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you know that party alignment chart and i can’t remember which alignment it is but one of them is like “drunkenly gives terrible relationship advice to everyone and thinks they’re doing great” thats me but sober

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i love your ocs!! do they all have backstories? :0

Thank you ! Some of them like the sukeban demons I’ve drawn a few times lately don’t really have anything particular related to them but here’s a quick something for the minstrels ! I might make a short comics involving them at some point.

"No! You can't eat me!"

So running the Caves of Chaos AD&D campaign. We have seven players, five of which are a mixture of elves and half-elves, then a human ranger and a halfling thief. The DM has just decided that seeing as how we can’t hold to one alignment, or well most of the party can’t, that our alignments will be in constant flux depending on our most recent actions. Our Wizard is determined to be Chaotic Evil. She had just killed another player’s character, who instead of introducing himself, decided it’d be a great idea to creepily follow.

Wizard: I cut up the body and get ready to eat it.
DM: Wait what? Nonono don’t do that
Wozard(OOC): I am eating him.
Wizard(OOC): I want to be Chaotic Evil.
DM: fine. You eat him. Your alignment is Lawful Good.
Wizard(OOC): What? NO!
DM: well it’s not like your a cannibal now.
Wizard: *turning to one of the other half-/elves* Can I eat you then?
The rest of the group: NO! Eat the thief! He takes all the treasure anyways!
Wizard: *draws on the thief* Well then, its dinner time~
Thief: Think about it. I’m the only halfling here. If you want to be a cannibal, there other elves right there.

The area soon breaks into chaos

Kathy Griffin made a joke where she held the President’s severed head. She stooped to a sick level by performing this stunt, something she would have condemned were the president’s party aligned with her own.

Nobody who respects their reputation or their career does something like this and walks away with clean hands. The news constantly speaks of terrorism and violence and ISIS beheading another 100 Christians and all sorts of awful things, and Griffin thinks her act qualifies as mere “criticism”?

Honestly, Kathy Griffin can lose every dollar to her name and have completely deserved the loss. Nobody on either side of the political spectrum should ever condone what she did. I hate that it was done to Trump. I would hate it if it were done to Obama. They are U.S. presidents who we can freely criticize and mock, but pretending to have severed their bloodied head (and subsequently inadvertently show it to their 11 year old child) is tactless, tasteless, and unclassy. It’s not how politics should be discussed. It’s not how AMERICAN politics should be discussed.

I’m not saying Griffin can’t do such acts, but I am saying it’s disgusting, and the damage to her career and reputation was brought on by none other than herself. It was repulsive to see. Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequence. Trump is not persecuting you. All of this is on YOU, Kathy Griffin, so please do us a favor and quit crying victim.


Party Alignment Chart - SDV Edition

also as someone who doesn’t smoke/isn’t cool enough to get offered drugs at parties I have no idea how anything I write sounds ok


Demons, evil alignment player party, (body) horror, I must do something with this antagonist character I let run away in my first campaign, introducing a new big baddie/evil force, Party of 2 x PC mage + 2 x PC demon, trying out higher level characters (5th) instead of 1st level babies


Baqir (player: Mimeklou) - Warlock/The Great Old One. Diplomatic, linguistic mage. Leader and the brains of the group.

April (player: Riddlerawr) - Sorcerer/Wild Magic. Rogue-ish pyromancer mage. Likes to play with fire, will probably destroy us all eventually.

Jekku (player: Pahempi) - Demon, Rogue/Thief. Small monkey. Needs to go back to villain elementary school.

Kir'e (player: Pitchin) - Demon, Barbarian/Berserker( ? ) but also a cook. Is both Gordon Ramsey and Shrek. I gave up at this point.


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Lawful Good Antagonists

Have you ever had a Lawful Good Paladin NPC as an antagonist in a non-evil campaign? I played one in a friends game (I used to do guest voices and stuff) set in a (I think?) homebrew Dark Sun setting. To keep it succinct; magic in that setting doesn’t work as normal and in order to cast it you have to drain the life force from plants or other small life forms. This caused much of the world to turn into a massive desert where nothing can grow and there’s few animals anywhere. 

The setting has special rules for starvation and dehydration where your alignment gets suspended after a certain point because you will do ANYTHING to get water. Along with the usual fare of Orcs and Brigands this makes the game very deadly. While travelling the desert, the starved and dehydrated party noticed a column of light in the distance and eventually reached a walled city in which they could see trees, plants and crops, and a small tent city outside.

As they approached, the city gates open and the NPC walks up to them. Basically he tells them that because they have managed to create greenery inside the city that feeds and hydrates everyone, spellcasters are not allowed within the walls.He welcomes any non-magic users into the city and tells them they’ll be fed and provided rooms for the night and given supplies for their journey. If there are any spellcasters among them they will need to wait outside the city but they will be fed as well. 

And when they leave (whenever that is) the magic users in tent city will also be given supplies for their journey. He makes it clear that they are under no pressure to leave, they will be fed full meals three times a day as long as they choose to stay in the city or camped outside its walls. The city can support it, so long as the crops and spring inside the city don’t dry up (such as if magic were used inside the city) 

There was a test that could be performed to determine if someone was a spellcaster. He would touch their hand or face or wherever they were comfortable with and if they had cast a spell within the last X number of days the touched area would burst into divine flame.

Anyone who wanted to enter the city would have to consent to the test, but if they want to stay in the tent city and be fed they didn’t need to be tested. One spellcaster admitted to being one and the NPC thanked them, one tried to lie about it and got their face burned (and passed out) and then the third admitted to being a spellcaster as well and the NPC thanked them.

To be honest, I expected the entire party to choose to remain outside but I was surprised when they split up and the two non spellcasters went inside while the rest slummed it in tent city. It made one of the encounters interesting (the camp got attacked in the night by some thieves trying to steal the food or something) and the group was all split up. They had to wait for the portcullis to be raised (The NPC took 5 D10 damage because he jumped off the wall to get down and help quicker) 

He did eventually become more of an ally to them but it was definitely interesting having a lawful good character be directly opposing a good aligned party, even in a kind of minor way?  He stuck around and ended up helping them a few times, I even got to give a rousing speech before the final climactic battle of the campaign. He was pretty memorable and I think (I hope) that the players will remember Sir Dorian Lightshield.

Letter to Young Engineers

This letter, from a father to a son, was written by professional engineer Bob Breeze upon his son’s graduation as a mechanical engineer. The letter was published in a collection entitled, Letters to Young Engineers, published by the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and edited by Daniel Hoornweg, UOIT associate professor and Jeffrey Boyce Research chair. Inspired in part by Ranier Maria Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet, the book was presented to recent engineering graduates at the university to inspire and encourage their continued development as professional engineers.

Congratulations on your graduation!

You have good reason to be proud of your accomplishments.

Now take time to reflect: Take time to think about your personal and professional goals. Reflect as well on what it means to be an engineer in this ever-changing world and, more importantly, what it means to be a fully contributing member of society. How will you take your place in your community, this country, and the world? There are tough personal and career decisions ahead that will challenge the very idea of who you are.

Engineering teaches that you can think your way through any problem when it is broken down into manageable parts. But today’s broader societal problems can’t be broken down in the same manner. Our problems are intractable. They are multidimensional. Sound decisions require us to consider the ethical, social, cultural, environmental, and economic sides of any issue. They didn’t teach us that in engineering school.

I can’t help you make the tough decisions ahead. Frankly, I’m not sure what tomorrow or these decisions will look like. But here are some things that you can do to prepare yourself for the future.

Read Broadly

Engineering students don’t receive a broad education. The curriculum focuses on the narrow confines of our profession. Many argue that it must focus given the amount of material engineering students have to master.  I won’t argue either point, but you need to catch up and develop a broader understanding of the world around you.

Read literature, history, economics, philosophy, biographies, and poetry. Build an appreciation of the arts. Go to the symphony as well as the jazz festival. Listen to TED lectures and download podcasts for those long flights or commutes to work and back.

There are many points of view, and many solutions to any problem. The key to taking a broader role in your community is to understand these points of view, develop sound judgment, and use it to guide you in the future.

Follow Current Affairs

We aren’t just taxpayers. We are citizens first. To be good citizens, we must follow what is happening around us and seek to understand root causes. Take an interest in what’s happening in your community, nation, and world affairs.

What was the “Arab Spring” all about? How are its effects shaping our world? What should we do about it? Can we do anything about it?

And at home, what caused the Lac-Mégantic disaster and the Walkerton drinking water tragedy? Were these caused by lazy or drunk workers? Or by greedy companies? Or by the current focus of our society on profits? It’s up to you to decide and to use this understanding to guide your professional and personal decision-making.

Get Involved Politically

Politics isn’t a dirty word! Politics is how societies consider issues and make decisions. Being a politician is a noble profession. Yes, too many politicians have been found lining their own pockets at our expense. And political parties have become far too introspective. They cater to the needs of the party base and not the good of the province and country. You can help change that! Politics must focus on the broader public good and not just the good of the few.

It doesn’t matter what political party you choose to support. Just make sure that the vision and, more importantly, the actions of your chosen political party align with your personal views.


Mahatma Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Remember the two years your mother and I spent in the African bush teaching science and languages? It was a tough assignment, but in the end we gained far more than our students. It taught us self-reliance and judgment, and it gave us an appreciation [of] how difficult life is in many developing countries. It was a personal growth experience and … we found ourselves!

Your mother and I have done well personally, financially, and in our careers. You could argue that it was because of hard work and good judgment. Yes, but there was a lot of luck involved too. We were born and grew up at the right time and place. Reach out to those who are less fortunate and in need of help. Volunteer in your community. Give back!

Be Ready for Opportunities

You need to have career and personal goals and sound plans to achieve them. After your time of reflection, you need to decide what you want to do with your life and your career. But you still need to maintain a good measure of flexibility and be ready to seize opportunities that present themselves.

This will often mean a move out of your comfort zone. But that’s a good thing. The psychological high after you’ve accepted a challenge and achieved what you set out to do is amazing!

Just don’t be complacent. Keep moving forward. Challenge yourself.

Learn to Communicate Effectively

Engineers are poor communicators! We think once we have worked through the calculations, the solution should be obvious to everyone. But it is not obvious to everyone.

The best ideas are often lost because they weren’t well communicated or the timing was wrong. Senior decision-makers have limited time and are being pressed from all sides. Make it easy for them to see the benefits from their perspective.

Join Toastmasters, or take a course in public speaking and making presentations. And before the big day, practice, practice, and practice!

Speak Truth to Power

Let’s stop building subways to city wards when there is no business case. Spending hundreds of millions of dollars to extend a subway to solidify votes for the next election is dishonest! Let’s push for evidence-based decision-making.

It’s easy to follow the path of least resistance, and we all need to do that at times. You can’t keep hitting your head against the wall. But when the issue at stake is fundamentally important, stand up and speak truth to power. Engineers need to let their voices be heard on issues of public importance.

In conclusion, engineers can continue to be small, bit players in community, provincial, and national decision-making by providing technical solutions to narrowly defined problems. Or they can get involved in helping define the problem, thinking through the broader social, cultural, environmental, and ethical implications, considering the broader options, and communicating to the broader society. They can make sure that engineering thinking is part of problem definition, analysis, and solution.

I have a tee-off time this afternoon. Here’s the torch! Let me know how it goes.

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hi, i hope it's ok to ask, it is my first time to vote in the UK and i'm really not sure on who to vote for? is there anyone that you would recommend voting for or is there anywhere where i can read a good summery for each party and who who to avoid? thank u!!

hey, never a problem.

I’d suggest you take this quiz which asks you your views then shows which parties you align most with. For example I got a high score for labour, lib dems and greens. it’s a lot easier to understand than most party manifestos. (or it might help you find which party you want to investigate more).

THEN - if you got conservative, ukip (i really hope not if you’re anonning me) then fine. You’re done! Go forth and vote.

Anyone else please check this spreadsheet to TACTICALLY vote. What this basically means is even if you love greens, if theres 0 chance of them winning, but the lib dems might keep the conservatives out, then vote lib dems instead.

This is a bit more complex, but just put in your postcode and it’ll tell you the best party to win.


  1. check which parties you align with
  2. check who to vote for out of those parties

Party Alignment Meme for Fates characters

This was a mistake….

- Mod Tomato

Lawful Lit:

  • Silas
  • Ryoma
  • Kaze
  • Yukimura
  • Scarlet
  • Corrin
  • Arthur
  • Gunter

Neutral Lit:

  • Peri
  • Azama
  • Shura
  • Leo
  • Keaton

Chaotic Lit:

  • Elise
  • Oboro
  • Hana
  • Hinata

Lawful Wasted:

  • Mod Tomato
  • Mod Pineapple
  • Orochi
  • Kagero
  • Hinoka
  • Reina
  • Felicia
  • Effie
  • Nyx

True Wasted: 

  • Sakura
  • Benny
  • Saizo
  • Mozu
  • Hayato
  • Azura
  • Beruka
  • Flora

Chaotic Wasted:

  • Takumi
  • Xander
  • Rinkah
  • Jakob

Lawful Slutty:

  • Charlotte
  • Camilla
  • Selena

Neutral Slutty:

  • Niles
  • Setsuna

Chaotic Slutty:

  • Subaki
  • Kaden
  • Izana
  • Odin
listen up

This quarter I had the utmost pleasure of taking a class on democratic theory. For weeks we debated the importance of inclusiveness, the division of power, and the boundary of law. We discussed the role of the citizen, the role of the government, and how these two should ideally interact. We discussed in- group bias, and our inherent tendency as individuals to gravitate towards those whose opinions and beliefs align with our own. I learned the more that we polarize the more we put our society at danger for becoming groups of citizens at odds with one another. I learned the best discussions with the most effective outcomes are those of groups with different types of peoples, with different expertise, and different values. We gain nothing by listening to opinions that revalidate and reassure us that the opinion of our own is the best.

Tomi Lahren is a young female conservative who has gained rapid success and fame in the past year. She is well known for her political commentary on The Blaze, a conservative news network owned by Glenn Beck. This past week she was invited to voice her opinions and discuss her beliefs on The View. The View is commonly known as a discussion based talk show where women with liberal ideologies address current events, and debate relative issues. It is also known for being lighthearted, and for the purpose of entertainment.  

While on The View, Tomi Lahren was asked about her stance on abortion. She said she was pro-choice. Since then Tomi Lahren’s show on The Blaze has been suspended.

I am angry, I am disheartened, and most importantly I am disappointed. Tomi Lahren laid out her truth, and she has since been shunned for it. Tomi Lahren, the female conservative who rallied votes for Donald Trump, who publicly supported the second amendment, who stood up to Black Lives Matter, and who demanded those inciting violence to do away with their anger, has now been shunned by the party she wholeheartedly has supported for the past two years. For the past two years she has received death threats, she was told she was worthless, and she was thrown into the lion’s den of the liberal media, and she did it all to support the party she aligns with.

She shared one belief that does not align with a large percentage of Conservatives, and her own party kicked her to the curb. Are we to think this is right? Are we to think this is anyway to handle a disagreement? Are we to accept that when people do not share the same views as us they no longer hold value?

To Glenn Beck, I did not know The Blaze existed until Tomi Lahren came around. Do not take away her voice because in one instance you did not like the words that came from her mouth. Applaud her for her bravery thus far, agree to disagree, and then share your concerns. We gain nothing by refusing to listen, and we regress when we refuse to tolerate those whose views we find different from ourselves. The world is changing, progressing. The Republican Party is no longer the party of old, white men. You will need females, and you will need strong willed females, the likes of Tomi Lahren. Keep that in mind.