Hopefully it’s fine and you still enjoy it!!

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Shawn had known since an early stage in your relationship the strain shared between your father and yourself. It pained him to no end, seeing how tense it made you anytime he was brought up.

Shawn helped in every way possible, too. He cared so much, and often you wondered how you deserved such an amazing person to join you in a seemingly fucked up life.

Today, however, was your fathers birthday. Usually all you did was send him a text, or mail a card, hoping to avoid any, and all, face to face communication. The idea of even seeing him filled your mind with anxiety, but knowing Shawn would be there made it more manageable.

“We can leave whenever you want, ok? Don’t be afraid to tell me you’re uncomfortable. I won’t let him upset you.”

You nod, not being about to trust your voice in this moment, or your choice words, making Shawn’s feel small. You needed to stay strong and having a mental breakdown wouldn’t help anything.

You checked yourself out in the bathroom mirror, making sure each hair was in perfect place. Along with any wrinkles in your dress. That was always something your dad called you out on. Everything needed to be perfect, no excuses. A wrinkled dress meant a messy, careless person.

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BTS Reaction: Seeing their S/O in a swimsuit for the first time. Part 2: Namjoon & Hoseok

Description: Going to the beach with the BTS for the first and they see their soulmate in a swimsuit for the first time. 

*Sorry, I’m doing probably going to do two members at a time for this reaction or else this will be a really really long post.


The both of you had been dating for about 8 months around the end of winter, now it was the middle of summer and burning hot. Namjoon and the boys invited you to a beach party to celebrate the end of their world tour. (Not following an actual schedule with the boys just pretend it ended around that time, lol.) Although Namjoon was known by many fans, his members, and other celebrities to be a bit perverted he has always respected your space since it was your first relationship.

Now here you are at the beach with Namjoon and the boys, however, you were just sitting quietly under the umbrella’s shade with Yoongi who was knocked out. Namjoon noticed your unusual behavior and uncomfortable demeanor. Worried about you he walked over asking about your behavior, “Hey baby girl, is everything okay? Why don’t you come play in the water? Or are you feeling ill?” 

You shook your head and blushed slightly, “Uhm…I’m feeling fine…It’s just I haven’t gone to the beach for a while, I also…haven’t worn a swimsuit for a while either.” Namjoon was confused by what you meant at first, but quickly pieced it together that this being your first relationship and the fact you haven’t been to the beach for a while probably meant that you weren’t used to showing that much skin. 

Namjoon chuckled lightly at your adorable innocence and pat your head as you shyly look up at him, “It’s fine. The guys are not going to tease you and if they do, I’ll teach them a lesson. Kay? And I’ll behave myself.” You giggled at his statement as you hesitantly give in to play with everyone else and took his hand as he helped you up, you unzipped Namjoon’s oversized jacket.

He turned away only for a second to grab some sunblock for you, not wanting you to get sunburned. When Namjoon turned around he froze and dropped the bottle at the sight in front of him. Noticing he dropped the sunblock you bent down to pick up the bottle. Namjoon couldn’t help but enjoy the view in front of him, maybe a bit too much. When you handed him the bottle, you found him having a big grin on his face.

He was really loving the red ribbon bikini you had on and the fact you were also wearing his jacket just made it even harder for him to keep self-control. He had been staring at you for a couple of minutes now making you squirm lightly under his gaze, until Jimin shouted out to him from the court. “Hyung! Is everything alright?!”

Namjoon turned around blocking your body from Jimin’s and the rest of the boys’ view. “Y-Yeah, everything is fine Jimin-ah. She just doesn’t feel like playing in the sun.” Jimin being oblivious just nodded his head and went back to playing volleyball with everyone else, Namjoon turned around to look at you as zipped up the jacket you were wearing. 

He rested his forehead on yours and chuckled, “Uhm…I know I said I was going to behave myself. But…I…think I will not be able to contain myself if you took off the jacket. So, can I ask you to sit in the shade?” You blushed at what he meant and nodded shyly quickly moving back and sitting in your original position next to Yoongi. 

*walking back to the guys and can’t help but smile while biting on his pinky, muttering to himself* “Damn, how can someone so innocent and adorable be so drop dead gorgeous and sexy?” 


Your boyfriend, Hoseok finally convinced you to go the beach with him as an apology for making you go to many of his practices with him ending up ignoring you for hours as he tries to perfect or learn new moves. So after you refused to go with him to practice and became upset that you weren’t really spending quality time as a couple, he begged and whined for a long time to go out to the beach until you finally caved in and agreed.

So now here you are sitting on the beach under the warm sun…alone…by yourself as your boyfriend is surrounded by many attractive girls flirting with him. However, Hoseok was completely clueless not realizing the girls were flirting or that your mood was turning sour by the minute. Trying to calm down you decide to go for a swim. You get up from your spot and take off the flowing summer dress, revealing a pastel yellow bathing suit. 

To be honest you were hoping that the sudden movement would catch Hoseok’s attention, but it didn’t. Sadly after a couple of seconds of standing there ignored, you marched off to the water to cool your head off. While swimming in the cool clear ocean water it gave you time to cool your head and admit that it’s not really Hoseok’s fault. Giving up you head back to find him. 

“He is probably still surrounded by girls.” Sighing to yourself, you walk back while trying to squeeze all the water out of your hair. You hear a familiar scream, eyes widening you look up frantically to see Hoseok screaming while pointing in your direction and the girls scattering scared from his sudden scare. To be honest you weren’t really surprised by the sudden scream due to Hoseok being the type to express his feelings more so this display wasn’t unusual for you, however, you were still worried as to why he was screaming.

Hoseok couldn’t help but stare at how you looked so angelic the yellow pastel color of the swimsuit made you look so bright and how the swimsuit complemented your figure. He never actually realized how fit you were since you mostly wore baggy shirts and sweatpants to dance practice with him. He also couldn’t help but notice how the swimsuit was clinging to your body, giving him dirty thoughts which made him panic/excited 😏, instinctively he quickly took a couple steps back and stumbled on his own feet making him fall onto the sand. "H-Hobi! Are you okay?!“ Seeing him fall over you run over to him quickly.

"W-Why are you so beautiful?!” Was all the blushing boy could mutter. This made you confused and stunned that the reason why your boyfriend is on the floor blushing like a little boy with a crush. You couldn’t help but laugh at how adorable he was forgetting that you were even upset and moody just now, Hoseok’s lips pout out a bit as you help him up. Smirking at him you ask in a teasing voice, “So, how do I look exactly?”

*chuckling at your teasing gaze, he smiles lovingly at you he responds in a sweet voice* “Beautiful like gentle sunshine after a storm.” *making you blush and run away to the water with him running after you while you thinking that you were glad you agreed to going to the beach with him*

Credit to the owners of the gifs, they are perfect and I do not own any of them…sadly, but yeah. Hahaha~ ENJOY!

Look, I know everything’s pretty much going to hell in the B.A.P fandom right now because of this whole controversy about this ‘2017 World Tour’ but I just want to say a couple of things.

It’s okay to be angry and frustrated at TS. There are many, many reasons why B.A.P shouldn’t go on world tour. They have been doing countless activities and have just come back from a Japan tour, are now working on a comeback, and now there’s another tour. They do need their rest, because TS make them do so much already.

Not only this, but B.A.P want and need to promote in Korea. They need to gain more popularity and another world tour may dwindle that. And the boys have stated that they want to promote in Korea during 2017 and maybe even do individual activities as well.


We need to understand that currently, we do not know all the information about this. All we have (or at least all I’ve seen as of right now) is a photo. What I first noticed is that the tour is called ‘Party Baby’ and not 'Live On Earth’ like their usual world tours are. This most likely means that it is different to Live On Earth (though these are just assumptions) and so it might be that there are less countries they are going to. I’ve heard of world tours that involve only around six or seven countries before so I’m hoping that Party Baby is like this. I do not want them going on another world tour at all, but at the moment I’m trying not to let myself not worry too much since we don’t know all the facts. Since TS haven’t really said anything yet, we just don’t know what’s going on.

And something that I find extremely important during this time is making sure that B.A.P themselves don’t feel disheartened by the reaction Babyz have shown towards the tour. It’s understandable that we don’t want them to tour because we are worried about them, but some people aren’t conveying this and are saying very simply “I don’t want them to tour”. B.A.P have expressed that they love touring and seeing their fans world wide, even if it is tiring. I’m worried about how the boys are going to feel after seeing the reaction. Touring makes them happy, even if it’s stressful for them, and to see fans so against what makes them happy probably isn’t the best thing. I don’t want them to feel like we don’t want to see them. If you’re going to protest the tour, please at least just convey that you are worried about them.

I really think it would be safe to wait and see what information TS gives us because a lot of us may be wrong about a lot of things. Although, if it ends up being that they are going on world tour to as many countries as they did for Live On Earth I will definitely be mad at TS, I can assure you of that. The boys need rest and I honestly don’t think this is good for them. But please just remember to show that your anger comes from your worry if you protest, because that’s what I’ll be trying to do.

I really just want B.A.P to be happy and healthy.
reality/canon compliant fic rec

or fics that follow the boys’ lives to some degree or are based off of them

And Then a Bit (158k)

(aka Harry and Louis fake a relationship for publicity. Eventually it becomes a lot less fake and a lot more real.)

i hear it all in the center of my heart (you are the love of my life) (4k) !!ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVS!!

Getting married has turned Louis into a properly whipped sap. Harry may or may not want to punch him in the face.

I’ll put up a sign in the clouds so they all know that we ain’t ever coming down (I’m trying so hard not to let it show) (10k)

Harry’s antics on stage, flamboyant wardrobe and resulting social media commentary have made Louis think. Probably too much, as usual. Time for action.

Prompt: “Another idea is feminine!Harry with Louis unsure of how to deal with it at first but of course it’s Harry so he adapts and is fiercely protective and wonderful and lovely”

I Wish I Could Bubble Wrap My Heart (8k)

non au; in which Louis files for divorce and Harry doesn’t know how to live alone again.

Today and Every Day (6k)

Five times Harry proposed, and one time Louis definitively said yes.

Every Arrow That I Aim Is True (24k)

“I can see you don’t believe me,” Harry says, pretending to be stern. Louis chuckles a little but doesn’t get out of the bed. “Anyway, I texted Liam and told him you’re with me. He said to stay here as long as you need, and he’ll deal with the show over there until you want to come back, all right?”

Louis doesn’t say anything again so Harry whispers, “Just stay here with me for a while, yeah? I’ll take care of you.”

Louis is quiet. He never picks his head up, but Harry can see the pillow move from where he’s nodding and his fingers tighten around Harry’s. “Yeah,” Louis says. “Yeah, all right.”

For Better, Worse And Mischief (I’m All Yours) (37k)

The One Direction PR management team decides that Harry needs to get married. Harry doesn’t want to. Louis comes up with the perfect solution to the problem.

we could be happy forever and after (7k)

There are six Tomlinson children. Which means six beds, six seats in the car, six school bags, six Christmas stockings and six stars on Harry’s right arm.

The Tomlinson’s also include two husbands, a dog and a cat. But the kids outnumber everyone else.

This Is Where I Sleep (3k)

Harry and Louis go camping while on break and make some memories.

all those chandeliers of hope (or, four shit christmas presents harry received, and one that turned out alright (8k)

Harry’s friends keep surprising him with terrible Christmas gifts. He’s less surprised that Louis is the reason.

down and dirty, you’re loving me so loud (5k)

Harry’s finally twenty and there’s a few things he wants.

I Don’t Want To Need You (231k) *log in

After the car accident that leaves Harry paralyzed from the waist down, the boys of One Direction come together to try and help pick up the pieces. With so much changed, Harry can’t help but question every aspect of his life; including his feelings for his best friend.

Feel It All Over Now (And I Feel Loved) (3k)

Louis thinks Harry’s in LA, but he’s actually the mascot who keeps throwing random shapes.

Slow It Down (56k)

Harry’s a little bit broken and Louis’ a little bit oblivious. Or, where no one sees Harry’s cracks until he disappears in the middle of the Australian leg of their tour. Because in order to create a new masterpiece, the old one has to be washed away. And nothing does the job better than the sea.

Who Would’ve Thought (44k)

The idea doesn’t come to Louis until they’ve been at the bungalow for a couple of days. Harry has no idea that he’s going to pop a knot. He’s been living his life with the expectation that he’s going to be a beta, and Louis isn’t going to tell him otherwise.

Louis is an omega, though, and most omegas want to be filled up with a knot, fucked the way their bodies are made to be fucked, and Louis is no different. In ten years he wants to have an alpha waiting for him at home who will hold him down and fuck him exactly the way Louis wants to be fucked without worrying that they’re going to expect him to stay at home, open a joint bank account, raise a litter of babies, cook and clean and, most importantly, be submissive. For that to happen Louis needs an entirely different kind of alpha.

And so the plan is born.

For a foreseen invocation (32k)

(Or, the one where Harry and Louis haven’t had an easy time co-existing as band mates since their breakup right before the release of Take me home and have no desire to give into the insistent pressure put on their shoulders by the universe to pry open old wounds.)

I have the stage but the only light I see is in your eyes (27k)

The year is 2027 and Harry is away, letting Louis alone with the kids for two months

Untangle Me (103k)

Or the one where Harry and Louis finally get it right.

Makes Perfect (8k)

“What if you practiced on like, a mannequin?” Louis presses. “Or one of those blow up sex dolls? Or even just like, I don’t know, a pillow or something. Whatever it’d fit around.”

Harry tilts his head thoughtfully, curls catching the light so entrancingly that Louis finds himself reaching up to push his fingers through them. “It’s different, though, innit? When it’s a real person. A pillow won’t snog me.”

“Why should it?” says Louis. “You can’t even take its bra off.”

like a timebomb ticking (31k)

Louis loses everything. Harry’s still there.

(Sounds Like You) When I Close My Eyes (10k)

a non-au where harry and louis never got together, but both of them wanted to. they get it right eventually.

Never Too Late (9k)

After a serious car accident, Harry struggles to come back to himself. And to Louis.

Then, Now, and Forever: Part 1 (35k), part 2

Three and a half years into their relationship, Louis and Harry have never been more in love. But the years of lying and pretending are beginning to catch up to Louis. He can feel the anxiety building in him and tries to deal with it in some unhealthy ways. Harry does everything he can to keep Louis centered, but the constant pressure on both boys is slowly wearing them down.

In flashbacks, Harry and Louis are at the very beginning of their relationship. They deal with everything that goes along with the start of a new relationship, including fumbling first kisses and first sexual experiences. They also, of course, must deal with their rise to fame and hiding their nonconforming love from the world.

God Only Knows, But You’ll Never Leave (11k)

Louis and Harry get a week alone in Los Angeles at the end of the American tour, and it’s more than enough to remind them what they’re in this for.

Feeling Alone (12k)

Harry and Louis are broken up. But it’s Niall’s birthday party, and they don’t want to ruin it for the boy. So the only solution is to pretend they’re still together, right? It all gets very complicated.

I Had The Life Of Ordinary, I Spat It Out (22k)

Harry Styles falls asleep a sixteen year old boy nervous about his upcoming X-Factor audition that could make or break his career. He wakes up a twenty-six year old man with a husband and two children, and no recollection of the past ten years.

23 things I learned, experienced, felt, or mistakes I made before turning 24.i

I decided to make a list of the 23 things I have accomplished this far, experienced, felt, and also the mistakes I have made before turning 24 tomorrow. I find this as a way of letting go some of the bad and looking at all the good that came from this year of life. 

let’s do this.

1. I got my first major job in December of 2016. I was in a McDonald’s parking lot eating chicken nuggets when i got the call. I will never forget how grateful I am for my first job and the memories. As I enter almost 11 months of my current job, I feel a sense of relief. I am working full time and doing something that I am passionate about. I am also building myself up to do bigger things and that is exciting.

2. My sister lost her best friend to cancer in December of 2016. He was a family friend and losing him was the hardest thing I could watch my sister ever suffer through. She lost her rock, the shoulders she was carried on. Keith, we miss you so much. Thank you for blessing us with your kind and compassionate soul. You never let cancer define you, you truly did say fuck cancer. I am proud of you, you’re now getting an endless party in heaven. Forever with my sister and all of us.

3. I saw twenty one pilots in boise and embarked on the last show of tour de columbus. crazy experiences, both easily highlights of my year. incredible shows, bonding people from all over the world. I could not be any proud of Tyler and Josh and to be able to see them end the Blurry era was unreal. I felt the love of the clique and the guys. We made it. Here’s to the next era.

4. Not everything at the dollar store is edible. This was a painful mistake, but what can I say I like to save as much money as I can. Let’s just put it this way, be mindful of what you pick up and try to find the expiration date. Everything else that is not edible is good for saving your dollars, but careful with the food! Oops! Let’s be real, this will probably happen again because I will forget my own advice. 

5. My bug passed it’s first emissions test. This was a huge deal since I had to get new tabs and my little guy was due for emissions. He is 11 years old and all I could think was “we are not going to pass”. Well when we did, I had nothing to fear. Little fears can turn into good news. This was my case.

6. I finally got my Jesse Cale hug and saw/met Vesperteen. I cannot be more thankful for this chance. I made two amazing friends, aka @powertothelocalcliquer and @onceuponaphan-lockedtardis. We bonded and had the best time. Met all the lovely guys and they helped me have my moment with Jesse. I got to share my being 3 years clean and give him a giant hug. It was all love and deep feelings. Would do anything to go back.

7. Ending friendships that were not working. Well, this was a hard thing because with any ending of a friendship a lot of broken feelings come. I made mistakes in those that I cannot ever fix, but know that some of the shit I pulled was not cool at all. I wish all those people the best in life. I think that this has mainly taught me that some friendships will not last forever, but that is okay. Some friends are short term, come and go, long term and forever. Life happens. I do not regret one of those friendships. 

8. I have found some amazing new friends and strengthened old bonds with co-workers. Tumblr has blessed me with all of you, need I say more! Seriously though, thank you to all of you who have taken a chance on me and established awesome friendships. As for my co-workers, I have gotten closer to the ones I left at my old job and those new ones. I have even had some over for wine and painting! Just goes to show for me that friends are everywhere and it’s good to have people even if they are not your best friend for life.

9. It is perfectly okay to say yes to things, but it is also okay to say no and no thank you. I am someone who always wants to say yes to things. It seemed easy at first and I felt like that it what people would appreciate about me. Yet, as I have grown, it has been easier to say no thank you and no. Not to feel peer pressured into doing something or just not liking the way something is panning out. It is a growing thing, as I try each day to remember I do not always need to say yes. 

10. Googling if your chicken is cooked enough is probably a sign you may of undercooked it. This was a mistake that I did not have too many bad reactions from! I made my first chicken and followed a recipe, but could not tell if the chicken was done. So i googled pictures and was like “seems like it!” and ate it. Long story short, I did not get sick from it. Life lesson, if it does not look ready, let it sit and cook a bit longer.

11. Medications do not make you weak. As someone who has gone through too many medications to count, they do not make you weak. Some work really well and others are a freaking mess. Not everyone is going to work with medications and that is okay. I would think that after one round of meds, I would not ever need to refill. I was wrong and would spiral into a dark phase. Now that I take my meds regularly and realize they help, it’s not a weakness. It is a strength. It is my way of telling myself it’s just another way I can continue to recover.

12. Buy a good ice scraper, not the cheap one. Wow, this was my failure last year and then I would try to scrape my car at midnight after my shift and it would take forever and I would get so cold. Bless my mom who gave me a better one this year. Also have a good pair of gloves, turn your car on and wear a jacket. I have my not so smart moments.

13. Life is meant for adventures, even the smallest ones. I have travelled a lot and will next year too, but let’s talk about the small one. When I got my conch pierced, that was a big adventure for me. Getting all my tattoos was a special adventure and as I type this I will be getting my biggest one and newest one on Friday! Heck, even cooking for the first time in my new place was an adventure. You do not need to go on grand adventures to make them feel big. 

14. I got my own apartment! Well this was a huge step for me, as it has been just over a month since I got it. I am in love with it and have found it to be my perfect happy place. It is cozy, but open. It is my first place, a place I can truly call home. Still close enough to visit my fuzzy kitty Oreo. Everyday I find something new to put into my place or change. I am so happy about this accomplishment.

15. I felt love, then I felt heartbreak. I fell for a guy last year and went on quite the honeymoon phase before I realized he was not in this relationship for the reasons I was. It was amazing to have someone to cuddle, to kiss, to call my person. Yet, it was not right to be with someone who was not looking for what I was. The breakup was painful and I struggled a lot to move on. I asked the questions of if I was too ugly or was it because we didn’t have sex. After a while I came to terms with my heartbreak and realized it won’t be the last time. I will have other loves and losses, but one day I will find my person. I am beautiful in my own way and I am going to be okay.

16. Do not leave your car lights on all day at work, you’ll have a super dead battery and be super unamused. Yea, once again not a super smart move by yours truly. I remember being like “oh my god noo”. I troubleshooted it and have now learned to check my lights every time I leave my car.

17. Make up is for me, not for you. I have for sure evolved in makeup in the past couple years and have embraced it as being a thing for me. Not for a date, for a fancy outing, for me. I can do a wild cat eye and red lipstick or do a subtle nude lip and mascara. I should not let others tell me how to look. Embrace my own looks and do not be afraid to wear a bright color. I wanna wear a blue lipstick, you bet your butt I will and smile. It’s for me, not to cover up any imperfections, but just to enjoy. 

18. Watching my sister marry the love of her life. Wow, I was a crying mess at my sister’s wedding and it was because she truly was the happiest and most beautiful bride. Her wife is amazing and to watch them fall in love all over again and their vows, like I said I was a crying mess. I could not be happier for them. Love is love and screw those who do not have anything nice to say about it. Let people be happy with who they love, that’s it. Love you both!

19. Some days are meant for no pants and too much netflix and other days you need to get your butt up and go be productive. I can say the luxury of living on my own is being able to walk around with no pants and watch too much Orange is the New Black or Grey’s Anatomy. I also have days where I need to go do chores, laundry, or go to work and get over my little rain cloud. It is not easy when you do not want to “adult”, but you have days where you can be a kid too. Find a happy and healthy balance. 

20. Creativity is a feeling like no other. Whether it be finding the perfect setup in my place or drawing something. Creativity has an endless amount of growth for everyone. When I am work and think of something that expedites the process or that is useful to others. Learning a new style of painting, or figuring out how to string some lights on a not so sturdy area. Your mind has so much to offer, let it out. Share it with the world, no matter how big or how small. 

21. You can be an open book, but you are also allowed to be an enigma. We can share a lot about our lives with people, but sometimes its more fun to leave the rest as a mystery. Who knows, maybe that chapter in my life will change and I want to surprise people. Not everyone may like the mystery, but it’s my life. Do not be afraid to let some things be left unsaid or left to be found at another point in life.

22. I lived another year. Wow we are getting super deep but it’s true. Most birthdays are a big celebration due to just that feeling of surviving another year of unknowns. I do not say this to act like I would not be here, but at 19 I thought I wouldn’t. Now I am about to be 24 and I got to say this year was pretty damn good. I had a couple hiccups and such that is normal, but had a lot of good and victories. Life is not always going to be sunshine and rainbows, it can be thunderstorms. So dance in the rain, scream at the world, take it back. I am very happy to be alive. I am very glad I stuck around to see what this year had to offer and what the years have to come.

23. comfort zones are acceptable, it is also okay to get out of them. As someone who is an introvert, the whole comfort zone is “i’ll stay in my bubble and you stay in yours” motto. Yet, I have gotten better with doing things that pop that safety area. I challenge all of you to take that little baby step. Do not push yourself too hard. Everyone will do it at their own pace and that is totally okay. 

24. Coming November 2018.

It has been a wild and magical year. When I wake up tomorrow, November 16th starts a new chapter in my life. I cannot wait for the new adventures that come. Thank you all for being apart of this journey. 


so everyone has something to say about every thing Taylor does, including the new ticket thing.

But personally I like it. I don’t think any artist tickets are as in high demand as @taylorswift tickets have been since the beginning of the 1989 World Tour. It’s not bragging it’s just the truth. I’ve seen Selena Gomez, I was able to purchase tickets through her website without much trouble. I’ve seen Beyoncé and I was able to purchase tickets through Ticketmaster without much trouble. When I attempted to purchase tickets for the 1989 World Tour I wasn’t able to even get onto her website & by the time I was, they were gone (less then 8 minutes, no joke). So I ended up paying $1,150 dollars to a third party for 3 tickets in the nose bleeds (it was the best night ever, but I’m not gonna lie it was a whole paycheck for me). So before you bash the whole “points system” and what not hear her out. Scalpers aren’t gonna take the time and set up accounts watch videos, tweet, ect. ect. The only people that are gonna do that is us, the fans. She is trying to help us so before you bash look at the bigger picture.

140408 B.A.P US Boom Party Baby NYC

I am finally ready to just rant about B.A.P man
This is more like for me because I don’t want to forget what happened but please don’t feel shy to read this looong post
FYI this is gonna be a combination of what I wrote directly after the concert and what I’m writing now post concert daze/depression

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“On the Death of a Soldier” by James Graham

Make no mistake: he is dead. He does not sleep. 

There is no whisper in his brain. There is nothing 

in his chemistry that can say, “I am cold." 

No part of him is alive now, either here 

or in a place of angels. He will decay. 

The world has ended. The cosmos has collapsed 

into a singularity. Traffic is passing on the road, 

a blackbird sings, a frog leaps somewhere, tourists 

are visiting the Taj Mahal, but the world has ended. 

If God would send his Minister of State, to give us 

the co-ordinates of heaven, if we could send 

a party of detached observers on a preview tour 

(sales pitch and brochures will not do); if then 

His Excellency would put a human soul 

on public view, explain and demonstrate 

the method of its separation from the corpse, 

and its means of transportation to eternity, 

then we would know for sure: would know a man 

whose entrails had been scattered on the earth 

would be restored and counseled, and be happy. 

Then making garbage of young men would not 

be a kinder act, but there would be recompense. 

The years they never knew, the loves they never gave, 

would matter less. It would matter less that they 

could not be engineers, or doctors, or play golf, 

or father laughing babies. To put it differently: 

until God’s envoy makes his case, and answers 

all our questions, do not kill. Work against death. 

Watch over life. Assume there is no other.

Parks and Recreation Masterpost

Season One

  1. Pilot 
  2. Canvassing 
  3. The Reporter 
  4. Boys’ Club 
  5. The Banquet 
  6. Rock Show

Season Two

  1. Pawnee Zoo 
  2. The Stakeout 
  3. Beauty Pageant 
  4. Practice Date 
  5. Sister City 
  6. Kaboom 
  7. Greg Pikitis 
  8. Ron and Tammy 
  9. The Camel 
  10. Hunting Trip 
  11. Tom’s Divorce 
  12. Christmas Scandal
  13. The Set Up 
  14. Leslie’s House 
  15. Sweetums 
  16. Galentine’s Day 
  17. Woman of the Year 
  18. The Possum 
  19. Park Safety 
  20. Summer Catalog 
  21. Meetings 
  22. Telethon 
  23. The Master Plan 
  24. Freddy Spaghetti

Season Three

  1. Go Big or Go Home 
  2. Flu Season 
  3. Time Capsule 
  4. Ron & Tammy: Part Two 
  5. Media Blitz 
  6. Indianapolis 
  7. Harvest Festival 
  8. Camping 
  9. Fancy Party 
  10. Soulmates 
  11. Jerry’s Painting
  12. Eagleton 
  13. The Fight 
  14. Road Trip 
  15. The Bubble 
  16. Li’l Sebastian

Season Four

  1. I’m Leslie Knope 
  2. Ron & Tammys 
  3. Born & Raised 
  4. Pawnee Rangers 
  5. Meet n Greet 
  6. End of the World 
  7. The Treaty 
  8. Smallest Park 
  9. The Trial Of Leslie Knope 
  10. Citizen Knope 
  11. The Comeback Kid 
  12. Campaign Ad 
  13. Bowling For Votes 
  14. Operation Ann 
  15. Dave Returns 
  16. Sweet Sixteen 
  17. Campaign Shake-Up 
  18. Lucky 
  19. Live Ammo 
  20. The Debate 
  21. Bus Tour 
  22. Win, Lose or Draw

Season Five

  1. Ms. Knope Goes To Washington
  2. Soda Tax 
  3. How a Bill Becomes a Law 
  4. Sex Education 
  5. Halloween Surprise 
  6. Ben’s Parents 
  7. Leslie vs April 
  8. Pawnee Commons 
  9. Ron and Diane 
  10. Two Parties 
  11. Women In Garbage 
  12. Ann’s Decision 
  13. Emergency Response 
  14. Leslie and Ben 
  15. Correspondents’ Lunch 
  16. Bailout
  17. Partridge 
  18. Animal Control 
  19. Article Two 
  20. Jerry’s Retirement 
  21. Swing Vote
  22. Are You Better Off

Season Six

  1. /  2. London
  1. The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip Off Classic 
  2. Doppelgängers
  3. Gin It Up! 
  4. Filibuster
  5. Recall Vote 
  6. Fluoride
  7. The Cones of Dunshire
  8. Second Chance 
  9. New Beginnings
  10. Farmers Market
  11. Ann and Chris 
  12. Anniversaries 
  13. The Wall
  14. New Slogan 
  15. Galentine’s Day
  16. Prom 
  17. Flu Season 2 
  18. One in 8,000 
  19. /  22.  Moving Up

anonymous asked:

Can you please do one of those gif imagine/things of how Big Bang would kiss you for the first time? :)

Hello^^ Thank you for your request! Hope you’ll enjoy it :D

Taeyang: You’re crazily in love with each other, but none made the move yet. You happen to be at the same party again and somehow end up in the pool to escape some crazy fans of his:

T.O.P: You’ve been best friends for years and you’re mad at him for ignoring your texts during their world tour so you decide to give him a piece of your mind. You fight and you decide that it would be better to just walk away before things get out of hand. But he has different plans:

Seungri: You’re his sister’s friend with whom he often quarrels. One evening his sister sends him to pick you up because it rains and you’re supposed to bring the booze over. He frowns and grumbles, but still gets in his car to come pick you up. And there you are, lovely wet in the rain and he just can’t resist anymore… you’ve been on his mind for quite sometime:

Daesung: Dead serious he tries to explain you something on your first date. And you notice that he tends to do what you ask him to do because he’s not focusing on anything else but his explanation. So, all of a sudden, you ask him to kiss you:

GD: He’s the nasty neighbor that plays loud music and has strange clothes, drives an expensive car and also happens to be your crush. One evening you meet at the club and offers to drive you home to safety. Front door, on the steps, without putting too much thinking in he gives in to curiosity: how do your lips taste like?

“GD&SEUNGRI couple” has been born… BIGBANG’s shocking transformation into women in after-party for their concert

[엑스포츠뉴스=이아영 기자] SEUNGRI wore women’s clothes and G-DRAGON fell in love with SEUNGRI.

On March 8, YG Entertainment’s CEO YANG HYUN SUK posted a short video shot at the after-party held after the end of BIGBANG world tour “MADE”’s Seoul concert, on his Instagram account.

In the video, BIGBANG’s SEUNGRI in pink school uniform like a member of Mnet’s “Produce 101” show is talking in front of others. G-DRAGON who broke into the angle all of a sudden looks excited and he tries to touch SEUNGRI.

Then, GD claps his hands at a remark that “Mr. YANG HYUN SUK supports your couple”. The video also shows DAESUNG in women’s clothes, too, and TAEYANG bursting into big laughter behind DAESUNG.


A/N: It’s my day off tomorrow, which means I can finally focus on the requests I’ve received! So sorry for the delay!

Character: Niall

Warning(s): Slight mentions of sex, but nothing graphic

Originally posted by itsneverenough

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anonymous asked:

hi, is it okay if i ask you to write an angsty one? for calum? about him forgetting your birthday? or completely ignoring your requests on your birthday? cause my bestfriend forgot birthday :-(

Okay I know I just posted one but this one hurt my soul. I wanted to get it out for you, babe, and I’m so sorry that they forgot. You deserve better. If you want, I can write a part 2, or I can leave it with this ending!


It was really getting tiring.

Your best friend had forgotten your graduation day, your first day of uni, the day when you’d finally taken your drivers test after talking about it for years. All forgivable things, you supposed; you knew he was busy - he was touring the world, for fuck’s sake. But when you’d seen pictures of him out partying the night of your birthday and had only received a I’m so hungover right now text the next day, you’d been pretty upset.

Since he’d left, his texts had become less frequent - as had been expected. He was making new friends, meeting new people, playing sold out arenas every night. And though the lack of communication upset you, you never let it show, because at the beginning, he’d still text you about important and exciting things that were happening in his life, and even FaceTime you when he could. But in the last few months, he’d forgotten so many things that were important to you. And forgetting your birthday, his best friend of 9 years - well, that was it.

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missyriver  asked:

Okay no angst request this time. But a Padres Christmas Party and Mike gets Ginny and autographed poster of him, "For your collection" also Ginny got him her jersey. Guess im feeling fluffy today.

fluffy is good. excellent, in fact. 

doesn’t mean they don’t have to work a little for it.

many times, many ways | ao3

Ginny was honestly surprised she was considered enough of a Padre to warrant an invitation to the team Christmas party. 

Sure, a lot of that surprise was founded in self-pity, but she felt she was allowed. 

After all, her rookie season in the bigs ended (and started, honestly) in heartbreak, her brother wasn’t speaking to her, Amelia was back, but their relationship was strained, and Noah wouldn’t quit dropping hints about a world tour that Ginny was increasingly sure she had no interest in. 

And Mike Lawson was back with his wife. Not that she cared about that. If he was happy, so was she. It hadn’t been a lie when she said those words to Amelia and it wasn’t now. 

All in all, there wasn’t a lot that was really putting her in a festive mood. 

Only Blip’s promise of excellent catering and free-flowing booze had secured her attendance.

Mostly, she wanted to do what she’d done since her season ended: sit in her hotel room and binge watch terrible reality shows. They helped her feel better about her own life. 

The life where she was getting ready to go to a party for a team she wasn’t even sure she belonged to anymore. The doctors and front office sounded optimistic, but Ginny knew the drill. Players were sent back down to the minors all the time for slighter injuries than hers. 

Well. She might as well take advantage of being a Padre while she still could. Especially when there was free food involved. 

She was keeping her expectations low for this party. 

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Note ‘Preference #’ isn’t included in this masterlist, it’s just the titles and who it includes.

Each section is newest to oldest.

Enjoy. I take requests so feel free to make one.

Number of imagines for each guy: (note the chapters in Wattpad are not included in this) Ashton: 79 | Calum: 82 | Luke: 98 | Michael: 87 | 4/4: 120 


So Myspace. No Way To Treat A Lady. Too Sexy. Scoliosis Brace. Snapchat from set. Am I Tumblr Yet? Wish You Were Here Snap. Like My Hair? Snapchat: No Longer The Drummer. Love letters and roses. Hurricane Out Of Nowhere. Stones and Skateboards. So Dysfunctional. On The Big Screen. An Insomniac Calls. A kiss means shut up. Trying Not To Love You. I can’t resist your voice. So Many Problems. Clown Fear Prank. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved. Motion Sickness. I Can’t Do This Anymore. Christmas With His Family. Surprise Sleeve. I’ll help your claustrophobia. He makes you feel unwanted. Too advanced for me. An Italian In America. Journal Snooping. You Saved My Life. Hip Hop Dancer (Submitted: Blood-Fells) Bulimic Marker. Drunken Reveal. Gymnastics Mishap Ballet Practice. Inappropriate Babysitting. Relax It’s Just Family. Running from the Daylight. Runaway. Accidental Haircut. I’ll be the one to save you. I Love Your Glasses. Untimely Death Airport Cuteness. Dancer and drummer meet. Rivalry. Funny Calls. Haters and Insecurities. Anxiety Attack. I love you even more. Unusually Clingy. He Accidently Hits You. He talks about you. Insecurities Surface. Teen Choice Envy! It’s just cuddling. Who’s your boyfriend? Saved by a Rogue Angel: One | Two. Protective. Silent Treatment. Fighter. Love Unites. Movie nights and popcorn fights. Crashed Hearts. You tell him you’re pregnant. You date in secret. You fight and refuse to go to the concert. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities (TFIOS). I bet it was a misunderstanding. He has a crush on you, so does Harry Styles (FIGHT). Teased about his crush on you.


Mustache Makes The Man. Number One Fan. The Day That Saved Us. Snaphat from set. Merch. Guess The Body Part. Funny Snap. I Love You Sleepy. Not Broken Yet. Nap Game Too Strong. End Of The World. Snapchat: Stolen Puppy. First Date Nerves. Tears On Stage. Musicians Daughter. Vomit Fear. Veil Of Tears. Our Kids Need Cool Names. Everything I Want. Dentist Fear. I would re-write those lines. On The Big Screen. Volleyball Game. Scalp Psoriasis. I wrote you this song. Bug Fear Prank. What You Mean To Me. Motion Sickness. Don’t Hurt My Girl. Attractive Bass Player. Surprising Him On Tour.(Submitted) I Can’t Have Children. Pool Party Jealousy.(Submitted: Lukemylife) Just A Dream. Total child. So Sick. Breaking bass in the music store. Kiss Of Life. Memorable Night. I Like Sport Because Of You. Support Short In Flannel. Cruise Ship Troubles. Concert Surprise. Single Dad and Best Friend. Disconnected. Wherever you…I forgot. Runaway. I Want It. Beautiful Ballerina Paranoia Music Video Jealousy. Birthday Surprise. He finds your scars. You’re Portuguese. Awkward Breakup. You’re Norwegian. Sneaking Out. Tattooed Thug. Tabloid Troubles. English Love Affair. He Accidently Hits You. Innocent Mistake. Soccer Support. I still care. He forgets about you (Amnesia). Wedding Speech. Anorexia. Anexiety Attack. You’re tall. Bad Kid Boxer. You’re the only reason. Dying Friend. Middle of the night drive. You meet at a party. Points you out in the crowd. Day off cuddles and movies. Dating Calum, but Luke wants you (FIGHT). Date night. Teased about his crush on you.


You Are In Love. Cheeky Luke. I Need Hugs. First Flight Home. Snapchat from set. You like beards right? Front Facing Fail. Meet The Family. Date? Snapchat: Monkey and I Miss You. The Words. If I Can’t Be With You. He Writes You A Love Poem. Anxious Scratching. Prom Surprise. Being gay is okay. Petting Penguins. Learn To Salsa. Don’t Let It Go. Bubblegum Lips. On The Big Screen. Have I told you lately that I love you? I don’t love you, but I always will. Paps are Pests. Stolen Shirts and Chases. Mathematician. Closed Space Fear Prank. Motion Sickness. Let Me Take Care Of You. Enchanted By The Mechanic. (Submitted: angelicimagines) Magazine Rumors…(Submitted: x3danna3x) The Rules Of Football. Sometimes Life Is Unfair. (Submitted: escapingrealitybydreaming) Fear Of Dogs. Wait You’re Rich? Jealous Lyrics. Small Youtuber. I don’t forgive cheaters. 2 Years, Doesn’t Change Anything. Situation Security. Hotel Pizza Girl. (Submitted: keahe-y) Falling Asleep Fifa. Prom Kiss. Sixteen and Sneaking In. (Submitted: Blood-Fells) Take a break Miss AP History. (Submitted: Anon) 6’4 and Beautiful. Toxic Relationship. Public Relationshion(S)hip. I cant take it anymore (Trigger Warning) Friends with ben…baby. Concert Protector. Piercing Scared. I like coffee and you. Seperate Beds. Dear Diary It’s Just Cuddling. You Read What? Secrets Revealed. Prom Sucks. Be My Girlfriend. I’m not leaving you. I’ll be here waiting. Support Act. You shouldn’t be doing that. Comforting and Surprises. Bad days, Pet peeves & Comfort. Public Proposel. Touchy-feely Friendship. VS Model his POV. No Hablan Ingles. He Accidently Hits You. Cold, Sad, Cuddles. Family Troubles. You forget him (Amnesia). Thunderstorm Comfort. Tic Disorder. WWE Diva. You’re short. Black eyed love. Laundry room SMUT. (SHIP IMAGINE) Date night. Close As Strangers. Guy flirts and Luke gets protective. You’re insecure about his ex. Birthday SMUT. Cuddling and the guys mock you. You meet him on tour. Teased about his crush on you. (HATE) He makes a video supporting you. Michael:
A Note To Remind You Its Okay. Candy Floss Head. Bubblegum Lips. Blanket Fort Fiasco. (Submitted:Anon). High school crush. Snapchat from set. Tears on the runway. I Miss You Snap. We All Fall Down Sometimes. My Pout Is Better Than Yours. Meet The Parents And Run Away. Back To Black. Snapchat: Asked If I Love You. Teichotillomania. Under The Influence. Always Stay. Comfort After Cutting. TW Is there somewhere? Just the way you are. On the big screen. I can treat you better than him. I can hardly make you mine. School Project. I Miss You, Open The Door. Spider Fear Prank. I Like Preppy. Found Ring. Motion Sickness. Taking care of the cramps and migraines. Purity Ring. Boyfriend Tag Surprise.(Submitted: x3danna3x) Famous Couple. Sorry I shouldn’t have done that. Beautiful Sleeper. Secret. (Submitted: Idk1763) Volleyball Stops The Attacks. I don’t want another sibling. The Bitch, The Bes tfriend and Michael. 5’9 is your best quality. (Submitted: Blood-Fells) Hello Worlds. My Cliffaconda Don’t… Tenerife Sea. Jealousy. School Work First. I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend. Forever and Always. Not your average frat boy Save me from who I’m supposed to be. Volleyball…Ooops! I Had To Do It. I Can’t Date You. It’s Just Cuddling. I Like Short. Arachnophobia Saviour. Don’t leave me. Am I loosing you? One In This World. You’ll always be beautiful. Astraphobia. Beside You. I can’t love you. Rooftop Sadness. Shut Up & Cuddle Me. He Accidently Hits You. School Surprise. Don’t Be Insecure. Stretch Marks. Best friends to couple. You think he’s cheating. Amnesia Hurts. Prince in Plaid. Close as Strangers. I’ll fix your broken heart. Derby Drama. Love is not Melancholy. Spin the Bottle truth or dare (SMUT). Anniversary SMUT. You were a bet: Part One. | Part Two. He’s your boyfriend and your friends don’t know (SURPRISE). Teased about his crush on you. Mini Series:
(Luke) Lycanthrope In Love: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (Ashton) Dark Hunger: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (Luke) Battlefield: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (Michael) Marry The One You Love: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (Calum) Demonic Love: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (Ash) Unexpected,Unplanned,Unashamed:Part1 |Part2 | Part3 (Luke) Ticking Timebomb: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (Michael) Suspended Love: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Wattpad Series:
(Michael) Series: Fairy Tales Are Just Stories. [Wattpad only] (Luke) Series: Lycanthrope In Love [2 extra parts] (Ashton) Series: Dark Hunger [7 extra parts]

4/4 (pictures, blurbs, imagines included here):

We Love Ellen. Are We Rockstars? Couple Duvets. Where you go on your first date. We did it. My Job Before You. Overreaction. Niall Is Not In The Band. Toy bought for baby. Crib he buys daughter. Skull Leggings. Prom Corsage. Mean and Annoying Nicknames You Give Each Other. Will Smith Movie You Watch. Punk Outfit You Wear To His Concert. Your Coachella Outfit. Cake for your son’s 2nd birthday. What they would be arrested for. Why They’d Get Detention. Bag He Buys You. The Louboutin’s He Buys You. Eye Mask He Buys You. The Song You Listen To Together. Father and Son Matching T-Shirt. Ticklish. Take Care Of Her Whilst I’m Gone. Big Rides Are Scary! Just Saying. Hate Because You’re Bisexual(Submiteed: x3danna3x) Their ideal girl. Body Part He Loves. Colour Guard Flag Twirling. Forgetting your birthday. First Date lyrics. Bipolar…Leave Me Alone. (Submitted: textbooks-and-teabags) Wrapped Around Your Finger. (Submitted: Blood-Fells) Phone Names. First I Love You. (Submitted: ANON) Cute things he does when you’re pregnant. His Thoughts When You Walk Down The Aisle. Holding your daughter for the first time. Babies first word. Give in to me. Shared Parenting: Mashton Kodaline-Talk. Dances With Children. Mrs All American. Dancing In The Rain *gif* My Child Is More Important. I’m Not Leaving. Love Triangle: CAKE Hogwarts Houses. Bad Enough. Divergent Factions. First Time Waking Up Together. Showering Together (Visuals). Disney Movie You Watch Together. Wedding Shoes. Wedding Flowers. Suit He Wears. Piano Singing. So Far Away. Small Bump Broadway Baby. Facemask. If you don’t know. Oh, Calamity Lyrics. Casual Affair Lyrics. Interview Crush Reveal. Me Without You Lyrics. Little Lullabies. Backseat Serenade Lyrics. All Of The Stars Lyrics. Cute with baby *GIF* Stay in bed. Just the way you are lyrics. You have a cold. Schizophrenia:Cashton | Muke. Losing You Lyrics. Flaws Lyrics. You make him laugh. Cooking together. The pet he buys you. Back off (Jealousy). He tweets he misses you. The skull outfit he loves on you. Cute couple moments. He spins you around movie style. Break dance together. How you cuddle (GIF). How you kiss. Cute dancing. CAUGHT: Heated moment leads to concern. Favourite tattoo on you. He doesn’t know he’s flirting. Cuddling (BLURBS). He tweets babies Halloween costume. The style of your toddler. His favourite hat on you. Photoshoot flirting. The hair he likes on you. The dress he buys you. Theme park date. Band shirt he buys you. Skinny jeans he buys you. Matching onesies. Matching shirts. OUT AND ABOUT: his favourite gif of you. YOUTUBER: He appears in a video. Matching halloween costumes. Amnesia lyrics. What you wear to his concert. Picnic date. Clothing item you steal. Your wedding dress. Worried about your fever. How he hugs you. Pregnancy reveal. He proposes in front of fans. She looks so perfect lyrics.