party 4


Here’s my full set from 8-Bit Mullet’s Final House Party on 4/21/17. Download available for Patreon members.

Set List: 

Mega Man 2 - Dr Wily Stage ½ (F1NG3RS Remix) - 00:19
Final Fantasy VII - Crazy Motorcycle Chase (F1NG3RS Remix) - 2:48
The Division - Ola Strandh - Precinct Siege (F1NG3RS Remix) - 7:04
The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - Game Over (F1NG3RS Remix) - 9:22
Stranger Things - Title Theme (F1NG3RS Remix)[Extended] - 11:57
River City Ransom - A Tough Fight [Boss Theme] (F1NG3RS Remix) - 13:45
F1NG3RS - Meltdown - 15:58
Streets of Rage 2 - Title Theme (F1NG3RS Remix) - 18:21
Cash Me Ousside How Bou Dah (F1NG3RS Remix) [ @fenakkusu Edit] - 21:17
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time - Sewer Surfin’ (F1NG3RS Remix) - 23:53
ToeJam & Earl - Alien Breakdown (F1NG3RS Remix) - 27:28
F1NG3RS - Alley Fight - 30:14
F1NG3RS - Alley Fight (Fenakkusu Remix) - 32:18
Seinfeld Theme (F1NG3RS Remix) - 36:17

Shout out to @dj8bitmullet for hosting.

omg omg but imagine yousef, sana, even and isak hanging out together!!!!!!!! double dates!!!!!!!! and like yousef is a lil introverted bean most of the time but even brings out his ridiculous side??? and isak and sana absolutely fail to keep their boys’ NonsenseTM in tow and just side eye eachother but they dont really mind bc yousef and even are so annoyingly cute, especially even when they are performing some idiotic dance routine