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Okay no angst request this time. But a Padres Christmas Party and Mike gets Ginny and autographed poster of him, "For your collection" also Ginny got him her jersey. Guess im feeling fluffy today.

fluffy is good. excellent, in fact. 

doesn’t mean they don’t have to work a little for it.

many times, many ways | ao3

Ginny was honestly surprised she was considered enough of a Padre to warrant an invitation to the team Christmas party. 

Sure, a lot of that surprise was founded in self-pity, but she felt she was allowed. 

After all, her rookie season in the bigs ended (and started, honestly) in heartbreak, her brother wasn’t speaking to her, Amelia was back, but their relationship was strained, and Noah wouldn’t quit dropping hints about a world tour that Ginny was increasingly sure she had no interest in. 

And Mike Lawson was back with his wife. Not that she cared about that. If he was happy, so was she. It hadn’t been a lie when she said those words to Amelia and it wasn’t now. 

All in all, there wasn’t a lot that was really putting her in a festive mood. 

Only Blip’s promise of excellent catering and free-flowing booze had secured her attendance.

Mostly, she wanted to do what she’d done since her season ended: sit in her hotel room and binge watch terrible reality shows. They helped her feel better about her own life. 

The life where she was getting ready to go to a party for a team she wasn’t even sure she belonged to anymore. The doctors and front office sounded optimistic, but Ginny knew the drill. Players were sent back down to the minors all the time for slighter injuries than hers. 

Well. She might as well take advantage of being a Padre while she still could. Especially when there was free food involved. 

She was keeping her expectations low for this party. 

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Character: Niall

Warning(s): Slight mentions of sex, but nothing graphic

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“GD&SEUNGRI couple” has been born… BIGBANG’s shocking transformation into women in after-party for their concert

[엑스포츠뉴스=이아영 기자] SEUNGRI wore women’s clothes and G-DRAGON fell in love with SEUNGRI.

On March 8, YG Entertainment’s CEO YANG HYUN SUK posted a short video shot at the after-party held after the end of BIGBANG world tour “MADE”’s Seoul concert, on his Instagram account.

In the video, BIGBANG’s SEUNGRI in pink school uniform like a member of Mnet’s “Produce 101” show is talking in front of others. G-DRAGON who broke into the angle all of a sudden looks excited and he tries to touch SEUNGRI.

Then, GD claps his hands at a remark that “Mr. YANG HYUN SUK supports your couple”. The video also shows DAESUNG in women’s clothes, too, and TAEYANG bursting into big laughter behind DAESUNG.


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The bass of the music thrums through your body as Jungkook leads you into the banquette hall. The two of you are late, mostly due to the fact that Jungkook deemed everything in your wardrobe too revealing and thus unacceptable to wear, ‘I just don’t want the other hyungs to stare at you with their bedroom eyes!’ he had cried out in defense when you huffed out in annoyance after putting on the 3rd dress. Both of you eventually settled on a simple bodycon sweater dress that covered your chest entirely and left your legs bare.

Jungkook had told you that it was an end of the year party before many of the k-pop idols would go out on tours or small concerts around the world. It was mostly to congratulate all the artists for any successes they had for the year, so almost every popular star was there. Jungkook easily spots his group members and a few others at the end of the bar area and weaves you by your wrist through the crowd towards them. You can’t help but internally fangirl when you see some of your favorite artists.

“Jungkook! What’s up man?” A guy calls out and before you can stop walking to stand beside your boyfriend, he suddenly lets your wrist go. “Namjoon was just telling some funny stories about you.”

“Oh really? Hopefully they weren’t embarrassing.”  Jackson pulls the younger into a brief hug as you make your way to stand by Jungkook’s side.

Jackson lets out a laugh, “Nah, nothing bad, just that you’re not allowed to workout. The company must have found out how much of a muscle pig you are!” And everyone listening laughs at the comment. You giggle to yourself a bit too, but its cut short due to the intense stare Jackson throws your way.

“Who’s this?” Jackson asks.

“Oh~ Our Jungkookie has a girlfriend?” Taehyung blurts from a few feet away, a Cheshire grin on his lips. Your heart quickens in your chest. Will he finally do it this time? You see Jungkook shoot Taehyung a short glare and the older puts his hands up in defense, smiling as he takes a sip from whatever concoction he ordered. You smile over at Taehyung, and he winks at you while he drinks. You always knew he was on your side.

“Jungkook you have a girlfriend?” Jackson asks and you put your attention back onto them.

“Uhh, no she’s just a close friend of mine. I take her with me to a lot of places … for fun.” And you let out a soft sigh. Jungkook nervously laughs and Jackson slaps him jokingly on the shoulder.

“Oh good! I was gonna feel bad if you got a girlfriend before I did.”

“Y-yeah..” Jungkook replies, playing with the hairs on the nape of his neck, something he did when he was embarrassed or nervous.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Jungkook’s girl as a friend.”

Jungkook is deep into a hilarious conversation with Jimin, Taehyung and Hoseok with some other members of Got7 and BtoB. You sit on a bar stool on the outskirts of the group as they tease each other and share funny stories. Some of them in which you laugh almost to tears, but you stop listening when they begin talking about girls from other groups. Jungkook simply shies away from many of the questions about girls thrown at him.

This brings you back to how you hate that he never introduces you as his girlfriend. The two of you will have been together for a year now this upcoming February and it annoys you to no end that he always refers to you as ‘just a friend’, his ‘close friend’ and even once his ‘friend that’s like a sister.’ You understand his point of view though, he doesn’t want you to be scandalized and threatened by fans and the media, but then he should stop taking you to public events. Especially like now when he’s left you alone to sit around bored with nothing to do.

Your eyes roam the hall and you spot Namjoon at a table with Yoongi speaking to some guy who looks like he tried a bit too hard to style himself in hip hop fashion, but the members don’t seem to mind and talk to him animatedly. You find Seokjin speaking kindly to a group of women about something he must be passionate about as he wails his arms around in explanation. Your eyes wander back to Jungkook and your gazes lock as he discretely blows you a kiss, which makes you flush a light pink, before he mouths an ‘I’m sorry’ and turns back to the conversation.

People are all around, many huddled in groups socializing amongst themselves and others out on the dancefloor dancing to some new k-pop song that you’ve never heard, but has a catchy beat. You’re about to make your way onto the floor to get your mind off things when a pair of hands wrap around your waist.

“Hey there, beautiful.” A deep voice whispers in your ear and you’re about to give this jerk a piece of your mind as you swing yourself around to come face to face to a close friend that you haven’t seen in a while.

“Joon!” You scream out. You smile brightly at the boy and he pulls you into a hug.

“Y/N, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you.  How have you been?”

“I’ve been great. I know you’re a stylist but I didn’t know you had connections in the k-pop industry.”

“Oh yeah,” He chuckles, running his hand through his hair. “I’m actually interning as a concept stylist for iKON. I just got the internship a few months ago, since the previous stylist  got pregnant and had to take maternity leave.”

“That’s so awesome!” You speak excitedly. The two of you are childhood friends, so it was nice to hear that he was doing well in his career.

“How about you, why are you here?”

“Let’s talk on the dancefloor.” You lead Joon by his hand onto the floor and to your luck a song you know finally plays.

You don’t know how crowded the dancefloor really is until you stop in the middle of it and find yourself almost pressed against Joon’s chest.

“Is this alright for you?” You ask Joon loudly over the music.

“Yeah! It’s not like we’re dating or anything.” And the two of you start to dance to the beat, keeping your movements small so that the conversation could continue.

“Speaking of dating, I’m actually dating Jeon Jungkook and that’s why I’m at this party.”

“Well look at you, dating a celebrity.” He replies mockingly and you hit his chest, mumbling an ‘oh shut it.’

Before long the conversation dies out and the two of you let the music course through your bodies as you dance together. There’s no real intimate touching, just a few brushes against each other here and there, because the floor is so jam packed. Big Bang’s Bang Bang Bang plays next and you find yourself dancing harder than you have in a while and surprisingly, Joon is able to keep up with you quick movements. But the fun is cut short as Joon is ripped away from you and instead is replaced by an angry Jungkook.

Joon looks at Jungkook with a confused expression on his face and then looks over at you as if coming to understand the situation.

“What the heck are you doing?” Jungkook directs at you, his voice stern and a tad bit cold.

“I’m dancing?” You reply questioningly and that seems to anger the boy even more to your disadvantage.

“Who is he then?” The boy jabs his finger in Joon’s direction while staring intently at your face. Joon gives you a gently smile and mouths a call me before disappearing into the crowd of people.

“Jungkook, seriously?” Jungkook makes a face and without replying, the boy storms off through the crowd. You follow after him as fast as your shorter legs  and feet in heels can take you. You end up following him out the doors and unto the streets where he hurriedly gets into one of the group’s vans, closing the door in your face.

“Y/N-ah, there you are! We were looking all over for you.” Seokjin says, interjecting your attempt to talk to Jungkook and directing you into the other van followed by a tipsy Taehyung who giggles as he takes a seat next to you.

“Jungkook.” You call out to him. He storms his way into the apartment behind his hyungs ignoring you completely.

“Jeon Jungkook!”

“WHAT!” The boy yells at you and your entire body jumps in a start. The murmuring between the other members die down as they all stare in your direction.

“What’s wrong with you right now?” You ask him, reaching your arm out to touch him, but he shoves your hand away.

“What’s wrong with me is that you’re dancing all up on another guy, that’s what’s wrong!” Jungkook yells again, his voice bouncing off the walls and causing you to wince slightly.

“Jungkook, no one was dancing on any-“

“So you’re a liar now? I saw you Y/N! I saw you all over him. Don’t pretend like you’re innocent. You’re my girlfriend. You’re supposed to be with me, by my side!” Jungkook’s voice comes out hurt as he points to himself whenever he uses a possessive word, boring holes into your eyes.

“How am I supposed to be by your side when you invite me to places and then leave me on my own!? By myself Kookie!”

“Hey guys calm down.” Jimin attempts, trying to make his way between you two, but Jungkook gently pushes him away.

“I told you I was sorry. If you would have just given me a few more minutes I would have been back to hang out with you, but instead you go and find some guy to dance all over!”

“He’s just a friend Kookie!” You blurt in defense. “He’s just a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. We’ve known each other since we were kids.” You try to explain to him, but he’s not hearing it.

“Wow, did you make all that up on the ride home to cover up the fact that you did wrong!? That you basically cheated on me!?”

The pain is clear on your face as Jungkook’s words rips to your core. Your heart pangs in your chest as you look up at him.

“I would never cheat on you Jungkook. How could you say that? Why won’t you believe me?” Your voice is softer now and you finally take notice of the worried expressions on the other members’ faces.

“Alright you two-“ Namjoon tries to speak this time, but to no avail.

“Oh don’t pull this girly crap, trying to make me look like I’m the bad one.” Jungkook’s voice is cold, with annoyance laced through it.

“Jungkook, I’m your girlfriend. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. You should trust what I say!” This seems to tip the boy over the edge as he moves closer to you.

“How!? How am I supposed to trust you as my girlfriend and anything that comes out of your mouth,” His voice gradually increasing as he moves closer towards you. Your heart speeds in your chest the closer he gets to you. You never felt afraid of Jungkook the entire time the two of you have been together, but in this moment you feel a wave of fear crash over you the closer the boy gets. “When you’re dancing on guys like some cheap whore!”

Your heart feels like it stops and your ears seem to mute all sound as your brain registers the words that came out of Jungkook’s mouth. He stands inches from your face, mouth still moving, but you can’t hear anything he says. His face is a light shade of red and his brows are furrowed tightly in anger. You’ve never seen him like this before and your heart crumbles in your chest as the tears fall down your cheeks. You notice Jimin and Hoseok struggling to pull him back by his arms and it takes Namjoon as a third aid to get Jungkook away from you, where he jerks the boys off of him, fuming as he leaves the front room.

The last sentence you heard him speak repeats itself over and over in your head. Your hand finds its way to clutch at your chest as you cry harder. Taehyung is the one that comes up to you, seeming to have sobered up.

“Are you okay Y/N-ah?” He whispers softly, placing his hand on your shoulder, but you push his hand off of you.

“I’m fine.” You reply, words cold on your tongue.

Taehyung and the other members watch as you stride out of the apartment, slamming the door behind you.

Once again another long imagine hehe~ Thanks for waiting anon! I hope you liked it. 


A semi-angry Jungkook:

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Still Never met @taylorswift but my collection is growing and will never end hope to one Day show her my Tattoo in person.

Back in 2010 when Taylor was releasing the music Video to “Mine” in my home state of Maine I was lucky enough to get chosen for the front row and be a part of the live video stream on CMT for the release, it was an amazing day that I’ll never forget Tay so thank you, after it aired on CMT Taylor asked us if we wanted her to preform a few songs 😱 while she sang Love Story to the screaming crowd of 300 she came off the stage and across the front row and as I saw her headed in my direction I took the he Sharpie out that I had in my pocket(I’m always prepared) as she came over to me the only thing I had for her to sign was my own Body so I decided very fast that if she signed my arm is get it tattooed over, it happened so fast sticking my arm out as far as I could I handed Tay my sharpie and as she took a breather she held my wrist with one hand and signed with the other it happened so fast I don’t think I had time to blink. As I pulled back my arm I looked down and started screaming I couldn’t believe it happened, some where in there I managed to get my sharpie back also lol.

Thank you Taylor for the most memorable moment of my life I’ll never forget it clearly cuz your on my arm forever lol “you are the best thing that’s ever been Mine”

I have finally collected all the albums hand signed by Taylor all of which I got different ways some from friends some from concerts. I’m very happy to have the whole family together.

As the 1989 tour comes to an end I’ll never give up hope I know my Day to meet her will come just waiting my turn

Love you Taylor your my everything

-Richie (the guy with the Taylor Tattoo)

okay, maybe i’m a little late to the party here but….

can we just talk about “i know places” for like a hOT SEC. BECAUSE IF I’M NOT MISTAKEN, @taylorswift HAS DONE IT AGAIN. 





“you know for me, it’s always you, in the dead of night, your eyes so green. and I know for you, it’s always me.”