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i love your ocs!! do they all have backstories? :0

Thank you ! Some of them like the sukeban demons I’ve drawn a few times lately don’t really have anything particular related to them but here’s a quick something for the minstrels ! I might make a short comics involving them at some point.

How To Pun Your Way Past A Dragon

(This one actually happened back when 3.5 was the Next Big Thing™, so I don’t remember all of the specifics.  The party was an assortment of good-aligned characters, and a young copper dragon stopped us from passing along the road it had decided to camp out on unless we either paid him a token fee or told him a joke he didn’t know.  After dissuading the ranger from trying to pick a fight with him, we decide to go ahead and pay up since all parties involved good aligned.  …Except for my barbarian.)

Barbarian:  I could tell you the one about the broken dagger, but there’s no point to it.

Dragon:  *Long steady stare, after the DM needed a couple seconds to work out the pun.*

Barbarian:  The one about the crossbow might be worth a shot…

(The whole party groans, IC and OOC.  The dragon and DM both facepalm and just point down the road.)

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🍕 = What is your muse’s usual pizza order? Do they order any drinks, sides, or desserts to go with it?
🍾  = What is the last thing your muse celebrated? How long was the celebration?
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💸  = Has your muse written their will yet? If yes, what have they decided to give to people? If no, why not?
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📘  = Describe an AU verse/story that you have written out for your muse that you’d love to roleplay. Why did you choose to make them that way?
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☠️  = How would your muse prefer to die? What do they want done with their body after they die?
👻  = Does your muse believe in ghosts? What is your muse’s scariest experience with spirits/the unknown?
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📱 = What type of cell phone does your muse have? What apps do they frequently use? Who do they text or call most often?
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💔  = When is a time your muse was heart-broken? Was it someone else’s fault or your muse’s? What did they do to get over it?
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🚨 = Has your muse ever been in trouble with the police? What crime did they commit? Did they have to stay in jail?
🥇 = Has your muse ever won a contest or competition? What was the contest/competition? What did they receive as a prize, if anything?
🎸 = Can your muse play an instrument? If yes, which one(s)? If no, do they want to learn how to play? Can they write lyrics or sing?
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🍳 = Does your muse know how to cook? What dish of theirs is the most popular among their friends/family? What would they consider their specialty?
👽 = Does your muse believe in aliens? Have they ever seen a UFO? Do they believe they’ve been abducted before, or do they know anyone who claims to have been abducted?

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If I remember correctly, the KKK, was organized by democrats. Also democrats do continue to be violent and hateful to this day. There are good liberal people and conservative ones. There are also horrible people from every corner of the political spectrum and if you fail to acknowledge this you're probably one of the nuts.

Oh no, it’s this stupid shit again. Sit down folks, it’s time for another history lesson. You do remember some things correctly, but you’re forgetting about 150+ years of political history.

You’re not wrong, in the sense that many of the people who founded the KKK were Democrats, you’re just silly because you’re totally ignoring the historical context of American politics to make a point in our modern political environment and if you took 5 minutes to study the historical development of the parties you would realize how dumb that is.

Andrew Jackson officially founded the Democratic Party when he became president in 1828. He did so by appealing to the poor rural farmers of the South and Midwest. Things like destroying the central banks, removing Native Americans from their land, and leaving slavery just how it was, were all tenets of his campaign.

Andrew Jackson was the first populist in American politics and he rode a wave of angry, rural, white men to the White House. Sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton and the modern day Democrats, right? /s

Here’s a map just so you can get a better feel for it. In 1828 the only really developed part of the country was the North East and honestly that election highlighted the Urban/Rural divide of the time just as well as the election of 2016 did today.

This was a trend that would continue up until the Civil War, with bubbles of xenophobia like the Know Nothings, the rise and fall of the Whigs, and eventually the Civil War itself can all be tied to the agrarian, poorer, rural regions of the country struggling to adapt to the early days of the industrial revolution. It’s not a coincidence the white folks in the North became opposed to slavery incredibly slowly and only as the system of factories could adequately provide everything they needed.

The south developed a lot slower and wasn’t as keen on questioning slavery and the Democratic Party had aligned itself with those interests. After the Civil War many in the South voted Democrat no matter what because the republicans WERE “the Party of Lincoln.”

This is the era where terms like the solid south and “yellow dog Democrat” referring to the fact that people in the South would vote Democrats no matter what, come into use. These are also the voters who would join the KKK. The poor, white, rural voters of the south formed the KKK. Poor, white rural voters also formed the Democratic Party. For decades they handed the South to Democratic Politicians, repeatedly.

Here’s a map from 1896, William Jennings Bryan, the quintessential agrarian populist. Basically every map looks the exact same with Democrats scooping up the South.

Until 1948, wen Harry S Truman decided to integrate the army, against the wishes of the strong Southern Democrats wing of the party. Who broke off and formed “the Dixiecrats.” All to oppose integrating the army.

See how the some voters in the South decided to vote “State’s rights Democratic” AKA Keep the Democratic Party Racist Again.

The Dixiecrats were on the wrong side of history though and the party wasn’t going to back down on integration, which pushed people out of the party slowly over the course of the next 20 years. It would open the door for people like Geeorge Wallace and Strom Thurmand the racist wing of the Democratic Party’s leader would soon switch to the Republican Party, a trend many southern voters would follow.

From 1948 to 1972 you can watch the Southern Democratic Party struggle to maintain it’s identity.

1956 they are still solidly Democrat, race politics weren’t tat big of a deal in that election although you see that little brown sliver in between Mississippi and Alabama, they were still a big deal in South and many of those voters knew they would have to jump ship soon.

In 1964 many Southern states voted Republican for the first time since the Civil War.

In 1968 those same states voted for George Wallace and his segregationist platform, something Richard Nixon was determined to not let happen again in 1972. Which forced him to campaign heavily on his “southern strategy” which was really just being racist in the South and tailoring his capmaign to would be Wallace voters.

It worked.

Basically every election since 1972 the Republicans have won “the solid south.”

All the way up until 2016, since 1972, minus Jimmy Carter, the Republican candidate has won the South. Republicans now run the South just as solidly as the Democrats did from the Civil War on.

So when you and people like you make the claim that “Democrats started the KKK” you’re not necessarily wrong. But it’s stupid because it’s totally ignorant of how the parties have changed over the decades.

The average southern white, rural voter is a Republican today, but was a Democrat for much of American political history. That changed about 40 years ago and doesn’t seem to be changing back any time soon. Their grandparents were in the KKK, their grandparents voted Democrat, but as a block of rural, poor white voters, culturally aligned with the South, they flipped.

So Democrats may have started the KKK, but those KKK members would be Republicans today.

As to your other points, there are definitely good people who are conservative, but I don’t really know what you’re getting at with that. Because good people can make bad political decisions that hurt millions of people, they did it in 1828 and again in 2016. I don’t think every Trump voter is a bad person but I think they all did a bad thing.

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What can you tell us about communists in Palestine?

I guess I could give like a general overview of the history. It’s generally follows the contours of the international movement, so I’ll just outline what’s particular to it. So the socialist movement in Palestine began in 1905 with the founding of HaPoel HaTzair [The Young Worker], which was a non-Marxist socialist-Zionist party into like Tolstoyan romantic agrarianism, and Poalei Tzion [Workers of Zion], which was a Marxist-Zionist party, by Jewish immigrants from Russia. Following the First World War and the Russian Revolution, like in most countries, there was a split between socialists and communists. The right-wing of the Poalei Tzion party merged with unaffiliated agricultural workers’ unions to become Ahdut HaAvodah [Labor Unity], a more moderate party but still more radical than HaPoel HaTzair, and the left-wing of the party formed Mifleget Poalim Sozialistit [Socialist Workers Party], which split again between the Jewish Communist Party and Poalei Tzion Smol [Workers of Zion (Left)] after the Comintern disavowed Zionism in 1921. The Jewish Communist Party became the Palestinishe Komunistishe Partei [Palestine Communist Party, notice it’s in Yiddish rather than Hebrew] in 1923 and finally joined the Comintern in 1924. So now we have our communist movement.

Soon after joining, the Comintern took issue with the fact that it was almost entirely made up of Jewish immigrants [as in, in 1925, there were only 8 Arab members], so it directed the party to “Arabize” itself as soon as possible. The party stepped up its recruiting efforts among the small but growing Arab working class [particularly in “Red” Haifa] and the Arab intelligentsia, who were more inclined towards Pan-Arabism than socialism. Between 1924 and 1930, however, the party managed to radicalize enough Arabs and send them to the Communist University for the Toilers of the East in Moscow to form an Arab communist cadre that was quickly placed into leadership positions. At the 7th Congress in 1930, the CC had an Arab majority for the first time, although the vast majority of the rank-and-file were still Jewish.

Ethnic tensions first began to arise in the party when the Great Arab Revolt began in 1936. Guerrilla bands had control over most of the countryside, and Jews, communist or not, would be killed or robbed if they tried to go there, so a “Jewish section” was formed in the party to focus Jewish party members on work in the Yishuv, the Jewish community. Meanwhile, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the Communist Party of Great Britain [the party of the metropole that ruled Palestine], and the PKP declared support for the revolt on anti-imperialist grounds. The PKP hemorrhaged Jewish members, who saw the revolt mostly through the lens of anti-Jewish violence in the countryside, but not enough that they didn’t still vastly outnumbered the Arab members. [A similar thing had happened during the anti-Jewish riots in 1921 and ‘29, which the SWP was partially responsible for starting, but nowhere near as much as during 1936-39.] The tensions came to a head in 1939, when the British issued the White Paper restricting Jewish immigration to Palestine. The Arab communists supported the White Paper, which brought Zionist settlement to a stop, while the Jewish communists saw the White Paper as the closing of the gates of the last refuge of Jews in Nazi Europe. The Arab-dominated CC dissolved the Jewish section in 1939, severely weakening the control of the Jewish rank-and-file, but around the same time, the Comintern adopted the policy of popular frontism, and the party was directed to align itself with the socialist-Zionist movement against fascism, both in Palestine and elsewhere, which alienated the Arab members of the party.

Due to the popularity of the Red Army among Jews in Palestine for their fight against the Nazis, the party had a surge in Jewish membership during 1941-45, replacing and exceeding the losses from 1936-39. Another shift that happened during the war was a shift in the international communist movement’s position on Zionism. The international communist movement came to support the Zionist movement between 1941-45 because of, in my opinion, guilt towards Jews after the Shoah, the idea developed by the CPGB that the Yishuv was an oppressed nation in need of national self-determination, just like Palestinian Arabs, and the idea developed by the CPSU that the socialist-Zionist Yishuv was the revolutionary element in Palestine rather than the Palestinian Arab national movement, associated with its longtime leader, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, and his collaboration with Nazism. Therefore the Soviet Union and the CPs around the world supported partition of Palestine in 1947, with the Soviets funneling Czech rifles to the Israelis, basically the only weapons they had during the War of 1947-49. [The Soviets soon shifted their support to the Arab nations after Israel aligned itself with the capitalist world, although the second largest party in Israel, Mifleget HaPoalim HaMeuhedet (United Workers Party, known by the acronym Mapam) was Marxist-Leninist, and there was a significant struggle between them and the dominant Mapai party to align Israel with the communist world.]

Meanwhile on the ground in Palestine, the PKP split along ethnic lines toward the end of the war. In 1944, the Arab communists formed Usbat al-Taharrur al-Watani [the National Liberation League], a leftist Arab nationalist party, while the Jewish communists remained in the party, renaming it HaMiflega HaKomunistit HaYisraelit [the Israeli Communist Party, known by the acronym Maki] in 1947, right before the outbreak of the War of 1947-49. Following the war, the NLL in Israel merged with Maki, while the NLL in Gaza was crushed by the Egyptians in 1949 and the NLL in the West Bank merged with the Communist Party of Jordan. The once-again Arab-Jewish Maki managed not to split again until the mid-sixties, when it split along ethnic lines, with the Palestinian communists forming the Reshima Komunistit Hadasha [New Communist List, known by the acronym Rakah]. Finally, the two parties merged for the last time in 1977, along with the Israeli Black Panthers [a Mizrahi radical movement with essentially the same politics as the American party it was named after but with Mizrahi Jews rather than Black Americans], to form HaHazit HaDemokratit LeShalom uLeShivion [The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality, known by the acronym Hadash], which now holds 5 seats in the Israeli parliament.

This is also leaving out the long, complicated history of post-Nakba communist politics by Palestinians outside of Palestine, with the PLO, PFLP, DFLP, and so on, which I don’t know enough about the internal politics of to break down like this tbh.

Hope that’s what you were looking for!

Kathy Griffin made a joke where she held the President’s severed head. She stooped to a sick level by performing this stunt, something she would have condemned were the president’s party aligned with her own.

Nobody who respects their reputation or their career does something like this and walks away with clean hands. The news constantly speaks of terrorism and violence and ISIS beheading another 100 Christians and all sorts of awful things, and Griffin thinks her act qualifies as mere “criticism”?

Honestly, Kathy Griffin can lose every dollar to her name and have completely deserved the loss. Nobody on either side of the political spectrum should ever condone what she did. I hate that it was done to Trump. I would hate it if it were done to Obama. They are U.S. presidents who we can freely criticize and mock, but pretending to have severed their bloodied head (and subsequently inadvertently show it to their 11 year old child) is tactless, tasteless, and unclassy. It’s not how politics should be discussed. It’s not how AMERICAN politics should be discussed.

I’m not saying Griffin can’t do such acts, but I am saying it’s disgusting, and the damage to her career and reputation was brought on by none other than herself. It was repulsive to see. Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequence. Trump is not persecuting you. All of this is on YOU, Kathy Griffin, so please do us a favor and quit crying victim.


Party Alignment Chart - SDV Edition

also as someone who doesn’t smoke/isn’t cool enough to get offered drugs at parties I have no idea how anything I write sounds ok

Letter to Young Engineers

This letter, from a father to a son, was written by professional engineer Bob Breeze upon his son’s graduation as a mechanical engineer. The letter was published in a collection entitled, Letters to Young Engineers, published by the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and edited by Daniel Hoornweg, UOIT associate professor and Jeffrey Boyce Research chair. Inspired in part by Ranier Maria Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet, the book was presented to recent engineering graduates at the university to inspire and encourage their continued development as professional engineers.

Congratulations on your graduation!

You have good reason to be proud of your accomplishments.

Now take time to reflect: Take time to think about your personal and professional goals. Reflect as well on what it means to be an engineer in this ever-changing world and, more importantly, what it means to be a fully contributing member of society. How will you take your place in your community, this country, and the world? There are tough personal and career decisions ahead that will challenge the very idea of who you are.

Engineering teaches that you can think your way through any problem when it is broken down into manageable parts. But today’s broader societal problems can’t be broken down in the same manner. Our problems are intractable. They are multidimensional. Sound decisions require us to consider the ethical, social, cultural, environmental, and economic sides of any issue. They didn’t teach us that in engineering school.

I can’t help you make the tough decisions ahead. Frankly, I’m not sure what tomorrow or these decisions will look like. But here are some things that you can do to prepare yourself for the future.

Read Broadly

Engineering students don’t receive a broad education. The curriculum focuses on the narrow confines of our profession. Many argue that it must focus given the amount of material engineering students have to master.  I won’t argue either point, but you need to catch up and develop a broader understanding of the world around you.

Read literature, history, economics, philosophy, biographies, and poetry. Build an appreciation of the arts. Go to the symphony as well as the jazz festival. Listen to TED lectures and download podcasts for those long flights or commutes to work and back.

There are many points of view, and many solutions to any problem. The key to taking a broader role in your community is to understand these points of view, develop sound judgment, and use it to guide you in the future.

Follow Current Affairs

We aren’t just taxpayers. We are citizens first. To be good citizens, we must follow what is happening around us and seek to understand root causes. Take an interest in what’s happening in your community, nation, and world affairs.

What was the “Arab Spring” all about? How are its effects shaping our world? What should we do about it? Can we do anything about it?

And at home, what caused the Lac-Mégantic disaster and the Walkerton drinking water tragedy? Were these caused by lazy or drunk workers? Or by greedy companies? Or by the current focus of our society on profits? It’s up to you to decide and to use this understanding to guide your professional and personal decision-making.

Get Involved Politically

Politics isn’t a dirty word! Politics is how societies consider issues and make decisions. Being a politician is a noble profession. Yes, too many politicians have been found lining their own pockets at our expense. And political parties have become far too introspective. They cater to the needs of the party base and not the good of the province and country. You can help change that! Politics must focus on the broader public good and not just the good of the few.

It doesn’t matter what political party you choose to support. Just make sure that the vision and, more importantly, the actions of your chosen political party align with your personal views.


Mahatma Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Remember the two years your mother and I spent in the African bush teaching science and languages? It was a tough assignment, but in the end we gained far more than our students. It taught us self-reliance and judgment, and it gave us an appreciation [of] how difficult life is in many developing countries. It was a personal growth experience and … we found ourselves!

Your mother and I have done well personally, financially, and in our careers. You could argue that it was because of hard work and good judgment. Yes, but there was a lot of luck involved too. We were born and grew up at the right time and place. Reach out to those who are less fortunate and in need of help. Volunteer in your community. Give back!

Be Ready for Opportunities

You need to have career and personal goals and sound plans to achieve them. After your time of reflection, you need to decide what you want to do with your life and your career. But you still need to maintain a good measure of flexibility and be ready to seize opportunities that present themselves.

This will often mean a move out of your comfort zone. But that’s a good thing. The psychological high after you’ve accepted a challenge and achieved what you set out to do is amazing!

Just don’t be complacent. Keep moving forward. Challenge yourself.

Learn to Communicate Effectively

Engineers are poor communicators! We think once we have worked through the calculations, the solution should be obvious to everyone. But it is not obvious to everyone.

The best ideas are often lost because they weren’t well communicated or the timing was wrong. Senior decision-makers have limited time and are being pressed from all sides. Make it easy for them to see the benefits from their perspective.

Join Toastmasters, or take a course in public speaking and making presentations. And before the big day, practice, practice, and practice!

Speak Truth to Power

Let’s stop building subways to city wards when there is no business case. Spending hundreds of millions of dollars to extend a subway to solidify votes for the next election is dishonest! Let’s push for evidence-based decision-making.

It’s easy to follow the path of least resistance, and we all need to do that at times. You can’t keep hitting your head against the wall. But when the issue at stake is fundamentally important, stand up and speak truth to power. Engineers need to let their voices be heard on issues of public importance.

In conclusion, engineers can continue to be small, bit players in community, provincial, and national decision-making by providing technical solutions to narrowly defined problems. Or they can get involved in helping define the problem, thinking through the broader social, cultural, environmental, and ethical implications, considering the broader options, and communicating to the broader society. They can make sure that engineering thinking is part of problem definition, analysis, and solution.

I have a tee-off time this afternoon. Here’s the torch! Let me know how it goes.

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Hey I think you're super cool, and you seem pretty anti-Alt/right and so I was just wondering how you felt about the using the threat of violence on the side of the left, as a deterrent towards rightist supporters. I've been all 'punch a nazi' lately but recently I've been wondering if the radicalization of the left is, in fact pushing the white moderate towards the more traditional Republican Party, and aligning them with the alt/right when tensions elevate. It might be a lill much but thx!!

I think those “moderates” that will be pushed to the right were going to lean right anyway. I think the left has too long given allowances to a type of centrism that is disproportionately harmful to those most at risk and the right has historically and continues to threaten far greater violence than the left ever has in America. When it comes to those folks, cite specific examples and statistics–like the epidemic levels of far right “lone wolf” mass murderers and the way neoliberal policies have criminalized blackness, immigration, and trans lives.

I think the left needs to grow a spine and stop turning the other cheek. We’re battered and bloody enough. I can not name a single advance in civil rights, liberties, or equality that was gained through entirely nonviolent means. Nonviolence only works when your opposition values your life.

And they don’t.


Demons, evil alignment player party, (body) horror, I must do something with this antagonist character I let run away in my first campaign, introducing a new big baddie/evil force, Party of 2 x PC mage + 2 x PC demon, trying out higher level characters (5th) instead of 1st level babies


Baqir (player: Mimeklou) - Warlock/The Great Old One. Diplomatic, linguistic mage. Leader and the brains of the group.

April (player: Riddlerawr) - Sorcerer/Wild Magic. Rogue-ish pyromancer mage. Likes to play with fire, will probably destroy us all eventually.

Jekku (player: Pahempi) - Demon, Rogue/Thief. Small monkey. Needs to go back to villain elementary school.

Kir'e (player: Pitchin) - Demon, Barbarian/Berserker( ? ) but also a cook. Is both Gordon Ramsey and Shrek. I gave up at this point.


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Do you have any criticisms of Mao?

yes. the four pests campaign was a disaster, i dont agree with the purging of peng dehuai, there were holes in his self-criticism of the GLF, i think there was failure to consolidate ML and anti-revisionism within upper echelons of the party, particularly those aligned with zhou enlai, three worlds theory was absolutely reactionary and definitely helped consolidating a capitalist roader base before the arrests of the gang of four, aligning with the US and allowing nixon into the country was a mistake, tjere wasnt a large enough effort to maintain peace in the gpcr, and deng and hua shouldve been shot straight up.

Just had to unfollow one of those fit white gay thots because they didn’t understand the irony in being a proud Young Republican.

I have no time for this bullshit anymore.

Like, I don’t understand LGBT Republicans. And I REALLY don’t understand YOUNG LGBT Republicans. If that’s the party you align yourself with you must truly be comfortable with all of the racism and xenophobia and transphobia and damage that lack of access to health services would have on our community. In that instance your allegiance to whiteness and affluence surpasses literally everything else.

A dark twist on “the real treasure was the friends we made along the way;” have the party sent to retrieve a powerful and valuable magical artifact and meet an NPC or two on the journey and have the party become attached to them. When they get to their destination, reveal that the treasure they’re seeking is physically within said NPC and in order to retrieve the treasure they must kill their new friend.

Particularly affective against lawful or good aligned parties