party 2013

tfw youve missed the prime years of homestuck (i got into this shit in 2014) and youre desperately comissioning and making and putting together cosplays for conventions, and making fanart, and coming up with outrageous fan theories, and rereading old fanfiction, clinging desperately to the idea that “maybe this post will bring them back” and “maybe the upcoming game will spark something and we can all party like its 2012-2013” and “please come back for the love of gOD I WASNT HERE AND IM NOT DONE Y E T”

Happy 5th Tumblr Birthday Algy!

Algy has been enjoying a truly amazing 5th birthday on Tumblr… and as Algy’s adventures reach all parts of the world, it isn’t over yet!

Algy sends a huge THANK YOU to all his wonderful friends who have been making this birthday so very special. He hopes you enjoy his sparklers as much as he does :)

Algy’s very special Tumblr birthday party is still continuing on his sideblog @lovefromalgy​, and if you have only just arrived on Tumblr tonight, Algy hopes that you will find time to join in the celebrations and submit your own images to share with all Algy’s wonderful Tumblr friends :)