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I see so many people freaking out and completely melting down about the results of this election. And honestly, I don’t see what you see. I see something completely different.

I see this to be a time where we really learn to question our political system. And I hope we have the introspection to do that, I’d really hate for this election to pass by and all people do is sit there and just pass blame around and be complacent in their political party affiliation. 

No, this is a time to scrutinise our political system entirely. A time to really ponder the effects and detriments of party loyalty. A time to see the disadvantages of a fiercely two-party political system and even more so, a political system which is entirely dependent on parties as opposed to actual individuals and ideas.

Does anyone even know how many potentially beneficial candidates the US has tossed aside all because of party affiliation not aligning with the big 2: republicans or democrats? Like seriously, we’ve been limiting ourselves the whole time because of this sort of narrow-mindedness. We tell ourselves that the only candidates which matter are those belonging to the two mentioned parties, and a vote for anyone else is a waste, and then we go on to blame third-party voters for “handing the election” to what candidate we didn’t like. We’ve created third-party votes to be failures in a mechanistic self-fulfilling prophecy, yet we still don’t ever recognise that’s what we’ve done.

So I want this to be a time for people to see the value in breaking the party system, a time for people to see the power in independent or third-party voting, a time for real democratic values to develop as opposed to semi-democratic party-based cultism and limited candidate potential.

So try to see what I see, that we need introspection, that we need more voter independence, and that we need more significance realised in the individual voice of the voter as opposed to the loudly outspoken voice of political parties. Do not let this election pass by without insight and without the recognition of a need for political refinement in the US.

Russia’s involvement in the election is now clear. They successfully manipulated our media, with the knowledge of federal law enforcement and the GOP, in order to elect their preferred candidate. They won.

But does it matter? If Trump’s voters and his party are aligned with Russia, is that in itself the treason that I would think? Or is that simply where the Republican Party wants our political alignment to go?

Clearly, this is where the Trump campaign was always headed. Between General “Fake-News” Flynn and Paul “Dictator Guru” Manafort, the Russian connection has always been evident. The surprise, if there is one, is that Republican leadership was always on board with this alignment.

If our system elects a pro-Russian candidate, and voters willingly and openly chose neo-Nazism, what is the recourse?

tbh personally i think elections shouldn’t be based on campaigns but instead you go to an election booth and you fill out a form or a survey on a computer which states proposed policies or ideals and you cross “agree”, “neutral” or “disagree”, and at the end your vote is automatically cast for the party or person who aligns with your ideals the most.

advantages of this:

  • no more “i like ___ because i feel like i could go to the pub with him”. policies > personalities (although often if you have good policies you also have a good personality)
  • smaller parties like the greens have a chance (i’m almost certain that there are people like me who would support the greens but support the normal left-wing party because the greens have such a low chance of winning)
  • we don’t need decade-long fucking campaigns
  • stops people from judging based on race/gender/etc. if you support the policies of a black man but don’t like black people, fuck your racist ass you’re voting for someone black
  • …and more

Party Alignment Meme for Fates characters

This was a mistake….

- Mod Tomato

Lawful Lit:

  • Silas
  • Ryoma
  • Kaze
  • Yukimura
  • Scarlet
  • Corrin
  • Arthur
  • Gunter

Neutral Lit:

  • Peri
  • Azama
  • Shura
  • Leo
  • Keaton

Chaotic Lit:

  • Elise
  • Oboro
  • Hana
  • Hinata

Lawful Wasted:

  • Mod Tomato
  • Mod Pineapple
  • Orochi
  • Kagero
  • Hinoka
  • Reina
  • Felicia
  • Effie
  • Nyx

True Wasted: 

  • Sakura
  • Benny
  • Saizo
  • Mozu
  • Hayato
  • Azura
  • Beruka
  • Flora

Chaotic Wasted:

  • Takumi
  • Xander
  • Rinkah
  • Jakob

Lawful Slutty:

  • Charlotte
  • Camilla
  • Selena

Neutral Slutty:

  • Niles
  • Setsuna

Chaotic Slutty:

  • Subaki
  • Kaden
  • Izana
  • Odin
A list of things our Chaotic Aligned Party has done:

- Liberated a Neutral Evil Race of Snake People from a Mummy Lord and helped them reclaim their kingdom

-Murdered a Mummy Lord and gave his Heart to a Morally Dubious Wizard Shopkeeper

-Introduced the Snake People’s Evil Religion into a Major Hub City 

-Brainwashed a good, pious priest to devote all his churches resources into the Evil Snake God’s church

-Repeatedly caused major psychological trauma to the same janitor 

-Gave the Ranger a Sentient Bow that demanded he murder anything in sight

-Entered a Country of Lycanthropes to steal from their King 

-Murdered two of their citizens and brought them back from death because they felt like it

-Deceived the Rat King that they’d aid him while plotting his assassination and replacement

-Had an audience with the country’s king



-Escape to the sewers, delve into the underground catacombs

-Get some poisonous spores, a Poison Goddess’s Chalice, and chat with a dead Dracolich 



- Somehow defeat the Demon 


-Promptly escaped with the most beautiful woman in the Were Rat City

We left the country in ruins, with two different racial leaders and King’s dead, its entire population poisoned, a serious demon of immense power summoned in the city’s sewers, and an Ancient Green Dragon roosting on top of this country’s Castle. We have left this country in complete tatters. 

Any volunteers?

My character is a Duelist and this was my second game, and so far I hadn’t had much action so I was a tad… anxious to get to the fighting, so anxious in fact that my party members recommended an alignment shift from my previous status of neutral good

My friend who got me involved in the game (a fleshwarping undead wizard with a neutral evil alignment) wasn’t the best influence:

DM: The two of you find footprints in the sand

Duelist: I say we follow the trail, there might be someone to stab at the end of it.

Fleshwarper: Yeah I have one more chance for a disintegration spell today I’d like to get it out of my system.

DM: Why are you two so hostile? You guys just killed like six zombies!


After a bit more joking and laughter we happen upon a camp of marooned pirates, after rolling high on diplomacy I was informed that I couldn’t diplomatically ask someone to run into my swords, so I left the talking to the wizard.


Duelist: Which may or may not involve being stabbed

Fleshwarper: OR JOIN OUR CREW! Granted, at least one of you must surrender yourselves to disintegration; any volunteers? You? Thought I saw you raising your hand? No? Anyone? How about you? 

When I first started playing D&D, it was with my family.  My brother was the DM, having whined his way into that position of power, and proceeded to do nothing but set up cookie-cutter dungeon crawls that were nothing but grind missions.  After finally realizing that his players (Mom, Uncle, and friends of ours), were getting tired of grind missions that led to nowhere, he asked for ways to spice up his game.  The real miracle was that he listened for once, and tried to implement them.

Of the notable players, there was myself (half-Drow Bard and fabulously gay), Mom (lawful good sorceress), Uncle (nudist halfling rogue), and our cleric (neutral-greedy human).

Brother set up an impossible negotiation scene, where our (predominantly good-aligned) party needed to get information and hostages from a Chaotic Evil necromancer.  After killing his hostage, the Evil Necromancer said something pithy and insulting.  Having had just about enough of that, Mom threw a magic missile in his face.  Brother got this evil gleam in his eye, and said he was going to teach us a lesson.  He quickly wrote up a level 10 necromancer (we were low-level), and told us to roll for initiative.

We proceeded to trounce the Evil Necromancer’s ass, largely due to some incredible rolls (and Brother Crit Failing a LOT).  I got the bright idea of instead of doing actual damage, to gang up on Evil Necromancer, and knock him out.  Brother was stunned when not only did everyone follow the plan of the fabulously gay bard, but we pulled it off beautifully.

To keep the Evil Necromancer from regaining his spells, we stripped him of all of his clothing and items, bound him to the back of an ass, and gagged him.  To further prevent him from regaining his spells, we put a 24/7 watch on while we carted him to our patron (some Lady of the City or some such).

We players also discussed ways we were continuously breaking the Evil Necromancer’s concentration - Mom (lawful good sorceress) would keep up a scathing lecture, with slaps; Uncle (nudist halfling rogue) made a squeak trap that would perpetually squeak; our Cleric would throw rocks and pebbles at him at random times; meanwhile, I was trying to come up with something fabulous to do to him, with my half-Drow bard.

It ended up with this conversation:

Me:  And I, I poke him with… with…

Cleric:  I don’t WANT to know what you’re poking him with!

And that’s how I had a fabulously gay, half-Drow Bard, with a punishment-fetish for evil necromancers in a game I played with my fifty-year-old mother, sixty-odd great-uncle, older brother, and friends of the family.

The slimy party member.

No not a literal slime. I play in a homebrew in which the part has to gather magic stones of each element before the big bad does. We have 2 stones in our posession and know of a 3rd. Problem is it belongs to a dragonborn that isnt just going to hand it over. I know because my character died trying to retrieve it. Uh oh time to reroll.

My DM is great. Allows us to play out in party fighting and backstabbing. So my new character is a NE life oracle hired by a private individual to steal the stones from the party.

So far I have infiltrated the group and convinced them to go on a bounty for some cash. But the bounty is actually a hit put out by a mob boss. Ive bluffed the party, hid my alignment from the paladin, and provided a fake warrant for the guys death and they suspect nothing. My next goal is to have an npc friend of mine pickpocket one of the pcs for one of the stones.

The GM thinks Im going to die. I think I am just the slimiest pos there is and will pull it off


Two games back, we were down to 3 party members. We didn’t do much rolling and there was no combat. In one of the most unique D&D sessions I’ve ever been a part of, we spent most of the evening auditioning NPCs to impersonate our characters.

We had to leave town on an important quest, but we had been invited by a recently befriended NPC to an open mic night performance. The average party alignment is neutral evil, so despite our promise to attend, we decided to hire doubles. We rented out a theater and conducted tryouts. The parts:

An undead female human revenant monk.

A warforged paladin.

And a gnoll barbarian.

Nary a single revenant, warforged, or gnoll appeared at our well publicized casting call. So we had to settle for a pale skinned girl, a dockworker in a trashcan, and two men, one standing on the other’s shoulders under a gnoll costume. Close enough- neutral lazy is more like it.

Our DM did a spectacular job roleplaying NPCs impersonating the party, it was incredibly impressive.

Dungeon Seekers of Tumblr I need your help.

So I have a Paladin in Pathfinder who is lawful good (because of class restriction). A huge problem I’m having is playing the alignment. My party is generally on the chaotic side of action and its tough playing my character without being the stereotypical “lawful stupid” and getting in the way of every choice.

An example is an assassin we captured. We were deciding what to do. I felt I was stepping on the line saying we should break his fingers so he could no hold a weapon and tie him to a horse. Others had more fatal suggestions.

How do you guys play Lawful Good?